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Sorry I left the story hanging. You’ll be glad to hear I have the last four chapters ready to post.

As for what comes next, I have done some work on MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT (THE SCHOOL YEAR). If you’d

rather I skip ahead to after high school, please let me know so I can put my effort where you want it.

[Please read the earlier Chapters before continuing here]

I woke up lazily, my surroundings, and my glorious new life gradually coming into focus. As I lay reveling, I felt

my dick rise from me in response to thoughts of Rach filling my mind. I lifted my head and smiled at my waking

friend. I looked past my still naked body, past my hovering cock, and checked my computer. The cam was still on

from last night, but all it showed was Rach’s empty room.

I remembered Rach’s plan to go to Sharon’s at 10, and glanced over at the clock wondering how late it was. Seeing

9:25, I shook off the last of my morning haze; eager to get started on what I knew was going to be an interesting


I grabbed the swim trunks Rach had me remove the pockets and liner from, and threw them on, laying my already

anticipating cock across my hip. Luckily, my length put me well past the opening of the pocket, otherwise, the six

inches of escape slashing across my pelvis would be imposable to avoid. I scooped up a t-shirt and headed for my

door, pulling it on as I walked down the hall heading downstairs to the kitchen where I guessed the girls would be.

“Good morning” I said cheerily to the room as I swung the door open.

“Morning sleepy head.” Rach said brightly, turning in her stool at the island, to smile at me.

Rach was wearing one of my t-shirts. Ordinarily, her small body would have been covered nearly down to her knees,

but looking up from her little feet, where they dangled happily, I followed her bare legs up to her scrunched up

shirt. I saw a momentary sparkle and knew she must have her metallic blue bikini on.

I looked over to Lidia, sitting next to Rach at the island, and returned her smile as I walked over to them. Lidia

also had on one of my t-shirts. Unfortunately, even with her longer body, the shirt did a much better job at hiding

her. Unlike Rach’s tom-boy, casual posture, Lidia sat straight backed, legs together and crossed, my shirt tucked

under her like a dress. My brief glance gave no hint of what was beneath. I stifled my frustration with a silent

reminder that my patience, today, would almost certainly be rewarded.

I asked “What’s for breakfast?” as I reached the island, leaning against it beside Rach, and looking down at their

empty plates.

“We just had fruit” Rach said, smiling up at me.

As I asked “Any left?” I felt Rach’s foot slide stealthily against my leg.

“There is much” Lidia interjected as she slid off her stool. “My seat for you.” she added, smiling invitingly as

she rounded the island heading for the fridge.

I offered a “Thanks Lidia” as I stepped around Rach to Lidia’s offered stool.

While Lidia gathered fruit from the fridge, I looked over to Rach, intending to share my lewd interpretation of

Lidia’s offer of her ‘seat.’ I could see immediately that Rach was practically vibrating with excitement. I

gathered that she had a secret, and whispered “What?” with urgency, knowing I had little time before Lidia rejoined


Rach smiled deviously at my question, and then looked away to Lidia, clearly enjoying leaving me to stew. Rach took

every opportunity, while I ate, to reinforce my impression that she held a secret, shooting me teasing looks of

knowing whenever she could sneak them by Lidia.

Rach’s little game managed to wind me up thoroughly. As I wolfed down the last of my fruit, Rach slid down off her

perch to stand between our stools, and blatantly rested her hand in my lap. With a ridiculously obvious grope, she

gave me a look that said plainly ‘I knew I could get this out of you’. Before I had a chance to recover, Rach let

go, and the girls were gathering up their towels. I wanted to get her alone so I could get it out of her, but

realized I had already lost my chance.

Rach asked “Ready?” brightly to the room, and headed for the back door.

I added my distracted “uhu” to Lidia’s excited “Yes”, and brought up the rear as we made our way out and across the

back yard.

Rach sprang up and onto the fence like a monkey, threw her towel over, and followed it, deftly climbing over and out

of view. I offered Lidia a hand to help her climb. With a smile and a “Thank you”, she took my hand and stepped

onto the bottom rung on the fence.

She let go of my hand after a moment to free herself to climb. As she got to the top, I got a good look up the

shirt that had hidden her until now. I had just enough time to see a strip of white from her new bikini peeking

from between her legs, before she turned and smiled down at me. I realized she had caught me ogling, but pushed

back against my instinct to feel ‘caught’. Knowing how things had progressed last night, I let myself relax, and

smiled back unashamed.

I followed the girls over the fence, seeing, as I landed, that they had waited for me. We walked around the side of

the shed, and up into the pool area together. Sharon was nowhere to be seen. Rach led us to the lounge chair/beds

and we offloaded our towels and stuff. I ended up with the chair between the girls, and pulled off my shirt as I

sat down. I was facing Rach’s side, and did nothing to hide my interest as she bent over to arrange her stuff. I

watched as she straightened and pulled up her shirt.

Her body was held firm by the blue metallic material of the string bikini. It gave the illusion, as it pressed

itself to her chest, that her perfect breasts were larger. It gave no illusion below however, where the material

slipped its way into every crease and fold. The sun sparkled off the shiny suit as Rach lowered her arms, and her

eyes found and locked intently onto mine.

In an instant we were connected. All thought of wheedling the secret from her evaporated in that moment. Our union

made my need superfluous; her knowing was all I needed. Rach flicked her eyes over my shoulder conspiratorially. I

could tell by the excited grin she shared with me, that she was eager to experience my reaction.
I turned to my right as I stood, stopping three quarters of the way around (ostensibly facing the pool) to

camouflage Lidia as my true target. I could see out the side of my eye that Lidia had bent over her chair facing

away from me. The view of her white bikini curving into the crease of her ass was amazing. I was momentarily at a

loss as to was supposed to be so surprising…until she stood up.

I followed the smooth sweep of dark tan up from the hint of her ass-crack at the top of the bikini bottoms. Her

skin flowed, unmarred and unobscured, up the gentle curve of her lower back, along her sleekly muscled torso, to

where her hair, parted at the nape of her neck, swept in front of her shoulders.

In the moment it took me to realize what was missing, Rach apparently crossed the three or so feet that had

separated us, because just as I was about to turn to share my amazement with her, I felt her close to me. Her

breath in my ear shocked me as she hummed softly “Apparently they don’t wear tops in Italy.”

I felt a surge from Rach’s uneven breath in my ear; both her obvious excitement, and her want to share it with me,

were heightened by my understanding that her excitement was not from her own desires, but from sharing in my

arousal. I had just an instant in that thought before another stimulus competed for my attention.

I knew the trunks I was wearing gave Rach all the access she could want, but I still managed to be surprised at the

sensation as her hand slid into my left pocket. Inconveniently for Rach, I had laid my cock along my other hip,

away from her. I had to silence myself as she, undaunted by my ‘position’, reached across me; her fingers

slithering menacingly around my cock.

Rach’s hand on my cock cranked forcefully, pushing me down along my thigh. With a rough pull, she bent me through

from one leg of the trunks to the other. Before I had time to adjust to my predicament, Rach upped the stakes. I

felt my trunks pried away from my left hip. With another rough pull, I felt the cool air of freedom as Rach yanked

me through my left pocket. Her unequivocal possession of my cock was demonstrated by her merciless grip on the half

of my shaft she had just exposed. I just had time to gasp silently before I caught Lidia turning around out of the

corner of my eye.

Luckily, I was already facing away from Lidia enough that, without drawing attention, I was able to turn the slight

bit more need to keep Rach’s current possession of me hidden. Relieved that I had managed to keep the five inches

or so of this ludicrous exposure hidden from Lidia, I looked exasperatedly over my shoulder at Rach, who continued

in a quiet, but scolding whisper “These aren’t the trunks we picked out.”

I think it bears mentioning here that it never occurred to me to use my own hands, and remove hers. Somehow, the

complete amazement I suffered every time she took hold of me overwhelmed any instinct to be in control. It was like

a training collar.

I knew Rach well enough by now to recognize this as her attempt to use the threat of embarrassing me to encourage me

to obey her. For a moment I considered letting Lidia see. With only a little turn, I could turn the tables too;

making Rach’s hand gripping my cock an embarrassment for her, and maybe convincing her that embarrassing me was no

longer a fruitful endeavor.

My cooler head prevailed. I reminded myself that exposing Rach and my relationship to Lidia was both of our

decision. If, how, and when were all decisions that not only needed to be shared, but were crucial to get right if

there were to be any chance of us not having to sneak around all year. In any case, the slightly absurd, and

undeniably unflattering sight of my cock jutting from my pocket wasn’t how I wanted to present myself.

“I’ll go change.” I whispered over my shoulder in supplication.

With a parting squeeze, Rach let go of me and pulled the trunks back over my cock as she withdrew her hand. Re-

covered, I turned back toward Lidia, her smile easing any worry that Rach’s stunt had been noticed.

“I forgot my new suit.” I offered, trying to sound more motivated to get it than I was.

“That suit is good.” Lidia said, gesturing to my trunks as she turned her body to face me. I had a brief moment of

taking her in; the same long tan torso, topped by the slight teardrops of her breasts that I had marveled at last

night at the drinking fountain. As I finished up to her face, she smiled thankfully at my appreciation.

I broke away before our moment could be noticed by Rach. “I’ll be right back” I broadcast over my shoulder to the

two of them as I jogged back around the shed, heading to retrieve my new suit.

