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Roland & Verna Part 1

I lived in an apartment. I was laid of work for several months. Steve was the manager of the apartments and the owner was too cheap to hire anyone on the outside for maintenance so he paid Steve and his wife to do it. Then I talked to the owner about my situation. So he hired me to help Steve paying me with cash under the table and free rent.

Steve drink a little and would go out back of the complex in the late evening by a pond after work where a couple picnic tables were set up. He invited me to join him this particular evening. It was getting dust dark.. As we sat talking I noticed movement through the large bedroom window in the number six corner building

“Steve, I thought you said no pets were allowed in the apartments.”
“Just cats. That’s all.” He replied.

“Look at that corner apartment. A young lady has a large German shepherd.”
That’s Verna. Her husband is Roland.” Steve replied. “He drives that red Corvette. I wonder where he is.”

We sat there watching the action. Verna was laying back on the foot of her bed with her legs spread with her feet on the floor. She had on a blue sheer top. The dog had his front feet on the bed straddling her fucking the hell out of her. He seemed to be having a ball.

Steve and I walked up about ten feet from the window and watched her as that dog pounded her pussy. The window was slid open as wide as it would go. Her arms were spread across the bed with her ass on the edge. She had a couple large towels folded in half on the floor beneath the dog at the edge of the bed. She was moaning as the dog banged double-time against her pussy. She started moaning a little louder as she laid her hands on his front shoulders. The dog had his head turned to one side with his tongue hanging out. You would swear he had a smile on his face. In a few minutes cum started squirting out of her like water hose. She moaned louder. Then the dog turned around backwards. His cock was knotted in her.
I noticed Steve rubbing his cock. “I’ll have to talk to her tomorrow.” He said.
“No, let me talk to her first. I live here and it might better. Besides I have to paint her dining room tomorrow from that grease fire too, remember? I’ll talk to her then.”
“Oh, okay.’ He replied.

We stood there for another ten minutes watching them until his cock popped out of her. That dog had a cock on him fit for any fuck. Then cum gushed out of her pussy and down on the towels. It was a sight to see as he lapped her pussy with that long tongue. She moaned. Before he stopped she had another orgasm. The dog walked to the right side of the bed and lay down. She stood up revealing her beautiful body as she left the bedroom to the bathroom just outside the door. Steve just shook his head as he said, “Now I’m as horny as hell. I think I will go to my apartment and get some pussy.

The next day about 10 o’clock I got my equipment and knocked on her door. She didn’t answer. The door was partially open so I walked in. I called her name but she didn’t respond. I didn’t see the dog either. Her car was parked in her usual spot. I heard a noise in her bedroom. I sat my paint and accessories down by the kitchen and made my way slowly into the same bedroom we had seen her in the night before. I stopped at the door. There she was laying spread out on the bed just like she was before with the dog standing on his hind legs with his front legs straddle her and humping. I stood there and watched. Her pussy was slick shaved glittering with cum as the sun partially filled the room. My cock started getting hard just watching them. Suddenly she looked up and without embarrassment and smiled.
“I’ll be with you in a few minutes as soon as Roland is finished. I have a pot of coffee on if you would like a cup.”
“Thanks but would you mind if I watched you finish?”
“If that is what you want.” She replied.

She lay there another five minutes as the dog continued fucking her full speed. She started moaning as he banged his cock deep in her pussy. The dog started whining. My cock was bone hard by now and I was getting horny. I wanted to get down there and pull him off and take over. That paint job could have waited a little longer. Roland dismounted and turned around. He had knotted in her as he did last night.

Then suddenly another German police got up on the other side of the bed. It was about the same size of Roland. It walked over to me in a friendly way. I slid my hand down under its tummy. It was a female. The Roland finally slid out of her and walked away. She looked up at me and said.
You ever fuck a dog?”
“No, I replied.
“You want to try her. She has a big pussy. She just weaned a litter of five about a weak ago. Besides, you might like it.”
“No but I would like to fuck you.” I replied.
“Well, if you will fuck her for me now, then I will let you fuck me all you want later. You might like it.”

My cock was throbbing just watching them. I wanted some pussy. I had never thought of myself fucking an animal before but now that I watched Verna, it looked like it might be fun. At least it would be a new experience.
"Well, okay only if you never tell anyone.”
“Only if you promise not to tell anyone what you just saw.” “You got a deal.” I replied. This is Roland and that is Princess.
Roland stood there licking her beautiful pussy cleaning it up. Verna closed her eyes as she started moaning again. She went into another orgasm. He licked her clean again. He walked around the side of the bed where the Princess had just curled back up and lay on a pad licking himself clean.

