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A new series, if this first one does good will add a second
My Return from College
By Dunchad©
Hi, my name is Arthur or Art for short. I was driving home from my first year at college. In two days it will be my 19 birthday and 2 weeks after that my little sister Renee will be 16. Normally we did something together and would have a big party or something. This year I told my parents I only wanted a small party with a few friends, a bar-be-que and no presents. I wanted them to do something big for my sister though since it was her 16th. They agreed and made the plans.
I got home late, Dad was in bed and my Mom and sister was watching some movie in the family room when I came in. My sister jumped off the couch and ran to give me a big hug. We had not seen each other since I was back during winter break. She had certainly grown and developed in those few short months. When she gave me a hug I could certainly feel how much bigger her breasts were. Mom slowly came out to give me a hug; I could tell she had been drinking but nothing unusual about that.
We sat at the table and Mom warmed up some left overs for me. And what people say is right; there is nothing like a home cooked meal, even if it is warmed up a few hours later. It still tasted better than school food. We talked for a while until we all started drifting off to sleep. Mom was the first to leave and told me before going to bed that we were having my welcome home/ birthday party the following day.
My sister than started telling about the party that our parents had planned and paid for. She was having it at the house, but they had hired a local decorator to make up the house for her theme and Dad even agreed to have it catered. Now just so you know, we are not considered part of the 1%, but I would safely say we are within the 15% group. Dad’s family has a business that is over 100 years old and makes really good money. Mom’s family was fairly wealthy and when my Grandparents passed away she inherited a lot of money. My sister and I got trust funds which is what paid for my college. But with all that said, Dad does not like spend a lot of money on frivolous things, like birthday parties. So with him doing this for my sister Renee was making a big statement about how much our Dad really cared about her.
After another hour of talking, mainly me telling her about campus life and all the class work I had, we decided it was time to go to bed. After a quick shower I was lying in bed and I kept thinking of the hug from Renee earlier. Since winter break she had really grown. I remember that hug she was a bit scrawny, kind of awkward still. And her breasts certainly were not as large. She had to have grown at least a cup size or two since then. As I lay there thinking about, I realized my cock had gotten hard and was throbbing.
I always had a thing for girls with big breasts, probably because Mom is very big breasted. I know that she is a double e cup. I know because I used to get into her laundry and take her lingerie into my room and use it to stroke my cock. As I was thinking of that I was getting harder and a grower urge to reminisce.
I quietly got up and headed downstairs to the laundry room. Sure enough there was a basket of laundry waiting to get done. I searched through the basket and found several pairs of bras. They were all sexy and lacy and seemed to be two sizes. The double E size that I know is my Mom’s and some were a size D cup. These new bras had to belong to Renee. I grabbed a pair of each and stealthily returned to my room.
After getting into bed, I stripped down and reviewed the bras. I knew Moms were reinforced with metal or something to give her plenty of support. I had discovered that many years ago, made it hard to wrap them around my throbbing cock, but excellent for catching all of my flying spunk. Renee’s though were different. They were flexible and I was able to wrap them around my cock.
My dick throbbed in new pleasure as her silky, lacy bra rubbed up and down. I lay my head back and thought about her breasts and how big they felt pressed against me. I started stroking faster and felt myself getting close to blowing my load already. I exposed the tip of my dick and aimed it at one of the cups of Moms bra. As I thought of my dick rubbing against my sisters tits I exploded like I never had before. I know it had been a while since last time I jerked off so I had some built up, but this seemed even more than usual.
Once I was done I used Renee’s bra to whip up my excess cum. I looked into the cup of Moms bra and saw that there was indeed a lot of spunk coating the inside. I thought about how sexy and hot it would be if Mom wore this bra I filled with cum. I got hard again, so jerked off again. I kept Renee’s bra wrapped around my hard meat and stroked for all it was worth. Thoughts of fucking my Mom and sister filled my head and within minutes I felt the boiling point rising. Again exposing the head and spurted into the other cup of Moms bra.
I woke up that morning with Moms bra on my legs and Renee’s around my cock. I was hard already or still I am not sure. But I quickly relieved myself and came in Moms bra again. I was amazed at how much cum I had produced each time. I was also surprised that each time I came I was thinking of fucking my Mother and sister and filling them with my cum.
I quickly hoped out of bed, pulled on a pair of boxers, and grabbed my dirty laundry that I brought home and stuffed Mom and Renee’s bras into it. I walked downstairs and saw Dad in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee and getting ready to leave. Dad came over and gave me a quick man hug. He ruffled my shaggy hair.
