Marian is forced to adapt to new terrors.
Chapter 2

Marian tried to cry, but she couldn’t work up any tears, for her eyes were as dry as they were swollen. She was curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the nest, slowly pealing off the thick layer of dried semen that coated her naked body. Her side was covered in red welts from sleeping on the branches of the nest, though the she had tried to gather as much animal hair in the nest as possible to try and make some sort of mattress. Between the nest and the cave entrance was the dragon, sleeping soundly after his huge orgasm and feeding on livestock afterwards.
As Marian pulled a long strip of dried semen off her right breast, a tearing sound cut through the air, terrifying the traumatized girl and waking the dragon. Marian slowly rolled over and watched in terror as the eggs began to rock and tremble violently, with one of them already having a large rip in the very top. Another tearing sound could be heard as the snapping jaws of one of the hatchlings poked through another egg. Slowly, the noses and jaws began to pierce the surfaces of the eggs as the hatchlings inside clawed their way out. At last, the five hatchlings burst out of the eggs and all released a shriek of confusion and excitement.
Marian shuddered in horror at the newborn monsters clawing their way out of their giant eggs. They were each the size of ferocious wolves, but had different body builds than the parent. Like the elder dragon, the hatchlings all had long limbs with humanoid skeletons and great flexibility. However, since they had never eaten before, they had very little body fat or muscle, making them very scrawny. In a way, their torsos and limbs were actually more humanoid than draconic, though as they got older, they would most likely bulk up and lose some of their flexibility, like the bones of a growing child fusing together with age.
Unlike their father, their scales were pink and feathery, though they would definitely with replaced with harder and more deeply colored scales. Being so young, their dragon talons were little more that stubby claws and their baby teeth were the size of fingernails. But while they were newborns, they were definitely deadly and likely were hungry.
To her relief, the dragons paid no attention to Marian and instead turned their attention to the eggs that they had just crawled out of. As the apparent dragon equivalence to the nursing-mother ability of mammals, the hatchlings began tearing into their former embryonic homes, ripping them to shreds with their jagged teeth and gorging on the flesh with gusto. As they ate and proved their carnivorous instincts, the parent dragon that had raped Marian stood over them with a proud gleam in his eye.
Completely petrified, Marian watched with wide eyes as the dragons fed on the fleshy pockets like starving dogs, glad that they weren’t turning this hunger on her. While their jaws were working as fast as a carpenter’s saw blade, Marian did not see her hopes for a quick and merciful death, as it was apparent that these beasts savored their meals and chewed their food, something that would mean a lot of agonizing pain if they turned on her.
For several minutes, the dragons gorged themselves on their eggs, eating until their stomachs were stretched, but leaving the eggs mostly intact. Marian’s body then went completely rigid as the hatchlings all turned their attention towards her and growled. To them, her smell was very unique; they were threatened by the fact that she obviously wasn’t one of them, but… she was also radiating hormones, both dragon hormones and adolescent human girl hormones, and that was driving them wild. The only thing that scared her more than their growls was the obvious fact that they were all male, a fact that was quickly… growing.
The five dragons were all well endowed with a good eight inches in length and impressive thickness, and all were fully erect. Understanding what his younglings were thinking, the parent dragon reached out with one of his hand-like paws, grabbed Marion, and flipped her over. Bent over the edge of the nest with the parent dragon holding her down, Marian discovered the tears that she thought she couldn’t produce.
“No, please don’t!” She sobbed desperately as one of the hatchlings got behind her, still awkwardly trying to understand his body. With greater instincts than any other animal at such a young age, the hatchling mounted her like a dog, slowly trying to guide his cock into his practice sex toy.
“Please don’t rape me!” She begged as she felt the dragon find her cunt with the head of his cock.
She attempted to give another plea but was cut off as the hatchling forced his cock all the way into her in a single brutal force, making her scream in excruciating pain and humiliation. She had been molested vaginally and anally by the parent dragon’s tongue, grinded with his organ, and ejaculated all over, but this was completely different. Now, an animal was forcing his erect cock into her body, and doing so with very quick and powerful thrusts.
The dragon began pummeling her snatch, literally hammering her with speed that she never thought possible. With this speed and strength, he was able to fill every corner of her pussy with his throbbing cock and drive so far into Marian that she felt like she was going to throw up. The continuous barrage of penetrating thrusts turned her scream of pain into a repeating beat of gagging moans.
The dragon was humping her with a ferocity that was a combination of faceless, brutal, and inhumanly cruel, but without any acknowledgment of right or wrong or that the object he was raping was even a living thing. All the while, the rest of the hatchlings were crouched behind them, growling and shoving each other over who would get the next turn to try out their new bodies.
After ten minutes, the young hatchling released a loud snarl as he experienced his first orgasm, launching thick streams of semen into his slave. Marian squealed from how hot the sperm was in her body and oozing down her legs, but instantly burst into tears at the revulsion she felt from this beast’s seed flooding her womanhood and dripping down her thighs. This creature had just ejaculated in her body as if she were a common prostitute.
Semi-deflated, the panting dragon pulled out of her and crawled back, instantly being replaced by one of its brothers. The second hatchling wasted no time crawling on top of Marian and penetrating her bruised cunt. This time, Marian did not scream in pain or try to pull away, she just lied there and tearfully whimpered as her body was rocked back and forth by the creature’s thrusts. With the family sex toy now docile, the elder dragon released his paw while his son violated the adolescent girl.
