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In this second installment, a follow-up to Kitten, I have switched to the third person point of view in order to explain following installments.

Kitten sat on her bed and used the remote control to adjust the volume of the CD playing in her boom box. Her best friend Charesse, who lived a few doors down, was next to her leafing through a teen fashion magazine. Charesse was similar in stature to Kitten, although her breasts were fuller and she had curly blond hair that fell just below her ears.

Although it had been sixteen hours since she had left Mr. Grey’s bed, Kitten still felt tingly from mating with him. She squirmed once in a while when feeling the last remnants of his semen seeping out of her and soaking into the pad she had placed in her white, cotton panties.

As she rocked back and forth to the beat of the music, she replayed in her mind, for what seemed like the tenth time, the joyous feelings of Mr. Grey’s mouth and losing her virginity with such an explosive orgasm. She couldn’t take her mind off the prospect of being with Mr. Grey later that night. Although she knew she needed to keep his secret, she thought she would burst if she didn’t share her delight with someone.

“Cher,” she said softly.

“Mmmm,” replied the petite girl without looking away from the magazine.

“If I tell you something, can you swear you’ll keep it secret?”

“Sure, you know you can tell me anything.”

“I did it.”

“Did what?”

“I did IT,” Kitten said with conviction.

Charesse glanced at her in disbelief. “No way!”

“Yes, way,” she admitted and sucked her lower lip between her teeth.

“With who?” her friend asked excitedly.

Kitten turned toward her on the bed and clutched a pillow to her chest. “I can’t tell you.”

Charesse slapped the bedspread with the magazine in frustration. “Oh, cum’ on. You can’t tell me you did it and then not tell me who it is. Jeremy?”

Kitten rolled her eyes. “No, certainly not Jeremy. We broke up weeks ago. It’s someone you don’t know.”

“A guy from another school? I didn’t even know you were dating anyone.”

Kitten slumped her shoulders and shot a disdainful look at her. “It doesn’t matter. I just, like, had to tell you.”

The fair-haired nymph’s eyes widened as she gazed in envy. “Okay, then. What was it like? How did it happen?”

“It was so cool,” she replied, dropping backward onto her other pillows and stuffed animals. “Better than I ever thought it would be.”

“Wow,” Charesse commented, becoming somewhat jealous that Kitten had “made the grade” before her. She could remember that they had often talked about looking forward to their first time and joking about which of them would be the first to have their cherry popped.

“Remember when we played with each other at Crissy’s sleep over last year?” Kitten asked.

The blond lowered her eyes and nodded coyly. “Yeah, I remember.” She recalled the sublime feeling of her friend's silky smooth fingers toying with her clitoris. Neither of them had mentioned that night since it happened. But, Charesse had often conjured up the memory while lying in her bed at night. "Is that how it felt?"

“It was way better than that,” Kitten continued excitedly. “He ate me out, too.”

Charesse was fascinated. Other than the time her friend had touched her pussy during adolescent playing, she had only felt her own fingers on her intimate area. “God, Kitten. Did you come?”

Kitten closed her eyes and nodded as a wide grin spread across her lovely face. “Um huh,” she replied. Opening her eyes to gaze at her friend, she continued, “And, again when he was inside me.”

Chareese scooted to the edge of the bed and crossed her legs tightly. She could feel herself getting wet imagining how her friend must have enjoyed her maiden voyage into the world of sex. She also felt a twinge of anger. She had always considered herself more attractive and thought that she would be the first to have the experience.

“Cum’ on, give me the details,” she coaxed.

“Well,” Kitten continued with a dreamy look on her face, “his lips and tongue were so soft. He licked my clit and got me off way cooler than the way fingers feel.”

“And when you did it? How did you do it?” Chareese goaded her on.

“I was on my back, and he was on top. It was scary at first, and it hurt a little,” she recalled the pain from the size of Mr. Grey’s organ. “But after a little while, it was wonderful. Cher, you wouldn’t believe how full I felt with his cock in me. It was so different, so … until last night, I had no idea of what to expect.”

The blond cocked her head to one side and glanced off into space. “But, wait a minute. You said you couldn’t go to Heather’s with me last night because you were baby-sitting at the Greys’ house,” she mused with an inquisitive expression. “Oh God, Kit, you had a boy come over to their house when they weren’t home?!”

Kitten flushed. She could feel the heat emanating from her face as she realized her mental lapse. She mind spun as she tried to think of an explanation to satisfy her friend’s curiosity. She stammered for a moment, then covered her face with her hands.

