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John has a visitor (actually two)
The Seeding 3

Two days later, John was out in his field checking to make sure that no stray leech ferns had gotten through. About half way across his property he got a home proximity alert outside the west gate. Clicking on his comp he saw it was Millie, asking permission to come over. It seemed she had recieved permission to come over and help, (though he didn't know how, he was somewhat glad Millie was the only type of company he really liked anyway.)

He told her he was out in the east fields and would be there in about 20 minutes. Upon arriving he was impressed with her dress and the type of boots and gloves she wore.
"Is that invitation to come over still being offered?" she smiled shyly hardly looking at John, more looking at the super hard bulge that was now tenting his jeans. Leaning close in her sexiest voice, "that offer to 'help' you with this monster still stands," reaching down she gently and slowly felt the whole length of his cock outlined, straining to burst free from the confines it was in.

"Yes, the invitation is still open, I have been wanting to talk to you." John knew that right now and here was not the place.
"Do you really want to learn how I farm?" John asked a little suspicious, "or are you here for 'other' reasons?"
"Ah, you caught me, actually I am here for both. It would be better if we did the work first though. Daddy has a mean scanner and out on these fields, he could detect a worm within a half a centimeter. Besides not the place for the ...uh hum... other things" she giggled as she again rubbed his crotch, bringing him to the brink momentarily, then she backed off when she felt him get even harder throbbing in her hand.

"I have to warn you Millie," John stopped her before they began the work that needed done, "I have a slight conition," John hoped she didn't run screaming home to her father, then the federals. "I have to uh....... rub...uh... stroke?" sighing he couldn't quite get it out.
"You mean masturbate?" Millie thought it was very sweet of him to warn her. Truth be told, she had seen him doing it the other day. She had been watching the fields and slipped across his place. Upon seeing him standing there when he blew his load, she had grown very very wet, right then and there she knew she had to fuck him. If not she'd go crazy thinking of his hard cock spewing and wasting all that delicious cum all over the ground.

"It's alright I do that alot myself, Pa is the only male in our household of 12 women. So you are..." damnit she almost gave it away.
"I am what?" John looked at her strangely, Helen and Mitch both informed him that she had seen him with the scanner, just before he had left for town.
<Why didn't you tell me I could have been better prepared.>
Sighing she knew that she had been caught, "I saw you on the scanner the other day," she said ashamed looking at the ground, "I was scanning our east fields and flashed across your place. When I saw you...... you know"
"Jacking off a kilometer a minute?" John smiled, knowing now, that she was a lot more receptive to the idea of the aliens and saving their race, than she was when he met her earlier that day.

"I have to confess," Millie shyly started, "When I saw you leave for town I begged Papa to let me go, his eyes were huge I never ask to go. You know why the same reason you don't go often."
<she is almost ready for you to bring us up, I am reading all her brain functions almost in sync with yours,> Helen said John was almost overcome tuning his back to Millie, he had to practically rip his jeans open to get his cock out. Stroking as hard as he could, Millie wasn't about to miss out this time, throwing herself at his cock she sunk his whole length down her throat as John groaned even louder. The heat, friction and tightness of her mouth was too much. John couldn't hold it, unloading deep in her throat, she could feel the semen splashing in her stomach.

Licking her lips to get the little bit that dribbled out, Millie looked at John, "Anytime you need to big boy, let me know, that was the most delicious meal I have ever had!"
Oh my GOD! the woman had just sucked his cock in, it had been close to what he had felt when Helen had taken a load from him.
<I told you that you two would be perfect together> Mitch said, <bring her to the house and let her meet me, then we can go from there>
<I don't know, she is primed yes, but...>
<John it's how I found you, believe me the data never fails to prove out> Mitch was constantly scanning Millie and her data was almost the same as when he had approached John.

"I need to go to the house, before your Papa comes this way or looks this way and sees us here. Afterall we are right on the edge of your land and mine," John said not really afraid, he knew that Mitch would be jamming any scanner looks at his property. Suddenly it hit him.
<God damnit! you and Helen set me up! you knew all along that she had the hots for me didn't you?>
<she has a rise in temperature because of you, you feel that we prearranged for you two, a convergence, designed to have you inseminate her multiple times?> Helen asked in a serious voice.
<We apologise John if this is what you mean, then yes, we did prearrange part of it>

John could only laugh, the more he thought about it the harder he began to laugh. Millie started to stare at him, he looked at her and as suddenly was quiet.
"I'm sorry Millie, it isn't you," John was trying to think of a good excuse, "I just remembered that I had already done this side of my fields, so we would be wasting part of the day redoing it."
Millie started to smile, then to laugh herself, "you are soooo right, I can think of alot of better things 'we' could do than re-examining these fields again."
John breathed a sigh of relief. For now he wouldn't have to try and explain things.