This time was different than the first rape, as disgusted as Marian was, the sensations she was feeling could not be denied as being… pleasurable. As much as she hated the beast, the violation, the pain, the humiliation, and herself, she couldn’t help but take some slight enjoyment in the dragon’s thrusts. The bruised lips and interior walls of her slit were quivering which each penetration of the dragon’s cock and her body gaining a very pleasant warmth. No matter how disgusting she reminded herself that this was or how much she hated getting raped… she was enjoying this.
Like the first, the second hatchling snarled as it had a huge orgasm, spraying load after load of hot jizz into her body until she was completely overflowing. The dragon slid his slime-coated phallus out of her and crawled back, while the third dragon pounced.
After watching his two brothers have so much fun, the third dragon was overexcited as he mounted her like a dog. Without being able to use his hands or even look, it wasn’t much of a surprise when he forced his dick into Marian’s asshole. The young woman yelped in pain, but the yelp was mixed with more surprise than shame or disgust. The dragon grunted from the tightness of her asshole, but after a few practice thrusts, he was hammering away at her sphincter, with Marian giving a shrill moan with each push.
Like before, there was undeniable pleasure in the violation, but it was much less focused due to sensitivity and more of a confusing and indescribable sensation. Regardless, the physical pleasure moving from her lower body was very powerful. Without even realizing it, she moved her arm from the outside of the nest to underneath her body and began rubbing her cum-soaked slit. As the dragon picked up speed, so did the strokes of her fingers, and in turn, the volume of her moans.
Marian’s body began to tremble uncontrollably and she felt the warmth in her lower body turn into very familiar heat. Finally, she and the dragon had simultaneous orgasms, something that would normally belong in a good love story… As the dragon poured jet after jet of his seed into her anus, a mixture of her own juices and the seed of the dragon’s kin poured from her cunt. The giant winged lizard gave a loud snarl and the distraught rape victim gave a shrill moan.
The dragon dismounted her like a rider climbing off of a horse and Marian fell back into the nest, panting and limp from exhaustion. With their victim just lying there sprawled out, the last two dragons were too impatient to consider letting either one get the next turn. In desperation, they both pounced on her at the same time.
The fourth dragon managed to penetrate her cunt, basically marking that area of her body as his territory against her fifth brother. This movement barely detoured his brother, as the fifth dragon had already found another orifice to use to gratify his sexual desires; her mouth. With Marian still panting from the strain of getting raped and sodomized, fear of suffocation entered her mind when the fifth dragon forced his cock into her mouth. With instincts that could easily be mistaken for sexual experience, the dragon humped her face, forcing its erect dick in her mouth and hammering the back of her throat.
With the dragon’s manhood in her mouth, one of Marian’s last few shreds of dignity was crushed by shame and disgust. But while a few new tears of misery fell from her eyes, she found some amusement in the fact that the size, shape, warmth, and musky smell of the creature’s dick reminded her of eating roasted sausages, something she was treated to when her family visited the owners of nearby pig farm.
The last two dragons had much less self-control and both ejaculated at the same time, stuffing Marian’s slender body with semen at both ends. Even though she had experienced it before and was expecting it, Marian gagged and choked in disgust on the semen filling her mouth and being pumped down her throat, then desperately jerked her head to the side so that she could puke.
Having recovered from his turn, the first dragon decided he wanted another round. While his tail, wings, and back spikes made it awkward, he laid down and pulled Marian on top of him, who was as limp as a ragdoll and still spitting out the semen of the dragon’s brother. Acting far more like a human than a dragon, the creature pushed his red erection back up into his sex slave. Marian gave a small whimper from the cruel penetration, but did not cry and did not even try to resist.
Afraid that the creature would dig his claws into her flesh, Marian obeyed the pushing and pulling of his arms and his paws on her hips, bouncing up and down on his rock-hard dick. A new wave of shame filled Marian as she felt the burn of exertion in her thighs with each rise and fall. Until now, she had just been pinned down while the dragons used her in any way that they wanted without even acknowledging her, now she was being forced to put in effort to please them, working her own body and muscles as the creature raped her, though she had to bounce on the monster’s cock with just the power in her thighs, as her wounded ankle would not let her properly crouch.
The second dragon that had raped her mounted her from behind without hesitation, pushing his organ into her bruised asshole and making her yelp in pain from being double-penetrated by the two beasts. As the second dragon began jabbing into her anus in a steady but brutal rhythm, Marian was unable to continue bouncing on the first dragon’s cock. She gave a sigh of relief from the dragon showing no annoyance towards her lack of motion and the chance to rest her burning thighs, but this relief was short-lived.
Standing awkwardly on his hind legs, the third dragon pounced on her shoulders, hefting his bounding cock in front of her face. Realizing that she could sink no lower, Marian opened her lips and took the dragon’s phallus in her mouth. Her head began bobbing back and forth as she used her tongue and cheeks to orally pleasure her inhuman captor. After only a minute of the beasts molesting her three orifices in tandem, Marion released a loud cry of pain. Her right and left arms each had parallel bleeding scratches, given to her by the fourth and fifth dragons. They were definitely the rowdiest of the litter and they had just harmed her to voice their impatience of being left out while the other three all got to violate her at once.