I remembered, from when I had tried it on at the store, that it was revealing. It still made me kinda laugh as I

pulled them on in front of the mirror on the back of my bedroom door.. The thin clingy fabric made it look like

nothing so much as if someone had glued my cock to my hip, and then painted them both blue. The head was so on

display that I could easily make out the ridge where it stood proud of the shaft. The combination of cling and a

total absence of any pressure, presented me so vividly, even the webbing of veins along the length of my shaft

showed in detail.

I shrugged my shoulders with a grin as I took in the presentation. All three girls had seen my cock in the flesh

already (although Lidia thought her view secret), so there was no need to be worried even without my newfound

confidence. I just hoped for Lidia’s sake, that my display didn’t make her too much a target of Rach’s

embarrassment fetish.

I headed back, the burning flutter in my throat and chest propelling me to hurry. As I made my way back around the

shed, the pool came into view, and I could see that Sharon had joined the girls. They lay there facing away from

me, three in a row (Sharon having taken my chair in the middle), on their stomachs.

As I climbed the small incline to the pool, their asses came into view. Rach’s legs were spread wide; her feet

dangling over the sides of her lounge. Undoubtedly Rach had foreseen the view I would have as I returned, and was

having fun with me.

It took me until I was rounding the pool, and had changed angles, before I saw they were talking. I couldn’t make

out their hushed tones, but I imagined Rach was having fun with them too. I decided to get the suit business out of

the way, and walked right around to the head of their chairs.

Rach, her chair closest, noticed me first as I passed into her line of sight. “Hey Jake” she crooned loudly. It

was an obvious signal for the others to shush. Rach was making sure I knew I had been the topic of their


As Sharon and Lidia lifted their heads to me, Rach propped herself up on her elbows. I realized, just as all three

sets of eyes fixed on me, that Rach was topless. Her breasts were unmistakably free; suspended between, and nestled

by, her forearms. I glanced back over the three of them and realized they were all topless.

Granted, I had seen all of their breasts. But the quantity, variety, and suddenness of ogling options caught me off

guard. My momentary gape was missed thanks to my big blue buddy, who chose, the moment he had attention, to give a

jump of appreciation. The suit was so flimsy, that I actually felt my cock peal itself away from my hip as it


Feeling their eyes on my cock, my recently awakened confidence soothed any instinct toward modesty. I stood there,

free for the staring, and looked to Rach, who slid her eyes up my body to return my look.

“Bottoms only then?” I asked breezily.

“Yep!” Rach answered, matching my careless tone.

“I’m all set then.” I returned joking, looking down at my suit. I got a charity giggle for that, but as it died, I

felt a momentary relapse of my nervousness as I caught knowing looks pass between the girls that promised another

Rach surprise. Rach’s practiced innocent smile when I looked to her for some hint, was infuriatingly unhelpful.

Feeling as if they were waiting for me to do something, I decided to retreat and regroup. I walked between Rach’s

and Sharon’s chairs to the pool edge, keeping myself from focusing on the asses I was passing, and tossed out “I’m

gona cool off.”; diving in before they had time to respond.

This was the solitude I needed to sort out my brain. So much had happened in the past two weeks, it was hard to

feel truly certain about anything. Rach and my relationship was new and exhilarating, but that exhilaration was

layered with the discomfort of not knowing what was going to happen in the future, and now even wondering what was

happening in the present.

Rachel’s relentless pursuit of excitement pulled me along. I could feel part of me eager to go; equal (well maybe

not completely equal) to Rach in my desire to push the bounds. But another part of me was continually butting in,

seeking order and peaceful predictability. It was like having a split personality.

I realized as I broke the surface, the enemy to the true order I sought was this conflict within me. The controlled

part of me, in seeking order, was causing the conflict. I had to focus on, and learn to relax into, the

understanding that my inner peace required giving up control, and the constant inner battle it caused.

I decided both my ability to let go, and my assumption of the relief and pleasure it would bring, required testing.

Rach was the perfect model of the single-minded. She had no conflict. She wanted with all of herself; no

reservations. If I could experience life the way she does, I would feel the difference inside me; the unity of my

want. ‘For today, my mantra will be ‘what would Rach do?’’ I told myself. I would seek order within, not without.

No fear. No regret.

I felt a strange sense of calm as I turned and lay back on the pool steps at the far end of the pool, my eyes

closed. My calm gave way to excitement as I reflected on the shared looks the girls had just given each other.

Without the nagging need to feel secure, whole vistas of amazing opportunities flooded through my mind. The

sensation of excitement without the tempering of worry, made me feel giddy.

Unable to contain the heady bliss, I hummed to myself “I’m gona have fun today.”

“What was that?” came Rach’s close voice, into my musings.

Yesterday I would have started at that, but today, my head laid back, my eyes closed, enjoying the cool water on my

body, and the warm sun on my face, I felt no need to react. Without complicating my head with any duplicity, I

simply repeated more clearly “I said I’m gona have fun today.”

I felt the water ripple as Rach’s body entered. I was carried up and down on the little waves she made. A perfect

metaphor of letting myself go with the Rachel flow, I thought.

“Me too” Rach spoke softly, and I felt the smooth touch of her foot slither down my leg under the water.

I turned my head and opened my eyes; not to assess, or to gather understanding, but simply because my beautiful

sister, in all her splendor, was next to me, and I wanted to take her in. She had copied me on the stairs, her head

back, eyes closed, enjoying life. I turned onto an elbow, careful not to disturb the water, and unabashedly feasted

on the sight of her.

Her hair floated around her face, the sun on it framed her in gold. The soft skin of her neck swept gracefully from

her chin, in an arc, to a small notch at the base of her neck. A trace of water pooled there, flickering in the

sunlight like a diamond pendant. Below that sparkle, two perfect tan teardrops, gently cradled by the water, moved

slightly with each ripple of the surface; the small pink of her nipples, islands remade with each breath she took.

I would say I spent a while soaking Rach in. It’s hard to tell for sure. I completely lost track of space and

time. What finally ended my reveling was my growing need to touch her.

I laid my hand on the soft skin of her stomach under the water, and spoke with quiet earnestness “You are


A smile played across her face, and I felt the warmth of her hand cover mine, holding me to her. She turned her

head and opened her green eyes to look up at me. “I’m all yours” her low earnest voice welcomed.

It seemed hollow to repeat the same declaration back, but i felt such need to express to her how completely I was

hers, that I knew the only way to do justice to the ferocity of my conviction was to demonstrate it to her.

“I want today to be perfect for you.” I said with quiet sincerity. “All I need to be happy is your smile. All I

need to be excited is to see excitement in your beautiful green eyes.”

Rach looked up at me with a smile that crinkled with emotion. I went on before she could respond. “I know you.

You’ve thought about today; about what you want. There are schemes and strategies bouncing around in that beautiful

head of yours. I know you like ‘surprising’ me, and catching me off guard. I like that too. But maybe sometimes

it would be exciting sharing what you’re thinking with me. I’d love to help if I could.”

Now that I had offered one half of me, I gave what was left. “I do like your surprises too. If that’s more fun for

you, I could still help. You could think me as your slave today. Tell me to do whatever you want. No explanation

necessary. That way, I can help even if you want to keep me in the dark. I trust you. I know whatever you decide

will be perfect.”

I could tell, as Rach’s expression shifted to bemused thoughtfulness, that she was considering . I gave her as much

time as she needed. I didn’t even need or expect a response. For her to know that I truly was hers had been my

only goal.

I looked away from Rach, not wanting to make her feel the need to answer, and glanced out across the pool to where

the girls had been laying. Sharon was nowhere to be seen, but Lidia was there. She was sitting up, facing the

pool, each leg hanging off opposite sides of her chair at her knees, over-challenging her suit’s crotch’s abilities

to cover. Traces of bright pink flashed like beacons along the edges of the white separating her slender dark

thighs. Her long, sinuous torso rose up from her hips; the oil she had put on made her dark tan skin glint on any

curve the sunlight caught.

I had that feeling as I looked at her, that you get when you sense someone has turned away to keep from getting

caught staring. Was she looking at me, enjoying the sight? Or was she looking at us, brother and sister, wondering

if we are what we are? Or was she just curious about our conversation. I let myself dwell on the possibility she

was enjoying the sight of me; a new sensation I had just begun allowing myself to experience. It was so

intoxicating, I was sure I could become addicted to it; an image of the lifeguard Jackie watching me strengthened

that feeling.

I was pulled from my wandering by “You are perfect!”

Rach’s voice was so soft, it took until after I had looked down to her before I worked it out in my head. She lay

in the same position. Only her expression had changed. The little crease in her brow as she looked up at me gave

me the impression that she was wondering at me.

“We make a good couple then, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Perfect.’” I said smiling down to her.
She laced her fingers through mine on her belly, squeeing my hand as she spoke tremulously, “We do make a good


I would have been content to stay frozen there, basking in the warmth of that moment. But Rach seemed to have come

to some decision. She sat up smoothly, holding my hand tight to her as she did. I sat up also, squeezing her hand

back to let her know I wouldn’t let go. If this is how she wanted to let Lidia see us, I wanted her to know I was

ready and willing.

She turned to me, our hands slipping away from her stomach to float together between us. Her eyes twinkled with

mischief. “Sharon wants to spy on us. She invited us to stay over tonight. She was trying to be all casual about

it. She was saying things like ‘you guys don’t have to sneak around over here’ and ‘you don’t have to worry about me

seeing anything. I’m cool with you guys together.’” Rach rolled her eyes to emphasize how unconvincing Sharon’s

words were.

Wanting to give Sharon the benefit of the doubt, I offered “Maybe she just wants to give us… like a sanctuary, so we

can relax.”

A smirk accompanied Rach’s response “Do you think when she said ‘Just pretend you two are here by yourselves. The

whole house is yours.’ she was just being nice?”

