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i went to the movies with my bf, the guy sitting next to me ended up being my master
I was about 16 years old when I had my first dominating experience.

My bf his friend and me went to the movies, I didn't care for the movie. I was bored and honestly kinda horny.

I noticed the guy sitting next to me, he was kinds cute for a older man he was siting with 3 kids and his wife. I could tell he was looking at me. My hand was on the arm rest we shared and I started to circle the cup holder with my finger.

His hand dropped closer to my thigh, acting like he accidentally brushed up against me. I bit my lip and scooted closer. His fingers grazed my bare thigh, my heart was beating franticly and my breathing became heavy. Slowly he inched up my thigh with his fingers massaging my skin the while way.

My bf was zoned in on the movie and so were his kids and wife. No one noticed as I put my leg off to block view and his hand slid under my skirt fully and pulled my undies to the side.

My god what was I doing, I am not a slut, I dont do this.
He pushed his thumb up on my clit and started to circle it. He took one finger then took another and shoved them in me. I squealed a little. No one heard.

I couldn't handle this, what was I doing and why did it feel so amazing? I was breathing harder I knew he was going to make me cum, I had to leave.

I told my bf I was going to the bath room and got up, as I turned the corner I stopped to seeing him staring at me smirking as he put his finger in his mouth to taste me.

I got outside, I had to catch my breath, everything wad happening to fast.
The door to the theater opened.
He stepped out.

"come on" he said and grabbed my arm. He took us to the family bathroom closed the door and locked it.

He turned around and started to unbuckle his belt. I shifted nervously.
Licking my lips, the fear and excitement was making me wet and swollen.

He came closer,putting his hands on my shoulders
" your going to be a good slut and suck daddys dick right?" he looked at me and I just stared back nervously.
"yes sir" I said meekly, he smiled and pushed me to my knees.

He pulled out his huge throbbing cock, my mouth dropped open I have never seen a dick so big before.
He shoved my head down to the base of his member, gagging me.

His cock was so huge I could barley breath, I was slurping back the juices coming from him, not wanting to waste a bit.

His toes started to curl and he pulled at my hair even harder. His cock started to vibrate in my mouth.

He pulled out and chuckled " your a little cock hungry slut arnt you?" he pulls me up to my feet and turns me around "arnt you?" I nod my head yes, he pushes me to the cold wall.

With one hand he holds both my arms behind my back, I arch my back out wanting him, I know I shouldn't though, its too wrong, this isn't right.

He thrusts his hips into me, forcing his huge cock into my tight pussy. I screamed out in pain and enjoyment. My god this feeling.

he starts slow and deep,i can feel my self cuming all over him. He chuckles again and grabs the back of my head by my hair forcing our faces close.

"your a horny little slut for daddy, your cuming all over me. " I gasp I am I can feel myself, I close my eyes and start to moan.

He flips me around to face him, putting my legs on his hips and sitting my butt on his hands. The wall is cold but if feels nice against our hot sweaty bodies. He's panting, I can tell he is enjoying it as much as do.

He pulls my shirt down exposing my boobs, he chuckles " your such a good whore, no bra, ready for action." I giggle and moan as he starts to nibble on my breasts. Pulling and twisting my nipples with his teeth. I gasp for air as he pounds into me and sucks on me.

What is happening, I can't want a good girl..right?

He slaps my ass and pulls my body down on him harder, it feels likes he's in my stomach. My I think my body is going to burst I am screaming out " harder daddy harder, fuck me harder" I can't help it, I want him, I want his dick in me, I want him to spank me and call me those names.

He's smirking as I cum all over his dick one more time as he slaps me hard is the ass. " where do you want my cum whore?" I blurt out " my face daddy cum on my face" ...who am I becoming? I want to taste him and have his warm goo all over me.

He pulls out and I get on my knees open my mouth and stick out my tongue.
The biggest load I have ever seen hits my face and gathers in my mouth,I lick some up. Its everywhere, some of it dripping into the floor.

He goes and gets some napkins, throws some at me and starts to clean himself.

He watches me as I clean up and get dressed. He comes up to me and puts me on the counter "what's your name slut?" "heather" I dont look at him, he goes and pulls his wallet out.

