I posted this story some time ago and was overwhelmed by the response, as Chapter 1 had over 1.5 million readers and I received numerous contact messages thanking me for the story and telling me how much they enjoyed it. It seemed I accidentally struck a chord with many readers who appreciated a story with strong but logical sex content, rather than yet another sex story, but I can hardly take the credit for that as I was merely exploring a new concept. As you can imagine I was disappointed when the moderators decided to remove stories containing underage sex and this one was taken down. While I respect their right to do as they see fit, I find it strange that other illegal activities such as snuff and torture are still catered for, but this aspect was deemed unacceptable on a site purporting to uphold the principles of free speech?

However I accepted the moderator’s decision and was happy to leave it rest, but the messages continued begging me to rewrite and repost, so under the weight of popular opinion I decided to do so. While remaining true to the original storyline I reviewed previous suggestions about how I could improve my tale, such as writing it from a third-person perspective and adding additional detail to make some of the scenarios more plausible. And of course I gave the appropriate young ladies a birthday to ensure this version is compliant and will not be removed.

I hope you will enjoy this revision as much as you seemed to appreciate the original, and as always your comments are welcomed and suggestions will be considered, though I have no intention of writing a third version!


Tony wasn’t sure when he felt that something wasn’t quite right at his neighbors’ house, but with the benefit of hindsight he probably should have picked up on the warning signs earlier. However when he woke on that fateful Saturday morning he was blissfully unaware of the events that were about to unfold, and the profound effect they would have on his life.

In his defense he was going through a particularly dark period, in fact he had been for some time as his beloved wife had passed away during what was supposed to be a minor operation two years ago. Despite being in their late thirties and having been married for over fifteen years, he and Julie were still hopelessly in love with each other. They had never felt the need to start a family, preferring to focus on each other, travel the world and simply enjoy being together. After her untimely death the lack of children gave him little reason to go on with his life, and while he knew this was not what Julie would have wanted he simply couldn’t move on.

After he had tearfully laid her to rest he became totally fixated on retribution, and hired the best lawyers who ruthlessly pursued the hospital and her surgeon through the courts. At his instruction they rolled over every delaying tactic and rejected a series of ever-increasing offers to settle without going to trial. He finally had his day in court and justice was certainly done, as the judge awarded a multi-million dollar settlement which saw him more than comfortable for the rest of his life. Losing the case resulted in the surgeon having his medical license revoked, and Tony derived a small sense of satisfaction knowing there would be no further victims of his negligent malpractice.

The only thing was, without Julie there was nothing he really wanted to buy with the money. They had moved into their current house in a nice middle-class neighborhood around ten years ago, and it was much larger than they needed and quite comfortable. Tony owned a late model car with no ambition to own an exotic sports model, and they had traveled extensively so the only places left to see were those they had planned to visit together. He knew travelling alone would reinforce his sense of loss as he couldn’t share the new experiences with her, so he became a semi-recluse, his only real interest being his martial arts training where he could immerse mind and body in rigorous physical activity as he honed his skills to higher levels. His Sensei was well aware of his situation and would occasionally suggest he should apply his skills and compete in regional tournaments, but Tony was privately concerned he might lose control and seriously hurt an opponent so he just kept up his training regime and sparred in the local Dojo.

The only bright spot in his life was his frequent contact with his neighbors, specifically their three teenage girls. Tony had known Bill, Cynthia and their three daughters ever since he and Julie moved into the neighborhood. The eldest daughter Katrina was sixteen now, and the twins Tiffany and Shannon were fifteen. The girls were all smaller versions of their mother with slim figures, willowy long blonde hair and sharp senses of humor. Kat had seemingly become a stunning young woman overnight, with an hourglass figure and pert breasts that seemed to grow a little larger every time he saw her. Similarly the twins were developing hips and waistlines, and growing breasts confirmed their transition into womanhood was well underway.

He and Julie had occasionally looked after the girls so Bill and Cyn could have some quality time together, and he’d continued to babysit them occasionally since Julie passed away. Bill had lost his job around six months ago and life had become increasingly difficult for them, as living in a country town meant employment opportunities were limited and there was clear evidence they were finding it hard to make ends meet. Tony couldn’t help but notice that Bill had let the house go, as the lawns hadn’t been mowed for months and the gardens were overgrown with weeds. He was doing a reasonable job of letting himself go as well, as the way he moved and his expanding waistline suggested he was hitting the booze pretty hard.

With his problems and theirs Tony didn’t socialize with Bill and Cyn much anymore, but he was seeing a lot more of their girls. Cyn had picked up some part-time work at the local market and the girls would often come over when she was working. Tony figured they probably didn’t want to be alone in the house with Bill, and that was fine with him as he enjoyed their company and effervescent conversation. A few months ago they complained their allowances had been cut back so he told them he’d be happy to pay them for doing various odd jobs for him. As a result the house had never been so clean and tidy, and his willing housekeepers kept the washing, ironing and other domestic chores well in hand.

Tony was eating breakfast when Kat came through the side door, a beaming smile on her face as she greeted him. “Hi Tony, isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Her zest for life was infectious and he smiled in return. “It sure is Kat. And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“Well….I have a party to go to tonight and I really need a new dress as my wardrobe is pretty ratty….so I was wondering if I could wash your car or do some other chores for you?”

She had washed his car a few times, and after some guidance she did a pretty thorough job so he didn’t have a problem with her suggestion. “Sure.” He smiled. “Give me a couple of minutes to finish breakfast and I’ll move it out for you.”

She breathed what appeared to be a sigh of relief and surprised him by throwing her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. “Thanks so much Tony. You have no idea how much this means to me as nothing in my wardrobe seems to fit me anymore. I’ll go and get changed and be right back.”

He couldn’t help but smile. “You’re certainly growing up fast Kat. Your Dad is probably worrying about keeping the boys at school away from you.”

A frown appeared for a brief moment before her sunny smile returned. “The boys at school are so immature; they’re going to have grow up some if they want to ask me out. See you soon!” And with that she breezed out the door.

He finished breakfast, moved the car and put the wash gear out front for her and then went back inside for a coffee. A few minutes later he heard the hose spraying on the paintwork and glanced outside. Kat was standing on tip-toe to hose the dust and dirt off the roof, wearing the briefest pair of cut-off denim shorts he had ever seen, and as she stretched he could clearly see the curve of her tight butt cheeks where they joined her thighs. To make matters worse she wore an old singlet top that looked as though it belonged to one of the twins, as it was a couple of sizes too small and only just covered the bottom of her C-cup breasts. Even at that distance he could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, as her nipples poked firmly against the threadbare material.

He admonished himself for looking at her that way as she was not only his neighbor, she was young enough to be his daughter. But while he knew it was wrong he couldn’t tear his gaze away, and as he watched her move around the car he could feel his cock growing firmer by the second. His hand slid inside his shorts and wrapped around his hard shaft as though it had a mind of its own and started stroking slowly, never taking his eyes off the nubile nymph outside. Precum was oozing freely from his slit as he paused to slide his shorts down and kick them free, before resuming his slow, rhythmic stroking. A series of questions fired through his mind in rapid succession. “Has she dressed like that deliberately?” “What kind of response is she trying to provoke?” “Is she hoping I’m watching her?” “How would she react if she knew what I was doing right now?”

It had been some time since he last masturbated to release, and his cock was already signaling that this wasn’t going to take long. With long-dormant feelings of lust coursing through his body he increased the pressure on his shaft harder and started stroking faster, his breathing becoming deeper with his impending climax. Suddenly his first jet of cum flew from his cock, and he continued stroking firmly as spurt after spurt of thick white cream pulsed up his shaft and formed a spattered trail across the timber floor. He bit his lip to keep from moaning loudly and realized it had been far too long since he’d enjoyed an orgasm as intense as this one. His knees went weak as his flow finally subsided, before he concluded he needed to clean up before Kat or one of the twins walked in on him. He snatched a handful of tissues and wiped himself down, and then soaked up the white pools on the floor before pulling his shorts back on. He was still breathing heavily and struggled to regain his composure as his mind swept aside his sated sense of arousal and berated him mercilessly. “What the fuck am I doing, this has to stop!” He muttered angrily. “Am I going insane? Nothing good is going to come from this, so knock it off!”

Kat was hosing off the soap by now, blissfully unaware of the pleasure she had provided while Tony knew he had to get his mind off her perfect body, deciding a trip around the yard behind the lawn mower would give him something other than teenage temptation to think about. He went into the garage and pushed the mower outside, giving Kat a happy wave as he set to work. The front yard was fairly small so he had that finished in no time before heading round the back. He was just doing the last section when Kat came through the side door with a jug of soda and a couple of glasses, one of which she held up enquiringly. Her appearance with cool drinks was more than welcome as he was perspiring freely in the warm morning sunlight, and he nodded and smiled as he finished up and shut the mower down.

Kat had walked over to the deck around the pool, and was bending over with her back to him as she poured their drinks. Tony had another intoxicating view of her firm butt cheeks, and again wondered whether this was a deliberate action on her part. She stood as she heard him approaching, and smiled as she passed his drink. “I thought you might be thirsty Tony. You look as though you’ve been sweating some!”

“Thanks Kat.” He replied as he drained his glass, and she picked up the jug for a refill as they lay back on the outdoor lounges and savored the warm sun on their bodies. “So, big party tonight?”

Her faced beamed with anticipation. “Yes, it’s a birthday party for one of my friends from school and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been saving some money because I sooo need some new clothes, and now I should have enough to buy a party dress I like.”

They chatted about this and that, and then she looked over at him. “Can I ask you a question Tony? A kind of personal question?”

“Sure honey, what’s on your mind?”

She hesitated for the briefest of moments. “Well….I was wondering……do you think I’m sexy?”

A strident alarm bell started ringing loudly in his mind. “Ummm……There’s no doubt you’re……a very attractive young woman.” He stammered, hoping his response would get him out of trouble.

She let him know it hadn’t. “That’s not really an answer Tony. I want to know if YOU think I’m sexy?”

He gulped and decided to cut the BS and be truthful, so he looked her in the eyes. “Yes Kat, I do think you’re sexy, but perhaps you shouldn’t come over dressed like that.”

He thought that might put her on the back foot, but to his surprise she just gave him a very self-assured smile. “So you like the way I’m dressed? I was hoping you would. Tell me, did it create any….interesting reactions?”

“Kat, where is this going?” He asked her as directly as he dared, uncomfortably aware he was blushing. “I’m sure you’ve got half the boys at school chasing you with their tongues hanging out, so I’m not sure why we’re even having this conversation. Besides, I’m the last person to be giving you parental advice or some kind of birds and bees lecture; you should be talking to your parents about this, or perhaps the School Councilor.”

“I told you earlier I’m not interested in the boys at school. They only want one thing, and if you don’t give it up you’re a frigid bitch. If you do give it to them they tell their friends you’re easy and then you’re labeled as a slut, and I’m not a slut!” She surprised him with the passion in her voice before she went on. “I can’t talk to Mom and Dad about this stuff because……well…..I just can’t.”

Tony tried to relax a little, knowing he was sweating freely and it wasn’t merely due to the temperature. “It sounds as though school hasn’t changed much since I was there. But Julie and I never had kids, so I don’t know how I can help you.”

“I was wondering…..why you live in this big house on your own? I mean…’s been a while since your wife died and that was so sad, but I never see you going out on a date or bringing someone home with you. Ummm….you haven’t gone gay or something have you?”

He realized that not having children had left him hopelessly unprepared to deal with a frank teenage discussion, but despite his discomfort he had to laugh at her question. “No Kat, I can assure you I’m not gay. I just don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now.”

“That’s a shame because you’re in really good shape. My friend April has seen you a couple of times, and she thinks you’re smoking hot. She said she’d jump you in a heartbeat!”

