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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
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Chapter 41: "Hospitality"


After a sudden (and unexpected) change of plans concerning
our pending vacation and its itinerary, the date was Monday,
July 22, 2013, and I found myself seated in the first-class
cabin of an _Air France_ luxury jetliner as it flew somewhere
over the Atlantic Ocean.

To my immediate left was my beloved fiancee, Kristanna,
who I would be marrying a little more than four weeks from
now. Her head was comfortably resting upon my shoulder, her
mouth slightly ajar, as she caught a much-needed snooze.

In the two seats behind us, Devon and Amy were occupying
themselves with idle chatter concerning places to go and see
once we reached our ultimate destination. Leafing through a
wide variety of travel guides, Devon and Amy took turns
rattling off ideas on just which places interested them most.

But the pair of individuals in the two seats directly
across from Kristanna and yours truly - in the center aisle -
had been commandeering the majority of my attention. Trish
and Lindsay had been cuddling and whispering like kittens
into each others' ears ever since the aircraft departed the
Greater Cincinnati International Airport (in Covington,
Kentucky) some four hours ago. They did not care what any
of the other passengers throughout the first-class cabin, or
the crew itself, thought of their continued display, either.

Only halfway through our flight, I recently had to toss a
heavy jacket over my lap to hide the bulging erection that
was stationed within my trousers. Watching two beautiful
blondes such as Trish and Lindsay endlessly coo and cavort
with each other, with their innocent giggles and squealy
banter mixed in, was somehow highly arousing to me. It even
got to the point where I had a slip an arm underneath the
jacket, and gently stroke myself.

Every so often, Trish and Lindsay would turn and make eye
contact with me, or Devon or Amy, or Kristanna before she fell
asleep, and give friendly smiles. The two ladies snickered
in unison just a few moments ago, once they realized that I
was rubbing the bulge within my trousers, with the jacket
over top of my lap, while continuing to gawk at them.

Lindsay licked her lips at me and made a motion toward the
nearby lavatory with her head, silently asking me if I wanted
to step inside and join the _mile-high club_ with her. It
was tempting, indeed, but I was too modest of a man to go in
there with her with so many others around. When I shook my
head at her in response, Lindsay made a face and stuck her
tongue out at me in defiance. But then she giggled again.

It sure had been a whirlwind past seven days for me and
my lovely entourage of women. Last Monday, Lindsay was set
to return to her hometown of Cincinnati after six weeks on
the private island that I owned in the South Pacific, and
actually took off in the helicopter that would fly to her to
the mainland. The pilot, Kevin, would then see to it that
she make it safe and sound to the airport and board her
airplane. But Lindsay had a change of heart shortly after
departing the island, however, and demanded that Kevin
immediately return her. She suddenly realized that her true
home was with us (but even more importantly, with _me_).

In a series of events that still seem like a blur to me,
Lindsay came crashing through the front door of my estate
once I thought she was forever gone and professed her undying
love and devotion for me, claiming that she would sacrifice
everything in her life to be with me. She wanted to expound
on her relationship with Kristanna, Devon and Amy, and, best
of all, Lindsay wanted to rekindle her romance with Trish.
Everything happened so quickly!

Originally, Kristanna, Devon, Trish, Amy and yours truly
were going to depart the Jorge Chávez International Airport
in Lima, Peru this past Thursday for a flight to Amsterdam in
The Netherlands, where we would then board a connecter for
our ultimate destination of Oslo, Norway. Once there, we
would get a rental vehicle and drive out to Kristanna's
family farm in Sandvika, which was 15 kilometers (9 miles)
west of Oslo. Our plan was stay there until August 23,
2013, which was the date that Kristanna and I were to wed.

But with Lindsay now back in the fold, it only seemed
natural that we make a stop in Cincinnati and spend a couple
of days there before embarking for Norway. Not only was it
Lindsay's home and where her family was located, but Amy
lived in the area too and I was actually born there. Thus,
I had family in Cincinnati as well.

