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I woke up the next morning in my boxers feeling very tired with the boxers sticking to my now resting cock it hurt a little when I tried to adjust my cock … wow I really need to take a shower

I jumped out of bed and headed towards the bathroom grabbing a towel and a fresh pair of boxers … as I stood in front of the door I thought about knocking but giving it another thought I decided not to. I put my ears on the door to check if someone was there and I heard a little spring of water flowing which meant one of my sisters was in there peeing.

I opened the door without knocking. It was angelie that time “heeeeey” she said “don’t you ever knock” one of angelie’s hands was playing with her sleepy eyes while the other was down there cleaning her pussy. This time I didn’t stumble I just stood there holding the door and looking directly at her seeing her naked pussy for the first time clear.

She was still wearing the pink pj’s of yesterday with her pants pulled down but I couldn’t see any panties. I think she has decided to go without any panties to bed yesterday in a desperate way of making her spanked ass feel better.

“did you check out susan?” she asked as I was now raising my eyes to see her completely shaved pussy as a 7 years old kid it was impressing
“no , how is she?” I replied while still staring at the pussy she didn’t even mind to hide “
“still sick… even more than yesterday I think she caught the flu”
Hearing those words got me out of staring “really? You think so?”
“yes she kept talking all night I and when I waked her up she said she was too tired to leave bed… she asked me to call sara but I reminded her that she is in NewYork and that you are the one responsible here… would you be able to help?” she added the last part with some hesitation so o tried to stay calm
“yes sure I will call Dr. mark and we can hire a cab to get her there… first I will go check on her”

I closed the bathroom door behind me after getting last glance at her beautiful pussy and headed to susan’s room. As I opened the door I found susan lying on her bed on hed stomach with her round ass to the air still wearing those black sweat shorts and white tank top as yesterday.

I came closer to her bed and sat on its edge… but I guess she didn’t hear me so I put my hand her ass shaking it in order to wake her up “hey susan, will you be able to go to school”

She turned her face and looked at me, just as I saw her face I knew that there is no way she is going anywhere so added “just stay in bed I will go call Dr. mark” she nodded her head in approval.

I went into my room and grabbed my mobile phone and called Dr. mark to get an appointment when his assistant told me that Dr, mark is in a conference out town and that he won’t come back till next week.

That’s a problem. That wasn’t the first time that we didn’t find the Dr. available but sara was always here to help. Thinking about that I thought about how much responsibility sara holds on her shoulders in order to make us safe and happy and all I wanted as that moment was to hug her and thank her badly for being here for us as we needed her, anyway I decided not to call sara cause she won’t be able to come anyway so calling her will just make her worry more, I decided to talk responsibility on my own shoulders this time.

As I got out of my room I saw Angelina heading out of the bathroom heading to her room covering herself just in a towel with her long brown hair still wet. Damn you can still spot those round ass cheaks moving even in the towel I went behind her into the room. She had just dropped the towel on the floor standing naked in front of her closet trying to pick something to wear. When she saw me she jumped trying to cover herself up putting a hand across her chest trying to hide her round breasts, she couldn’t fail more she didn’t even hide he brown big round nipples while with her other hand she tried to cover her clean pussy. Her pose started to make my cock wake up in my dirty boxers.

I tried to act normal as if there is nothing wrong with seeing her naked “Dr. mark is out of town I guess we should handle matters in our own hands till sara comes back” I said casually as if Angelina wasn’t standing naked in front of me still trying to hide anything but failing

“Can’t you give me a moment to change first” she finally said
“I will be here I won’t be looking I just have to check on susan” I said still calm and trying not to show the tent that started to grow in my boxers.

Angelina didn’t look convinced but as I walked towards susan’s bed I could see her in the mirror beside the bed. She started staring again at the clost picking closes
“I guess that means no school for today?” she asked looking back trying to make sure that my back is still to her while jumping in a pair of blue cotton panties

“no I guess not I replied” watching he boobs bounce as she raises her tight blue shorts up and the putting a white tank top on it. Here ass looked just perfect in those tight shorts.