That had him blushing even more, and he knew he had to end this discussion before he got himself into serious trouble. “Well…..that’s flattering I guess. Now, I’d better give you some money and let you go buy that party dress you want for tonight.” He stood and headed for the house, fervently hoping she would follow.

They went inside and Tony peeled a fifty out of his wallet, seeing her eyes light up as he normally didn’t give her that much for a car wash. She came over and gave him a huge hug, her thigh brushing against his half-hard cock in the process. “Thanks Tony.” She whispered in his ear as she stood on tip-toe to kiss him on the cheek for the second time. “And I know I’m young, but I’m not as naïve as you may think.” She walked out the door, blowing him a kiss as she left. “Thanks again, see you later!”

As soon as she left the yard he slammed the door so hard the glass shook, locked it, pulled the drapes and ripped his shorts from his body. Despite enjoying a huge cum an hour ago his cock was painfully hard and precum was oozing freely from his piss-slit. This was no time for a leisurely build up, so he smeared the thin liquid down his shaft and started stroking furiously. In less than a minute he was pumping a second pool of cum over the floor, and this time he threw his head back and bellowed loudly as he shot his load.

Visions of Kat naked were flashing through his head as he thought of all the things he wanted to do to her exquisite young body, and still he kept pumping thick streams of greasy cum. When he finally stopped he ran to the bathroom and threw himself under the shower, blasting cold water over his trembling body as the remnants of his release washed down his legs. He was shivering when he finally turned off the tap and quickly toweled dry before slipping a robe over his shoulders. He headed back downstairs and poured a double-bourbon into a crystal glass before sculling it quickly and feeling the alcohol burn down his throat. A second glass followed and this time he sipped it slowly, finally getting his primal feelings under some semblance of control, but still shaking as tremors rippled across his skin.

He cleaned up the viscous pools on the floor for the second time before slumping into a chair, his mind in complete turmoil. When Julie was alive they had enjoyed a sensational sex life where nothing was off limits, and they actively explored many different aspects of sex-play over the years. Oral, anal, and the occasional foray into light bondage and role-play kept their relationship alive and vibrant. They were insatiable, behaving more like sex-starved teenagers than a couple married for many years, which he was sure was part of the reason they still loved each with so much passion right to the end. When she died he had retreated into a celibate lifestyle, masturbating occasionally to porn movies and stories, but only making to love to a woman on rare occasions.

A year ago he tried dating as he knew Julie wouldn’t want to see him locked away in the house alone, but the women he dated were either desperate to get married and start a family, or carrying way too much emotional baggage from previous relationships or failed marriages. He even visited a brothel a couple of times, but the emotionless fucking left him feeling empty and unsatisfied so he never went back. What he never expected was his sixteen year old neighbor igniting his libido the way she did, and the way his body reacted to her blatant teasing. He knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her indefinitely and resolved to sit her down and tell her to back off or never come over again.

Having come to a decision he started feeling better and the turmoil in his head drifted away, leaving a pleasant buzz from the alcohol. He went outside naked and swam several powerful laps, savoring the feeling of his body moving easily through the cool water before he lay back in the sun, soaking up the warm rays and feeling the tension in his body evaporate. He slipped into a light but restful sleep for a while, before hunger woke him and drove him inside. He prepared a simple meal that was somewhere between a late lunch and early dinner, before slipping old clothes on and heading into the garage to take care of a few maintenance jobs that he hadn’t got around to.

Time drifted by and it must have been around seven when he heard yelling and shouting next door, and while he had never been one to pry into a neighbors business this sounded disturbingly heated. He thought he could hear Kat’s voice raised in anger, so he stepped outside where he could catch a glimpse through the trees that separated their properties. He could just make out Kat standing on the porch, looking as pretty as a picture in her new dress. However the situation looked a lot less pleasant, as Bill was standing there dressed like a bum with his beer-gut sticking out over his trousers and a three-day growth on his black as thunder face.

“I couldn’t give a flying fuck what I or your Mom might have said weeks ago, you’re not going out tonight and that’s final!” He shouted, spit flying from his lips as he yelled at his daughter.

Kat looked ready to burst into tears but she was defiantly standing her ground. “You can go and fuck yourself!” She screamed at him. “You and Mom both promised I could go to this party! I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, and I saved my money and bought a new dress because most of my clothes are falling apart! I’ll walk if I have to…..but I’m going and you can’t stop me!!!”

The situation was rapidly spiraling out of control and Bill grabbed her by the arm and Tony saw her wince in pain. “You’re going to pay for giving me lip you little bitch!” He shouted back, getting right in her face. “I’m the head of this fucking house and you’ll do exactly as I say. I have friends coming over tonight, friends with money, and they’re going to love seeing you in your pretty new dress. You WILL stay home and you WILL entertain them, and you WILL do whatever they what until I tell you it’s ok to stop!!!”

Kat dissolved in tears, her shoulders heaving as she sobbed. “Dad please! Don’t make me do this, please! It’s bad enough when you’re drunk, but not these other men too. I’m your daughter for God’s sake! Don’t you care about me at all?”

Bill tried to calm her down as he half-dragged her inside and Tony noticed he didn’t relax his grip for a second, as he never would have caught her if she managed to break free. “Hush child, it’s not so bad. If you’re real nice to our guests I’ll give you some pocket money later.” He soothed as he started closing the door, glancing around first to see if a passerby had witnessed the fight but missing Tony standing in his yard.

“What the Fuck?” Tony breathed to himself as he struggled to process what he had just heard. It sounded as though Bill was having men over, but he couldn’t believe he would take money to allow them to have sex with his own daughter. “This can’t be happening. I must have misunderstood their argument.” And what did Kat mean when she told Bill it was bad enough when he was drunk? It all seemed pretty clear but he simply couldn’t accept this was happening right next door and he was frozen to the spot, knowing he should do something but unsure what. He briefly considered calling the Police but what would he say? Sure, he had seen a fairly serious argument but he hadn’t actually witnessed a crime in progress so he would probably be wasting his time.

He was still trying to decide on a course of action when a battered old Chevy pulled into Bill’s drive and three solidly-built men got out. Two of them picked up cases of beer from the trunk and they headed up the path and knocked on the door. The light came on and Bill opened the door, smiling at his visitors when he saw the cases of beer. “Bring the money?” He asked as they shook hands.

“You bet.” One the men responded. “But we ain’t handing over any cash until we see these little bitches.”

Bill smiled. “I got Kat a pretty new dress just for you gents. You’re gonna be impressed!”

“She ain’t gonna need no clothes for what we’re gonna do!” One of them laughed as Bill showed them inside.

Any remaining doubts evaporated like water on a hotplate, and Tony knew he had to intervene or he’d never be able to look at himself in a mirror again. He moved quietly across the lawn and circled the house, looking for an open door or window that would allow him to get inside unseen. Unfortunately the place was locked up tight, so he was going to have to force his way in.

He could hear female voices, and while he couldn’t make out what they were saying it sounded as though Cyn and Kat were pleading with Bill and his visitors. Deep male laughter followed, and then a shrill scream was cut short by what sounded like a viscous slap, followed by more laughter.

Tony stood on the porch and took a deep breath as he balanced his body, his martial arts training taking over as he kicked the door in. Timber shards flew from the door jamb as it exploded and he moved quickly inside, taking in a scene of dismay and brutal degradation. Cyn was slumped on the couch crying, a large red mark prominent on her cheek where she had received a brutal slap. The twins were cowering against her, seeking a mother’s protection they were unlikely to receive given the size and intent of Bill’s friends. Kat was on her knees on the floor, her pretty new dress hanging from her body in tatters. Like her mother she had a bright red welt on her face, and was sobbing uncontrollably as one of the men knelt behind her with his cock half-buried in her tight pussy, and another trying to jam his huge shaft past her clenched teeth and into her mouth.

The third man was the immediate threat, as he casually put his can of beer down and gave Tony a menacing glare. “You crashed the wrong party cock-sucker. You’ve got ten seconds to get the fuck out of here and forget what you saw, otherwise I’m gonna tear your fucking head off!”

Believing there was safety in numbers Bill sneered at Tony’s sudden intrusion. “You’ve got no right busting in here Tony, get out of my fucking house now and I’ll be seeing you tomorrow about paying for a new door!”

While he had practiced martial arts for many years, this was the first time Tony found himself facing a real-life confrontation and was amazed at how calm he felt, trusting his training would get him through despite the odds and size of his opponents. “That’s not going to happen. You men have got thirty seconds to get out of my sight, starting now.” He said firmly, knowing it wasn’t going to be that easy.

The third man gave him an evil smile. “One pissant swinging dick against the four of us? I don’t think so asshole!”

He took a step toward Tony who waited patiently for him to make his move, his huge hands balled into menacing fists as he planted his feet and swung a powerful punch. Tony watched his arm move and balanced himself, rapidly shifting sideways as his would-be assailant’s fist sailed harmlessly past his shoulder before he stumbled forward, suddenly off-balance from the lack of contact. Tony parried his blow with a chop to the forearm which pushed him further off balance, before slamming his fist into the big man’s stomach. His breath exploded from his lungs and he started to double over in pain as Tony followed up with chop to side of the throat, before taking a half-step back and pivoting into a powerful roundhouse kick to the side of the head. The man went down like a falling tree and the room actually shook as he crashed unconscious to the floor.

At that point Tony knew things would escalate rapidly and wasn’t disappointed, as he desperately wanted to get these bastards away from Kat and focused on him. Both men saw their friend hit the ground and came at him like wild dogs with fury on their faces. He took the man who had been kneeling behind Kat first as he still had his jeans halfway down his legs, and a couple of blows and a gut-kick took him out. In the meantime the third man had produced a wicked-looking knife and roared as he threw himself at Tony. “I’m gonna cut you into pieces you interfering little fuck!” He bellowed in fury. “YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD!!”

Tony rocked back as the knife was thrust toward him, but his timing was a split-second slow and he felt the tip of the blade cut through his shirt and slice the skin on his chest as he tried to move clear. He jammed his knee into the attacker’s groin and then chopped his legs with a viscous horizontal kick, hearing the satisfying sound of bone snapping as his foot made solid contact. The man roared in pain as he went down writhing on the floor, and Tony looked down at his chest and saw a large red stain spreading across his shirt. He realized he had to end this now and spun around to Bill who was the last one standing, but he was just standing there with his jaw flapping as he surveyed the carnage of bodies littered across his living room floor.

“You fucking dog!” Tony roared at him. “You bring strangers into your house who use your daughters as whores while you sit there and watch them? You worthless, contemptible, piece of shit! I wouldn’t scrape you off the bottom of my boot!!!”

Bill was seemingly frozen and trembling with fear, but there wasn’t the slightest trace of compassion on Tony’s face as he was totally focused on taking him down, hard! While martial arts had taught him self-control is vitally important, he was white-hot with rage at this pathetic little man and the way he used his family. But before he could put him on the floor a flash moved between them, and Kat kicked him in the groin so hard that Tony attempted to cross his own legs in sympathy as Bill screamed and collapsed like a pricked balloon.

As he slumped to the floor she went with him, grabbing a handful of hair to pull his face up until it was mere inches from hers. “If you EVER touch me or my sisters again I’m going to get a knife, cut your pathetic cock into tiny little pieces, and feed it to the dog next door!” She spat in his face before she slammed his head into the floor, rendering him unconscious.

Tony leant against the wall, breathing hard from the exertion and the adrenaline still coursing through his body, his shirt and shorts stained bright red as blood flowed freely and Kat gave him a horrified look. “Oh my God Tony, you’re hurt!” She screamed. “Mom! Mom!!! Get the first aid kit!”

