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A man finds out his wife had been in an incestous relationship with her father
A father had been awakened in the middle of the night by his daughter. Thinking it was his wife he made passionate love to her and only found out what really happened when his wife called him in the morning. His daughter, Jenny, informs him of a discovery to assure him that his wife will not be upset about their midnight rendezvous.

I followed close behind. She took me to the basement door and headed down the stairs. We have a small basement for our A/C and utility closet. We also use it to store boxes of old stuff. She led me to a small locked trunk. She reached up on top of the cabinet and pulled out a small key. She asked, “Do you know what this is?”

“That’s your mom’s mementos from high school and college.”

She chuckled, “I guess you could call it that.” She opened the trunk and handed me what looked like a diary. I opened it and read a few lines. It was obviously a detailed account of sexual activity.

I handed it back to Jenny and said, “Hon, I know your mom wasn’t a virgin when we met. In fact, she is the horniest woman I’ve ever met. Just because she was promiscuous before I met her doesn’t mean that she won’t be upset when she finds out what I did to you.”

She said, “OK, this diary isn’t just about random guys. Here look at this and you will understand.”

She handed me a manila envelope. I slid the photos out and my universe tilted again. There was a black and white photo of Tammy as young teen. In the picture, she was about Jenny’s age and the resemblance was stunning. She was sitting on a bed nude, sucking a man’s cock. That man was Roberto or Robert as we called him. It was Tammy’s father!

There were pictures of her in various sex positions with her father. Some of the pictures were much more recent. One in particular caught my attention. Tammy’s parents had a beach cabin and we had stayed with them for a couple of weeks one summer. Here was a picture obviously taken during that vacation because I remembered her hairstyle that summer. I could see a mirror behind the bed and the person in the mirror was unmistakable even though the camera covered her face. It was Janice, Tammy’s mother! They must have taken the pictures when I went to take sailing lessons for the day.

My world turned upside down. In a month, everything I thought I knew had changed or been a lie. Without a word, I walked out of the closet. I needed a good, long, hard ride, to try to wrap my head around all these sudden changes in my life.

I raced along on my mountain bike, thoughts swirling through my head. I was on one of the easier trails. I thought I had better stay off the technical routes, because I was distracted and liable to ride right off a cliff.

The prominent thought in my mind, was about the new revelations I had learned about my wife. She was the center of my universe, the love of my life, the mother of my child, and my soul mate. She also carried a deep secret that she kept from me for over 16 years. She had started having sex with her father when she was 12 or 13 years-old. That had continued at least for a few years into our marriage. It was apparent that she had become a willing participant in the sex play at some point. In fact, in the pictures I had seen, even when she was very young, she was clearly enjoying herself.

I just could not wrap my head around the fact that her mother had full knowledge of the sexual relationship and even participated by photographing many, if not all of the encounters. This was the little old, church going lady from Texas that I thought of as a second mom. She seemed so…normal, and yet the picture I saw didn’t lie.

Then there was my best friend in the world, Tom. I’d accidentally walked up on him going down on his 16 year-old daughter and then talking about fucking her afterwards. According to Jenny, her friend Heather had started to have sex with him two years prior. Incest had always been something abstract that happens somewhere in the back woods, but now it was all around me.

Not only that, Heather had also given Jenny advice on how to get herself ready for sex and even on how to seduce me. Apparently, the two girls had been planning this seduction for a while. I was sure that they had even planned it so Jenny was sitting on my lap during our drive down to the water hole.

That brings me to what happened between Jenny and me. My little angel and the apple of my eye. I had accidentally fucked her last night, mistaking her for my wife; or was it really an accident. Maybe on some unconscious level I had ignored the signs that something wasn’t right. I realized that wasn’t it at all. I really was in a brain fog when I woke up at four in the morning, because of the sleeping pill I took and the lack of sleep in the previous nights. I recognized that if I had been sharp I would have quickly noticed that something wasn’t right and realized that the person in bed with me wasn’t my wife.

It didn’t really matter how it happened. The fact of the matter is, I had sex with my daughter, and I had even taken her virginity. That was something I wished I could take back, but I never could. Even though I was wracked with guilt over what happened, a memory suddenly flashed in my mind of her tight little virgin cunt squeezing around my hard cock as she rode me with abandon. I was so turned on I had to stop the bike to adjust my biking shorts, since my state of arousal would be obvious to anybody that happened by.

