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everyone has their price
it was a weekend in july and there was a heat wave, it had to have been at least 100. My parents are seperated so my dad told my sister addy and i we could take his car up to maine to try and beat the heat. My uncle owned a fairly nice house, it did not show off how much money he really had. he had been through 2 marriages and had no kids so he had nothing to spend his money on.
abby is 17 and going to be a senior in HS, i'm going to be a freshman at the same school. i know all about who she hooks up with, i've even spied on her when she has differnt guys over.....i get a step latter and peek in through th second floor window in back of the house. no neighbore can see me there. i watch her take control of the guys she is with, it makes me so hard. She's 5'10 130 brown hr green eyes, hair goes a little past her shoulders. she has a very thick full curvy body with having any extra fat on her. She has long thick smooth athletically toned legs that she loves to show off with her mini skirts. then there is her flat stomach that leads up to her 34 Ds that are impossible not to stare at. she plays soccer and volleyball so shes in perfect shape. I loved watch her aggresivelly push her boy toys on the bad and straddling them. she would slowly take off her shirt while she would grind her crotch into his hard cock. she always had control of the sex, she was never on the bottom, she loved riding cock or getting slammed doggstyle. shes a party girl she like to drink, smoke and worst of all she does coke, which is something i never liked about her.
so if there was one thing i would change abou her it would be her coke habit
so the two of us were all ready except abby had to run into the bathroom, i thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go threw what she packed so i can tak a look at her panties and bras, i dont know hwat it is about me but i love going through her panties, it makes me so horny. so i was snooping around in her luggage whne i came across a vile of coke. i took it at first because i dont want her doing it, but then more sinister plans entered my head.
so we are in the car on our way up to maine, abby doesnt know i stole her coke yet so we are just having a casual conversation.
"so hows steve?"
"hahahaha, that little boy didnt have what it takes"
"what do u mean? you two have only been together for 2 weeks"
"hahaha, was it that long? he was so small i didnt realize....hehehe"
"haha so hehad a small dick?"
"you guested it!"
"my sis loves her cock nice and big...hahaa", i said jokingly
she winked and said, " i dont love my cock nice and big i NEED them nice and big"
"uhhh ha ummm, ya" i didtn know what to say, my sister loved to see me flustered by her sex appeal. i'm not used to talking tomy sister like this.
it was nothing but queit for a few minutes after that, all i could think of was fucking my sister. what the hell am i gonna do, i have 2 hours left in this car i might need to make a rest stop to releive my self from my raging hard on.
"so, kev, tell me about the women in your life, you seem to know what i like, what about you?" abby asked curiously
"i like hot girls with a round ass, long legs and big tits....duh....hahha."
"so u are picky i see, u only go for the best, what lucky gives have u hooked up with?"
"dont make fun of me!"
"its not like i havent been with a girl i just never had something done to me.....ya know" kevin said with a hint of embarrasment.
"a cute guy like you should have a girl for everyday of the week" abby proclaimed
"am i really cute?"
"nope, actually i was just saying that.......i think u are more hot than cute but i didnt want u to feel weird about ur sister telling u were are hot."
"thanks abs, now all i need is a nice big cock and we were made for eachother......haha just kidding."
both of our faces are red and we think this conversation has gone a little to far to i decide to take a nap for the rest of the car ride. little do i know my dick is now 8inches hard and pinching a tent in my mesh shorts. The whole time i was asleep i was thinking of abby and apparently got a boner that would be impossible to conceal. once i woke up i tried to tuck it in the waste of my shorts but she defintily saw. it soon went down out of embarrasment and awkwardness
so we pulled into the driveway, unpacked , and read the note on the fridge "out for day but i'll be back by 10pm the latest, help urself to whatever"
it was only 5pm so abby and kevin had some time to kill. so they made drinks, just sat around watch TV and slowly got drunk. The two of them consistently drank for 2 hours and were both pretty drunk. thats when abby got up to go in the bathroom to do her coke.
"umm, kev. you didnt take anything from me did you?"
