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Vengeance 12

“So, my ever willing sex slave, what are you going to do for me this weekend?” I asked with a grin. We were sitting on the futon in my room, her in a delightfully transparent white tank top (no bra) and shorts that probably qualified better as something else, and I in a simple pair of nylon shorts and a T-shirt. The door, directly across from the futon, was open and we enjoyed the stare of the occasional passerby.

We were needless to say, in my dorm room. Upon walking in, my bed was to the right, my roommate’s to the left. His was lofted to the height of a normal top bunk, mine was lowered with a canopy. The futon was about seven feet wide and more or less in the center of the room.

She smiled in response to my question, smiled and grinded her ass into my hard cock as she shifted onto my lap. “Mmm,” I groped her breasts, drawing another surprised look and quick aversion of eyes of someone else walking by. Moving her, I walked over to the door, shut it and locked it. I pushed her onto her back on the large futon and climbed on top of her, kissing her and grinding myself into her pussy. Her arms wrapped around me and mine slid under her shoulders. We just laid there and stared for a while, grateful for this moment of solitude, of togetherness. Such moments were so few and far between now.

She sighed and shut her eyes as I softly kissed her cheek letting my hard cock enjoy the contrast of her soft stomach, made available as the tank tope rode up her sexy body. I slid my shorts down and tossed them off to the side. My T-shirt quickly followed. Some precum dripped onto her and she moaned happily at the barely palpable new warmth.

I slid off of her and started to open my mouth, without having to be told she slid to her knees on the floor. I sat back on the futon and spread my legs some, she leaned towards my dick, but I grabbed a handful of hair stopping her inches short. “Show me you want it, sexy,” I said. Immediately she pulled forcefully against my grip, hairs started coming out. “Okay baby,” I said somewhat surprised, “I know you want it, but you’ve gotta be naked.” She peeled off her tank top letting her delightful C-cups out into the open, and stood up to slide down her mini shorts.

“You’ve gotta be standing too,” I said, “It’s been way too long since I’ve felt those breasts and my hands are either going to be there or on your head tonight. She complied with a smile, standing slightly spread in front of me. She gave that, “I love you,” grin and slowly bent at the waist until her lips were kissing my cock. The hungry girl wasted no time and took my cock in her mouth. Wrapping her lips just past my head, she licked some precum off my tip. She pulled off and took a moment to enjoy the taste. “Mmm,” she hummed appreciatively, then slowly drover her head down on my dick. Most guys absolutely love the tongue in a blowjob. Not me, I’m all about the lips. I pulled back her hair so I could watch the most luscious pair I’d ever seen drive me crazy.

She pressed herself down all the way and started licking the spot just above the base of my dick, just the way I liked it. Then she did something unexpected. She slid her tongue out, all the way out opening her mouth slightly, and started licking back and forth my balls. She could barely reach them, still the pleasure was undeniable. “Ohh, god…” I moaned and felt her lips slide into an ever so slight smile. She was getting me very close and she knew it. She pulled all the way off me and knelt on the floor. I hadn’t even touched her breasts and she knew it. There would be time for that later. She stroked my cock lightly as the head rested on her chin and smiled.

“Where do you want your cum?” I smiled and stroked her cheek, but said nothing. She stopped stroking and looked up at me with big brown pleading eyes. “Will you cum in my mouth?” I gave another smile, but was still silent. “Sucking your dick makes me hornier than I can believe.” She started to play with her breasts, a new nervous habit?

“You’re going to make me cum, however you want, wherever you want.” She nodded happily. “Then you’re going to grab the dildo that you love so much and tape it nice and tight to your pussy. Then you’re going to cuff your hands behind your back and lick my balls until I’m ready to cum again.”

She paused for a moment, considering how she wanted to get me off. I knew the cum was going to end up in her mouth, it was just a matter of how. She stuck her tongue out of her mouth and pulled the head of my dick against it. She started jerking me using her tongue to stimulate my sensitive spot, all while staring directly into my eyes.

Well it didn’t take long with that kind of treatment. I came in spurts, one after the other. She quickly wrapped her lips around my head taking in my creamy warm white goodness, moaning pleasurably as each little drop hit her tongue. A few drops dribbled down her chin as she sighed and swallowed. I whipped them off with my dick and allowed her to lick it clean.

When she was done, she stood up and walked over to the closet. I got to watch that gorgeous ass, those lovely legs as she reached onto the top shelf looking around for my box of bondage equipment. Finally she found it, a large shoebox that had held my massive boots. She brought it down and placed it on my desk next to the futon. She pulled out the vibrator and some black bondage tape.

I watched with enjoyment as she spread her legs and held the vibrator flush to her left leg and pussy. Then she began wrapping the tape, making sure it was tight enough to keep the vibrator from moving, but loose enough to be comfortable. After a long while she had it securely wrapped, the head of the vibrator pushing her pussy lips wide, resting on her clit, her thigh barely visible through all the tape. Finally she took the cuffs who’s inch of chain afforded the wearers wrists almost no freedom and fastened them behind her back.

