My 8 year old daughter Candace wanted to stay home from school and have me take the day off from work so we could play together. But the type of playing she had in mind was nothing like I had imagined
Delicious Candi

It was about 7:15 in the morning and I was starting to get ready for work. My wife had left for her job about 30 minutes earlier and it was my time for the bathroom. I was standing at the bathroom sink shaving, wearing nothing more than my robe since I was going to be jumping into the shower, when my 8-year-old daughter Candace came in. She lowered the top lid of the toilet and sat down.

“Hi, Candi, all done with breakfast?” My wife always prepared extra when she made her own breakfast so that we all three could start the today with a meal together. Usually my wife would finish first and leave for work, I would finish soon after and head to the shower, and Candi would linger at the table while she digested the comics from the morning newspaper.

“Yeah,” she sounded listless.

“What’s up hon? You don’t sound too happy this morning.”

“Oh, nothing. I just don’t feel like going to school today.”

“Hmm,” I uttered as the razor glided across my chin. I glanced over at her as I rinsed the razor in the sink. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t feel much like going to work either. But, I guess we don’t have much choice do we.”

“Yeah we do,” she piped up, turning sideways a bit so she was straddling the stool. “Why don’t we both play hooky and stay home. We can spend the day together playing.”

The idea of have calling in sick to have a day off to play with Candi was inviting. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but as I looked at her I know what I had in mind. Her nightgown had ridden up her legs as she sat on the stool, and the bottom edge of it had crept up to a bit past midway on her thighs. I guess I could be described as a closet pedophile since I had always appreciated beautiful little girls and their tiny innocent bodies always gave me deliciously lewd thoughts. I even had a few movies of kiddie porn that I would fantasize with when I was home totally alone.

I had many times watched Candi as she ran around in her little shorts, the material clinging to her little tight ass, and let my perverted imagination picture what that tiny butt would look like in the flesh. A couple of nights ago she had been lying on her stomach watching TV with her elbows propped up and her face in her hands. Her legs were apart and bent at the knees, spreading open her tiny thighs to reveal her panties. She had her legs parted and bent at the knees and was kicking them. The kicking motion had caused her nightgown to ride up the back of her thighs and I couldn’t help but stare at her little buttocks jiggling as she kicked her legs back and forth. I could also see the panel of her panties and started getting aroused at the thought of her puffy little pussy lying behind the small piece of cotton.

So the sight of her bare thighs as she sat there fired up my nasty imagination again. I felt a stirring in my crotch and returned to my shaving before I got too distracted and put into an embarrassing situation.

“What kind of games do you have in mind?” I asked as I rinsed my razor again and started shaving my neck.

“Well,” she said thoughtfully, “how about if I play with your dick and you play with my pussy?” She reached into my robe and grabbed my cock.

I damn near cut my throat. “Candi!!!” I dropped the razor and glared down at her. “What the hell…”

She was smiling wickedly up at me as she rubbed my dick then cupped my balls. “I said, how about if I play with your dick and you play with my pussy. Maybe we can even fuck.”

“Huh...” I was incredulous. “What…where…I mean…”

“It’s okay Daddy. I want to have fun with you and I want you to have fun with me. I found the movies you have with older men and little girls and I know you would like to have sex with a young girl like me, why else would you have those movies.”

“Yeah, but…” I had been caught and was at a loss for words.

“Mmmm,” she gave me another wicked grin, “I know I’m right because your dick is hard.” She stood up, pulled her nightgown over her head and tossed it aside then sat back down with her legs spread. “Do you like my little nipples?” she rubbed her palm across her chest. “Want to stick this big dick,” she squeezed it gently, “into my little pussy,” she rubbed her hand up and down over her mound with her finger gliding through her slit.

I couldn’t deny a thing. I gazed down, my eyes roving down over her childs’ body. Though she didn’t have any real tits yet her chest was starting to bulge ever so slightly from the meat of her now beginning to develop breasts, and her barely existent pads were topped with tiny dime-sized cones of nipples with the little nub standing hard and erect. I tore my eyes away from her forming little boobs and down to the object of my long time desire and the center of many of my erotic and masturbatory fantasies – her eight year old pussy. I could see the dark opening of her virgin fuck tunnel winking out at me from the moist pink folds of her vulva. The thought of living my dream of fucking a young girl, my own daughter nonetheless, had brought my dick to a full erection. Shit yes, I thought, if she wants it I’ll be more than happy to give it to her.