Marian didn’t have any other holes in her body to let them release their energy into, but she knew that if she didn’t give them anything, they would attack again. Trying to fight the jarring thrusts of the dragon ramming her asshole, Marion leaned her forehead against the lower-stomach of the third dragon and used only jerks of her neck to pleasure it, and clutched the sides of the first dragon’s torso with her knees, allowing her to have some semblance of balance.
With her arms freed, Marion reached out and wrapped her fingers around the throbbing erections of the fourth and fifth dragons. Hoping this would satisfy them, she began stroking them with all the focus and strength she could muster in her traumatized mind and aching body The dragons instantly calmed down as she worked her hands up and down the shafts of their cocks, squeezing and working the exterior skin as she appeased their sexual desires with the vigorous jacking. So that her arms wouldn’t have to be so outstretched, the fourth and fifth dragons mimicked the third, standing up awkwardly on their hand legs, while resting their front legs on her shoulders to maintain their balance.
While she originally thought she had no more shame to feel, Marian’s face stung from the saltiness of fresh tears as she looked back at her life and this ordeal. A day ago, she was the happy daughter of a proud farmer, a member of a family blessed with a grape farm for delicious wine, a young woman with beauty obviously given to her personally by God, and at the age to get married and start a family of her own. That had just been a day ago, now here she was, crippled and getting gang-raped by five unholy monsters at the same time, after being molested and deflowered by their father. She was nothing more than a sex slave belonging to mere beasts, caked in their semen and at their mercy.
She couldn’t even be seen right now, she was completely cocooned in a prison of leathery wings and scaly backs from the dragons all closed in on her, molesting her in every way possible. She had one dragon penis resting still in her aching pussy, one being forced up into her asshole with the same rhythm of falling rain, she was bobbing her head back and forth as she orally pleasured the third like a godless whore, and she was using her hands to stroke the fourth and fifth with their erect cocks just inches from her face. This was what she had been reduced to…
But as it had been before, probably the worst part was the fact that there was undeniable pleasure. Before, it had been a shameful itch that was in the shadow of her pain and humiliation. But now, for the first time, she was enjoying the rape more than she was hating it. She could no longer lie to herself and say that she did not enjoy the penetrating feeling, the masculine arousal she felt in the dragons as they worked their phalluses in her body, the heat radiating from these tools of molestation that were probing her orifices, the taste and smell of the third dragon that she was sucking off, and just the feel of the muscled organs she was massaging in her hands.
As she thought more and more about her unwilling enjoyment, her body was beginning to overheat in sexual euphoria. With the third dragon’s cock filling her mouth, Marian gave a muffled scream as she experienced her third climax, brought on by the five creatures raping her at the same time. As the heat of the orgasm slowly slipped away from her trembling body over the course of a few minutes, she was once again filled with waves of disgust and self-loathing of the pleasure she was experiencing.
She was suddenly shaken from her bout of self-pity by agonizing pain shooting up her ankle, caused by the first and second dragons pulling out of her to switch places. While they took their new positions and each pushed their cocks into her now-bleeding cunt and asshole, the fifth dragon growled in aggravation. As great as Marian was at pleasuring him with her right hand, it wanted more. Desperate to keep the creature happy and non-violent, Marian took the third dragon’s penis out of her mouth and began stroking it with her right hand. She turned to the fifth dragon and opened her mouth, signaling to the beast that it was his turn. Following the signal, the creature put the head of his cock between her lips and she quickly began sucking on it, trying to keep him satisfied.
After a minute of blowing the fifth dragon, the fourth to her left growled, telling her that it now wanted a turn. Taking the fifth dragon’s cock out of her mouth, she once again began stroking it with her right hand while she stroked the third with her left. With the third and fifth dragons occupied, she turned her head and began sucking on the fourth, now accustomed and experienced in blowing her captors. After two minutes, another dragon growled. This time it was the third and he was telling her that he missed the softness of her mouth. Marian switched her left hand to the phallus of the fourth dragon and once again began deep-throating the third.
From this point, time seemed to go on in an eternal loop. Marian wasn’t sure how long she was being molested, but the dragons only stopped to change positions so that she could pleasure each of them in every way possible. With each second that passed, her body was getting more and more exhausted and her level of soreness was skyrocketing. Her jaw was aching from her mouth being wrapped around dragon shafts, her arms were on fire from the continuous exertion, and she could feel blood streaming down her inner thighs from her violated vagina and anus.
Just as she felt like she was about to collapse from exhaustion, she became the receiver of both a blessing and a curse. As if they all shared one mind and body, the dragons each unleashed his largest and final orgasm, emptying their entire semen reserves. The amount being launched from each fleshy fountain allowed Marion to see the “family resemblance” to their father.
There was so much jizz being pumped into her vagina and asshole that the pressure and expansion hurt as much as the physical violation. The intensity and amount of the spray in her mouth and throat was agitating her throat, making her gag and throw up to the point where semen was dripping from her nose. The streams from the dragons she was manually jacking were on par with flooding gutters, coating her face and breasts in a thick, sticky layer of animal cum.
The dragons all pulled away from Marian, leaving her collapsed in a puddle of their collected semen. Her thighs were coated in blood from her torn vagina and anus, her muscles felt like hot lead weights, and her dignity had been completely crushed… and raped.
“Is this my fate? Is this what my existence will be?” Marian tearfully whispered before once again passing out.