“Art you need a haircut kiddo. Tell you what go in around lunch time and we can meet for lunch before you get your haircut. Mom is out cold and probably won’t be up anytime soon. I got some things I would like you to do around the house before your party so we can go over it at lunch okay. Gotta run.”
Before I could even reply Dad was out the door and in his car. I continued to the laundry room and replaced the bras with what was there from last night and added my pile to it. I know Mom would give me grief over not sorting it, but I didn’t care at this point. I got a cup of coffee and headed to my room to take a shower.
After a few hours Renee came out of her and saw me at the table on my laptop. I was letting my friends from college know I made it home okay as well as my friends at home that we were a go for my party. When I looked up Renee was bent over in the refrigerator, her near naked ass high in the air. She was wearing a pair of boy short panties and a loss sleep shirt. When she stood up I could tell she was barely awake. The cold air of the fridge did a great thing to her nipples and I had to look back at my laptop to not keep staring.
“You’re up early Art, how come?”
“Still used to school hours, give me a few days and I will be sleeping in as well. What do you have planned for today sis?”
She filled a glass with juice and plopped into a chair and shrugged her shoulders. I loved the way it made her breasts rise and fall. Again I had to look away, but I think she saw where I was looking. She looked down at her breasts then smiled, “Like what you see?” I couldn’t help but blush and wonder what had happened to my little sister.
“Yeah, actually I do.” I said in a false bravado to see what she would do. I was surprised even more when she pulled her shirt up and flashed me. When I saw her face she saw my red hot face, she giggled and ran to her room. I was shocked, amazed, and hard as hell.
As I sat in the kitchen still staring at the chair my sister had just left, Mom came into the kitchen. I was in for even more of a surprise, because my Mom was completely nude. She had to have forgotten I came home last night. She walked to the coffee pot and got upset because there was not enough coffee for her big cup. She turned as if to yell at my sister and realized I was at the table. She yelled alright as she ran to her room slamming the door.
I sat in a state of shock. Renee came running out to see what was wrong, saw my face and started laughing. “Mom was naked huh?” I shook my head yes while making sure my hardon was well hidden. Renee laughed even harder than strolled back to her room. Mom returned with some sweats on. I was still sitting still in the chair. I was too afraid to get up. I knew that if I barely touched my cock I would explode all over the kitchen floor.
“Look dear I am so sorry. I have gotten so used to either no one being home when I get up or only Renee home. I did not mean to scare you or anything.” She quickly came over to give me an apologetic kiss and she saw why I hadn’t moved. My cock was so hard that it had popped out of my boxers and was throbbing.
“Oh my, um Art I think we have a problem.”
I looked down, than up at her and smiled. “No Mom it is not a problem really. And you didn’t scare me, for you to feel free to walk around however you are comfortable. And as you can see, I indeed enjoyed what I saw.”
Once again I was blushing and this time so was my Mom. She looked me in the eyes, then towards my sister’s room and reached down to touch my swollen head. As soon as her hand touched it I exploded just as I predicted I would. I covered her hand and sprayed the bottom of the table with my cum. Once again it was like I had not cum in weeks. She looked at me, smiled than shocked me further by licking my cum from her hand than dropped to her knees and sucked me clean. This caused at least two more powerful spurts of cum to fill her mouth. I had never cum this much before, ever!
After my Mom licked and sucked me clean she pushed my deflating cock away, smiled at me and walked away. I was not sure what to think or do. I headed to my room and got dressed. I sat at my desk and thought about what had happened and smiled. After all, isn’t that something I always wanted to have happen? Maybe I would get lucky and be able to do more with my Mom another time. With a big smile on my face I left my room and grabbed a bottle of water from the kitchen.
Mom came in a few minutes later and pushed me into the laundry room. “Look Art, what happened earlier can never be told to your father. He is a sweet loving man, in his own way, and I have not gotten any sweet loving in a very long time. I have thought all morning over this, I know that you used to fill my bras with your cum, I bet I will find one today that has been freshly filled. So here is what will happen. I will let you fuck me, if you want that of course, anytime you want. Just as long as your father and sister never find out. What do you say?”