The six of us would spend the overwhelming bulk of our
vacation in Norway because it was for Kristanna and she
had been looking forward to it for weeks. But we all agreed
to spend four nights in Cincinnati beforehand.

After touching down there on Thursday evening, we were
whisked across town via limousine to _The Westin_, which
was Cincinnati's most luxurious downtown hotel. Cincinnati
is a sleepy city and unless there is a sporting event
happening there at night, it is usually often deserted.
Because of this, it was my kind of town.

I arranged for a rental car, then Lindsay and I ventured
some 20 miles north to the house where she lived with her
mother and three sisters. None of them had any clue that
we were here now; Lindsay spoke to each member of her family
on Monday over the telephone, and told them through gobs of
tears that she had decided to stay on the island and start a
life with me. Tonight was going to be a surprise for them.

(And let it be noted - Lindsay removed the red streaks
from her otherwise blonde hair on Wednesday evening. Her
mother, she claimed, would never approve of them).

"But I'm getting new ones put in when we go to Norway!"

I stood idly by and took in the joyous screams and happy
hugs that encompassed Lindsay's initial reunion with her
family. The three sisters - Jennifer (age 23), Gina (20)
and Alison (16) looked very similar to Lindsay in style and
appearance (although I felt Lindsay was more attractive
than all of them combined). When I first saw the mother,
Leslie, I knew she was where Lindsay got her beauty from.

"Meet Jeremy; HE'S MY FIANCE!" was how Lindsay formally
introduced me to Leslie and her sisters. "Jeremy and I are
getting married!" Of course, with the financial aid and
generosity I had provided this family over the past several
weeks, albeit from thousands of miles away, they were quick
to invite me into their home and make me feel most welcome.

"Someone wants to meet you!" Lindsay said to me, her voice
full of excitement, when she brought Jennifer's precious
12-month old daughter, Katherine, over to me on the sofa.
"Would you like to hold her, Jeremy?"

When I cradled the infant in my arms, I felt a certain
sense of peace wash over me all at once. One day, I wanted
this. One day, I was going to be a father.

"Are you and Jeremy going to be busy making babies of your
own sometime soon in the future?" Jennifer asked.

"You know we will!" Lindsay squealed in response, my eyes
now looming and about to burst due to her bold proclamation.

The following day, I went with Lindsay and her family to
the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History located downtown.
Neither of us had breathed a word yet about Kristanna, Devon,
Trish or Amy; not only did Lindsay want to keep her bisexual
tendencies a secret from her family, but she certainly did
not want them to know that we were actually part of a
relationship with a grand total of six people in it.

After returning to the family home for a scrumptious
dinner and party afterward, I got to sleep on the living
room sofa for the second night in a row. I made a mental
note to buy them a new sofa as well. This one they had was
old, and it was absolute murder on my back.

In the morning - on Saturday - I told the family that I
had some business to tend to, and I was going to leave Lindsay
here until picking her up on Sunday evening. On Monday, we
told them, she and I were going on a flight to Norway.

"Why would you POSSIBLY want to go to Norway?" was Gina's
question. She seemed dumbfounded at the mere idea.

"Because Jeremy has a wedding to attend there!"

"It's not his own... is it?" Alison asked, her eyes wide.

"Don't be silly!" Lindsay shot back at her little sister.

In reality, the only business I had to _tend to_ was the
other four ladies I had left behind at the hotel two nights
ago. My plan was to leave Lindsay here and let her spend
the weekend with her family, while I returned to the hotel
and snatched Kristanna, and took her to see my own family.

But my oldest brother, Dan, and my sister, Di, had
already met Kristanna in the past when they came to visit
the island. The gathering place today was Di's house; both
respective families were there to greet us. My mom was
there for the proceedings as well; it had been a long time
since I had seen her, and it was a happy reunion. After
four years of _courtship_, I told everyone, Kristanna and I
were officially engaged and would wed next month in Norway.