Oh god..he thinks a am a prostitute..
He places a card between my thigh's, and smirks at my reaction's. " call me heather, my little cum slut" he leans down to kiss my forehead and he turns around to leave.

Dave that's what the card says.

I get up and open the door, my bf and his friend are sitting outside of the movie theater.
"are you ok, I was worried?" I look at the ground sheepishly and say " I didn't feel well so I layed down in the family bathroom"
As we were walking to the car I saw Dave getting in his car with his family he looked at me and winked.

What did I just do? I have only had sex with one person and that's my bf.
Now I just defiled myself with a complete stranger.

When I got home I took a hot shower inspecting myself under the hot water, I had finger bruises on my hip bones, and my hair hurt where he was pulling on it. My pussy wad sore and red, the water felt nice on it. My nipples were bruised and puffy. I dried of put on short shorts and a tank top, and went down to eat and told my mom I wad going to bed early and would see her the next day. As soon as I got to my room I locked the door and turned on my laptop.
I opened up my email and started to write to him. Why am I doing this? I shouldn't be wanting him more..but I do. I want his dick in me more than anything.

He respond's in minutes asking for my number....this is really happening oh god, I'm becoming a picture perfect slut.

He calls me and I nervously pick up my phone " I know you couldn't resist me baby girl, what are you doing right now?" " mmh I am sitting in my room alone, my mom just left for work." I say with hesitation on my breath. " give me your address baby, I can be there soon to give you some more of what you deserve "

I'm waiting for him to come over, really heather what are you doing?! I need to calm my nerves so I smoke a joint...then another. His car pulls up. I adjust myself, there's a nock on the door. I open it.

he closes the door behind him and says to turn around. I did, he started to tie my hands together behind my back. Then he led me up the stairs to my room.

He pushes me to the bed and locks the door, he starts to peel of my skirt and undies. I can barley breath from excitement coursing threw me. My heart feels like its in my throat. He starts to unbutton my shirt and out spill my exposed breasts.

" for someone so young you sure have the body of a adult, how old are you cum slut? "I'm 16" he laughs and buries his face in my chest. Sucking and biting at my nipples. I can feel my pussy start to get tight and swollen. I moan out just as he stops.

He makes me get on all 4s with my back arching in the air,my arms are still tied so I can't move much. He slaps and grabs my ass hard to the point of bruising, I screamed in pain and pleasure.

He new I wanted more by the way my back arched up offering myself to him and my thighs rubbed together. He was teasing me, taking his fingers and almost going in me. "mmh your so wet baby girl" " please fuck me daddy, please fuck me now" I beg him pathetically.

He leans his face down and starts licking my pussy from behind, flicking and twirling my clit between his tongue and teeth. I have never had anyone do this to me before the feeling was explosive.
I moaned louder than I ever have before
"daddy your going to make me cum!" I shout out as I cum harder than I ever have before. I buck my hips back to be more in his mouth, he breaks away and shoved his dick in me.

He's huge, I can feel my tight pussy stretching and tearing. My cum is starting to drip down my legs. He pulls me up by my tied up hands and thrusts his hips farther up in me. I squeal with delight as he stuffs me. Harder and harder he pushes into my dripping wet overly swollen pussy. He slaps me on the ass again and cums in me. He pulls out, the cum gushing out of me spilling onto my legs and bed.

"what would you do if I left you tied like this?" I look at him shocked, and flip over so I am facing him as he stands in front of me . "please dont even be joking" he rises an eyebrow and smiles. He starts to untie my arms.

We both get dressed and I walk him to the door "you better call me every day slut, I'm your master now, got that?" "yes sir" I smile at him, he takes my face in his hands and kisses me roughly. Leaving me breathless.


2014-09-22 11:32:31
The part about letting the older guy run his hand up your leg and to play with your pussy . . . (with your b.f. on one side, his wife/kids on the other) . . . Really great stuff!

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2014-08-08 19:24:58
Good story, but really sloppy writing. It needed proofreading badly.

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2014-07-25 13:32:43
M having big boobs too...i want someone to suck it hard...n fuck me harder

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2014-07-18 14:09:32
Sicx yes


2014-07-18 09:06:40
Thank you I will be putting out more more my experiences very soon!

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