Harry shares his beloved book with Ron, and Ron witnesses Hermione getting a bit over excited while taking a shower
Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism

Chapter 4 - Dripping Wet

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or
characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any
affiliation with its author

After a torrential flight in which Harry nearly suffered from
frostbite, the group arrived in Grimmauld place. When number
twelve appeared as if from nowhere, they all made there way
swiftly inside and Harry was greeted happily by Mrs Weasley.
She hugged him tightly, and told him that dinner would have
to wait, as the 'Order of the Phoenix' was having a meeting.
She lead him upstairs, and to the room where Ron and Hermione
were. On the way he marveled at all the dark artifacts, and
wondered why on earth they were in a house that seemingly
belonged to the darkest of wizards.

When she hurried off back downstairs to the meeting, Harry
turned and entered the room. He was instantly assaulted by
Hermione in a fierce hug, as she shrieked out to Ron that he
had arrived. Harry staggered under her weight, and couldn't
help but notice the feeling of her burgeoning teen breasts
under the hug. He shut that out of his mind and greeted her,
as she spilled out a jumble of sentences giving him all the
news she could tell him. It was great to finally have the
opportunity to get hold of some answers, and he was at last
going to have the news he craved.

'Let him breath, Hermione!' he heard Ron laugh from the back
of the room. He escaped from Hermiones's grasp and went to hug
his friend. Hedwig dropped down from on top of the chest of
drawers and landed on Harry's shoulder, nibbling his ear with
great affection.

'Hedwig!' he exclaimed joyfully.

'She's been in a right state' Ron told him, telling him about
how she wanted their replies and had bitten them to try and get
answers. Harry was reminded of how Dumbledore had wanted him
kept in the dark, and an icy mood fell over the room as an
awkward silence stretched out before them. Then, for the next
few minutes, Harry vented.

Harry's explosion of anger was interrupted a few minutes later
only as the twins arrived in the room with a couple of loud
'CRACK's. Upon their arrival, Hermione fell weakly onto a bed,
looking exasperated.

'Stop doing that!' she said in a faint voice.

Harry greeted the twins half heartedly, anger still flowing
through him. But with their wise cracks and quick humour, it
was hard to stay gloomy around Fred and George for long. In
minutes, Harry had all but forgotten about his qualms, and was
feeling perfectly cheerful again.

After a scuppered attempt at listening in on the meeting of
the 'Order of the Phoenix' using the twin's latest invention
of extendable ears, Mrs Weasley hurried upstairs to tell them
supper would be served in about an hour. The group dissipated,
until just Harry, Ron and Hermione were in the room again.

"Shame about that" murmured Ron. "I would have liked to know
what they were talking about. Whatever it is, it can't be good
because Snape is taking part."

"Dumbledore trusts Snape, Ron..." cut in Hermione.

".. Yeah, well, Dumbledore isn't always right" continued Ron
regardless. "He may trust that slippery snake, but I don't."

Harry rose to his feet and started pacing. In the corner of
his eye he saw the other two roll their eyes.

"I think we need to give Snape another chance" he said to the
others. He silenced Ron's protests with a look, and went on.

"He hated me for four years because he hated my father. Now
that doesn't make him a good man, far from it. But it was
just that. A long standing hatred that happened to carry over
one generation. But things are different now. Voldemort has
returned. Snape will show his true allegiance. And we will
see in due course on what side he really lies."

Hermione looked approvingly at Harry, but Ron still doubtful.
After several long moments, Hermione broke the silence by
getting to her feet and saying, "I must take a shower. See
you at supper."

She turned and left the room, leaving the boys alone.

Harry lay back on his bed, enjoying the soft feather pillow
and silken, flowing sheets. It was ten times better than
Privet drive. And he was around friends at last.

"Asides from, you know, everything.." Ron began to ask him.
".. did you have a good summer? Anything interesting?"

Harry was about to shake his head, when a thought popped
into his head.

The Spellbook of Eroticism was in his bag.

"Well, there was one thing" he started. "I got sent an owl
accidentally. I think it was confused. And you'll never
believe what it was carrying."

He reached down for his backpack and pulled the blue book
out of the front pocket. Tossing it to Ron, he lay back
down on the bed and waited.

Ron opened the book, not expecting much. But with every
word read his eyes grew wider and wider.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed, aghast. "A sex spell book?"

"That's what it is" Harry replied.

Ron continued flicking through pages, staring awestruck at
Harry's prized possession.

"You've used some of these?" he asked quickly.

