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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by: JeremyDCP
Chapter 42: "Nuptials" - the FINAL chapter!


A romantic affair...
Something special is in the air!
Kindly save the date for
a seaside wedding extravaganza uniting
Kristanna Sommer [Last Name]
Jeremy Michael [Last Name]
on Friday, the twenty-third of August
Two thousand thirteen
At eight o'clock in the evening
Seljesanden Beach
Selje, Norway

* * * * *

As I stood near the main podium erected for Kristanna and
yours truly just moments before our wedding ceremony was to
commence here on Seljesanden Beach in Selje, Norway, I had to
take in a deep breath and gaze at the surroundings around me
one final time. A tremendous amount of time, effort and
money had been invested into making certain that our seaside
wedding would go off without a hitch. So far, so good...

With the beach drenched in twilight as the sun made its
slow descent into the distant horizon, offering an orange
and pink landscape, a collection of miniature lounge chairs,
three huge sand castles and the main podium itself were all
decorated with floating candles encased in glass globes.
Soft hued lighting, its color yellow, was provided from a
series of special lamps above and created quite the warm,
romantic feel. White twinkle lights were strung through a
couple of nearby trees, as well as along the aisles.

The main aisle, which Kristanna would soon walk down (I
could not wait!), was also bordered with large seashells
and flower vases. There were even pails filled with sand
scattered throughout the makeshift cathedral, with
everything from flowers, pebbles, starfish designs and
novelty items in them.

In fact, there were flowers everywhere. Their colors
made a nice contrast against the tawny sand. There were
also a series of tiki huts erected in several locations,
just in case the weather was to turn frightful. But the
forecast called for a cloudless evening with little wind -
and fortunately, that was what we had tonight. Still,
since our wedding was to take place outdoors, Kristanna and I
had to have a _bad weather backup plan_ just in case. That
was where the tiki huts would have come into play.

With wooden flooring underneath them, there were plenty
of adirondack and beach chairs for our guests to relax in
while the ceremony was taking place. Each row was tied
together with fish netting on the back of the chairs. With
the sound of the incoming tide as a constant backdrop, as
well as the possibility of passing airplanes and boats,
seagulls and the whining of upset children, the minister had
a microphone set up so everyone in attendance could easily
hear his service and our exchange of wedding vows.

Adding to our seaside theme were the trio of bridesmaids -
Trish, Lindsay and Amy - as well as the lovely Maid of Honor,
Devon. All four of them were lavishly dressed in expensive
bridesmaids' gowns, their color a mandarin orange (which
created a nice _pop_ against the sandy backdrop), with
crystal decorations to resemble sunlight flashing upon the
water. The flower girl, Tekla (one of Kristanna's cousins),
was even wearing a little mermaid costume.

The groomsmen were all relatives of mine - my two brothers
(Dan and Steve) and my oldest nephew, Tommy (who was a proud
U.S. Navy SEAL). Choosing the best man was really simple -
it was my father, who was here all the way from California.
These four gentlemen wore white tuxedos and striking orange
ties, which matched the color of the bridesmaids' gowns.

I had some serious doubt as to whether or not I could
convince Steve, who was the _black sheep_ of the family with
a long history of drug abuse, arrests and other legal issues,
to make the long trek from Kentucky to Norway. It even took
me a full week just to get into contact with him.

In the end, I was able to convince Steve to attend the
ceremony. I did not care about the mistakes Steve had made
in his past, or even those he would most likely make in the
future. Steve was my brother, I loved him, and I was so
happy he could be here today for my wedding.

Patiently waiting for Kristanna to make her grand entrance
(or better yet, I was at least trying to), I glanced at the
_other_ four ladies who now played such a vital role in my
everyday life, and found my soul filling with love and pure
admiration. Devon was such a sweetheart. Trish was so kind
and loving. Lindsay, of course, was my _little baby_.

It was Amy, though, that I found myself focusing on the
most right now. She looked so incredibly beautiful in her
lush, silky gown. Words could never do her justice.

Unlike the others, Amy wore a tiger lily bridal pin in
her hair. The coral white flower, made of the finest silk,
sparkled underneath the natural and soft hue lighting. Her
red hair, which was done up in classy, stylish braids, was
accentuated even more with an expensive tiara headdress.

With Amy's orange gown being of the off-the-shoulder
variety, I continued to relish in her astonishing beauty.
When she finally realized that I was openly staring at her,
Amy gave me a sweet and friendly smile.

"You look breathtaking," I silently mouthed at her.

"So do you," Amy whispered back, her green eyes roaming
my body from head to toe as I wore a sharp, black tuxedo.
If I was going to be a groom, I had to look the part!

Fortunately, Lindsay was the only person who caught wind
of our little discussion. Only four guests in attendance
(Kristanna's mother and father, her sister, and my very own
father), were aware that Amy - as well as Devon, Trish and
Lindsay - all strived to be equal partners with Kristanna
in her upcoming marriage with me. Obviously, we wanted
things to stay that way - at least for the time being.

Thus, Lindsay giggled and gave Amy a little bump on the
side, hoping that she would stop glaring at me. Lindsay
then offered a most incessant look, silently pleading with
me to stop gawking at Amy. Still laughing, Lindsay then
split glances between both of us and shook her head in
playful disgust. It appeared as if she had given up.

Amy was so pleasing for me to look at that there were not
too many things which could tear my gaze away from her at
moment in time. In fact, there was only one thing in the
whole, wide world which could cause me to look elsewhere.
Fortunately for Lindsay, that one thing occurred.

_Here Comes The Bride_

The very first note of that song, played by a professional
organist, made my head snap around and my eyes focus strictly
on the tent which Kristanna was to emerge from. As per the
age-old superstition, Kristanna and I had yet to see each
other at all today. That was extremely difficult - having to
stay away from Kristanna for nearly 24 hours as the biggest
moment of our lives loomed. Thus, I had no idea what she
looked like in her bridal dress. In fact, I had yet to see
the dress itself. Obviously, I was quite anxious!

The thought quickly crossed my mind that even the most
plain and ordinary woman will look absolutely luscious and
radiant when it is her wedding day. But what about a woman
who is already downright captivating, such as Kristanna? My
pulse quickened as I (im)patiently waited for my wondrous
bride-to-be to appear from the tent and make her way down
the main aisle bordered with white twinkle lights, seashells
and flowers. I could not wait to see her!

When I got my first glimpse of Kristanna, I nearly fainted.

I was expecting her to look magnificent, but even I was
blown away when she appeared from the tent and made that slow
but steady walk down the aisle. For lack of a better term,
Kristanna looked perfect. Absolutely, positively perfect.

