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Mostly true
Road to Denver

Every winter my wife and I hook up with our good friends Dan and Anne and travel to Denver for our annual ski trip. We make the long drive from Illinois to the mountains mostly at night. Night driving makes the trip go faster since two people can sleep while the one drives and the other helps keep them awake. There isn’t much to see on the plains of Iowa and Nebraska anyway.

Anne, is a 5’9” beauty. This woman emits sex from every pore. Her complexion is flawless and here ass is a perfect W shape. When she puts on those black ski tights, it is hard for me not to spend the day looking at her ass, while trying not to get caught by my wife. Anne has perk, natural tits and a million-dollar smile. Her hair is light brown and falls just above her shoulders. Many times I just look at her neck and imagine biting it while buried deep insider her. Of course, I am then snapped to reality when my wife asks me a question.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife is a wonderful lady. We have a great sex life and I love her dearly. But when Anne is around, I somehow just lose all sense or reality. All I can think about is making love to her, having sex with her or just jacking off to the thought of her.

This trip started out very much like the past trips. We picked Dan and Anne up in our Suburban, loaded up the gear and headed for the mountains. We spoke of past trips and the accommodations that we had chosen for this trip. I was excited and really couldn’t wait to see Anne in her new ski outfit. I knew it would be amazing. As we settled into the drive, my mind began to wonder off into “Anne Land”. I thought about the ski pants, the hot tub nights and getting a chance to see her in her pajamas, as we would sit around the fire in the evenings. I couldn’t wait.

We arrived at the condo in Dillon Co. in mid afternoon. After we unloaded the gear and checked out the condo and pool area, we began to settle in. I was ready for some Anne. I suggested that we should grab some drinks and head down to the hot tub for a little relaxation. We were all tired and a bit sore from the drive. Anne hopped up and headed for her bedroom to change. I was about a second behind her and ready to “dive in, should we say”. Dan decided he needed to lie down. He had taken the lion’s share of the night driving and was beat. My wife also wanted to relax a bit and was content to sit by the fire and read. I was good with that situation, grabbed my robe, towel and a cooler full of beer and cocktails. Anne tried to get Dan to come down with us but he said her was “all in”, and hit the hay.

We walked down the stairs of the condo, across the common area to the pool house. Entering the pool house we noticed another couple in the hot tub and a couple of kids swimming in the pool. I could only hope they would all leave soon. I took of my robe and quickly stepped into the tub. It was 105 degrees in the water, 30 degrees outside and about 210 in my pants. I watched as Anne stripped of her robe, tossed the towel on a chair and dove into the pool. I only got a glimpse of her but was not disappointed. She looked exactly like I had imagined. She had obviously been hitting the tanning beds. Her stomach was flat and toned. Her swimming suit was a jet-black two piece with Brazilian cut legs. The back was not quit a thong but it really didn’t cover much at all. As she swam a couple of laps, I grabbed a beer and relaxed by laying my head back and closing my eyes. All I could see was that black bikini. I began to fantasize about a number of ways and positions that I could be having sex with Anne.

