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After the girl's mother got upset with their stepdaughter was watching them shower, she had to pay the ultimate price
The Triplets

Mona and I have only been married for the past three years and here she was threatening to leave me and take her daughters with her. She got furious because she saw me secretly watching one of the triplets taking a shower and no matter how much I tried to appease her, she wasn’t having it. The girls turned sixteen last week and during their party I had gotten so horny watching the three of them prancing around in their little two piece bathing suits. They are almost identical in all aspects except Mandy has a birth mark on her right breast whereas Candy and Randi have one on their left breast. Five foot five tall, long golden blonde hair draping over their shoulders, and weighing between 108 and 111 pounds. I had noticed while watching Mandy shower that her cunt hair is neatly trimmed and I am sure her sisters are the same. Big blue eyes and naturally puffy lips as if they were filled with Botox. Their firm perky 34c breasts with their pea size nipples made my mouth water just thinking about them.

It happened so quickly and now I was committed to finishing the job. Mona called me a perverted fucker and said she thought I needed therapy and I just punched her in the face. Lying motionless on the floor, I kneel next to her and checked her pulse. She was fine but I knew once she regained consciousness she would call the law and have me arrested for assault. Using an electrical extension cord, I secured her ankles together and also her wrists. With her hands and feet immobilized I picked her up and lie her in the middle of our king sized bed. I sat and waited for her to regain composure which was less than five minutes later. As soon as she became alert and began screaming how I will spend the next six months in jail, I wrapped my fingers around her neck and began to squeeze. Her voice now muffled from the crushing of her larynx I watched her frightened eyes dart from side to side. I told her she should never threaten to leave me and now she left me no choice except to kill her. Squeezing harder as I grew more irritated I was amazed how long it actually took before she finally took her last breath. I had to keep steady pressure on her neck, choking off her breathing for a full five minutes before it was over. As I moved from her inert body I was surprised by the fact I had unloaded a huge amount of cum while I was choking the life out of my wife. I felt a rush of excitement make its’ way through my body and I knew immediately that Mona was correct in calling me a pervert. Putting Mona’s body in the trunk of my Lincoln I drove the one hundred miles to our cabin in the woods and buried her in the rose garden. I then drove back to town and devised my plan to get the triplets to the cabin without any suspicion about their mother. Taking one suit case down and loading their mother’s clothes in it, I put it in the trunk of their mother’s car to strengthen my position that their mother went on a trip.

The girls didn’t even question me when I told them their mother already headed to the cabin and would meet us there. I had to buy some time once at the cabin so the girls thought their mother went on to her sister’s house first and then would come to the cabin and we would spend the weekend as a family. As I drove from town to the cabin, it was hard not to get hard as I kept glancing at Randi’s exposed upper thigh sitting there on the passenger side of the front seat. Not giving a thought that her pervert step father was ogling her, she would turn side ways to talk to Mandy and Candy and her legs would be slightly apart, giving me a glimpse of her aqua colored panties. Clenching my teeth I forced myself to fill my thoughts with anything not related to hot young women to keep my cock from busting through my shorts. They smelled so sweet and fresh and their voices were like song birds filling the interior of the car. In less than two hours they would be completely under my control and I would have all my wildest fantasies fulfilled.

The drugs I had put in the girls sodas took only a few minutes to render them unconscious and now as I look at their sweet young bodies and kissed their full luscious lips, my cock was like a steel rod. Having them stripped down to their bra and panties, I eagerly kissed and tasted each of their cunts and my cock twitched non-stop as I tasted their youthfulness along with a hint of their sweet urine that had coated their inner cunt lips. The exposed beams making up the ceiling in the large family room was ideal for me to hang ropes from so I could tie the triplet’s wrists and keep them upright. The powerful drug took minimum of eight hours to wear off and that gave me more than enough time to attach large metal rings to the floor so I could secure the girls legs and have them spread eagle and exposed to my every touch and taste. Even though the closest neighbor was at least a ¼ mile away, I didn’t want to take any chance that the girls’ screams could be overheard by anyone so I gagged the girls with a ball gag.