Kristanna seemed to be beaming with an unmistakable glow
in her bridal gown, its color white, which was made of pure
silk and lace. Yet another off-the-shoulder design, the
wedding dress highlighted her athletic curves and included a
mermaid-style skirt which flared outward at her knees and
formed a long train in back. In keeping with the overall
theme of our ceremony, I noticed some seashell designs in
various locations upon the gown. Kristanna's long-flowing
blonde hair had been pinned-up by a world-renowned stylist,
and featured a string of expensive pearls woven into it and
even a few starfish designs mixed in. She also wore a
headdress made out of pure gold. What a sight!

Kristanna's proud, genuine smile lit-up the entire beach
once she caught her initial glance of me in my black tuxedo.
Our eyes stayed locked together as her father escorted her
to the podium. Dear God... Kristanna looked marvelous!

"What have you done with my fiancee?" I asked her in a
quiet tone once she stepped up and joined me on the podium.
Having caught onto my joke, Kristanna offered me another
dazzling smile. "You look FANTASTIC!" I added, whispering.

"Krissy!" came a hushed, yet familiar voice from behind us.

Kristanna flashed Devon a friendly wave and quick smile,
acknowledging her presence, but soon re-focused all of her
attention upon me. I did not know if it was considered
proper wedding etiquette or not, but I could not help myself
as I brought Kristanna's hand to my lips and gently kissed
it. Could I have just frozen time right then and there, so
this moment could last forever?

Trish stepped forward and whispered a few words into
Kristanna's left ear. Although I could not hear what was
said, I figured it was a compliment on her appearance. Had
there ever been a more beautiful and ravishing bride than
Kristanna? At least in my opinion, there was no way. I got
the impression that Devon and Trish felt the same, exact way.
Kristanna looked like a mythical goddess now more than ever
before. I could not believe how sensational she was...

Once everyone seemed to get settled in, it was time for
the minister to start the proceedings. I would absolutely
love to recount every word that was said, but instead will
go with just the highlights of our ceremony:

* * *

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight in the grace
of God to celebrate one of the happiest moments in the lives
of Kristanna Sommer [Last Name] and Jeremy Michael [Last Name],
for on this day they will affirm before witnesses of Heaven
and Earth that they believe God Himself has purposed that
they should share life in the holy bonds of matrimony."

"Kristanna and Jeremy, please remember anything beautiful
that you have, came from God. In the beginning, God gave us
our free will and our identity to walk this Earth. Don't ever
try to change each other, because if you do, you will lose
exactly what you fell in love with. So, each day try to find
one more thing that is beautiful in your mate and each day
know that the next day will be more beautiful than the one
before it. As long as you are doing this, you are seeking
beauty, joy and love in each other."

"The heart of marriage is the taking of another person in
that person's entirety, with the good times and the bad
times, the sad moments, the happy ones and the taking of that
person as a friend and companion for all of eternity. It is
not something that just happens; a good marriage is created
over time and, even more importantly, maintained. In a good
marriage, the little things are the big things. Do not take
one another for granted. Do things for one another, not with
the attitude that it is a duty or sacrifice, but in the true
spirit of joy and giving. Develop the ability to forgive and
forget. Create an atmosphere where each of you can grow."

"The essence of marriage is love, and love is one of the
greatest experiences that we as human beings can experience
and share. Love adds meaning and purpose to our lives. One
of the greatest things that we can do during our existence is
to love another person as a husband and wife love each other."

"Marriage symbolizes the sharing of two lives. Yet this
closeness will not diminish the character or being of either
individual partner. As your marriage continues to grow, your
understanding of each other will continue to expand."

"Time and togetherness will gain for both of you a deep
and vast knowledge of each other. This marriage ceremony
signifies the beginning of a lifetime of wonderful human
experiences to be shared as a husband and wife."

"Kristanna and Jeremy, have you both come here freely
tonight, without reservation, to join yourselves in wedlock?"

"We have."

"Should there be anyone who has any reason why this couple
should not be forever united together in marriage, they must
speak now or forever hold their peace." Total silence...

"Who is it that brings this woman to this man?"

Kristanna's beloved father, Kristof (her absolute hero in
life), answered, "I do, on behalf of her family and friends."
He offered me his daughter's hand, and I graciously accepted.
Then, Kristof took his seat in the front row of the audience.

"Before we commence with the exchange of vows and rings, I
understand that Jeremy would like to share a few words
detailing his love and admiration for Kristanna with everyone
in attendance. Jeremy, I am going to give you the microphone
now and allow you to say what is in your heart."

Surprised and maybe even shocked, Kristanna turned and
looked up at me with wide eyes. This was not part of the
script. It had not been part of the rehearsal, either.
Yet, I had went to the officiant earlier today and informed
him that I wanted to speak and share a few feelings with our
guests before Kristanna and I were officially married. I
wanted to do it right in the middle of the ceremony. I asked
him not to tell anyone about it, either.

"Thank you, reverend," I said, taking the microphone from
him so everyone would be sure to hear me. Dumbfounded,
Kristanna continued to glare at me. Of all people, she knew
that I was not the public speaker type. But, I wanted to do
this. I had been working on a little poem for Kristanna -
in private - for the past six weeks. Even though it was a
bit long, I had memorized every word. I did not think it
would be right of me to read the poem from a piece of paper.

With my entire body breaking out in goosebumps, I brought
the microphone closer to my lips and smiled. I may not be
the public speaker type, indeed, but this was for Kristanna.
As long as it was for Kristanna, I would easily get over
whatever phobia I had as hundreds of people looked directly
at me and waited for me to address them.

I would do anything to make Kristanna smile. What I was
about to say, though, would most assuredly make her cry.

"Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention please?
Every now and then in life,
there's an opportunity you must seize."

"Because days, weeks, months happen,
and the years, they go by so fast,
and words that should get said,
don't - and if they do, they never last."

"So I would like to change all of that,
and stop the proceedings right there,
because I have a few words to say,
and a few feelings I'd like to share."

"You see, the woman standing next to me,
she fills my heart with bursting pride,
and I feel like the luckiest man on earth,
because she has agreed to be my bride."

"And the things that I love about her,
are too many to individually name,
but I'll try to list just a couple,
if it's okay with you, all the same."

"You see, I was attracted to Kristanna from the very start,
and I must admit that our initial friendship was great fun,
eventually she shared her true feelings; she wanted more,
and I jumped at the chance - to be with my _chosen one_."

"My heart races in Kristanna's presence,
God, never before have I felt so alive,
and once our romantic evenings became a regular thing,
I just couldn't wait for the next one to arrive."

"Kristanna brings me closer to God,
and now I know the meaning of Divine,
and I know that I've been blessed by Him,
because I'm just so lucky that she's mine."