Cyn hadn’t moved while the fight raged around her, but Kat’s cries seemed to bring her back to reality and she shook her head as though trying to clear a deep mental fog. She looked at Kat then at Tony, and ran from the room. Kat started to carefully unbuttoned his shirt and helped him slip it from his shoulders, gasping when she saw the long slice in his skin and the blood oozing freely. Cyn came back and started cleaning his wound with a disinfectant pad that stung like an absolute bitch! Tony was starting to feel light-headed from the loss of blood, and knew he had to ensure Bill’s visitors couldn’t get up and start swinging punches again. A second round could have a different outcome and that was something he didn’t want to contemplate.

“Kat.” He croaked, but she didn’t pay any attention. “Kat honey, listen to me, please!” She stopped and looked up at him, concern written all over her tender face. “We have to take control of these animals now!” He groaned.

She bit her lip and nodded at him. “Ok, what do you want me to do?”

“In my garage on the shelf next to the car wash kit there’s a plastic tub with zip-ties and some rolls of gaffer tape. Can you bring it back fast so we can tie these assholes up please?”

She nodded and ran out the broken doorway while Cyn taped a gauze bandage over his wound. Kat ran back in the door with the tub and ripped the lid off, pulling out a handful of zip-ties. Tony had watched enough Police shows to know how to use two zip-ties as a pair of functional handcuffs, and soon had the men secured on the floor regardless of whether they were conscious or not. He grabbed his cell and rang the Police, thankful the Sherriff himself answered, and when he had provided a brief summary the Sherriff took the address and assured him help was on the way.

Cyn had finished patching his wound and was tending to the twins who were locked on the couch with their trembling arms around each other. “Listen to me please Cyn.” Tony said firmly. “I want you to go and pack a few things for the girls and yourself and get over to my place.”

She looked at him blankly, so he took a breath and explained his reasons. “The girls have seen far too much violence already, and any time now the Police will come charging through the door, probably with guns drawn so you need to get them out of here. Just pack some overnight essentials and get going, ok? Anything else can wait till tomorrow.”

She nodded and ran off to pack a bag, and he turned to Kat but she had read his mind and gave him a defiant stare. “Don’t even think about it Tony, I’m staying right here with you and that’s all there is to it. You’re as white as a ghost and I want you to sit down.” She took a firm grip on his hand and led him to a chair.

Her determination made it clear he wasn’t going to win that argument so he didn’t bother pushing any further, then one of the men turned his head to look at him. “You’ve made a bad mistake asshole. Real Bad! Nobody messes with us, you stupid fuck. We’ll be back to square up with you real soon!”

Tony had put up with enough and went over to cuff him over the side of the head, firmly enough to have him seeing stars but he didn’t dismiss the man’s threat. He had no interest in spending the next few weeks or months looking over his shoulder so he needed to end this tonight. He roughly rolled the man over and pulled his wallet from his back pocket, doing the same to the other two.

Tony realized his cell was back at home so he asked Kat. “Kat, have you got your cell?”

She shook her head. “Sorry, no. We haven’t been able to pay for the plans so they’re in a drawer somewhere.”

“Then we’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way. Can you get a pen and some paper please?”

She gave him a curious glance but she was back in a moment with a pen and pad, and he carefully noted their names and addresses as Cyn came back with a bag. “Ok Cyn, take the twins over to my place and make yourselves at home. There are two spare bedrooms at the top of the stairs on the right and a bathroom in between, so go get the girls settled, ok?”

She gave him a tentative hug, being very careful not to press against his chest. “I can’t thank you enough Tony.” She whispered thankfully. “Come on girls, we’re staying at Tony’s place tonight.”

Cyn and the twins headed across the yard and Tony went back to the big-mouthed man lying hog-tied on the floor. “Ok asshole!” He snapped, getting right down in his face. “This is how it goes. Now I know exactly where you and your buddies live, and your tiny brain may have already worked out that I’m into martial arts. I have plenty of friends down at the local dojo who are a hell of a lot better than I am, and most of them have kids of their own so you might want to take a second to consider what they’d think about men like you. I’m going to give them your names and addresses tonight and tell them exactly why you were here, so if anything happens to me or to Cyn and her girls, you can expect a group of guys like me to come round and kick the fucking shit out of you, and then they’ll come back and do you over again. Do you understand me cock-sucker, or would you like me to cut you free and see if you’re man enough to take me one on one?” The man glared up with pure hatred on his face but kept quiet, giving a small nod to indicate he understood Tony’s threat was deadly serious.

Sirens wailed in the distance, rapidly growing louder until two police cruisers slid to a halt in front of the house with their flashing lights illuminating the street. The Sherriff and three deputies burst into the house with guns drawn, quickly taking in the scene as Tony stayed perfectly still, his open hands where they could be seen with Kat huddled beside him. The Sherriff nodded to him as he holstered his weapon. “I guess you’re Tony?”

He nodded and the Sherriff took one look at his blood-soaked bandage and shorts, telling one of his deputies to radio for an ambulance and ensure they used lights and sirens. “Are you up to telling what happened here?” He enquired. “I’ll need to get a full statement from you later, but for now I just need the relevant facts and then you’re going to hospital to get that wound looked at.”

Tony gave the Sherriff a concise summary as he made notes in his book and was just finishing up when one of his deputies came in. “Sherriff, the car these guys rolled up in has an arsenal of weapons in the trunk, including a couple of automatic pistols with the serial numbers ground off them.”

The Sherriff whistled and looked down at the men lying on the floor, now with fear on their faces at the deputy’s discovery. “I wonder if those guns tie in with a couple of recent robberies? You boys were facing serious charges already, but this means you’re looking at a long spell of jail-time.”

They all went white as the deputies dragged them to their feet, including the one who howled in pain from his broken leg but received little sympathy. Bill was carted off with them and they were roughly manhandled into the back of the patrol cars as the ambulance roared up the street with sirens blaring. As the paramedics came in the Sherriff put his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “I’m really glad you were here and prepared to step up and help your neighbors out Tony, we don’t need scum like this in our town. Rest assured they won’t get bail, Judge Matthews will deal with them next week but until then they’ll be cooling off in the cells. Now you let the paramedics take care of you, and if you feel up to it come down to the station tomorrow and get your statement typed up. We’ll need this young lady and her mom as well.”

Tony shook his hand with heartfelt appreciation. “Thanks Sherriff, and we’ll be down to see you tomorrow.”

The Sherriff took the female paramedic aside and whispered in her ear while her male partner insisted Tony hop up on the gurney. Despite his assurance he could walk the paramedic calmly told him he was doing his job and perhaps he should just let him get on with it, so he did as he was told. As they wheeled him into the ambulance Kat hopped in with him. “Kat, I think you should stay with your Mom and your sisters. I’ll be back soon enough.” He told her.

The female paramedic quietly told him Kat would need a vaginal swab for DNA evidence of sexual penetration, and assured him Cyn and the twins would be fine as the police would probably be there most of the night taking photos and gathering evidence. Tony figured it was time to shut up and let the professionals do their job as Kat took his hand and held it all the way to the hospital.

They were separated when they arrived at the emergency room, and a very business-like young doctor removed the dressing from Tony’s chest wound. It really wasn’t much more than a decent scratch, but he insisted on a tetanus shot and a local anesthetic before stitching the wound closed, assuring him the scar would be “a cool conversation piece.” Kat arrived back looking none-the-worse for her examination, and immediately gave the doctor a merciless grilling about Tony’s treatment and recovery, much to the amusement of the doctor and his nurses.

“We’ve got transport home out front, and you’ve got your hands full with that young lady.” The doctor told Tony with a smile when Kat was just out of earshot.

Tony laughed, which sent a ripple of pain across his stitches before agreeing with him. “You’ve got that right.”

They took him out in a wheelchair which Kat insisted on pushing, and found a Police cruiser waiting for them with a young deputy standing by the door. “I wasn’t expecting a ride home in a Police car.” Tony said to the officer.

“Sir, everyone at the station heard about what you did, going up against those four men on your own.” The young deputy replied matter-of-factly. “Most people would have gone back inside and turned up the TV, but we like to take care of people who take care of our community, that ok with you?”

“Fine with me, but thanks a lot anyway.” Tony replied, sliding gingerly across the back seat before Kat climbed in with him. She slid close and held his hand again as they headed home, and he realized how drained he felt now the adrenaline was wearing off. When they pulled up in the drive the Police were still working in Cyn’s house, and he gratefully thanked the officer again for the ride and headed inside his door.


Cyn was waiting white-faced on the couch and ran over to hug them when she heard his key in the lock. “Are you both ok?” She asked, visibly relieved when they assured her they were fine.

“Are the girls asleep?” Tony asked, concerned about post traumatic stress after the violence they witnessed.

“It took a while, but I checked on them a few minutes ago and they are sleeping peacefully, which is amazing after what happened tonight. I’m so grateful to you Tony, I shudder to think what would have happened if you hadn’t burst in like that.”

They knew there were important issues they would have to work through, but it was not the time to contemplate starting on them now. Far better they get a good night's rest and see what they could achieve tomorrow.

Tony was ready for bed but there were two things he needed first, a drink and a wash. He uncorked a bottle and asked Cyn if she'd like a glass, hearing a polite cough from Kat. "May I have a glass of wine please Tony?"

He looked at Cyn and she nodded, so he poured a third glass and handed it to Kat who smiled her thanks. "You must think I'm a dreadful mother Tony." Cyn said ruefully.

"I try not to make value judgments without knowing all the facts Cyn." He assured her. "I can't begin to imagine what has been going on in your house but I'm sure it hasn’t been easy for you or the girls for that matter. To be honest I feel like I’ve let you down because we’ve been neighbors for years but I never knew what Bill was doing. Even when Kat and twins came over I had no idea they were being abused, and I don’t know if I missed the signs….or what happened.” He looked ruefully at Kat. “Now I understand why you said you couldn’t talk to your parents when we were talking earlier.”

Kat gave him a wan half-smile, and they sat in silence for a while as they sipped their drinks, each wanting to break the ice with some form of innocuous conversation but unable to think of something to say. Tony felt close to exhaustion, his body stridently protesting from the aggressive workout and the wound he had sustained so he stood, attempting to stretch before he realized that wasn’t a good idea, and topped up his glass. “I think I’ve had more than enough excitement for one day, so if you'll excuse me I'm going to run a bath seeing as I won't be able to shower for a few days. You're welcome to stay up as long as you like and I'll see you in the morning."

Cyn and Kat gave him appreciative hugs and he headed up to his bathroom and turned the taps on, throwing in a handful of bath salts to ease some of the aches he was feeling. With some difficulty he gently eased his blood-stained shirt from his shoulders, slid his shorts and boxers down and eased into the warm water, allowing the soothing heat to soak through his body. He had just picked up his glass when the door eased open and Kat slipped into the room, wearing nothing more than an old cotton t-shirt and a tentative smile. He suddenly realized where the expression "I jumped out of my skin" came from, as that's exactly how he felt as he tried to cover his manhood.

"Jesus Kat, you scared the shit out of me! What are you doing here?" He whispered hoarsely.

She silenced him by placing a finger gently over his lips, and then spoke in a soft, husky voice. "I don’t want you be embarrassed.” She said softly, nodding down at his groin. “But there’s something I have to tell you that just can’t wait until tomorrow, so I’m asking you to hear me out and then if you want me to go I will, ok?” She waited quietly until he nodded for her to continue. “This morning I behaved like a stupid little prick-tease and I realize now that was a thoughtless, childish thing to do. Despite that you came to our rescue tonight, and I still can't believe the way you handled those men that Dad invited over to.....fuck me like some street-corner whore. I don't want to go into it now, but you should know that Dad has been having sex with my sisters and I for a while. Mom tried so hard to stop him but he used to beat her every time she protested or tried to get him away from us, and he told us that if we ever tried to leave he would find us and kill us all."

