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girls that bite...
So this is a story that comes from a long way back, back before I met Jes or was really into girls in the adult sense. It’s hard to explain but I’ve always had a kind of teeth/biting fetish since before adolescence, I used to get an intense feeling of excitement when I would succeed in convincing a girl to let me touch her teeth or bite me. I actually became quite adept at convincing girls it was they who had come up with the idea with plays of mock resistance. Slightly older girls were (and still are) always my favorites since they always had seemingly big and formidable teeth, I guess this is partially why this episode sticks in my mind.

I guess I was around 11 or 12, it was one of those long hot summers when school holidays stretched on for ever. My mother would force me out of the house during the day so that I had no choice but to make the most of it. I used to hang around with a group of kids from our street, not really doing anything, just passing time. Family circumstances would dictate that I would often end up spending time late in the day, when the other kids had left, sitting around or having dinner with the Middleton family. They were a nice family, consisting of a single mother and two teenage daughters, Vicky and Elizabeth, they also had a much older brother but he wasn’t around much. The two girls were two or three years older than me and really saw me as a kind of cool little brother. We would sit at the end of their garden and they would chat, instructing me on what I was in for in the next few years of school and how I should conduct myself in the adult world etc, that sort of stuff, they seemed very grown up to me. Although split in age by a year or so, both looked similar. They were both a foot or so taller than me, had slight builds and wispy brown hair that ran down their backs. Both had pale complexions, with big pink lips punctuating long faces.

One evening, sitting down the end of their garden, I don’t know how we got onto it, (I probably led us there as it wasn’t the only time it happened to me) but we got onto the subject of biting and adult teeth. Both girls had beautiful large white adult teeth, the incisors still carrying the little pointy ridges and the canines sharp, angular and slightly protruding. The two girls teased me a little, saying they could bite really hard if they wanted and so I would not dare let my finger near their teeth. It was thus with both in-trepidation and intense excitement that I first accepted the offer from Vicky to touch her teeth. I went forward in languorous ecstasy as she opened her mouth wide, baring her full set of teeth close to my face. I was close enough that I could smell her sweet warm breath and see trails of saliva glistening off sharp ridges. I brushed my finger on her soft lips, she to pushed herself forward slightly so that my finger rolled further into her mouth, stopping on the two hard dents of her bottom teeth. Then ‘clack’, she slammed her jaw shut, two perfectly interlocking enamel walls rammed shut just in front of my finger which I shot away as she did it. She laughed and promised that she wouldn’t do it again and told me to feel her teeth. I argued falsely for a bit, always knowing I was bound to be convinced. So again I approached her open mouth, this time I ran my finger over first the top and then the bottom surfaces of her teeth, the previous demonstration combined with the feeling of the soft warm wet mouth lined with hard pointed teeth was the ultimate pleasure experience for me. Finally I withdrew my finger and she smiled a bit toothy grin. Not to be outdone, Elizabeth who had remained quiet up till now demanded to feel Vicky’s teeth, she then felt her own and declared that hers were sharper. This is how it started then, I was able to position myself between the two sisters as sole arbitrator of who had the sharper teeth.

We spent weeks together, little by little advancing the game. It started with simply feeling the girls teeth, them guiding my finger inside their mouths to those teeth they believed sharpest, biting down lightly to demonstrate. We played games with sweets where I would feed the girls, mouths open, teeth parted and gleaming but eyes shut, then snapping shut at some point, trying to catch a sweet and a finger. The games progressed in nature until both girls were regularly leaving teeth marks on my arms and fingers. I guess as the games progressed, the adrenal excitement that I had always felt started to become mixed with sexual excitement and I think both girls noticed and tried to encourage the bulge in my shorts.

At the end of one evening, it was decided that I should decide once and for all who had the sharpest teeth. It was Vicky’s idea as was the idea to go to their room since their mum looking out of the kitchen window to the garden might not like it. As we passed Mrs. Middleton in the house, she quizzed her daughters as to why we were going upstairs, they lied, but not very convincingly. The mum shot us a scowl as we skulked away from her.