"And even when Kristanna knows that I'm wrong,
she magically makes me feel as if I'm right,
she is my inspiration, my sunshine,
she always makes mornings out of the darkest night."

"Kristanna has a wonderful love for animals,
and she brightens up my life with just a smile,
and I think she lit up this whole beach,
when she gracefully walked down the aisle."

"I have surely been blessed from up above,
there is at least a billion men who'd like to be in my shoes,
and yet, I still find it hard to believe,
that it was me that Kristanna chose to choose."

"Kristanna, you were there for me when I needed you most,
and four years later, you're still filling my life with joy,
you've made me look into the ocean within,
when I've been drowning, you've been my buoy."

"You've unfalteringly supported me,
you've allowed me to shed the scales of my past,
and now, I'm no longer a fish out of water,
I'm learning to swim again - and fast."

"Kristanna, you are truly my angel from God,
you must have been born in the Heavens above,
and I'd like to thank The Lord for lending you,
but most of all, I'd like to thank you for your love."

"In closing, I want you to know how special you are to me.
That is what these words are really for,
Kristanna, I love you so much,
and I pledge to you that love today, now and forever more."

It should not come as any great surprise that my heartfelt
poem had brought Kristanna to tears. She covered her face
with both hands about halfway through the ardent speech and
tried in vain to get herself under control as quickly as
possible. But as I voiced each of the later stanzas, there
were sudden, raw sounds from Kristanna in response - a sharp
squeal, a shrill cry, an audible gasp. This was the type of
reaction I had been hoping for. It was music to my ears.

Even Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy found themselves in
temporary shambles. Not only did my speech blindside them
as well - again, I was not the type to get in front of a
group and address them - but none of the ladies knew that I
had a gift of poetry. And even though my emotions went so
much deeper than what the poem indicated, I could not sum up
my feelings for Kristanna any better than with those words.
That was the absolute best I could do in the written form.

"It's alright," I mouthed in a silent tone, not wanting the
microphone to pick up my words, as I cupped Kristanna's chin
with my hand and gently held it. Although her brief fit of
crying was over, there was a single tear still upon her lovely
face. I wiped it away, not wanting her mascara to be ruined.

"Th-thank you," Kristanna stammered in response, her own
voice cracking. By now, the minister had taken the microphone
back. "Oh G-God... th-that was b-beautiful."

"I meant every word," I whispered to her. "Every word."

The esteemed minister soon requested of us, "Please face
each other and again hold hands as we celebrate the love that
both of you have for each other. Before family and friends,
you shall give social recognition of your intention to
permanently accept the other by reciting the marriage vows."

"Jeremy, do you take Kristanna to be your lawfully wedded
wife? Will you be faithful to her in tender love and honor,
offering encouragement and companionship, and will you live
with her and cherish her, as love and respect will lead you
in the bond of marriage?"

"I do."

"Kristanna, do you take Jeremy to be your lawfully wedded
husband? Will you be faithful to him in tender love and
honor, offering encouragement and companionship, and will
you live with him and cherish him, as love and respect will
lead you in the bond of marriage?"

"I do."

"I Jeremy, take you Kristanna - to be my wedded wife - to
have and to hold - from this day forward - for better, for
worse - for richer, for poorer - in sickness and in health -
to love and to cherish - now and forever."

"I Kristanna, take thee, Jeremy, to be my wedded husband -
to have and to hold - from this day forward - for better, for
worse - for richer, for poorer - in sickness and in health -
to love and to cherish - 'til death do us part - and thereto
I pledge thee my faith."

"The wedding ring is the outward and visible sign of an
inward and spiritual bond which unites two loyal hearts in
endless love. May God bless these rings so that they may
serve as both a sign of your love and faithfulness, and as a
reminder of the covenants you have made today."

"Kristanna, I give you this ring in token and pledge - as
a symbol of all that we share - with my constant faith and
abiding love."

"Jeremy, I give you this ring in token and pledge - of my
constant faith and abiding love - with all that I am - and
all that I will become."

"These two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle.
Wherever they go, may they always return to one another in
their togetherness. May these two find in each other, the
love for which all men and women long. May they grow in
understanding and in compassion. May the home that they
establish be such a place of sanctuary that man will find
there a friend. And may these two rings symbolize the
spirit of undying love in the hearts of both of them. I now
pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Before I was about to give Kristanna that fabled kiss, I
was momentarily stunned. Her entire body was glowing with
an obvious mixture of happiness and devotion. Her smile, in
fact, was brighter than I had ever seen it before. Kristanna
was so happy that she was about to break down and cry!

"I love you, Jeremy!" Kristanna silently mouthed, before I
grinned in response and offered her a gentle, romantic kiss.
It was the one kiss I had been waiting my entire life for.

"I love you too, my darling wife," I whispered, smiling,
while clutching her hand just a bit tighter.


* * *

Once the memorable ceremony ended, guests were escorted to
the parking lot of the beach for the grand exit. Greeted by
our wedding party, friends and family in a tunnel-like
formation, my wife and I walked through an arc of blazing
sparklers ending with an explosion of confetti cannons!

Then there was the blitz of photographs that needed to be
taken. Kristanna and I primped and posed for every shot that
we were in, with various family members and selected friends.
Yes, it was getting later in the evening and the sun had just
set, but Kristanna preferred a night-time by the sea theme
for our wedding album and trusted that the professional
photographer, a life-long family friend, could pull it off.

We instructed the photographer to snap plenty of pictures
of Kristanna along with her favorite girl, Devon, as well as
the others. Amy seemed to be in the vast majority of pictures
with me (which was my choice). But my favorite part of the
whole photographing process was at the end, when all six of
our little entourage grouped up and had various shots taken.

Kristanna was still glowing as she and I made our way to
the limousine that would whisk us off to our rousing, lavish
reception. Kristanna got in first, but I stayed just outside
the vehicle to share a few more words with Devon, Trish,
Lindsay and Amy. They were going to follow us to the banquet
hall in another limousine. Kristanna quickly grew impatient,
though, and began to tug at my left arm with both hands.

I bid a hasty farewell to the girls, then joined my wife
in the stretch limousine. Kristanna glared at me rather
intently for several seconds, then said this had been the
absolute best and most magical day of her entire life. She
cried tears of joy and we shared a memorable kiss.

Once the chaueffeur closed the door, offering us maximum
privacy, Kristanna told me that she wanted to have sex right
here, and right now. She would not take _no_ for answer,
either, quickly straddling my hips with her bridal gown still
on and then riding me like a wild, bucking bronco for a few
heated moments. When the intense session was complete, I
cradled Kristanna in my lap and did nothing but continually
embrace and kiss her until we reached the reception hall.

