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My nephew and I play
A couple of nights ago, my nephew, yes a minor, slept overr at my house because his Mom was going somewhere. I asked him, his name is Alex., i asked alex where he wanted to sleep. Suddenly he got red. I asked what was wrong and he confessed that he was afraid of the dark and if he can sleep with me. I told him he should sleep on the floor together since the living room has a bigger TV and it's cold in there. He agreed and we soon set up to sleep. He wanted to watch movies and I told him ok. We started watching 21 Jump Street. Then , about 69 minutes into the movie he asked where my brother and wife were. I told him they went to sleep at her brothers house. We went back to watchin the movie. He got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back he told me his tightie whities bothered him. And if he can borrow some of my boxers. Ofcourse, i let him and ofcourse they were to big. He insisted on wearing them anyways. He said he wanted to be like me and sleep in just underwear. so i let him. He got under the covers in just my boxers like me. Later into the movie towards the end he got bored and started jumping around. I couldn't help but notice his fat ass. Boy was he thick at his age. He began rolling on the floor and i got semi-hard watching him. Now i'm not a pervert but i couldnt help but watch. He then started to roll on and off me. He wanted to wrestle. I told him now and he insisted. He accidently laid his hand on my bulging dick. I got instantly hard. He told me what was that. I responded by sying the remote control. He got up and said lets fight and called me a bitch. I got up and tackled him. We began to wrestsle. After a while i noticed he had a hard-on himself. I didn't let it bother me and continued fighting him. About 10 minutes of messing around my boxers fell off him since they were to big. Not only did Alex have a fat ass but he also had a fat dick. My hard-on was back! Afraid he would see it, i started to bend over pretending to be hurt. He picked up his boxers embarassed and starte spanking my ass. I felt like i might blow. After more fighting, we settled down to sleep. Suddenly alex asked me if i had ever kissed a guy. I told him no, have you? He said he kissed my briother, his uncle. He said they made out because they were both horny. Then they jacked off together.
I was in shock. My brother had an affair with my nephew. Wow.
But what alex said next really suprised me.
"You wanna do something with me uncle? I saw your boner earlier and you saw mine, clearly we are both horny. Let's do something. "
I lmust have looked shocked because alex tried comforting me telling me he wouldn't tell any one. I didn't respond. After some minutes i tild him to go to sleep. Somehow i went to sleep. I woke up to a strong pleasure coming from my dick. I picked my head up and saw Alex JERKING MY DICK. I yelled at him to stop, atleast i tried. He kept jerkin and i finally yelled ar him to stop. He agreed an went to bed looking disappointed. Boy, did i have blue balls that night. God i wanted alex but it wasnt right. The next morning i was making pancakes for me an alex. He was still asleep on the floor. From the kitched i could see his fat ass. Suddenly he jerked and woke up. I made myself busy by going back to my cooking. Alex came in and i saw he traded back to his tightie whiteies. His ass looked amazing in them. I could hold myself back. I put the pancakes on the table and while alex was looking through the fridge i went up behind him and carassed his fat ass. He was taken aback and tried to move but i held him steady and turned him around. We began to make out. As we darted our tongues in and out of eachothers mouth, i reached over and grabbed his ass slowy pinching and grabbing it. He moaned quitely. That turn me on. We rubbed boners. He said he has an idea and went back to the living room and came back in my boxers. He said his boner was free like this. I asked him what his idea was and he said he wanted to sword fight through boxers. God it was hot. We hit our dicks againtsts each other. I started leaking pre cum. He said he wante to do something and he pulled down my boxers. "Whoa! How big are you ?" I told him i was almost 9 inches. He said his was 7 inches. I told him i didnt bleive him so he revealed his penis and boy was he right 7 inches. I got so horny and got on my knees sucking him. He moaned. I was pretty awkward because it was my first time ever kissing a guy imagine sucking ine! I was a wreck. He told me not to stop and he guided my head with his hands in my hair. He tasted so good. In no time at all he began spurting cum in my mouth! He tasted so sweet yet salty i just had to swallow it. "No way, you swallowed?" He asked. I told him i couldnt help it. We laughed together. "My turn" he sais with a sexy smirk. "Gove me a kisss first. " he kissed me passionately then kissed my neck, abs , untile he got to my dick. He kissed the head and oh i could have came right then and there. He was a pro! Couldnt hae been his first time. Boy i was going to have to talk to henry, my brother! He sucked me an it felt so good he licked my balls and my shaft. I yelled i was cumming and he grabbed the base of my throbbing dick and jacked it with his mouth. I have never came so much! He swallowed it all except for some on his lip. "You got something right there'" i told him and brought him up to kiss. "I wanna come again." Alex said .

Alex went to his house the next day but we still have some affairs once in a while. Comment if you wanna hear more about me and alex and my brother!


2014-07-21 19:38:13
Sorry, I was in quite a rush. Next story will be 1,000 times better!(:

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2014-07-13 17:26:59
Try something unheard of to you, apparently. It's call PROOF-READING. If you try it, it may help you detect and correct the vast number of misspelled words your attempt contained. This is BAD!

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2014-07-13 10:48:05
Good keep them coming

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2014-07-13 00:54:14
Did you attend school at all? Your miserable attempt at writing indicates that if you ever attended, you dropped out at a very early age - like 10..

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2014-07-13 00:49:09
Terrible writing. Please do not post anymore.

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