The couple in the hot tub got up and started to towel off. I notice that the man was checking Anne out pretty intently. He looked at me as if to say “ you lucky fuck”. His wife was watching him pretty close knowing full well what was on his mind. They called the kids and headed out. Just the thought of being alone in the same room with Anne made my dick start to rise. As if on cue, when the family was gone, Anne stepped out of the pool and started walking toward the hot tub. She raised her arms over her head and twisted the water out of her hair, while walking toward me. It was like a scene from a Victoria Secret advertisement. I swear things began to move in slow motion. She looked at me and smiled a bright and beautiful smile as she stepped into the tub. “ So, where’s my drink” she asked. I remembered that she loved her Gimlets and I had come prepared. I pulled out the vodka, lime juice and mixed her a drink. “ Oh, you are so sweet”, she commented and took the drink from my hand, “ Thank you”. She set the drink on the edge of the tub and slid into the water. She was submerged to her chin and was moving directly at me still smiling. Now she was an inch from my face, she slid her chin over my shoulder and gave me a big hug. She was floating with her legs straight out behind her while holding onto my neck. I was relieved in a way that she hadn’t gone for the full body contact because I was already pretty hard. The sight of her walking across the deck into the tub and the split second fantasy that I had had as I saw her coming toward me, was more than I could handle. “ I have missed you guys so much”; “it is too bad we only get together once a year”. We both knew that because of the miles between us, kids and work, that really wasn’t much of an option. “ So how have you been” she asked. I told her that life had been treating me well. Nothing really to complain about and that I too was glad that we still made time for these trips. She lifted her drink for the edge of the pool and took a sip. “My God” I thought, she makes me hard just taking a drink. She slid over next to me and sat down. As she laid her head back slightly she sucked on her drink and took an ice cube into her mouth. I watched as she sucked on the cube and then playfully popped it out of her mouth into the tub. “I need to cool this tub off, it is getting pretty hot in here”, she said. I wasn’t sure if she was referring to the fact that she was getting sexually hot or if she really thought the temperature in the tub was too hot.

We sat and talked for a long while, my dick was at half-staff by now and the drinks were starting to hit us both. She started to tell me how Dan was working all the time and that he seemed to sleep a lot; it was hard on her because she had so much energy. It sounded pretty much like she was complaining about not getting enough sex. I couldn’t believe that Dan wasn’t all over that every chance he got. We were sitting so close together at this point that I could feel her skin next to my leg. It felt incredible. Anne started to bump into me as she started to playfully move about the tub. I told her it was way to small to swim laps and that she should sit still. She told me that she was way to awake to sit still and really needed to burn off some energy. I didn't know what to say. I was almost sure that she was looking for me to make a move and fuck her right there. Between our friendship and the drinks, I was afraid that if I made the wrong move it would ruin the rest of the trip. Again, Anne started to swim toward me. This time when she reached me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled her hips up underneath her and sat on my lap. My dick was rock hard and she sat right on it. I could feel the smooth nylon material of her suit against me. She pulled her face to me and kissed me softly, she brushed my face with the palm of her hand and slipped her tongue out to touch my lips. I put my hands on the small of her back and kissed her. The warmth of her kiss, the tub and her puss was more than I could take. I slid my hand down her back and into the bikini bottoms. She moaned and kissed me harder. Anne slid her hands into the water and down the front of my suit. “My goodness, you are glad to see me” she said, and began to slide her hand over my shaft. Just then, I heard something outside. Anne slid off of me and over to her drink. The door to the pool house opened and Dan stepped in. “ So how is the hot tub”? he asked. Pretty amazing, Anne answered; we were just about ready to come…….. out. She paused on the word come for about a half second longer than I would have liked, but Dan didn’t seem to pick up on it. Anne stood up and walked up the stairs of the hot tub to grab her towel. She stood directly in my line of sight as she toweled off. Particular care was taken as she dried her chest and pubic area. She was smiling and flirting with me and all I could do was sit there. Dan asked, “ are you coming up”. I told him I was going to sit there for a couple more minutes and finish my beer. I of course needed time to let my boner go down. They walked out of the pool house and headed to the condo.

