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Sorry it's been a while since i uploaded this. Ive been very busy, but hopefully ill have the next part out in the coming weeks. If you havnt read the other parts, please go back and do so.
The next day my phone went off at 5am, just as i planned it to do. My plan was simple, i cant do any of my fun things with dad hanging around, so i need to get rid of him.
I silently hopped out of bed, opened my door and snuck down to the kitchen, and opened dad's coffee. Dad always liked coffee with his breakfast, mom wasnt so keen so if she ever had any, it was her special decaf brand. I then opened a packet i bought when we'd stopped off for gas. Powder laxatives, which were brown, which was perfect, i mixed it with the ground up coffee, put everything back and snuck back to my room and pretended to sleep.
As 8am came around, i hopped out a bed and pretended to have a bed head. I went into the kitchen.
"Morning, champ!" Damn i dad was so cheesy sometimes.
"Hey dad" i sat down at the table, and watched with bated breath as dad finished off the coffee he was drinking.
"Ready for another day in the great outdoors?" He said, standing up.
"You know it, if we see something interesting that would be nice" I said, as mom popped some eggs and bacon infront of me.
"You'll get to like it soon enough, i was like you once, everything you do now, i can certainly say ive done at your age." Dad said chuckling.
"I seriously doubt that" I smiled to myself.
"Oh please, just because i didnt have a laptop or a game system at your age doesnt mean i dont know what's 'cool' One day soon, nature will take hold and you'll want to come here again" With that dad walked off to go and get ready.
As i picked up my fork i said "You know James doesnt live too far from here, why dont we pay him a visit?"
"We cant, how will we explain that to your father?" Mom whispered
"I dunno, how about we keep it secret?" i smiled. I finished up my breakfast and began to get ready. Just as i tied my shoes, i heard a crash and loud stamping of feet and the bathroom door slam. Success. I smiled to myself, and walked to the bathroom.
"You okay, dad?" I asked, trying to sound concerned
"Y-yeah...just...ohhhh little stomach ache...ahhh..." He cried through unholy sounds.
"Well we have to leave soon, guess we wont go on that tour after all"
" two go on ahead, this'll...ohhh...pass, i know it, just some backed up food from the trip. Ill be alonggggggg short- ahhh shortly" He moaned through more of his bowel movements.
"Okay, ill see you later then, dad" The plan worked, i put the entire box of laxatives in that coffee can, that'll keep him busy all day.
I walked into the bed room to find mom tying her shoe's on the bed, as i walked in she glared at me. "What did you do?" She snarled, i calmly walked over to her and whispered
"Just made sure we'd be uninterupted all day" I kissed her, and for a second she kissed back then pushed me off her
"I said, what did you do?"
"Just some laxatives, he'll be fine, just want some fun, and he'll be all better by the time we get back" Mom breathed a sigh of relief.
"So...what did you have planned?" She asked, giving me a sexy, seductive smile.

We had left dad to get intimate with the toilet as we set off to have some more fun with our new buddy, James. We told dad we were going on that ranger tour, but when we return, we'll say we got lost on the way and spent the day in the forest enjoying nature and all that shit.
The second we closed the door, i wanted mom to know the mood had changed, so as soon as her hand let go of the door, i gave her ass a firm smack, she winsed in pain, but i knew she was fine with it. We got just short of a mile away from our cabin when i looked over at mom, she was wearing a tight, white, tank top, with a little cleavage poking out, she had on brown shorts and pink socks, under her black hiking boots, her hair was back in a ponytail. I never really liked a ponytail, let the domination begin.
"So whats with the hair?" I asked
"Whats wrong with it?" She replied
"I dont like it, ponytails are lame, let your hair down"
"I dont think so, its annoying having long hair when you're hiking, it gets in your face and makes you hot"
"You're already hot, why not add to it" i said with a sly grin, as we took a short cut through some woods.
"Ha, thanks dear, but really it wouldnt be practical" As she said that, i grabbed her wrist, spun her around and put her against a tree.
"I said, take it out" I growled forcefully, mom opened her mouth to reply, but i just snarled "Now" she gulped and did as she was told, she removed the bobble from her hair, and tried to fake a smile. But id won this one, and she knew it.
"How do i...i look?" She asked shyly.
"Beautiful" I let go of her wrist, "Your hair is beautiful, you should show it off more"
"Bu-" She began, I silenced her by slipping my tounge down her throat, she kissed back with passion and we kissed for a moment
"See? just listen to me, and you'll be fine"