“Oh, Candi, I would love to fuck you. But are you sure you want to? Do you think you can do it.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. I know I can and I really want to. When I watched your movies they made me feel so excited I played with myself and stuck my finger up inside my pussy hole, but that wasn’t enough so I got a hot dog out of the refrigerator and fucked myself with it a little bit, pretending it was your dick. Pleeaasee...” she dropped my dick and clasped her hands together in a begging type gesture.

I retuned her wicked smile and took off my robe, standing naked in front off her with my cock sticking straight out. “This is much bigger than a hot dog,” I shook it up and down, “think you can handle it?”

“Wow, it looks bigger than the one’s in the movies.” her eyes got wide and she dropped to her knees in front of me. “I didn’t know how big a real live dick was.” She wrapped one hand around my shaft and cupped my balls with the other one. “And it’s so soft, I thought it would be hard like a sausage.” She looked up at me, “I think it’s beautiful, Daddy”

“Thanks, honey, that’s the best compliment you can ever pay a man.” My dick is actually just about average, maybe six inches or so hard, I never had a reason to measure what had worked for me so well for all my years, but being her first live one it must have seemed impressive to her.

I’m sure I probably could have gotten her to give me a blow job right there but I didn’t feel it was the place to start our sexual tryst. I also wanted to kiss her and feel her naked flesh against mine, so I pulled her to her feet. Her head only came up to my chest, so I turned around and leaned against the bathroom vanity to bring our faces more level.

“Kiss me, honey,” I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her waist, she reached up to wrap hers around my neck, and we brought our mouths together. Her lips were soft and warm, although inexperienced and stiff, but it only took a moment before she loosened them to mold against mine. I gently probed my tongue against her closed lips and she quickly caught on, opening her own mouth and licking at my lips. I engaged our tongues in oral swordplay and we were soon swabbing the insides of each other’s mouths in sloppy kisses.

I let my hands fall to her buttocks as we kissed and kneaded the soft tight globes. She moaned into my mouth as I fondled her and pulled my lips tighter against hers.

I licked my mouth away from hers, across her face and over to her ear. “Candi, let’s go to my bed.”

“Ohhh, yesss,” she lightly hissed, “yesss.”

“I’ll carry you, hold on.” I linked my fingers together to cup her butt and pulled her straight up my body. Her legs spread themselves and she wrapped them around my waist, crossing her ankles behind my back. She tightened her calf muscles to hold tight, pressing her dampened pussy against my belly.

“Mmmm,” I bent to give her a pecking kiss, “that’s nice. Your pussy is so warm.”

“No, Daddy,” she grinned, “my pussy isn’t warm, it’s hot. Let’s go fuck.”

I carried her to the bedroom, my hard shaft bouncing up and down against her ass as I carried her. She giggled slightly and released one of her hands from around my neck, reaching down to press and hold my dick along the crack of her ass.

I sat down carefully on the edge of the bed, then leaned backward so I was lying on my back and Candi stretched out lengthwise on top of me. It was a bit uncomfortable with my legs hanging off of the bed so I rolled her off of me and adjusted her to lie straight on the bed. I was getting ready to lie next to her when I remembered I had better call my work and her school. She gave me a look of surprise when I drew away from her, but she smiled knowingly when I sat on the side of the bed and reached for the phone.

As I dialed my office, she crawled off the bed, onto the floor and between my legs. She gave me a lecherous smile and reached one hand up to jack my dick, cupping and kneading my ball sac with the other. She stroked me a few times, locked her eyes into mine then moved her face forward and started licking my shaft. Oh, fuck, it felt out of this world. She slowly licked her tongue up the tender underside until it slipped off my mushroom, then lowered her face and repeated the motion. Up and down with her face, up and down with her stiff tongue, from the base to the tip on all parts of my dick she could reach. When a drop of pre cum seeped up my slit, she flicked it off with her tongue, making a production of smiling, licking her lips and uttering an “Mmm” when she drew her tongue in.

