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Packing with Tonks, Harry sees an opportunity arrise to use his prescious book again
Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism

Chapter 3 - Ten Minutes

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or
characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any
affiliation with its author

Four days had passed since Harry's near expulsion, and he
still had no news. He had sent a letter with Hedwig, of
course, to Ron, Hermione and Sirius. But nothing had returned
to him since. It took all his willpower not to simply jump
onto the night bus and travel, travel anywhere, and simply be
around wizards and witches again. The summers were always a
lonely time for Harry, but this one for reasons unknown to
him was worse than ever.

Even the Spellbook of Eroticism seemed to have lost it's
appeal. The novelty had worn off, and he hadn't used it
since he had found it, four days ago. Laura Stanford had
probably forgotten all about him, and he dreaded to think
of her bouncing on top of an unpleasant stranger. He drove
the idea from his mind and lay on his bed into the evening,
trying to cool down his room by keeping the window open. The
weather was still at an official heatwave warning, and the
hosepipe ban still applied. Aunt Petunia seemed to be in a
worse and worse mood after every day she was unable to water
her slowly dying flowers. Vernon carried around with him a
small pocket fan, but trying to cool down his massive sweaty
bulk was futile. Like trying to fan a walrus with a playing

Dudley and his gang had been in high spirits over the past
three days. Harry had heard them in Dudley's room a couple of
days previously, praising Dudley for something 'awesome' he'd
done. Harry praised Dudley for being able to walk and talk,
but something in the hushed tone of the gang indicated to him
that it wasn't to be overheard by Dudley's parents. Harry
wondered whether Dudley had taken drugs, for he was sure the
gang would praise him for that. Or perhaps he'd managed to
trick a girl into getting with him. A grim image settled in
his mind, of Dudley forcing a girl up against a wall and
taking from her what he wanted. Harry had no idea that he
wasn't far from the truth.

When Vernon poked his head into the room and told Harry that
they were going out and he was to stay in his room, he barely
replied to his uncle. He couldn't care less whether or not the
Dursley's were in the house, it made no difference to him. He
would still just sit there, waiting for Hedwig to return with
replies and much needed information. He lay on his bed as the
sky outside grew steadily darker, and the air temperature
dropped below thirty at long last. He stretched out and began
to feel hungry, considering heading downstairs to get a bite
to eat from the fridge. The lock on his door was no issue, he
had been taught how to pick locks by Fred and George.

There was a bang downstairs, and Harry froze. He heard voices
drift up to his room from the hall, and his thoughts flew to
burglars. But then he realised that burglars wouldn't be so
loud and crash through the door. He thought too of Death
Eaters, and a hard lump of fear rose in his throat. He heard
the door in front of him click, and swing open slowly on its
hinges. He thought to himself that Death Eater's would more
likely knock the door down than unlock it. He was on his feet
by this point, holding his wand aloft, and he rounded the
edge of his doorframe, pointing his wand down the stairs into
the hall. He was pleased but surprised to see not figures in
black, but a group of about eight or nine wizards who all
looked to be staring at him.

'Lower your wand, boy, before you take someone's eye out' said
a gruff voice that Harry thought he recognised.

'Professor.. Moody?' he said uncertainly.

'I don't know so much about "Professor' growled Moody, 'never
got round to much teaching, did I? Get down here, we want to
see you properly.'

Harry lowered his wand slightly, but did not descend the
stairs. He was still suspicious, with very good reason, as
the Mad Eye Moody he had spent nine months with last year
had turned out to be not Moody at all, but Barty Crouch Jr
conspiring to lure him into Voldemort's trap and have him
killed. However he heard a voice from the back of the crowd,
one that he recognized greatly.

'It's alright, Harry, we've come to take you away.'

'P-Professor Lupin?' he stammered, 'Is that you?'

And he began to make his way down the stairs to the group. He
lowered his wand to his side as he was introduced to the crowd
of people before him. Moody, Lupin, the bald black Kingsley,
the young attractive Tonks and the wheezy silver haired Elphias
Doge. Dedalus Diggle, who he'd met before, and Hestia Jones over
by the toaster, and two others named Emmeline vance and Sturgis
Podmore. It transpired that he would be leaving after all, and
he would have cheered in joy if they hadn't all been looking at
him. Soon the group moved into action, and Moody told Harry to
go and pack. Tonks offered to help, and together they headed
upstairs to his room. It was a tip, and packing was difficult,
but Harry had other things on his mind.

As Tonks bent over his bed trying to reach something down the
side, Harry was admiring her figure. She was slender but also
shapely and curvy, with flowing brown hair and a heart shaped
face. She sported an impressive rack, and a hot ass. She was
probably in her twenties, but looked more like a hot teen. He
could think of only one thing, and that was the spellbook of
Eroticism. He didn't have long, but he knew just the spell for
the job. It's deion had read:

The Fallacio Hex - A quick spell for when the caster is in a
hurry. This hex causes the target to immediately give a blowjob
to the caster, working hard to finish them in minutes. It is
guaranteed to yield results, and when satisfied the caster must
cast the finito spell, causing the target to fall unconscious
for one minute, giving them time to cover up or escape.
Warning! - The target will forget the contact entirely when the
finito spell is cast
Warning! - As with all spells in the volume, the casting is
undetectable by the wizarding trace but highly
illegal to perform

Harry waited for Tonks to reach down the side of the bed again,
before taking his wand out of his pocket and casting the hex on
the ass pointing at him. The effect was instant, and the spells
emphasis on speed was not exaggerated. Tonks jumped up and spun
round onto her knees. Within seconds she had unzipped his flies
and his already semi hard cock had sprung forth into her reach.
She leant forward and began sucking on the tip, using her tongue
to tickle his shaft. It felt great, and Harry sighed in relief
to have a girl giving him head again. He copped a quick feel of
her tits as she worked at his cock. Tonks was far better than
Laura had been, and he groaned with pleasure as she lurched
forward, deepthroating his pulsing rod with ease. He placed his
hands on either side of her head and began pulling it back and
forth over his shaft, pushing his tip in and out of her throat.

She gagged, and gasped for air, but Harry was enjoying himself
far too much for mercy. He forced his cock deeper, and mashed
her face against the base of his crotch. He could feel his end
nearing, and began to pant. He gave one last thrust, and sprayed
a load of his cum deep into Tonks' ravaged throat. Several wads
coated her insides, before Harry grabbed his wand from where he
had left it on the bed and cast the finito charm. Tonks fell to
the floor, and Harry zipped his flies up swiftly. He lifted her
up and placed her where she had been on the bed, then he waited
for a minute for her to wake. Eventually she stirred, and he
nudged her shoulder.

'Tonks?' he questioned, 'You all right?'

'Yeah' she mumbled, 'Dunno.. wh.. Just dozed off...'

'Rush of blood to the head?' Harry suggested innocently, turning
back to his trunk and continuing to pack. He saw her shrug out
of the corner of his eye, and resume packing. He had to resist
the urge to do a victory arm pump, as he had just gotten away
with a daring and risky endevour.

When they emerged a couple of minutes later from his room, Moody
looked at his watched and signaled it was time to go. Harry was
grinning from ear to ear.

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