I already had travel packages ready for anyone who wanted
to attend, although I am certain the overseas flight seemed
quite daunting to my own young nephews and nieces. Dan was
not in the best of health, and I feared he may decline the
long trip. But I told everyone that all of their expenses
would be paid for and taken care of.

Although I was not on the greatest of terms with my brother
and sister, I asked them both to make the trip and stressed
how important it was for them to be there on my momentous day.
I already knew my mother would not miss it for anything. I
also wanted my oldest niece, Chelsea (who had always been very
special to me) to go, as well as two aunts of mine from North
Carolina, Cecilia and Joyce (both of whom were not present).
Of course, my father, who lived in California, was a given.

"All of yew vill enyoy Norvay so very much, ya," Kristanna
suddenly chimed in, breaking out that wacky accent of hers
which I thought had been forever put to rest. I glared at
her as she continued in (mock) broken English, "It be a
beautiful country vid good people, and da vedding vill be
even more beautiful!" She then finished in her own native
language, cooing, "Jeg elsker Jeremy så mye!"

Kristanna looked back at me and offered a tiny shrug of the
shoulders. I quickly remembered that she had used that accent
in the past while Dan and Di had been visiting me on the
island. Perhaps that was why she decided to use it now - so
the drastic change in her voice would not confuse them? What
about at the wedding, though? Surely, Kristanna could not use
that accent in front of all of her own friends and family...

Over the course of the next ten hours, Kristanna's quirky
attitude (not to mention that accent) took center stage and
became the focal point of my family reunion. I got to sit
back and listen to Kristanna tell my family many of her wild
stories and shenanigans which had made me laugh so many times
over the years. Oftentimes, she exaggerated the accent so
much that it was difficult for some in my family to even
understand what she was saying. Still, Kristanna was the
life of the party and continually had everyone in stitches.

In the end, the ones who I wanted to attend our wedding -
my closest and most dear family members - all agreed to take
the 4,100 mile flight across the Atlantic. The only two
exceptions were my two aunts from North Carolina, but I knew
that all it would take to get them to go would be a simple
telephone call. Cecilia and Joyce treated me like a son.

"I have a good mind to take you back to the hotel, put
you over my knee, and give your ass a beating," I informed
Kristanna (in a playful way, of course), as she and I got
into the rental car that evening outside my sister's house.

"I would like to see you try!" she giggled back at me,
obviously knowing that I was referring to her all-day use of
that wild and zany accent.

Two things I should point out, a) I was not yet at the
point where I wanted to tell my family the true extent of
my relationship (although my father actually knew about all
of the girls and was fine with it), and b) I was unable to
contact my estranged brother, Steve, who lived deep in the
back-woods of Kentucky and was used to brushes with the law.
Some how, some way, I wanted him to make it to Norway, too.
It did not matter that he was the _black sheep_ of the
family. Steve was my brother, and I had to find a way to
get in touch with him, and convince him to come to Norway.

Once arriving back at the hotel on Saturday night, I made
love to Kristanna with reckless abandon as Devon, Trish and
Amy sat by and watched, and encouraged us on. Soon, they got
into the action as well, and it became a frenzied five-some.
I fell asleep that evening with a big smile...

Sunday was my turn to take Amy out and gallivant in front
of her mother and father, who lived a mere 20 minutes from
Lindsay's house, that I was _her_ fiance.

The tone with Amy's parents, however, was quite different
than what I had experienced the previous three days. Amy's
parents - Robert and Kathleen - were very reserved and not
that talkative, and did not seem too interested in hearing
Amy's portrayal of her six weeks on the island. "I met
Jeremy, who was vacationing there at the resort as well, and
we instantly fell in love and have been inseparable since."