We had to quickly compose ourselves inside the limousine
before making our grand entrance as husband and wife. Even
though Kristanna and I did not breathe a word about what had
transpired during our short trip from the beach, we heard the
giggling whispers of four very specific ladies from behind us
as we approached the reception hall by foot.

"Look! Krissy's sash is tied differently than how it was
at the wedding ceremony!"

"Her hair looks a bit frazzled, too."

"Did you see that devilish grin across Jeremy's face?"

"Do you think they _did it_ in the limo?"

"You know we did," Kristanna said in response to Devon,
momentarily turning to face her and the other gossipers.

"I just hope that after the party ends, Jeremy is in the
mood to bang a couple of bridesmaids!" Lindsay squealed.

"Not tonight, honey," I offered, which brought a frown to
her face. "Tonight is for Kristanna, and Kristanna only."

"Don't worry, baby," Trish soothed her. "I'll be happy
to bang a bridesmaid - YOU - all night long."

"Me too," Devon nodded.

"Same here!" Amy chimed in.

"Oooooh, then I get a gang-bang!" Lindsay gushed.

The reception hall had a definite seaside theme to it as
well. For starters, each guest table in the beautiful,
private facility was named after various sea creatures
(Lobster Lagoon, Sharkbite Beach, Penguin's Playground and
so on). Biscuits had been baked in seaside shapes, with
the guest's name written on icing, and were being used as
placement cards and party favors.

Swags of blue/green/silver iridescent materials were hung
around the walls and pillars, and were aptly decorated with
colorful sea creature designs and shells. Shimmering silver
fringe and blue/green cellophane cut to look like seaweed
surrounded the front doorway. Mobiles of friendly dolphins
and smiling sharks hung from the ceiling, as well as a large
golden sun. Straw hats with ribbons were also on display at
various locations. Last but certainly not least, a lighting
company had been hired to create a constant, undulating wave
effect throughout the hall. Everything was perfect!

Holding my hand as we made our long-awaited entrance,
Kristanna was dancing and bumping her body to the music as
she and I went to the middle table amidst a standing ovation
from all of those in attendance. I had never seen Kristanna
quite this worked up before.

I felt somewhat intimidated by the blazing lights, the
raucous atmosphere and all those many eyes fixated upon me.
I was certainly not used to anything like this. The anxiety
quickly faded, though, because all I had to do was look over
at Kristanna to realize what an awesome time she was having.
That unmistakable glow still radiated from her. This was her
night more than anyone else's. I got over my fears fast.

After the glorious dinner and cake cutting ritual,
Kristanna and I headed out to center stage upon the dance
floor. Kristanna's easy choice for the first song was
Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting" because she said it
symbolized her thoughts for me before we went from being
once the closest of friends to now, the dearest of lovers.

For the next several hours, I danced with a wide variety
of people - Kristanna, Devon, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, my mother
and sister, Kristanna's mother and grandmother, her sister,
my niece Chelsea, my two favorite aunts (Cecilia and Joyce,
here from North Carolina) and even my very own father. Last
but certainly not least, I shared a dance with Louisa - the
76-year-old housekeeper from my island home. Louisa claimed
that she would not have missed the wedding for anything.

Most of my time upon the dance floor, of course, was spent
with Kristanna. I found it difficult each time someone else
asked to dance with her. I simply did not feel like sharing!

I should also point out that during the ceremonial bouquet
toss, Amy was the one who caught it, signifying that of all
the single ladies in attendance, she was now deemed the one
next to be married. I found that to be quite prophetic.

Lindsay was particularly rambunctious and over-charged
for the entire reception. I got the sense that she truly
enjoyed the atmosphere and all of the ideas and thoughts
that went along with it. The young woman was poking into
everything, and even made a couple of new friends.

Lindsay was quite oversexed too, as I once noticed her
approach Trish at their table and whisper into her ear.
Trish's face absolutely lit-up in response, and they both
went off toward the ladies' room together. They made their
return to the reception at different times (nice try, girls -
that trick hasn't worked in ages!) with tousled hair and the
undeniable glow of having been freshly licked clean.

After five hours of celebration, many of the guests had
already decided to return to their homes or hotel rooms.
There were a select few remaining, and two of them were
subtracted when Kristof and Rande - Kristanna's parents -
decided to check out for the evening.

I shared a special moment with my very own parents, who
went through a bitter separation some 15 years ago and had
rarely spoken since. In fact, tonight was the first time
that my mother and father had actually seen each other since
the initial break-up itself. Until now, I never thought I
would witness the two of them together before my very eyes
at the same time ever again. But, I also realized that this
would be the final time I ever saw them together. It turned
out to be quite an emotional good-bye for me...

The final group of guests to be at the party were none
other than Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy. With no one else
left except a few attendants from the reception hall - all
of whom were currently busy - Kristanna jumped into Devon's
arms in a moment of sheer, unadulterated joy, and she spun
my bride around several times as they laughed and kissed.

"Congratulations, Krissy! I'm so happy for you!"

Our little entourage soon gathered close, and we shared a
group hug with Kristanna and yours truly as its centerpiece.
It was the perfect punctuation mark to the perfect evening.

But, the evening was not truly over. It had just begun...

* * *

"Jeremy, my pussy has been on fire since you recited that
poem during the ceremony!" Kristanna told me, giggling like
never before and clearly a bit buzzed, as she plopped herself
down across my lap in the limousine. She hugged me to her
and swooned, "You reading that poem - from memory, no less -
was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!"

"We'll have to take care of that pussy tonight, wifey."

"I wonder how long it will take the others to get out of
their bridesmaids' gowns once they arrive at the hotel,"
Kristanna snickered. "Lindsay seemed overly horny tonight...
don't you think? She took Trish off the ladies' room for a
hot quickie, then did the same later on with Amy."

"How long will it take, wifey, for me to get you out of
that beautiful wedding dress?"

Kristanna laughed. "Will you let me even take it off?
Devvy thought you may want me to leave it on tonight. We
all know how much you enjoy a woman in uniform - French
maid, cheerleader, schoolgirl - and you always want us to
leave them on. What better uniform than a bridal gown?"

"You can take it off," I told her. "No need to ruin it.
Always save your wedding dress. Keep it in good shape."

"I am gonna rip that tuxedo from you!" she warned, a
playful glint in her eyes. "Be glad you didn't rent it!"
Kristanna then admitted, "Devvy tried to get me to go off
with her for a quickie in the ladies' room as well, but I
told her no. I couldn't do that. Not tonight."

"I love you, wifey," I grinned, kissing her once more.

"Wifey?" Kristanna squealed. "You like calling me that?"

I embraced her and mused, "You'll never know how much."

"Husbandy!" she chirped in response, still giggling.

"You're drunk," I admonished her.

