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More from an amateur; let me know what you think :)
...Jenny screamed in delight as she started finishing inside of me. Her hot cum shooting into my asshole in thick ropes over and over again. She kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue into her mouth. "Good boy" she whispered between kisses.
I was panting as I felt her cum drip slowly out of my asshole and down my ass.

Jenny dragged her body down mine and lined her face up with my cock. With a glance I saw her suddenly continue down my pelvis as I felt her tongue drag up the crack of my ass, effectively scooping up the remnants of her own juice. I could only look on as she slowly crawled back up my body, looked into my eyes and kissed me deeply once again. Letting her cum slip from her mouth into mine.

Without hesitation I accepted her cum and with a smile swallowed every last drop of her sweetness. "VERY good boy, James! Good boy being my little cum slut. You deserve something special indeed..."

My eyes rolled back into my head as Jenny quickly swallowed my whole dick and proceeded to give me BY FAR the best head I've ever gotten. Out of exhaustion and pure excstasy I closed my eyes as the prettiest girl I know bobbed her head on my cock and made me feel better than i've ever felt.

At some point I must have dozed off because I awoke in a pool of Jenny and I's combined juices and my hands free from their restraints.

I rolled over and saw a note on her bedside table, it read:

"James, had to step out. Please show yourself out. See you at school. xoxoxoxoxo"

On Monday morning I got a text message from Jenny. "Hey James, come to my house immediately after school. My parents are gone for the evening and we really need to cram for the big exam cumming up ;)"

The day could not go any slower! At one point while I was watching the clock in physics I honestly think that the second hand stopped for a good four seconds before ticking on...

After school I ran out to my car (my parents car actually, but they let me take it to school every so often...) The drive out to Jenny's house was literally a blur! I was pushing the little Corolla to it's limits!

When I pulled into the driveway and ran up to the door there was a sticky note on the door. It read: "come on in James! I'm waiting upstairs. Clothes off."

I hopped through the front door and ripped my clothes off right there. Butt naked I ran up the stairs and exploded through her bedroom door! Jenny was wearing black leggings and a black lace bra. Here soft looking 7 inch cock stood at attention before me. "Put this on, James" Jenny said throwing me a cheerleader outfit. I didn't argue as I slid the skirt and top up my legs.

"Now on the bed baby. Assume the position"

I took a look at the bed and when I saw the two handcuffs attached to either bedpost I knew what position she wanted. I layed face down on the bed with my arms outstretched in front of my and my tight ass in the air. Jenny sauntered over and cuffed my hands.
"mmmm, good boy. One more thing before we begin sweetie...".
She walked over to her closet and brought out a tripod with a camera on the top. "I want everyone to see how my little boy loves cock".
"Jenny...I don't..." I was scared of the prospect of people ever seeing this but I was also feeling myself getting harder by the second...
"Listen James, it's easy. If you do what I say; and I know you will, then this video will never have to be uploaded to the school's Facebook page, alright?"
"Yes Jenny, yes ma'am".

She positioned the camera so it was facing our sides. For a good angle of both our bodies.

With my restrained on the bed with my arms outstretched Jenny hit the record button, but instead of going towards my ass (as I expected her to) she crawled onto the bed infront of my face. "Open wide, my little girl" Jenny teased as she slid her stiff, smooth cock between my lips and into my mouth.
"You won't like this" she warned as she continued to slide all 8 inches of her cock down my throat.

I started gagging on her girl-dick as tears streamed out the corners of my eyes.
Jenny pulled her cock out of my mouth just long enough for me to catch my breath and before I could object she forced herself back in.

After 6 agonizing minutes my throat finally started to accept Jenny's cock and she grabbed the back of my head and really started feeding it to me...

"Fuck James! Take mommy's big cock! You little slut!"
I could only moan in delight as she fucked my throat.

Jenny pulled herself out of my neck once again, but this time to bring the camera closer on my face as she repositioned herself behind my asshole.

"Now big me for it..."
"Jenny please..."
"MOMMY!" Jenny interuppted giving my skirt covered ass a swat.
"Mommy, please fuck my little ass" I pleaded (half sincere half not, because I knew it'd be painful)...

With the camera still focused on my face Jenny folded up the skirt of my little cheerleader outfit and rammed her cock into me. Making me present my most pain filled "O" face!
I was gasping for air loudly as Jenny started pounding the shit out of me!

Whilst still fucking me roughly Jenny moved up my back, turned my head with her hand and jammed her tongue into my mouth as her jizz splashed into my anus.

Jenny moaned loudly into my mouth as hot cum continued to pour into me. Swirling her tongue around my mouth she pulled out of me with a loud pop. She bounced up and over to the camera; lifting it off the tripod she knelt infront of my face and asked me "how was that my little girl?"
I was still breathing heavily and sweat was beading off my forehead. "It was the best Mommy, you have the best cock i've ever had".

"mmm, good answer lets see what I can get you to do to not upload this video to the internet shall we?"


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