She sat back on her haunches with her hands still in my crotch when I hung up the phone after talking to my office. “You did real good, Daddy,” she smiled. “Do you think you can do the same when you call my school? Are you going to tell them I can’t come to school because I’m sick? Or are you going to tell them it’s because I’m naked and licking my Daddy’s dick and playing with his balls?” She moved her face forward and renewed her licking as I dialed the school.

“Hello,” I began when the school phone was picked up. “This is Candi Roberts Dad and I…yi…yi…”

When Candi heard me begin talking to the school, she bent my dick straight out, placed her lips on the head and sank forward, taking about two or three inches into her mouth. She then started bobbing her head and sucking me, flicking her tongue around my shaft and glans, all the while staring directly at me and smiling around the fleshy shaft filling her mouth.

“Yes, yes,” the voice on the other end spoke.

“Uh, uh, I’m sorry. I got distracted. Candi’s not feeling well and won’t be at school today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that…” the lady on the other end wanted to ask me all kinds of questions. I’m sure she was concerned over Candi’s welfare but my only concern was Candi sucking my dick. I ended the conversation without explaining.

“You little shit,” I looked down and playfully scolded her, “you trying to get me in trouble?”

She drew her head back and let my dick slurp out of her mouth. “No, Daddy,” she smiled, “I’m just trying to suck your dick.” She sucked me back into her mouth.

“Go for it you little cocksucker,” I spoke at her head. “Suck my dick and swallow my fucking cum.” I could see her hard little nipples and reached my hand down to pinch them as she sucked me off. My wants and desires for Candi heightened my arousal of having her actually giving me a blowjob and my carnal side flared itself; I wanted to plunge my cock down her throat.

Placing my hands on the side of her head I pulled her upwards and on to her knees as I rose to my feet. She had looked up at me as I changed our position but adjusted to it without missing a stroke. She nodded her head when I asked if this was more comfortable, so I placed my hands on the back of her head and started fucking my hips into her mouth in time with her bobbing head.

“Oh shit, Candi,” I breathed huskily, “this is fucking great. Suck me, honey. Suck your Daddy’s dick!”

She had one of her hands holding my shaft and jacking me as she sucked, and she kept looking up at me for obvious approval. It was so fucking sexy, looking into the eyes of my eight year old daughter as my glistening shaft slid in and out of her mouth, her cheeks contracting and expanding as she sucked my cock.

“All the way, baby,” I exerted pressure on the back of her head, “take your Daddy’s meat all the way into your mouth and throat.” I knew it might be a bit much for her to deep-throat me during her first blowjob, but my lust was in charge of my actions. She managed to make most of my dick disappear between her lips, but didn’t seem to be quite able to take in the entire length. I tried once, thrusting hard into her as her mouth slid forward, but it made her gag. Enough, I scolded myself, enjoy now, train later.

I kept a gentle fucking motion into her mouth as she bobbed back and forth, her tongue swabbing along the shaft and around my dick head. Sometimes she would stop, remove my shaft and lick the length from my balls to my helmet, then place it back in her mouth. Her technique was superb for an inexperienced eight year old and I felt my climax building. I got a firm grip on her head, I wanted her to swallow my spunk.

“I’m gonna cum soon, honey,” I rasped. “I want you to keep my cock in your mouth and swallow it all. Understand?”’

Her eyes said yes, and she increased her suction and jacking motions.

That was more than I could handle. “Noww…” I screamed. I held her head tight, gave a final shove and shot my cum into her mouth. “Swallow my fucking cum!” My balls churned and I trembled as my balls emptied themselves. “Nngghh!”’ I grunted and stood still.

She kept me on the brink as she continued her sucking and tongue flicking while I came. I looked down to see her throat muscles working to swallow what she could, but some of my pearly juice still dribbled from the corners of her mouth. She sucked me until I started to wilt then sat back on her haunches and let my deflated dick slip from between her lips.

She had expended so much effort to please me that I saw a bead of perspiration of on her forehead. My knees felt weak after having one of the most intense orgasms I had had for a while, my wife wasn’t even this good, so I reached down and pulled her up to lie beside me on the bed.

I laid on my side next to her with my arm bent and my face resting against my palm. I reached out my right hand and slowly stroked it up and down her body, rubbing my palm in circles over her stiff little nipples.

“Candi, that was wonderful. You suck cock better than anyone I know, even your mother.” I hated to make a comparison like that but it was true, and I felt she deserved the compliment.