I was dumbfounded to say the least, but nodded my head in agreement. Mom smiled, grabbed my cock through my shorts and said, “Good, tonight after your father goes to bed we will figure out a way for you to give me this big, young cock of yours to me properly.” I nodded agreement; my cock throbbed and pulsed in her hand. Mom licked her lips then let go. “Okay I look forward to tonight. Now go meet your father for lunch and get a haircut please. You look like a wholly rhino.”
I walked out of the laundry room and headed to the garage. My sister was waiting for me. She gave me a big hug, pressing her breasts against my chest hard. I could not believe or understand what was going on suddenly. “Brother can you drop me off at my friends on your way into town? We need to finalize my guest list.” I said yes and opened the car door for her. I got in afterwards and had to quickly adjust myself just so I could drive.
“Got a problem over there Art?”
I looked her in the eyes, built up my courage and said, “Yes I do. My cock is hard and getting in the way. What are you going to do about it?” I was surprised at what I had said, but I was not going to be meek about things now. After all, I figured she was using her tits against me for a reason.
“Well I can suck it for you if you want? I have always wondered what your cock looked like. I know what it looked like when we were younger, but we have both grown up since those days of playing doctor. So if you want, whip it out and I will suck on it until we get to my friend’s house.”
Renee reached over and grabbed my zipped and pulled it down and fished inside of my shorts for my hard dick. She moaned in pleasure when she found it so hard and swollen and pulled it free. I adjusted my seat back some so she could put her head into my lap. I started the car and backed out of the garage. As I did I saw Mom at the door smiling and look of approval on her face. Did she know what Renee was doing to me?
We drove slowly, I was too afraid of going too fast. As we drove down the street, Renee wasted no time in taking my cock all the way into her throat. I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, that she knew how to do this already. After a couple of blocks I asked her which friend, she stopped long enough to me her best friend’s name and I altered my course to get there as slowly as possible. I wanted to fill my sister’s mouth with cum just like I did our Mothers.
After several minutes of Renee sucking and swallowing my cock, licking and stroking it I started to feel my balls tighten and push my load up. I gave her a warning as I felt the pressure explode into her mouth. I had to stop the car and pull over. I was afraid I would wreck if I didn’t. After a minute or so, she was licking and cleaning my dick, she sat up with a big smile. She tucked me back into my shorts and asked why weren’t at her friends. I looked at her and frowned then finished getting her to her friends. As I pulled into the driveway her friends was waiting with a grumpy look on her face.
Renee leaned over and kissed me on the check, “Thanks bro for the ride and the snack. I would love to do that again, but not when you’re driving next time.” She got out of the car and ran up to her friend and apologized and giggling the whole time. I shook my head and headed into town. I called my Dad’s office and let him know I was on my way in. He told me to meet him at his favorite restaurant and grab us a table.
I sat at the table, thinking of my morning so far. I polished off a tall glass of water and was sipping at a soda. The waitress replaced my glass of water. I could not believe how thirsty I was and at what happened. I had come three times already today, and each one was huge loads. I had to be dried up of cum. What was I going to do later when Mom wanted to fuck? I kept drinking water until Dad came in.
He sat across from me, the waitress returned and Dad asked for water and a scotch. When she returned we gave her our food order. Dad and I talked about my semester and how my grades were exactly where they needed to be. He told me he was proud of me for not partying too hard like he always hard about these days. I smiled and answered that I knew better, I was there to learn and get good grades. I had all summer to party and goof off. He agreed and discussed my party for the next day. He said he had gotten a lot of burgers, but also stocked up in steaks too. He had invited a couple of business people as well so he could impress them and asked that I keep the drinking discreet until after they left. I agreed, I knew that if I did, Dad would let me and friends get hammered.
After lunch Dad said he needed to get back to the office. He made sure I had some money so I could get my haircut. He also handed me a piece of paper. “Before I forget, these are some things I would like for you to do around the house. The ones at the top of the list need to be done before your party. Everything else can wait until afterwards.” He shook my hand and headed to work. I shoved the paper into my pocket and headed to the barber shop.
I headed home right away, figuring I could get a quick nap and then look at Dad’s list. I got home and Mom was gone. I sighed in relief, grabbed some water and headed to my room. I lay in bed and drifted off eventually for a nap.
