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Sorry it took me so long to get back to this story. Hope you enjoy.
The first few weeks of eight grade were great. Being an upper classmen and it being my last year before high school you can sometimes feel like the king of the school.

Something had changed with Misty over the last part of the summer and she seemed more sexy and aggressive once school started. Within the first week of school she informed me we were a couple as she licked my neck and stuck her tongue in my ear. I told her she could have me. She had long brown hair with some natural red highlights and the third biggest set of tits in our class I don’t know the sizes but they were nice for an eighth grader.

I was so hot for Misty and that felt great. I wasn’t ready to commit to a ‘team’ as it were. I found Misty hot, but also couldn’t stop myself from checking out some of the naked guys in the locker room either. For the most part I was okay with being in the middle, like I had told Jeff and Bob down by the creek over the summer, “How can you know who you are if you don’t explore?” I also felt like I was doomed sometimes though, living in the middle of Missouri you could get really fucked up for looking to long and close at a naked dude.

At least some luck was on my side and I didn’t end up with Mike or Bob in my gym class, so I found I could control myself standing naked in a group of boys in the communal showers, checking to see who’s cock had gotten bigger over the summer. That’s not to say that if I started thinking about the summer and trying to figure out who in my class had fucked around with each other or sucked each other off I wouldn’t end up in trouble. I just blocked it from my mind and it seemed to work, most of the time anyway.

I saw Bob now and then. We didn’t have any classes together because he was in seventh grade. But we would sometimes talk in the hallway and have lunch together sometimes. We didn’t have much in common, except for cock sucking, I guess, but we slowly became friends.

I had Mike in two classes and we sat together most of the time. We never talked about “The Summer” but he would always joke with me about how far I was making it with Misty. He would always smile and say “Your girlfriend has some nice tits. How do they feel in your mouth?” It didn’t help that Misty joined the Cheer squad, so most days she was at school in her cheer uniform; tight top and short skirt. Don’t get me wrong it was hot, but it just egged Mike on even more.

One day in math class Mike whispered to me with a smile, “So Matt, Misty give any good blowjobs lately?” Then he laughed. He was just fucking with me. He knew Misty and I had only done some heavy making out. It made me think he was giving me a signal. We had talked a few times about having a sleepover at Mike’s house, I guess knowing full well what that meant, but I was busy with school, chores and Misty. That is until my Dad sat me down and told me I wasn’t going to waste my school year just chasing girls. I had to stifle a laugh when he said that. But in no uncertain terms he told me I was going to join the wrestling team.

Panic hit me when he said that. I’m a pretty athletic guy, and have stayed in shape doing chores around the family farm, so that part didn’t bother me. But having to rub around on hot sweaty guys in tight singlet’s turned me on and scared the shit out of me at the same time. I played it off to my dad like it was no big deal. His word was always final and arguing with him would only arise suspicion.

The next week when I walked into the gym after school for the first wrestling practice I was horrified and delighted to see Mike and Bob both sitting on the bleachers surrounded buy about 20 other guys. Mike smiled real big as I sat next to him. “Matt, I didn’t know you were a wrestler?” “I’m not.” I said, “My dad made me do it.”

Coach Franklin, a college wrestling champion was about 5’ 6” and kind of a muscle meathead, which I found out was the perfect size for wrestling. He stood up in front of the group of teen boys and started in on his pep talk. It was his first year as a coach so I guess he was about twenty four or so. He had a buzz cut and whore short gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that had the word ‘PAIN’ printed on it. He was funny, making sex jokes to get us laughing then he talked about how the best wrestler was the one that was in the best shape, not in the strength sense but in the stamina and cardio sense. He said 70% of wrestling practice was going to be running, sit ups and pushups.

Mike leaned over and whispered to me, “That’s the fucking truth.” Coach looked at Mike and said, “What’s that Bird?” Everybody looked at Mike as he spoke up, “Coach I was just telling Martin here that, that was the darn truth about running so much.” It dawned on me that in sports everybody used last names. Coach laughed and said, “That’s not what I heard but I’ll let it pass because it brings up a good point that shit talk will get you kicked out of a match, so watch the language boys.”

Coach pulled a big box off the bleachers and opened it and laughed, “And now,” He said, “The moment you’ve all been waiting for.” He pulled out a red singlet from the box and then said, “Every Cheerleaders dream and every Wrestlers nightmare.” Then he laughed.