Randi was the first to regain composure and as she struggled in vain against her restraints, I walked over and began to squeeze her beautiful 34C breasts with one hand, while fingering her young pussy with the other. I could see all the questions, fears and disgust in her eyes and assured her I would tell her everything once her two sisters have regained consciousness. After all, there was no need in going over it several times. With this, Randi’s eyebrows deepened as she displayed her displeasure. Even with her fear of the situation, her body couldn’t resist reacting to my persistent massaging of her breasts and that now growing clitoris. Her young pussy began to moisten as I drove my finger in deeper as I finger fucked her masterfully. As I kissed her ear and whispered that she was a slut who loved being fingered, she tried desperately to head butt me but I was prepared. “You can deny it all you want, slut but your body doesn’t lie” I taunted her. “Your sweet pussy is so fucking wet and your nipples are hard as frozen peas, you little slut” I continued as her body twisted and bucked as she tried desperately to dislodge my probing finger inside her wet pussy. I continued to torment her and keep her on the verge of orgasm for over a half hour. By the time I let her relax, Mandy and Candy were awake and like Randi, their eyes were full of contempt and questions. Standing in front of them but about 3 foot away I told them I was going to tell them why they were here and what to expect before it was time for them to no longer be my slave sluts.

I told them how I had been planning it for almost a month and actually wasn’t going to be put in effect for at least another three weeks. My plans changed however after their mother caught me stroking myself while watching Mandy shower and when she threatened to leave and take the girls from me, I had to stop her. I then explained to them how I was planning on just taking her prisoner also but things got out of control and I had to kill her and even let them know she was buried outside in the rose garden. As the tears rolled down their cheeks and the hate swelled in their eyes, I assured them they would be spared but first I had big plans for them. The first week would be devoted to breaking their will and gaining total respect from them, and they can fight it all they want, but in the end I would break them. After they are ready to be the slut whores they were meant to be, I would bring in a group of men to use them as pieces of meat until all three of them collapsed in a pile of exhausted mass. This process of bringing in men would continue until they finally were no longer attractive to my clients and then I would let them pursue their own miserable lives. With my verbal orientation complete, I left the room and let them stand there in total silence. They would not hear or see me for the next twenty four hours, giving them all the time in the world to have their minds search every avenue of escape and finally resignation as they realized there was no escape.

One at a time the next day I took the girls into the bathroom and let them clean up and shower to keep them nicely fresh looking and smelling. Candy was the last to be given this gift from me so once she was showered and freshened up I led her to the bedroom that her mother and I used to share while at the cabin. I cautioned her that should she try to escape or defy my advances in any way, I wouldn’t hesitate to send her to her mother right now. To make sure she knew I was serious, I put a high voltage shock collar on her that would render her helpless if she got more than twenty five feet away from the hidden master control. Once installed I made her walk until she got almost five feet from the house and the shock of the collar dropped her like a lead balloon. Of course I also had a hand control so I could shock them at any distance but I wanted to make sure she knew there was no escape from the property. Back upstairs Candy was very receptive to me and she would be my first to fuck.

Her skin was a smooth as silk and almost flawless of blemishes except for the cute birthmark on the upper half of her firm left breast. As I opened her legs and fingered her sweet pussy, my cock jumped to attention and was leaking precum already. As I leaned in to kiss and lick her pussy, I could see Candy’s stomach begin to rise and fall more rapidly as her mind reacted to my attention. Her pussy tasted of honey with a hint of pungency from urine on the inner lips. I licked and sucked her pussy for what seemed like an hour and she orgasmed around my tongue twice. Her juices flowed like a faucet and I couldn’t drink fast enough to satisfy my greed to ingest all of it. Candy’s breathing was labored and her pussy muscles contracted as my tongue continued to violate her young pussy. Before I fucked her, I shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy and was amazed to find her hymen was still intact. Looking at her, I said I couldn’t believe she was still a virgin and she admitted she was. With my mind racing, I knew she would fetch much more for the first round of clients fucking her if they knew she was still a virgin. Flipping her onto her stomach, I shoved my eight inch cock all the way into her sweet virgin ass, feeling her intestinal walls stretching and tearing at the same time. She thrashed and screamed around the ball gag as my cock tortured her almost past her endurance. The more she screamed and thrashed, the hotter I got and I fucked her ass harder and faster with each scream that escaped her lips. She got me so hot and I shot a massive load of cum up her tight virgin ass within a couple of minutes. Staying inside her until my cock went flaccid gave Candy a chance to catch her breath and calm down. Pulling my cock from her ass, it was not only covered with cum but also blood from my tearing of her anal walls. Flipping her over once again, I pulled the ball gag from her mouth and forced her to clean every speck of cum and blood from it. Once she bathed my cock, I replaced the ball gag and made her walk back to the room where Mandy and Randi was securely tied. With cum dripping from her ass and down her legs I put her back in place in standing position. Mandy was furiously trying to say something to me so I went and removed the ball gag to see what she wanted. After five minutes of verbal abuse from my little slave slut about how I violated Candy in the worse of ways, I finally had enough. I wanted to destroy her tight little asshole to show her just how lenient I had been on her sister Candy, but that would have to wait. My plans for the triplets required for them to be available for total sexual performance and if I marred her asshole then I could lose a substantial amount of money.

