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A family discovers a new kind of love
A father gets caught by his wife having sex with his daughter. He finds out that he really never knew his wife as he sees a new side to her, and they all discover a new kind of family love.

At the sound of her mother’s voice, Jenny looked over at Tammy, eyes wide with fear, and jumped up off me. I also felt my tool begin to melt at the same time. Then the meaning of her words sunk in. She wanted to join in! In answer to the unspoken question, Tammy peeled off her skin-tight jeans and then pulled her blouse over her head to reveal her perfect pink, perky nipples. Her tight white cotton panties were sheer in front where her juices soaked through the fabric, and as she pulled them down a long string of clear liquid followed. She just smiled and said, “Well, don’t stop on my account. Better yet, come on Jenny let’s suck your daddy’s big cock together.” Jenny was still as a statue. Only when Tammy crawled on the bed and gripped my cock, did she come out of her reverie. “You’re not mad at us, Mom?” asked Jenny.

“Of course not, hon. I see you found the pictures and videos I left out for you.”

Now it was my turn to be shocked. “You put those where Jenny could find them on purpose?”

“Well, of course I did. Jenny isn’t too much older than I was when I was initiated and it is high time that she learns to fuck her father like I did. I’ve seen the way she looks at you, and I’ve also noticed the way you look at her cute little ass every chance you get”, Tammy said with a wink. With that, Tammy pushed me back on the bed, and slowly sucked my hardening cock into her mouth. Jenny watched, mesmerized for a minute, then in a trance she reached over and gripped the base of my cock as it slide in and out of Tammy’s wanton mouth. Tammy peeled her mouth off my throbbing prick and she started to lick it like a lollipop. Jenny got the idea and started to lick my shaft as well. I was in heaven! The two people that meant everything in the world to me, continued to lick and suck my cock in turns. I felt myself getting closer to cumming, when Tammy whispered something to Jenny. Jenny nodded her head and climbed on top of me, impaling my rock hard shaft deep in her waiting cunt. We both let out a groan as the waves of pleasure rolled over us. Tammy sucked Jenny’s little pink nipple into her mouth as my daughter began to ride my shaft like pro. The erotic sight of my shaft disappearing into my young daughter’s dripping pussy while my gorgeous wife sucked her nipples was simply too much and soon, I was pumping abundant quantities of love juice deep into Jenny’s waiting womb. As Jenny lifted off me, cum spilled out of her like a white waterfall. Tammy stated the obvious, “Damn, that was hot!”

Tammy said to Jenny, “Your turn to feel good”, and pushed her back on the bed. I watched in disbelief as my beautiful wife positioned her head between Jenny’s legs and started to lick her cum-soaked little slit. Unbelievably, my cock started to firm up again. I stroked it a few times to bring it to full attention, and feeling a little left out, I positioned the swollen tip of my love spear at the dripping entrance of Tammy’s love hole. As my cock slid into her hot, wet pussy, I admired the view of my wife as she skillfully ate my baby girl’s cum-filled pussy. As I began to fuck Tammy with all urgency, I realized that this was the single most erotic moment of my life. Jenny was now moaning and writhing under Tammy’s practiced tongue. I find myself wondering where my lovely wife had learned to eat pussy like that, but I realized that there probably was a whole lot I didn’t know about her. Tammy was starting to moan as well as I impaled her deeply, and I realized that I was going to cum again myself. It hit us all at the same moment like a tidal wave. Jenny screamed and shook as the orgasm slammed into her little body. At the same moment I felt Tammy’s hot pussy contracting around my cock as I emptied my balls deep inside her. As my completely sated cock slipped out of Tammy, I watched my seed flood out of her onto the bedspread.

Completely exhausted and satisfied, we all collapsed on the bed. We apparently drifted into a deep slumber, as I woke to find that all three of us were laying entangled on the bed. I saw that Tammy was also stirring and as she looked over at me, I hugged her to me and said, “Welcome home, good lookin’.” She laughed and said she could never have imagined such an amazing homecoming. Jenny also began to stir and the three of us hugged each other like shipwreck survivors clinging to a lifeboat. I knew that Tammy and I had to talk. It occurred to me that I really did not know my wife at all, and it was high time we were re-acquainted. At that moment, however, the love we all felt was so deep and so real, that I just wished it could go on forever. I also realized that my life had changed dramatically, but I had to admit that it had definitely changed for the better!

To be continued…

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2014-11-01 21:48:14
Great Story. Thank you

Norton XReport

2014-07-16 10:31:51
Wow. I love the metamorphosis of the story line. Excellent stuff. IROOV (I Ran Out Of Votes).

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