She dropped to her knees and began servicing my balls. We sat there for over an hour, talking about how things had been for the two of us at our respective colleges while she worked on getting me hard again. She wasn’t having the greatest of time at college she said. She often wondered if she had been forced into her major because it was one of the few things that high school had painted a decent picture of. She often considered transferring, but she had no idea where else to go. “I’ll stick it out till the end of the semester at least,” she had said finally as my dick started to grow hard again.

“Looks like its time for you to go to work again,” I said. She grinned and licked her way up to my head from my balls. I ran my hands through her hair, playing with her dark waves as she kissed the sensitive spots on my dick. Each time she let more and more tongue slip through her tantalizing lips. Finally she took my head in her mouth. She gave a lick once around then slowly began moving all the way down and back up again, keeping her lips tight. I knew she loved having my cock in her mouth as often as possible, she was purposely taking her time, enjoying the moment. She would have many moments to enjoy, so soon after an orgasm, I wouldn’t cum for at least a while. I ran my fingers through her thick hair and traced the contours of her face as she continued to service me.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and sat up. I unlocked the cuffs and cut the vibrator away from her pussy. There’d be time for that later. Her hands freed, she ran them up and down my legs, finally bringing them to rest just above my hips, her thumbs running lightly over my abs as she continued to bob her head up and down on my cock.

I sat back for a moment and enjoyed the warm confines of her mouth, the tenderness of her touch and the love that filled her eyes as she brought my juices closer and closer to herself. She did something that I love, she plunged her head all the way down, lips wrapped around the very base of my dick. She smiled with it in her mouth, something that made her oh so sexy, and began licking that spot at the bottom. Running her tongue back and forth over it, up and down, side to side, then in fast, tight circles, while my head moved ever so slightly in the back of her throat. Finally she pulled up and let out a half sigh, half moan of satisfaction as she regained her breath.

She let it rest on her cheek as she slowly stroked my spit covered cock. She pursed those lips, sending a wave of new horniness through me and smiled. Finally she wrapped her lips around me and started moving up and down her tongue washing over the sensitive spot near my head, giving me the blowjob we both enjoyed so much. This way she hit me just in the way I liked it, and when I came, it would be all over her tongue so she could taste every bit.

She looked so sexy there on her knees pleasuring me, it wasn’t long at all before I started to cum. Weakened from before, I dribbled out onto her tongue, my cock growing soft as I did so. It wasn’t as much as before, but enough to keep her plenty satisfied as she savored every drop. When she was done, she went back to my balls, my limp cock draped across her face. The girl was going to lick and suck me all weekend if I let her.

I stood up and put my palm across her cheek. Following its movement, she rose to her feet as I guided her lips to mine. Her hands went to my neck and she pulled me close. I let mine fall to her naked hips, as her tongue eagerly found its way into my mouth. My limp cock brushed what was by now an absolutely dripping pussy. I moved around behind her, holding my kiss as best I could as I did so. She reached around behind her and pulled my head over her shoulder so she would turn to the side and continue her passionate kiss. I slid my hands down to her vagina, rubbing her clit with one and fingering her with the other.

Her yearning moans fluttered out in between kisses as her hips began to move to my rhythm. As she was getting more and more into it, I moved my clit hand up around to her breasts as we continued to kiss. Then, before she could react, I slid my fingering hand down beneath her knees and lifted her into the air. She smiled at me and I gave her a quick peck. Then I lifted her legs higher. Getting the idea, she moved her legs and wrapped them around my head pushing her pussy into my waiting mouth. Her hands cupped her breasts for a while, then hung to the floor as I happily and intensely made out with her other set of lips.

The satisfaction Ellie received from giving me two blowjobs had brought her pretty far along already. Not wanting to be subtle after being apart so long, I worked her clit hard with my tongue. She squealed with delight each time I sucked on it, she moaned happily with every kiss, and shuddered more and more with each lick.

I carried her over to my bed and laid her down. Moving in between her legs as she spread them I continued sucking and licking her clit as I was now free to finger her as well. Hitting both clit and g-spot at once, she got very excited very fast. Her hands massaged her breasts, tugged on her nipples until I felt her whole body tense. Every muscle seemed to freeze in place as I was met with a flood of juices. “Mmmnnh…mmmnnh…” she moaned and grunted and twitched with each orgasm, each time pushing herself closer to the pleasures that my mouth brought. I continued with my tongue, stringing her along, keeping her going as long as I could. Finally the waves of pleasure died down.
She sighed, and her hands rubbed through my hair as the last of her orgasms left her, then she pulled my head up to her breasts. I lay there on top of her, pleasuring each nipple while she sighed happily with each lick and squealed with surprise with each nibble.

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