Marian was woken up by the feeling of penetration and instantly sighed when she realized she was being sodomized. One of the dragons was crouched over her body, thrusting into her sore anus with medium-speed. Marian didn’t squirm, whimper, or shed a tear; she just lied there and tried to focus on the pleasure of the violation and ignore the pain. On the other side of the giant nest, the other four dragons were feasting on their eggs, but they were also competing with the flies that had been drawn to the smell of the giant embryonic pods, and the beast that was molesting her had most likely just finished his meal. By the cave exit, the elder dragon was sound asleep.
Before, being raped in her blistered anus would have caused Marian to scream in pain and cry in shame, but now, she just lied there like a dead body at the hands of a necrophile. She barely felt the stinging pain in her rear end and was numb to the sexual trauma. She had accepted her situation and welcomed the peace of mind that came with it. This was how she would live, and quite likely, she would die very soon in the same way. But with this peace of mind and this developed endurance to the mind-numbing violation, she now had a chance to think and organize her thoughts.
The first thing that she had rolled over in her mind was the acceptance that dignity and self-respect could not exist in this situation. These creatures had taken everything from her and she had hit rock bottom, so there was no reason to cry in humiliation and revulsion. She had hit rock bottom, so she had nowhere to go but up, and that thought had returned her will to live. If she were to have any chance of surviving or escaping, she had to ignore pain and shame and just take it.