We kept walking until we reached the north camping cabins. We sat on a bench and waited for a good 15 minutes before we saw James walking past his window, we hurried to his door and knocked on. He answered and his eyes widened when he saw who was at the door.
"This a bad time?" I asked.
"Uh no...just didnt expect you two to come back" He said, as he stepped back and allowed us into his cabin.
"Of course, im a man of my word, nice place" I said as i started shutting all the blinds. "Round 2?" I asked, James' eyes flicked to me, to mom, to her outfit back to me then to the floor. "Ill take that as a 'Yes'" James led us to the bed room. "Okay, here's the situation James, She is a fab lady, and she WILL be treated as such, got it?" He nodded "Good, now I have a goal for you, we have most of the day free, so it's..." I checked my watch "10.00 now, we're going to leave at 4.00 so you have 6 hours, in those 6 hours i want her to cum at least 10 times. We clear?" James nodded again "Good, this woman means a lot to me, and i want her taken care of, dont worry about any problems with endurance, ive got some help for you, and if circumstances permit, ill tag in"
When i said that last part, mom's eyes lit up a little, "Okay, first things first. Take this" I said, pulling out a bottle of pills from my bag, mom knew instantly they were dad's viagra pills "They'll help, and while that's getting to work we'll get organised" James did as he was told and took the pills after reading the label, me and mom stripped down fully, then James did. As we waited for the viagra to work (They said "Fast acting" and they should take about 10 minutes to work) We got to know James a little better, he recently divorced his wife and he came here for some quiet, until his friends turned up, trying to cheer him up, he told them he was busy today, so no interuptions, he worked in IT in a nearby city.
Slowly i saw James' dick starting to pulse and grow "There we go" I said, "let the fun begin, go nuts!" James slowly walked towards mom and went to kiss her, but she ignored him and instead opted to blow him, she squatted down, giving me a perfect rear view of her. Seeing her sucking another man's dick and messing with herself cause my dick to jump up too. Now here was my dilema, do i jerk off now, cum fast so i can cum more often, or occasionally stroke it to keep it live and give myself an amazing orgasm? I voted for the latter, for now.

"Ohhh i cumming" Said James and mom, for once, pulled back and let the cum fall into her hands, she wiped it off on a tissue, went into her back, pulled out a birth control pill and took one, as James sat back on the bed, Mom walked over, pushed him on his back, and straddled him, slipping his dick into her pussy, slowly, moaning as she did soon enough the bed was sqeaking and creaking like crazy, as mom bounced and jumped on James' hard manhood. From my angle i saw mom's ass going up and down perfectly, fully lifting off James' dick before slamming back down, hard. Her hair was flopping all over the place, and i had to sit on my hands to resist the urge to jerk off. Mom was attacking James' dick quite hard, maybe our little tiff in the forest was a major turn on, she DID like being someone's bitch.
Mom hopped off James' still rock hard dick, turned around and got back on, facing me. As i sat there, i saw mom's beautiful breasts bouncing up and down, her eyes fixed on me, with her tounge out like a dog. I couldnt help myself any more, i started to slowly stroke my dick, and as i did my mom moaned harder.
"Oh yeah, baby, fuck me, fuck me. Oh it's so good!" She screamed, i hadnt even heard a peep out of her until this point, having a suspicion, i pointed at her then pointed to my dick. She nodded her head, as sweat began showing on her breasts. I thought so, i began to stroke even slower, teasing her, as i did, she moans "Oh yeah baby, fuck momma! Fuck me hard!" James either didnt hear her say that, or just didnt care, all i heard from him was moaning and breathing. I was planning on sitting this one out, but the atmosphere was amazing, and how often would i get this chance again? Here i have my mom, fully willing to fuck, a passive guy who will basically do what i say, if i ask nicely, no dad, no people around, no interuptions, a rock hard dick begging for my mom's sloppy pussy and a bottle of viagra sitting only 3 feet away from me.
This was the biggest dicision ive had to make for a while, eventually my inner beast took hold, i grabbed the bottle and popped off the lid, as mom bit her lip, "You sure, baby?" She moaned, i didnt even answer i just downed 3 pills and watched her fuck, i was going in for the long haul. Only a few minutes later i heard "Ohhh agaaaaaain" from James, as he creampied my mom. My mom took a deep breath and climbed off James.
"Take a breather, dude. Im tagging in here" I said, standing there with an erection of steel, pre cum oozing from the tip. Mom looked at my dick, licked her lips and ran over to me, at full speed, sliding onto her knees and sucking my dick with the force of an F5 tornado. I knew i couldnt hold myself for long, and i was in for a big day, so i just let mom have her fun while she still had the energy, because later she would be like a dead fish, lay on her back, taking dicks where ever we wanted with no objection. I held the back of her head and stroked slowly, as i came, i held her head in, not that i needed to. I heard a loud gulp and mom looked up, eyes watering with a big smile on her face. "See? You're beautiful" I smiled, she stood up and began kissing me, as soon as the viagra kicked in i knew the real fun was starting.

