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Hey guys, this is my first story ever, it is true andit is of my first ever sexual experience, i have many more encounters with Joe so if you like this one please comment with your opinion and i will post the next stage in my life, i know this is not particualarly graphic but my next posts will be, if you want to message me privatly you can email me, -- enjoy ;)
It was in the summer a few years ago now. I was sixteen years of age. I knew all about sex, gay, bi and straight but I had never experienced anything, not even a peck on the cheek. Well of course, the only reason I knew about all of this stuff was porn sites. But as it came to the midpoint in the summer holidays where I was so bored of just being babysat while the rest of my family went out and enjoyed their lives, I took it upon my naive self to do something about it.
At sixteen, I was starting to see the last signs of puberty. My balls looked a little bigger, but were still bald and my pubescent cock had a few hairs no longer than half a centimeter above it and it was still pathetically tiny. But still, while I was on my own I would never stop jerking my little white dick – I loved it, I was close to considering myself as a borderline solo nymphomaniac. My babysitter was named Joe, but I just always referred to him as Mr. Babysitter. He didn’t mind that at all and he was always kind. At the age of 48, he had become well respected and trusted within the community as a single man; we only lived in a small village. He was not especially fit or handsome but nice all the same. This nice personality made the nights go a little faster as we sat up and watched my films. Occasionally, after being sent to bed would walk back down the stairs and cuddle in with him on the sofa and watch the more adult TV – as long as I promised to go to bed after. It was nowhere near the porn i had watched by far, just passionate kissing, a few signs of copulation here and there and the occasional breast was shown. That was a normal, regular night.

Around mid August when the light is there till around 10 O’clock we would do exactly the same again. However as I came down the stairs one night and pushed the door open gently to the lounge I saw his dick, he was sat jerking to an episode out of some gay porn series that included bukkake, anal, massage, cross-dressing you name it – it had everything. I watched that night from the door, not the TV, him. His dick was beautiful and I wanted it. So very much, that night I played a lot, more than i ever had done in a night and explored my anus too, I enjoyed that feeling even more. That night he came in at around midnight before my family were due to come back at 2. He would usually go home this time. He knocked on my bedroom door and asked if i was awake – I responded with a noise not usually heard outside of sexual activities. He walked in slowly and sat on my bed, at the lower end; he asked if I was okay and why I did not come down to sit with him. Then as i could take it no longer I told him everything I’d seen that night, what I saw, how i was confused about it and most crucially of all, his dick was beautiful. From that he stood up and said “well you know about playing, and I have just played with myself, maybe we could do it together possibly, you know I have you all of next week when your parents go away for their honeymoon” and with that he walked away slowly, with the feeling that he was content, even then I knew he could sense that I liked the idea of being gay with him.

That following week felt like an eternity and as I played more and more especially with my ass as the anticipation grew it finally came to Friday night. My parents went away for the week to catch their late night flight and he came into my room and said “hello babe, have you been thinking about me?” of course i nodded but he said “okay then, well I’m very tired and I’m sure this week will start well in the morning”. I somehow thought that night was an anticlimax but as he walked away into the hall of the house I saw the shadow of his bulge in his trousers, I knew from then on, what was to follow would feel so much better in the morning.

It came to the morning and the atmosphere was very awkward, I woke up at half 11 so there was very little of the morning left. I was very excited to play with Joe and have some fun – of course he didn’t know that i knew so much about sex, especially gay sex. When I look back I think it was the constant acknowledgment that he was playing with a boy far underage that made him get cold feet.

