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Dedicated to all those women who love rape fantasy and pussy licking!!!
-First Chapter-
All Jeff could think about was HOT, WET, GLISTENING, PUSSY as he walked the streets of his small town. Although he considered himself an average guy with an average sex drive. He absolutely had this thing for cunts. He would be perfectly content is SUCK, LICK, FINGER, and SMELL pussy 24 hours a day. His prick always gets hard just thinking about it. Being single and currently without a girlfriend this was very much a dilemma in his "average" life. Sometimes Jeff wondered why he wasn't married or why he couldn't keep a girlfriend, maybe it was that very reason of wanting to suck pussy constantly. At first, his girlfriends had been delighted and a little surprized at this one small quirk of his cunt obsession. But after a while it was just too kinky for them and enough had been enough. Especially when they couldn't even leave the house to eat or shop because Jeff wanted them flat on their backs all day with their legs spread wide so he could suck the hell out of their pussies.

Sighing and feeling very horny for a pussy, he walked into his local bar for a good cold beer!! Jeff quickly located a good pal Doug who was sitting alone at the bar. They weren't best friends, but good enough to meet up for a drink a few times a week.

"Hey, Jeff, join me. How the hell is it going?", said Doug.
"Oh, ok. I'm just horny as hell for a cunt", said Jeff grinning.
"Join the crowd", sighed Doug. It was rumored about Jeff's obsession for cunt. Jeff used to date one the wait staff here at the bar and she had told all one night when drinking a little too heavy. An idea came to Doug........
"Jeff, do you trust me?"

Jeff looked at Doug in a funny way almost trying to read Doug's expression. Doug was a very big man with long greasy hair and a certain stench that went with him. People tended to cross to the other side of the street if they saw Doug coming towards them. Doug wasn't big in the obese type of way, but just built big! Huge meaty hands and feet and he probably stood almost 7 feet tall. From what Jeff new of Doug, he had never hurt anyone or had a criminal record. The guy just couldn't hold down a job!

"Sure, Doug, I trust you", said Jeff.
"Well, then, why don't you meet me here tonight around 12:00am. I have a favor a guy owes me. I'm going to call him on it and he's is going to give us all the pussy we want............................................

-Second Chapter-
Amiee had just come out of her place of employment and got into her car. It was dusk and she was looking forward to a calm and peaceful evening at home. A hand suddenly came from behind her and instantly covered her mouth hard. Her eyes widened and her breath came out in hefty gulps of fear.

"You are going to turn on this car and your going to follow every instruction I give you," said the deep masculine voice. Being the passive person she was, she started the car and drove. They drove for hours, he must have known before he kidnapped her that she had had a full tank of gas in her car. She shook the whole time, after a while he had taken his hand away and had sat calmly in the back seat. He had not threatened her with any weapons, but she wasn't going to give him a chance to use one, so she had cooperated.

"Pull over." he said. She pulled over still shaking. He wore a black mask with the deepest. coldest ice blue eyes she had ever seen. He told her to move over to the passenger's side of the car and he slid into the driver's seat. He instantly tied her hands infront of her with duck tape then drove them to a very remote area.

Amiee was a very beautiful girl with the typical long wavy blond hair, tiny waist, and bright blue eyes. She was 5' 4" and had double D size boobs. Her mom always said those boobs were going to get her into trouble one day along with her passive attitude towards life and people. It wasn't that Amiee was dumb, she lacked a lot of self-esteem. She didn't think she was good enough for anyone. It was probably due to her parents telling her daily she would never amount to anything. She had finally proven them wrong. She had recently completed a program at the local community college and had landed a job and an apartment in the same week. She thought she was finally going to have some happiness and here she was with a strange man in a remote area. He was probably going to kill her!

He stopped the car and slowly turned to look at her. He took a finger and gently ran it across her bottom quivering lip.

"You are one hot piece of ass, aren't you? My cock is already hard," he was drooling with anticipation. "You don't know what your in for, do you?"

He pushed her back against the car door and his hands went to both of her breasts. Kneading and pinching them roughly. He rubbed them in circles and then pinched her nipples through her bra. She opened her mouth to scream.

"Don't make me get my weapon out." he said very softly in total control. He ripped her thin cotton shirt open in the front and also ripped at her bra. She yelped like a dog as her tits bounced out.

He grinned at the sight, pushed her arms over her head, and leaned over to suck on one tit and knead the other. He sucked and sucked and sucked until her nipple burned. She groaned deep in the back of her throat. She couldn't beleive this was happening to her. She started to struggle and this pissed him off. He back handed her and she started to sob.

"Are you going to cooperate or do I have to beat the shit out of you." he said. His mouth inches from her tit again. She sobbed she would and turned her head away. He licked her tit one last time. He quickly untied her hands and started to totally undress her. AND she LET him. She felt totallly humiliated that she would let him do this to her and that she was not fighting back. But she realized she was a coward. Her parents were right.

He tore at her jeans and underwear. He groaned as her cunt came into view. He hooked one of her knees around a head rest and held her other leg open as far as he could with the room they had in the front seat. Her legs stiffened. He shoved two fingers into the entrance of her cunt hole.

"Aaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhh," Amiee screamed for the first time of many. No one had ever touched her there before and it hurt.

"Holy shit. Your a fuck'in virgin, bitch!" he was so excited he almost cummed right in his pants. He slid his fingers in further and felt her barrier. He was going to bang this cherry open with his prick not his fingers he decided. He started to ram his fingers back and forth and back and forth careful not to rip open her cherry quite yet. She moaned and cried for him to stop, but she didn't phyiscally try to stop him.