Once the dragons all finished their serving of the eggs, they turned to Marian and began another rape session, all pouncing on their crippled concubine and fighting over who would get which orifice to ram. Like when she was awoken by sodomy, Marian just laid there when movement was not required and focused on the accepted sexual pleasure she was experiencing. Once the dragons blew their load and covered her in a thick white pelt of jizz, they all curled up in their wings and fell asleep. With that reprieve, she went to work. After gathering up the best sticks in the nest she could find and braiding the animal hair into rope, she managed to make a splint for her ankle. If she were to have any hopes of escaping, she would need her ankle to be as healed as possible.
Next, she decided to see how well she could move around, and practice moving with only one usable ankle. If she had to make a quick escape, she would need to be able to climb out of that nest without a single stumble. As she climbed up onto one of the walls of the nest, several sticks were broken underneath her weight.
The snapping sounds alerted the sleeping hatchlings, which all gave a loud screech when they saw that their favorite toy was trying to escape. Marian gave a curse of anger and a scream of agony as one of them grabbed her by the leg, dragging her back into the nest and banging her injured ankle.
While they had been asleep and had spent their loads just a half hour before, the dragons showed no tiredness of hesitation in ganging up and raping her with exceptional brutality. It was as if they were the humans and she were the animal, and they were disciplining her for trying to leave in the same way humans would discipline a misbehaving pet. Against her newfound resolve and courage, Marian cried and screamed in pain as the beasts violated her with an angry harshness that they had not shown before. By the time they were done, she was curled in a fetal position, shaking from the pain that racked her body.
While her stomach was growling with the intensity and volume as the beasts that made a hobby of molesting her, she decided it was a good idea to not push her luck and just try to recover from her torture. Cursing her helplessness, Marian curled up into a tighter ball and slowly drifted to sleep.