Tony wanted to reassure her and tell her that Bill’s behavior was a disgusting aberration, and the majority of fathers treasured their children and would do anything to protect them but she cut him off before he started.

"Tony, please let me finish! This morning I was hoping you'd want to fuck me, and I would have let you because I think you’re really hot. But after what happened tonight I realize that I don't want you to fuck me, I want you to be the man who makes love to me for the first time in my life. Now before you say no I swear that Mom knows I am here and what I'm asking you to do. She tried really hard to talk me out of it but I guess I’ve got a stubborn streak, so she finally told me it was between us but I had to accept your decision." She took a deep, nervous breath. "So, I'm going to wait outside the door for two minutes. If you want me to go back to my bed you just need to keep quiet and I’ll leave and never tease you again. If you want me to come back you just have to ask me." She bent down and kissed him but this time it was a loving kiss on the lips, a sensual woman's kiss, and despite serious reservations he felt his body respond.

He stopped her as she reached for the door handle. "Kat….um…..hang on a minute.” He stammered; his mind in a state of total and utter turmoil. Her heartfelt confession left him in doubt she would wait and she would be true to her word, leaving if he didn’t call her back which would also end her blatant sexual teasing, and that was probably the best thing that could happen. But a voice from deep within was screaming that, given what had been happening next door, rejecting her after she had bared her soul so openly could irreparably damage any shred of self-esteem she had left. There was only one thing he was sure of, and that was he simply could not hope to deal with this in two short minutes. She looked down at him, a mixture of hope and uncertainty in her expression so he did his best to provide a reassuring smile.

“I guess the first thing I need to say is that your sense of timing is a little off, especially with everything else that we’ve been through today.” She drew a breath to respond but Tony held up his hand. “My turn Kat, ok?” She nodded and he looked deep into her eyes. “What you are offering me is an incredible gift and something very, very special, but……” Her lip started to quiver, expecting the axe to fall any second so he hastened to take her past that feeling. “Don’t go jumping to conclusions here please! You wanted me to hear you out and now I’m asking you to do the same.” She took a breath and nodded again. “Did you finish your drink?” He asked, and she shook her head slowly. “Why don’t you get your glass and come back and we’ll talk about this. I’m not saying no, but I’m not saying yes either, ok?”

She looked uncertain but nodded and moved through the door. Tony wanted to get out of the bath and cover his body, but desperately needed to wash so he picked up the soap and got to work. His stitches pulled every time he tried to stretch, but his attempts to rush things only made his discomfort worse and he was a long way from finished when Kat came back so he gave up in frustration, dropping the wash cloth in his lap and realizing how ridiculous he looked.

“Having some trouble?” She asked softly, and he nodded emphatically. “Maybe I could help?” He knew he couldn’t do it himself and nodded again, thankful that she picked up fresh wash cloth and left his covering in place. “So what did you want to talk about?” She asked as she started to carefully wash his back and shoulders.

He took a deep breath, and even that simple action had his stitches pulling uncomfortably. “I want to be completely honest with you, but I need to be sure this is strictly between us.” He looked up and she nodded emphatically. “I wondered what you were doing this morning when you came back to wash my car in those short-shorts and tiny top.” He was looking at her and was sure he saw her blush a little. “And then you asked me if I thought you were sexy….and whether the way you were dressed….how did you put it…..created any interesting reactions?” Her hands had stopped moving as though she couldn’t go on until he finished his pending disclosure.

“Well, to be honest I thought you were as sexy as hell, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you for a second.”

He actually heard her sigh with relief, and she started washing him again. “Can I ask…if it did create a reaction?” She whispered softly.

“Are you asking if I got an erection?”

“Yes.” She whispered again.

“Yes I did.” He replied simply.

“And if it’s not….pushing things too far….can I ask if you did anything about it?” She stammered softly.

“If you’re asking if I masturbated then the answer is yes. In fact I did it twice. Once while I watched you wash the car, the second time after you left to go and buy your dress.”

He heard a sharp intake of breath. “Did you cum both times? Did you do it because you wanted to make love to me?”

“Yes and yes.” He replied honestly.

She suggested he stand so that she could finish washing him, so he gave up trying to conceal his modesty and reluctantly got to his feet. “So if you thought I was sexy enough that you wanted to masturbate, why are you reluctant to make love to me now?” She asked, as though she was thinking it through herself as she spoke the words. “I want that more than anything and it’s not as though you’d be taking my virginity…as Dad took care of that.” She shuddered as she remembered that fateful night and started carefully rinsing the soap away. She helped him step from the bath, picked up a towel and started gently drying his body, giving him time to think about her question as he realized he wasn’t really sure himself.

“Ummm…..look….the first thing is I’ve been pretty much celibate since Julie died, and to be honest I’m not really sure….how I’d….perform? When I masturbated it was a fantasy though I’ll admit it was a very pleasant one, but it was just me on my own. I can’t deny there’s a part of me that would love to be with you but….I’m really nervous that it would over before it started if you follow my meaning.”

She smiled at hearing this kind of candor from a man, thinking about how the boys at school bragged about their prowess as though they were adult movie actors who could fuck for hours on end; and then he continued to articulate his feelings. “But the main reason is, today has been a day that both us don’t ever want to go through again, and I think we’ve been through every emotion a person can experience. I guess….I think….oh fuck it! I can’t seem to get this right!” She stroked his arm gently to encourage him to take his time. “What I’m trying to say….is that I’d hate for us to wake up tomorrow and think we’d made a huge mistake, because then things could get really awkward. I think we should get over what has just happened and see how we feel in a few days when we’re thinking clearly.”

She was clearly disappointed, but tried hard to conceal her feelings. “So what you are saying isn’t no…’s just….not now?”

Tony nodded emphatically as she looked up into his eyes. “I guess that’s not what I wanted you to say but I respect your decision and I think I understand how you feel. There’s just one more thing I want to ask, and that is can I just sleep with you….please? I just….don’t want to be in bed alone, and every time this….sort of thing happened before I have frightening nightmares, so could I please just lie in bed with you until I go to sleep?”

The look in her eyes made it impossible to say no, and he was so tired he felt he could trust his body not to betray him as he lay beside her. “I can’t see a problem with that, but no sex, ok?”

She smiled and led him into the bedroom. “Ok Tony, just cuddles. No Sex!”

They lay between the sheets and Tony finally relaxed as his body sank softly into the contours of the mattress. Kat was facing away from him and inched backward until she felt her body rest against his, and he spooned against her and carefully put his arm around her waist, making sure he stayed well clear of her firm breasts. She breathed a contented sigh as she placed her hand over his and closed her eyes. “Thank you Tony.” She whispered. “I feel so safe lying in your arms.”

Tony was sure he would drift off to sleep in seconds but was surprised to find it didn’t come that easily. His mind kept drifting between replays of the brutal encounter next door, and back to the long-forgotten sensation of a tender female body touching his. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been aroused by a woman resting beside him, but there was no doubt his cock was beginning to stir.

He tried to ease his hips back but she sensed him move and followed him. He had no idea if she was still awake but her movement made matters worse, as her shirt slid up her body and allowed her bare butt-cheeks to brush his hardening shaft. Tony tried desperately to think of something mundane, praying his cock would behave, but there was no such luck and he felt his cock-head slide across her butt as the first drops of precum oozed from his slit.

Her breathing was steady and rhythmic, her body gently rising and falling which gave no clue if she was aware of the growing development below his waist. He moved back another inch but once again she followed, this time applying the slightest increase in pressure.

He knew he was fighting a losing battle but kept trying anyway until Kat took control. She rolled over to face him, her eyes glistening in the pale moonlight. Her slim hand wrapped around his now rigid shaft and she smiled seductively. “You may be telling me you’re not ready to make love to me, but for some reason I’m having trouble believing you.” Before he could protest she took his hand in hers, and drew it slowly into the valley between her legs. He could smell the subtle fragrance of a woman aroused and his fingers felt the warm fluids oozing from her tender pussy. “I know you want me, and now you know that I want you just as much. I also know that regardless of what happens I won’t have any regrets tomorrow, and if you do we’ll just have to find a way to make you feel better.” She leaned forward and kissed him, her moist lips opening to allow her tongue to flick across his until she finally broke their kiss. “Now look into my eyes and tell me, no sex.”

There was no point in speaking and he surrendered to the demands of his body and the honest, irrefutable logic of her tender words. He took her face in his hands and kissed her gently, feeling her lips open and their tongues touch. He stroked her breasts lightly; savoring their firmness and feeling her nipples instantly harden against his moving fingers. He tried ease her shirt up but found the movement difficult, so she sat up and quickly slid it up over her head and threw it on the floor before she lay back down. He kissed her firm nipple, tugging gently with his lips as he flicked his tongue across the pointed tip. Her breathing was becoming deeper and she trembled as his hand slid down across stomach until he was massaging her slick labia.

She was already so wet he was sure he could slide his cock deep inside in one easy thrust, but he knew he would cum in seconds and he was desperate their first time shouldn’t end prematurely. Bill may have taken her physical virginity, and there was little doubt it wasn’t the loving experience it should have been once the initial pain subsided, but Tony was determined to show her how magical making love could be. He moved down her body with a lingering trail of soft, brushing butterfly kisses. When he kissed the slick folds of her labia he heard her take a sudden breath and hold it, and then a soft groan slipped past her lips as her legs moved apart and he slid his tongue gently inside. He tasted her oozing juices for the first time as his mouth explored her warm, wet pussy, and she groaned again as he felt her soft hands on the back of his head.

“Oh Tony!” She hissed. “Oh God, OH FUCK! I don’t know what you’re doing to me…but please…. don’t stop! It’s amazing….and incredible….oh, eat my pussy, please!!!”

His tongue was probing deeper and his lips were pressed firmly against her intimate opening, so he carefully folded back the fleshy hood concealing her hard, inflamed clit. He kissed her little love-button gently and she moaned and bathed his face in a spray of warm, tangy cum. He was amazed she could climax so hard and so soon, so he started sucking gently on her clit while he flicked the engorged tip with his tongue. She squealed and came again, her breathing becoming increasingly ragged as her hands held his face firmly against her, so he kept going until he had to stop for a breath, his face coated in her sweet juices.

He moved back up beside her and stroked her face softly, watching her chest rise and fall as she struggled to catch her breath. Finally her eyes flickered opened, and realizing he was lying beside her she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him against her, molding every inch of her flesh to his. Her mouth moved to his, her tongue insistent as she kissed him hungrily until she broke for a breath.

“I have no idea what you just did to me, but that was just incredible.” She whispered. “I’ve never experienced feelings like that in my life!”

Tony smiled at her, happy to have given her some pleasure after what had been a very dark day. He stroked her hair back from her angelic face. “I glad I could make you feel good Kat, but I want to make love to you now if you’re ready for me.”

“I am so ready Tony.” She smiled back. “Take me now, please!”

She spread her legs in uninhibited invitation and he moved down the bed, his cock hard, wet and ready. He gripped his shaft, lined up his cock head with her glistening pussy and slid in slowly, pausing when he was halfway inside. The heat that radiated from her clenching passage was amazing, and as he waited he could feel her slowly stretch to accommodate his size until he eased in deeper. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, as he was sure she’d had enough rough fucking to last a lifetime.

“Are you ok?” He asked simply.

Her eyes flickered open for a moment and she gazed lovingly up at him. “I’m so much better than ok Tony. I can’t believe how good it feels to have you inside me.” She whispered with a smile.

He started thrusting slowly, going a little deeper each time as his cock gradually stretched its way, and enjoying the slippery hold her moist pussy was providing. Despite having masturbated twice he was already building toward his climax and beads of sweat were forming on his skin. He started thrusting harder, hearing Kat moan softly beneath him.