He pressed his thumb hard to her clit and she jumped and instantly tried to shove his hands away. NEVER in her entire life had she known her body could feel a sensation like she did when he touched her there. It both awed and scared her. He slapped her hands away and started to rub and make circling motions at her clit. Her hands went to cover her face as to try and block it all out. But even as she did that, her hips were already grinding towards his thumb for even more pressure.

"OHHHHHHH,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, What are you doing to me???? You have to stop, you just have to stop. This isn't right and it is evil!!!!!!" she cried through her hands. She couldn't control her hips.

" Yeah, baby, you grind those hips into my fingers. Dance that fucking clit and cunt right into my hands." he yelled laughingly getting increasingly more horny. Her cunt started to glisten with pussy juice and he moaned at the sight of it. He leaned over and started to lick her clit like a dog would a prized bone. He continued to fuck her with his fingers and used his other hand to make sure her legs stayed as far a part as they could in the small space they had in the car. Her hands flew from her face to his head and her eyes got huge with the realization of what he was doing to her down THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH," she said over and over, "OH, GOD, what are you doing to me. I I I..... don't..... understand what is happening....... it feels soooo ......................

"Fucking good, bitch. Say it, bitch. Admitt I'm damn fucking good!!!", he grinned as he started to lick her clit faster.

"NO, you have to stop. I know this isn't right. AAAUUUUUUWWWWWWWW," she let out a scream as she saw red before her eyes. She cummed hard against his tongue and fingers. Amiee layed panting and looking down at him. What she experienced was the most pleasurable thing she had ever felt. She sobbed hard and she was very confused because she knew it wasn't right, but also knowing she thoroughly fucking enjoyed it. Her legs were still quivering from the shock.

"Get the hell out of the car. Being in here is bullshit anymore!!!!", her rapist demanded.

"No, please", she whimpered as he pulled her out of the car naked. He picked her up and put her ass on the front of the car. He pushed her down so her back was against the car and her ass was almost hanging off. He spread her legs wide and watched as a drop of her juice started to slide down her cunt then over her asshole. He quickly fumbled with his pants and slid them to the gound. His prick instantly bounced out. Amiee picked up her head to see what he was doing.

She bucked instantly finally making a better attempt at getting away from him. He grabbed her neck with a big hand and slammed her back down against the hood of the car. She saw stars and barely heard what he was growling at her.

"You fucking bitch whore. I give you the best fucking cum experience of your life and you treat me like this. I'm going to slam your cherry open now and your going to enjoy it, then when we are done here I'm going to sell you to a place called "THE PUSSY FACTORY" where more men are going to fuck and suck your cunt raw, "he said and took a hold of both of her ankles. He spread her legs until her feet were almost to her ears. She moaned in agony with how far back he bent her legs.

There was no stopping him now. He plowed his long, fat, prick right up her cunt hole slicing right through her cherry barrier. She screamed again in agony and gulped for air as she felt the pain. He pounded into her showing no mercy. His balls making a slapping noise as they hit her asshole.

"Aauuuuhhhh OH GOD, OH GOD!!!!!" Aimee cried! She felt like a rag doll. There was nothing pleasurable with what he as doing to her now. She thought her legs and hips were broken. She didn't even want to look at her cunt. She felt like he had ripped her apart.

"UH, UH, UH, UH"-is all Amiee heard from her rapist. It was very gutteral and she thought it sounded like he was in pain, too. She couldn't have been more wrong. She started to go numb and tried to imagine she was anywhere but here.

The rape went on and on. He pounded,slammed, rode into her as hard as he could. His balls and prick started to tighten, he let go of her ankles and took a hold of her waist and then.........................................

"SHIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT, AUUUHHHHHH, FUCKING CHRIST," he cummed harder than ever before and threw his head back.................He decided he wasn't going to sell her quite, yet, to "THE PUSSY FACTORY" He was going to have way more fucking fun with her he decided as he looked at her now with her hands over her face again. They were wet and she was sobbing very hard and loud.............................
----Chapter three------

Jeff met Doug that night at the agreed time. They got into Doug's old beat up truck and started driving out of town.

A little nervous. Jeff laughed and gently questioned Doug again.
"Hey, I trust ya, buddy, but can you tell me a little about what were getting ourselves into," said Jeff. Despite all Jeff's faults and quirks, he did have morals he lived by and would never want to hurt anyone.

"Everything is cool... We"re going to a place called " THE PUSSY FACTORY" . All the bitches there are just willing and waiting for some pussy fucking and licking!!!!" said Doug." There is only one catch, though, dude."


"The guys were meeting to take us there..... they will blind fold us to take us ..................................................................???????.....



2007-12-24 00:47:11
very interesting it has a very good begining i would also have to give that a 10/10 its very good you should be a writer bro cause that is fucking sweet and also that reminds me a little of myself when i was 15 i always wanted a piece of ass and some pussy to killer story write the second part.


2007-07-20 01:22:29
I love it so much when a guy is eating my very wet pussy ........mmmmmm makes my imagination runs wild


2007-03-22 10:09:35
fuck you leave us short of what else he did to her that night, did he force his coc down her throat, i would have. and then proceded to fuck her ass as well, before returning to fuck her virgin pussy for a last time before turning her over to some cat house


2007-02-27 23:12:31
awesome and fuck any reader who says its bad


2007-02-22 15:11:08
omg i want to be sent to the pussy factory id love to have a guy that would eat me all day

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