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Some of this shit is actually true...more on the wlay
Hi I’m Lex short for Alexis. Yes I know Lex rhymes with sex, my favorite thing.
I met Julie in my sophomore year. She was a new girl in the school and to my eyes had a style all her own. We were total opposites in some ways. Julie was a brunette and had a sculpted athletic body and was on both the swim team and the volleyball team. I on the other hand was a petite blonde who was president of the drama club and one of the leaders on the cheer team.

That first year we shared a number of classes so it was natural that we would become study-buddies and then fast friends. Fast forward to our senior year. I began to notice that Julie would steal peeks at my body when we were changing after gym class or when we shared a blanket at the beach. These weren’t looks of appreciation or admiration, these looks had a sexual tinge to them. Soon I found myself peeking at Julie’s sexy body as well.

One day I was getting into my cheer team outfit before a volleyball game and I found myself getting all wet. I was in a cubicle at in the change room and while I had my top on I was naked from the waist down. I closed my eyes and brought Julie to mind in her supper tight volleyball shorts. Julie had the most amazing muscular, round ass and for some reason, her volleyball shorts fit her like another skin.

Anyone who bothered to look, could see that Julie didn’t wear panties under the shorts, and they revealed every subtle curve of her perfect ass as she bent over to receive a serve from the opposition team. When Julie dived for the ball her legs spread open, there in the crotch of those skin-tight shorts, was the outline of her entire pussy mound and cunt slit. Julie didn’t wear a bra under her tight top so watching her serve the ball was so sexy as her firm breasts giggled and her nipples pressed against the fabric. It was impossible for me to concentrate on my jumps when all I could think of was Julie’s sexy body.
I pushed two fingers into my wet pussy and moaned at the thought of rubbing my hands all over the outside of Julie’s volleyball shorts. I knew I could make myself cum in seconds but a better idea came to mind. I picked up my blue satin shorts that I work under my cheer skirt. I turned them inside out. The crotch of the shorts had a lining and I smile. I took a pair of tweezers from my bag and in seconds I was able to remove the lining. I pulled the shorts on and moaned at what I saw. The shorts were meant to be tight but now with the lining removed every inch of my shaved pussy slit was outlined against the satiny fabric.

I was certain Julie got thrill from showing off her hot ass and cunt during the game and now I would experience the same feeling. I adjusted the waist of the skirt so that the crotch of the shorts was visible at all times.

My heart was beating at breakneck speed as I grabbed my pompoms and headed into the gym. I joined the other members of the cheer team and immediately my eyes found Julie as she warmed up for the game. She was stretching on the floor with her legs spread wide in front of her. I nearly moaned when I saw the fabric of her black shorts pull tight around her cunt mound. Suddenly her eyes looked up and took me in. I put my hands on my hips and thrust my hips forward. I knew this action would give her a clear view of my pussy lips clearly outlined by the tight shorts. I looked again and Julie had a big smile on her face. She slowly moved one of her hands up her thigh as she bent over to stretch. I nearly moaned as I watched her hand pinch her cunt lips through the crotch of her shorts so that they protruded even more clearly.

Breathlessly I squatted down and slowly moved one of my pompoms up my firm thigh and began to slide the handle up and down the slit of my cunt. I looked Julie right in the eye as she licked her lips.

The whistle blew to start the game and I had to try and keep a level of normality even after what had happened between Julie and I. I adjusted my skirt again and as the game went on I was able to subtly flash Julie a few more times.

At one point I thought Julie’s mother, Helen, who was sitting in the front row caught me showing off my now wet pussy crotch to her daughter just before she hit an ace serve. I quickly covered but I found the thought of Julie’s mom looking at my cunt very exciting. As Julie got ready to serve I squatted with my pompoms at my side and open my legs wide. As Julie bounced the ball she took a long look at my pussy then I glanced up at Julie’s mom, and damn if she was looking directly between my legs instead of her daughter’s great serve.

I was beside myself with excitement. Everyone was watching the play but I was bound up in a lust I had never felt before. I reached down between my legs and pinched my cunt lips together for Helen just as Julie had done for me. Still staring at my cunt Helen uncrossed her legs under a very short skirt and I noticed she was wearing a tight thong that showed of her mommy slit. I gasped to see that like my crotch there was a large wet spot in the centre of Helene’s cunt lips. Helen took off her jacket and I licked my lips to see her large nipples protruding from her tight top. Like her daughter Helen wasnèt wearing a bra.