Mandy’s tears flowed freely after the first kidney punch landed with such force that the cuffs attached to her left ankle cut into her skin. I had wrapped my hands with heavy towels to prevent leaving marks on Mandy’s body while at the same time teaching her to keep her mouth shut. The second punch to her kidney’s produced a projectile of vomit from Mandy that landed over six feet away. Mandy’s eyes pleaded for me to stop the punishment but that only drove me on with even more determination. The lower spine shifted slightly from the hit landing at the small of Mandy’s back and she blacked out from the excruciating pain. Taking the towels off of my hands, I manipulated Mandy’s lower spine until I felt the disc pop back in place. Although I wanted her to feel the most pain humanly possible I had to make sure her mobility wasn’t impaired. The cold water thrown in Mandy’s face revived her and I slowly and deliberately began wrapping my hands again with the towels. Just watching as I wrap my hands made Mandy wince and struggle against her restraints. She knew the punishment was going to continue and almost willed herself unconscious again. Candy and Randi were both struggling with their restraints and shooting daggers at me with their eyes. They did however remain silent, not wanting to feel the same wrath from me that Mandy was being forced to withstand. I turned away from Mandy and just as she thought I was going to walk away, I spun around and buried my right fist into her stomach. Her internal organs clashed into one another and another stream of vomit catapulted from her throat and landed even further than the first load. Again, the second punch landed in exactly the same area and Mandy was certain her organs were being irreversibly damaged and prayed even more vehemently to just die now and get it over with. I finally did walk away and retrieve a mop and bucket of water to clean the vomit from the floor. Once the floor was clean, I fed the sisters a high protein drink to keep their strength. Taking three inch wide and five foot long strips of cloth, I wrapped it around each of the girl’s mouths to completely silence them from even uttering around their ball gags. Satisfied with their total silencing, I then placed heavy black hoods over their heads and tied the base of the bags around their necks. This psychological ploy putting them in complete silence and darkness and with the added element of the base of hood slightly snugged around their necks was to break their will to the point where they would do anything to be released. As I prepared to leave the room I told the girls I would be back in three days to check on them.

It had been five days since I took the girls to the cabin and when I took the hoods from their heads, as they squinted to try to focus from the flood of light, I could see they were weakening more mentally than physically. After removing the hoods, I took the extra gags from their mouths and now it was time to take them once again to shower and freshen up. The only difference this time was that after each girl was showered I took them individually to the kitchen and allowed them to eat fresh fruit and drink more protein shake. I didn’t want them to eat heavy foods since I had every intention of light starvation and didn’t want them soiling themselves. Once Candy and Randi had showered and eaten I took Mandy to the shower and let her freshen herself up. Between the shower and then the nourishment, Mandy became her old defiant self again and vowed to get me one way or another. Walking behind her, I wrapped my forearm around her neck and squeezed until she blacked out. This fucking bitch was going to be trouble and if I didn’t do something quick to break her, my entire plan would be jeopardized. Dragging her by the hair from the kitchen and into the family room, I sat her on a chair. Once in the chair, I took rope and securely tied her torso to the chair back and her legs to the legs of the chair. I waited patiently for her to regain consciousness and then walked over to Randi and Candy and in a firm voice announced that I was going to scramble Mandy’s fucking mind until she was nothing more than a shell of a woman only good to be used. I deliberately decided to leave the gag out of Mandy’s mouth since I wanted her to scream so her two sisters’ would know just how much torture she was enduring.