The first thing Marian felt upon waking up was an excruciating emptiness in her stomach and fiery dryness in her throat. She barely had any sense of time, but she was certain she had been in that cave for at least three days. The only reason she had not died of thirst was because of the water her stomach had derived from all of sperm she had been forced to swallow.
She looked around desperately, trying to find something edible. Unfortunately, the nest was completely barren of any form of food, and even if she could get out of the nest, there was nothing on the cave floor but grimy animal bones and the hatchlings’ feces, and even if she were desperate enough to eat the latter, she couldn’t get out of the nest. She momentarily considered trying to kill and eat one of the dragons, but not only did she not have a single chance at even being an even match, but the vengeance of the other dragons would be unimaginable.
Marion looked across the nest at the eggs sitting around the sleeping dragons. The embryonic pods had been almost completely devoured and would probably be finished off in the next serving. They were her only source of food and she had to at least try… Chewing on her lip and trying to keep her broken ankle elevated, Marian slowly crawled over to the dragons. Once she reached the group, she reached out and grabbed one of the decaying slabs of fatty skin. She gave a small tug, and before the slab could even move an inch, the dragon that the meat belonged to woke up and pounced, snarling with anger. He knocked Marian back and pinned her down, growling and snapping his jaws right above her face.
Petrified with fear, Marian could do nothing but tremble as the dragon made his point before climbing off her and skulking back. Out of spite, the dragon snapped up the oozing slab and devoured it in one gulp, then settled back down and went to sleep.
“Damn it.” Marian cursed.