“No. That’s pretty damning evidence” I conceded with a grin. “What about Lidia?” I asked. “How would we be able

to ‘pretend we are by ourselves’ with her here?”

“I told you I had a plan about that remember?” Rach asked.

I nodded, excited that she seemed to be letting me in. She continued “I needed Sharon to help with the plan, so she

already knows about it. Lidia likes girls, so I figured Sharon could tell Lidia about her and Denise, and we can

see if it freaks her out. Then we’ll know if she’ll be o.k. with us. The cousins thing should be close enough to

give us a good idea of how she’d feel about us. I just haven’t figured out how to get that conversation going

without it seeming weird.”

My mind had thrown on the breaks at the revelation that Lidia liked girls. I managed to wait for Rach to finish her

thought before blurting “When did you find out that Lidia likes girls?”, knowing I needed an answer to that before

my brain could move on.

“Oh, yea… Sorry.” Rach said abashed. “She asked me not to tell anyone, at least not right away. Oops.” Rach added

with a giggle. “Anyway, she showed me a picture of a ‘girlfriend’ of hers when we first started chatting. After a

while she started dropping hints. When I asked her about it she got nervous. Americans aren’t seen as being very

tolerant about that kind of thing. She was worried I’d flip out I guess. She was so relieved when I told her it

didn’t bother me. I think she feels more comfortable about it now.”

“That’s interesting.” I said slyly, considering new options and opportunities.

“Yes! It is.” Rach agreed, echoing my smile.

I was letting my mind wander through these imaginings (I was pleased to see Rach appearing to be doing the same),

when an idea, unbidden, popped into my head and out of my mouth. “We could play truth or dare.” I blurted.

I watched as Rach’s expression echoed my feeling of elation at having found a solution.

“That will be perfect.” Rach tittered excitedly. “We need to have some more drinks first.” She added, her tone

slipping into Rachel Planning Mode.

“More drinks?” I asked quizzically.

“Oh, yea.” Rach said, turning to the edge of the pool. “That’s why I came over here in the first place.” she

continued, handing me a half melted strawberry daiquiri, and picking up hers as well.”

“Thanks Lil Sis.” I said with a smile.

“Anything for you Big Bro.” she beamed back.

“Shall we get this party started?” I asked, standing up, and offering a hand to Rach.

“Yes please!” Rach piped, taking my hand, and rising up to me.

As we stepped out of the pool, I turned to see where the girls were. Sharon was still nowhere to be seen. Lidia

had lain back down on her back. As we walked around the pool and approached her from the side, my eyes were drawn

to where the small of her back curved up from her ass and away from the chair, leaving a gap where it gracefully

tapered up to slim stretched torso. It was an exquisite sight, and I barely managed to keep myself from slowing for

more time to appreciate it.

Rach had also picked up on our missing hostess, asking “Where’s Sharon?” as we approached the chairs, and helping to

snap my attention back to the task at hand, as it were.
Lidia, startled, jumped to a sitting position before regaining her composure and answering “Sharon is getting the

drinks.” with a friendly, if somewhat disoriented expression.
As if she had heard her name, Sharon came through the back door at that moment. “I thought we could do some shots.”

She said, holding up the two bottles, and four small glasses she carried. She added “You two need to catch up

anyway. We’re already one up on you.”

By the light of the sun, nearly straight overhead, I figured not much more than an hour, or maybe an hour and a half

had passed since we’d first arrived. The four of us sat, Lidia and Sharon on Lidia’s lounge chair, Rach and me on

Sharon’s, facing each other so closely in our little circle, our knees almost touched. As Sharon started handing

out glasses, I could see, even through her tan, that Lidia’s face was slightly flushed. She wasn’t drunk; no sloppy

movements or slurred speech marred her graceful posture, but her excitement was no longer hidden so completely by

her nervousness. I glanced at Rach; her veiled anticipation seconding my sense that it was time.

“Let’s play truth or dare.” I suggested easily.

Sharon bounced excitedly as she chirped “O.K.” Her breasts, almost bizarrely large on her tiny frame, and free of

confinement, continued the bouncing after she had stopped as if to punctuate her eagerness.
Lidia, looking confused, asked “What do we play?”

Sharon explained excitedly, the way the game worked. I took the opportunity to have a silent conversation of shared

eagerness with Rach. I could feel her anticipation like the sun on my skin. As Sharon finished laying out the

rules, I decided to be a good sport.

“I’ll go first.” I said brightly. “It’s no-one’s turn to ask, so I guess you three are gona have to group up on the

first one.”

I had barely finished when Rach and Sharon spoke together “Truth or Dare?”
It was interesting to see Lidia’s confused but excited expression as she turned from the girls, to me. I waited

long enough for the tension to build, before I answered “Dare!” with an enthusiasm I didn’t need to fake.

Rach, beside me, stood up and leaned over, and the other two leaned forward as well, literally putting their heads

together to whisper. Rach had stepped sideways a bit as she stood, blatently putting her ass in my face when she

bent to confer with her colleagues. She was so thoughtful. ‘It’s the little things’ I chuckled to myself as I

leaned forward and licked her left cheek without worry. The other two girls were so absorbed I could have stood up

and slid into her before they would have noticed. Rach caught my eye as their huddle broke. Her silent

appreciation of my lick was easy to read in her eyes.

I was sure of the dare they would give me, but unprepared for where it came from. With a nervous titter, Lidia,

overcoming what embarrassment remained, commanded “take off your…trunks.” Then, with expectation, she looked down

to my lap.

I knew this was coming. My conversation with Rach, and the sight of these girls, left me well prepared. The close

circle we sat in, and the low seats, literally gave my best attribute center stage as I stood. Three sets of eyes,

each less than an arm’s reach away, fixed on my hands as I undid the tie on my suit.

I didn’t rush, not wanting to miss a moment of the experience. I considered just sliding my suit down, pretending

there was no specific target to their dare, just letting my cock spring free on its own. It seemed naïve, and

frankly disrespectful to my buddy, who had given me so much.

Feeling their eyes following my every movement, I slowly pealed the front of my suit away from me enough to slide my

other hand in. They could see through the flimsy suit, the outline of my hand as I wrapped my fingers slowly around

the shaft till I had a gentle but firm grip. I pulled my suit farther away from me, giving my cock the space it

needed to rise, and lifted it slowly free. I left my grip on it as it stood away from me, sensing that it increased

the sexuality of the act.

I looked up from my presentation. Lidia was so focused on my hand and what it held, I’m sure a stampede of

elephants would have gone unnoticed. I looked to Sharon, expecting, since she had seen my cock last weekend,

perhaps appreciation, but not the ogle she fixed me with. Apparently my hand gripping my cock was indeed a crowd


I looked over to Rach who, aside from a brief glance up to my eyes that gave the strong impression that she wanted

to lean farther forward and suck me in, kept her composure. She looked back up to me after a prolonged visual

groping, and smiling, said “OFF!”

As she spoke, I felt her finger slide down the now partially exposed crack of my ass, and voom, she yanked the suit

down past my thighs, leaving it free to fall the rest of the way to land around my feet. The tension broken, we all

laughed in release.

As the laughter subsided, I let go of my cock and let it float in from of me. When I sat back down, I leaned back

on my arms to give it all the room it needed to bounce and throb for whoever wanted to see. Realizing it was my

turn to dare, I dove right into Rach’s, and now my, plan.

“My turn” I said, refocusing the attention from where it still lingered.

Turning to Sharon I said “Truth or Dare?”

Ready for her to help with the plan, I waited for her ‘Truth’. Knowing Sharon’s desire to watch Rach and me was

more than enough motivation to help us with Lidia, I was momentarily at a loss when she answered excitedly “Dare!”

Knowing Sharon, all thought of helping had evaporated in the heat of the moment.

Thinking quickly, I came up with something that might not get us any closer to solving the Lidia issue, but would

hopefully help Lidia feel more at ease about liking girls, and, as a bonus, would let me replace my imagined images

of Rach and Sharon together, with a real one.

I dared “Sharon, I dare you to make out with Rach.”

Sharon’s surprise was not tinged with concern as I had feared. Maybe there was some disappointment that I was not

the subject of her dare, but there was also an eager willingness as she jumped up to comply. I stood and changed

places with her, watching my cock swing out and past Lidia’s face as Sharon and I slid past each other back to back

in the confined space.

I took my place next to Lidia, leaning back again to give the big guy room. He hovered straight up, a rigid

flagpole rising from my lap. Sharon took my seat, and she and Rach turned, each bending one leg under to face each


They reached slowly as they leaned toward each other, tentative hands finding innocent rest on soft skin. Their

leaning slowed to a stop inches apart, their eyes connected across the small gulf. You could sense the energy

between then even through the obvious tension. I seemed strange that, after what I knew these two had done together

in the past, just kissing made them nervous. Perhaps it was doing it in front of others that made for such


Rach eventually closed the distance smoothly, and their lips touched. A light brush, and they parted. I was about

to call foul when I saw their eyes. The intensity, connecting again across the small gap between them, told me they

were not finished. I waited expectantly as they stared into their second kiss. This time when their lips lightly

touched, each girl’s parted and their tongues began to softly explore.

The sight of these two, my beautiful girl and my first crush, exploring each other this way was thrilling. I

watched Rachel’s tongue trace Sharon’s lips and felt my cock give a mighty jump in appreciation. I saw, out of the

corner of my eye, Lidia, flip her gaze from the kissing, to my cock, and then back to the kissing. I thought

vaguely that I hoped Lidia could handle the cacophony of stimulation surrounding her, but all real thought faded as
I immersed myself in the show before me.