“Oh God, I never knew it could feel like this. Make love to me Tony; Take me, please!!!” She begged.

He was thrusting hard and his balls were firing little electric shocks up the length of his shaft. “Oh Jesus!” Kat squealed. “I’m CUUMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” He felt her cum splash against him as her pussy clenched around his shaft, and then she came again and again.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum baby, but I have to pull out because I don’t want to get you pregnant!” He groaned.

In an instant her legs locked around his thighs in a scissor grip, holding him firmly in place as her eyes flashed open. “Don’t you dare!” She hissed fiercely. “Mom put me on the pill months ago. I want your cum….in my cunt!!!” He was momentarily shocked at her language but knew she was lost in a private world of fuck-lust, so he drove in deep and started pumping his heavy load in her slick, tight pussy. Spurt after spurt fired from his cock, so hard and fast the pressure nearly blew him back; and he held her tightly in a desperate attempt to stay in place.

“Oh yes! Oh…my…fucking…God…YES!” She squealed. “Fuck me! Pump me! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!!!” He was still spraying when his knees started to tremble and he had to collapse onto her, hoping like hell he wouldn’t crush her under his weight. With the last of his fading strength he managed to roll free and collapse on the mattress, a final trickle of cum oozing from his slit and down onto his hot skin as he lay back.

She lay with her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him in a loving embrace. “Thank you.” She whispered softly as her fingers traced lazy circles on his sweating skin. “Thank you so much. I…never knew how it felt to have a man make love to me, and it was everything I hoped it would be, and so….much…more.” He kissed the top of her head and they drifted off to sleep.


Tony woke the next morning with sunlight streaming through the window. He realized someone was knocking softly on the door and praying it wasn’t the twins, he made sure he and Kat were covered. “Come in.” He said softly.

The door swung open and Cyn came in with a tray with coffee, fruit juice and bagels. “Good morning.” She smiled. “The girls are downstairs making hungry noises, so I thought I’d better come up and see if I can interest you two in some breakfast before its lunch time.”

“Good morning yourself.” He smiled back as Kat started to stir. “Umm….Kat said you were ok with this, and I’m sorry Cyn, I think… be honest…..I’m not sure what to think!” He stammered like a teenage boy caught in the act by his girlfriend’s parents.

Cyn put the tray on the bed as Kat wiped the sleep from eyes. “Tony, Bill has treated Kat and the girls very badly for some time now. I tried my best to stop it and I can’t turn the clock back and undo what has happened in the past, but I know the girls trust you and that nothing inappropriate has ever happened over here.” She said with a reassuring smile. “An outsider would probably judge me pretty harshly for letting Kat sleep with you, but if this helps her to learn that not all men are bastards and there are men who treat a girl with respect, then I don’t see what’s wrong with it.”

He felt a sense of relief at the logical way she rationalized a highly unusual situation, and they both glanced at Kat who was stirring beside him. “Hi Mom….hmmmm….Hi Tony. For what it’s worth I’m fine with it too. Really….REALLY fine with it!”

Cyn raised an eyebrow but gave Tony a happy smile as well, shaking her head as she headed for the door. “I’m going to cook breakfast. If you two can drag yourselves out of bed it’ll be ready in around fifteen minutes.”

“We’ll be there Mom.” Kat assured her. “My God, I’m so hungry.” They made short work of the juice, bagels and coffee before Kat dragged him into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and made him stand on the edge of the spray as she washed his face, cock and balls with a washcloth, laughing as she told him that was as clean as he was going to get for now, before standing up the spraying water and washing herself. He marveled at her trusting, uninhibited nature, and the way she could be naked and totally natural with him after just one intimate night together. They toweled each other dry, threw on robes and headed down for breakfast with the smell of eggs and sausages wafting up from the kitchen.

As they walked in Tiff was standing there looking unimpressed. “It’s about time you two showed up, do you know what time it is? What have you been doing?”

Kat and Tony looked at each other and back at Tiff as they laughed. “I have no idea Tiff, what time is it?” Tony chuckled, successfully avoiding her second question.

Shannon walked over and gave them a collective hug. “Tony, we were so lucky you came over last night. I can’t believe you took on those men by yourself, are you really ok? I was so worried when I saw all the blood on your clothes.”

“I’m fine thanks Shannon, a few stitches and I’ll be good as new when they come out.” He assured her. “The doctor took good care of me, and Kat was there making sure he did.”

Shannon smiled at her sister. “We don’t always get along, but one thing I’ll say for Kat is that she doesn’t take shit from anybody.”

Cyn couldn’t help but laugh at Shannon’s emphatic statement. “That’s the truth!” She agreed and looked over at Tony. “You see what I have to put up with sometimes?”

She had cooked a simple but satisfying breakfast, and for the first time in far too long laughter and natural conversation filled the room over a pleasant meal. She finished her breakfast and moved around quietly, making sure everyone had enough to eat and drink and then clearing the table. When the kitchen was tidy she sat down and took a sip of coffee, looking at him over the rim over her cup. “I guess we have some things to do today Tony.”

He nodded. “We should get down to the Police station and give our statements so the Sherriff can get things underway from his end. The sooner those men are in jail the better we’ll all feel.” Cyn and the girls nodded in agreement as Tony sat back and looked around the table. “After that, I think I’m in the mood for some serious shopping, how does that sound?”

The girls were excited at that prospect but Cyn was looking concerned. “Ummm….I don’t have the money for a shopping trip Tony.” She said quietly.

“We’ll talk about it later.” He reassured her. “Let’s just say this trip is on me with no strings attached, if that’s ok with you? I think a decent dose of retail therapy is just what you girls need so how about you let me do this for you, and you can tell me later if I’ve crossed a line somewhere. Besides, I haven’t been shopping for ages and today I’m in the mood.”

She raised an eyebrow at the subtle way he had diplomatically manipulated the situation without undermining her parental authority, and then gave him a grateful smile. “I guess I’m not used to people helping out without asking for something in return. And the girls could certainly use some new clothes….so, only if you’re sure.”

“Perhaps you might see something you like as well.” He added. “I have no intention of leaving you out of the fun. And as we men know, a girl loves to shop!”

With Cyn’s approval they got dressed and headed into town, stopping off at the Police station. Tony was surprised to see the Sherriff was still there and looking extremely tired as he came over and shook hands. “Hi Tony. How’s your chest?”

“Fine thanks Sherriff, and thanks for the ride home last night. I’m surprised you’re still here; don’t they ever give you some time off?” He enquired.

The Sherriff explained how the investigation had developed after Tony and Kat were taken to hospital. “Well, it turns out your visitors have been busy boys. We tied two of their guns to recent robberies with ballistics tests, so we interrogated them individually and gave them one chance to come clean for a possible reduction in their sentence. Have you heard the saying there’s no honor among thieves? Well, they started singing like choirboys. Turns out they’re wanted on federal crimes as well, so the FBI are sending some agents down to interview them tomorrow. They all have previous convictions so by the time these boys get out they’ll be pushing walking frames. I owe you one Tony, as this won’t hurt my reelection chances one bit.”

“You had my vote last time Sherriff, and after last night you’ve got it until you decide to retire.” Tony assured him, grateful things were moving quickly. “How about Bill? What are his prospects?”

Cyn was paying close attention now and the Sherriff led her and Tony away from the girls for a moment. “He had no part in the crimes these guys have committed so his case will be tried separately. To be honest, a lot will depend on how you and your daughter want to proceed Mrs. Weston. We’ll need your statements and testimony in court, but this case is a slam-dunk with your cooperation. Providing a minor for the purposes of prostitution is one of several serious charges he is facing, but my only reservation comes from past experience. Preparing a case like this is costly and time-consuming, and in the past when it gets to court sometimes the family members decide they cannot send the person to jail, despite how much they deserve to be there. If you want some time to think about it I can hold him for a few days, but I really need to know if you are prepared to see this through.”

She hesitated, but only for a second. “I appreciate your candor Sherriff, but you have my assurance my marriage is over and I will be filing for divorce as soon as I find a good lawyer. My daughter and I are here to give you our statements and we will be in court when you need us.”

Cyn’s comment regarding divorcing Bill rocked Tony for a second, and he realized she could be a decisive woman when she needed to be. When he thought it through it made perfect sense given what had happened, as there are some things that cannot and should not be forgiven.

“Sherriff, if it’s ok with you I might take the twins for a soda while you talk to Cyn and Kat.” Tony suggested. “When they’ve given you their statements I’ll pick them up, drop them at the mall and come back and give you mine.”

The Sherriff nodded in agreement. “Good idea Tony. It’s been pretty quiet today but I still don’t like to see young kids waiting around with some of the things that go on here.”

Tony gave Cyn his cell number, kissed her and Kat on the cheek and took the twins outside. They walked across the park and found a café where he ordered sodas for the girls and a coffee. The girls were excited about shopping but sad about their father’s situation at the same time. “I guess Dad’s going to prison?” Shannon asked.

“It’s hard to see any other outcome Shannon.” He replied simply. “I understand he’s your father but what he’s done to you girls and your Mom is not only illegal, it’s totally unforgivable in my book.”

“I don’t know what we’ll do, but I’ll never forgive him for what he did to us.” Tiff said with a level of vehemence that surprised him. “I hope he gets a long sentence and we never see him again.”

Child psychology was hardly Tony’s forte and he felt he was getting out his depth real fast. “Tiff, I know this probably doesn’t cut it right now, but I promise you that not all men treat their daughters that way.” She gave him a dubious look, but thankfully the conversation changed to the impending trip to the stores before his beeping cell finally rescued him.

Cyn was calling to tell him she and Kat had finished giving their statements, so he and the twins finished their drinks and walked back across the park. They met up outside the Police Station, got in the car and headed down to shopping centre, and lucked into a parking spot right out front of the largest clothing store in town. Julie and Tony had always shopped there as the range of apparel was simply enormous. From baby clothes to business suits and all stops in between this place had you covered, and Penny the manager was a friend of Julie’s from way back.

Penny must have been in the back office when they walked in, but she came out when she saw them and walked over with beaming smile, giving Tony a welcoming hug. “It’s been a long time Tony. I thought you’d either joined a nudist colony or we’d lost you to the opposition in the mall.”

“Good to see you Penny, and neither of the above is true; I’ve just been a little busy.” He assured her.

“I hear you were involved in a little trouble last night, are you ok?”

He wondered how she could have possibly known until he remembered she was married to a police officer. “I’m fine thanks, and I guess that’s partly why I’m here. Penny, I’d like to introduce to my favorite neighbors, Cynthia and her daughters, Kat, Tiff and Shannon.” Hi’s were exchanged all round, and he took Penny by the arm and led her a short distance away. “Your husband told you about last night?”

She nodded. “Ken said you did a hell of a job on those bastards, if you’ll excuse my language. Is this the family he told me about? The father was prostituting his daughters?”

“Yeah, and they’ve being doing it tough for quite a while.” he replied.

“Well as a mother you’ve scored some major points with me, so what would you like me to do?”

“Put them all in some decent clothes, but not just the basic stuff, let them have a little fun while they’re here if you follow me.”

She gave him a “you-silly-man” look. “In case you hadn’t noticed Tony, I’m a woman and I run a clothing store.” She chastised him gently. “Cover the essentials with some fun-and-frivolous stuff as well. Maybe an outfit or two that really makes them feel special, is that what you had in mind?”

“I knew I shopped here for a reason.” He laughed. “I’m going to take them out to dinner tonight so at least one nice outfit each, and swimwear as well as we might go up to the lake tomorrow. And don’t let Cyn hold back on you, if she tries to tell you she’s fine I want you to tell her I said nobody goes home unless she’s got around the same amount as the girls, think you can handle that?”