The next time Julie came up to serve I squatted again and I did gasp as Helen subtly pinched her nipples through her top as she rubbed her sexy legs together. When she opened her legs again, her thong was so wet it was nearly see through. It was obvious that Helen was clean shaven as well.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Julie or her mother as Julie played a wonderful game, leading her team to a victory in straight games. The instant the game ended Helen walked onto the court and hugged her victorious daughter. I could feel my clit stiffen as I saw Helene’s slender fingers cup her daughters amazing ass.

Helen whispered something in Julie’s ear and the two of them looked at me and smiled. Hand in hand they walked over and Julie said, ``Hey Lex can we give you a ride, Mom and I would love to celebrate. Don’t bother changing. I won’t either, let’s just grab out bags. What do you say? ``

I was loving the way Julie and her mom were looking at me and all I could do was nod.
When we got to the car Helen asked me to sit in the front and throw my bad in the back. Julie jumped into the back but before she did she reached under my skirt and gave my ass a squeeze.

As soon as I got into the front seat of the SUV I noticed that Helen’s skirt had ridden up her thighs and there, close up was the crotch of her wet thong. The smell of sweat and sex permeated the inside of the car. As I put on my seat belt I turned and put my back to the locked door and spread my legs as Helen turned to shoulder check she looked directly at the crotch of my shorts and licked her lips.

So I have to stop at the all night drug store for a few things I hope that’s okay. Helen said.

Sure thing mom, I glanced in the back and noticed Julies fingers were gloving lightly overtop of the slit in the crotch of her shorts.

When we got out at the drug store I thought that anything was possible. I wanted to get my hands on Julies body and I didn’t care where I did it.

While Helen headed for cosmetics Julie took my hand and led me into the magazine alcove. It was somewhat secluded but there was a rather pregnant teen girl about our age flipping through Cosmo. She glanced up did a double take at Julie’s ass then turned her eyes back to the magazine.

Julie picked a SI swim suit issue off the rack and turned pushing her ass into my wet crotch. I had to push back hard and sighed to feel my wet pussy lips ride up the curve of Julie’s hard ass.

Slowly Julie began to rotate her hips as I humped forward…the sensation was remarkable. I wanted to pull down my shorts and begin humping my pussy on Julie’s perfect ass but there was the pregnant girl wearing white yoga pants that showed off her hump and her curvy ass and a tank top that revealed her puffy nipples and firm breasts.

Looking over Julie’s shoulder I caught the girl’s eyes as she looked over the top of her magazine. Her eyes showed curiosity, even lustful interest so I took a risk and slipped my hand around Julie’s waist and rubbed a few slow circles over her flat tummy lifting her top to reveal her tanned skin.

The pregnant girl’s eyes opened wider as Julie pushed back harder grinding her ass into my wet cunt. I couldn't stand it anymore as Julie parted her legs I cupped my hand over the crotch of her skin tight shorts and rubbed the heal of my hand up and down her damp pussy lips. Then looking right at the pregnant girl I pinched Julies cunt lips together mashing the back and forth over my friends clit. Julie bit her lip and stifled a moan.

The pregnant girl dropped the magazine as Julie beckoned her over to us. Taking the girls hand Julie pulled her close and kissed her on the mouth. I sighed as I slipped my hand into Julie’s skin tight shorts and parted her soaked cunt lips. Immediately I slipped my middle finger inside Julie’s churning cunt just as she pushed her hand inside the pregnant girl’s white yoga pants.
I reached around and rolled the pregnant girl’s fat nipples between my fingers as I humped my cunt up and down Julie’s hot ass.

I loved the feel of Julie’s wet cunt but I removed my finger and fed the sticky wetness to the young pregnant girl as Julie pumped her fingers deep into her cunt.

On one level I couldn't believe what was happening but I was so turned on I didn't give a fuck where I was.

The pregnant girl hissed under her breath, Oh yeah pinch my clit fuck me oh my I am going to…..

The look on the pregnant girl’s face sparked my clit to jump against Julie’s ass and the three of us came at the same time…I filled my shorts with a stream of cum as Julie’s cunt convulsed spurted cum all over my hand Julie covered the pregnant girls mouth as she came hard soaking he crotch of her stretchy yoga pants I got down on my knees and buried my face in her wet pregnant crotch and pinched her cunt lips hard as she came again as I sucked her juices from the crotch of her pants.

Julie and I kissed the pregnant girl and then left her trembling in the magazine section as we went off to find Helen.


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Great story. Lets continue

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Nice filthy smut. Great job. Please keep writing!

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That is the worst story I have ever read.

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I'm curious, how much of this was real?


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Nice hot story, loved the ending

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