Dudley, after stealing a potion from Harry, uses it on his crush, the cute young teen, Zoe Lott
Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism

Chapter 2 - Big D

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or
characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any
affiliation with its author

Harry Potter lay in bed that night, with a very strange view
of the evening. It had been great because he had finally had
his way with Laura Stanford, and covered her in a healthy
portion of his cum in the process. However he had also just
been attacked by dementors, saved his cousin Dudley and very
nearly been thrown out of the Dursley's house.

It was mad, and he had trouble taking it all in. He was so
angry with Dumbledore for not telling him anything, but he
was also grateful to him for keeping Harry from being
expelled by the ministry. Mrs Figg and Mundungous Fletcher
had been following him, and there was still no news of
Voldemort. Sirius had been unhelpful for the first time, and
he desperately wanted to speak to Hermione and Ron.

In his moment of despair, the book under his pillow came into
his mind. He reached backwards and withdrew it from its place
before propping it on his knees and continuing from where he
had left off.

He raced through chapters one and two, barely stopping to
take note of any particularly useful spells or potions. It
was far too engrossing and exciting. He stayed up all that
night, reading on and on, deep into chapters three and four.
The occasional snores of his relatives didn't even shake him
as he read about some particularly hardcore potions that
would have him shredding the pussy of any girl he wanted.

One particular potion caught his eye. It read:

Oude de Intoxication - Do you have a non-drinking girl, and
you just wish she'd loosen up and drink her fill? Then this
perfume is the thing for you. One spray in the face of the
target will heavily intoxicate the recipient, enough to
bend them completely to your sexual will. The recipient will
forget the entire encounter upon passing out, or when four
hours have passed since the initial intoxication.

Warning! - This potion is spray only. Do not drink
Warning! - The recipient will remain completely intoxicated
until the alcohol wears off
Warning! - Long term side effects may include an addiction to
alcohol being developed, even after only a few uses
Warning! - The number of sprays is cumulative, two could nock
the target out. Three could kill

The potion was brilliant, and Harry could see Laura in his
mind, reeling around her house, completely plastered, Harry
feeling her luscious curves and her wet pussy.

Harry rose and took out his cauldron from his trunk. All that
was needed was hot water, a drop of ethanol and an incantation
to be spoken aloud. Harry snuck downstairs and placed the
cauldron silently on the oven, before filling it with water
and turning on the heat. He found an old bottle of Vernon's
vodka in a cabinet and he poured a drop into the cauldron. It
was still completely harmless, only upon the incantation would
it transform. He spoke the words, and watched as the liquid
began to fizz and sputter. After a few moments it settled, and
turned pale blue in colour.

Harry cleaned up in the kitchen and stealthily crept back up
into his room. He placed the cauldron on his desk and sat at
his chair, reading the description of the potion one last time
before he leant back and looked at his watch. His eyes stuck
out of his head in shock as he saw it was 7:50. He's had no
idea, as it was so dark with all the curtains in the house
drawn. The eight o'clock news would start soon, and he had to
catch it.

On the whole, Harry regretted his brave but quite pointless
all-nighter, and he staggered off his chair, his eyes bleary
with tiredness. He threw on some clothes and headed quickly
down the stairs and out of the front door. He wanted to try
and catch the morning news through the Dursley's open window.

However, to listen and not be seen Harry had to lie down in
the flower bed and the musky air, thick with pollen, did very
little to keep him awake. He struggled through the first half
of the report, rubbing his eyes and yawning widely, but as it
droned on and on about the weather and the muggle government
his mind began to drift off again. His vision clouded over
and he struggled to listen to the last pieces of news. Just
as the reporter was signing off he drifted into a deep sleep.

- - -

Harry had not been the only one to get up early. Dudley had
been wide awake since his alarm at seven, and had been waiting
to hear Harry leave the house for over an hour. He would
need Harry gone for a while anyway, because Dudley wanted
to see what was in his cousin's room. He had done a lot of
thinking, and had agreed with himself that his cousin had
indeed saved his life. Magic was not such an evil force after
all. He therefore was no longer afraid to see into Harry's
world slightly.