Heading for the house John was thinking how to explain Mitch,
<I don't think that would be too much of a problem, I am about the age of a ten or eleven year old now. I am the distant, little known, brilliant, offspring of your dad's brother uh....... I believe that's called your first cousin in your language>
<Thank you Mitch, I believe that it should be sufficient to satify her.>
Nearing the main house Mitch had stepped out onto the porch. Pulling up he walked to John, "How are the fields conitions today, compared to the data we extrapolated yesterday, cousin," Mitch said while Millie stared at the apparent ten or eleven year old talking like a scientist.

John hid a chuckle, "Oh I'm sorry Millie, I'd like to introduce you to my cousin Mitch. He was found to have superior knowledge at a young age," John hoped he wasn't pouring it on too thick.
"Hello Millie, happy to meet you, say aren't you from the farm to the east of here?" Mitch asked seeing in her thoughts just what he needed to, putting her at ease.
"Yes, we own a little land not as much as your cousin but a good piece" she responded amazed that the boy knew of their place.
"Yes, from the reports that I have read, yours is the second richest land on the whole planet. Sadly, the land cousin has ranks low. I have trying out a new type of nutrient for the soil this season. We are calculating that the results should raise the ph and rebalance the soil, for better growth and higher yield"

Damn, Mitch had taken everything that had been in his head about the farm. Then he had told a story that John, had wished that he could actually do here.
<She is almost ready John talk to her more, each time you do her alpha and beta patterns start to match closer to yours. You only need a few more times, maybe an hour's worth of communication before she will be ready> Mitch told him .Damn, that was alot of talking.
<You know that I don't talk that much Mitch> John complained.
<John> Helen broke in as he felt his cock grow harder, <You have to, with her helping we could produce more receptacles. The essences that are still on the planet, 3 - 5 thousand years, their senses have deteriorated. It has taken me all of these past 2 weeks, just to get re-familiarize myself with all the senses. I still haven't procured the knowlege that I need, to facilitate their proper function yet.>

John's head ached again, but not as bad as it had when he first met Mitch. Millie watched the pained look cross his face as he ripped his pants off, to jack his cock at an alarming speed. Millie dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock as she slid it deep into her throat. John couldn't believe how soft and wet her mouth was. Groaning after just a minute, he once again blasted his semen deep down her throat, again she felt it splashing in her stomach . A small groan escaped her lips, she was loving this, god could this fucker come!

John was thanking god that he hadn't passed out this time. Looking down at Millie who had a dreany look on her face, John also knew at that momemt, that Mitch and Helen were right. It most certainly appreared that Millie was perfect for him. John wasn't sure if now was the time, ventured forth, "Millie?" John was afraid she would turn away, "How do you feel about helping others? I mean others that are truly in need?"
Millie stood and thought a moment, "Well if they are truly in need, let's say their kind is dying off, or my help could help end their suffering, then yes I wouln't mind helping."
John smiled, he felt she was ready.

"What would you say if I told you I am pregnant?" John thought she would laugh in his face, but she was looking at his stomach (and his cock as he was still half naked).
"Under normal circumstances, I would say you were a liar. You, my dear John, are not a normal man." She was staring at his hardening (if that was possible) cock,
"You're serious aren't you?" she felt his abdomen, Helen giggled and gave a small kick. "Oh my god! you really are pregnant! who is the momma?" she asked incredulously.
"You might say' the momma is her," he said pointing to his abdomen, "She is one of the last of her race, that they are trying to save." Millie listened as John told her almost everything. Millie took it all in, looking calm and interested. When John finished he waited for Millie's reaction afraid that she would run away screaming.

"Also," Mitch said stepping forward, "I am her, as you might say, her mate, well one of the triad, of our union."
"You see they had 3... I guess you would say sexs on their planet, Mitch is one, helen is another."
"So you mean, that you allowed them to get you pregnant?" Millie cried incredulously, "You are a lot braver than I thought."
John blushed, he wasn't used to any type of praise and coming from her it ment more than from anyone else."So why are you telling me this?" she looked at Mitch and John.
"We ..." Mitch started
<Allow me to illuminate her to our plight> Helen spoke up for the first time.

Millie looked around, "who was that?"
John pointed to his abdomen, "that was Helen, as she allows me to call her."
"Wait, you can talk to her? I think that would be such a time saver!" Millie axclaimed.
<It also aids if the entity is mature, with a working knowledge of living beings biology,> Helen said causing John to groan and his cock to throb even harder. Looking over at Millie, he could see that Helen's thoughts was affecting her also.
"Millie are you ok?" John asked
"Oh my god, her thoughts in my head ugh!" Millie was rubbing her pussy through her pants at a furious pace. Suddenly she shrieked out her orgasm and sank to the floor panting.

