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My girlfriend and I have always been sexually active, but we've never done this kind of stuff before!
“Noah, I think that’s for you!” my dad yells as he hears a knock on the door

Up I spring, I was in the middle of the new book I brought about a week ago ‘Mirage’ but that instantly doesn’t matter to me because you are here, and to stay the night as well!

I open the door to see you and your dad standing their waiting for someone to answer the door, “Hello Mr Ryan” I say in my polite voice I always use when greeting your parents “How are you?”

“Not bad thanks” He reply’s in a casual voice. Now he turns to you “Be good and I’ll be here about midday tomorrow to pick you up”

“No problem, thanks dad” you say in a kind voice as you give him a quick hug and step inside

“Hey” I say with a smile on my face as I give you a tight hug just before you wave goodbye to your dad

“So, what’s up?” you ask laughing and giving me a wink, nodding at my crotch. It’s obvious I’ve missed you by the hard-on that can be clearly felt through my pants

I usher you out of the lounge and into my room where you drop your bag. I quickly pull you tight into me, giving you a passionate kiss as I do, my hard-on pressing against you.

You let out a slight moan into my mouth as we continue to kiss

“That!” I respond when we finally break our kiss. “Carn then” I say as we leave my room and you go to say your greetings to my family.

It’s been a few hours now and we haven’t been doing much, just relaxing, taking the dog for a walk and doing the normal things we would do. It’s about 5pm now and you and I have just settled in to watch TV on the lounge. You spread out on the couch and lay your head on my lap just to bring your head straight up again.

“Woo” you say with a little laugh looking up at me with a face that just says ‘Where did that come from?’

“I know right” I respond quickly, and in one swift motion I have dropped my pants to the floor so that my rock hard cock is just inches away from your face and mouth

“What are you doing!?” you ask me quickly as you suddenly become fearful and alert

“Don’t worry, dad and Jane are outside and Kayla’s out with Jai remember?” I say in a reassuring voice

“Oh yeah, that’s right?” you reply as you settle down a little

“Yeah, now suck it” I say in a low commanding whisper as I grab your hair and shove your lips around my dick without giving you a second to get prepared

You immediately gag but it doesn’t take you long to realise what’s happening and recover as you immediately start to bob your head up and down my length with passion. It’s obvious my rock hard cock has made you horny as you really start to bob your head up and down my full length, gagging and moaning in pleasure with each deep-throat.

I’m letting out low moans constantly as you are giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life! I’m also letting out little words of encouragement as I enjoy the heaven you are giving me “Don’t stop” or “Just their” being my main words of encouragement.

After five minutes of pure pleasure I lift your head up and give you a passionate kiss on the lips. I pull you closer to me and get to work undoing your jeans. It doesn’t take me long to get them off, as I slide your jeans and underwear to the floor and immediately start to rub your clit as you let a soft moan slip from your lips into my mouth.

It takes just a few seconds for your pussy to get drenched as I slip a finger deep into your pussy and start to finger your tight pussy fast. You immediately start to breath heavy and moan frequently into my mouth as I move my finger faster. You know exactly what to do as you reach down and start to wank my cock fast causing me to release a moan into your mouth as well.

The heat we are both creating and the sexual tension is immense as I slip another finger into your pussy and you momentarily stop wanking me as you adjust to the size and extra pleasure, but soon you start to wank me again and even faster than before.

Here we both are, sitting on my couch, my parent’s just outside and the window and the door wide open for the world and any people who are walking past to see if they were to take a close look. This, our lips and tongues intertwining, and the pleasure we are experiencing is putting the both of us very close to the edge.

“Stop” I say quickly as I break our kiss and let my fingers slip out of your pussy

I am met with a disappointed moan/sigh as you release my dick and feel the pleasure that you were experiencing escape your body so close to the end

Quickly make it up to you though as I lift you up and slowly lower you down so you’re just above my lap. I can tell you aren’t expecting this, but you do well to recover quickly as you line my dick up with your pussy and I lower you down. Slowly I lower your tight wet pussy down and around my huge cock, your pussy being stretched to its limit as I lower you all the way down. You let out a loud gasp and moan as you feel my full length enter your tight pussy. It’s only now that you notice you aren’t facing me and we are in the reverse cowgirl position.

Slowly I start to grind my cock into your tight pussy, again I can tell you’re not expecting this as you let out another loud moan and start to grind my dick into you as well giving us both pleasure that we have never experienced before.