Originally, I wanted to spend the entire day with Amy's
parents and get to know them, but we mutually agreed to part
ways in mid-afternoon. I was just not getting a good vibe
from them. Amy was quite upset, naturally, claiming her
parents were generally insensitive toward everyone.

"That's just how they are," she fretted. "They even treat
me that way most of the time, and I am their only child.
This was the first time they saw in me six weeks, and they
did not even seem to care! Nor did they seem to care when I
said that I finally found a man - you - who actually makes
me feel warm and special inside!"

Meeting Robert and Kathleen, however, gave me an additional
insight into Amy's mental disorder and her overall lack of
social skills. Her mother and father, it seemed, sure did not
provide her with a lot of love and support over the years. It
obviously hurt Amy very much, and stunted her in many ways.

After dropping Amy off at the hotel, I drove back in the
very same direction and picked Lindsay up at her family's
house. Lindsay could not tell them when she would return
for another visit ("Jeremy is a busy man who travels the
world over for meetings quite often!"), but hoped it would
be soon. Then it was back to the hotel for us and, for the
first time since our initial arrival on Thursday evening, I
was reunited with all five of my lovely ladies.

What this meant, of course, was that this was Trish's
first time seeing Lindsay in approximately 72 hours. As a
result, Trish had a lot of pent-up sexual desire for Lindsay
inside of her, and promptly took her to one of the little
side rooms in our hotel suite and closed the door behind
them. Within moments, there were cries of lust and passion
from both ladies reverberating throughout the walls.

"I'm so glad those two are back together!" Devon swooned.

On Monday, our airline flight from Cincinnati to Charles
de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, was not scheduled to
depart until 4:05pm. This allowed me to take all of the
girls out in the morning and early afternoon. The highlight
was a trip to the Newport Aquarium. I had fun teasing
Lindsay at the shark exhibit, telling her that one of them
was going to bust through the glass and have her for dinner.
She did not seem to appreciate my playful banter, though.

I recently learned that Lindsay had a certain phobia when
it came to sharks. She was afraid to go out into the ocean -
even a tiny bit - unless I was there to _protect_ her.

Back in the present time - aboard the _Air France_ jetliner
as it flew across the Atlantic - more giggles from Trish and
Lindsay brought me out of a momentary sleep. I glanced over
at Kristanna, who was still snoozing to my left, then focused
on Trish and Lindsay in the adjacent center section to the
right. They now had a blanket over them, and were giggling
and carrying on as if they were headed to their honeymoon.

The thought then occurred to me that with everything Trish
had been through with Lindsay, this probably _did_ feel like
a honeymoon to her. I had never seen Trish any happier than
she was during these past seven days. Lindsay seemed happy
and relieved, too. She really enjoyed being with Trish.

Of course, my cock was still hard, and I gently stroked
it underneath the jacket I had earlier placed across my lap.
My mind began to drift, and I envisioned what it would be
like if Trish and Lindsay decided to throw caution to the
wind, and make love together right here on the airplane.

In my mind's eye, I saw Lindsay climb on top of Trish's
lap and straddle her, as the Canadian dutifully helped her
out of her silky blouse and bra. As the other passengers
looked on in sheer awe and lust, the two ladies would kiss
passionately, before Lindsay stepped out to the aisle and
slinked her little skirt downward, only to then bend over
the seat and allow Trish to sample her goodness from behind.
Perhaps I could stand up as well, then plug Lindsay's little
mouth full with this aching erection within my trousers.

My eyes closed, the fantasy started to become even more
vivid and exciting, but I was quickly jarred back to reality
when I sensed a delicate female's hand upon my crotch. It
took the place of my own hand, and began to frig away.

Startled, I turned toward Kristanna and realized that she
was staring right back at me with a bright, vibrant smile. I
glanced downward, then gulped my throat. Her forearm was
hidden underneath the jacket as well, but one could easily
tell that it was moving up-and-down at a torrid, brisk pace.