"Like what"
"shut the fuck up you prick this is serious!!!" you could tell the booze had made her a little outa control. her face was red and she was slurring her words already.
Kevin stood up with a pissed off loook on his face and stormed over to her, "dont u ever talk to me like that you stupid bitch, i dont even know what the fuck ur missing, ur such a dumb slut u probibly lost it!!!"
abby's face turned from confident and angry to intimidated and unsure.
kevin sat back down and patted the seat next to him on the couch signalling her to come sit next to him.
"now calm the fuck down and tell me whats wrong"
"my coke kev, my fucking coke is gone, and if dad found it i'm fucked, he'll never get me that car, ill be grounded the whole year, my life is fucking over, and she began to tear up"
"hahahaa, look at you....abby cheer up i have your fucking coke!"
"Give it back u dick, u scared me so bad, why do u even want it?"
"i'm gonna do some, monitor what u do, and if u follow my directions i wont tell dad"
"you wouldnt !!!, fine i'll do what ever just give me a line"
"will u really do what ever?"
"yes whatever, just give it to me!!!!"
"this will be the test of how much you dont want dad to know, sooo ummm take your shirt off."
"what? u sick fuck give it to me" she yelled as she jumped on me trying to go through my pockets, we rolled around on the floor and i felt her up so good, she acted like she didnt care about anything other than the coke. at one point of us rolling around i had both hands squeezing both of her big firm breasts. she was reaching in my pockets and find nothing but the outline of a half hard cock.
she was wearing a white tank top with no bra and a pink mini skirt.during the course of our wrestling i got a perfect shot at her crotch and ass, her black lace panties where almost completely see-through and she had no hair at all. at one point i had her pinned face down and her wedgie revealed he perfect firm round ass. i decided to slow it down so i dont sketch her out.
wow i just got to grope my sister for like 50 seconds. We were both tired and i propositioned with her.
"stay her. i'll leave a line for u in the bathroom and i'll let u do a little, deal?"
"fine, just dont do it all" she said in defeat
"i came back and she eagerly raced passed me to the bathroom like the coke whore that she was. i had left her a pretty huge line, looking back at it it could have been up to a half a gram.
she came back smiling and plopped her self on the couch with a smile, i scooted down next to her and said; "why so happy, cuz u got felt up by ur brother or u finally got ur drugs?"
i put my arma round her and she cuddled up next to me.
"so i'm jsut curious, how small was steve for him to not be good enough for you?"
Why, do u ask?"
"just tell me the number of inches u think he is so i know what i'm working with."
"kev....u seriously want to know?
"well i dont know how big he was in inches but after wrestling with u i know are far from small and close to huge."
i could tell that the ccke made abby not only ten times more friendlier and open but also horny, why else would she talk like that about my dick.
"listen abs, i already took the first step u know what i want, u make me so horny. is the deal i'll give u the rest of the coke if u do it right now, but u have to give a me a strip show in the bedroom and i can jerk off during it, and if u dont do that then i'll tell dad i found coke and i promise he wont believe his only son would ever try and sexual harrass his own sister, so its best u keep that lie to yourself"
"you think i could do the rest of that coke? theres around 3 grams"
"fine, then i'll help, we'll both do it..." kevin said as he got up to pour them both stiff vodka red bulls
"he handed her the drink and said "so whats it gonna be? a new car and freedom for senior year or spending the rest of summer in rehab?"
Abby smiled wide and siad, "fine u lilttle perv lets get this over with."
she took him by the hand and led him to a bed room where she then shoved him onto the bed in the same way she had done to all he other boy toys. i could tell he was gonna love giving her brother a lad dance almost as much as doing all this coke.
after shoving kevin onto the bed she took a few steps back, she looked so hot, she took the pony tail out of her hair and let it fall, some of the hair covering her right eye, her left eye brow rose in excitement as she bit her lower lip exposing her top row of braces. she slowly began to take her top off as she reminded kevin about his promise about getting her high fisr but also not telling anyone. kevin lifted a magizine on the beside table that had a huge line on it, they both did a few lines each then abby said he wanted one more.
"haha u coke head"
"shut up u perv." They both laughed