"I.. am... so...fucking.... horny!" Millie panted, as she started to strip her clothes off. John could only stand there with his pants at his feet. Millie knocked him down, grabbing his super stiff cock and jamming it into her hole. Sitting full weight she squealed, then bit her lip, holding as still as she could to let the pain pass.
Leaning forward she whispered, "I was a virgin, I was saving it, for the one man, my soul mate, I would know, when I met him. I have met him" she began to pull up and drop down slowly, after a few minutes she started to thrust downward faster and harder. John couldn't believe what she had said. Her pussy was so tight, like a vice, oh god it felt so hot, so wet, the feeling was so extreme.
After only 5 minutes, Millie's orgasm was exploding through her. John couldn't believe that he had lasted this long. Then John felt the familiar churning in his balls, Millie felt his cock swell, sending her to another orgasm. Millie's pussy was clamping down hard when John sent blast after balst as deep into he womb as he could.

They both lay there exhausted, panting, basking in the after glow of the raw sex that they just had.
"I think I should move in with you" Millie suddenly stated, "I want this," reaching over and grabbing his still stiff cock, "at least 5 times a day maybe more," looking at John she gave him a sweet and seductive smile.
"Hell yeah!" shouted John, "I'm all for that! problem is your Papa and the fact that you too may also be pregnant."
Millie laughed "Papa sent me over here I didn't even have to ask." she leaned in close to whisper again, "He told me if I got pregnant, to name the boy after him you could name the first girl."
John was dumbfounded her Papa knew! "So all that stuff you said..."
"I just wanted to get you in bed, I told Papa how horny I got from watching you.
He was shocked, I had never shown interest in any males. I think he's glad it's you, you're alot like him in the way of working. You might say we have his blessing, I just didn't think it would happen this fast." pausing a moment she sighed.

"We still have to talk about Helen they..."
Mitch broke in here, "If I may John?" Looking at a naked Millie, "We have detected that your body chemistry is virtually the same as John's. We need to procure another body, with the mixture of dna for the last mate of Helen and I"
Millie looked at John and then at Mitch, "You want me to have a baby for you guys? That may not be possible, if, what we did today produces off spring, then it wouldn't be possible, my womb would be occupied."
"We wouldn't use your womb, the new container would grow outside, in its own sealed chamber."
"You make it sound more like a lab experiment, than trying to save your race." Millie was too thrilled about the idea true Helen and Mitch had been very respectful, appeared to be sincere, even took what she thought into account. She wasn't too sure that it wouldn't hurt her baby (if she was pregnant, she thought she was, John had flooded her hardly any had come out)

<I assure you we mean no harm, many of us were concidered this to be a waste of time. I was not in the afore mentioned group.> Sighing she continued, <Many were lost when our sun went dark, many had set out to save us through colonization. I believe that earth was a result of that. This world was the only one we found in 5000 years, that held a being with the dna we needed to save our race. If you can not, or will not be able to help us, we will erase all knowledge of us from your mind. Unfortunately that would also erase John from there too.>

This last bit of information REALLY made Millie upset without John she thought she would never be complete again.
"I'll help you on one conition," Millie said as she sat up, "That is you guarantee that no harm will come to the children John and I have."
<I assure you, as a physician I share your concerns for the new life, therefore I will guarantee that. After I have matured more, I will assisst you, to help improve your health and that of your offspring> Helen's thoughts felt like joy.
"I can not depart for home world, till after Helen's container is on it's own and maturing. I am stronger now and should be able to make the trip in only 2 of your day units. Last time it took me 14 of your day units there and back. Again in my haste I didn't allow my body to mature enough." Mitch said

<Mitch, go now I am monitoring everything, at the present time I do not foresee any problems. The nanomites are now in excess and have already started preparing, please obtain Barkraminaton so that we may be complete. Just you and I, our fundamental link is weaker , if this is to succeed then our other mate is needed.>
<I understand, I will prepare the abilities of John more, that he may protect you 3 better> Mitch replied
"This will enable you to block almost all of their machines, if they get closer, til I get back" Mitch waved his hand over John and he could see lines of energy,"If you see red lines coming at you, think turn the opposite way, Your abilities are about like mine were in the town a few days ago, it should suffice" with that Mitch was gone.
"I hope you like a lumpy bed," John said as he led Millie to the bed room.
"The bed is the least of your worries," laying down and reaching for John with a huge smile on her face.

Only the second time I have had this much sex in a story hope is ok for you

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2015-02-26 13:16:01
I'm loving this story. Love the sex scenes. Great characters. Thank you x


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To Pars001 - Learn the difference between "to" and "too".

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Papa sounds like he was trying to get read of one of his mouth to feed, that many women under one roof he want even miss her. The direction the story is going is great, soon they be able to watch alien sex, after the third baby is born.


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Just like PuppetMaster, I really like the story and wish it would be longer. The flow of your story is so good i can read it in less then five minutes. Keep up the amazing work and know it is very much appreciated.



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PuppetMaster you have to remember that they were throwing themselves at each other it was just plane sex that time that was the point, the reactions to Helen drove them to sexual frnzy

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