“No problem. Now I hate to ask, but I think what you’re doing is really great and I want to make sure they have some fun without going overboard, so what kind of limit am I working to?”

“Say two or three grand? Do you think that’s ok, or am I out of touch?”

She smiled and gave him a reassuring pat on the arm. “You’re not out of touch, for that amount I can show them the time of their lives and give them back to you like its Christmas morning. You really are a great guy Tony, and I’ll cut my margin and throw in some extras as well. This is going to take some time; I’ll probably need a couple of hours at least?”

“No problem, take all the time you need. I’ve got to go and give the Sherriff my statement and Cyn has my number. She can call me if you finish before I get back.”

Penny made a shooing gesture as they walked back to the girls. “It’s time for you to go Tony; we girls have some serious shopping to do!” He waved goodbye and headed back to the car, sure they were going to enjoy the next couple of hours more than he was.

Giving his statement turned out to be three hours of mental drain and intense concentration. It started with the Sherriff reading back from his notes, and when Tony agreed he had covered it thoroughly a deputy typed them into a computer. He printed off copies and they all read it through, making minor changes as they went until they were sure every detail was accurately recorded. He had to confirm the identities of Bill and his visitors from mug-shots, and then they went back through the statement, inserting the relevant names to clarify which man committed each offence. He also had to inspect and confirm the knife they used, and then go through the crime scene photos and insert the photo ID numbers into his statement.

After an hour the Sherriff called for coffee and gave him a wry smile. “The paperwork is a bitch, isn’t it Tony.”

“I had no idea Sherriff.” He smiled ruefully. “I know I’m going to have a major headache by the time we’re finished.”

When the Sherriff was happy they had covered everything he printed more copies, which Tony signed and he witnessed. He thought that was it and breathed a sigh of relief, and then the Sherriff and his deputy started firing questions at him. “We’re not quite done yet Tony.” He apologized. “If you’re called to give evidence the cross-examination can be pretty intense, so we need to make sure your recollection holds up.”

More questions followed until he sat back in his chair. “I think we’re done and you’ll be fine Tony, great job! If they all plead guilty we won’t need you in court, but I’ll certainly be in touch to let you know.”

Tony stood and stretched, rubbing his aching temples in relief. “Thanks Sherriff, Deputy.” He said gratefully as they shook hands. “I guess I’ll be hearing from you.”

He headed out to the car and drove back to the clothing store, his headache slowly receding. When he walked into the store he couldn’t see Penny or the girls anywhere, and then caught a glimpse of them through an office window. When he walked in Penny and Cyn were drinking coffee while Kat and the twins had sodas. He received five of the widest smiles he had seen for some time as he surveyed a small mountain of shopping bags and boxes. The girls wanted to show him everything they had bought there and then, but Cyn politely suggested they had taken up enough of Penny’s time and should be on their way.

Penny motioned for him to follow her as she headed for the sales desk. “Everything go ok Penny?” He asked, having a fair idea what her answer would be.

“They’ve had a fabulous time Tony. And you were right about Cyn because she insisted she was fine, but I told her you’d given me very specific instructions and I wasn’t going to upset a good customer. Kat was fantastic! She has great sense of style and showed Cyn a few things I would have picked for her, and pretty soon she got into the swing of things.”

Tony settled the account and thanked Penny for taking such good care of the girls. She gave him a knowing smile. “It has been my pleasure Tony, this is such a great thing you’re doing for them, and very generous too!” She hesitated for a second, as if she wanted to say something else but was unsure how to put it. “Ummm…..this is really none of my business and the last thing I want to do is offend you or bring back unpleasant memories, but I haven’t seen you this happy since Julie passed away. She and I were friends for a long time and I know how much you loved her, but you’re still young and I’m sure she would want you to be happy. Cyn and her girls seem like a really nice family, so maybe….this could be a second chance for you?”

With things happening so fast he hadn’t given this aspect any thought at all, but he had to admit he was enjoying having Cyn and the girls around. “It’s early days Penny but who knows, maybe you could be right.”

It took three trips back and forth before they finally had all the clothes stowed in the car, and there wasn’t an inch of space left. The trunk was jam-packed so he had to close it very carefully, and everyone except him had bags and boxes on their laps and around their feet.

By the time they arrived home his headache was back as the girls had talked non-stop the whole way. They took their purchases inside and the twins wanted to have a fashion show to display their new outfits. “Ok, just hold on a second!” Tony half-shouted. When things had calmed down he grinned at them. “I know you’re all keen to model your new clothes, but how long has it been since you went out to dinner at a nice restaurant?”

“Like….forever.” Tiff replied, just getting in first.

“That’s what I thought. I’ve booked a table at Karl’s Steak and Seafood for seven, so how long is it going to take you to get ready?”

Kat looked at her watch and gave him a horrified look. “It’s just after five now. No way I can be ready by then.”

Tony smiled. “Well, I guess its cheese on toast at home for you then. Anyone else think they can’t make it?”

A cyclone whirled into chaotic life as bags and boxes were scooped up and it sounded like a herd of rhinos were charging up the stairs. “I get the bathroom first!” He heard Kat call out.

“No way Kat.” Shannon protested. “You’ll be in there forever!”

“You can use my bathroom as well.” He called out, just stifling a laugh in time.

Peace reigned at last, and he poured a drink as he slumped thankfully on the couch. He knew he only needed half an hour at the most to get ready, and figured he should be able to get into one of the bathrooms by then. It was around six and he was just about to head upstairs when Kat came in quietly and took his breath away. She wasn’t dressed yet, wearing a short robe that was loosely tied around her waist, but she had her hair up with golden bangs framing her perfect face, and smoldering makeup that convinced him she was nineteen or twenty. She walked over to him and took his glass, placing it on the side table before she gently pulled him to his feet. Then she took his face in her hands and stood on tip-toe, kissing him softly on the lips.

“I never had the chance to thank you properly for last night.” She said softly. “You were so gentle and tender, and I never knew that making love could feel so……magical. So thank you, for putting your life on line for us, for giving us the best day today, and especially for making me feel like a woman last night.” He was wondering how to respond, but he never had the opportunity as she smiled and walked away to finish getting dressed.

He headed for the shower with Kat’s words replaying like a continuous loop, and put a waterproof cover over his bandage before turning on the taps. He washed quickly, dried off and shaved the stubble from his face, before dressing for dinner and heading downstairs. He didn’t realize things had gone very quiet and thought he’d have to hurry Cyn and her girls along, but to his amazement they were all sitting in the den waiting for him.

Kat made a show of looking at her watch before rolling her eyes in an exaggerated fashion. “We thought you’d never be ready, we’ve been waiting here for ages. Come on, we’re going to be late!”

He whistled. “Wow, look at you all, you girls look amazing! I don’t care if we’re going to be late, stand up and let me have a look at you.”

Shannon and Tiff had similar stylish mini-dresses and matching shoes with around two or three-inch heels. He didn’t know if Cyn or Kat had helped them with their hair and makeup, but they were quite the young sophisticates. Kat was simply stunning, in an aqua evening dress with a serious plunging neckline, shimmer stockings and a pair of killer stilettos. Cyn’s hair was up matching Kat’s, with drop-dead make up that accentuated her eyes and full lips. A pair of silver spiral earrings took his eyes down to a wicked cocktail dress that plunged front and back from her bare shoulders and finished mid thigh. Stockings and another pair of serious heels stopped him at floor level, and he returned their happy smiles.

“Well ladies, its time I took you out and showed you off. One thing for sure, I’m going to be the envy of every guy at dinner tonight.”

They went out to the car and headed off to town. Karl and his wife Hannah had opened their restaurant around five years ago and Julie and Tony had been among their first patrons. They’d dined there many times and the food and service were always first class, but he’d only been back a couple of times since Julie passed away. They walked in and the waitress at reception asked them to wait a moment as she disappeared, before Karl came out to welcome him like a long-lost brother. “Good to see you Tony.” He grinned happily. “Now what’s this I hear about you showing up empty-handed to a knife fight?”

“Not you too Karl.” Tony groaned. “And yeah, I wasn’t too smart was I?”

“You know what they say about small towns Tony. The only thing that travels faster than good news is bad news. Seriously though it’s great to see you, and especially that you’re ok.” The restaurant was packed and buzzing with conversation and they couldn’t see a vacant seat anywhere. “So, dinner for you and your attractive companions? Follow me please.”

He led them through the clusters of tables toward the rear and opened the door to a sumptuous private room. Tony raised an eyebrow as he hadn’t expected this, but Karl simply smiled. “When I saw your booking and heard about last night I moved a few things around. Is this ok?”

“Umm…more than ok thanks Karl, I really appreciate this.” He replied, surprised at the VIP attention as Karl waved a waitress over before introducing her. “This is Chloe and she’ll be your waitress this evening.” She smiled and nodded to them, before Karl continued. “Chloe this is a special party so you’ll attend to this room only and I’ll cover your tables. Enjoy your dinner folks, and I’ll catch up with you later.”

Chloe led them into the room and seated them, placing napkins on their laps before dimming the lights and putting some soft music on. She handed out the menus and gave Cyn and Tony a wine list as well. “Would you like to start with drinks Sir, Madam?” She asked. He ordered non-alcoholic cocktails for Shannon and Tiff and perused the wine list for a second. A crisp California white wine caught his eye so he ordered a bottle. “Wine for two Sir?”

“For three, thank you Chloe.” He replied with a nod toward Kat which earned him a wide smile of thanks.

When Chloe left to get their drinks Cyn leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Tony, there are no prices on this menu; this place must be incredibly expensive!”

He put his hand over hers. “No, it’s not that expensive. Karl is a traditionalist which is part of the reason why I used to come here often. Correct restaurant etiquette means that the person paying the bill gets a priced menu, all the guest menus have no prices; that’s all.”

“Ok then.” She responded directly. “Can I see your menu please?”

“No you can’t.” He replied simply, knowing precisely why she asked and giving her a reassuring smile. “I suggest you pick whatever you feel like and forget about the prices but I’m having lobster, the seafood here is sensational.”

Kat coughed softly as Chloe came back with their drinks. “I would love to try a lobster if that’s ok Tony?”

“Fine with me and may I say, good choice.” He assured her.

Chloe gave the twins their cocktails and poured the wine before explaining the different lobster sauces to the girls. They listening attentively and he felt Cyn’s hand rest on his thigh as she smiled at her daughters’ intent concentration. Her hand starting stroking up his leg slowly as the twins decided on lobster as well, Tiff picking Mornay while Shannon decided to try Thermidor. She sighed. “I haven’t had a lobster in years, so I’ll have mine with Béchamel sauce thanks Chloe.”

Chloe smiled and left as he felt Kat’s hand on his other thigh. He was starting to wonder what each would say if they knew what the other was doing, and whether it was likely to be a problem. He took a sip of wine from his glass and pondered his predicament, thankful that Cyn knew Kat had spent last night with him. Matters were taken out of his hands when Kat leaned over and kissed his cheek before whispering in his ear. “Don’t feel uncomfortable Tony, Mom and I know how to share.”

“Just to make sure I’ve got this right, what are you sharing?” He asked.

“Why, you of course!” She whispered before laughing softly.

He turned to look at her, her eyes sparkling as she took a sip of wine. “Let me make sure I’ve got this right.” He whispered back so the twins wouldn’t hear. “You and your mother are conspiring behind my back to decide who gets to spend the night with me?”

“Pretty much.” She said simply.

He shook his head in amazement, struggling to comprehend what he was hearing. “I suppose I don’t have a say in this?”

She leaned in close so she could whisper in his ear. “From tomorrow you can have as much say as you want, but just for tonight I’m asking you to be with her the way you were with me last night. While Dad treated the twins and I pretty badly he treated Mom a thousand times worse. Please do this for me, or for her, or maybe….even for yourself?” She paused momentarily and he wondered exactly what she meant with her last words, before he felt her breath on his ear. “I could be sooo grateful if you wanted me to.”