Mom stood up, stepping backward over the pile of James cum that leaked from her pussy. "James" I said, "Which end do you want?" As i said that, mom's head whipped round.
"What?" She said, stunned.
"Oh please, you know you love it, why not have 2 dicks? You'll cum like mad" With no more objections James said
"Uhhh whichever" Perfect, mom's back was turned to me, so i grabbed one of her tits and nibbled her earlobe, which sent her wild. She's been good to me for all these years, i think i should pay her back over the next few hours. As i slowly pushed my massive erection through her legs and began pumping, the top of my dick occasionally tapping her clit, making her moan with pleasure. James just sat there, stroking his dick at the sight of mom, ready to collapse with pleasure, being held up by me and what small willpower she had. She squirmed and writhed, until i heard her cry out, and liquid hit my dick like a faucet. One down, nine to go. Her legs began shaking, i walked her over to the edge of the bed, and bent her over. "James, wanna get the front?" James moved to the edge of the bed and stuck his dick infront of mom's face.
"Open wide" But mom just lay on her front, panting, "I said" i readied my dick "Open up" As i said it, i pushed my dick as far into her pussy as it would go, she cried out, which reinvigorated her, and took James' dick like a true champion. Mom's pussy was very wet, making my dick slide in and out of her much easier, as a result i could move much, much faster, as i picked up speed, i could feel her warm hole bringing me in closer and closer, and heard her muffled cries of pleasure through James' dick. I was like a jack hammer, fast and relentless, pounding her meat harder, faster, until i came inside her pussy, causing her to cry out once again in pleasure. I checked my watch, it was only 10.35, we'd been here for less than an hour and i was already getting tired, But i was willing to persevere for her.
I whispered my plan in her ear. She could only try and catch her breath, but by the way she acted, i knew she was onboard, she climbed onto the bed and mounted James once again, leaning full forwards, James stuck his dick into her, but mom knew not to move yet, i winded up and slipped the tip of my dick into her ass as i pushed it further and further in she got tighter and tighter until i was all the way in, luckily the comination of her cum, my cum and her sweat was an excellent lubricant, i slowly started pumping my dick until she was used to it, i then gave James the go ahead and he started fucking her pussy, once mom could take my dick at decent speed me and James worked together like a well oiled machine, all i could hear was screams of pleasure from mom, James was moaning too but he was quickly drowned out by her.
"Fu...fu...fu..." Was all she could say for the next few minutes, i had cum twice in the span of 20 minutes so i had a little time before i was ready to cum again. I pulled back and slowly stroked my dick, bringing me closer and closer with every stroke, in a few seconds mom realised her ass wasnt getting any attention and turned around the best she could whilst still fucking James, as she turned i sped up my pace. And soon enough i blew my cum all over her face, some went in her hair and ear. I got down off the bed and went back to my original seat. Soon enough James would need another break and i would need my strength for that.
Sure enough just moments later i heard James cry out in esctasy, he was done. Mom climbed off him and looked to me, the viagra had kept my dick like steel, but my spirit was wavering, i was getting tired and it wasnt even 11.00 another 5 hours of this would kill me, a great way to die to be sure, but that doesnt help.
"Just give me a minute, dear" mom panted. James was on his back gasping for breath, Then i realised it was a marathon, not a sprint.
"It's okay, we'll call it a day there, i think you'll need your strength for later" I said, trying to sound energised. "What's happening later?" She asked, I smiled "You still alive, James?" i called. James weakly lifted his hand in the air and gave the thumbs up. "Good, mind if i use your phone?" i asked, I couldnt be 100% sure what he said, but i think it was a "Yes" i stood up and went to his cell phone on the dresser in the bedroom. I looked through the contacts and only found 6 numbers. "Rick", "Stan", "Si", "Ash", "Al" and "mom" awww. James had mensioned his 5 friends were here yesterday trying to cheer him up, lets get everyone happy. I sent a mass text to everyone but "Mom"