I started panicking as we all made our way into the locker room to change into our singlets. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to being naked with Mike and Bob, or rather Bird and Miller. I just couldn’t push it out of my head that they both had cum in my mouth at one point.

Mike and Bob grabbed lockers by mine and we all started undressing. I introduced Bob and Mike and it felt strange cause I had separate secretes with them both. Mikes cock looked so good when he pulled his underwear off. He caught me starring and smiled at me. Then Bob pulled off his underwear and his huge cock flopped out, Mikes jaw almost hit the floor. Bob’s dick looked like it was half hard like the day down at the creek, and that was not helping keep my cock flaccid. The fact that Mike and Bob were both staring at my cock as I pulled my underwear off didn’t help either.

I just tried to block it out of my mind and hurried up to put my jock strap on. Mike laughed, “What are you doing Matt?” I looked at him, “What?” Mike pointed around to all the other guys going commando in their singlets, “The professionals don’t wear anything under the singlet.” Mike said, “You just let it hang out and hope you don’t pop a bonner when a cheerleader looks at you the right way.” Most of the guys laughed and watched me as I pulled my jock off and slipped into my skin tight singlet commando. Looking around at all these boys in tight singlets with their bulges sticking out and the way the fabric covered their ass; I just knew there was a disaster waiting for me down the line.

The first thing coach had us do was run around the gym for fifteen minutes non-stop. I could tell how out of shape I was, it wasn’t killing me but it showed. In the middle of running the cheer squad came in to practice, someone said they did that when it was raining outside. Most of the guys whistled at the girls as they checked us out in our tight singlets. Misty gave me a sexy look and blew me a kiss. Mike laughed and said, “Hey Matt your girlfriend is giving me a hard-on.” I pushed him and the group of guys around us all laughed.

After the running we did push-ups and sit-ups. Then coach showed us all the basic setups and moves. We split up into pairs and when coach blew the whistle we would wrestle for five minutes then rotate to a new person and do it over again. It was bitter sweet that I ended up with Bob for my first wrestling match. It was cool because he was such a small guy I could throw him around, but the bulge in his singlet was anything but small and it looked so hot.

Once coach blew the whistle we circled around checking out each other’s packages and smiled at each other. I went in and grabbed his legs and took him down. Bob got out from under me jumped on my back forcing me face down on the mat. He put his left arm through my legs and reached up and grabbed my flaccid cock and balls. “You Fucker!” I didn’t mean it to come out as loud as it did. Coach was on the other side of the gym and yelled, “I heard that. Cut that shit out boys.” Bob laughed and rubbed my harding cock. It felt so good but I knew I couldn’t just lay there and let this happen. So I flipped over on top of him, with my now half hard package exposed to anybody who was looking. Luckily, everybody was busy and the cheerleaders had finished a bit ago and were gone.

I rolled over onto Bob and did the same thing to him and grabbed his cock and balls. He was already half hard and as I rubbed him he grew to his full seven inches in my hand. It made me realize I really missed his huge cock, and just feeling it grow in my hand got me to full hardness. Bob moaned quietly as I stroked his cock, and then coach blew the whistle and yelled, “Rotate,”

I knew this was the end, I hesently stood up next to Bob with our bonners pressed up against our stomach’s. I just knew we were going to be called out as Fags. But once everybody stood up it looked like most of the guys were sporting boners too. They were all red in the face and trying to cover their hard-ons also.

One of the 8th graders looked at Bob’s seven inch bulge and said, “Jesus!” Coach laughed and yelled, “Looks like the cheerleaders got to you. It might sound gay but use’em boys, if you rub your junk on an opponent or grab their junk it will throw them off enough for you to get the upper hand in the match. Just don’t let the Ref see you do it.”

We all relaxed a little and rotated to our next opponent. I turned around and was now facing Mike. He looked at my hard on and laughed “You happy to see me Matt?” I gave him a half smile and said, “Fuck you.” Mike smiled and said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Coach blew the whistle and Mike came after me. I immediately noticed the difference between Bob and Mike. Mike was a few inches taller than me and out weighted me by about 30 pounds. I was no match for him; no matter how hard I fought Mike was just so much stronger than me. For some reason I got angry at Mikes strength and I started fighting as dirty as I could. I grabbed his cock and balls like I had with Bob, and like Bob, Mike got hard in my hand. I stroked his thick cock trying to lull him into letting his guard down so I could flip him on his back and pin him.