After their nap, the dragons finished devouring the remains of their embryonic pods, taking away the last edible substance in the cave. As usual, they then turned their attention to Marian and proceeded to stretch and work their young muscles, in the form of deep violent thrusts into her body. Marian had two orgasms brought on by the animal gang-rape, so she tried to focus on them and the sexual euphoria she experienced.
Once again lying in a pool of fresh semen, Marian tried to ignore her hunger and thirst and fall asleep, much like the sexually-spent dragons. Unless she managed to find some form of food or water, she would waste away while the dragons would continue to molest her. The fact that they had finished eating their eggs but showed no signs of being ready to fly or leave the nest worried her; now that they had run out of a food, there was a good chance that they would turn on her.

Marian gave a sigh of relief from the sight before her as she woke up. The elder dragon was standing over the nest with a slain cow hanging from his dagger-sized teeth. The hatchlings all squealed in hunger and began jumping up and down, trying to get at the fresh meat. Marian saw a chance in the carcass as well. She was so hungry and thirsty, she would eat the heifer’s raw entrails and drink its blood. If she could just get a turn at the body, she could survive.
The dead cow was dropped into the nest and the dragons instantly piled on the bleeding body, shoving each other out of the way and rippling off shreds of meat with gusto. Marian crawled over on her hands and knees, but was shoved out of the way before she could even touch the cow. These dragons were the very definition of selfish and territorial… Forced back to the other side of the nest, Marian could do nothing but curse her thirst and hunger. Her throat was so dry that she wanted to cry just so she could drink her tears and her stomach was growling with such intensity that she almost wanted to cannibalize one of her limbs.
To her surprise, the dragons’ appetites seemed to be several times greater than before. In just under a half hour, the dragons were able to strip the cow’s skeleton clean of every ounce of flesh. They even snapped the bones and drained them off the marrow, something that Marian had been hoping she would be able to do once the dragons fell asleep.
Following their predictable schedule, the dragons decided to work off the meal through exercise; their workout being sexual assault. With half of her mind focused on pleasuring her owners, Marian focused the other half of her mind on trying to find a way to get water and sustenance. Her thoughts were interrupted after a long period of time by the surprise that the dragons still weren’t done with her. It had been an hour and a half and the beasts were still raping her with the same speed and power as when they began.
Minutes passed by slowly with each leaving her more exhausted than the last. Marian tried to keep her movements to only the necessary minimum, hoping she could outlast her tormenters, as they were the ones truly exerting themselves. But this turned out to be and meaningless attempt, as she was exhausted long before they were. Too tired to move, Marian laid on her stomach as limp as a ragdoll, with her body being jerked by the undeterred thrusts of the dragons, now being forced to take turns instead of all ganging up on her.
After two hours, the dragons finally gave in and all ejaculated in an on her. To her relief, the jizz they poured down her throat managed to quench her thirst. With their reserves now spent, the dragons commenced with the next step of their eat-rape-sleep cycle.
Marian lay still, gasping for air and trying to recover. The dragons had not been that brutal since she tried to escape, and the torment had gone on for so long that she thought they were actually going to rape her to death. She couldn’t even move her legs because her vagina and anus were so bruised and torn, the smallest shift would send bolts of crippling pain crawling through her body, but the pain in her body was still less than her thirst and her hunger.
She could only assume that it was the fourth day, and save for several gulps of dragon seed, she had been deprived of all liquids. Someone exposed to less would be dead from dehydration, and she knew her dried-out body was now at death’s door. If she could just find some food or water, she could continue on, instead of just relying of semen to quench her thirst.
Wait… that thought had just given her an idea.
Using her hand, she scraped all of the wet and dried semen off of her naked body, forming a pile of white crust and thick slime on her palm. She stared at the disgusting mass, trying to strengthen her resolve. The dragon sperm had no nutrients, but there was water in it and she could use it to fill her stomach. Reminding herself that she couldn’t afford to feel shame or disgust, Marian closed her eyes and scooped the mixed semen of the five dragons into her mouth. While the beasts had ejaculated into her throat almost two-dozen times, she gagged and almost vomited from the taste and consistency of the slimy pile. Knowing that she would not survive without it, she suppressed her gag reflex and swallowed it all.
Like her sexual pleasure, the great feeling of all the wet and dry sperm landing in her stomach was incredible. The mass now residing her stomach strengthened her appetite and she was hungry for more. With new strength, she began peeling the dried semen off of her naked body and stuffing it into her mouth, chewing on it as fast as she could and using all of her willpower to ignore the rancid salty taste.
Still not full, she began scooping up the puddle of semen she had been forced to wallow in for the fast several days. With each crusty handful she scooped into her mouth, her hunger was more and more extinguished and she became more and more excited. Once she had eaten every chip and glob she could find, she laid back with her hand on her mostly-full stomach. She hadn’t felt this good in this cave since her first orgasm. But while her hunger was mostly gone, she wasn’t full and she was still very thirsty. As much as she hated herself for it, she was desperate for more semen to gorge on.
Unfortunately, the hatchlings might be violent if she woke them up so early, even to suck them off, and they hadn’t been resting enough to restore their reserves. But there was still one more possible source…
Trying to make as little noise as possible and not alert the sleeping hatchlings, Marian climbed up onto the edge of the nest. The elder dragon had just returned from defecating outside and was now stretching. Reminding herself that she couldn’t afford to be prideful or dignified, Marian tried to figure out how to entice the dragon.
“Psst!” She hissed, catching the colossal beast’s attention.
The creature that stole her virginity as well as her body looked up, now curious. Once again swallowing her pride, Marian stuck out her tongue and began licking the air, resembling an overheating dog trying to cool itself. The dragon stared at her tongue, remembering how soft her mouth was and how nice it felt. As he remembered violating her, the dragon’s cock revealed itself and became fully erect, becoming as large and hard as a tree log. Marian continued to jiggle her tongue, signaling to the elder dragon that she wanted it.
The giant dragon crawled over to her, hefting his erect dick and resting it on the edge of the nest, right in front of Marian. As she remembered, the head of the dragon’s cock was as large as her own skull and the musky smell was far more potent than the genital aroma of the younglings. This was the only way she could get something to quench her thirst, and she would have to whore herself to do it. Taking the initiative, she wrapped her arms around the dragon’s head and began running her tongue in the slit on the very tip, which was as large as a sword slash. The flesh was so hot that she felt like her lips were becoming chapped and her tongue burned, and she could barely breath the odor that seemed to waft from the beast’s phallus.
Regardless of the unpleasantness, she worked tirelessly to satisfy the creature. Hugging the head of the dragon’s cock and holding her breath, Marian completely buried her face in the slit, kissing it as if it were the face of her lover and slobbering the interior with her tongue, pleasuring her dragon owner to her best ability. When the dragon began to shake and grunt, she knew she had done a good job. She doubled her efforts, working hard to milk the dragon for every drop of cum. Knowing that it was about to ejaculate, Marian closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as possible, lusting for a quenching drink.
The dragon’s orgasm was much larger and more powerful than expected, nearly pushing her back from the force and amount. She was wrapped in a white cloak of semen and managed to swallow more than a pint. While her thirst was satisfied, she was feeling rather glutinous, even… lustful. She continued to lick the slit while she rubbed the head with her arms, eventually coaxing another orgasm. She felt a twisted form of pleasure and satisfaction in the feeling of being sprayed with more semen. The dragon pulled away with his dick quickly deflating and crawled out of the cave to go hunting.
Lying in the nest, Marian scraped the dragon’s cum off of her naked body and slurped it off her fingers with relish. Her stomach was full and she was no longer thirsty, but she could not stop herself. At first she thought some part of her mind was just telling her to clean herself off, but this thought was instantly crushed when she realized she was touching herself with her other hand and rubbing the dragon’s semen into her pussy.
She couldn’t believe it, how had it changed this much? Before, she would cry and scream as the dragons raped her or ejaculated into or on her body, then she resigned herself to her fate with a hopeless silence as she let them use her body however they wanted, then she gained enough confidence to hope that she could achieve her freedom if she waited them out and used their bodily fluids to stay alive. Now here she was, savoring the dragon’s cum like it was a treat and stroking the bruised lips of her cunt in sexual euphoria. She had gone from being a suicidal victim to being their nymphomaniac pet.
There were so many things that she hated about this situation; she wished she could be given time to heal, she wished she could have some real food and water, she wished she could tell her family she wasn’t dead (even if she didn’t think she would ever be able to face them if she lived), and wished she could at least sleep in something more comfortable than a bed of semen-coated sticks.
But while there were all of those problems, she had to accept the fact that she was… starting to enjoying this. She was enjoying the warmth and taste of the dragons’ cum, she was enjoying getting ganged up on by the five dragons and pleasuring all at the same time like a whore, she was enjoying the feeling of the dragons cocks being driven deep into her body so hard and fast that she could do nothing but moan, and she was absolutely loving every orgasm that the endless sessions of gang-rape brought on. At first she had hated it so much that she prayed for death, now she couldn’t get enough violation.
Like the return of her will to live, this acceptance gave her incredible peace of mind. At the cost of her dignity and many comforts, this was actually making her happy. And if being violated was enjoyable, then she was going to enjoy this to the full potential…
As she gained her first smile since being captured, all of the hatchlings began to stir from their nap. On cue, the elder dragon returned with a dead elk hanging from his jaws and dropped it into the nest, giving his sons a filling meal. As the dragons tore the flesh apart, Marian laid back and continued to touch herself, working her fingers between the legs as she waited for the dragons to finish eating so that she could pleasure them, and they in turn could pleasure her.
Once they finished stripping the meat from the elk skeleton, Marian got on her knees with her face against the floor of the nest. Looking forward to being violated again, Marian cracked a smile and used her hands to spread her ass cheeks and reveal her anus, which was still sore and healing from being ravaged for so long and so many times.
“Come on children, I’m ready.” She purred.