“Either you’re lying or…” Charesse gasped and her eyes widened, “Was it Mr. Grey? No way! You fucked Mr. Grey? ” she asked earnestly.

Raising her legs, Kitten lowered her hand-covered face to her lap. Since she was in almost daily contact with Charesse, and since Charesse knew she hadn’t been seeing any boys lately, she was trapped. “Cher, you can’t tell anybody,” was her whimpering, muffled response. “Not anybody!”

“God, Kit, he’s old enough to be your father. He’s got two kids and he’s married,” Charesse hissed.

“I know.”

“He didn’t force himself on you, did he?”

“No, it wasn’t like that.”

“How did it happen?”

“It…just, sorta’ happened.”

Charesse thought a minute before continuing their dialogue. “You know, he’s really handsome. And, he’s quite the hunk. I’ve seen him working in the yard without his shirt on. He’s built like a statue.”

Kitten raised her head and peered at her intently. Suddenly the joyous memories came back to her. “You got that right,” she said breaking into a grin. “And his cock is really big.”

The jealousy in Charesse increased as she thought of her friend enjoying the skills of an experienced, older man. “Okay, now you gotta’ tell me everything. Are you in love with him?”

Kitten shook her head. “No, it’s not like that. I’ve had a kinda’ crush on him, ya’ know. He’s so sophisticated and handsome. But he’s older and has his own family. It was just something that happened.”

“So, do you think you’ll do it again?”

Kitten gave her a wry smile. “It just so happens that I’m going over to sit with his kids again tonight. His wife is out of town, and he asked me to.”

“Tell me what it was like.”

“Well, we did it on his bed. He was so gentle and knew exactly what to do. I was so scared that he wouldn’t fit inside me, but he took everything slow and talked me through it.”

“God, Kit. I just can’t believe it! What did he do? How did it feel?”

The young brunette became more excited in describing her experience. “Well, like I said it hurt at first. But, he sucked on my nipples and neck while he was putting it inside me. You can’t believe what that feels like,” she sighed. “I guess it just took some time for me to open up, sorta’.”

Charsesse could feel the lubrication oozing out of her as she listened to Kitten continue to describe her first time. “Go on,” she urged.

“Once he put it all the way in and started to slide in and out…that’s when I came,” Kitten said in almost a whisper. “He came too; at almost the same time as me. You wouldn’t believe how much come he squirted in me.”

“You let him come inside you?” Charesse asked, horrified.

“That’s one of the other cool things. He’s had a vasectomy so I can’t get pregnant.”

“A what?”

“You remember? From Health Ed? The operation where they tie off the guy’s tubes so the sperm can’t get out?”

“Oh, yeah.” The pretty blond could feel the arousal swelling inside her as she contemplated the lucky find her friend had made. “Could you feel him squirting?”

“Well, not really. It all just happened…”

Suddenly, a knock on Kitten’s bedroom door interrupted her. “Kitten,” her mother called. “We’ve got to get ready to go to Cara’s recital tonight. Charesse will have to go now.”

Kitten had forgotten that her younger sister’s biennial piano recital was scheduled for that evening. They were always boring because she had to sit for hours through all the other students playing their hokey little songs, and then stand around eating cookies and drinking punch. Her spirits plummeted at the thought of missing another opportunity to be with Mr. Grey.

“But, Mom,” she called back, rising from the bed and opening the door. “I’m supposed to baby-sit for the Grey’s again tonight. Mr. Grey’s wife is out of town and he really needs me to be there.”

“Kitten,” her mother began in a scathing tone, “you know how important family events are in this house. Cara went to all of your recitals, and you’ve known about this for weeks.”

“But, it just slipped my mind. I promised Mr. Grey,” she pled.

“Well, Charesse knows the Greys. Maybe she can sub for you just this once,” her mother glanced at the young blond.

“Sure,” Charesse said with a beaming smile on her face. “I’m not doing anything tonight, and I know their kids pretty well.”

Kitten shot her a cold stare. All the reverie she had enjoyed since last night had suddenly crumbled. Not only had she inadvertently revealed her escapades with Mr. Grey, but now she doubted her trust in her best friend.

“Don’t worry,” Charesse interjected. “I’ll call over there when I get home and let Mr. Grey know that I’ll be subbing and taking care of the kids.” She glanced quickly at Kitten. “I’ll let you know how things turn out,” she said with a wink.

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