I guess Mike saw this coming because when I went to flip him he put me in a half nelson and slammed me face down on the mat. He had his left arm around my arm and neck with his chest pressed up against my back and his thick hard-on grinding into my ass. Without thinking I spread my legs apart to give his better access to my ass. As I tried to push my body up to get Mike off of me it gave him the right opportunity and he moved his right hand around my body and grabbed the bulge of my cock through my singlet.

Mike was so strong there was nothing I could do, I couldn’t move and my anger slowly faded away as Mike rubbed his cock in my ass and stroked my cock. I was so worried that somebody could see us that I at least tried to make it look like I was fighting back. Mike was breathing in my ear and whispered, “You like that?” I softly moaned and grunted. This felt so good.

With all the craziness of the first few weeks of school masturbation had taken a back seat to how busy I was. But all the pent-up horrinyness and stress from the last few weeks was flooding me now and all I could do was feel relief that somebody was touching me in this way again. I pushed my ass up into Mike’s cock and drowned in the feeling his hand and the fabric of my singlet was making on my cock. I moaned quietly, as Mike breathed heavily into my ear.

I turned my head towards the bleachers and to my horror Misty was sitting at the top of the bleachers in her cheer leading outfit watching me and Mike. Fear and Panic hit me like a dump truck. I bucked harder to get Mike off of me and whispered for him to stop as I strained under his weight. I looked up at Misty and it slowly dawned on me that she didn’t look disgusted or angry like I would have thought, she just smiled at me and then her eyes rolled back in her head. I looked down her body and realized she had her hand discreetly going up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy. When she saw me fallow her hand she opened her legs a little and reviled her fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

This was too much, watching Misty rub her pussy while Mike essentially fucked me in the ass. I got lost in watching her fingers going in and out of her pussy long enough that when I came back to reality it was too late. I told Mike to stop, “You’re going to make me cum,” I whispered. But there was no stopping him; he just went faster, and with a loud grunt and a moan I came so long and hard staring into Misty’s eyes. The cum shot out in-between my stomach and my singlet, it felt like a huge load. I was lost in ecstasy and completely embarrassed at the same time. I realized I had moaned loud enough for everybody in the gym to hear, so I yelled in pain to try and cover it up.

Coach blew the whistle and ran over to Mike and I. I think I was still cumming when coach got over to us. Mike got off me and stayed on all fours, I guess to cover his hard on. I sat back in Indian style and bent over to cover the huge wet spot of cum that was all over my stomach. Coach looked down at me and asked, “What’s wrong Martin?” I did the only thing I could think of and grabbed my wrist and said, “Something pulled in my wrest, Coach.” He squatted down in front of me and said, “Let me see.” I sat back a little and gave him my wrist without looking at him. He looked it over then looked at my red down-turned face then over at Mike. He told me to sit up straight and hold my arm out straight. I reluctantly did and Coach saw the huge wet spot on my stomach. He looked around at the other wrestlers and yelled, “Boys run some laps while I take care of Martin.”

The guys took off running and Mike started to get up to run also, revealing his thick hard-on to coach. Coach looked at him and said, “Bird you stay here.” I knew we were in for it. I couldn’t imagine a coach being cool with what seemed obvious, but he just ignored it and put a little pressure on my wrest and asked if it hurt, I lied and said it did. He looked at the wet spot again and said, “Well Martin it looks like it’s just a sprain, so you’ll live.” He looked at Mike, “Bird, help him get showered and dressed then take him to the trainer, to get his wrist wrapped.” I felt relief that coach was just going to let it pass. I looked up at him and said, “Thanks Coach.” He smiled and said, “Better hurry out of here while the boys are on the other side of the gym”. Coach helped me up as Mike stood up behind me. As we walked out of the gym I looked up at the bleachers and Misty was gone.

I wanted to be angry about what Mike had just done, and the fact that we had got caught by Misty and Coach. But Misty seemed to get off on it and Coach didn’t seem to care either.

I followed Mike into the locker room. We sat down on the bench in front of our lockers. Mike held his head down, and said in a soft voice, “I’m sorry Matt. I don’t know what came over me; I’ve just been so horny lately especially since this summer”. “Don’t worry about it”, I said, “I’ve felt the same way”. Mike lightened up and looked at the big wet spot on my singlet for the first time. Mike laughed and said, “I guess you have. You might even be hornier then me, look at how much you came”! Mike moved his hand over and rubbed the wet spot. “I don’t think I’ve ever came that much.” Mike said as he moved his hand down to my flaccid cock and balls and rubbed them together. I looked at Mike’s still hard cock and moved my left hand over and rubbed his thick six-incher through his singlet. Mike moaned, “I’m about to explode, that was so hot out there.” My cock got hard as Mike rubbed it.