"No, I'm not!" Actually, Kristanna was telling the truth.
She was a little tipsy, yes, but certainly not drunk. Though
I had no use for alcohol myself, I certainly could not fault
Kristanna for having a few cold beverages on this particular
evening. I enjoyed teasing her about it regardless, though.

I smiled at her and prodded, "I got you drunk tonight, and
soon I am going to take advantage of you."

Kristanna giggled again and countered, "You may have got
me drunk - though, not really - but _I_ am going to be the
one who takes advantage... of YOU!"

* * *

We could have taken the traditional route and went to a
chic, expensive hotel to spend the remainder of our wedding
night and enjoy ourselves in the most lavish, deluxe style,
but ours was a unique relationship, and we did unique things.

There was only one place where Kristanna truly wanted us
to consummate our marriage (and no, that wild romp in the
back of the limousine earlier on the way to the reception
hall did not count). This place was not a hotel or some
fancy rental property; it was not the beach under a moon-lit
sky, nor was it my private island some 7,000 miles away where
our relationship grew and fostered into what it is today.

Rather, Kristanna wanted to spend our wedding night in
the one location which had been near and dear to her heart
since she was a young child. We were headed back to her
family farm - or more specifically, the upper floor of the
old, dilapidated barn which held so many memories for her.

When Kristanna was real young, she once told me, this
old barn was home to her favorite riding horse, Hocus Pocus,
and several other animals. Kristanna would go to the barn
every single day and, with her father's supervision, she
would pet the horse (and often go for a ride on it), and
tell the majestic animal how much she loved it.

Eventually, as Kristanna got older, her father turned the
barn into more of a storage area, but that did not stop her
from climbing the rickety old ladder that led to the upper
loft and transforming the entire area into her own personal
tree-house of sorts. With designs of little hearts and
stars upon the walls, Kristanna would share tea parties
with her dolls here. She had coloring books and various
other toys to keep her occupied, too.

As Kristanna entered upper secondary school (the equivalent
of high school in the United States), she began to use the
loft as her personal and private space. It was suddenly
_off-limits_ to her parents, as well as even her older sister.
Kristanna would stay here for hours on end, often listening to
music or reading a book, or simply doing her schoolwork. She
even had a telephone installed, and often burned up the line
with her friends, sharing girlish gossip and mindless chatter.

And then, once Kristanna began dating, she would often
sneak a lucky boyfriend or girlfriend (or both) into the barn
with her, and they would share a _roll in the hay_ in that
exclusive space. Of course, during my initial day here just
over a month ago, Kristanna took me directly to the loft
(literally as I got out of the car for the first time, no
less) and demanded that I _lay the wood_ to her. I already
knew about the significance of this beaten old structure,
and was more than happy to create a new memory here for her.

In fact, just a short while ago while we were still on
the island, Kristanna recounted a story about the barn to
Devon and yours truly. At the age of 11 in 2001, Kristanna
was showing off one day to a friend from the neighborhood,
driving the family forklift and acting all cool about it.
She took a wrong turn, though, and accidentally smashed one
of the forks into her father's brand new cold storage unit
(you can re-read chapter seven for a full run-down on this).

Although Kristanna found herself in a lot of trouble that
particular day, it was memories like these that made the old
barn such a special place for her. She had many experiences
here, ones that spanned from early childhood to even now, as
a mature (and married!) 23-year-old woman. Even over these
past couple of weeks, I had found Kristanna relaxing and
meditating in the loft on two separate occasions. This was
her _special place_. She absolutely _loved_ it here.

For Kristanna, she ultimately wanted what would become
one of her favorite memories - the official consummation of
our marriage - to happen in her favorite place.

Opting to spend the night here was a no-brainer.

* * *

"I have to carry you across the threshold, Krissy! Jump
on my back so I can piggy-back you up the ladder."

"The ladder will break with all that weight!" she huffed.

"No it won't," I assured her. "C'mon, baby... hop on my
back. I have to carry you up to the promised land."

"If the ladder breaks," she said with a playful, teasing
grunt, while hopping onto my back, "I'm going to take your
balls and squish them like little grapes."

I chuckled. "You'll probably squish them like little
grapes before this night is through regardless. I just hope
they still taste nice and juicy enough for you."

"It's going to break!" Kristanna prodded me as I slowly
and carefully ascended the ladder. She extended her arm
and waved her hand in front of my face, then made repeated
squeezing motions with it. "It's going to break! Oh no,
squish go your balls! SQUISH go your balls!"

Fortunately, Kristanna was wrong. Once we reached the
loft, which was no more than a 16x20 foot condensed space, I
set my beloved bride down upon the mattress we brought up
here two days ago, and smiled at her.

"We made it, Jeremy!" she gushed. "I love you! Your
balls are safe for now! Yayyyyy!"

I laughed again, then took in these unique surroundings.
Was that a fox that just darted through the area beneath us?
"I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, that I would
spend my wedding night in a damp, dusty old barn."

Kristanna glanced around as well. "This is perfect."

"It is perfect," I agreed, clasping her hand with mine
and bringing it to my lips for a kiss.

"Do you remember what I told you about my pussy when
we were in the limo?"

I nodded and returned, "That it's burning?"

"It's an inferno now," she told me, smiling.

"I'm going to have to DOUSE it, then!" I roared, slipping
the luscious blonde into my arms and kissing her deeply.

"Douse me with your fire hose!" she exclaimed.

"God, Krissy... you drive me totally insane." I kissed
her once again, my tongue driving far and deep within the
reaches of her exquisite mouth. "Absolutely insane..."

Kristanna slipped the black tuxedo jacket from my torso,
then pressed her palms upon my chest and massaged it through
the white, silky shirt. I groaned as her fingernails scraped
against my pectorals, with little waves of pleasure shooting
throughout my entire being as a result.

An instant later, Kristanna broke the kiss and with a big
smile, she started to unbutton my shirt. "I love you so
much, Jeremy," she told me, for perhaps the millionth time
tonight. "Thank you for making me the luckiest girl alive!"

I smiled as well, then darted forward and pecked her lips
with a kiss. "I'm the luckiest man alive, sweetheart. I
can't express to you just how much I LOVE YOU."

After literally ripping the expensive shirt from my body,
Kristanna leaned forward to both lick and kiss my chest. I
removed the gold tiara from atop her head and gently set it
down upon a nearby bale of hay. I ran my fingers through
Kristanna's silky blonde hair, paying special attention to
the expensive pearls that were woven into it just for today.

Kristanna was now hungrily mouthing one of my nipples as
I reached around her body and undid the zipper which held
her bridal gown in place. I zipped it down to her waist,
then offered the crown of her head a gentle, soothing kiss.