"Why whack yourself off when you can have someone else
do it for you? Namely... me?" Kristanna even unzipped my
pants and fished my cock out, and then pumped it faster.

Across the way, Trish and Lindsay were now looking at us,
but their eyes were cast downward and focused upon my lap.
Each of them clearly knew that Kristanna was taking care of
me right now. They giggled yet again, then Trish whispered
sweet nothings into Lindsay's ear. The young vixen responded
by fixating her eyes upon mine, only to bring a finger to her
open, smiling mouth, and point at it repeatedly.

"When you make him cum and it gets over your hand," I heard
Devon tell Kristanna from behind us, "save some for me, baby."

"You know I will," Kristanna promised her.

"Cocktails, anyone?" the airline stewardess announced to
the first-class passengers, with a beverage cart in tow.

"Oh, I'd love a cocktail right about now." Amy told her.
"Give me the hardest and wettest one you got..."


* * *

"Look at her!" Trish exclaimed, motioning toward Kristanna,
as my bride-to-be was driving the rental car with the rest of
our little group packed into the vehicle as well. "She is
like a kid in a candy store!" Trish added. "She can't wait!"

Kristanna bit her lower lip and announced to us, "My family
farm is just up over this next hill..."

For the rest of my life, I will never forget the look of
absolute joy which flashed across Kristanna's face once the
farm that she grew up on - in Sandvika, Norway - finally came
into view. Not only did she have to deal with the emotion of
returning home after six-plus weeks of being gone, but
Kristanna had an entire entourage with her - us. But most
of all, I truly believe, what got Kristanna more than anything
else was the simple fact that _I_ was here.

For the past four years, Kristanna had tried in vain to
get me to move to Norway with her. At the very least, she
wanted me to come for a visit. But I was quite stubborn and,
looking at and viewing her as a friend instead of a soul-mate
and lover in those earlier days, I saw no real reason to go
to Norway. If I could go back in time and do it all over
again, though, I would have agreed to come here for a visit -
even while we were still just friends. Considering how many
7,000 mile trips she had made in her life to spend time with
me on the island, it was the least I could have done for her.

My intuition was confirmed when Kristanna first surveyed
her family farm, then glanced over at me for the briefest of
instants. A single tear streaked down her face, but she
quickly turned away and hid it from me, and concentrated on
maneuvering the vehicle into the long driveway and finding a
suitable place to park.

"How many times have you asked me to visit here?" was my
soft, gentle whisper. "I should have come here long ago."
I reached out and grasped her hand, saying, "I'm sorry..."

"WOW! Look at this place!" Devon squealed once she got
out of the car. She spread her arms outward and spun about
in a circle, gushing, "Smell that air!"

Amy took her cellular telephone out and began snapping
photographs of the lush surroundings. When Trish and
Lindsay stepped out of the vehicle, they glanced around in
every direction and took in the wondrous scenery.

This was a huge, sprawling farm - much bigger than I ever
imagined it to be. There was a white, three-story house
tucked in the corner, with a small barn beside it and an
even bigger one further down the road.

I saw several other smaller buildings, one of which, I
assumed, was the ice cream parlor/bakery where Kristanna
worked at whenever she was home. Kristanna once explained
that the farm attracted many visitors on a daily basis -
customers looking for fresh produce, mostly - and the ice
cream parlor (with a bakery included) was a little side
venture that made a fair amount of profit for the family.

There was a massive expanse of green field beyond the
initial structures, with a large, sprawling lake situated in
the very middle of it. I also saw a fenced-in area with
separate areas for sheep, goats and cows. I noticed a
green-house in the distance, and a lone tractor mowing the
grass on the opposite side of the lake.

"Is that your father?" Lindsay asked, curious.

"No... can't be," Kristanna answered, shielding her eyes
and glancing way out yonder. "It's one of the hired help."

As I looked at my fiancee, I began to feel a bit emotional
myself. Kristanna had made so many sacrifices for me over
the years. She was incredibly close with her family - the
same way Lindsay was with hers - and even went so far as to
say that her mother and father were her best friends in life.