“Mmmm, thank you, Daddy,” she smiled and rolled over on her right side to face me, rubbing her hand up and down my side. “Is it okay if I tell that to Mommy?” she said with mock seriousness.

“You little bitch,” I gave her a playful punch. “Give me a kiss,” I put my right hand behind her head and drew her mouth to mine.

Her mouth was parted as our lips joined and she snaked her tongue into my mouth as soon as lips touched. I could taste the remnants of my sperm in her mouth as our tongues swabbed at each other. I rolled her on to her back, reached my left arm under her to cradle her neck and curled my fingers around her face to caress her cheek as we kissed. We were both moaning slightly into each other’s mouths as our passions rekindled and our lips slipped and slithered together, occasionally exchanging little nips on the others lips or tongue. I reached my right hand down and back to again rub my palm over her chest and taut little nipples while we kissed

“Mmm, that feels nice, Daddy,” she interrupted our kissing, “I love you playing with my nipples while you kiss me,” she reached up her arm and draped it behind my head and drew my lips back to hers.

I continued to stroke her small frame, switching from palming her nipples to squeezing and rolling the little nubs between my thumb and forefinger. She breathed a gasp into my mouth when I slightly pinched one and stabbed her tongue deep into my mouth.

I let my hand roam down her body until I felt the top of her slit and then slowly inserted the tip of my finger between her puffy labia. She readily spread her legs wide apart and I oh-so-slowly stroked my finger down over her clit and through her crack.

“Oh, Daddy, oh,” she rasped, breaking our kiss and rolling her head to the side. “Play with my pussy.”

I snaked my finger up and down her pussy slot and felt her hand fumble toward my crotch to grab my dick, wrapping her hand around my reawakening shaft and slowly jacking me. I inserted my finger further into her folds as I drew it upwards, and as I felt her pussy hole I inserted it and wiggled it around, causing her to yelp and squeeze me hard.

“Sssshhh, baby,” I whispered comfortingly in her ear, “I’m just getting you ready, there’s going to be something a lot bigger than my finger in that little cunt of yours before too long.”

Her pussy was becoming markedly wetter as I played with her, and I could smell the aroma of her sexual arousal filling the room. I kissed my way down her face and neck, licking and slobbering over her warm flesh, until I reached her chest. I reached up with my free hand to gently squeeze the pad of flesh that was her breast, and then lowered my mouth to suck at the nipple-topped pad, nipping the tiny nub and flicking it with my tongue. I paid equal homage to both of her titties-to-be, licking, flicking and sucking them while continuing to stroke my finger up and down her pussy, occasionally fucking it in and out of her hole.

“Oh, god, Daddy,” she panted, “I can’t take this. I want you to fuck me!”

I was going to fuck this little 8 year old for sure, but I had other priorities. My taste buds salivated at the thought of experiencing my first taste of a little girl, and I couldn’t wait to bury my face between her thighs and swab up her little girl pussy juice with my tongue. I left her tits and kissed my way down her torso, stopping to suck and lick her navel, then stiffened my tongue and dragged it into her vagina.

Grasping her thighs with my hands, I pushed them outwards and back, rolling her slightly backwards and exposing both of her holes. I admired the view of the naked little body in front of me, ready and willing for my taking. I extended my tongue and stuffed my face between her butt and the sheets, then dragged it up slowly across her crinkled asshole, up through her widespread labia, jabbing it into her pussy hole, then up to her clit. Her taste was delicious, kind of light and golden tasting, not as heavy and musky as that of an older woman, yet it still definitely had the unmistakable taste of a pussy. I repeated the motion a few more times, increasing the pressure of my tongue with each swipe. She was squirming and moaning and I could feel her trying to press her legs together to capture my head.

“Oh, Daddy, oh, eat me. Eat my fucking cunt! I want to cum too!”

I wanted her to cum too, right into my mouth. I dropped her legs to drape across my back and moved my face between her thighs. I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and fastened my mouth over her puffy mound, sucking her inner labia into my mouth and flicking my tongue in and out of her pussy hole. Her little pelvis was bouncing on the bed and humping against my face as I tongue fucked her. I stabbed my tongue at her a few times more then licked my way up her wet folds to her clit.