"This is the best wedding gift of all to unwrap," I mused,
gently peeling the heavenly dress from Kristanna's tight,
supple body. Starting at her shoulders, I slowly pulled the
dress downward. Kristanna assisted me by wiggling her arms
out of its sleeves. Finally, I got the gown to her waist.

The charming seductress pulled away and offered one of
her ultra-sweet smiles, then stood up and turned her back to
me. Kristanna giggled as I dutifully dropped to my knees just
behind her, before tugging the beautiful wedding dress past
her hips and down her long and lean legs. I then assisted
each high-heeled foot in stepping out of the gown.

I took the dress and carefully draped it over the wooden
railing of our little, confined area. Knowing the garment
would be safe there, Kristanna kept her back turned to me as
I stared up at her from my knees. She looked absolutely
fabulous. Kristanna had on a white G-string and garter belt
with matching thigh-high stockings, along with a strapless
bra. Her body was just so incredibly exquisite...

"Is that pussy still an inferno?"

"It's burning out of control!" she squealed in response.

I kissed one of her stockinged thighs and suggested, "Why
not lay on the mattress for me? I'll give it a close look."

Kristanna did as instructed, taking a seat on the small
mattress we had up here with us, then reclined all the way
back. Once I whisked her G-string off, Kristanna immediately
spread her thighs. Indeed, her immaculate, little pussy was
glistening with obvious, hot desire.

I licked two fingers and then placed them upon the tiny
nub otherwise known as her clitoris. Kristanna squealed at
the initial contact, then smiled as I lunged upward and
planted another deep, searing kiss upon her mouth. All the
while, I gently massaged her clitoris with both fingers.

I then settled back down upon my knees and moved my face
inbetween her succulent thighs. The slender vixen began
to breathe in quick gasps once I moved my mouth in for a
taste, my tongue licking and swiping away at her delights.

"Oh yeah, Jeremy!" she purred, which made me smile. I
held onto her hip with my right hand and flicked my tongue
across her sweet goodness at a faster rate of speed. At
least in my mind, Kristanna had the nicest, most delicious
pussy in the whole, wide world. No one even came close! I
could literally feast upon on her for hours on end...

The more my tongue licked and swiped away at her, the
greater my need and hunger seemed to be. Soon, I had a
bulging lump in my slacks and felt the urge to stroke it
with my left hand. Still, I was able to focus my remaining
efforts upon the folds of Kristanna's nether regions.

"You like that, honey?" I asked, my tongue in a constant
swirling motion, as I lightly slapped her hip in repeated
fashion. Her stockings felt magnificent as she curled one
leg around my head. "You like me licking your 'lil pussy?"

"Oh yes, I do!" she squealed in response, her lithe body
starting to rumble and vibrate beneath me upon the mattress.

"Do you want me to make that sweet, 'lil pussy cum?"

"YES!" she exclaimed. "Oh God, yes! Please!"

"As you wish," I smiled, before inserting three fingers
between those moist folds and immediately starting to pound
away at them. At the same time, my tongue began to focus on
her clitoris. I repeatedly jammed three fingers in-and-out
of her as my tongue continually swiped at that precious nub.

Soon, I had worked Kristanna into an absolute frenzy. Her
stocking-clad thighs were clenched tightly around my head as
she massaged her heaving breasts through the bra that she
wore, her eyes closed and mouth open. My bride was moaning
continually, then screamed out as she experienced her first
(of what would turn out to be many) orgasm of the evening.

"OH YES!" she exclaimed, her body bucking about wildly,
as I did my best to lick and swallow down the delicious
nectar which flowed from within her tender pussy. "Oh God,
Jeremy! YES!" I luxuriated in her loud sounds of passion,
as well as the animated movements of her body. I must had
done something right with that curious tongue of mine...

"Oh God, let me suck your cock now!" she begged, raising
her head to look at me once I withdrew my face from between
her thighs. I offered Kristanna a nod and a smile, but first
unbuckled both of her high-heeled shoes and kissed her feet.
I even licked and gently sucked on her right big toe (through
the silky stocking), which made Kristanna giggle.

Next, however, I undid my belt and then pulled my slacks
downward. I stepped out of my shoes and socks, then did the
same with my slacks as well as my briefs. Not surprisingly,
I had a full, aching erection. I grasped it with one hand
while Kristanna undid and got rid of her strapless bra.

Smiling, I moved onto the mattress and slid over top of
Kristanna. My knees on either side of her chest, Kristanna
got the idea as I stroked my cock just inches from her lovely
face. She grabbed a nearby pillow and put it underneath her
head, raising it. Now, her mouth was in perfect alignment...

An instant later, I jammed my erection directly into her
awaiting mouth and began to churn my hips back-and-forth in
a continual, heated motion. With each forward stroke, I
picked up some speed. Soon, I had to toss my head back and
growl like a madman in response to the sensations that were
swirling throughout me. This was like being in Heaven!

In order to pound that innocent mouth even harder with my
cock, I placed both hands upon the mattress and leaned
forward. Now, my hips did all the work as I started to blast
and hammer away at that mouth with all the strength I had.

Kristanna moaned and growled in response as I repeatedly
thrusted my cock in-and-out of her. Perched over top of her,
my hips bucked and churned about as I had both hands upon the
mattress for leverage. Soon, I was roaring out like a raving
lunatic. The feel of my erection as it slid deep down my
bride's throat with each forward stroke was exhilarating.

Kristanna decided to change things up, though, by placing
her own hands on either side of my hips and eventually
getting me to cease the pounding. She grabbed a handful of
cock in the open air and, after a bit of maneuvering, she
positioned my aching member between her luscious breasts.
Palming their outer halves, Kristanna squished her breasts
together - trapping my cock between them. A mere instant
later, the enchantress began to bounce her body about, my
cock sliding accordingly between her breasts.

Talk about divine torture! I immediately began to moan
out in response as the friction from Kristanna's breasts sent
pulsating shocks from my erection to all others parts of my
body. Kristanna really got into it as well; she was laughing
up a storm because of my heated, animated reaction.

"OHHHHH GOD!" I growled, rolling my head about wildly as
the beautiful blonde continued bouncing and flopping, my cock
thumping away in her humble, delicate cleavage. I reached
down and cradled her face with both hands, letting her know
(without speaking) how much I enjoyed this.

When I took over most of the work myself, pistoning my
hips back-and-forth in a continual motion, Kristanna looked
up at me with the most adoring eyes. I nearly fainted.

"Are you gonna cum, Jeremy?" she asked with a friendly
squeal. "Oh yeah, I want you to cum! Kristanna wants you to
cum!" She offered me her sweetest smile and pleaded, "Come
on, Jeremy... cum for me. Shoot it all over my breasts!
Your newlywed wife wants you to cum all over her!"