Before long I have slid my hands up your shirt and past your bra as I start to massage your boobs but mostly working your nipples. Your pleasure levels have gone up another notch as you start to grind my cock faster and harder into your pussy. You also push your chest forward slightly so your boobs are more in my hands as I rub and pinch your nipples hard and fast.

You are moaning out in pleasure frequently now and it goes against my better nature, as I know dad and Jane might be able to hear you, but I do it anyway and I start to make out with the back of your neck. Your response is to push your tits further into my hands and to let out a huge moan. “Arghhhhhhhhhhhh” you moan as your body is taken over by pleasure, your pussy now tightens around my cock which is still grinding into your pussy as you cum all over my hard cock.

I still haven’t finished so we continue like this for another minute before we hear the back door open. You quickly go to get off me but I just pull you down forcing my cock even deeper into you. You turn around and look at me in a confused and worried look. I quickly grab the blanked that is next to us and cover the both of us with it.

To the naked eye you’re just sitting on my lap casually, my arms wrapped around your waist, nothing unusual or suspicious. However from our stomach down, including covering our feet, and our clothing lying on the floor we are fully naked, only being covered by the blanket but it doesn’t look suspicious at all.

I stop moving as my dad walks into the room, “You two ok?” he asks

“Yeah, we’re fine” I answer with a slightly confused look on my face “Whys that?”

“Oh, I thought I heard weird noises, must have been nothing” he says as he leaves the room and flicks the kettle on to make a coffee

“Quick, let me get off and dressed before he comes back” You whisper to me as again you try to get off my lap and still rock hard cock

“No” I respond as again I pull you down deeper onto my cock and start to grind my cock into your pussy harder and faster than before

Before you can let out a moan I cover your mouth with my hand to silence you as I feel your breathing become a lot more rugged and heavier. That’s when I realise, you’re close again! My dad is in the room next door and we are naked on the couch fucking and you’re about to cum over my cock a second time!

It’s all too much for me to handle as I lightly bite your shoulder/neck and grind fast into your tight, soaking pussy as I release a huge load of cum deep into your tight cunt. “Mmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhpppppppppppp” Is what I am met with as you moan loudly into my hand as I bring you to your second orgasm in just ten minutes, both by riding my hard cock with the chance of my family or the public seeing or finding us out.

I quickly lift you off my dick and lay you down on the couch, straight away I start to lick you out as the cum I have just pumped into your pussy enters my mouth. You fight the urge to moan loudly as you grab me by the hair and shove my face even deeper into your pussy. After I have cleaned your pussy and got a fair amount of my cum into my own mouth I head back up your body and passionately kiss you, I push most of the cum I have just licked out of your pussy into your mouth with my tongue as you swallow it eagerly.

After we savour the moment for a few seconds we get dressed, tidy ourselves and the couch up and head out of the lounge to recover and find something to do.

We are in bed now as it’s about 11pm, we have been doing the usual since our ‘big load’ of fun, we have been doing dinner and TV with the family, that’s it. But now we are both in bed and despite both of us being quite tired we are ready for round two.

We start off very differently this time, with the both of us making out passionately, we are both shirtless and in just our underwear. I am feeling up your boobs and especially working your nipples as you rub my cock through my underwear, the effect we are having on each other can be easily felt, me through my hardening cock, and you through your hardening nipples.

After a bit I move my lips from your mouth to your boobs, taking my time with each boob as I enjoy the soft taste of your large tits in my mouth. I take my time sucking on them, pushing my head into your breast and chest and then pulling my mouth back away from your chest effectively squishing and stretching your tits in what can only be described as pure pleasure for you. I take my time with your boobs and take it in turn with each breast that I work. As I go I make sure to lightly, and not so lightly flick your nipples with my tongue and even more to your delight and pleasure bite and nibble on your nipples.

After about ten minutes of you relaxing experiencing nothing but the pleasure of my mouth and hands all over your breasts I move myself back up to your lips as you plant a very passionate kiss on my lips and start rubbing my dick through my underwear again, this time much more vigorously and fast.

I can tell you are super horny now after me working on your boobs for a good amount of time and it shows, you are really getting into it now and the heat that your body is producing is intense.

Suddenly you’ve had enough of this ‘rubbing my cock through my underwear’ nonsense and you quickly and smoothly pull my underwear down and off and waste no time grasping my rock hard cock and wanking it fast, this immediately takes a moan from my mouth.

