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Warning if you have any problems with a 16 year old girl getting gang banged without her consent on her birthday please keep scrolling past this page now. Thank you. (This is my first story!!!)
Daddy never treated her right, and Manuela always ignored it even though she knew what was going on. She always thought with the most innocent ideas of "It was his own daughter, how far can he go with her right?" she thought wrong.

Sixteen years old, an age for a young girl where she can grow a lot of possibilities. It was when a girl like Jasper became more mature, emotionally, mentally and physically, in which she filled in quite nicely. She was a shorter 5' 2 and had very wide hips. She could tell she was more on the thicker side but it worked for her well. Her longer dark brown hair was dyed a darker red hue to give it a little bit of fire and everything grew around those big brown eyes and her soft cheeks. Most teenage girls would love this day and would be excited. Today was Jaspers 16th birthday but she couldn't dread it any less. It will be a year after she was rightfully declared a "woman" and she doesn't know what might happen. When she awoke she hoped daddy wouldn't be there.

Suddenly just the man came in quietly through the door, his breathing heavy and his eyes wide. Jasper pretended to go to sleep again, hoping he would go away. Her father nudged her.

"Wake up Jasper" he demanded, his dark brown skin brushing against her pale arms.

She didn't respond. Then Jasper started to feel his large hands beginning to move down her neck to her chest, her breath started to quicken. She was so warm, so delectably young. When he cupped her D cup breast with one hand her father took his other hand and ran it across her thick, Spanish lips. She couldn't take it anymore she rolled over and tried to go to sleep. She waited and waited and waited, with her underwear wet and her nipples hard, until she felt safe that he was gone and she rolled back over and fell fast asleep. Her father waited at the foot of her bed to come back around and face his direction, already knowing what he was going to do to her.

"Finally." He whispered under his breath. He unbuttoned his pants, fished out his half hard member and walked over to her.

He ran himself up and down her soft lips mixing it with the drool coming out. He started getting harder and harder yet she was still fast asleep. He opened her jaw a little more and let his cock soak in the sixteen year old mouth. He couldn't believe what he was seeing!!! She began sucking his dick while still asleep!!!

"The little slut" he thought to himself, while he moved his cock in more.

Right then and there her eyes started to patter open and the first thing she saw was a man's pelvis, she looked up and saw her father, then she looked down and realized she had his mass in her mouth!! Shock and surprise consumed her as she pulled away from him.

"What are you doing?? Please stop! Please!" She whimpered to him with those big and pleading eyes.

Her father grabbed her by her long hair and pushed his cock all the way down her throat. He held her there for a while waiting until her throat would close on his spongy, throbbing prick as it tried to gasp for breath.

"Not today sweetie." He said to her with a deepening voice, pushing her head down farther simultaneously.

He pulled out and dragged her out of her bed on her knees, at this point she was still breathing in huge amounts of air. He jammed his piece of meat in her mouth again before she could catch her breath. He tilted her head to the side and started ramming his member in and out in her throat, hoping she felt every inch of it. Jasper could feel his balls slapping against her chin as he pummeled her mouth with his rather large mass. She wanted to scream, or beg for him to stop, or throw up but all that came out was a long "gahgaagaghghhghggh" sound with an mixture of spit and precum dribbling down her neck. Her small soft hands shaking as they grabbed his legs.

Suddenly she felt his nuts start to clench and his beating gained more ferocity. She started to see stars, was she going to black out? She felt so dizzy and tired but the poor girl held on. He pumped in harder and deeper and at the last moment he pulled out so that only the head was in. She looked directly in his eyes and shook her head pleading to him.

"Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm!" was what he heard when tried to make him stop from blowing a load inside her. It was too late though.

The white hot goo jetted into her mouth, ropes upon ropes of cum splurging into her. She could taste the saltiness on her tongue, she didn't even have the energy to swallow, it dripped down her neck and into her chest where it collected on her pale tits. When he let go of her face, she collapsed on hands and knees in front of him.

When he walked past on his way out he slapped her ass as hard as he could, sending ripples into her entire body, and said "Happy birthday."

She didn't even have the will to scream or cry. She just sat lying there on the floor with her own father's cum dripping out of her mouth. She could still taste his sweat inside her.

Jasper woke up to the smell of food coming from the kitchen. She got up from the floor where she must have passed out on. She didn't move her mouth, hoping that she just dreamnt what happened to her. She reached her small hands up to the corner of her mouth and felt the dried spunk on her face. Her stomach churned and she felt sick.

"Jasper!! Your breakfast is ready!!" Her mother manuela called out to her, convinced that right when you put the food on the plate, it immediatly starts to get cold in seconds.

"Coming mom!!" she yelled back with a sore throat.

She went to the bathroom to wash herself off, she put on a nice sundress and went to the kitchen where Manuela was making her birthday breakfast. Jaspers father was already sitting at the table, he seemed very relaxed, maybe its because he released what built up inside him for years onto his helpless daughter.

She sat down next to him and waited for her mother to bring the food, while she drank the water in front of her she was reminded of why she felt like someone punched out her neck. Manuela brought the food over to the table and they had a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, and french toast. There was talk of what Jasper and Manuela were going to do together today for mother daughter bonding.

"I thought we could get our nails done and go shopping for clothes and make it a whole big thing what d you say?"

Manuela had the same pale skin as Jasper although she was a tall woman. Thick as a woman can get without making it look bad, and she had freckles everywhere on her body from her cheeks to her fat ass. She kept everything shaved and neat on her like everything she did. She was a woman who took pride in how she looked and it was attractive.

"I think that would be a great idea" her father said.

Jasper breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, knowing that she could get away from him. Her mom got up from the table and started cleaning dishes. Jasper felt a hand touch her leg and realized her dad was feeling her up right at the table while his wife, her mother, was right there being so oblivious. She could feel his fingers moving her underwear to the side and feeling up and down her pussy. She felt so warm and wet on his fingers. He pushed one large digit in and she gasped, letting out a tiny whimper as he moved it back and forth inside her. Her mother turned around and came back to the table, at the same time Jasper pushed his finger out of her, letting out a little cry as she did. She got up, walked out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, hoping her mother didn't see her juices running down her leg.

She closed the door and immediately pulled down her underwear, feeling how wet they were as well. She dared not touch herself to even clean up, her pussy felt so delicate and stimulated. Instead she wiped off the juice running down her thigh and was about to pull up her underwear when the door whooshed open and just as quickly closed. Before Jasper could even find out who it was she took a hard strike across her cheek. Jasper doubled over lying on the toilet, on the brink of tears. She knew it was her dad. He is the only one that could do this. He kicked and hit her until you could almost see the bruise starting to form. He picked her up and bent her over on the counter. He lifted up Jasper's skirt on her sundress and exposed her large pale and fat ass.

"no no not again" Jasper pleaded to her father

But just before she could even prepare she was pummeled by a barrage of stinging pain, he kept spanking her and and striking her til she was screaming at the top of her lungs, her ass cheeks were tomato red almost turning purple. Every hit rattled her again and again and again til she couldn't feel from her hips down, surely her mother heard the thunderous clap her her fathers hand on her abused ass or the screaming that came after it. Her dad fished out his cock who was ready for another round inside her daughter.


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