The tentative exploration soon gave way to more insistent urging. The light caress of tongues became needful and

insistent. Rach’s hand moved to Sharon’s face, pulling her into the kiss. Moments later Sharon responded, reaching

for Rachel’s waist, and pulling her closer.

As the kissing went on, hands began exploring. Sharon’s hands slid around and up Rach’s back, holding her tight.

Rach’s hands began wandering, searching for new flesh to touch. Stifling my own need to touch the rod of flesh

bobbing in front of me, I struggled to pull myself up out of the deep well of need that was threatening to take


With horrible effort, I used the imagined success of Rach’s plan, and the possibilities it opened, to pry myself

free of my urge. Finding out Lidia was O.K. with Rach and me together, would make it possible for us to keep

exploring our new relationship with relative freedom. I knew I would find a way to be with Rach regardless, but it

would be challenging to keep it secret, and I could imagine that challenge manifesting itself in being denied Rach.

As if to foil my efforts to come to my senses, I watched as one of Rach’s hands began wandering up Sharon’s creamy

inner thigh. With my mind buzzing at where I was about to see Rach’s hand arrive, I seized my flagging resolve,

clearing my throat with an exaggerated “Heh Hem.”

Once again, the tension was broken. With an embarrassed giggle, Sharon wiped the corner of her mouth with one

finger where Rach’s tongue had left some spit, and slid off the seat sheepishly to retake her place. To show my

gratitude for the performance, I turned toward Sharon as we slipped past each other again in the small space. With

a solid thunk, my outstretched cock made contact with Sharon’s waist. I leaned in as we slid past each other,

letting the length of it slither across her tummy, receiving a shocked look up at me as my repayment.

We retook our seats, and Sharon poured us each another shot. As we all lifted to drink, I saw Rach’s glass was

already empty. I realized she had dumped it out to stay on her toes, and followed her lead, covering my glass, and

faking the drink. I leaned back after our group shot, letting the drink poor out behind me.
With hardly a moment’s pause, Sharon blurted “Truth or Dare?” back to me.

I hadn’t thought the game through this far, so I had no idea what would happen next. With my new ‘What would Rach

do?’ mantra, I let myself relax into the uncertainty. Let it be a source for anticipation instead of worry. I

looked around at the girls. There was a blazing intensity in the stares they returned. The make-out session had

definitely gotten some motors running.

I decided to add some variety to the game, and answered “Truth.” defiantly.

I waited calmly for Sharon’s question. My cock hadn’t gotten the memo though, and danced around where it stood, and

it wasn’t alone. Lidia wiggled where she sat, her small firm breasts staying unperturbed tight against her. Rach,

legs crossed, rocked slightly. I could see the muscles in her legs flexing with each rock as she squeezed them

together. I knew her well enough by now to tell from the barest trace of frantic in her eyes, that she yearned for

release. Sharon, so caught up in the game, was perhaps unaware that the light green of her bikini bottoms had

darkened where her pussy pressed against its confinement; the sticky cloth clung to her crotch, leaving little to

the imagination.

I looked up from the mess of sex Sharon had created as she began speaking. With a sense of urgency she asked “Have

you measured your…self?”

I knew what she was getting at even if she was vague. Without hesitating, I answered “Yes.” That seemed to short

an answer, so I added “Seven and a half inches.”

I wasn’t sure which was a greater blow to my ego; Sharon’s incredulous look, or Rach’s resounding “HA.”
“What?” I asked to the group indignantly. I really had measured it. I had downloaded a porno last year where this

girl measured how much of this huge dildo she could get in her pussy. My curiosity was aided by the ruler within

arm’s reach at my desk. At 7.5 inches, I had soundly beaten the porn girl’s dildo’s 6.5.

I was preparing to defend myself when Rach spoke up. She said confidently, “I bet its 9 inches.”

“At least!” added Sharon enthusiastically.

The silence that followed was interrupted with “I think 22cm.” offered softly, but intently by Lidia.

“Thanks for the ego boost” I said, smiling with relief. “But I swear I’m right” I added, looking from girl to girl

and realizing I had a new reason to tense. 9 inches! How could I be off by that much? I guess I might be bigger

now than I was when I had measured. I had gown a good 3 inches in height since then. But 9 sounded big.

“I think we should measure.” said Rach thoughtfully.

I turned to show my incredulity, and Rach hit me with her innocent girl look. She punctuated it with a hidden wink

that instantly made me want to play along.

“Wait!” I said as Sharon stood. “This is Truth or Dare. I answered the truth. It isn’t fair if I have to

basically do a dare too.”

“What would make it fair?” Rach asked sweetly.

‘Boy I have to think on my feet’ I said to myself. I tried to think of a way of using this to help with the Lidia

plan, but with their eyes on me waiting for an answer, I couldn’t concentrate. Struggling, I finally thought of

something that probably wouldn’t help along the plan, but would even the odds a bit more in this 3 on one assault.

“Well, there are three of you, and only one of me. I think a three for one would make it fair. I get to ask ‘Truth

or Dare’ to all of you.” I answered, relieved and a bit proud of my quick thinking.

After some shared glances at each other, they agreed, and Sharon ran off to find something to measure with. The

pressure was on now. How bad would it be if I literally didn’t measure-up. Normally I would have fixated on that,

but instead, I thought of what I was going to ask if any of them answered truth. I already knew what the dares

would be, but I needed to focus to come up with good truth questions.

For Sharon, I knew I wanted to ask about Denise, but I doubted I’d get the chance (she seemed much more interested

in the dares). I considered asking Lidia something that would let her declare her bi-sexuality, but I couldn’t seem

to think of a way to broach that subject without letting on that I already knew. Rachel would tell me anything I

asked with or without the game, so I didn’t feel the need to get an answer from her for myself, but perhaps I could

ask something that would be fun to get an answer to in front of the girls.

I think it’s important to mention here, that even without that last shot, my buzz made it hard to think clearly.

That, coupled with the hornyness that pulsed through me, made forming cogent thoughts challenging, to say the least.
Sharon came back, tearing through the back door, and skidded to a stop, winded, holding up a coil of yellow cloth.

“Found it!” she said excitedly through her panting.

I stood and reached for the roll of cloth, ready to hold up my end of the deal. Sharon pulled her hand back as I

reached. “I want to measure!” she pouted indignantly.

Rach stood suddenly, sliding between us like a cat protecting its catch. “No Sharon. We all have to do a truth or

dare for this.” she said in complete control.

I saw something in the instant Rach said ‘No Sharon’. Sharon’s face went completely submissive for a moment, and

then she seemed to shrink as she obediently held out the tape for Rach to take. The interaction seemed strange, but

I had other things to occupy me.

“I want to help also.” chirped Lidia from her seat, though she didn’t seem able to get up the nerve to stand.

“We should do it together, that way we’ll all know for sure.” Rach suggested. “There are three of us so we each

get a job.” She continued, taking charge effortlessly.

”Sharon, you go here” she said with authority, pointing to a spot on the ground in front of my right foot, and

guiding her onto her knees till Sharon’s face was less than a foot from the head of my cock.

Turning to Lidia, Rach pointed at the ground to my left. “You go here.” She commanded. Lidia joined Sharon on the

other side, face to face with Sharon and my dick.

The sight of the two of them so close to my cock, pushed such a surge of cum adrenaline through me that my cock

pulsed up and down like a pendulum.

Rach looked up to me smiling like a demon. She directed coolly “Hands behind your back.”

I did as ordered. Rach looked down at my cock, now sweeping up and down three to four inches at each pulse, and

said “That just won’t do. We can’t measure you if you keep jumping around like that.”

“Well it’s your guys fault.” I said lightly, pleased that I had subtly included Rach in the accusation.

“I’ll take care of it.” She said, giving me another secret wink as she slid behind me.

Rach’s arm wrapped around me from behind, and to the surprise of all, she grasped my cock. It was so unexpected,

and I had been rock hard for so long, that the firm grip her small hand applied to me was nearly all I could stand.

I forced myself not to buck into her, imagining the reactions if my dam burst at that moment. It felt like the

resulting flood would easily sweep the two kneeling in front of me clean away. They both looked as though they were

almost blown away just by Rach’s hand wrapped around me mid-shaft.

Rach was unfazed by the three shocked faces she had caused, because without a pause, she reached around me with her

other hand and pointed. “Sharon, you put the end here.” she directed, pointing to the side at the base of my cock.

Sharon leaned in as she followed Rach’s orders, coming close enough, as she pushed the tape into the side of my cock

at its base, that I could have slapped her with it had I turned a little.

“Lidia, you hold the tape out to here.” Rach continued, brazenly laying her finger over the top of my cock head down

the center, and hooking it under to dig her nail into the notch on the underside of my cock head; leaving it there

while Lidia fumbled with the tape.

I felt the need to repay Rach for her attention. With the other girls completely focused on their tasks, I took the

opportunity to explore behind me with my hands . Rach, doing her best to stretch around me from behind had pressed

her body into my back. With only a slight movement, I felt the slippery cloth of her bikini bottoms at my

fingertips. With another slight adjustment, I slid my hand down into her suit, feeling the warm slick of her juice

as my fingertips finished sliding past the tuft of soft fur, down slowly over and into the warm folds of her. I

flicked at her clit with my middle finger, pulling it up with a hook, and smashing it back down. Rach’s hand on my

cock tightened and I felt her lick my back.

I can honestly say that it was the hardest I ever had, or figured I ever would have, to fight to keep from cumming.