I finally made a decision. First, I was going to go home and tell Jenny that what happened wasn’t her fault, but that we could never do it again. I hope that she would understand and we could salvage our father-daughter relationship.

When Tammy arrived back home, we really needed to talk. I was going to tell her I knew about her and her parents. I would then tell her what happened between Jenny and me last night. I only hoped she wouldn’t call the cops and throw me out. Considering the new information I found about her, I doubted that she would.

I supposed that I really needed to have a chat with Tom about what I saw happen in his house as well. I knew one thing for sure; nothing in my life would ever be the same again.

I finished my ride and headed back to the Jeep. When I got home, I headed straight to the shower to wash up and change so I could talk to Jenny. Jenny’s door was closed when I walked past. I wondered what was going through her head.

After my shower, I threw on some boxer shorts and a t-shirt and knocked on Jenny’s door. “Hey, Hon. Can I come in for a minute.”

She said, “Sure, Dad. Come in.”

She was engrossed in something on her television. My mouth dropped open when I saw what was playing. I could hear Janice talking. She introduced Tammy and then Tony, my father-in-law. She asked Tammy, “How long have you been the star of my productions?”

Tammy answered, “About 2 years.”

She was standing there in a blue dress with white lace. Her hair was long and wavy and looked professionally done, as was her makeup. She couldn’t have been more than 14 or 15, but she was stunning. The sight of her mesmerized me and I sat on the bed next to Jenny. I asked Jenny, “Where did you find this video?”

She answered, “It was in the bottom of the trunk.”

Tony walked on screen and he was completely nude. He kissed Tammy and then slowly started to remove her dress. Under her dress, she wore a black bra with a matching garter belt and panties. Tony laid down on the bed and she crawled up on the bed with him. She started to play with his impressive cock and then sucked it into her mouth while cupping the balls. I was very familiar with that move. She continued to suck and play with his cock for about 10 minutes even deep throating it several times. That is where she learned that particular skill. She then crawled up to him and they began kissing. He finally had her stand on her knees as he removed her panties and bra. God, what a beautiful sight.

She was still wearing her high heels, garter belt, and stockings. She straddled her father and slowly slid down his pole burying it deep in her cunt. Slowly she began riding him up and down. After about ten minutes of fucking, he got up and came from behind, doggy style. He was pounding her and she was moaning loudly. Suddenly he threw his head back on roared as he pumped her snatch full of semen. When he pulled out of her with a pop, I could see semen bubbling out of her pussy and running down the back of her legs. God, help me. I should have been horrified, but I was incredibly turned on instead.

Another episode started. That is when I remembered that Jenny was next to me. We were sitting together, essentially watching her mom make a porn video. I said, “Hon, I don’t think we should watch anymore of this.”

She just shrugged her shoulder and kept watching. I had an idea and asked to borrow the remote. I fast-forwarded until I was near the end of the DVD. A new episode started with a much older Tammy. This time Janice was in front of the camera narrating. She introduced them again and then she said, “Well, this is a bittersweet day for us. Tammy recently found out that she is expecting a baby with her husband, Jim. We’ve decided as a family that this will be our last family movie night. We’ve had quite a few good years though. Tammy show the audience why we are giving up movie night.”

Tammy slid into view and quickly peeled of her shirt and removed her bra. She rubbed her slightly swelling belly and laughed, “This is my new baby bump, and as you can see, my tits are starting to grow.” I could see the fullness of her breasts. So, she was fucking her dad until after she got pregnant with Jenny.

Tom walked into the frame and started slowly massaging her breast. Then he bent down sucking one of the beautiful nipples into his mouth. About that time, Jenny pulled the remote out of my hand and paused the video. I was staring at the still picture of Tammy, head thrown back in pleasure, when Jenny whispered to me, “Daddy?”

I looked into her big blue eyes and asked, “Yeah, my angel?”

“Daddy, will you make love to me like that? I know that last night you thought I was mom. I want you to make love to me. I want you to make me feel how mom felt in those videos.”

 To be continued

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2014-07-16 10:29:34
This series goes deeper than most incest tales. A great addition to the Sex Stories collection here. Sorry IROOV (I Ran Out Of Votes).

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