When I arrived at the unit, they were sitting by the fire talking and having another drink. My wife had been reading and drinking. Those things combined with the warmth of the fire, she was just about asleep. “I’m heading to bed”, she said and got up and walked into the bedroom. Anne had on a silky dark blue nightgown that stopped just below her ass. It was spaghetti strapped and she looked so beautiful sitting there with the warm glow of the fire. She had her legs out in front of her on the Ottoman and the gown was starting to inch up. I was watching her intently as she smiled and moved her ass around in the chair. She was inching her legs further apart shifting her position towards me. I could now see her beautiful trimmed camel toe. When Dan would look away she would run her hand over her mound and smile at me. She would lick her fingers and run them down her chin. I was so fucking hard now thinking about the hot tub experience and watching her put on a little show. I was hoping Dan would go to bed soon so we could be together. Dan was talking about the skiing plan for the next day. I made a comment about how tired he must be and how he needed a good night sleep but he told me he was refreshed from his nap and ready to relax by the fire. I was obvious that my fantasy was not going to come true tonight, so I decided to stop the torture and go to bed. Once in bed I curled up next to my wife, hoping to get a rise from her. If I couldn’t have Anne, at least I would get to relieve myself. She was out cold. I rolled to my back and began to rub myself. It didn’t take long and I shot a warm load on my stomach. I wiped it up with my underwear, threw them in the corner and fell asleep.

The rest of the trip, we were never really given a chance to be alone. Dan and I skied the advanced slopes in the morning and met up with the girls for some recreational skiing in the afternoon. We had a few drinks and by the time we got back to the condo and hit the hot tub, we were shot. Periodically, Anne would shoot me a smile or make a hot tub comment that made me a little uncomfortable. My wife was usually very observant about that kind of thing but never picked up on the energy between us. I enjoyed watching Anne in those spandex pants. I would try to stay behind her as we moved down the mountain. The sexual tension was high and the frustration was incredible.

The trip came to an end too soon and before I knew it we were getting into the car for the long drive home. We decided to leave at 4:00 p.m. after skiing all day. That way we could drive all night and be home at a decent hour the next day. It would give us some rest before going back to work Monday morning. Dan again offered to drive. He liked to drive and hadn’t been drinking at all that day. My wife quickly offered to take shotgun for the first few hours to allow Anne and I to get the first shift of sleep. I was tired and did need some sleep but the thought of siding into the back seat of the Suburban, in the dark, with Anne sounded even better.

We talked quite a bit coming down out of the mountains, reviewing our experience. The skiing had been great and the accommodations were excellent. As we left Denver and began the long stretch of road toward Nebraska, the truck started to get a little quieter. Anne grabbed a couple of blankets and pillows from the back of the truck and announced that she was going to get some sleep. I agreed and wrapped up in a blanket and grabbed an extra pillow. “ Mind if I use your husband for a pillow”? Anne asked my wife. “Go ahead” she said, “ I always do”. I made a comment about being “used” all the time and let it go. Anne flashed me a smile and plopped her head down on my lap. Immediately I started to get hard again. Dan decide to turn the radio on to help him stay awake and struck up a conversation with his co-pilot. Before we left, we had all put on sweat pants for the ride home. It was the most comfortable way to travel for 18 hours.

Within a few seconds of her laying her head down she slid her hand under my blanket and onto my lap. It was pitch black in the truck. The vibration of the tires on the pavement and the music on the radio were covering up any sound of movement that might be coming from the back seat. She rubbed the top of my leg and started to pull on my sweat suit string. I placed my hand on her shoulder and started to slide it under he blanket. She reached up and touched my hand and moved it down her chest to the waste band of her pants. I slid my hand under her shirt and over the skin of her toned stomach. My dick was at full attention now. It became apparent that she had no intention of letting it “slip away” this time. She slowly tugged at my pants as if to say, “ lift up and get these off”; I raised my hips and slid the sweat pants and my shorts down over my knees. Now covered by the blankets, in the dark with the sounds all around us, I felt pretty safe. Right then my wife asked me if I was OK? Anne continued to rub my dick and pretend to be asleep. I told her I was fine and needed some sleep now. I slid my hand down Anne’s pants and was surprised to find that she did not have panties on. My index finger found it’s way right to the top of her mound and over her clit. She rolled her head back and closed her eyes. I knew this was going to be great if we didn’t get caught. I was three feet from her husband; 4 feet from my wife and starting to finger fuck the most beautiful woman I have ever known. The tension was shocking but I wasn’t going to stop now. I pulled my hand out of her pants and up to my mouth. I licked my fingers and slid them back down her pants. As I started to rub her clit she rolled more to her back so I could reach her better. Her hand stayed steady on my dick and stroked it very slowly and quietly.