I sucked the tiny knob of flesh from its hiding place and she went wild when I nipped it, arching her back and pushing my head down firmly. I plied her hands form the back of my head so I could move it and began applying long licks along the length of her gash, ending with a nip and suck at her clit. My cheeks were wet from the leaking juices of her arousal and it was almost difficult to keep my head between her thighs as she squeezed her legs around my head. I wanted to fuck her, but I knew she was close to an orgasm and decided to finish her orally. That would give me more time to feel my dick inside of her as I fucked her to another orgasm, even though I was certain I would be fucking her again and again.

I moved my mouth over her clit, gently sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue, and inserted a finger into her pussy hole. I finger fucked her as I laved my oral attention on her sex knob, gradually sliding more and more of my finger inside her tube as I played it in and out, I wanted to get her as ready as possible for the larger shaft of my dick

“Dadddeeee,” she screamed. “Dadddeee, I think I’m gonna cum, Daddy!“

She started drumming her heels against my back and tightened her legs to capture my head between her thighs, and I could hear and feel her beating her fists on the mattress. I glanced up her body and saw her chest rising and falling rapidly as she gasped for breath, her face contorted with passion as she madly whipped her head from side to side.

“Nnnggggghhhhh!” she growled loud and long. “Eat meeee! I’m cummminggg! Aieee!” she screamed and started trembling. She reached her hands down to hold my head in her crotch, and I could taste the leakage of cum from her vagina as she humped her pelvis against my face. I quickly shifted my face lower to catch as much of her nectar as I could in my open mouth, and sucked and licked her as her body shook through its orgasm. My face was buffeted by a small series of humps before she went rigid and jammed her pussy against my mouth as her climax peaked and pussy loosed her juice. I was going to lap it all up as it seeped out, but thought it better to let it remain to provide extra lubrication for my soon to be invading dick.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs from the outside and gave her a couple of final licks, then reached up to unwrap her legs from around my head and back. I lowered her ass to the bed and crawled out of her crotch to lie back and watch her as she enjoyed the diminishing thrills of her cum. She slowly regained her composure and I laid beside her again when her eyes fluttered open.

“Oh, Daddy, thank you,” she said softly, giving me a precious endearing smile. “That was absolutely glorious. I thought I had cum when I fucked myself with that hot dog, but I guess I was wrong, that only tingled but this…this was a real orgasm. Thank you.”

“”Your welcome, and I thank you too,” I reached out and caressed her face, “for helping your old Dad fulfill some of his dreams. I love you so much,” I bent down and gave her cheek a pecking kiss.

“I love you too, Daddy. Hug me please.”

I pulled her close and we shared a tender moment, hugging cooing and exchanging quick kisses and licks. I held her close and roamed my hands over her back and buttocks, giving her globes an occasional squeeze. Her nipples were still hard and poked my chest, and my hard dick poked at her between her legs, even though it was below her crotch due to her smaller size.

She felt my turgid rod and reached own to take hold of me, slowly stroking it. “You know, Daddy,” she muttered softly, “if you can make me feel so good by simply eating my pussy, I can’t wait to feel what you can do for me with your cock. Will you fuck me now?”

I didn’t say a word. Pulling away from her I rolled her on to her back and knee walked down the bed to between her outstretched legs. Remaining on my knees in front of her, I grabbed her ankles in my hands, spread her legs apart and pulled her towards me; her pussy was still wet and glistening with her cum and her dark hole seemed to beckon me.

“Candi, are you sure you want to do this? When I rupture your hymen it’s going to hurt for a bit and you’re going to bleed a little. And it won’t grow back.”

“I’m sure Daddy,” she gave me a determined look. “I want you to fuck me and bust my cherry.”

“Okay, I promise to go slow and easy and you can stop me if you want to before we really start to fuck. But once I start, I won’t be able to stop.”

“Please Daddy,” she sounded frustrated. “Please fuck me. I want you!”

“All right. I’m going to rub my dick through your pussy to coat it with your juice for extra lubricant first. I’ll warn you before I insert myself. Okay?”

She nodded her head bravely, and I could see her bite her lower lip.

I dropped her legs, grabbed my dick and hunched over her. I slowly lowered my hips and rubbed my dick up and down between her wet folds, coating it with her cum and pussy juice. I inched my dick head into her slit and moved it up and down with my hand until I felt my glans caress the tight opening of pussy hole.