He struggled to stifle a laugh. “You’re teasing me again, and you promised you wouldn’t.”

“I am aren’t I?” She responded with a wickedly suggestive smile, before she kissed his cheek again, but this time she gave him a tiny tongue-lick which really got his attention.

He probably could have won the argument, but things were moving so quickly and in such unexpected directions he wasn’t sure he wanted to. “Ok, you win.” He conceded simply.

Kat slid her chair back. “I’m just going to the bathroom.” She walked behind them and paused behind Cyn, dropping her head to whisper something to her. Tony wasn’t sure, but it sounded like “He’s all yours Mom.”

Cyn gave him a nervous smile and took a long sip from her wine glass, her hand shaking slightly as she put her glass down. He leaned over to her. “I’d really like you to relax and enjoy your dinner. I’m not sure about this roster system you and Kat have cooked up, but if you want it to happen then it will, if you change your mind that’s ok too.”

She surprised him by sliding her hand further up his thigh until her stroking fingers just brushed the tip of his cock. “I guess at some point I should tell you about Kat and I, as there are times I feel we’re more like sisters than mother and daughter, but this isn’t the time. All I can say for now is that, after what Kat told me there is no way I‘ll change my mind, and I just hope you’re not disappointed.” She whispered.

He slid his hand behind her and stroked the silky skin between her shoulder straps. “Somehow I just know I won’t be.”

It wasn’t long before Chloe arrived with the first plates of lobsters and set them down in front of the wide-eyed twins. A second waiter followed with the remainder as Kat came back to the table and they got started. The meal was superb and at one point Shannon paused and gave him an appreciative smile. “You are the absolute best Tony; this lobster is to die for. Can we come back tomorrow?” Her emphatic appreciation had everyone including Chloe smiling broadly.

“Fine with me Shannon.” He replied. “But you’re paying seeing as it was your idea.”

She wasn’t perturbed in the slightest. “Hmmm, I wonder how many chores I’ll have to do to cover the check.”

They finished their meals and couldn’t resist the desert menu, so they were all thoroughly satisfied as Chloe cleared the table and Karl looked in. “Everything ok here folks?”

“Absolutely perfect Karl, thank you.” Tony replied. “In fact Shannon wants to come back tomorrow.”

He whipped his notebook from his pocket and turned to her attentively. “Would you like me to make your reservation now, Madam?”

Shannon just smiled up at him sweetly. “Yes please. Can I order now?”

Karl laughed at her self-assured response to his teasing, and Tony handed Chloe his credit card and discreetly palmed a hundred dollar tip, thanking her for taking such good care of them. “Thank you Sir.” She replied with sincere gratitude. “And it was my pleasure.”

They followed her to the counter where Karl processed his card and opened the door for them. “Have a good night, and don’t be a stranger Tony.”

They shook hands. “I think you’ll be seeing more of us Karl, and thanks again.”

The girls were all raving about the sumptuous dinner for most of the trip home, and he suspected he had three new seafood addicts in the back seat. Cyn was up front beside him, her hand once again resting lightly on his thigh. “Thank you Tony. This has been the best day the girls and I have had for longer than I can remember. I feel guilty though, you must have spent a fortune with the shopping and dinner.”

He smiled across at her. “It was honestly worth ever cent because I’ve had a great day as well. I…. I’m starting to realize that the way I’ve been living isn’t good for me, and I’ve really enjoyed having you and the girls around today.”

They pulled up at home and went inside with Tiff trying to stifle a tired yawn. They went into the den and Tony waved a wine glass at Cyn and Kat. Cyn nodded but Kat shook her head. “I’m pretty tired so I think I’ll head for bed. Come on you two, I think we could use a good night’s sleep.”

The twins came over and kissed them both, thanking him for the shopping trip and dinner before they headed upstairs. Kat waited until they were gone before she came over, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him full on the lips. “Thanks for everything Tony; this has been the best day.” She went over and kissed her mom and paused just before she left the room. “You kids have fun now!”

They sat back on the couch, laughing at Kat’s cheeky departing comment. “Kids!” Cyn giggled. “You can’t live without them but they drive you crazy sometimes.”

“I’m just starting to see the truth in that.” He grinned as he sat beside her. “Sometimes I swear Kat is sixteen going on twenty-six.”

“She can be a handful.” Cyn agreed as she snuggled up against him.

He stroked her hair, his fingers moving slowly and softly. “I think I’ve forgotten how to be with a beautiful woman, because I never told you how sexy you looked tonight.”

“Better late than never.” She breathed as she reached up to kiss him. Their lips met and tongues touched before engaging in a sensual duel, and he slipped a hand inside her dress and cupped her bare breast, feeling her nipple harden against his palm. As their kiss broke he realized she was trembling. “Oh God, I can’t believe how nervous I am.” She whispered. “I feel like a virgin on her wedding night.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” He reassured her. “I was too busy trying to stop my knees from knocking.”

She laughed. “Your BS skills need some work Tony, but it’s encouraging that you’re out of practice. Now will you please take me to bed before I faint from nervousness?”

They turned off the lights and headed up to his room, Cyn standing expectantly beside the bed waiting for him. He slipped the thin straps from her shoulders, allowing her dress to slide slowly down her body until she stepped clear. He knelt before her and eased her g-string down and was delighted to find she had shaved her pussy bare, which had always been a huge personal turn-on.

“Kat suggested you might like to see me shaved.” She whispered uncertainly.

That revelation rocked him as he couldn’t comprehend how she had read his mind so intuitively. “I have no idea how she worked that out, but she’s one hundred percent right.” He acknowledged hoarsely, as Julie had always shaved for him as soon as he admitted his predilection. As she stood there he moved closer, until he molded his lips to her glistening labia and started French-kissing her smooth pussy. She groaned and moved her feet apart to provide a little more room, her hands resting gently on his head as he felt her juices starting to flow. He slowly licked up and down the full length of her slit, tasting her sweet nectar as his tongue started to probe her inner folds. Her flow increased as her breathing deepened, and she started rocking against him in a slow fucking motion. His fingers eased her labia apart and his extended tongue explored further, feeling her heat radiating across his face as she thrust harder, trying to push his probing tongue even deeper.

“Oh yes Tony.” She gasped. “Keep sucking my pussy like this and you’ll have me cumming in no time!”

The movements of his tongue matched her thrusts in perfect synchronicity and he was happy for her to set the pace, as her hands were now holding his head firmly against her mons and the level of her passion grew quickly. Her flow increased until his face was covered in her sweet juices, and he knew she must be getting close.

“Oh Fuck. Oh God! Eat meeeeee! EAT MY CUNT!!! OH, I’M CUUUUMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” She screamed softly and jammed his face against her pumping pussy so firmly that oxygen starvation would become a problem in a minute or so. Thankfully she released her hold before then, and he sucked in some air as she moved unsteadily back to the bed. “Oh my God Tony.” She gasped. “Kat said you were amazing, but that was…….fantastic!” She lay back across the bed so her head was hanging down. “Come here lover, one good turn deserves another.”

He stood and walked over, stroking her face with one hand and his hard, slippery cock with the other. “Don’t be shy Tony, I like it deep.” She hissed seductively.

This was turning out to be so much more than he had expected, and he was rapidly sinking into a warm, enveloping mist of fuck-lust. He rubbed his slick head across her lips and she opened her mouth wide, inviting him to thrust inside as though she was literally starving for cock. He slid his shaft into her warm, wet mouth and felt her lips close around him as her tongue flicked across his glans. As he eased in further her cheeks sucked in, and she wrapped her arms around him until she had a firm hold on his butt cheeks. Her hands pulled him deeper until he felt his cock-head nudging the entrance to her throat, before she pulled his body forward and he slid easily past until his balls were nudging her chin. He was amazed she didn’t gag at all, and overwhelmed by the erotic sensations from her throat, tongue and lips, all working to suck his hot cum from his tingling balls.

The sensations were indescribable. Intense, exquisite, and mutually hedonistic to the point they were almost too much to bear. He drew back a little and then thrust firmly forward, feeling the stretching sensation of her throat opening for him as he fucked her mouth. His movements became longer and faster as he realized she was not only comfortable with taking him completely, she seemed to be loving every second of it. By now he was pumping her sweet face as fast as he could, tiny beads of perspiration running down into his eyes. “Oh…FUUCCKK!!! I’m going to cum Cyn!” He groaned to warn her.

“Mmmmm….mmmmmfff!!!” She moaned around his cock, letting him know she was more than willing to accept his seed. He felt the first spurt of cum fire up his shaft and with one final desperate thrust he buried his cock deep in her throat, spurt after spurt of his thick, scalding cream pumping straight into her stomach. He could feel her throat working as she swallowed his fuck-juice, clenching and releasing as she strove to milk him dry before his flow finally slowed, and then stopped.

His legs felt as though they were giving out and he reluctantly eased back from her mouth, her lips fighting his withdrawal every inch of the way. He collapsed onto the bed beside her and she moved up, kissing him on the cheek as he sucked air into his depleted lungs. “I’d forgotten how good oral sex can be when you’re with someone you can trust.” She whispered lasciviously.

“I’d forgotten how good it can be…period.” He stammered weakly. “I didn’t think I was ever going to stop cumming!”

“You had quite a load babe, and you taste sensational.” She laughed softly. “So, would you say we’re even now?”

“No way.” He chuckled weakly. “I’ve got some serious catching up to do.”

He had built up quite a thirst, and told Cyn to sit tight while he went back downstairs and retrieved their wine glasses and the remainder of the bottle. They lay back on the bed and sipped their drinks as they gradually recovered.

“I feel like my head is spinning Tony, things are happening so fast.” She confided.

He nodded in agreement. “You’re so right. Considering what we were doing this time last night it’s hard to believe you’re lying here with me now.” He turned toward her and saw the conflict and concern on her face. “Is this something you want to talk about now, or am I ruining the mood with male bad timing?”

“Now is fine with me if it’s ok with you.” She reassured him. “At least we have some privacy which is hard to find with three teenagers running around.”

Tony nodded in agreement and asked Cyn to start wherever she wanted. She took a breath and started talking about her relationship with Bill, and how things had gone off the rails so badly. They had been happy enough until he lost his job around six months ago and initially they coped ok, optimistic that he would find work somewhere. As the rejections from prospective employers grew and the bills piled up, their savings ran out and they found it increasingly difficult, and he started to hit the bottle pretty hard until he just stopped looking for work. The fights became more frequent, his black moods became longer and deeper, and he was no longer interested in her sexually.

Cyn started actively looking for employment and thought they could be turning the corner when she managed to pick up some casual work, but then she came home from a shift to find Bill forcing Kat to perform oral sex on him. Kat was crying and begging him to stop and Cyn said she went crazy, slapping and scratching him as she tried to pull him away. He responded by slapping her face so hard she was knocked unconscious for a while, and when she came to Bill had taken Kat orally and anally and left her sobbing on the floor while he calmly sat in the den drinking beer. Cyn was in a state of furious disbelief and started packing bags for her and the girls when he came in and gave her a fearful beating, pinning her against a wall with his hand wrapped around her throat. She was certain he intended choking her to death as he calmly told them if they ever reported him to the Police or Child Services, or ever tried to leave again he would hunt them down and kill them all. This confirmed everything Kat had told him earlier, as he’d wondered whether her imagination may have exaggerated the facts.

Tears were welling in her eyes as she told him she should have called the police or packed up and left town, or just done something, anything! She said she felt completely trapped as her only family lived on the other side of the country and didn’t have room to take in four additional people. With no money even for bus fare her options were non-existent, and he told her exactly that.