The session proved to be the most pleasurable, with Marian having finally accepted that she was enjoying being molested. Even though her vagina and anus had been almost completely shredded from brutal penetrations and she knew the dragons couldn’t understand her, she found herself whispering for them to work harder and faster, and begging them to “spray her”.
As if sensing her change in mood and view, the dragons seemed to change their tactics. They weren’t as brutal and forceful in claiming stake over parts of her body or making her pleasure them, they instead waited for her invitation. She was not their master, their family member, or even their equal, but they did seem to be aware that she was a living thing and not an inanimate sex toy.
The session ended with Marian using her hands to stroke the dragons to climax with her mouth open, hungrily catching the jets of sperm. She did this to all of them, hungrily draining them of every drop of cum and licking up every drop that missed her lips and waiting tongue. With the dragons spent and her own physical needs fulfilled, the nest-mates all fell asleep, with Marian finally resting peacefully.


2014-10-20 10:43:09
Sorry, it cut off the last bit of my comment. It was supposed to finish:

Damn people, have some common sense and respect.

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2014-10-20 10:28:00
I read the it the first time around, all 3 parts, but never posted a review. I have to say I like this story very much and have reread it a few times and showed it to others. It's a perfect story to fantasize over when you're a defiant-
submissive , fantasy loving girl. Keep it up. :)

And anote to all the ignorant bitches: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL WRITER. If you're that good to remember the story, remember who wrote it in the first place. D

Sage Of The Forlorn PathReport

2014-08-30 20:40:08
I didn't steal it, I WAS THE ONE WHO WROTE IT. The series got deleted by the inquisition since Marian was underage. I reposted it and decided to change the name (mainly because I couldn't remember what I had originally called it).

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2014-08-28 22:46:28
where did they steal it from?

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2014-08-28 22:46:25
where did they steal it from?

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