. . .

"By the power of her hairy cunt, she can save the world."

- Police Commissioner

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- Superheroine
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Tania Daniels is killed in a warehouse fire, but she returns from the ashes and seeks revenge on those who thought they could get away with her murder. Armed with super sex powers granted her by toxic and radioactive chemicals, she becomes the crime-fighting superheroine known as Supercunt. This tale is told in a slightly non-linear fashion.


Written by:

Norton X

Supercunt character created by:

Tania Daniels and Norton X

CHAPTER 1: Face Off

Two women stood on the top deck of the large container ship facing each other at a distance of twenty meters. The beautiful nude blonde wearing nothing but a pink metal visor, a gem-studded golden belt and pink knee-high boots was Supercunt, crime-fighting superheroine extraordinaire. The other woman was Maria Vaughn, a brunette dressed in black, form-fitting mercenary attire. Guns, knives, ammunition, and explosives were strapped all over her sexy figure and she held a large handgun - a Mach 10 - in her right hand aimed at Supercunt. Vaughn was a former SAS trooper-turned-soldier of fortune who had been hired as a bodyguard to protect the man now cowering behind her: Chuck Payne, the head of the sex crime ring called Phallusk. Baroq - the ship they were on - was navigating through the cold waters of the North Atlantic, and in this region there were no other vessels in sight. The Baroq had a crew of over a hundred men. They were all dead, except for Payne and Vaughn.

Payne shook with fear. "Oh no! She killed everyone. Everyone. She's gonna kill us too! Please, no. I don't wanna die!"

Still facing the naked superheroine and pointing the gun at her, Vaughn shrugged and tilted her head to the side. "If you ask me, getting fucked to death by a gorgeous woman isn't a bad way to go."

"Are you saying you're okay with all of this? Do you want her to kill me too?! What am I paying you for!"

"Mr Payne, you're not helping here. Please get to the bridge as fast as you can and lock yourself in. Grab a weapon as you go, just in case you need it. Leave me here to deal with the enemy. I'll be earning my wages. Now go!"

The frightened crime boss ran to the bridge, picking up an automatic rifle from one of the dead bodies on the deck.

Supercunt smiled and touched her visor - it was made of pink metal and non-flashing reflective glass which she saw through, but on the outer side, showed a reflection. "I admire the way you've efficiently protected your employer so far. But it's time to stop playing bodyguard and start playing 'I'm just a girl working for crooks and way in over my head'."

Vaughn replied, "Do you have any idea what I am, where I've been, what I've seen, and what I've done? It's you who has no idea what she's gotten herself into. I'm fucking special forces, bitch!"

"I don't doubt that. You're a woman and most special forces troops are men, so yeah, you would be fucking special forces cock. What's your blowjob rating?"

Angered, Vaughn open fired on Supercunt, emptying the Mach 10's clip. The shells didn't bounce off Supercunt's body. They just lost complete momentum when they came within a third of a meter of her, simply falling like dead birds in mid-flight.

Supercunt surveyed the wasted ammunition at her feet. "Those are rather large bullets, sister." She walked toward her opponent. "Now it's my turn."

"Like I'm giving you a chance!" snarled Vaughn. She reloaded her weapon in flash and emptied another round at Supercunt, also tossing a grenade at her and running for cover behind a blue container.

There was no explosion.

Supercunt slumped her shoulders slightly as if exhausted, then she bent down and picked up the grenade. "This little toy is also not going to work on me. Anything harmful that touches my hairy cunt-generated protective force field is instantly rendered impotent. I am near invincible. I am the ending of all crime in the world."

Vaughn emerged from behind the container. "You might stop me. You might even stop my employer and his associates. But you can't stop all the crime in the world. Besides, I'm not giving up on battling you just yet." The former SAS babe stripped off her attire to stand naked before the already naked blonde. All she left on were her black boots, hand gloves and a strap around her right thigh that held a hunting knife in a scabbard. Above her bare pussy was a tattoo of the winged sword of the 22nd Special Air Services Regiment with the legend Who Dares Wins.

"Let's see how you do skin-to-skin, hero girl." Vaughn pulled the hunting knife from her leg strap and spaced her feet apart, going into a crouching stance, ready to fight.

Supercunt had four outlets of unimaginable sexual power: her mouth (throat included), breasts and her hairy cunt. From these intimate regions, she is able to release and manipulate vast amounts of hypersex energy (HSE) that defies the laws of sex, physics, and some other laws the author sees fit to break in this story (because that's the beauty of being an author). Most of the time, she uses this energy to build a force field to shield herself from dangerous objects and opponents, neutralizing them and opening their minds and bodies to her powerfully magnificent sex.