"Hey guys! Just met this smoking HOT MILF, wanna join in the fun tomorrow? ;) If you do, be at my cabin for 10.30, clear out 5 hours of your day and bring any toys you want, she's really up for this! if not no hard feelings. Im going for a nap, text me if you're in. DON'T CALL! See ya, James"
I closed the phone and sat back down with it, James had gone to the bathroom and mom was spread eagled on the bed.
Within minutes i had 5 amazing replies, such as "Gr8 goin man! fuck kim u wantd a real woman all a long see u tomorro!" and "ha! u think she can take 2 guys? we will c ;) lookin forward 2 it!" Great they were in, tomorrow is going to be mom's favorite day. "Right well, what do you say, mom? One more round then we can head home?" I asked, getting to my feet, she sat up and asked "You never said what you are planning later" "I know, its a suprise." i said, licking her face and touching her breasts, "Well tell me what you have planned" I looked at her, "But that would ruin the suprise" "I dont care" She said firmly "I think this is going too far now, we had some fun but you need to-" I cut her off by pushing her to the bed "I need to what, bitch?" i clamped my hands lightly around her neck,
"I like it when you dont talk, so either say 'Thank you, master' or i'll be very angry" "bu-" she began, i pressed down a little on her with my left hand, and reached down to her soaking pussy with my right, "But nothing, slut. You going to stop talking?" I applied a bit more pressure, not so much she struggled breathing just enough to let her know im in charge. "Yes" she whispered. "Yes what?" i said, adding a little more pressure, feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter. She was loving this. "Yes, master" "Good" i said. i took my hand from her throat and turned her around. "Like you always said to me, if you're good you get rewards. If you're bad you get punished. and i know you hate back talking, well i do too" I grabbed her hair in a tight bunch, put the tip of my dick against her soaking pussy.
"Feel this?" i asked, she nodded "This is your reward" i said and slowing slipped my dick inside her. It was so warm and wet, it had never felt this good, i think i just found her turn on, after a few pumps she said "Oh im going to cum" i then pulled out "Please baby, just a little more" she pleaded. "No no, you're being punished, remember?" i put my dick against her ass "no please, just let me cum, ill be good i promise" i could hear her say "Please, please, please" under her breath "You'll be a good girl and do what i say?" i asked. "Yes, anything. I promise" I pondered for a minute then said "talk is cheap, mom" and shoved my dick in her ass with the force of a truck, she cried in pain and tried to put her head down, but i pulled her hair back "No, this is for your own good. i dont like fucking you like this, but it's the only way you'll learn"
How ive wanted to say that for years, such poetic justice. At this point i wasnt in it for any pleasure, if i were to cum it would only be dust, i was just going to give her ass a once over to keep her in line. After a minute or so of her trying to keep quiet i could feel her ass tensing up, and she let out a little cry and pleasure, i felt something drip against my leg, i pulled out and saw she had cum a little. I sighed, pushed her head to the bed "I dont think you understand you're being punished" and i smacked her ass firmly. "you. Do. not. cum. unless. i. say" smacking her ass inbetween each word, i let her go and stepped back. "Now, we're going to leave soon, if you're a good girl ill make you cum later, in the shower. But 1 step out of line and you get nothing, understand?" she nodded.
I tried to get changed back into my clothes, but its not easy with a massive erection tough enough to cut steel, mom put her clothes back on too and we went to check on James who had decided to take a shower.

"Hey man, we're gonna take off" i said opening the shower, shocked James tried to cover himself, i chuckled "Dude, we just DP'd this bitch, i think we're past this point" James blushed and put his hands to his side "Like i was saying we're gonna go, we'll be back tomorrow, so get some rest, big plans for tomorrow, today was just the start, say bye to James" i said looking at mom, she said "bye" in a monotone voice. "Okay give his dick a kiss goodbye" she looked at me "Remember our talk?" i asked, and then she took a step forward, got on her knees and gave the smallest possible peck to his dick "No no, thats not good enough a quick deepthroat will be enough," without missing a beat she opened her mouth and took his entire dick in her mouth, getting her head soaked in the process as James moaned again. She pulled back and stood up.
"Well, we're going. See ya" i said as i walked out. Luckily i was wearing jean which at least semi covered my boner. Mom said nothing all the way home, her hair was all over the place, her make up ruined, but she had never looked happier.

When we arrived back home dad was still on the can. "You're back fast!" he called through the door "Yeah, we uh, got lost" mom said pressed against the door. "Oh thats a shame, how are you feeling?" dad asked, mom smiled at me "Never better"

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Worst stop writing biatch! U dont deserve to write

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You ruined the series!!!
Why ohh why did u involve James!.... Cut him loose


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My dad found out about mum and I and all he said was "thanks for helping me out son"


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I disagree with the comment below. True when the dad finds out both son and mother will be punished. but that should be in 20 chapters later. And when the son gets disowned he won't care. His taking the most expensive property with him, his mom's ass! He can sell that in porn to make a good living!

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The father needs to find out and either end it or start getting some on the side because there is no way any boy with any sense of self worth would betray their father like this. The wife needs to get kicked to the curb and the son disowned. Let's see how they make it on their own

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