Sharon, her face inches from my throbbing shaft, took advantage of Rach’s distraction. What had started as her

pointing finger pushed into my pelvic bone to hold the end of the tape, had gradually increased to all four fingers,

the other three resting, curved over the top of the base of my cock. Lidia, too shocked to be much more than an

observer, held the tape out to Rach’s finger where it hooked over the head of my cock, grazing my purple flesh with

each tremble her hand made. Added to all of that, behind me, Rach ground her pussy into my hand, her breath on my

back catching with each slow grind.

It was actually funny how long it took to measure me. We were all caught up in our own little daze. Finally,

Lidia’s trembling voice broke us back to reality. “I see 8.9” she stuttered, then added “22.5cm” with a hint of

pride at her own guess.

Rach yelped from behind me, ”I win! I win!”

Unfortunately for my fragile state, she also bounced up and down a bit, taking my dick along for the ride. The

warning alarm hit me as her hand jerked around on my cock. I escaped backwards in a panic, taking a few steps back

and to the side, pulling myself from the circle before it was too late.

Standing there, I forced myself back from the plunge. It was agony to even try retreating from it. Long after each

of the girls had realized the fun was over and had resumed their seats, I still struggled franticly near the edge.

I feared anything, even a thought, could set me off. I needed to get away…escape.

“Hey Jake, why don’t we go tell mom we’re staying over?” Rach punched through my private struggle.

‘My angel Rach, sweeping in to save me’ I thought. With hopelessly unconcealed gratitude, I sputtered “That’s a

great idea!”

Sensing my plead, Rach took over, jumping back up before the other girls had a chance to say anything to upset my

teetering balance. She scooped up our suits as she came to me, offering “Don’t worry, we’ll be right back.” over

her shoulder to the girls as she passed me, grabbing my hand.

Rach whispered “Hold on sweetie” as we rounded the pool.

It was so great to have someone know me so well. It was even better that she cared. And best that she combined

those two wonderful gifts to help me. When her rescue had finally led me to the relative privacy beside the shed,

Rach turned and looked up to me.

Her big green eyes wide, without any sign of her own need, she offered tenderly “Can I help?”
Even before my pitiful nod, Rach had started sinking. In answer, she looked down at her approaching patient. I was

still teetering. Rach seemed to sense it too. Without hands, as softly as a butterfly landing, her lips enfolded

me. The instant her tongue started a tender circle around my head, I felt the release.

With a gentle pull, Rach’s mouth sucked lovingly at my pulsing, adding only enough stimulation to let me let go

fully, but not so much that I lost myself to it. It was exactly what I needed, and what I would have asked for had

I known myself as well as she obviously did.

I reveled in the relief more than the orgasm, feeling the draining of tension that had built up without my

realizing. Rach’s mouth was so tender that even after I had been relieved, the sensation felt good, without the

customary sensitive, twitching, too much, feeling. I put my hand on the top of her head and stroked her hair to let

her know my need was gone, and that I loved her. She looked those green elf eyes up at me, opening her mouth, but

cradling my head on her tongue. Then, with a slow slide out from under my now dead weight, her tongue released its

burden to fall satiated, and she rose back up to me.

“Better?” she asked softly and sweetly.

“I love you Rach”, accompanied by my quick grab and hug, answered her.

After a few moments, she leaned back. Our hands fell to hips and ass to keep our hug from the waist down. “Close

call hu?” Rach asked with a little curve to her lips.

“You could have just said ‘Cum for me!’ That’s how close.” I whispered, smiling at my fragility.

“I didn’t know you could cum on demand.” Rach whispered back, her small smile spreading deviously.

“For you, no problem.” I quipped. Squeezing her ass in my hands.

A “Yummy!” as she twisted her ass out of one of my hands, was Rach’s summation.
“Mom’s not home you know?” Rach said coyly as she backed toward the fence, pulling me along by my hand, still

planted on one ass cheek.

“Do you need me to ‘help’ you too?” I asked, trying to rise to her level of sly.

I got an innocent nod as my answer just an instant before her remaining ass cheek spun out of my grip, and she

vaulted halfway up the fence. Before I could react, she was over, giving me an evil grin as she disappeared from


The gentle cum hadn’t sapped my legs (much), but my mind took a bit to catch up. After good 5 (O.K. maybe 10)

second start, I started for the fence too. With far less grace, and no spring, I clambered over in pursuit.

Halfway across the backyard lay my suit. I scooped it up as I made my way to the back door.

Once inside, I realized I had no idea where to go. I imagined Rach hiding, and wanted to give her the full chase

experience. In my deepest, darkest, most menacing voice, I shouted “You’d better run!” It was a bit late to be

honest, since she was probably done running, tucked somewhere safe.

I made a perfunctory scan of the kitchen as I passed to the rest of the house, since there was really nowhere to

hide there. I was halfway through the living room, intent on searching the second floor, when I saw the top of

Rach’s suit swinging from the front door doorknob.

‘A trail of breadcrumbs’ I realized, smiling at the thought that Rach wanted me to find her. It occurred to me,

just before I opened the door, that I was still naked. With Rach’s top in my hands, I knew she had gone out at

least partially bare. I threw caution to the wind, and went out after her.

In the middle of the front yard I stopped, and looked around. My first look revealed nothing but an old woman

walking a little dog across the street; she had frozen at the sight of me. Paying her no mind, I did a more

thorough 360 scan. I barely noticed the thin strip of metallic blue hanging from the side view mirror of Rach’s

Jeep; only visible because I had come far enough into the yard to see back along the side of the house where she had

parked. With a fleeting sight of the old woman’s shocked face, I let her see the back of me as I ran through the

gap between house and car, snagging the last bit of swimwear as I twisted past the mirror.

I rounded the corner to the backyard, my cock pointing the way. It pointed to Rach, dead center in the middle of

the yard. She was laying on her back, spread wide; a splash of honey on a field of green. Her legs, laying towards

me, were splayed wide in the grass. The flash of white and blue between her thighs resolved itself, as I neared,

into my toothbrush.

Her giggling announced my arrival. “You took long enough.” She teased trough her giggling.

I’d like to say I had a witty retort, but all I could scavenge from my preoccupied brain was “Better late than

never.” as I kneeled.

She made no move to discard my toothbrush, but lifted her hips up to me, giving me a better view. I scooted

forward, brushing my mouth up the soft smooth of her inner thigh as I leaned into her. Just as I reached the slight

valley where her inner thigh ended between her thighs, Rach pulled away the vibrating brush to give her clit to my

mouth. But I had already decided where I was going. I followed the valley downward with the tip of my tongue,

leaving it finally, to slide over to the small pink spot of her asshole.

As I finished my first slow circle around pink, I saw the brush press hard back onto her clit. When I spiraled in,

I felt the pink under my tongue tighten. My tongue found the center, and Rach fluttered “Oooo” in pleasant surprise

as I pushed slowly into the tight opening.

I was in completely virgin territory now. I had no idea what to do beyond what my instincts drove me to. This, it

turned out, was virgin territory for Rach too. Had I known, or even taken the moment to consider that, it might

have made me more at ease. But I was only living in the moment, and just pressed on, letting my drive, and the

considerable responses from Rach (her legs quivering in their struggle to hold her hips up) rule me.

At first, I played at the rim, feeling the inside of it with my tongue as I swirled. When I pushed further, sinking

my chin between her cheeks to go deeper, I felt her ass pinch closed around my tongue.
Rach whispered “Ohhh Jake”, as a violent shudder threatened to dislodge me.

I grabbed for her, gripping her suspended ass hard, and pressed her to me, heedless of the force I applied. I

pushed harder, my need for her release consuming me. With a low “uuuuuuuu”, Rach’s ass began rhythmically pulsing

around my tongue, and her shaking legs froze trembling around me.

The moment the pulsing ended, I felt the weight of her fall dead in my hands. I slid slowly out, causing only a

slight twitch to her body as the pink hole closed tight around my exit. I lowered her ass slowly, watching as her

legs, splayed wide to either side of me, did nothing to take up the burden.

The brush, discarded at some point, lay buzzing on the grass to Rach’s side. I reached for it and turned it off as

I crawled over her, stopping when I hung over her, face to face. I stayed there quietly until Rach opened her eyes

to look up at me. I imitated her “Better?” from minutes before as best I could, and was rewarded by a big dopey

smile, and a vigorous nod.

I leaned down to kiss her, and she wrapped her arms around my head, pulling me harder against her mouth. The

vigorous kiss brought a throb to my cock where it hung. I felt the momentary touch of warm wet as its swing reached

Rach’s pussy.

“I’m sorry Big Bro, we don’t have time.” Rach offered tenderly and disappointedly through the kiss. It took me a

second to get what she meant. Oh, got it. With I silent laugh to myself that showed in my smile, I lifted myself

onto strait arms, causing Rach’s arms to fall from my head, and jibed “Hey, your kiss did that. It’s not my fault.

I had nothing to do with it.”

Rach tittered “Oh”, then lifted her head to look between us down to where the instigator hung, and offered “Sorry

big guy, I’ll make it up to you later.”

Redirecting those green eyes back to me, I saw the fire in them as she whispered conspiratorially, “I think I know

how to get the plan back on track. I was going to suggest us coming home anyway before I saw you needed to…”

Smiling contentedly, she emended “needed me.”