Supercunt's eyes brightened behind her visor when she saw the tattoo above Vaughn's pussy. "Ah, so you used to be SAS. I had a lover who was in the Special Boat Services. He did a few tours with the SAS. He was a great lover, that special forces boy. Mm. And another one who was in the Parachute Regiment. He liked to fuck in the missionary position. When he raised himself above me, he would say, 'Here comes the paratrooper' before plunging that beautiful cock of his into my hungry cunt. Ooh, I loved that. Oh and there was this other-"

"Shut the fuck up already!" Vaughn charged with the knife, swung and - to her horror - watched it shatter like glass when it touched the invisible force field projected by Supercunt. She also felt her striking arm go limp. The pieces of the blade on the deck turned into sand. "Oh shit."

"Here's a little secret," said Supercunt in a whisper. "You would have stood a better chance if you had attacked me with a dildo or a strap-on. Honestly."

The mercenary's eyes widened in disbelief - a half second before Supercunt tackled her to the deck and got up slightly to position her hairy wet cunt above the other woman's face. Vaughn cursed, "You fucking-" but was silenced when that lovely gaping slit surrounded by delightful hair slammed down onto her face and smothered her. She struggled but her efforts only caused pleasure to the crime-fighter on top. Vaughn's ferocious struggle turned to panic when Supercunt came a torrent of ejaculation on her face, filling the mercenary's nostrils and mouth with her juice. She gurgled and kicked around some more, but her movement quickly subsided. And that was the end for the former SAS trooper: drowning by super ejaculation.

Supercunt rose and looked over the mercenary's face now drenched with her fluid. "I'm sorry, sister, but you were on the wrong side of the law."

Rapid firing of an automatic rifle got her attention. Bullet shells fell down before her, neutralized by her invisible energy barrier. Someone was shooting at her. She looked up and saw Payne in the bridge with an M16, reloading and looking quite fearful.

Supercunt called up to him, "I'm coming up, Chuck."

CHAPTER 2: The Exhibitionist Singer

Tania Daniel's melodious voice reached out to the crowd of people in the Unicorn Club. Her husband was sitting with four of his friends at a table somewhere in the middle. He liked watching Tania be her natural self (without clothes), especially with other men watching. His friends had seen his wife naked on numerous occasions at their home. She was a devout exhibitionist. They both allowed his friends to ogle and touch her when they visited. When she was in the mood, she would give them naked lap dances. Several times, things had turned wilder than usual and she ended up being fucked by these married men, either one-on-one or in a group.

Now everyone in this non-smoking club was under her spell. She was singing something slow and very soulful, touching herself in erotic places to the delight of the audience. Tonight wouldn't be just singing and sensuous movement. This night was special. The manager had asked and agreed to pay a high price for this combo act.

A muscle-toned, handsome, young male in his early twenties, wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers, came onto the stage just as they had rehearsed. He circled Tania, looking her over, penetrating her with his gaze as she sang for the audience and cast seductive looks his way. The audience knew very well what was going to happen - it had been advertized in the local newspaper.

Throwing off his shirt, he closed in on her and grasped Tania's naked body while she continued to sing. The song was essentially about a woman whose husband had left her for another, but all was not lost because she had found love in the arms of someone new. The young man fondled her breasts and ran his other hand down her stomach and over her hairy cunt. He caressed her cunt affectionately and spread apart the labia so the audience could see her inner intimacy. It shone bright pink under the stage lighting. Some men groaned involuntarily on seeing the brilliant soft flesh on display for their viewing pleasure.

Tania knew it was time for the instruments to take over and the climactic segment to begin. The music took on a very erotic tune that went deep into everyone's hearts. The stage lighting slowly dimmed to non-existence. Things and figures moved on the stage but the audience couldn't see. When stage lighting slowly glowed back to its normal brightness, the audience saw Tania kneeling before the young man and pulling down his trousers. He kicked it away and Tania fondled his balls and cock in that amazing way that only MILFs can do to younger males. The stage scene had changed: now there was a bed and armless chair. The music turned more erratic, complementing the sex act.

Done fondling with his balls, Tania stroked her fellow performer's penis. It was hard and veined in her hand. She relished the blue and green blood vessels that were so prominent and which her hands were so sensitive to as they slid along his shaft. He was definitely more well-endowed than her husband and she loved him for this. Tania also loved him for being a perfect gentleman ever since yesterday when they first met. His name was Simon and he had been just perfect when the manager of the Unicorn Club had recommended him for the act. They had both been asked to do a rehearse performance in front of him. Simon had been amazing and he had told her that she was in his top three list of best fucks ever. But she could never love anyone else more than her beloved husband Gerard.

