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underage clubbing is very naughty.
right, so this is the first time i've posted to this group, i'm a guy in the latter half of my twenties, i guess i'm a "young professional", a keen sportsman blah blah ..and oh yeh, a donor.. I thought i would introduce myself by retelling my first (true!) experience of the world of vampirism, i have posted this elsewhere before but am a bit unsure of the general age of group members and so have removed some of the racier bits of the tale.. (if i offend anyone, let me know and i'll try not to again). ..incidentally, you really aught not to drink the blood of people you don't know, talk to strangers with pointy objects, smoke, drink etc.. ..its all very bad for you.. it happened when i was 17.. ..I was on a club night out in London. I had actually started my love affair with the capital a few years earlier, simply I had hit puberty early and so looked older than i was. The excitement of being well out of my league in terms of age/experience etc.. was always something i found attractive and so really up until it became legal for me, i spent as much time as i could with a few like-minded friends finding new places to explore. it was then at 17, i found myself in (what was then) a very standard indie club. I had gone in with a mixed group of friends and we had danced and drunk in a very dark, dingy, smokey club, where the music was so loud that you couldn't really talk to anyone and all you could hear when you went to the loo was the ringing in your ears. It must have been early morning when i decided that i was getting too tired and drunk to dance anymore and so i broke away from my friends in search of some cigarettes.

The guy behind the bar shouted to me that there was a machine downstairs and pointed to the top of a stairway in the corner of the room. I pushed my way through the crowd to find a really badly lit black stairwell that went down to a basement room. I could see the machine at the bottom of the stairs. So i lurched down them to the machine. I bought some fags and then turned to see a very dimly lit room. There was a closed bar at the end of it and several tables around which sat red leather seats. The room was empty so i chose a table in the corner to sit at and smoke on my own for a bit, just to cool off. I guess i sat there for five or ten minutes, one guy passed, i think he had come down to buy cigarettes too but decided to bum one of me instead. I hate giving people cigarettes but i was on my own and he was big and bald so i did.. least he went away and left me to my smoke for which i was grateful. Then an unusual (for me!) thing happened, a very beautiful lady said 'hi' and sat down at the seat opposite me. She was tall with an average build, very white skin and big black eyes. Her lips were full and round and looked black in the dim light. She smiled at me, a really pretty smile but without really parting her lips and knocked a cigarette out of the packet with the table edge. I held a lite for her and she breathed in deeply.

My heart was racing as i tried to make small talk, i am lucky in that i generally find it easy to talk to strangers without really saying anything but really she was something different. I was immediately nervous, for one, me being 17 and sitting illegally in a club smoking with a beautiful, apparently forward single lady, twice my age, in the early hours hit me and, two, she was flirting. She smiled as i talked, putting me at my ease but encouraging me to talk more, in my excitement, i babbled crap at her for about ten minutes without her saying anything. Then i caught myself and asked her about herself. She mostly ignored my questions, purring errant answers back while never breaking eye contact. I think i told her i liked what she was wearing (god, never ever say that to a girl you have just met!).. (..she was wearing a long black dress which clung to her, finishing in shiny black heels..) she liked the compliment and leant forward to me, 'i wear black because i am a vampire'.

..that stopped me for a bit, i didn't really know what to say. She grinned and leant back into her seat, taking a drag. I laughed and asked her if she was going to drink my blood then? she leant back into me and whispered that she might, this time no smiles. Then she took my hand and turned it over so the palm was facing her. She picked up my index finger and brought it up to the level of her face. 'I bet you taste nice' she looked at me. Then she kissed my finger. I could feel the warmth of her mouth as she pressed my finger onto her big black lips. 'stay there' she said softly, still holding up my finger as she looked down into her handbag. She came out with a pin. By now my heart was going faster than it had ever gone before, i desperately wanted her but having a stranger wave a pin at you is pretty scary. She pricked my finger quickly and put the pin down. Then she held my finger up until a dark black drop of blood had welled up. She parted her lips and took my finger, caressing her lips slowly as she drew me into her mouth. I felt the hard dents of the front of her teeth as her lips sealed around my finger. Her mouth was warm and soft and my heart was doing erotic somersaults. Then she opened her teeth and sucked my finger in between. I ran my finger along the biting surfaces of her teeth. She closed her eyes as she moaned softly and sucked my finger. I was transfixed by her, the feeling of my blood going into her was electric. After a little while she started sucking a little harder, she opened her eyes again as she shifted my finger over so that it rested underneath a canine. She then started to bite down and suck really hard. She curled up her lips into a snarl for just a moment, parting her lips so i could see my finger between her big white teeth. Then she bit really hard. I muffled a cry but immediately, her lips closed round my finger again, sucking it in a soft warm mouth. This time my finger was really hurting but i could feel alot more blood flowing, it was wonderful. After a while (I don't know how long really), she let me have my finger back. She smiled at me, took a piece of paper out of her bag. She scribbled a number on it and then turned and left, stroking my cheek as she got up. I was silent. I relit my cigarette that had gone out and eventually went back up to find my friends. That night I didn't tell anyone what had happened, but a week later i did call that number.


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Absolutely cool! And perfectly described! 10/10!!!


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cool story, how about the next chapter?


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more more!


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