A couple of hours later I woke up. I went into the kitchen and grabbed more water. I was kind of worried why I was so thirsty. After downing the whole bottle I sat down and pulled out the list. It was normal stuff. Mow the lawn; make sure the grill had all the needed supplies, make sure there was plenty of meat and other food. He asked for a small list of alcoholic beverage we would like, I knew my friends were good with beers. I checked on the food issue first since that would be a quick thing to do. After seeing how much steak and burgers my Dad had in the meat fridge I knew we would have enough for twice as many friends as I invited. I sent my Dad a text with what we would like for beer and got ready to mow the lawn.
I knew that Dad usually paid someone to do it every week, but he was a stickler for it always looking good when company came over. So I quickly took care of that. Working up a good sweet I drank more water. I was finally starting to feel like I had gotten my fill of water. Just as I finished I was pushing the lawn mower back into the shed when Mom pulled into the garage. I quickly ran over seeing groceries in the back seat.
I helped her take everything in and put it away. She asked if my sister was back yet and I told her no. Next thing I knew Mom was kissing me in the middle of the kitchen. I kissed her hard back and my hands went directly to her big tits. She moaned in my mouth. She pulled away and dragged me to my room. As soon as we were in, she closed and locked my door and turned on my radio.
She pushed me onto my bed and started to strip for me with the music. By the end of the song my Mom was standing before me completely naked. My cock was so hard it was pressing against my shorts to get out. I stood so I could remove them; Mom stepped forward, pushed my hands away and did it for me. She dropped to her knees just as my cock flopped out of my shorts and it smacked against her face. She moaned again and started to kiss and lick my cock. She pushed my shorts down and off my legs then pushed me down onto the bed.
“This time I am going to do it right. I want you to tell me who sucks your cock better, me or Renee?”
That clinched it she knew what Renee did to me in the car and obviously didn’t care. So I didn’t worry about it. So as long as Dad did not know, I guess I had full access to both women of the house. When that settled into my head, my cock throbbed hard in Mom’s mouth and she purred in delight.
Mom wasted no time and sucked my cock down deep and fast. She could swallow all of it and lick at my balls at the same time. I was moaning and fighting to keep control. She grabbed my balls and was playing with them, squeezing them gently as she licked them. That was it I couldn’t hold it anymore and I exploded into my Mom’s mouth for the second time in the same day.
I counted five blasts of cum firing into Mom’s throat and she swallowed it all. The girls at college could not do that. When I was done I had to push her head off of my dick I was so sensitive. She looked up at me, licking her lips and smiling. I had never seen her look so happy in my whole life. Was my Mom a cum slut?
She climbed up onto my bed next to me. “So who was better?” I looked her in the eyes and told her the truth.
“Mom, Renee was good but she does not have the experience you do. And even the few girls in college that suck me could not swallow all of my sperm. So clearly you are best I have ever had.” She smiled and glowed and I could even see in her eyes that I had stoked her ego the right way.
“I am glad that I pleased you, now you need to please me baby. If you can get hard and fuck me like a cheap whore I would be ever so grateful. Or you can go down on me and suck me to blissful orgasm. I leave it to you.”
She kissed me hard and grabbed my cock. It throbbed a little, but that was it. So I started to kiss and suck on Mom’s bit tits. I have wanted to do this for years, so I took my time. I gave them proper attention. Kissing every bit of her tit flesh on each one; working my way to her nipples separately. I sucked each nipple into my mouth, feeling them swell with pleasure. My hand on the other nipple pulling and pinching. Mom was moaning in delight real quick. As her nipple got as hard as it could I would flick my tongue over it and bite on it at the base and scrape my teeth over them. As I did this to her left nipple Mom cried out and her body was bucking under me.
I slide my hand down between her legs and started to rub her very wet pussy. I could not believe how wet she was. I knew there was going to be a huge puddle of her juices on my sheets, and I didn’t care. After sucking her nipples some more, I started to kiss and lick the undersides, Mom pulled my head into her tits and I think she came again from the attention.
She finally let my head go and I started to kiss down her tone belly until I was at her mound. It was neatly trimmed, not a lot of hair, but enough for me to grab with my teeth and pull on. She moaned again and spread her legs wide in anticipation. I adjusted my body so I was between her legs. It flashed into my head that I have wanted this for a long time and finally was getting it. My cock was already hard, but I was going to eat my Mother’s pussy.
I tried to remember everything I had ever to done to every girl I had done this to before. I licked her long and hard, flicked my tongue around her clit, sucked on her clit, even licked down to her anus. Mom was wreathing on the bed; I had to grab her hips so I could keep going. I ate her, I sucked her, I licked her, I tongued her and even worked a single finger into her tight opening. I was surprised that she was so tight and made me want to stop so I could fuck her. But I wanted her to cum all over my face.