“Come up here Princess.” She called as she patted the middle of the bed. “Its your turn now”
Princess jumped up on the bed and lay down as I pulled my clothes off. I crawled on the bed. Verna looked at my cock sticking straight out.
“How big is that thing? She asked.
“About seven inches.” I replied.
“Ah, the same size of Roland. Princess will love it.” She said as she took her fingers and took some cum left in her pussy and wet Princess’s pussy good.
I slid over to her as Verna took hold of her hairy lips and spread them out. I stuck the bare head between them and slowly slid my throbbing cock in. It was tight but Verna’s and Roland's cum made it slick and it slid in easy. It wasn’t going to take me long to shoot my load. I slowly slid it in. Her pussy was hot. That made my cock throb even more. Verna was right. It was big but tight for me. I slowly slid it all the way in. I could feel the back of her. I turned her over on her back and started slowly humping. My cock throbbed every time I pulled it almost out and slid it back in. Verna lay behind us with her head below watching my cock going in and out as she cupped my balls in her hand and her fore and middle fingers around my cock. She could feel and see that I was enjoying it but never spoke another word. I slid my cock slowly in and out. It felt so good. In less than five minutes I felt an orgasm coming on. I glanced around and Verna was finger fucking her pussy and starting to moan. My orgasm started coming on stronger. I kept holding back hard. Princess’s hot pussy wasn’t helping any. Then I felt another warm sensation. It felt like Princess was cumin. My load was merging my balls. Suddenly Verna started moaning. That set me off. My load rushed down my cock and cum spattered deep in Princess’s pussy as I fucked her, humping double time banging my balls against he brown hole as my cock slid deep in her. I let out a moan as I exploded shooting load after load. I could feel it squeesing around my cock sliding back and forth “Oh god that feels good.” I unconsciously said out loud.
“See, I told you, you would like it. She replied.
“I hope you are as good as her.” I replied.
I kept humping her. I must have shot six or eight heavy loads deep in her until I could feel no more.
My cock was still hard. I kept humping her. Feeling hot cum squishing around my cock started turning me on again. It didn't take long until I started unloading in her again. Cum startes squirting out of her now as it hit my balls saturating them. When I had shot the last wad my cock started getting soft and popped out, squirting cum behind it.
"Ya' know Verna, You are right. She wasn't that bad. And they say sheep have some good pussy. Are you as good as her?"
“Are you married?” She asked.
“No! Why?”
“Then come over here tonight about nine. Then I’ll let you see how good I really am. You’ll have plenty of time to find out” She replied.
My cock was half hard when I pulled it out of Princess’s pussy. Cum had saturated my pubic hair and running down my balls. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed.
“I’ll have that coffee now.” I said.
We sat down in the dining room table and she explained why she had Roland as her sex partner instead of a man. That her husband had been cheating on her and had brought her to their house and she caught him on top of her in this same bed. She had gotten divorce from him. She explained that they had gotten these dogs when they were puppies. I explained to her about not supposing to have animals here other than a cat. Also that Steve and I had watched her last night through the window while we were having a beer back by the pond after work. She didn’t say anything except she couldn’t fuck a cat.
“I’ll explain to Steve about the dogs. I think he will understand. But he may charge for the dogs just to cover his job.”
“That’s okay. I won’t mind paying for their stay.”
“I had to laugh earlier when you said your dogs name was Roland. Steve thought that Roland was you’re husbands name.”
She laughed hard.
“Okay. I’ll get most the painting done today. I will finish it tomorrow since I got delayed today.” I said smiling.
“I’ve got some errands to do today. If I’m not back when you leave, just lock the doors behind you. Then I’ll see you tonight.” Verna replied.
She left and I went to work but left a wall to finish tomorrow intentionally. I stopped at the office and talked to Steve about Verna. He had to laugh about thinking Roland was her husband. After a long discussion He said it had to be a secret about the dog and her both. So we agreed. But I didn’t tell him nothing about me fucking Princess.


2007-10-05 18:24:36
When we were quite young a cousin and I fingered a dog for the better part of the summer and he occassionally would stick his dick in her. I never did that but I did enjoy the fingering.


2006-09-22 02:25:29
I fucked my Border Collie when I was about 15. She was so beautiful, and what a "fuck" she was!!!


2006-06-25 23:55:43
hot story


2006-01-20 18:21:57
Part 2 has been submited. Thanks


2006-01-11 17:41:00
I want more where is part 2 I'm still cumming

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