abby was now high as a kite and niffling and trying to keep the snot and rugs from coming out of her nose. she was becoming jumpy like she was more excited to get naked than kevin was. Kevin was sitting up against the bedframe admiring his slutty sister.....he was rubbing his dick over his shorts. Abby took a few steps forward and took her shirt off exposing her big beautifully round tits......crawled onto the bed and staddled him rubbing her crotch on his covered dick. she grinded back and forth letting out soft moans and rubbing his chest.
"awwww, abby i'm too hard i need to take it out, i cant take it any more." As she inched back down towards the end of the bed he tits jiggled and bounced around. she had a proud grin on her face knowing she had got her brother so hard. abbys then kneeled there examining her brother crotch and watch with lust as be slowly revealed his dick to her.....she was pleased to find a rock hard throbbing cock,that had to be at least 9inches. Abbys eyes widened,and she grabbed her crotch in horniness and without saying a word she licked her lips and went down on him right then and there.

"uhhhhh, fuck!!!!" kevin let out. "yes.....oh fuck!!!!"

his cock was so big and hard abby was having trouble fitting it all in her mouth, she was making it only about 70% the way down, and was jacking him with the remainder of the cock not being tended to. she was being sloppier than ussual, she was so into it at this point her saliva had drenched his dick and a pool of spit formed on the sheets under his balls....the sounds of her moans we smothered by his huge piece of meat that was half way done her throat. she was making noises he had never heard before right before she came up for air.
before she could say anything or go donw for more, he flipped her on her back a plopped his soaking wet hard dick between her 34 Ds and starting titing fucking her....her moans were heard load and clear now.
"fuck my big tites kev, fuck em' , i want u to cover me in hot cum!!!!"
i could believe the words coming out of her, i loved how there wasnt a second of drieness between her mounds because she just kept spitting all over my cock, and left her mouth open so it would enter on each thrust......i could feel a biggest load of my life forming in my balls so i proped myself up on one knee and statigically coated ever inche oboth of her beautiful breasts, adn the left over went on her face and in her mouth........
"holy shit!" kevin let out once it was all over.
abby just layed there smiling like the cum slut she was. she didnt even ask for a towel right away, she just layed there rubing my cum all over her tits and licking her fingers.

in all the comotionwe had not realized our uncle was home early, we could her him in the kitchen.

"how long do u think hes been here? abby asked kevin with a concerned look on her face.
"fuck, like i have any idea...." "get me a fucking towel and my clothes" abby quickly interupted.

After a few minutes the two of them walked into the kitchen and said hello, he was cooking so it seemed as though he had been here for at least 15 mmin. the food was all ready in the oven. so what we u two doing whil ewas gone? he asked

"umm, nothing!" the two of them answered at the same time
"well u better wash up, dinner will be ready soon." uncle rick said looking directly at abby.

to be continued


2009-08-24 03:53:57
Hi, hope ya will continue, ya haven't update in a while. It was good, if comments stop you, don't let it stop you. And continue until the end of story that is a good ending.

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2009-03-05 23:05:39
this takes me back to the days were you can save your money and give a white woman coke and she will do anything for a hit are a line i miss those days nice story clasic big tit sis and big dick bro and horny coked out sis adds to her doing it all even uncle later


2007-08-18 14:17:43
Bad, bad, bad. Did someone actually write this or was it found under a rock????? I didn't finish reading it--Just couldn't bear to do it.

Gave it a 1/10--The lowest possible.


2007-06-25 03:07:57
this shit's supposed to be a true story? why's the writer's name Liz and the dude in the story named Kev, huh? huh? huh??? Goes to show what drugs can do to you...Bwaaaahahahaha!!


2007-04-01 22:56:58

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