I loved collecting antique and odd medical devices as a hobby and one of these were an old metal harness you put on a patients head. There were metal studs where you would connect leads to so you could give the patient electrical shock to alter their brain waves. Depending on the amount of volts and the duration in time you could either just stun the patient for a brief time and up to and including in frying sections to alter their brain waves permanently. The recommended dosage range was from 40 volts to 400 volts and time recommended from three seconds to ten seconds. I set the voltage to 600 volts and on first passing I shot the 600 volts into Mandy’s brain for ten seconds. Watching her body convulse and twitch and the slight smell of burning hair made my cock harden and ooze precum. Randi and Candy only winced from the smell and the sight of Mandy’s body convulsing. Mandy wanted to scream but nothing came out. I let her body relax and then asked her how she felt. Although her speech was a little slow, she still insisted she was going to get me. The second shot of juice was once again 600 volts but this time I let it cook her brain for a full thirty seconds. Her body convulsed and she began foaming from the mouth. Her hair caught fire so I had to put it out, but still the voltage shot through her sixteen year old and super bright brain. At the fifteen second mark I was forced to shove the ball gag into her mouth to prevent her from biting her tongue off. I wanted her to be a babbling idiot but still able to have men kiss her like a normal person. Finally at the thirty second mark, I tuned the machine off and immediately Mandy’s chin hit her chest as her entire body went limp. I quickly began chest compressions on her and within five minutes she was once again breathing on her own and regaining her composure. The only difference now was her brain was so fried that although she could walk and babble incoherently, her ability to think on her own was gone. She followed my directions perfectly but other than performing what I told her to, she was brain dead. Randi and Candy immediately vowed they would do anything I asked without question and would never deny my requests. I took Mandy to the bathroom and told her to clean herself up and gave her a new pair of panties to put on. When the 600 volts of electricity was shooting through her brain her bladder and bowels had relaxed fully and she unloaded in her panties. Once she was clean, I put a collar on her neck and attached a ten foot chain to it. I attached the other end to a metal ring I had installed in floor just outside of the bath room using a padlock. Mandy had enough chain so she could go to the bathroom to use it and also drink from the sink should she need hydration. I went back to the main room where Randi and Candy was and told them I was going to muffle and hood them again but after this hopefully I would be able to trust them to do all I asked. Once again I left for two days, and used the time to finalize the plans to have my girls sexually used and abused by two dozen men. At the end of their sexual fulfillment, there was going to be a special show put on by me and for the package deal it cost each of the men 100,000.00 dollars. This wasn’t a party for blue collar workers, and I had one judge and two high ranking public officials who paid to participate.

The big night finally arrived and I had the triplets ready to receive the special guests and take care of their every need sexually. I only had one stipulation and I made certain all participants knew I would not deviate from it and that was, they could not put visible marks on any of the girl’s faces. Other than that, I didn’t care as long as they were satisfied sexually. Mandy, Candy and Randi were dressed in baby doll nighties with hair made up and tastefully applied makeup. They all wore a special choker around their necks and if they got rebellious I could remotely send 5000 volts of electricity through their bodies, rendering them immobile instantly. As the guests began to arrive, the girls were perched on bar stools against the far wall of the room. Even though each of the guests had paid 100,000.00 up front to participate there would be another bidding war to see what position they would follow to fulfill their desires. With 24 men in attendance and only three women it was the only fair way to decide. Once the bidding stopped the high bidder would get his choice of girls and then if two more men wanted to match that bid, they would get the other two. Then the bidding would begin all over again until each man had selected his girl and each girl would end up with 8 men fucking her. One last thing I did before the bidding began was ensure all the men knew Mandy’s brain was basically fried but she was still one fine piece of ass. The general consensus was they weren’t planning on having a conversation with any of the bitches anyway.