I took my hand away from Mike’s cock and pulled the straps of my singlet off my shoulders and pushed the top part of it down exposing my cum covered stomach. “Jesus.” Mike said, and moved his hand up rubbed it into the pool of cum. “That’s a lot of jizz.” Mike said, we both laughed a little. Once Mike’s hand was covered in my cum he moved it down into my singlet towards my cock. I let out a preemptive moan just before he touched my cock head. I looked down at Mike’s hand going into my singlet and half-heartedly said, “Mike we shouldn’t do this here.” Mike said, “You’re right we probably shouldn’t.” Then without skipping a beat he slid his wet hand around my hard cock and worked my slick seed into my shaft. I moaned and Mike told me to lay back.

I moved my left leg over the bench to straddle it then laid back. Mike grabbed my singlet on both sides of my hips and pulled it down to my legs exposing my cock and balls to the locker room. Mike moved his right leg over the bench so he was straddling it in between my legs. He moved his hand over my stomach again and collected the rest of my cum. He used it again as lube on my cock. He took his time and went slow in a deliberate and methodical way. It was driving me crazy. Even though I had just shot a huge load, I was on fire and felt like I could shoot again any second. I moaned loudly and said, “Oh fuck Mike, Go faster!” Instead he stopped and moved his hand to my balls and rubbed my cum into my sack. While he was massaging my balls he grabbed my cock with his left hand and stroked it a few times before he leaned forward and took my cum covered cock into his warm mouth.

The second I felt his warm mouth on my cock I grabbed his head and forced it all the way down my shaft. I didn’t have a big cock but with the force I used to push Mike’s head down it made him chock a little. I moaned with a death grip on the back on Mike’s head. I bucked my hips off of the bench and essentially fucked his mouth. Mike grunted and struggled to slow down my assault on his mouth, but I didn’t let up, if anything I fucked his mouth harder. My breathing got out of control just as I did, and I said, “You like that?” Mimicking what Mike had said to me in the gym. Mike grunted and tried to pull his mouth off of my cock, but I didn’t let him. It felt good to be in control.

I’m not sure how long this lasted before that wonderful feeling rushed over me. I knew I was going to cum hard and I decided not to warn Mike, It would be payback for what he had just done to me in the gym in front of Misty and the whole world.

I pushed Mikes head down my cock as I grunted and came almost as hard as I just had not 15 minutes before. Mike grunted and chocked when my seed hit the back of his throat. I moaned louder and moved my hips in an erratic way. Mike put his hands on my hips and pushed me back down on to the bench, then effortlessly over powered my hands on the back of his head and pulled his mouth up off my cock, just as I had finished cumming. It made me realize that I was never in control; he could have done that anytime he wanted to, but he didn’t.

I laid there breathing heavy letting the endorphins flow through my body. Mike leaned back on the bench breathing heavy. “You made me swallow your cum!” Mike said angrily. I knew he could have stopped me at any time so I just went along with the ruse, and said, “You deserved it after what you did to me in the gym.” I sat up and looked at the fat outline of Mike’s cock in his singlet. He smiled at me.

But instead of going for his cock I took my wrestling shoes off and jumped up. I made it a point to mockingly put my naked ass in Mike’s face as I pushed my singlet off the rest of the way, then walked to the big communal shower block. I looked back at Mike and said, “And you can take care of that hard-on yourself, then maybe we’ll be even.” Mike took off his wrestling shoes and said, “Oh, I’ll take care of it alright.”

I walked into the shower block and turned on a shower head. As I washed all the cum off of my body it dawned on me this was the same shower head Mike was standing under last year when he offered me a blow job and I called him a fag, funny how things change.

Mike walked into the shower block led by his throbbing hard-on. He walked up behind me and rubbed his hands down my wet hips and over my ass. I looked back at him and said, “I said you have to take care of that yourself.” Mike moved forward a little and his cock rubbed up against my ass. Mike put his mouth to my ear and said, “Oh I am taking care of it myself.” He licked my ear then moved his tongue down my neck. A moan betrayed me and Mike laughed.