Plowing on, heedless of my dumb stare, she spoke softly in confidence, “I’ll go upstairs and grab stuff for

overnight. I’ll get stuff for Lidia too. You grab whatever you need and write a note for mom asking if we can stay

at Sharon’s and saying we’ll be back later to find out. When we get back to Sharon’s I’ll ask her to show me where

to put Lidia’s and my stuff. Once I get her alone I’ll tell Sharon that if she doesn’t help with Lidia, we can’t

‘be ourselves’ today…or tonight. That should motivate her if really wants to watch us together.”

Rach waited, with a wicked smile from her last words, while I caught up. Smiling at my own feigned bravado, I asked

coolly “Who says I want to stay over at Sharon’s?”

Rach wasn’t fooled for a second, but answered perfunctorily “Oh, trust me, you want to.” Adding “Or do you want me

to tell you all my plans?” with a sly smile.

I leaned back on my heels and raised my hands in supplication. “O.K. O.K. You tell me what you want to. I trust

you.” I said with an easy smile, still a bit surprised that it was so easy to release control, but relieved by the

truth of my trust in her.

Rach’s smile widened as I spoke, and she picked back up from where I had interrupted as soon as I finished. “I

sorta won the guessing contest so…”

Unable to stop myself, I interrupted again, asking “What do you mean ‘sorta’?”, fearing she had ‘stretched’ the

measurement, and I might be living a lie.

With a curious blend of pride and guilt, Rach answered “I didn’t guess…I measured you.”
“When?” burst from me.

Suddenly sheepish, she smiled slightly as she explained. “When you passed out on Lidia’s bed…I came to wake you up

a little before dinner. When you didn’t wake up…I played a little.” She finished lamely.

Unable to let her leave it there, I said in my best authoritative voice “Describe ‘played’ exactly.”
Rach, even more shamefaced, “Well, you were still naked, and you were asleep, but he was wide awake” she added

pointing down at my cock. “At first I thought I’d wake you with a blowjob, and then when you didn’t wake up, I…


Seeing in my face, that her explanation was not nearly ‘exact’ enough, she continued “I sucked on it for a while for

fun. Then I tried to see how far I could swallow.”

“I got all but three inches in.” she beamed proudly.

“That’s why I got the ruler from my desk. Then I wanted to know how much I took, so I measured you. And its not

8.9”, its 9”.” She finished with a huff.

It was so funny, and great, that she was defending my dick, that I couldn’t summon up any anger. I realized time

was wasting, and redirected Rach back to the plan, saying with a leading smile “So you cheated and won the guessing


Rach stuck her tongue out at me before resuming. “So I say I want to ask the next turn as my prize. I ask Sharon.

Sharon picks truth. I ask Sharon if she’s ever been with a girl. Sharon talks about Denise. I’ll have to make

sure Sharon is clear that they are cousins.” she ended thoughtfully to herself.

“Tell her to make it a good story.” I suggested. “If Lidia is excited by it, we’ll know we can tell her.” I

finished hopefully.

“It’s perfect.” Rach beamed as she sat up and leaned into me for another kiss, sharing a last moment of time alone

before she pulled away and stood up, eager to get things going.

I followed Rach inside, and handed her her suit. She left me in the kitchen to write the note while she went

upstairs. After putting my hastily scribbled note to mom on the fridge, I followed, grabbing a shirt, shorts, and

some boxers from my room, and made it into the bathroom before I remembered my toothbrush was still in the backyard.
I was still smiling at the thought when I got to Rach’s door. She was facing away from me, leaning over her bed

intently. I stepped up behind her bent form and said loudly “Ready?” through my ear-to-ear smile.

Rach Jumped in surprise, letting out a squeak, then looked over her shoulder at me, and scolded “Don’t do that!” in

a pant.

Something in the way she seemed startled, along with the un-natural way she kept from turning to me, tickled at my

curiosity and suspicion. Before I could help myself, I leaned, hunting over her shoulder with my eyes for a clue.
Just as I fixed on the large duffle lying open on her bed, she closed it, and answered my question belatedly. “I’m

not quite done, I’ll be down in a minute.” she said, still not turning to me.

It was obvious that she was hiding something. I got the unmistakable feeling you get when it’s close to your

birthday, and you can tell someone is keeping something from you. Both because you don’t want to ruin the surprise

for yourself, and because you don’t want to disappoint the friend, you shut your curiosity off, and forget you

remember anything. So that is just what I did.

“O.K. Beautiful.” I said quickly, kissing her on the shoulder, and leaving before I was tempted further.
Rach came into the kitchen a minute or two later, lugging the big duffle bag. Showing no curiosity, I offered “Let

me carry that for you.”

“Thanks Sweetie.” She said without worry, giving me a peck of a kiss as I leaned down for the bag. I saw the reason

for Rach’s lack of concern over me carrying this bag of secrets. The zipper had the little padlock on it. ‘I wonder

where she is keeping the key’ I laughed to myself.

As we walked back across our yard, me now burdened with all our stuff, I stopped to pick my toothbrush up, and a

thought hit me. “Hey Rach.” I called after her from where I stood.

I waited till she turned her curious face to me. I held up her apparent go-to toy, and asked “The other night on

the webcams when I gave it to you, was that the first time you used my toothbrush?”

It was gratifying to see from Rach’s blank expression, that I could surprise her. I let the bag I was still

holding in my other hand, fall to the ground to show my determination. She stood there rooted to the spot, like a

deer in headlights.

I had meant to play it stern for fun. I would do my ‘what have you done you bad girl’ routine, and Rach would

eagerly open up about how dirty she had been, and we would both enjoy me getting excited at her story. I had a

moment to wonder at her uncharacteristic tenseness at my question, before a smile crept onto my face at her apparent


She relaxed noticeably at my smile, swiveling a step toward me as she looked up from a, very well-acted, bowed head

of shame. As she took another swinging step closer, she pouted in a soft, little girl voice “I went a little crazy

this summer.”

I watched Rach’s teasing progress to me, relieved that my smile had had a will of its own, and broken her from

whatever had unnerved her. With a last slithery step, she slid inches from me. Looking up, still with her little

girl pout, she said guiltily “I did use your brush”, then, resting a finger on her lower lip, she added “here”, and

then smiling crookedly as her finger slid off her lip and down between us, she whispered “and here.”

I let my eyes catch up to her finger, where it had nestled itself. I would have been content to absorb her

admission and demonstration forever, but I felt her stillness waiting for me to respond. I waited with my eyes on

her lucky finger, till I thought of something to say.

Looking up to her expectant eyes, I whispered “If I had known, I would have brushed my teeth more.”
Rach’s dirty smile broke apart, and she laughed easily, falling into me. I felt an unexpected sense of intimacy.

The casual press of her body and her openness to share her amusement with me reached beyond the strong sexual

closeness we already shared.

Rach kept me from dwelling on my thoughts. Leaning back, she smiled up at me, chirping “You wouldn’t believe how

nervous I was about you finding out. Every time I put it back, I’d see how obvious it looked, all shiny and sticky.

I always left right away so I wouldn’t chicken out and rinse it off. If I heard you brushing, I’d picture how it

looked when I finished with it. I was so scared you’d taste me or something, and figure it out.”

I felt Rach’s slight motion against me and realized her nuzzled finger had started moving in response to her trip

down memory lane. As if to reinforce that thought, she added “I think it made me even hotter; imagining you

bursting into my room…holding up your dirty brush…catching me cumming.”

I had to distract myself from the excitement on her face. We had been gone a long time now; too long really. I

could imagine the two girls popping there heads over the fence at any second to catch us standing there, Rach with

her hand down her suit. Even just having cum, I doubt I would have had the strength to resist delving back into us.

It was my vague imaginings of what awaited that gave me the gumption.
Turning her head up from my chest with gentle hands, I said softly, “I think I should have waited to ask till we had

more time to…deal with it.”

With an innocent pout that nearly buckled my resolve, she purred “Why? Have I been a bad girl? Do you need to

punish me?”

I refocused as much as possible, and found a sweetly cruel retort waiting. “Your punishment for now can be

waiting.” I saw her understanding as I grasped her wrist and gently forced her hand up and out of her suit. I

tried to unfurrow her brow with a plaintive “I’ll make it up to you, but we don’t have time, like you just said to

me and him.” My gesture down to my cock as I said ‘him’ got a begrudging smile.

“O.K.” Rach said with a lilt. “But you ARE gonna make it up to me. I promise you that Big Bro.” with a completely

unreadable grin, she spun away and started for the fence.

I gathered the duffle and my clothes from where I had let them fall, and followed Rach over the fence. any worry

that she was frustrated with me was squelched by her happy smile waiting for me on the other side. She scooped up

my hand with a squeeze that said as clear as day ‘let’s do this.’ And lead me around the shed and up to the pool.

The girls were just where we had left them, though each was now laying down, soaking in the rays.

Rach snagged Sharon away with what seemed an overtly commanding “Sharon, come here.”

I sat distractedly as I watched Sharon rushing to comply, following Rach inside. I was reminded of how Rach had

ordered Sharon around earlier. Was there something about their friendship I hadn’t picked up on before; some alpha

female sort of ranking completely invisible to us clueless males? That seemed plausible. If Rach was in command of

Sharon, just how far did that control go? Maybe something about today was different. Something giving Rach

control. If that was the case, I was definitely part of the bargain. The thought buzzed in my head, and I was lost

in it till I saw movement, and shook off my stupor.

I had sat on the empty chair next to Lidia. She was laid out on her stomach, the ‘T’ of white scrunched between the

subtle rounds of her butt was all that broke the smooth flow of her dark skin. She had lifted her head to look at


Again the impression that she had waited for my attention, as soon as my eyes found hers, Lidia rolled onto her side

with a smooth “Hi.”, and a clean smile.