I sucked and nibbled on her clit. With my finger inside of her I searched for the spot, finally finding it I rubbed it gently back and forth as I sucked and licked her clit hard. She grabbed my head, pulled me in harder and started to shake and convulse on the bed. I continued with her clit and fingering her and she soon started howling and moaning loud. I didn’t care; I kept at it as long as I could. My jaw was getting sore, but I kept going until she pulled me from between her legs. As I filled my lungs fully with air I recounted in my head and think I gave her at least five or six good orgasms.
I lay next to her, nuzzling her leg and rubbing her belly. She was moaning blissfully next to me. I think she may have even fallen asleep. I looked up and she was certainly in a happy place. I slowly moved up her body and not realizing it, was dragging my hot, swollen cock up her leg. When I got to her head and lean over to kiss her she looked me square in the eyes and said, “If you don’t fuck my wet cunt this instant, you will never get a chance again.”
I could see the sincerity in her eyes. I kissed her hard and deep, she licked my lips and tasted her own juices on my mouth and face. I positioned myself between her legs and pressed down. Her hand guided me into her instantly and I was in heaven. Not only was I finally fucking my own Mom, but her pussy was so tight. It was like she had not had sex since she gave birth to my sister and it had tightened up like a virgin pussy.
As I pushed my cock into her pussy slowly, her eyes lit on fire with a desire I had never seen before. She started to buck up against me and trying to get my entire dick inside of her. As soon as my balls pressed against her ass, she moaned and tightened her muscles. They were so strong I don’t think I could have pulled out even if Dad walked in and caught us.
After a minute of her squeezing, I started to tug back and she relaxed. I quickly set a good pace of ramming my hard cock into her. She was moaning with each thrust and her juices were sliding out around my cock. I was going to have one hell of a wet spot that is for sure. I leaned down to kiss her and to suck on her nipples in turn.
Her moans got louder with each thrust. I thrusted quicker and faster, filling with all that I had. My balls were slapping her wet ass and it sounded divine. Our scent filled the room and empowered me to fuck her harder and harder. After a few more minutes I completely pulled out. She looked at me like she was going to rip my head off.
“Roll over you cum slut!” And she did. She quickly got on her knees and offered me her ass and I took it. I leaned down and licked her from clit to anus, tasting our juices. Then I moved up and slammed my cock into her tight, wet cunt. She screamed into my bed and I am glad she did. If Renee was home she would certainly have heard it.
I pounded my Mother from behind. Slamming my cock into her cunt like the cheap whore she wanted to be. I even slapped her ass, which made her moan louder and push back harder. So I kept slapping her tight ass while fucking her hard and deep. I could feel her orgasm blast through her body. It got to the point where it seemed she was just having one constant and long orgasm.
Finally I got to the point where I could not hold back anymore. I grabbed her hips and was pulling her back onto me. Slamming with all I had. My balls were slapping her clit hard and her juices were sliding down my legs. Her hands were dug into the sheets and she was screaming constantly, if she could talk afterwards I would be amazed. Then I felt my balls tighten and I fucked harder and harder. She must have realized it because she was pushing back just as hard. I came. I exploded inside of my Mother. I came so hard I thought that maybe I had hurt myself. My dick went numb and my balls were starting to. But I could my sperm blasting out of me and filling my Mother. She pushed back against me so hard I could feel her cervix against the head of my dick.
With the last blast I pulled out and a small amount burst free and landed on her sweeting covered ass. I didn’t know how long we were fucking, but I know it was the best time of my life. I collapsed on my bed and my Mom moved and lay on my chest. She was shaking and shivering and I thought maybe she was cold. I pulled the blanket over us and she pushed it off.
“Too hot, too many orgasms, I don’t think I can move much less walk. What time is it?”
I looked around my room until I saw my alarm and told her it was 3:10. She nodded and mumbled something about 2 hours and feel asleep on my chest. I lay there feeling her body twitch and spasm. After a few minutes I drifted asleep as well, happier than I had ever been.
I woke up to knocking on my door. I looked at the alarm clock again and it almost 4:30. I disengaged from Mom, grabbed my boxers and pulled them on at the door. I unlocked it and saw Renee. She looked past me and smiled. “Damn Mom got home before me. What did you do to her?” I freaked a little then got control of myself.