I can tell how horny you are and don’t wanna waste this opportunity as I pull your underwear off quickly. I don’t even need to rub your clit you’re so wet, my fingers just slide straight into your tight warm pussy.

So we are both laying here, making out passionately, using tongue, you wanking my cock hard and fast, and me fingering your pussy hard and fast.

Before long I’m really close, I quickly move so I’m lying on top of you as my cock slips into your pussy with ease, you let out a large moan into my mouth as I do the same into yours as my dick, hard as ever, slips deep into your tight warm pussy.

I start out slow, bucking my hips forward and back slowly as I savour the feeling of my cock, as hard as it can be, stretching your tight pussy to its limits, and you underneath me, moaning and almost screaming in pleasure into my mouth. Your pussy is absolutely flowing, and after just a few strokes your pussy tightens around me and you squirt all over my cock, your nails digging into my ass as you hold my cock deep in you and you feel all the pleasures of being fucked to a large orgasm.

I stay in you, but let you recover for about thirty seconds as you come back down to Earth after your massive high you have just experienced. But I’m not done yet so I start bucking my hips over and over again getting faster and deeper with each thrust. I can tell you’re getting hot again as your breathing becomes more rugged and deep.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum” I just manage to say in your ear as I continue to fuck you hard.

Hearing that you quickly flip me over and get off my cock, much to my disappointment. My disappointment doesn’t last long though as your pussy is quickly replaced by your mouth. The feeling of my cock going straight down your throat, the knowledge you are sucking off your own pussy juices, and you gagging loudly is all I need to send me over the edge. Suddenly I start to shoot load after load down your throat. You don’t seem fazed though and you just want to impress, so you keep deep-throating me all the time while I shoot load after load of cum down your throat. Your gags and moans only make me cum harder and more.

Finally once I’ve finished you lift your head up and go to give me a kiss. However I don’t allow this and usher you up so you’re sitting just above my face. You let out a low whimper as to tell me ‘I’m not sure I can go again’. I simply reply by lifting my nose up to your pussy and giving it a long, loud sniff. The scent of your pussy mixed with my cock is driving me mad and is enough for you to lower your pussy down onto my mouth.

My mouth instantly meets your still dripping pussy and I go straight into eating you out, you let out another whimper this time, but this one is more of pure pleasure. You quickly grab onto the wall to stabilise yourself as I start to furiously eat out your pussy, my tongue quickly licking up and down your slit, diving deep into your pussy every now and then, and sucking up all your juices. You were already close and now you’re right on the edge.

I get an idea and I reach my hands up and grab yours as I guide them down to my hair, you instantly grab my hair tightly and I move my head just a bit so I am now sucking on your clit more than your pussy. You are really on the brink now and pull my head further up into your pussy and clit. My nose hits the little bit of hair above your clit and you keeper pulling my head further into your crotch. I can’t breathe now, I know you know this, and I don’t mind it. I just keep sucking on your clit hard as I reach a hand up and stick two fingers in your mouth for you to suck on. You do and it’s all too much for you as I feel your pussy squirt all over my face. I’m still sucking on your clit hard, and you’re still sucking on my fingers which you have put down your throat now. We stay like this for the next twenty second or so as I feel the oxygen leaving my body. Your orgasm finally subsides and you release my face from your pussy as I gasp for much needed air, before giving your pussy a few more little licks. You continue to moan, whimper and breath heavy.

We are both spent now and notice that the time is now midnight and we have been going for a solid hour. We both kiss each other “I love you” I say, meaning it 100% from the bottom of my heart

“I love you too” you respond meaning it completely as well.

Slowly we drift off to sleep, both of us fully naked, you in my arms snuggled into my chest.

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2014-07-15 18:10:15
Hey are you British by any chance?

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-14 09:35:27
I think your making a wise decision by changing your style, I concur with the other comment wholeheartedly.


2014-07-14 08:24:55
Thanks mate, honestly I think I'm going to stop this type of writing.
Check out my other story "A Special Tutor" I change my style for that
Can you let me know what you think of that style?
Thanks man!

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2014-07-14 08:09:27
I didn't rate this because I'm not really sure whether I think you have potential or not. I didn't like the story, but not because of the subject matter, if that makes any sense. What really turned me off was the writing style you used. I don't like stories written in the present tense, and especially those written in the first person. I'd have to see this rewritten before I could give an unbiased opinion and be able to pass judgement on it. Sorry.

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