Kristanna's naughty language, not to mention her fabulous
breasts, finally pushed me over the proverbial edge. I
growled in a mixture of pain and pleasure as my whole body
tensed up; my was cock trapped between Kristanna's breasts
and just gushing sperm from its tip. A heavy glob landed
directly upon her chin and then dangled downward in a very
obscene manner. Yet, it still looked great on Kristanna.
Several smaller spurts landed upon other areas of her tanned
chest. What a highly erotic, incredible feeling!

In the aftermath, I was breathing in ragged gasps, and my
body was trembling with erotic sensations. Kristanna wiped
the excess sperm from inbetween her cleavage and licked her
fingers dry. I pointed at her chin and she quickly gathered
the big glob up with her hand, and licked it dry as well.

"My breasts aren't really big enough to do that as well
as I'd like," Kristanna murmured. "I'm certainly no Trish
or Amy when it comes to bra size. But I had fun anyway..."

"Like the rest of you, those breasts are perfect."

"Awwwww..." Kristanna cooed, her smile golden, as I took
a deep breath and settled down on the wooden flooring beside
her. I glanced at the young woman, who cupped her chin and
opened and closed her mouth in repeated fashion, stretching
her sore, overworked jaws. She then offered me a playful
expression and announced, "Well, that was your first orgasm,
Jeremy, of what will be at the very least 20 tonight."

"_20_?" I exclaimed. (!!!)

"We're just getting started, baby," she reminded me,
giggling. "Tonight is our wedding night. It will never
end! I never want it to end!"

Needing a moment to rest, I reached out and placed my
hand across Kristanna's forehead. When she put her own hand
over top of mine in a show of solidarity and affection, I
gently stroked her there. "I've had such a wonderful time,
sweetheart, over the past month here in Norway. Your entire
family has been so good to not only me, but the other girls
as well. The people here are so nice and friendly, and the
countryside is breathtaking. I... I love it here."

"You should have come to my country years ago, Jeremy! I
kept trying to convince you, but you would never listen."

"I know... and I'm sorry."

"It may not be the island, but I think my hometown and
country has so many wonderful but different things that
overall, this place can match up with anywhere in the world."
She grasped my hand a bit tighter, then brought it to her
lips for a tender kiss. "What I am really looking forward
to is starting our honeymoon off in Toronto. We fly there
tomorrow; Trish gets to re-unite with her family for a few
weeks! Then, we'll finish off the honeymoon in the Bahamas."

"I'm reluctant to leave Norway," was my admission. "But
you are right - I want Trish to see her family again, too."

Kristanna smiled. "You know what I think?"


"I think we should go to Pennsylvania for a little bit,
too. I want to meet my sweet Devvy's family!"

I made a face. "You know she has a horrible relationship
with her parents. Devon does not get along with them at all.
She had no interest in going back home when I last asked."

Kristanna shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe they can try to
patch things up while we are there? Besides, Devvy has other
family in Pennsylvania too - two brothers, a sister, both of
her grandparents. If anything, I would like Devvy to show me
around her old stomping grounds. It would be awesome to see."

"Of all of the girls, Devon is by far and away your
favorite. You were in love with her from the very start. No
one else even comes close to comparing with her for you."

Kristanna nodded her head. "Yes, and Amy is your favorite.
You and her have a very special relationship. But hopefully,
in time, you and I will feel about all the girls the same way.
I do not know if it is possible, but it is the goal."

"Lindsay is Trish's favorite, I know I am Lindsay and
Amy's favorite, and then of course you are Devon's."

"Jeg elsker deg og Devvy mer enn noe annet, Jeremy," she
spoke in her native tongue. Of course, I had no idea what
Kristanna was saying. Whatever it was, though, I am certain
it revolved around Devon and yours truly, and how much she
loved both of us. "Du har gjort meg lykkeligere enn jeg noen
gang kunne forestilt meg... mye mer enn noen fortjener. Jeg
ville gjort hva som helst for deg. Jeg ville dødd for deg."

"You are SO evil," I chided her. "Translation, please?"

"Enough talk, Jeremy," Kristanna suddenly announced.
"This is our wedding night. Less talk, more sex!"

With no rest for the weary, Kristanna quickly pressed her
lips to mine for a deep, soul-touching type of kiss. All of
my thoughts and energy quickly shifted right back into erotic
overdrive as she tried to literally devour my mouth with her
lips and tongue. I kissed her with equal fervor and raw
intensity, wrapping my arms around her breathtaking body and
squeezing her tight, luscious ass with both hands.

Our tongues intermingled and dueled together within our
pressed mouths as we luxuriated in the taste of each other.
I particularly enjoyed the feel of Kristanna's breasts as
they were roughly squished upon my bare chest. Eventually,
her right hand started to drift down my body. It came to a
stop, predictably, upon my cock.

My shaft had been drained just moments ago, but Kristanna
offered a hard squeeze to inject some new life into it. Our
mutual kiss continued and only heightened in intensity as
her hand busily frigged and pumped my cock toward another
bulging erection. It did not take all that long, either.

"Spread your legs, honey, and show me your pussy."

The twinkle in Kristanna's eyes was still quite prevalent
as she spread her succulent thighs far apart - giving me a
classic, bird's eye view of what I wanted to see (not to
mention loot and pillage) the most. In an effort to
emphasize her own desire, Kristanna snaked a hand between
her thighs and massaged her flawless pussy with two fingers.

That little display of masturbation was all I needed to
receive what best could be described as an electric surge of
energy upon my shaft. Now, I was ready.

I growled in sheer, total arousal as I quickly mounted
Kristanna in the missionary position, while hooking her legs
over my shoulders in the process. Still twiddling away upon
her beautiful, shaven pussy with a pair of extended fingers,
Kristanna moaned and glared up at me with a lustful expression
of her own. She was burning up!

"Your 'lil pussy still a raging inferno?"

"It has been out of control all night!" Kristanna gushed,
momentarily hugging me to her. "In fact, it's been that way
since the very first time that I met you, Jeremy..."

I hesitated for an instant, smiling to myself and allowing
that nice, little compliment to sink in and fully register.
I could have said something in response, but Kristanna's
passion was quickly getting the best of her and thus, I knew
that I needed to try and douse the flame quickly.

"Give it to me!" the 23-year-old encouraged. "Fuck my
pussy with your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me NOW!"

I latched onto one of Kristanna's taut breasts with my left
hand, then fisted my cock with my right and forged my way into
her pussy. I growled at first, adjusting to the incredible
feeling of spearing a pussy so small and tight. Kristanna,
meanwhile, moaned in utter passion and stared up at me with
wide eyes. She was enjoying this just as much as I was...