She smiled hesitantly at his reassurance and continued. When she found out that Bill was also molesting the twins, she and Kat came up with a plan where the girls would come over to Tony’s place whenever she wasn’t there, which seemed to work pretty well.

“So you owe me for de-facto babysitting.” Tony said, trying to lighten the mood a little.

“I owe you for a lot more than that.” She smiled in embarrassment. The final straw was when a letter arrived from Social Security the other day advising that their payments were being cut, as Bill had been unemployed for six months. They had already received a foreclosure notice from the bank and their credit cards were maxed out so their options were nonexistent. Cyn had no idea Bill’s solution was to prostitute his daughters for money, and last night had been the first she knew of his sick plans when the men arrived at the door.

Tears were rolling freely down her cheeks as he gently lifted her chin and kissed her. “The first thing you should do is stop beating yourself up Cyn.” He told her firmly. “Sometimes life deals you a shitty hand and there is simply no way out. You did your best to protect your kids against a man who was not prepared to play by the rules and treat his family the way he should have. It’s obvious to anyone that your girls still love you and respect you, and kids are normally pretty good judges of character, so they don’t think you’ve let them down. The fact that you’re here now while he is sitting in a cell is all the proof you need.”

She gave him another hesitant smile. “Well….that’s my story for what it’s worth. I’d really like to hear yours …….if you want to tell me.”

He hadn’t opened up to anyone since Julie died, but somehow felt this was his best chance to start moving on with his life. He took a sip of wine and gathered his thoughts for a moment, before telling her how they’d fallen in love at school, married straight out of college, and been together ever since. A look of concern flashed over her face when he told her they’d never felt the need to start a family, and the places they’d been as they travelled. It was his turn to attempt to hold back the tears when he told her about Julie’s minor operation, and how he knew something had gone terribly wrong when the doctor came to see him in the waiting room.

She held him close as he told her how his life had fallen apart, he couldn’t face going back to work, and the blinding rage that had consumed him and created his insatiable thirst for revenge. He spoke of pursuing the hospital and doctor through the courts even when his lawyers suggested he settle, until he finally had his victory, and how empty and lonely he felt when he had nothing left to focus on.

“I can’t imagine how devastating that must have been.” She soothed quietly.

He went on to explain how he’d become a virtual recluse, tried dating and failed miserably, and just existed rather than lived until her girls started coming over. He finished by telling her how he started to look forward to their company, even paying them pocket money to do chores for him so they’d come over more often.

She nodded. “To be honest I wasn’t sure about that when they told me, but it made such a difference to them. I don’t know why, but I was sure they were safe when they were with you. It’s funny how little we know about our neighbors, I mean, we’ve lived side by side for years and I knew Julie had passed away, but I never even came over to see if you wanted to talk or needed some company. I’m really sorry Tony.”

“You had a family to raise and your own life to lead, and it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway. I may have even shut the door on you as I was so caught up feeling sorry for myself.”

She gave him a wry smile. “Didn’t I tell you your BS skills needed work? So…..I guess the big question is…..where do you want to go from here?”

“I think the first thing we need to agree on is that any decisions we make have to be mutual, ok?” She nodded emphatically before he continued. “If you’ve received a foreclosure notice we need to move quickly as the kids still need a place to live, and where would you go if you moved out anyway? So if it’s ok with you I’d like to go through your finances from top to bottom and see what the complete picture looks like.”

She frowned at him. “I can tell you up front it’s a real mess Tony, and you’re an incredibly generous person but I can’t just let you keep handing over money for a problem that isn’t yours. I mean, you spent more today than I have in six months, and it’s been the best day we’ve had for a long time but we can’t keep freeloading off you.”

He had a feeling this would come up and he’d mentally prepared for her objections. “You said we didn’t you, meaning you and the girls?” She gave him a curious look, unsure where he was heading but nodding in agreement. “Ok, so you have three wonderful kids who are now completely dependent on you, agreed?” She nodded. “So I’m really sorry to be brutal about this but what are your alternatives? How do you intend providing a home for your children, putting food on the table, and meeting their expenses for school and life in general? If you let the bank foreclose on your house where are you going to live?”

He could see she was stunned by his succinct summation and gently took her hands in his. “Cyn, there are no strings attached here ok? I’m never going to be on the Forbes Top 100 Rich List, but I invested Julie’s settlement carefully and the interest and dividends I receive are a lot more than I’m spending, so I’m in a position to help you and I’m happy to do it. But if you agree the most important thing is that we do it free and clear and you don’t feel like you owe me. I would never want you to feel obligated or uncomfortable as it would probably screw up things between us, and that’s the last thing I want.”

She looked at him earnestly, almost pleading. “Oh God Tony, are you sure about this? I mean are you really, really sure?”

He gave her hands a gentle squeeze. “I can’t explain why but I have never been as sure of anything in my life. Look….it’s so hard to put into words but…..despite what happened last night this has been best day I’ve had in a long, long time. At this moment I feel as though I’ve been in a coma for last two years and now I’ve finally woken up, so this won’t just be good for you, it will be a major step forward for me as well.”

She had tears in her eyes again. “Ok Tony, so what do we do now?”

“Are you working on Monday?” He asked.

“I have an afternoon shift from two to six.” She replied.

“Ok then, we can start going through your paperwork tomorrow and put together an overview of your situation, then I’ll come over Monday morning and we’ll see what has to be done to get things straightened out.”

She hugged him so hard he winced as she crushed his stitches. “Oh God, you have no idea what a relief this is!”

“Well that’s a good start, but we’re not quite done yet.” He said, interrupting her happy moment.

“Ok, what else do you want to talk about?” She asked.

It was his turn for a tentative smile. “You, me and Kat. I’ve never been….involved with two women at the same time, especially when they happen to be mother and daughter. I’m not sure whether last night and tonight are one-off occasions, and if they are then that’s ok. But if they’re not, then I’m so far out of my depth I’m drowning.”

She giggled and blushed simultaneously. “We have put you in a tough position haven’t we?”

“You think?” He agreed. “And it was more than a little obvious at dinner you two had cooked up a devious plan to have you here right now. So what’s going on; have you two worked out a little roster system and forgotten to tell me about it?”

She laughed again, but this time it was a heartfelt expression of amusement. “Oh dear, I’m so embarrassed; it sounds so….clinical when you put it that way. Perhaps I should give you some background first. Before things started going off the rails Bill and I had always been open with the girls about sex. We didn’t parade around the house naked or make love on the kitchen table while they were in the next room, but we wanted them to know sex is an important part of a loving adult relationship. We also wanted to make sure that they knew the facts and weren’t mislead by stories they heard at school. You may not believe this, but Kat came home a few weeks ago and told me one of the girls in her class is having regular sex with her boyfriend in a swimming pool because she heard the water prevented you from falling pregnant. There is no way one of my girls was going to realize that kind of story was untrue when they missed a period! When I knew Bill was molesting them I put them all on the pill, and I wasn’t happy about it but I didn’t really have a choice.”

Tony nodded in agreement as there really wasn’t anything else she could have done. Cyn took a sip of wine and continued. “Anyway, Kat is at that age where in some respects she’s still a child, but in others she’s a confident young woman with a mind of her own as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I guess I’m lucky that we’ve always been really close, and in some respects she’s more like a sister than my daughter. She told me last night how she teased you yesterday, and she wanted to come to you and hoped you’d want to make love to her but she was asking if I was ok with it first. My first reaction was an absolute NO! But when I thought about it I realized this may be a chance to repair some of the damage Bill had done so I started to come around. If one of my girls is going to have sex then I would prefer their partner is mature, caring, and hopefully knows what he’s doing. The one thing that really worries me is that they may grow up hating men because of what he did, and I felt if this was her chance to realize that some men are decent and caring, I shouldn’t stand in her way. So I told her to start with a sincere apology, give you every opportunity to say no and accept your decision whatever it was, and she could come back to my room and cry on my shoulder if you sent her away.”

She was looking for his reaction, an uncertain expression on her face as she wondered how he felt about her frank and open admission. “You don’t give yourself enough credit.” He responded. “The fact that you are so close has nothing to do with luck; I believe they call that consistent, quality parenting. So, while we’re getting things sorted out, the next question is where does THIS go from here?”

She was obviously feeling relieved after sharing the burden she carried alone for the past several months, and gave him a sexy smile as she reached down to wrap her hand around his shaft, stroking slowly. “I probably shouldn’t speak for Kat, but she was walking on air all day and told me you were such a sensitive, caring lover. It was actually her suggestion that I…..I come to you tonight, and I was as nervous as she was last night, so I think you can rest easy about any jealousy between us. The little minx even suggested I shave my pussy without telling me why, but now that I’ve been on the receiving end of that talented tongue I know the reason!”

Now it Tony’s turn to blush, again. Thankfully she went on before he had to reply to that comment. “As far as I’m concerned, I’d be happy to share your bed whenever you want me to. As for Kat, I think she’d feel the same way.” She gave him an impish smile. “So stud, why don’t you tell me what you want? Should the three of us sit down and work this out? Do you want me to have a woman to woman discussion with Kat? Or would you just like us to…..surprise you?”

He was a taken aback by the decadent alternatives she’d offered, and distracted by the feel of her warm hand slowly stroking his cock. “Ummm….so many choices, can I get back to you tomorrow?”

“Take as much time as you like.” She assured him, before she moved down the bed and took him back in her mouth. Her oral finesse was simply amazing, as she used her lips and tongue in way any man would find impossible to resist. She had his cock hard, oozing pre cum and ready to go in couple of minutes, and when he was ready she got on her hands and knees beside him. “I need you to fuck me please. You’ve got my pussy all hot and wet with your wicked tongue, so now you need to put the fire out with some creamy juice!”

He moved behind her, inhaling her musky scent as he admired her slim body. She looked over her shoulder with a wicked smile on her face. “Give me some cock lover, don’t tease me.”

He slid in firmly, his cock thrusting easily into her warm, wet passage in one fluid movement. “Oh yes.” She hissed. “That’s what I need! Have you got another good load babe? Are you going to paint my pussy white until your juice is dripping down my thighs?”

“I’m going to cum so hard you’ll still be oozing jizz tomorrow!” He groaned softly. Her pussy felt as though it was trying to milk him as her muscles expanded and contracted around his shaft. After cumming recently he enjoyed the hedonistic luxury of fucking her with long, easy thrusts, building slowly to a crescendo that would hopefully leave them both thoroughly sated.

She started writhing beneath him and dropped her head onto the pillows which gave him an angle that provided even more pleasure. “Oh Tony.” She gasped. “Oh, I’m cumming! Cum with me babe. Fuck me hard and fill my hot cunt!!!” He felt her cum spray over his cock head as she bathed him in juice as he rushed to join her.

“Get ready Cyn.” He shouted. “You’re going to be drowning in cum any second!”

“Do it. Pump me hard!” She pleaded as his cum fired hard and deep like an uncapped fire hydrant, and she screamed as she came with him, their juices combining in a boiling cocktail of primal lust. “Oh God. Oh sweet Jesus!” She moaned. “You’re filling me up. Your cum is soaking into every part of me!!!”

His flow finally trickled to a stop and she gave one last tremor as her legs gave out and she collapsed on the bed, taking him down with her. He carefully rolled onto his side, his slowly softening cock still embedded deep in her juicy pussy. What an amazing woman!

He kissed the back of her neck and she trembled again, her nerve endings still acutely sensitive as they slowly recovered. “Thank you.” He whispered in her ear.

“For what babe, you did all the work.” She whispered in a dreamlike state.

“For reminding me how fantastic, unbelievable, and earth-shattering love-making can be with the right person.”

She purred against him. “Remember the movie Ghost, with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore?”

“I sure do.” He replied.

“Ditto.” She said simply, and they drifted off to sleep.



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