Mike’s hands moved down my legs as he got on his knees. He moved his hands back up my legs to my ass and spread my cheeks. Then I felt his tongue move all the way up my ass, then slowly worked its way back down to my hole. I had never imagined it would ever go this far. He had done this to me in the loft of his barn and it felt great, but I had a pretty good idea where this was going and I didn’t know if I wanted this to happen.

I lost my train of thought when Mike plunged his wet tongue in to my hole. I moaned and put my hands on the wall of the shower block and looked down at my growing cock. Mike worked his tongue in and out of my ass. I spread my legs apart to give him better access. I guess my body had just taken over while part of my mind still said “No”. While breathing heavy and in between moans I turned my head over my shoulder and said, “Mike I don’t think I can do this.” Mike took his mouth off of my ass and said, “Shut Up.” Then he plunged his tongue back into my asshole. He moved his hand in-between my spread legs and fondled my ball sack then rubbed his hand up my hard cock. I moaned with an echo in the shower block.

Mike stood up behind me and squirted a few loads of soap into his hand from the soap dispenser mounted on the shower wall. As he moved his soap covered hand to my ass he put his mouth to my ear and said, “Your body and your cock seem to want this.” With that he rubbed the soap into my ass and then slowly pushed his finger into my hole. I moaned loudly when his finger made it all the way in and hit my prostate. “Oh fuck Mike!” I said.

Mike worked his finger in and out of my ass a few times before his added another finger. This drew another moan out of me. The third finger hurt but it started feeling better as my muscles relaxed. Then he took his hand away completely. He got more soap from the dispenser and lathered his cock up. I looked over my shoulder and half-heartedly said, “Mike please don’t, I’m not ready for this.”

Mike shook his head then smacked my ass and said, “This is what happens when you try to give me blue balls Matt.” Then I felt his big cock head go into my ass. Once his head popped in I could immediately feel the difference, three fingers was nothing. I groaned and he started moving his shaft in farther. I put my hand behind me and said, “Wait.” Mike stopped and I tried to relax. After a moment Mike said, “Here it comes.” He moved his fat six-incher the rest of the way in. When the crown of his cock head rubbed up against my prostate I moaned loud. I hurt like nothing else, yet it felt good in a way also, and my cock seemed to be getting harder and harder as he filled my ass with his cock.

Mike ever so slowly moved his cock in and out of my ass for a few minutes then said, “I can’t take it anymore Matt,” And started to quicken his pace. With Mikes moaning and breathing heavy and my own grunting and moaning echoing through the locker room. It wouldn’t have taken anybody long in any close proximity to the locker room to figure out what was going on. As Mike fucked me harder the pain never left but I just concentrated on what his cock head was doing to my prostate.

In mid fuck Mike got some more soap from the dispenser and reached around and grabbed my hard cock and slid his hand up and down my shaft. He put his left arm around my chest and pulled me up against his body. He breathed heavy in my ear and said, “Oh fuck Matt, you have no Idea how good this feels.” I grunted as I laid my head back on his shoulder and said, “Yes I do.” He bit my neck and said, “I’m gonna cum in your ass, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I tried to push him off like I didn’t want him to, and it just made him pull his hand off of my cock and grab my hips and fuck me harder. He said it again, “Nothing you can do about it,” as his heavy ball sack slapped against my taint the harder he fucked me, it drove me crazy to the point I just had to push my ass back into Mike’s thrusts.

Then the feeling hit me again and almost without warning I grunted and moaned then came all over the shower block wall. It was the first time I ever came without anybody touching my cock. My ass clinched around Mike’s dick with every jet that hit the wall. “Are you cumming you little fag?” Mike said as he moaned. “Oh God.” Was all I could say.

Then Mike’s moaning got louder and his fucking more erratic, he breathed heavy and grunted as I felt his cock explode in my ass. “Oh, Fuck,” Mike moaned. It felt so hot I thought I might cum again. Mike pulled me against him again and bit my neck as he finished cumming. With both of us breathing heavy he held my like that as his cock softened and slipped out of my ass.

Then a voice came from behind us, “What the fuck’s going on in here?” Mike and I both turned around and Bob was standing there, “Coach told me to check on you guys and this is what I find?” Bob said in mock disgust. Immediately Mike got angry and said, “If you tell anybody about this you little fuckin’ Sevey, you’re dead.” I laughed and Mike gave me a confused look. When he looked back at Bob, Mike finally noticed Bob stroking his seven inch cock sticking out from under the leg of his singlet. I said, “I don’t think he’s gonna tell.” Then it dawned on Mike and he smiled.

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