Kristanna suddenly squawked and roared out in arousal as I
began to thrust myself in-and-out of her. Already, I was
pounding her like a jackhammer, my testicles slapping hard
against her upturned ass with each and every forward stroke.
There was no way that I could go slow with Kristanna. Not
here - and certainly not tonight.

Kristanna looked so gorgeous as she thrashed her face from
side-to-side beneath me, a series of hot moans and screams
emanating from deep within her throat. Her hairstyle from
the earlier proceedings still mostly intact with the pearls
and starfish designs mixed in, Kristanna's entire body
squirmed and writhed in the powerful sensations.

My left hand still clutching one of her breasts, I held
onto her hip with my right and continued feverishly pumping
myself in-and-out of her at a blinding rate of speed. The
pleasure for Kristanna was evident right now.

"Come on, Jeremy," she growled, her eyes flickering as
she looked up at me. "Come on, big boy. Fuck me. Fuck my
little pussy with your BIG COCK! Cum inside of me!"

I kept thumping myself into as quickly as I possibly could.
With such vocal encouragement, it was easy to understand why.

"You know wh-what, Jeremy?" the lovely blonde moaned, as
each of my thrusts was now harder and more intense than the
prior one. Her body rocked and bounced about beneath me as
she admitted, "I st-stopped taking the pill t-two weeks ago!"

My own eyes wide, Kristanna then grunted, "That's right...
that's right..." She embraced my shoulders with a vise-tight
grip and literally begged, "Get me pregnant, Jeremy..."

My heart began racing within my chest in response to the
things that Kristanna was telling me. Suddenly, I realized
that I was pounding away at her as fast as humanly possible.

"I want to be a MOMMY!" Kristanna suddenly cried out, her
face rocking from side-to-side, as I relentlessly hammered
away at her. "Come on, Jeremy... cum inside of me! Cum
inside of me and make me a Mommy!"

"Krissy..." I growled, my insides then erupting in a hot,
violent flame of ecstasy. My erection stuffed to the hilt
within her wondrous pussy, I unloaded a thick, healthy batch
of life-giving sperm into it. Soon, I realized that she was
having a powerful orgasm of her own. Kristanna and I shook
and vibrated as one until the sensations between us finally
subsided, and then settled down into a slow burn.

"Oh Jeremy..." Kristanna murmured, embracing me warmly.

* * *

In the blissful aftermath of what had been a monumental
orgasm, I raised my head from my wife's shoulder and glanced
around at our surroundings one more time. Again, who would
have ever believed that I would spend my wedding night in a
drabby, old barn such as this? There were no satin sheets to
roll around in, nor any expensive hotel pastries to enjoy.
There was no place for me to draw a bubble-bath, and give
Kristanna the type of full body scrub-down and massage which
she truly deserved right now. These points were reinforced
when I overheard a group of cows _mooing_ in the distance.
Was that next sound a bleating sheep?

Rest assured, though, I was not complaining. This place
was sacred to Kristanna. It was her home. All of her
memories - at least the great majority of them - were here,
in Norway. Why change that?

Indeed, this past month visiting Norway and learning about
its people and culture had been wonderful. It really had, in
many regards, been an eye-opening experience. The other
ladies - Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy - had all fallen in
love with Norway and its charm as well. Kristanna's parents
made us feel right at home from the very start, and the rest
of her family was just as incredibly nice and equally giving.
I had yet to come across anything negative about Norway.

When I glanced around the barn one final time, I came to
a sudden and very surprising conclusion. I should have said
this to Kristanna a long time ago. I could not change the
past, unfortunately, but I certainly had a say concerning the
present and the long-term future.


"Yes, baby?" I noticed that she was rubbing her hand
over and across her stomach in a slow, continuous motion.
Kristanna was truly hopeful that I had impregnated her.

"Krissy... this has been your home for 23 years. This
farm, Norway; it's been home to you for your entire life."

"This old farm is my favorite place in the whole world,"
she offered, her arms wrapped around my body in a warm,
loving embrace, her chin tucked over top of my shoulder.
"I couldn't have grown up in a better place. I could not
have had better or more supportive parents."

Kristanna motioned toward an old vehicle parked below us
with rusted red paint and a white convertible top. "Just a
few days after I was born on October 8, 1989, Papa drove me
home - to this farm - in that car, a 1971 _Buick Riviera_.
Ask him about it. It's the only reason he still has the
car. I... I was a miracle child for Momma and Papa."

I smiled at her. "Yet another wonderful memory..."


I nibbled upon her earlobe and whispered, "I moved to the
island 16 years ago, but I never really considered it a home.
The island was more of a hideout for me. It was a sanctuary
for me. I... I've always wanted a true home. It's been a
long time for me since I had one."

"Well, you have it now with us," Kristanna chirped. "The
other girls are I are going to give you so much love and
affection that you won't know what to do with it! We are
going to see to it that you have the home and family that
not only you have always dreamed of, but you deserve."

I kissed the side of her head. "All this talk about our
little group and your parents relocating to an island such
as Anguilla or St. Maartin so we can spend the rest of our
lives on the beach and in paradise; it's... it's nonsense.
Your parents love Norway just as much as you do. They love
this farm. They have been running it since 1979."

Kristanna pulled back and made eye contact with me. She
appeared confused. "What are you saying, Jeremy?"

"Let's stay here," I answered, to which those blue eyes
of hers nearly bulged from their sockets. "I can talk to
your dad. He has over 300 acres of land on this property. I
can talk to him, and we can have a new home built here.
Maybe on the other end? It will be for us and the girls and
yes, all the children we will have in the future. Norway
would be a wonderful place for our children to grow up and
go to school. Don't you agree, wifey?"

Tears of absolute joy (and astonishment) began streaking
down Kristanna's face as I continued, "Devon, Trish, Lindsay,
Amy... they all love it here, too. I am certain all four of
them would settle down with us and stay in Norway for the
long haul. I see no reason why they wouldn't."

"J-Jer-Je-Jeremy..." Kristanna quaked, perhaps so overcome
with emotion right now that she barely even got my name out.

"And if your father ever decides to retire from running
the farm," I mused, "I can buy it from him, then you and I
can see to it that the family business continues to grow and
prosper for many years to come. We can take it over."

Full of so much joy and happiness, Kristanna was gently
crying beneath me. My precious bride could not believe what
I just proposed to her. There was no way she was turning it
down, either. This was what Kristanna had truly wanted all
along. Finally, I had agreed to move to Norway with her.

"We gotta do something about the smell in this old barn,
though," I offered with a smile, trying to inject some humor
into the moment, while at the same time tenderly kissing her.

"Oh God, Jeremy... I love you so much!"

<<<- THE END, of Island Fever ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==

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