Either oil or sweat covered her, making her movement shimmer in the sun. I could have let myself enjoy the sight.

I even figured Lidia would welcome me to. But her easy ‘hi’ felt relaxingly un-sexual, and I welcomed the momentary


Trying to maintain the atmosphere, I asked “Are you having a good time so far?”

My question energized her. Sitting up quickly, and turning to put her feet down with mine in the space between the

chairs, she spoke softly. “I was not thinking of America being this way. My friends will not believe me.”

“It’s not all like this.” I said kindly, keeping my laugh from showing.

With a tilt of her head, she looked like she was holding back a laugh too. “Yes, not like this. I am meaning only

you are not ‘up tight?’, is that the right way to say?”

She was so mesmerizing; her musical voice made it hard to concentrate. A bit haltingly I managed to reply. “Yea,

‘up tight’ is right. I think that’s mostly old people. Girls wear tops with their bottoms here though. If you

showed up at my pool like this…well…you’d be noticed.”

Her smile at my words was captivating. I might have been caught but for Rach’s “Back to the game?” shouted from the

door as she and Sharon returned.

With nods of agreement Lidia and I slid down toward the feet of the lounges to make room, and Rach and Sharon retook

their places, reforming our little circle. Before anything else happened, I stood into the middle of the circle,

and slid my suit back down. As I sat back down, I offered an explanation. “Back to the game right?”

Rach beamed at me, then gave me a covert ‘here we go!’ look, and turned to the group. “I won the measuring contest

so it’s my turn to ask.” she said, matter-o-factly.

“Aren’t you forgetting about something?” I asked slyly.

The confused looks I got back, especially Rach’s, were almost as good as what was going to come next. Well, no, not

even close really.

“I believe it’s still my turn. You each owe me one. Then, it can be Rach’s turn.” I said, making sure to lock eyes

with Sharon as I emphasized ‘Rach’s turn’. There was no being too careful with Sharon’s ability to follow a plan.

“Truth or Dare?” I asked to the group.

I hoped that Sharon’s immediate answer “Dare!” meant that she understood, and was saving the ‘Truth’ for Rach.

I could see Rach was studying me, trying to figure what I was up to. Apparently she either got her answer, or was

demonstrating the very attitude of uncontrolled pleasure I was seeking to learn, because she answered “Dare.” also,

curiosity and excitement mingling in her expression.

We all looked to Lidia. She smiled easily at me as her lyrical accent made a little song out of her “Dare.”

“I’ll make it easy. “ I said, enjoying dragging it out a bit. “I’ll ask all of you the same thing.”
Pausing again, I waited till I feared Rach would hit me, then dared “Give me your bikinis.”

The word “bikinis” hung there as each girl let the meaning sink in. As anxious as I was to see them take off their

bottoms, I have to admit watching their expressions was priceless. I expected Lidia to be the most effected, and I

was right. Rach could care less, but put on a show of being shocked. It was Sharon’s reaction that I was most

surprised by.

I had seen her naked for hours last time I was here, and even felt her slik pussy on the back of my neck, so her

slightly hysterical glancing about surprised me, reminding me perfectly of the metaphor ‘dear in the headlights.’

“Well that seems fair I guess.” Rach said as she stood.

‘What a perfect girl.’ I thought. She was helping me out big time, even though I had sprung this on her. I

reminded myself to thank her later. I tried to seem disinterested as she hooked her thumbs in the straps of her

bikini bottoms at each hip. She bent over as she slid them down, her ass, thankfully, not aimed at me. I might be

able to fake disinterest, but my cock had a lousy poker face, and I was sure that the sight of her pussy pushing out

from between her thighs would have caused him to blow my cover.

Rach’s suit fell at her feet, and Rach stepped one foot out before bending her other up behind her, bottoms dangling

from her ankle. Then she turned her ass more to me as she offered me her foot. I let myself caress her foot as I

slid her suit off. I draped Rach’s bottoms over my thigh and said, in what I hoped was a casual tone, “Thanks.” as

she sat back down beside me.

I looked over to Lidia, sitting across from me. She stood slowly as our eyes met. Our close proximity (knees almost

touching) brought her within arm’s reach when she stood. With slightly shaking hands, she reached for her bottoms.

Her hands, aside from their tremors, stayed there frozen, gripping the top of her suit for long enough that I looked

up from the pause in the action, to her face.

She gave me that simple smile and I felt my cock go taut. She might have been nervous, but that smile was the smile

she had given during our recent give and take ogling. This was her way of saying that it was only fair.

As if she had been waiting for me to catch that smile, no sooner had I looked up, than her hands started moving

again. I smiled back to show my appreciation of her sense of fairness, and then looked back down. The dark tan of

her stomach continued down with the top of her suit as it descended, revealing slowly, a perfectly smooth, perfectly

tan, perfectly hairless pussy. I swallowed the lump in my throat, and struggled to unlock my eyes from the sight.

I was helped by her when she sat back down, removing herself, if not from my sight, at least from my imagined reach.
Her suit had also fallen to her feet. She straitened both legs, bringing her feet up between my thighs, offering

her suit to me. My hands shook almost as much as hers had as I reached for her feet, now frustratingly close to my

cock. I gingerly slid them past her toes, and laid them on my empty thigh as Lidia lowered her feet. My hands,

holding the suit at the sided, did not feel the spot of wet from the crotch that my leg felt. The warm wet of her

on my leg under her suit made me feel slightly giddy.

After what I am sure was a noticeably long preoccupation with this gift, I managed to recover myself, and I looked

up for my last present. Sharon must not have stood to remove her bikini bottoms, which would have drawn my

attention, because as I looked up to her, she leaned across, and held out her balled up bottoms for me.

When she set them in my hand, I thought I understood why the dare had freaked her so much. In their balled up

state, I didn’t need my thigh to tell me they were wet. I was amazed they weren’t dripping as I held them.

I did my best, as I laid them alongside Lidia’s suit (somehow it didn’t seem right to put them on the same thigh

Rach’s bottoms had claimed), to keep from showing the state of them to the other girls. I hoped Sharon would be

less troubled if this intimacy was limited to me. Unlike Lidia’s suit, Sharon’s had coated my hand with her juices.

I didn’t want to draw attention by wiping it off, and so left my hand in that sticky state.

I took a moment to take them in as a group. Rach, at my side, her golden tan glowing in the sun, sat confident, her

back strait, her small breasts standing proud. Lidia, still with that smile, sat across from me. Her long curly

black hair flowed past her shoulders, ending, mercifully, just above her dark, tinny nipples. Her legs, which had

been crossed the entire game, were now slightly parted, giving me, sitting opposite, a view of her pussy pressed

into the edge of the seat; the merest hint of the bright pink visible. Sharon sat mortified, legs locked together

at the knees, her pale tan doing little to hide the flush that darkened her face and chest. I gave her my warmest

smile, hoping to relieve some of her discomfort.

I felt Rach’s leg against mine, a clear signal that she was ready to go with our plan. Considering Sharon’s state

though, my confidence in her ability to do her part in Rach’s plan was less than resolute. Hoping some distraction

would help her come out of her self-induced state of embarrassment, I suggested “how about another drink?”

Rach helped out with a “Yea!”, and along with a small nod from Lidia, we managed to jar Sharon enough out of her

shame spiral to start another round.

Sharon gave a weak “O.K.” as she reached for the bottle.

I leaned over for my pour and let my hand, coated with Sharon, rest on Rach’s leg. The short time had cooled it,

and I felt Rach twitch at the cold of it under my hand. As I leaned back, I looked down to see my work. The slick

on her thigh was unmistakable. We drank (I joined in this time).

I looked over to Rachel. It was clear she was ready. The momentary pucker in her brow said all too clearly “No

more delays!”

I gave her my best approximation of a silent ‘O.K.O.K. I’ll shut up.’, and turned back to the girls.

I was relieved to see Sharon had recovered somewhat. Her knees were still locked together, but she was smiling, and

seemed more herself. I hoped she was ready as I heard Rach say excitedly “O.K. Now it’s my turn.”

With no more responsibility to move the plan forward, I literally leaned back and awaited the results. Rach’s

question of “Truth or Dare?” to Sharon, was answered almost too quickly.

Sharon’s said “Truth” and leaned in a bit. Her body language seemed to show more eagerness to tell her story than I

had expected.

Rach’s question “Have you ever been with a girl?” was delivered with the perfect level of exited interest. Lidia

couldn’t have known that Rach’s excitement was for her reactions to the story, and not the story itself.

I looked to Lidia. The question had definitely gotten her attention. Her intent stare at Sharon, sitting next to

her, was a laser. As Sharon answered “Yes.”, Lidia’s eyes opened slightly and she shifted in her seat, turning to

focus more fully on Sharon.

This turning had the unintended or unconcerned result of giving me a much better view of her pussy. Her left leg

(the one closest to Sharon) had risen somewhat as it swung towards Sharon. Her right leg didn’t turn with the rest

of her, but lowered as she rotated her body. The end result was that my view had improved immensely. The vibrant

pink of her smooth lips shined with her juice; the length of her slit mostly visible as it curved under her. I

thought this new position would be good for Rach’s viewing pleasure also, but had no way of giving her a heads up.

Undoubtedly Rach would see for herself eventually.

I think Rach was about to prod Sharon for more, when Sharon finally started to elaborate. “When I was 12, my Cousin

Denise was over, and we were playing around in the Jacuzzi…” Sharon glanced over her shoulder to the Jacuzzi to

point it out. I had the distinct impression that she was gathering herself.

“I had been using the jets to…um…masturbate,” (deep breath) “for a while, and I showed Denise how to do it.” She

continued shakily.