So throughout that day i looked to him in constant curiosity about when he was going to start. It came to 7 O’clock and it was still very hot. I was playing in the pool in my shorts hoping to entice him a little when I heard him say “dinner’s ready”. So i rushed to my towel and half dried off before I turned around to see him topless in his jeans and he calmly stated that he thought it would be nice to enjoy dinner outside for a change, i saw this as logical but i caught on he had become at least mentally, aroused. I sat there for around half an hour with him eating looking in each other’s eyes and playing footsie. After we had finished he took the plates in and i decided to try and relax in the pool before drying off properly as he took a seat on the lounger just next to the pool.
The back garden which was enclosed so no one could see or hear in which i thought gave him a sense of security. After yet another half hour of trying to entice him i got out and started to dry off. I was in a loose pair of briefs trying to make him notice my crotch as I went to put my leg up on the chair on the opposite side of the table to where he was sitting to tie my laces and then he spotted my flaccid cock popping out the bottom of the underwear which pushed him over he edge. He mentioned it to me by saying quietly but clearly “are you going to let that peep at me all day baby?” At that point I finally knew I had him horny and with I slightly lustful grin on my face I went over to his chair and put my leg up so my dick was protruding again and asked him if he wouldn’t mind bending over to do my lace up for me and so he did. His face got really close to my cock as he leant over. On the way down he stuck his tongue out and it brushed against the end of my dick sticking out below my shorts at which point I got a 3 inch rock hard boner. I knew exactly what it was but I played innocent and asked him what it was, what it meant and why he did it. He explained my erection and about how he thought my body was beautifully innocent he felt compelled to taste it and if I played with it I’d get more enjoyment out of it, and I then I asked if he would show me, and he said yes if we went to my room. On the way up the stairs he placed his hand on my delicate ass which felt amazing. Closing the curtains in my room and I stripped off on top of my bed for him and his eyes widened as he came over to me jerked my tiny bald cock. It was a regular size bed so we were very intimate. Then he asked if i would do the same to his and I gave a cute little nod so he popped his warm, pre cumming dick out of his jeans. It was dark and thick, not any larger than average maybe 5 inches in this, semi-hard state but still he let me rub the wet head slightly and then onto his shaft and then I played with his sweaty balls between my fingers but I already felt myself getting close but before I climaxed he stopped jerking and pulled a pair of my mom’s panties out of his pocket and I asked about them. He said he’d like it if I wore them when we played like the guys in the film last week and so with the kinkiness in my body hitting a new high I put them on. They were a full nylon panty at the front that covered my cock but was just a lace at the back which went straight onto my asshole but they felt so comfy. He said I looked sexy and I gave out a cute, innocent giggle and then we carried on in a different position where he was central on the bed and I was sat between his hips, dry humping his cock against my new lingerie. He rubbed my dick over the panties as I stroked his and then I cummed for the first time ever. - In a pair of panties. He noticed when I started shaking a little, groaning a little and a damp patch appeared on the panties. He asked me to strip them off so he cud look if he had pleasured me right and then he said he was going to use his tongue and that id like it. He licked what had streamed down my cock and swallowed the clear ejaculate and then suckled my tiny dick till I was hard again before cumming into the pair of panties himself that he had in his hand. He asked if I wanted to taste his juice and I nodded yet again and ate all his sperm of the clothing while he got me off for the second time by using his mouth. As he felt me climax again in his mouth he pulled away slowly and then changed positions to accommodate a spooning action. I turned as he whispered my name in my ear, completely exhausted from the immensely sexual experience at a young age he kissed my deep and i tasted my juice all over his tongue. We kissed for at least another ten minutes with one of Joe’s hands firmly gripping my ass. As we started to slow i said I’d love to enjoy his dick a lot more because it’s so much bigger than mine. He replied with “that maybe true babe, but yours is so much more beautiful, and tomorrow you can do whatever you like, i might even teach you how my dick goes inside you, how does that sound?” i smiled and nodded as i turned away into the spooning action again and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to Joes lips kissing my neck, his hard cock poking into my lower back and a wet finger moving up and down the crevice of my ass as he said, “did you enjoy last night baby? Because I did and we are going to have so much more fun today....”

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2016-02-08 18:55:31
had to stay at Mom boss house for two weeks while she went to meeting, He said sleep with him in the large bed and we could watch TV at nite, I fell asleep and woke up to him making me hold his cocik, but then he said wait let me show you something you will like and he took my cock and sucked it it was the first time I cam and then we sucked each others, by the time MOM came back he had taught me lots of different things I never told MOM as he was a good boss and paid well and I could go over to his house and stay when Mom had to travel, done this till I was 20

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2016-01-07 01:24:38
i loved it
for the person that said he should use paragraphs, you need to learn how to spell better. so if i was you i would shutup.

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2014-07-19 17:54:28
Need to use more detail but was very hot and reminded me of my own man on man with my brother to only be caught by our father who didn't get mad but got naked and showed us how to really suck and fuck another man. But that's my story.

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2014-07-17 05:51:45
That was hot

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2014-07-16 14:05:53
A better use of paragraphs wold help.

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