“Ready?” I wanted to be sure.

She nodded again.

Keeping my dick at her hole with my hand I gently began to push forward. I entered her just slightly, she was so tight. Pulling back I pushed forward again and got in just a bit further, I stopped but this time left myself inside. I sensed that part of the problem was a natural tenseness of her muscles and told her to relax. I almost at once felt some of the restriction around my dick head ease up and my shaft glide forward.

“That’s it baby. Keep yourself relaxed. As you fell my dick going in you need to press your pussy upwards. Here we go.”

I grabbed her ass cheeks and held her tight, letting her raise her hips off the bed as she wanted, and pressed my hips forward again. Ever so slowly I pressed forward and felt her hole expanding to accept me. I had about an inch or so inside her tube when I heard her whimper.

“It hurts Daddy, but don’t stop. I want you inside me.”

I paused for a moment to give her body a chance to adjust itself, again leaving my dick in place. After a moment I eased back then pressed forward again. This time the muscles of her fuck tunnel expanded themselves as I slowly inched myself forward into her tight virgin pussy. I kept up my slow insertion until I finally felt myself blocked by the membrane of her hymen. I didn’t want to rupture her too quickly or without warning, but I oh so badly needed to fuck her. Wanting it to be as quick as possible I figured it would be easiest if she was fully wet and lubed up, so I began fucking the three inch opening I had made, hoping her pussy would release sufficient juice for me to fully conquer her.

“You okay, baby? How’s this? I’m only fucking your outer pussy hole. I’m going to take your cherry in a minute.”

“Yes,” she panted, “it hurt a little but it’s feeling better.” She was rotating her hips and humping at what little of my cock was in her. “Give it all to me. Now. Fuck me Daddy. I want your dick.”

Enough of this bullshit, I thought, we both want it. “Okay my little slut. Take it!” I backed off and thrust forward as hard as I could. I felt my glans rip through her hymen and force apart the muscles of her vagina as I buried myself to the hilt.

“Aieeee,” she screamed. “It hurts. Take it out. No, leave it in.”

I knew it was the pain of her shredded hymen and torn muscles talking and laid still on top of her, my balls resting against her buttocks and my dick throbbing inside the tight sheath. When I felt she had recovered from the sudden shock I pulled backward, almost to the point of withdrawal, then eased myself back in, but not all the way to my balls. It was so tight, and the thought that I had just busted my daughters cherry seemed to make my dick swell to a larger than normal size. I started to fuck her with slow easy strokes until I felt her begin to respond.

I looked down between us to watch my dick sliding in and out of her puffy labia, my shaft glistening a slight pink from her blood. Looking up I saw her face was more full of lust now than when I had eaten her. I released my hands from her ass and stretched out on top of her as my hips pistoned up and down. Being on top of her I lowered my head to her chest to suck and nibble her hard tiny nipples. I felt her hand come up to caress the back of my head. Looking up at her face she gave me a pained smile.

“Daddy,” the words slowly escaped past her lips. “We’re fucking.”

I just nodded.

“Suck my nipples while you fuck me, Daddy.’ She pulled my mouth back to her chest. “Oh god, I love it.” I felt her increase the movement of her pelvis. “Do me all the way. I want all of your cock in my pussy.” She thrust upward.

She was so tight it almost pained my dick, and I had to go slow until her channel would naturally widen to accept me shaft. It took only a moment before the combination of her natural juices and my assaulting cock loosened her and I could fully and freely penetrate her.

“Oh, Candi, your pussy is so tight on me. Fuck me honey, fuck your Daddy’s big dick.”

“Uh huh, uh huh,” she groaned and ground against me.

She tried to meet me thrust for thrust, but I was so aroused at first that I found it hard to settle into a steady rhythm. Sometimes driving back and forth deeply and furiously, at other times slowly pushing forward and holding still inside her, rotating my ass and reveling in the feeling of the ridges of her virgin pussy caressing me as her muscles clenched at my invading cock. She wouldn’t have that though.

“Please Daddy,’ she begged. “Fuck me long and slow. Give me all your dick. I want to feel your meat sliding in and out of my cunt.”