After wearing her clothes she came and stood beside me with both of us looking at susan lying on her stomach with her hair still tied in a ponytail. “What do we do now?” asked Angelina
“well let’s start by knowing how she feels” I put my hand on her right cheek but I didn’t need to shake her I found out that she was already awake when she said “like shit… that’s how I feel”
“okay can you sleep on your back so that I can see your face?” she turned on her back one of her boobs seemed to slip out of her tank top but Angelina quickly adjusted it. The sight of Angelina holding her sister’s boob even for a second didn’t make hiding my semi erect dick any easier.

I put my hands on her forehead trying to see if she was warm… but gad I almost got burnt from the amount of heat getting out from that head so I told Angelina to start by getting the thermometer from the “medicine cupboard”. “the medicine cupboard is a small cupboard that we had for a long time now since we leave in a remote town and it’s not very uncommon to not find a doctor sara thought it would be better to be always ready by having the primary stuff in home.

Angelina nodded and headed toward the cupboard in the corner of the room and getting out the thermometer. I held it and made sure it’s working and then went to susan and asked her to sleep on her stomach again

I could feel both her and Angelina giving me a surprised look “why?”
“well I will take your temperature !”
“and why use the back door!” susan asked looking at Angelina for help
“well how did sara used to take angelina’s temperature last time she was sick” I asked already knowing the answer
“yes but sara is a girl, we shouldn’t allow guys to stick stuff up there “ Angelina replied “that would be embarrassing”
“well I just thought that susan won’t approve putting a thermometer that was in your ass two weeks ago in her mouth” they both looked surprised but convinced.

Susan then turned on her stomach without saying a word and pulled her shorts down just showing her ass crack
“pull it down more I can’t see anything” she did as I asked showing all her round ass with her shorts just above her knees

I tried to widen her ass cheeks apart with one hand and put the thermometer with the other but I couldn’t since her ass cheeks was very firm so I asked Angelina to help so I held one ass cheek wide while she hold the other and then I tried to push the thermometer in.
“uhhh…” sighed susan while her face pressed against the pillow and her ass just fighting to tighten refusing the thermometer in.
“that’s not working you have to relax” I said
“I can’t with you looking up there “ she said with her face still pressed against the pillow
“well then I guess we will have to use some kind of a lubricant” I looked at Angelina but she shook her head telling me that she couldn’t find any lubricant in the cabinet
“okay come closer” I told Angelina as I held her long hair in my hand then I whispered something in her ear as she nodded I grabbed her head from her hair and pushed it closer towards susan’s ass hole then told her now.

When I said the word now spit just started to flow out of amgelina’s mouth and onto susan’s ass hole. Susan was surprised at first but I put my left hand on her telling her to stay as I pusher angelina’s head closer to her ass hole making sure that susan’s ass hole was covered in spit. When I made sure it was already flood I left angelina’s head and she went back looking towards the floor “sorry” she told susan who was now hiding her face in the pillow in front of her “that seemed as the only way” she added before holding susan’s ass cheek wide again

I started spreading angelina’s spit with my middle finger around he ass hole before inserting the top of my finger in to make sure that the way was clear that’s when I heard a moan from susan is she enjoying that! Well I know I am since my dick was now fully erect.

I hold back the thermometer and inserted it in her ass she jumped a little as the cold thermometer touched her insides but she was ok I left the thermometer just standing her pressed between her two perfect as cheeks as put my hands in my boxers trying to make myself more comfortable

After few minutes I checked the thermometer as I was pulling it down her ass seems to be holding to it! How tight is this ass!

I checked the thermometer to find it at 40 degrees that means that she would need a lot of medicine luckily enough I knew the perfect way to kick that flu’s butt after year from suffering from it. I checked the cupboard myself this time getting out a syringe and two pills that read “for rectal use only” on them

I headed back to the bed where Angelina was sitting on its edge now and susan turned on her stomach covering her bare pussy with both hands. I started to prepare the syringe when susan started saying that she won’t take it
“come on stop being a little kid you know it will make you feel better” I told her holding the ready syringe in my hand
“no I won’t” she said as she start kicking with her legs and hold tight to the sheets so that I couldn’t reach her ass “I won’t turn around “ I just looked at Angelina and she didn’t need more than that she started trying to help me turn susan on her stomach we gave up after a while of kicking and biting. I was about to give up totally when Angelina had a different idea.