There was another pause. It was clear she had more to say. It seemed she was just getting up her nerve. I took

the opportunity of this momentary intermission to check on my fellow listeners. I looked at Rach out of the corner

of my eye, who was doing her best to keep her continual glances toward Lidia, covert.

I followed her eye line and saw what I hoped was good news. Lidia’s face was so engrossed in the story that I

doubted Rachel needed to be so careful in her glances. I looked down her long torso to the bright pink I had

uncovered. I could see a white drop of her juice dangling precariously through the slats of the chair. I watched

it as it lengthened, mesmerized. When it pulled itself free, I followed it to the ground under her chair, where it

landed with an imagined splat, creating a small dark patch of concrete where her wetness had christened the pool


Picking up on this new eye candy, I surreptitiously checked the ground under Sharon. It too had a dark spot where

she had leaked. I was about to see if I could lean far enough forward to check under Rach, when Sharon resumed.
“Denise said she had a better way to get off. When I asked her to show me, she…put…she used her mouth on me.”

Sharon finished, trailing off feebly.

The pent up tension made the air seem to vibrate. Sharon’s precarious hold on her nerves seemed in danger as the

silence grew. I thought to say something to break the quiet pressure that was growing, but was saved the need by

Rach, who asked “Did you use your mouth on her?”

Sharon nodded, smiling guiltily, then said softly “we still do it whenever she comes over.” Her pleading look to

Rach as she finished, clearly begging for mercy.

I was sure that mercy wouldn’t come from Rach until she had what she wanted, and was waiting for another follow-up

question, when Lidia spoke. “Your ‘Cousin’, is your uncle’s daughter?” she asked with quiet curiosity, and without

the distain we had feared.

I watched Lidia carefully as Sharon answered “Yes.”

The excited interest she had shown during the story didn’t swell at her revelation of the meaning of cousin, but

neither did it diminish. The possibility that this meant she would accept Rach and me made me want to leap, but I

settled for a subtle hand on Rach’s back, sharing at least with her, my elation.

As the stress building to this moment evaporated, I realized the adrenaline fueled anticipation of it had been

buoying me up. Without the help, I felt the drain of my hours long hard-on, and the relentless heat of the day,

pulling me down. The sheen of sweat covering me spoke to the effort my body was enduring.

Rach had gotten what she wanted. I didn’t need to gorge myself. If I took a break, they would be here when I was

back to full strength. “Hey, can I sit out a few? If I don’t close my eyes for a few minutes, I’m gona get a

headache.” I blurted before I had a chance to second guess myself.

Sharon offered “You can crash on the couch in the basement if you want.” She seemed a little less disappointed than

I had expected, but Rach’s look more than made up for it.

I suddenly didn’t want to go that far. I needed to stay where Rach could see me. I watched Rach’s face to see if

it would satisfy her as I answered Sharon “Na, out here is fine. I’ll just grab the other chair.”

Rach’s expression smoothed to a sympathetic smile, and I took it as concession. I let my eyes slip from her now

that I had gotten the go-ahead that I needed and retreated back to the unused chair behind her. As I laid down, I

felt my cock flop heavily onto my thigh, full enough to have weight, if not enough to be hard.

During my move, the girls hadn’t said anything I heard. In the stillness after I settled, I thought I heard

something. Then, after another few seconds of quiet, Sharon’s “It’s my turn” was louder than even her excitement


I guessed that the barely heard noises coming from the girls had been Rach acting fast to make lemons into lemon-

aid. I realized I was nothing so much as laid out on display. ‘Oh well’ I thought, ‘going with the flow’. I might

not get very much of the rest I was hoping for, but I couldn’t complain. I was actually starting to like being the

object, although I could tell it was being the object for Rach that was the real draw.

I happily resigned myself to her maneuverings as I listened to Sharon go on. “Rach, truth or dare?”

Rach’s “truth” was soft, almost gentle.

Sharon contrasted Rach’s tone with an energized “Have you had sex with a guy?”

Slowly, dreamily, Rach said “yes.”

Even that one word pulled at me. I took a deep breath, hoping for more from those lips. I didn’t have to wait.

With an almost purr, Rach added “It was amazing. He filled me up, and then more, and more. I didn’t want it to


It was wonderful to hear her describe me. not because it stoked my ego, but because of the intimacy in her voice.

When she spoke again, I held my breath to listen.

“I would do anything to feel like that again.” Rach whispered, and I could hear her tone change to a subtle plea.
I felt my cock move, sliding up to the notch between my thigh and pelvis. I felt more than heard the giggles. ‘So

that’s the game.’ I thought to myself. They want to get a ‘rise’ out of me. I opened my right eye the barest bit

to check. Rach had wedged herself between the other two girls; all three of them facing me over the empty middle


Now that I had the image to put with the sound, I closed my eye and waited. I didn’t wait long. Rach’s voice spoke

even sofer, but with the same teasing pull. “Lidia, truth or dare?”

Lidia’s “Truth” was more nervous than I was expecting.

“What’s the biggest guy you’ve seen?” was Rach’s sinuous question.

I waited for an answer, straining to listen. There were more giggles, louder this time, but no answer. When my

mind filled in the missing answer, that Lidia had pointed at me and the giggles were in response to that answer, I

felt another pulse move my cock spastically to center, where it barely kept contact with my stomach. The move cut

off the giggling this time, and I found myself impatient for them to go on.

After an agonizing wait, Lidia’s soft “Truth or Dare” broke the silence.

Again I waited for an answer, now not even certain of who’s voice I would hear next. The anticipation was

overwhelming. Finally I heard something, some indistinct movement. As if that uncorked sound, it was followed

immediately by some more giggles, and then an urgent “Shh”.

The urge to open my eyes and see what was going on was building. I had to remind myself that not knowing isn’t

always bad. I think I would have had an easier job of convincing myself of that if I wasn’t so focused on listening

for the next clue to what was happening.

I managed not to jump when I felt a hand on my arm. It was a close thing, but the barest of a sound near me gave me

the second of warning I needed to stay still. The hand squeezed a little and I knew it was Rach even before I heard

her soft but clear voice “Jake, are you awake?” Another squeeze, much stronger than the first, and her hand left


I lay their trying to absorb how amazing Rach was as I realized ‘She knows I’m awake, of course she does. Asking if

I was asleep was her way of asking me if I liked the game she was proposing. That second squeeze was her ‘O.K. have


I had to fight from smiling as I heard Rach’s loud whisper “See, I told you he sleeps like he’s dead.”
And there was Rach sealing the deal. Now I just had to wait and see what the dare was. As if to answer my thought,

I felt the lightest of touch on my cock; Rachel’s touch I guessed since she was the one who was close. The touch

must not have finnished the dare, because it stayed, and after a few seconds it moved up to the head of my cock. As

soon as I felt a finger wrap around the rim, I felt a strong pulse push back against the pressure surrounding it.

No sooner had the pressure increased before it was gone. More giggles and the sound of more movement told me the

dare was done. I had already decided the dare must have been to grab me when I realized my cock had left my

stomach, and was now almost certainly pulsing up and down in its hover over me. Remembering the giggles when my

cock had readjusted itself as it stiffened, I was sure the dare had been some version of getting me hard; hard

enough to rise off me.

More whispering that I couldn’t make out teased me to anticipate, but I focused on relaxing, and letting whatever

Rach wanted, happen. She had decided not to give me any hints about what was coming next, so I didn’t let myself

even think about it.

I did let myself think about my choice to put my arms up with my hands behind my head. What seemed comfortable

first, was now aching more with each minute that passed. I dared not lower my arms, or even shift to relieve the


I was happy for the distraction of sound of more movement that announced another unknown dare was starting. I

waited for another hand to touch my cock, anticipating in spite of myself. Instead, I felt soft pressure on my

chest; two soft pressures. I guessed immediately. Breasts! Big breasts, which meant it had to be Sharon. Sharon

was pushing her chest against mine, albeit at a 90% angle so that one of her breasts was almost at my neck. With a

jolt of excitement I heard her hushed breathing, thick with her own excitement.

If this had been a month ago, when my crush on her was literally raging, just imagining her pressing herself against

me like this would have made for a quick jacking. Even now, i had to concentrate on my breathing to keep the

mounting tension in me from showing.

After some time, feeling Sharon’s soft touch and hearing her exhilaration, Rach’s quiet but clear “That’s enough.”

brought an end to Sharon’s dare.

This was definitely not the rest I had hoped for, but I was so into it now, I couldn’t stand the wait while Sharon

made her way back to the girls, and the whispered about my next using. A suddenly loud “No!” from Rach, cut of the

whispering. Her re-lowered voice went on “nobody does that without his permission.”

I had no idea what that was about except that Sharon gone one dare too far, and Rach was protecting me. the former

shot a surge of horny through me while the later made me feel Rach’s love. It was a powerful combination, and I

felt its effect. My cock felt tight in its skin; I was sure the bouncing had been replaced by a rock steady pipe.

Another dare involving my cock in any way had a real chance of setting it off.

I didn’t want to ruin Rach’s fun by ending her game. But I also didn’t want to ruin whatever plans she had for me,

and what uses she had planed me for. I picked what I thought the safest choice, feigning a stir, and taking the

opportunity to stretch and lower my arms. Just to make sure Rach understood, I flipped over onto my stomach,

relieving their temptation to wait for me to fall asleep again.

I tried listening to see if the game was going on without me, but the whispers were too muffled to make anything out

of. My feeling of being removed from the attention brought relaxation with it, and I was asleep before I knew it.

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