Dudley crept through to Harry's room and immediately saw the
book he was looking for open on the desk, next to a steaming
cauldron. He walked over to it and looked into it. The pale
blue liquid was intriguing, and he looked over to the open
book to make sense of it.

After reading the description, Dudley looked back at the
potion with much more interest than before. Magic seemed to
be quite cool, if it could be used to get easy sex with a
spray from a bottle. Dudley decided that there was a lot of
potion in the cauldron for one guy, so he decided to lift
some of Harry's burden for him. He snuck down into his parents
unoccupied bedroom and over to his mother's make up table. He
searched in the backs of the drawers for a discarded perfume
bottle, and eventually found one he was sure she wouldn't
miss. Dudley crept back upstairs, which was difficult being
the weight of a small oil tanker, and he re-entered Harry's
bedroom. He opened the perfume bottle and emptied its contents
out of the open window. He then filled it with some of the
Oude de Intoxication.

Now that he was armed and ready, Dudley stole out of the house
as fast as he could. He didn't know where exactly he was
going, but he could think of fifty girls he knew who he would
happily get his rocks off with. His thoughts jumped to the
nearest girl, the young teen Zoe Lott. She was alleged
to be a virgin, and therefore she was a prime target. Dudley
also had a thing for slightly vulnerable younger girls. He
ran through her parents jobs in his mind, they were doctors,
and he knew they worked from the early morning through to
about midday. She would be home alone for four more hours, and
he could have his way with her for as long as he wanted.

Dudley rounded a corner and silently thanked Harry, realising
that it was the first time in his life he had ever thanked his
cousin for anything. He approached number twelve and got
ready, his hand fumbling the bottle in his pocket in sweaty
anticipation. It occurred to him how much bigger than her he
was, and how much perfume he should give her. She was a small
girl, in the year below, and he didn't want to knock her out.

He reached her door and climbed up the steps, where he slowly
and deliberately rang the doorbell. He waited, his heart was
thumping faster than in his boxing ring. Dudley had never even
kissed a girl before, but he knew what to do in any case.

The door opened and Zoe's pretty face peered round the
corner. Dudley, leapt into action. He planted his foot on the
doormat, whipped the bottle of perfume out of his pocket and
sprayed a healthy dose of it into Zoe's waiting face. He
stowed it instantly back in his pocket before moving around
the door and slamming it behind him. He turned to see Zoe
leaning up against the wall, and he was surprised at how fast
the potion took effect, she was already swaying slightly, and
he pupils were dilated hugely. He took a few seconds to take
in her figure as she stood opposite him.

She was wearing a tight t-shirt, and pink panties, and nothing
else. He thought what a slut she must be, to answer the door
in so little. Her perfectly sculpted tits were accentuated by
the tight t-shirt, and her lack of leg wear showed off her
long, luscious legs.

'Wha are yoou doing heerre, Duuudly?' she slurred at him,
cocking her head to one side.

Dudley took her hand and led her through to her living room.
'Getting a piece of your ass, Zoe' he replied, but he wasn't
sure she heard him. She had stumbled along next to him, quite
oblivious to her lack of clothing, and he stopped her next to
the sofa. He took her hands and sat, dragging her into a
kneeling position between his outstretched legs.

'Suck it' he demanded of her, gesturing to his crotch. Zoe
wasn't really listening. She overbalanced slightly and fell to
one side, landing on Dudleys leg. She giggled and straightened
up, brushing the hair out of her face. Dudley started to get
angry at her lack of cooperation, and he slapped her hard on
the cheek. Zoe looked back at him, stunned, feeling her raw
cheek with her hand.

'Whyy'd'yoouu doo thatt?' she asked him, her voice barely
coherent. It occurred to Dudley that she was only fourteen, she
had probably never been anywhere with a guy before, and would
need some help. He pulled down his pants to reveal to her the
growing bulge in his boxers. She stared at it, and he saw her
nipples under her tight t-shirt start to show. He reached out
and tore off the t-shirt to reveal her beauty, and was shocked
to see her nicely proportioned tits were bigger than he'd
thought. Zoe looked shocked that her clothes were off, but
she couldn't object as Dudley grabbed her head and knelt her
down towards his crotch. With his free hand he forced down
his boxers to reveal to her his enormous pulsing member. He
was very proud of his ten inches of manhood, and he was sure
he could give this little slut everything she ever bargained
for. He forced her mouth down over his cock and began to bob
it up and down, enjoying the feeling of her tight little mouth
on his wide shaft.