State Senator Mackley was the first to have Candy and knowing she was a virgin was the sole reason he bid so high for first rights. His bid of 25,000 was over the top but to him it was worth it. I was secretly recording all the action just in case down the line I needed an ace in the hole. The senator definitely had a mean streak in him and I got a firsthand account of it almost immediately. Taking his massive nine inch long cock out of his trousers, he forced it into Candy’s mouth and began to face fuck her and made her suck until he was fully erect. Holding her by the hair, the senator slowly forced more of his cock into Candy’s mouth and I could see on the monitor that the head was firmly planted in her throat. Her eyes were watering and the slobber from constant gagging was dripping down her chin almost like a waterfall. I could see her turning red and knew he planned on keeping his cock lodged in her pretty face until she was rendered unconscious. With her eyes pleading to her attacker, the senator remained emotionless and held her head in a vise like grip. Weakly her hands were trying to push his hips away from her, but so was no match for this 175 pound and six foot tall man. I began to stroke my own hard cock as I watch Candy’s feeble attempts fail and her hands slowly began to lessen in their aggressiveness, until then dropped like lead balls to her side and I knew she was unconscious. Senator Mackley remained inside Candy’s throat another full minute until he was sure she was completely comatose from his onslaught. Being satisfied she was non-responsive, the senator then began to lick and suck on her virgin pussy. I surmised he wanted to taste her juices but didn’t want to have her receive any joy from it. It was his way of having complete dominance over the helpless sixteen year old virgin. Knowing he would be busy tasting her for a while I turned my attention to monitor number two.

Probate court judge Hastings matched Mackley’s bid so he would have first shot at Randi. He told me when he first walked into the room and saw her that she had a look in her eye that drove him nuts. What that look was, he didn’t elaborate but then again I didn’t give a shit since he paid 25,000 extra to have her in this situation. Unlike Mackley’s almost sadistic attack on Candy’s mouth, Judge Hastings was going slow and tenderly with Randi. As I watched I was moved at his soft kisses and erotic but slow caressing of her inner thighs and perky breasts. Even though I knew the girls was repulsed by the notion of being used by multiple men back to back, Randi’s body was responding very positively to the judge’s lips and hands. Her chest was heaving and when her legs slightly parted, I could see moisture on her finely trimmed pubic hairs. Hastings showed his approval of her arousal by gently working his middle finger inside her sweet hot pussy. I watched as I stroked my cock as Randi’s hand gently went to the back of the judge’s head and kissed him back with great enthusiasm. After a couple minutes of fingering her sweet pussy, the judge removed his finger and brought it to Randi’s lips. Together the two of them licked it clean and she gently put his hand between her legs again to start the process over. Tearing my eyes from this endearing moment I decided I should check on monitor number three and see how Mandy was doing.

Local television personality Matthews was taking advantage of the brain damaged Mandy and had her on all fours while his more than adequate cock was plowing her tight sweet ass. As the tears streamed down her face, he kept calling her a stupid fucking whore and that everything she had gotten so far was justly given. The more he fucked her tight ass and humiliated her verbally the harder my cock got and the faster I stroked it. When I was sure he couldn’t humiliate her anymore, he pulled his big cock from her ass and using her hair as a handle he turned her so she was facing him. Telling her to open her whore mouth, Matthews shoved all 7.5 inches into her mouth and told her to each the shit from his cock. As she sucked and licked, Matthews pulled on her nipples and stretched them almost to the point of tearing them from her breasts. Satisfied his cock was fresh once again, he resumed his ass plowing as the spittle oozed from the corners of Mandy’s mouth. I continued to stroke my cock as I slowly turned my chair back to the first monitor to see how Mackley was doing.
Candy was alert and Mackley had her sitting on the edge of the bed while he pulled and twisted her nipples while she begged him to please stop. The more she cried and pleaded, the harder he twisted and pulled until I could see a small amount of blood oozing from the base of the left nipple. My only stipulation was couldn’t mar the face of the triplets, so Mackley was within his right to torture Candy to this extent. Finally Mackley released her nipples from his fingers but immediately bit her so fiercely that he left deep teeth gashes on the top of her right breast. Candy was crying profusely now and this only excited Mackley to greater heights of humiliation and torture. I was amazed when I realized my own cock was dripping precum steadily and I grabbed my cock and stroked as I watch Mackley bite the other breast until he brought blood. Eventually however, he was so excited and needed his due release. Getting on the bed and lying flat on his back, Mackley ordered Candy to straddle him while facing him. When she was in proper position, Mackley told her to lower her pussy and take just the head of his cock inside her. Obediently, Candy let the head of Mackley’s massive nine inch cock slip inside her pussy and I could hear Mackley softly tell her to just close her eyes and relax. He told her to get used to the feel of him inside her and when she was ready she could lower herself at her own pace. I watched as Candy closed her eyes and relaxed knowing she would be able to take all the time she wanted to get accustomed to having this huge cock inside her virgin pussy. Just as she let herself relax, Mackley put a hand on each of Candy’s shoulders and with one movement he shoved her body down while simultaneously thrusting his hips upwards. His nine inch cock tore into Candy’s pussy and leaving her hymen shredded as she screamed from the intense pain. Mackley laughed hysterically as he called her a fucking slut and a cum whore. Holding her firmly against his driving hips, Mackley fucked Candy so viciously, I could see the blood pooling from the ruptured hymen and probably her pussy walls also. I stroked my cock faster and when I heard Mackley yell out as he was about to blast Candy’s inside with his load of cum, my own cum shot out like a cannon and splattered the monitor screen. Mackely seemed to never stop cumming and the way her was slamming into Candy’s small frame I was worried he would snap her in two. Once he finally did finish his orgasm, he grabbed Candy by the hair and roughly tossed her off the bed and she hit the floor hard. Heading for the door he looked back at her and reminded her another seven men were going to fuck her before the evening ended.