Yet, how many times had Kristanna left them behind - not
to mention this beautiful farm - so she could spend a couple
of weeks with me here-and-there on the island to brighten my
life? Kristanna did not enjoy those 7,000 mile flights (that
is one-way, by the way, and _not_ round trip), but she was
willing to put up with them in order to spend time with me.

A few weeks ago, Kristanna and I estimated that over the
previous four years, she had come to visit me 43 times.
How could I have refused to take her up on her offer, and
not spend a vacation (or 20) in Norway? I felt awful...

Oblivious to my thoughts and emotions for the time being,
Kristanna knelt downward and whiffed a flower that was
sprawling up near the driveway. She took an extra deep
breath, letting the flower's aroma fill and flood her
senses. "Gud, Jeg elsker dette stedet.."

"What did you say?" Lindsay asked her.

"Doesn't matter what I said," Kristanna countered, rising
to her feet and eyeing the white, three-story home before us.
"I'm just happy to be back here." With that, Kristanna began
running toward her house. "Momma! Papa!" she called out at
the top of her lungs. "Momma, Papa, I'm home!"

"Krissy said... _God, I love this place_," Devon mused.

"How do you know?" Lindsay inquired, curious.

"She's been teaching me Norwegian for a month now."


"That must be her mom!" Lindsay squealed, as an older
woman came rushing out of the house and wildly threw her
arms around Kristanna. Indeed, I recognized the woman from
the time we met four years ago in Peru. It was Rande,
Kristanna's 61-year-old mother who, as I remembered, had
just as much zest and energy as her wild daughter did.

"Papa!" Kristanna cried, throwing her arms around her
father as he too, emerged from the family home. Kristof,
at the age of 71, was still going strong. Listening to
Kristanna, Kristof was a driven, hard-working man who had
never taken the easy route in his life.

"Let's go meet them!" Devon insisted, motioning for the
rest of us to follow her in tow.

"WHAT is that goat eating?" Lindsay asked, motioning
toward one of the animals grazing in the pasture, as we
allowed Devon to lead us to the house.

"He's eating hay and alfalfa," I informed her.

"It doesn't look very appetizing," Lindsay grunted.

"I'd hope it wouldn't for you!" Amy laughed at her.

"Momma, Papa... these are all of my friends that I told
you about!" Kristanna said to her parents as we made our
way up to them. She turned toward us and explained, "Now I
have no secrets with Momma or Papa, so they know all about
us and the true extent of our relationship."

"If being with all of you makes my baby daughter happy,
then it makes ME happy," Rande announced to us.

"This is Jeremy, but you already know him from before..."

"It's about time you came here for a visit!" Kristof
blurted out angrily, before flashing a smile and patting me
on the shoulder. "Four years ago, when I met you, I somehow
knew that one day, you would marry my daughter."

"This beautiful little angel here is Devon - Devvy - but
she is known to most across the world as Miss America."

"I am NOT Miss America, Krissy!" Devon squealed.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I meant Miss Universe!"


"I have heard so much about you," Rande said to Devon,
even giving her a hug. "Kristanna really cares about you.
She hopes to marry you one day, too." Devon blushed at
those words, and even coyly trailed the end of her foot
along the ground in response.

"Here, we have Amy. Amy and Jeremy have a very special
relationship. He has been helping her through a couple of
health issues, and she is a million times better off with
him to guide and protect her on the path to wellness. They
love each other very much... and I love Amy, too!"

"And over here... Trish and Lindsay. Trish is a wonderful
girl, and probably the sweetest and most kind-hearted person
you could ever possibly meet. And Lindsay is the love of her
life. They go together like bread and butter."

"Hi," Lindsay shyly murmured, her face flushed red with
absolute embarrassment.