Harry smiled. "A couple" he answered. "A muggle girl from
my neighborhood. And Tonks."

"You used one on Tonks!?" Ron asked incredulously.

Harry nodded. "She gave great head, man, much better than
the muggle girl."

Ron laughed absent mindedly, still staring at the pages
before him. Harry grinned and got to his feet.

"Listen, mate" he said to him. "I'm gonna go and see
Sirius, okay? You keep that book safe."

"Will do" called Ron after him as he left. He had just
been reading one spell in particular. It read:

The Voyeuro Charm - A complex spell that is not directly
involved in sexual activity, but is very useful in many
circumstances. It will allow the caster to see, perfectly,
a certain person and their surroundings. The caster need
only speak the name of the target, and then the incantation.
To release the spell, the caster must cast the 'finito' spell
in their mind.
Warning! - The caster will have no sight of their own area
for the duration of the spell's casting. Please
only perform in a safe, secure place
Warning! - As with all spells in the volume, the casting is
undetectable by the wizarding trace but highly
illegal to perform

Ron instantly knew who he could use this neat little spell on
right away.

Hermione was taking a shower.

Ron took up his wand and spoke Hermione's full name, then he
followed with the necessary incantation. His vision clouded
over, and he was met with an incredible sight.

* * *

Hermione stood in the steaming shower, letting the spray run
off her naked body onto the floor. She had remained in this
position for some time, enjoying the warmth of the water.

Harry's arrival had been torrential, as she had suspected it
would be. But it hadn't gone too badly. Things could have
been much worse. He could have shouted more, thrown things,
done magic. But he had restrained. And given what he had gone
through that was admirable.

Hermione took the soap and began to wash herself down, rubbing
it hard onto her arms and legs. Her hands brushed over her
nether regions, eliciting a pleasant tingle from them. She
breathed in deep to calm herself down.

No Hermione, she told herself, not again.

She had managed to get overexcited in the shower three times
since arriving at grimmauld place. It was careless, and she
dissaproved of the concept. But she could barely deny it when
it felt so good.

She continued washing herself, until all that was left to do
was her inner thighs and her breasts. In hind sight, this was
probably not a good idea.

She began rubbing the soap gently over her left tit, trying
not to stimulate it too much. But try as she might, she
couldn't stop herself accidentally brushing past her nipple
several times. The tingling returned, and she watched as
within moments her nipple stood erect and pointed.

She began washing the other breast, and was halfway through
when she realised she was absent mindedly fondling her other
nipple. It felt exquisite, and a soft moan rolled out of her

She caught herself.

No, Hermione.

She reached down with the soap and placed it on her thigh.
The feeling of the warm, creamy soap running up her legs
sent shivers down her back. She shuddered as she slid it
dangerously close to her crotch, and then back again.

She knew she had to wash her pussy.

She reached with her down stretched arm, and brought the
soap to rest on her hot, moist lips. The slightest rub sent
wonderful ripples of feeling through her legs, and she
closed her eyes, allowing them to wash over her.

Fuck it.

She dropped the bar of soap and leant against the wall, one
hand groping her breast and the other vigorously rubbing
her clit. More moans, louder and longer, escaped her mouth.
She slid down the wall, her legs weakening as she brought
herself close to orgasm.

She gently forced a finger inside her tight hole, and began
fingering herself in earnest. Whilst doing so she brought
her spare hand down to her delicious ass, and caressed the
soft cheeks. Her hand brushed the cleft between them, and
in a moment of wild, lustful curiosity she rubbed her wet

It felt good.

Tentatively, as one hand rubbed her clit and pushed a finger
deep inside her soft folds, she reached out with her thumb
and pushed it into her tight little ass. She was surprised
at how much it hurt. But at the same time how much pleasure
she drew from it.

She rose to her feet again, one hand working on each of her
holes, and began working herself to orgasm. Each thrust of
her wrist elicited a soft moan from her, and her aching
legs jerked and quivered.

All of a sudden she let out an ecstatic cry, as an great
orgasm enveloped her. She slid down to the floor of the
shower, her thumb slipping out of her asshole and finding
its way round to her twitching clit. She gave it several
hard rubs, prolonging her end, enjoying the pleasurable

She hadn't anticipated how draining the experience would
be. As she lay there, enjoying the last remnants of her
treatment, she began to drift off into a pleasure induced
sleep. Her hand absently kept working on her softening
clit, as her mind clouded over and she faded into darkness
to rest from the great ordeal.

Little did Hermione know that she was not the only one
who had just reached orgasm, thanks to her treatment.

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