Instead of turning susan around she placed herself between susan’s leg and in a second she put her head between susan’s leg before throwing her seld towards susan at first I didn’t understand what was happening but when I saw the new position I understood her idea.

Now with susan still on her back but her legs resting on Angelina’s shoulders tied from the end with the shorts she didn’t fully put away susans bare ass became totally visible to me as angelna started crawling towards susans face that both their faces was now facin each other not more than an inch apart susan’s flexible body helped Angelina stays in this position as I got behind them

As I hold the syringe and went towards the bed all I could see was my tow sisters’ pussy nearly pumped together and starting to rub against eachother as susan tried to kick her way out. With both round asses directed at me I stood there staring my cock pushing hard against my boxers looking at both asses and pussies directed to me and rubbing against me

“get over with it before I crack” said Angelina getting me out from my imagination I started moving towards the bed holding the syring and started putting it through susan’s left cheek as the tip of the syrings touched susans bare ass she started shouting in pain but to seconds later her yellingand shouting just turned into muffled voices when I looked at her I was surprised to see both my sister’s faces locked in a long kiss I pulled the syringe out when it was done and as it came out susan started shouting but still inside angelina’s mouth who jumped away when she noticed me stepping away

“what did you do there” I asked looking at Angelina
“I thought that would distract her from the pain” she replied with an innocent face
“ok we still have a lot of work to do with those pills” I told her looking at susan who was now crying in pain and yelling at both of us how she would tell sara how we abused her

I went closer to susan and sat on the edge of the bed as I started to play with her ponytail she started relaxing and put her head on my lap crying “please that’s enough I will be ok” she said
“why don’t we take a rest from inserting stuff and see what happens “ I suggested
I turned towards angelina and asked her to bring me a clean towel and a dish of cold water, she just nodded and went to get it

When she came back holding the dish and the towel in it I looked at susan and asked her to putt off all her clothes so that I could wash her body with the towel hoping that would lower her temperature down

“I can’t …” she said “that would be very embarrassing”
“no it won’t , I am your big brother you shouldn’t be embarrassed from me”
She looked into Angelina’s eyes who again surprised me this time by pulling her tight shorts down and stepping out of her panties standing their in front of me half naked with her clean pussy showing “will that make you feel better ?” she said looking at susan who nodded
“she will be totally naked” I added seeing how far Angelina would go but without hesitation she just put her hands on her tank top pulling it of standing 100% naked in front of with a red blush on her face and her brown hair flowing to the top of her ass crack . wow my cock was now screaming for help

Angelina quickly pulled her shorts totally off and her tank top sleeping naked infront of me while Angelina handed me the wet towel.

I started by putting the towel on susan’s head she sighed in relief when she sensed the cold towel against her hot body I then walked down covering her face in cold water.

I told he to turn on her back and she just turned and I started by raisng he ponytail up and putting the towel on the back of her head the moving down along her back till I reached her ass I started putting water over her ass and wiping it with the wet towel. She gave out a moan of relief when the cold towel touched where she just got the shot. I then open her ass crack open and started wiping between her ass cheeks the I went down along her thighs then her legs

I then asked her to turn around as she turned I saw her boobs moving and it killed me how beautiful they were I started by washing the off with cold water concentrating on her dark nipples that started to get pretty hard through the towel in my hand and I heard her giving a moan .. a sexual one with no doubt she was starting to get horny too. I locked at her hands she was playing with herself I looked at her her eyes were closed and she started moaning loudly I looked at Angelina I found her looking in surprise to my hard cock not noticing that was looking at her.
Susan then said between moans “tim it itches down there is that because of the medicine “ I chose not to reply to that and I looked again at her hands she wasn’t actually playing with herself as much as scratching her pussy I removed her hands away and put the towel instead and she gave out a loud moan of pressure . wow her pussy was very wet that the wet towel looked sun dry infront of it I started washing my sister’s juices with the wet towel as she started moving her legs closer rubbing them together and rubbing her ass against the bed mattress.