This position was perfect. I was finally getting to be with her and touch her. She was sending shock waves though my body. I was trying to move without making a sound but I could hear the slosh of her pussy, as I would move in and out of her. Her hand movement started to slow and it was obvious she was starting to focus on her own sensations. She rolled more onto her back to give me access to her cunt. I pulled my fingers out of her pants and slipped them into her mouth. She sucked on my fingers and got them nice and wet. I slid my hand back into her pants. Now she was soaking wet. There would be no more need for saliva. She began to rise and lower her hips as I rotated my index finger around her clitoris. I would roll it back and forth and then around and round trying to find the perfect combination. After about 30 miles of this action I could tell she was getting very close. Suddenly, she reached up with both of her hands and grabbed my forearm holding it tight. I could feel her head pull off my lap ever so slightly and her legs curled up and squeezed my hand. As she came, she jerked her knees up toward her head repeatedly. I looked at the cockpit to see if our pilots were aware of anything but they continued to talk about music and the roots of rhythm and blues. I had the rhythm that was for sure.

I continued to rub her gently then slid my hand away from her pussy, up her shirt and held her breast. I was only sorry that I never had a chance to suck her tits and lick her pussy the way I wanted too. I wanted to push my cock deep inside her and make love like a real man instead of like an 18-year of punk in the back of a car. I decided this was better than nothing.

As Anne relaxed, she again looked at me and smiled. Her glance was a little of
“ finally” and a little of “ that was amazing”. She rolled back onto her side and relaxed onto my lap. Of course my cock was full now, pounding and starting to weep with sticky fluid. She started to rub me again and I was pretty much content to let her give me a hand job and get some release. I was really getting worried that we would be caught and in a way wanted her to stop. She picked up the blanket and slipped her head under the covers. I jerked as she slipped the tip of my prick into her mouth and started to jack me off with her hand. Up and down her head bobbed. If my wife would just look over her left shoulder, she would see me getting a blowjob. The fear and the excitement were incredible. Anne sucked my dick and rolled the head with her tongue. Just as I thought I was about to come, she slid her hand down to the base of my balls and poked her finger into my ass. I raised my hips to make it more accessible and she slid the tip of her finger into me as she continued to suck. That was it, I started to come and fully expected her to lift her head up. She buried her face into my lap and waited for the hot load. I gave her 3 large blasts right down her throat. I could hear her moan with pleasure as she sucked it all down. My legs were out stretched and my head back against the seat. I was completely spent.

After a few minutes my muscles began to relax a bit and I was able to sit down. Anne didn’t move a muscle but slid the blanket off of her head and lay on my lap. We stayed that way for several hours and slept.

Suddenly, I felt the truck begin to slow down. I woke up and could see we were pulling into a truck stop. “ Your turn to drive”, Dan said. I need gas and sleep. “ Did you sleep”? he asked. I told him that I was good to go and would be glad to drive. Anne sat up and I slid my pants back up over my hips. She put her hand on my leg and gave me one move of those million dollar smiles and said, “ Do you need a co-pilot “.

Norton XReport

2014-04-14 02:19:04
Well-written cheating story of marital infidelity. Hot.

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2013-11-23 18:08:05
i think a real sex happened in the back seat during the next driving not like that gay who liked a vinger up his ass . surely dan was know about his freind and his wife and he was not afraid cuz he know that man is gay

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2012-06-27 01:44:26
lmao now I can see whats gonna happen next,,,,,,,,,, he and Anne will be in the front seat and his wife and Don will be in the back seat probably sucking and fingering just as they did in fact I even wondered if Dan and his wife fucked at the condo while they were in the hot tub

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2011-07-19 07:19:40
What happened in the back seat, during the next drive/sleep shift???

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2011-07-19 07:19:20
What happened in the back seat, during the next drive/sleep shift???

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