I gave in readily, not wanting to destroy the moment or her memories of her first fuck; there would be plenty of time to ravage her to my liking later. I began a slow in and out, in and out and she met me thrust for thrust, and we soon established a slow rhythmical fuck. It was heavenly. Her tunnel would constrict as I backed out and then slowly expand as I reentered her, almost like a sucking fuck mouth. I still hadn’t had myself balls deep in her since the thrust that broke her open and wanted to feel my balls on her ass.

“Here it comes, Candi. All of me!” I started fucking her for all I was worth, jamming the full length of my fuck sick up her channel.

“Nngghh!” she groaned. “That’s it. All the way. Give me all your cock! Ngh” She pummeled her hips upwards in a frantic effort to be sure she had all of my shaft.
“More, I want more!” I didn’t have any more meat to give her, so I pounded my cock into her as hard as I could, hoping to satisfy her.

“Uhn,” she moaned as she fucked at me. She lifted her legs from the bed, wrapping them around me and locking her ankles over my butt, and tried to pull me in deeper.
“Fuck meeee! Give your little girl your big Daddy dick.”

I couldn’t believe this wildcat underneath me was my 8 year old daughter, she sounded and acted more like a downtown whore. I grabbed her butt in my hands and pulled her hard against me as I fucked her little cunt furiously, my balls slapping on her ass cheeks as my dick slurped and slid in and out of her squishing pussy.

“How’s that you little cunt, “I yelled down at her. “Take my fucking meat!’

“Yesss,” she screamed back at me. “Gimme that cock! Fuck me hard!”

The gates were opened. We pounded and fucked at each other ferociously. Our pelvises hammering at each others with abandon as we moaned and groaned, both lost in our own world of pure lust and raw passion. I was brought back to reality when I felt my balls start to tingle, getting ready to release the load of cum I had been building through this frantic fucking session.

“Ungh, ungh,” I stammered. “Gotta cummm!!!” I screamed.

“Me too, me too, me too,” Candi screamed just as loudly.

I pulled her pelvis tight against mine and held it there as my balls seemed to constrict and shoot my load of sperm down my shaft. It almost seemed to burn as my cock pulsed and spewed the hot streams into her. It was so intense I couldn’t do anything more than just hang on to my daughters tiny body as my dick throbbed and emptied itself, her cuntal muscles milking at my shaft and seeming to pull the cum straight from my scrotum.

“Awwww, fucckkkk!” Candi cried out as she was overtaken by her orgasm. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tightly as her body was wracked with spasms, the muscles in her ass tightening and loosening in timing with her constricting pussy muscles.

I stayed joined with her until I felt her spasms subside and her pussy stop clenching at my dick, lowering her to he bed and rolling on to my back. After catching my breath I turned my head to look at Candi, she was already staring at me and smiling.

“Well, from that smile I guess you liked your first fuck, huh?”

“Wowww! That was better than I could ever have imagined. Will it always be the same when we fuck, Dad?”

Dad? I thought. Gone is the Daddy from my little girl’s vocabulary. Well, I guess she just did some fast growing up, and why should I care what she calls me as long as she loves me and fucks me. “Darling, nothing could ever be the same as that. You are one hot little fuck.”

“Even better than Mom?” she kidded again with the same mock seriousness.

“You little bitch.” I retorted with a stern look. We broke into a laugh. I pulled her to me and held on to my new little love doll. Much better, I whispered to myself, much better.

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2014-08-29 12:07:23
Why do I picture the pedophile dad as John Hodgeman

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2014-08-05 01:13:30
It's a fucking fiction story people, get over it or don't read it. When you come here and read a story that's is clearly labeled as incest and you are against that sort of thing, why even click on it to read a whole story about a daddy fucking his underage daughter. Then leave a comment how it's sick and he's a pervert. It does really happen in real life and a lot of times the daughter wants it. I'm not saying I condone it but it happens. Great story keep it up and fuck censorship and the haters.

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2014-07-25 07:26:39
Take this further.


2014-07-22 17:50:38
@Anonymous 2014-07-21 11:02 - You obviously are not a parent nor have raised any children. You would be amazed at what today's children are exposed to, what they know, and at what age they learn it. Also, you are obviously offended by my story yet, even though the age of the young girl was clearly stated as 8 in the introduction, you obviously read it in its' entirety. Hmm that's inconsistent with your protestations.

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2014-07-22 09:43:58
Why did they raise the age bar for fictional characters?

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