"You're the modest one!" Rande chuckled at Lindsay. "You
have no reason to be modest or apprehensive around us,
sweetie. We love our daughter, and trust the decisions that
she makes. If Kristanna has accepted you into her life, we
will do the same. You're all family to us now."

"Wow!" Devon gushed, offering Rande another friendly hug.
"I wish I had parents like the two of you!"

"No wonder Kristanna can't stop talking about you," Amy
offered. "All we hear is awesome her parents are."

"Lindsay is actually NOT modest once you get to know her,"
Kristanna told her mother. "She is really quite naughty."

"KRISSY!" Lindsay huffed, even more embarrassed now.

"Where is Tanya?" Kristanna asked, referring to her big
(38-year-old) sister.

"Tanya is in Denmark on business," Rande answered, which
caused Kristanna to sag her shoulders. "The trip could not
be re-scheduled. Tanya would have been here to see you this
past Friday, if you made it here when you were originally
supposed to. But Tanya will be back in a few days."

"We had three different sets of families to visit in
Ohio," Kristanna chirped. "Jeremy's, Lindsay's and Amy's.
So we stayed there from Thursday night 'til Monday afternoon.
It wouldn't have been right if we didn't go there first."

"It's okay," Rande assured her. "You are all here now,
and that is all that truly matters. My daughter is home!"

"I WANT to sit down with you and Papa, and catch up on
everything," Kristanna told her mother, before reaching out
and grabbing me by the wrist. "But there is something I
must do with Jeremy first. If Jeremy ever came to our farm,
I vowed to myself long ago, I had to take him somewhere and
do something with him as soon as humanly possible."

"I think I know exactly where you mean," Rande laughed.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked Kristanna, as she
guided me away from the rest of the gathered group. It
seemed as if we were going straight for the big barn.

"The loft in the barn," the young woman answered, and my
eyes immediately went wide. I knew what she wanted there. I
had heard so many stories about the loft - the upper level -
of her family barn. Kristanna had taken both boyfriends and
girlfriends there several times in the past. Having sex
there, it seemed, validated many of her prior relationships.
"You and I, dear Jeremy, are going to have a roll in the hay."

* * *

Several hours later, Rande served up a marvelous dinner
which consisted of marinated trout, hasselbackpoteter
(potatoes) and jarlsbergfylt paprika (peppers with ground
beef). For dessert, we ate lingonberry cake. Tomorrow,
Rande said, we would have smoked salmon quiche for dinner.
Apparently, this family was big on eating seafood.

With a six hour difference in time from the island (it
was 7:05pm in Norway, yet 1:05pm back home), not to mention
all those airline miles spread across two exhaustive days,
myself and several of the other ladies were out of sync.
We were suffering from extreme jet-lag and just wanted to
lay down and rest, and hopefully get some much-needed sleep.

Like the gracious hosts that they were, Kristanna's
parents said that the six of us could have the first floor
(the basement converted into a luxurious living room) of
their home all to ourselves for however long we wished to
stay. Rande also promised us complete and total privacy
down there, explaining that there were four separate beds
and even going so far as to tell us, "One of them will
comfortably fit all six of you at once... if you like."

"Krissy's parents are like, the two coolest people I have
ever met!" Amy beamed.

Kristanna and Devon decided to stay upstairs and continue
talking with Rande and Kristof, but Trish, Lindsay and Amy
opted to retire with me to the lower level for some rest. I
was so incredibly tired that once I climbed into bed, I simply
lay on my stomach and did not move.

One by one, the three ladies eventually joined me. Amy
snuggled up close and purred in delight, while Lindsay
actually opted to use my backside as a pillow. When Trish
got on top of her, they began enjoying another of their famed
kissing contests. But I was too tired to really pay them any
proper attention (even though I desperately wanted to).

And then suddenly, I was out like a light.

<<<- End of Chapter 41 ->>>

PLEASE NOTE: There is only one more chapter left in the story!
The end of the line is next!

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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