I looked at Angelina who was had started scratching down there too not raising her eyes from my dick and I started seeing a wet spot on the carpet below her. She is laterally dripping wet I told her that the cold water isn’t giving enough results we will need to use the pills. This time susan just looked at me and nodded before adding “just be gentle please”

I took one of the pills and asked her to turn around when she told “put the first pill in the front door sara always does that “
I didn’t know that girls could take pills up there vaginas same as up their asses so I asked her “front door would that work?”
“yes sara does it all the way” Angelina said from behind me still staring at my screaming dick and scratching her pussy
“just be gentle” said susan
I got the pill off its box and started putting it into her pussy I was surprised how tight it was. Being that wet I thought it would be an easy task but it wasn’t that easy I had to insert my full finger in he pussy to make sure that the pill isn’t going to slip out I stayed there for about a munite as she started moaning not able to stop.

“sorry but your very tight” I told her as I removed my finger out
“what will we do with the back door it will be much tighter and there is not enough juices… it will hurt like hell” said susan
“did the juices help with your pussy “ she blushed as I said the word pussy but answered “yes they did I guess”
“okay then we will take some juices and put the up back there” I said
“angelina could help her pussy is dripping” she said as she turned to sleep on her stomach opening her legs wide to let us see her asshole
“well angelina would you try dripping some of your juices on susan’s ass?” I asked
She just nodded and walked closer she hold susan from her waist and raised her so that her ass was now flying in the air with her boobs still on the bed. She put her hands between her own legs and started rubbing and then rubbed it against susan’s ass she repeated this more than one time before saying “ I don’t think it’s going to work most of the juices got lost between my pussy and hers and I can’t aim from my pussy to hers directly”
I got an idea “well I can aim but the problem is that I will need some help getting the juices out “
“I can help” said Angelina “what do you want me to do” she added

I replied by pulling my boxers down as my dick came out flying I noticed bot my little sisters looking at it in surprise it was clear this was their first time seeing a cock. A real one at least.

I looked at Angelina and she started walking towards me “what do I do now” she asked
“just go on your knees and start sucking it till I tell you to stop” I replied
“ewwww that would be gross”
“no it is not most girls actually enjoys it” I told her not sure if that was a true information or not
She went down and got her tongue out and licked the tip of my dick. I was in heaven. Well I thought that I was in heaven cause heaven was what happened next when she took my cock inside her mouth.

I started moaning as she started getting back and forth with her cute brown eyes looking up at me making sure she was not doing anything wrong.

I looked at susan and found her in the same position with her ass in the air and her boobs on the bed. She was looking back at us and her pussy started to drip on the bed mattress. Without thinking I moved my head into her pussy and started licking her juices clean as she started moaning loudly. Suddenly the room was full of moaning sounds and sucking on wet stuff as I licked susans wet pussy and Angelina sucking my cock deeper now while playing with her very wet pussy I have to say judging from the sounds it was producing being rubbed.

I dig my face deep in susans ass trying to get my tongue deeper in her when I felt her tightening and I knew she was close I removed my face of her and she shouted “why did you stop! Please go on”
I inserted my tongue again but this time I started licking along her ass crack before I inserted my tongue into her asshole she gave out a moan and tried to reach with her hand to play with her pussy but I removed her hand hardly telling her that this area belongs to me now she is not allowed to touch it. She started begging me to insert my tongue in her pussy but I continued licking the insides of her asshol leaving her begging until I felt that I was about to cum in Angelina’s mouthso I lifted a finger and inserted it in susans pussy playing with her clit without removing my tongue from her asshole.

Finally I felt her pussy tightening around my fingers and her moans started to be louder before she relaxed and I found my hand soaked in pussy juieces and left my face and started rubbing her juices all over her ass hole and inside it

Down there Angelina was going faster and it was a matter of seconds before I start cumming so I got my dick out of her face put it resting on susans asshole and started throbbing it quickly. It only took few seconds before I covered her ass hole with I huge amount of white cum. I am sure I have never cummed hat hard in my long sad virgin life.

I started spreading the mixed juices all over suzan’s ass and in her asshole watching Angelina moaning as she was done with herself and threw herself on the floor naked.
I got the final pill and inserted it in suzan’s tight ass easy enough but I put a finger in just to make sure I won’t slip out before I threw myself on the bed beside her and Angelina who crawled on the small twin bed beside susan and the three of us slept very tired naked our body against eachother

to be continued....?

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Chapter 1 the twins were 11 now there are 7?

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