The girls shared a room, decked out in pastel colours and with lots of girly things dotted around. There was a strong smell of sweet perfumes and the bed onto which Vicky pushed me was soft and inviting. She laid me back and declared that they would both bite me while blindfolded and then I could pick who had the best bite. I settled down flat and Vicky wrapped some sort of scarf round my face. I felt the two girls sit down either side of me and both of my hands being picked up. One of my index fingers was straightened out and sucked into a soft warm wet mouth. The one of the other hand was then also stretched out but was first run over soft lips, then up and down a canine before being inserted between rows of pointed molars. I knew instantly this was Vicky as she was always the bigger tease, my guess confirmed as Elizabeth asked impatiently if they were ready, deliberately pressing down on the finger she had with her main incisors between syllables. Vicky murmured mmm, sucking my finger deeper into her mouth as she did, the molars resting all along my finger and a canine poking just below the knuckle.

Both girls then bit slowly down on my fingers, Elizabeth’s incisors chopping down on my right index bringing the most wonderful instant pain. The other finger, clamped in Vicky’s pressing molars caused less pain apart from around a single pointed one. Suddenly I felt and unexpected sensation as a cold hand slid down my stomach and wrapped itself around my solid penis. I will never know if both girls were in on it or if Vicky had somehow concealed what she was doing from her sister. It was the first time anyone had ever touched me like that and it made me gasp. The gasp was extended into a gasp of pain as Elizabeth’s front teeth really dug down hard into my finger, I rubbed them with my second finger, feeling the wet, solid, sharp surfaces prevented from coming together only my index. The pain from both fingers began to become unbearable but I refused to call out and end to the game, not wanting to discourage the tightening and caressing hand.

All of a sudden the teeth released their grip and the hand shot away, Mrs. Middleton’s voice screeched across the room, demanding an explanation as to what was going on. I ripped the scarf over my head as she grabbed me. She pulled me up and frog-marched me out of the girls’ room, through the corridor and into her own room. She shoved me in and slammed the door, heading back to the girls. I stood stock-still, in a state of absolute shock as I heard her scream at the girls, pretty shortly there was crying. There was a loud bang as she slammed their door and I heard her heavy tread come back at the room I was in. She boomed into the room, her face red and sweaty, she sort of hissed at me as she roughly pulled my hands towards her. She raised my fingers to the light, still glistening with saliva and heavily dented with teeth marks. There was a dot of blood where a point from one of Vicky’s teeth had cut into me. “What the hell can I tell your mother?” she wailed at me, tears running down her face. She led me over to the window, ignoring my pleading not to tell my mum, she again looked at my fingers. She told me that it was very dangerous to be bitten by a person, then paused, finishing with “you should be careful where you put your fingers”. Then she sat down quietly on her bed and popped one of my forearms into her mouth. This was a complete and utter shock for me, I think she meant it as a punishment. It was an entirely new experience for me, feeling true adult teeth in a large, lip-sticked mouth resting against my arm. Then she bit down and god did she bite, I tried to prise her teeth apart with fingers from my other hand, not even managing to get them under her biting surfaces. The pain was completely mixed with excitement, I think it was the sight of my again solid erection in front of her face that made her let go. She screamed at me to get out, bursting into tears, I ran home, nursing my first and best real half-moon set of teeth marks on my arm. It lasted for about three weeks, I kept it to myself, running my fingers over the itchy raised mark when I wanted to remember.

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2012-06-03 12:16:18
The 1 who asked "where is the sex" its an erotic story and different things exite different people.

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2012-06-03 12:16:11
The 1 who asked "where is the sex" its an erotic story and different things exite different people.

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2011-05-04 11:38:40
i have biting fetish to


2008-03-09 13:03:00
Don't listen to them! That's the perfect experience, I like so much this story, Wish it happen to me too! :)


2007-06-13 20:04:54
u know what ur doin tell these ohter guys to back off and one other thing, WHERE IS THE SEX?

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