“I fucked her so hard and so good she passed out. Why you want some too?” Renee nodded yes and kissed me quick and hard. I pushed her back and said, “Not right now, I am too drained and tired. Between you two I don’t have anything left for now. Meet me in the kitchen in a couple of minutes, we need to talk.”
She agreed and sulked away to the kitchen. I quickly showered and pulled on some clean shorts and a shirt and went to the kitchen. Renee was sitting at the table with a sad look on her face. I walked over to her, pulled her head back and kissed her hard and with as much lust and heat as I could. When I pulled away her eyes were all dreamy. I grabbed a big glass and filled it with ice cold water from the fridge and sat down across from her.
“Okay spill it. I want to know what is going on around here. Ever since I woke up this morning it has been like the set of a porno movie.” She looked at me and giggled.
“Okay Art here is the truth. Last year after you went to school; Mom caught me at home with a guy. I knew she was going to go ballistic, instead Mom watched from the doorway until we were done. I got up to go to the bathroom and found Mom in hallway holding her pants. They were soaked; it seems Mom masturbated to me making out with the guy.
“After he left we had a long talk. Mom told that she and Dad had not sex in years. She was always horny and could only satisfy herself with masturbation and toys for so long. She didn’t want to cheat on Dad but she was at her wits ends. So we talked it out and I told her that I would be willing to share my boyfriend, if he was willing, as long as she and I played with each other as well.
“Mom was a little shocked, but after I got under the table and made her orgasm so hard she screamed, I figured I had won. So needless to say Mom and I have been playing with each other ever since. It took me a couple of boyfriends before I found one that would actually fuck us both. Can you imagine that, a guy not wanting to fuck two hot, sexy, big breasted women like us? Last week that boyfriend graduated and enlisted the next day and was gone. So Mom and I had been without. Last night when you came home, Mom and I had actually just gotten dressed after eating each other’s pussy. Mom was still a bit out of it so went to bed.
“When I hugged you and you realized how big my tits were and didn’t pull away I knew I just had to get your cock. This morning after you left Mom told about what happened here at the table and she confessed she wanted to suck your dick. I told her I wanted to fuck you. So she set down a challenge. I guess she won.”
I sat in total shock. First they were fucking each other and sharing a boyfriend, on top of keeping Dad totally in the dark. At that very second I noticed that Renee had the note from Dad in her hand. I reached for it and she handed it to me. I looked at her and then at the note. I had not gotten to rest of the chores Dad had written down for me.
I marked off in my heads the ones at the top. Then I saw that he wrote more at the bottom. I started and was shocked even more.
“Son, I know this is a heavy burden for me to ask, but I need your help. Your Mom has not been happy with me for a very long time. I think the only reason we are still married is because of you kids. I know it’s not the money, because well she has more of it than I do. In fact she loaned me some money a few years ago to help save the company. My point being is this. I need you to make your Mother happen anyway that you can. I don’t care what it takes. If she wants to go on a cruise or trip somewhere, you figure it out and let me know. I am willing to do almost anything to keep her happy. The only exception is sex. If that is what she wants, then we will never make it. You see Art, I am really a bi-sexual man. And more recently I prefer spending my time with young men. This might devastate your Mother, but I am too much of a coward to tell her. I sincerely love her, and you kids. But sexually I need something else. So please do what you can to help your old man out. We will talk more when I get home tonight. I will be late because I have a date; Mom thinks I am working late so help me cover for that as well. I am sorry to burden you with this, but I don’t know what else to do.”
Renee looked at me and I knew she had read the letter as well. “So what should we do stud?”

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2014-07-14 21:24:59
olala loved it did it twice

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2014-07-14 16:55:55
Nice story but it was too unrealistic, try making it more realistic next time.

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2014-07-14 07:19:43
Good story but didn't like the last part of it


2014-07-14 06:36:51
I really enjoyed your story but those many typo's and wrong words just kept snapping me out of my enjoyment of your story.

Please fix these mistakes... and the other reader is right -you need to check your work before you post your stories.

It is a tragedy to see such good work made to look bad with such trivial proofreading efforts.

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Please learn to PROOF-READ before posting anything else.
This is full of minor errors that could have been corrected if you had just bothered to do what any decent writer would do and is to proofread his material prior to publishing it. You obviously posted this as soon as you stopped writing it. This tale contains many missing words, misspelled words and misused words.
Do it right or don't post it.

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