For a couple of minutes Dudley let go of her and watched as
she got the hang of it. Soon Zoe was happily engulfing the
first four inches of his cock with every suck, and her tongue
ran along his shaft, stroking it. Soon he wanted more, and he
knew she needed some encouragement. He took the back of her
head with both hands and forced his cock as far into her mouth
as he could push. He felt it prod the back of her throat, at
seven inches in, and he groaned in pleasure at the sensation
of her gagging on his pulsing tip. He began to force his cock
further and further, loving the feeling of her gurgling and
swallowing throat tickling the tip of his cock. He was soon
reaching his end, and he pushed with all his might, forcing
nine inches deep into her throat.

'Mmmm', 'Unngggmm', 'Mmmmhhhh' she moaned, as his shaft
blocked her airway and she began to suffocate. Dudley groaned
and released a torrent of his cum deep into her throat. It
felt wonderful, to paint the inside of his little sex slave's
throat with his seed. He held her there, firing off every
last dreg of his semen he could into her. Zoe was near to
suffocating, but in her drunken stupor she was barely in a
state to realize. She simply waited for him to release her.

When Dudley was sure he had filled her up sufficiently he
withdrew his cock from her mouth and she coughed and
spluttered, swallowing a great load of cum from her throat
and wiping strands from her chin. Dudley stood up and lifted
her off the ground. He realised how tiny she was, and he
laid her down on the empty coffee table. She started trying
to speak, but Dudley didn't want her muttering gibberish as
he fucked the whore. He ripped off her panties and shoved
them into her mouth to keep her quiet. He then angled his
now fully hard cock at her narrow slit, ready to take her
virginity. He could tell she was a virgin because never
in any porn video had he seen such a tight pussy.

He began to prod her narrow opening with the head of his cock
and she moaned loudly into her panties. She flopped around on
the table but if she had wanted to get up she couldn't of. She
was at the mercy of Big D. He finally managed to force in an
inch of his cock, and he heard her groan with both pain and
pleasure. She wouldn't be pleasured for long though, he would
make sure of that. He forced another inch in, and Zoe let out
a muffled whimper. He could feel her hymen barrier, and he
pummeled it with his hard rod. After a forceful shove she
screamed into her panties and it gave way to allow four inches
of his enormous member into her quivering pussy. Dudley began
to move in faster and harder, until eventually he was sliding
in more than half of his length. Zoe had tears pouring down
her cheeks, and with every pound she moaned a pitiful moan of
pain, but Dudley was in ecstasy and he couldn't bare to stop
pumping in and out of her like a machine. He had to finish on
her, and he could feel his end approaching with every pound
of his throbbing cock. He swiftly pulled out of her, eliciting
a squeal from her, before he aimed at her chest and tits and
let fly.

'Unngghh' he groaned as he fired a torrent of his cum all over
her rapidly rising and falling chest. Some of it struck her
tits and even her tear stained cheeks. He finally finished
pumping out piping hot seed all over her, and he straightened
up and pulled on his clothes. The sight in front of him would
make a great story for the gang, so he took out his phone and
took a photo. He needed to provide a viable excuse for her to
be in the state she'd be in when her parents returned.

Thinking fast, Dudley took out the Oude de Intoxication and
sprayed another spray onto Zoe's face. He watched as her eyes
rolled up into her head and she passed out. He then went over
to the kitchen and found a large bottle of gin. He poured some
on Zoe's face and on the table, and the rest down the sink.
For the final stage of the plan he ran up to her room and he
found her phone. He realised he had a chance to get back at a
boy in the year above who had taunted him about his weight.
He sent a text to the boy on Zoe's phone saying 'Heyyyy, im
drnukk,, wana Fukc?xxx'. He thought that would convince her
parents enough, and before he was discovered Dudley darted out
of the door, praising Harry all the way back to number four,
Privet Drive. If he had been more aware, he would have noticed
his sleeping cousin lying outside the living room window.

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