A scream coming from one of the other rooms brought me back to reality and as I looked at the middle monitor I saw Randi’s body convulsing violently as the judge was ramming his fish deep into her ass. This so called sweet and seductive nature I noticed only a few minutes earlier was just to get Randi to trust him and get her excited. Judge Hastings was shoving his fist and forearm so deep into Randi’s destroyed asshole that it was almost to his elbow. While fisting her in this manner, Hastings was jerking his cock and I watched as his eyes rolled in the back of their sockets as his excitement grew. Randi’s screams were no longer audible as her body became numbed to the devastating onslaught of this mad man’s fist and she resigned herself to what ever there was to come. Plowing her ass to the same speed as he was jerking his own cock, judge Hastings was doing extensive damage to Randi’s intestine and the only solace is the fact that even though the girls think they will eventually be released, their death would be the climax of the party tonight. With one last thrust that sent his arm all the way to the elbow, Hastings cock began shooting thick wads of cum all over Randi’s back and the first two spurts actually landed on the back of Randi’s head. Just like Mackley, once he stopped cumming he got up and reminded her that the party had just begun. I turned my attention to the last monitor and realized that Matthews was finished fucking Mandy’s ass and was just walking out of the room. Over the next three hours the other 21 men took their turns with the triplets and when I went to tell them to clean their selves up for the after party, they were all barely able to move.

After ordering Candy and Randi to take a shower and redo their hair and makeup, I took Mandy with me to the family room. With the 24 guests eagerly awaiting the grand finale, I led Mandy to the chair I had placed in the center of the room. Once she was seated and secured with ropes and chains I brought the the electro shock head piece over and attached it to her head. I explained to the audience how I had used this very same technique to change her from a rebelling bitch to a zombie like cum receptacle. The men sat patiently and I noticed most were hard again and happily touching themselves as I attached the leads to the head piece and plugged the console in. Starting off with low voltage I turned the transformer on and sent 40 volts of electricity racing through her brain. Mandy’s eyes were going from left to right in rapid succession and her fingers twitched. After a couple minutes at this level, I then cranked the voltage to 75 volts. Now Mandy was beginning to foam at the mouth and her mouth was opening and closing as if it was motorized. Several of the men were now jerking their cocks faster as the smell of burning hair began to fill the room. Some of the men began to chant “more juice, more juice, give the slut more juice.” Moving the dial I increased the voltage to 125 volts and watched as Mandy bit her tongue in to and her eyes were beginning to bulge as if someone hit her in the back of the head with a bat. The men were excited and soon the chant began again to increase the voltage. I cranked the transformer all the way and as 400 volts fried what was left of her brain, her heart exploded from the stress as her body involuntarily convulsed and her eyes literally popped out of her skull. After less than 30 seconds, I turned the machine off and with the help of two of the guests we carried Mandy and the chair outside and sat it on the attached deck. When I asked the men if they wanted more they answered affirmative without a moments hesitation. They had no idea how I would dispose of the next triplet but if looking at their rock hard cocks, they were expecting it to be great.

Candy looked refreshed and beautiful even though I could tell she was exhausted from the eight different men fucking her over the past several hours. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy and it was obvious she was no longer a virgin. As my fingers went deep inside, I could feel the remnants of the men’s cum clinging to her uterus walls. I told Candy that Mandy was now resting peacefully and now it was her turn to thank the men one last time before she too would be allowed to rest. Candy looked relieved that her ordeal for the night was about to end and when she said a soft bed to lie in finally would be so welcomed. I just smiled and promised that after tonight she would never have to worry about being abused sexually anymore. The men whistled and made lewd sexual remarks as Candy and I walked into the room and I could see most of them still had their cocks out and most were in an excited state. I surmised they were waiting for the climatic end to the evening before they also had their last climax for the night and Candy was going to be their second appetizer.

As Candy sat in the chair looking at the men looking back at her beauty and stroking their cocks, she didn’t resist in the least when I told her I was going to strap her wrists and ankles to the chair just to ensure she didn’t try to get free while I put on the final show for the men. Candy said it was fine and in fact knowing this would be the last time any of these vile men would be touching her, she could withstand a few more minutes of humiliation. Walking slowly behind her I lifted her hair and smelled the fresh scent from her earlier washing. Kissing her neck slowly and with deliberate delicate kisses I began whispering to her that I was going to take all her pain away. Her soft moans of contentment let me know she was ready for me to take it away and set her free. As I slowly took the one inch wide leather belt from the hook attached to the back of the chair, I told Candy to tilt her head back slightly and close her eyes. Slipping the end of the belt through the buckle on the other end, I lowered it over Candy’s head and then tightened it against her flawless tanned neck. As I began to tighten it more, Candy’s eyes opened wide with a look of disbelief. Kissing her forehead I told her just as I promised I was going to relieve her of all pain. This is the only way I told her since she was branded now as a cum hungry slut and men would only use her for the rest of her life. The men were stroking their hard cocks faster as Candy’s eyes bulged and her petite fingers clawed the end of the chair arm. I continued to increase the amount of pressure on Candy’s neck as I continued to ensure her soon all the pain will be gone and she could once again be with her mother. Several men shot loads of cum as her struggling weakened and they could see the life drain from her delicate but hot body. The fingers still moving but no longer clawing as here energy evaporates and the breathing is almost gone. With one final gesture of taking her out of the pain, I placed one hand on the top of her head and the other grasping her jaw. A sharp quick sideways snap and I could hear the bones separate in her neck and the last gasp of breath escaped her throat. Looking into the group of men I could tell at least half of them orgasmed watching her die. The other twelve or so was evidently waiting until I brought Randi out to see how I would relieve her pain.

Randi wasn’t quite as naïve and when I went to bring her into the room with the men she looked me directly in the eye and said she knew I killed her two sisters and were about to do the same to her. I assured her Mandy and Candy did not suffer long although they did suffer and I would afford her the same type of death as long as she didn’t resist. Randi told me she wouldn’t resist and in fact was looking forward to dying and being with the rest of her family. Once in the room, Randi told the men she was ready to die and hoped they all suffered a tragic and painful death themselves when it was there time to go. A couple of the men lurched forward to grab her but I stood between Randi and them and gave choice of sit or leave. They retreated and sat back in their chairs and I proceeded to take Randi to the last of the three chairs that had been placed for the executions. Randi looked up at me with pleading eyes to make it quick as the men began to demand that I make her pay with a lot of pain. They wanted to see her suffer only due to her statement that she hoped they all die painful deaths. Randi’s eyes were welling up with tears as she was afraid I would listen to the mob and take sadistic pleasure in making her suffer over an extended period of time. Walking so I could face her, I leaned down and with my left hand I gently lifted her head up by the chin and whispered I was going to kiss her now and take it all away quick. She smiled faintly and slightly opened her lips to accept my kiss. Her sweet soft lips quivered as I kissed her and as promised I took her life quick. The six inch long blade went into her chest and pierced her heart in on movement. I felt her lips relax within a couple seconds and I kissed her eyelids and said goodbye. Turning around to face the men, I told them the party was over and wished them all a good night.



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