Simon faced upward and let out an audible moan as Tania stroked him through her fist and finally took him into her mouth. Her hand twisted around his shaft, working back and forth while her head went deep on his cock. He angled them slightly so the audience could have a better view of the blowjob taking place.

"She's amazing," said one of Gerard's friends, watching the act. "You're so lucky to have her."


His eyes met Tania's as she was going deep throat on Simon. He nodded to her and she smiled, making her cock-sucking more vigorous. The music went wild. Simon raised Tania to her feet and they kissed. He had his arms ready when she sprung up and wrapped her legs around his waist. The audience saw her from behind; they saw Simon grab his cock while his other hand held onto Tania, and insert himself up into her hairy cunt. Still kissing, they worked together to get a bouncing rhythm going so Tania got fucked on him in a seesaw manner. A murmur of approval was followed by applause as Simon grabbed and spanked her ass while helping her to nail herself against his rod. They took it to the chair.

Tania sat in it with her legs spread out for all to see her pussy. Simon got down in front of her and ate her out. The moment she tilted her head back to gasp in pleasure, more applause broke out.

"Oh, Simon," she said amidst the applause and music. "You're doing it even better than yesterday. And yesterday was excellent."

He ate her out to orgasm and rose to kiss her. They could taste each other. Simon carried her to the bed and fucked her missionary style first before going doggy, putting her on her hands and knees. The music got more excited and so did the audience. Sexual heat was building up in everyone. In the shadows, the number of security personnel increased as a precautionary measure. Tania and Simon switched to a scissors position, difficult to do impromptu, but the two had devoted an hour and a half yesterday to perfecting it and they pulled it off wonderfully this night. She loved his balls slapping against her like that as he pounded her pussy in synchronization to her internal squeezes and thrusts towards him. The final sequence was a spooning in which the audience was granted the opportunity to see Simon shoot cum on her belly and insert his still ejaculating cock into her cunt. He plunged himself and stayed deep to let the rest of his semen flow into her, and she turned to pull his face to hers and kiss him passionately.

She had almost forgotten that the instrumental part was coming to a close. Tania took the microphone hanging on the bedpost and sang the last part of the song: touching and full of joy at the new love she had found. As the music faded away, she touched her stomach, picking up cum on her finger. She put it in her mouth and closed her eyes dreamily, swallowing. And that was the end. The audience applauded louder and longer. After receiving their praise with gratitude, Simon and Tania walked off the stage and he led her back to the table where her husband was seated.

"You two were fantastic," said Gerard.

Simon said, "Thank you, Mr Daniels. Your wife is unbelievable in the best way."

"She is and thanks for handling her so well."

"It was my pleasure. You all have a good night." He left them to go put on some clothes.

CHAPTER 3: The Job Offer

"Mrs Daniels, that was an impressive performance. I loved the song and the act. I was seated on your left in the darker corner, but I could see everything and I liked everything that I saw in your exhibition. Do you do this a lot?"

"Thank you, Mr Payne. Yes, I do. This is the first non-smoking club I've performed in and I prefer this place to all the others. Smoke in the air kills me and does more to hinder rather than help my exhibition."

"I own quite a number of clubs, including this one. What would you say about becoming a regular performer at all my clubs. They're all very respectable and non-smoking just like this one."

The number of people in the club had dwindled, but not by much. It was late in the evening. Tania, Gerard and this well-dressed man, who had introduced himself as Chuck Payne, were enjoying a few light drinks at their table, while Payne's associates were seated at another table in the darkened corner of the room. It seemed like they were passing the time just waiting for him. She looked to her husband to see what his reaction was to this offer. Gerard had a full smile on. He looked at her and said, "Honey, are you up for this? All I've ever wanted is for you to be happy."

"Oh, thank you, Gerard, for being so supportive of me." She looked at Payne. "I don't know what I would do without him."

"I'm sure you could think of something," said the business man. They looked at him awkwardly and he laughed. "Do you have an answer or should I give you some time to think it over?"

"Yes! Of course! I would be delighted to be on exhibit regularly in your clubs."

He told them how much she would be paid. It was a lot. They shook hands on it.

CHAPTER 4: The Call

Tania's new part time job was the joy of her life. It also paid a lot, so much so that she decided to quit her regular job and throw herself into writing new exhibitionist acts combining song, sensuality and live sex. Chuck Payne realized that his clubs were raking in more money than ever before because of Tania's scintillating vocal and physical performances.

The Daniels received a call one night. Tania wasn't scheduled to perform anywhere so she was busy and naked in her study writing a new song. Richard called to her saying it was Payne on the line for her. She went to take the call.

"Hello, Chuck darling."

"Tania, my sweet love, I hate to disturb you on an off-night but-"

"Nonsense, my dear. I'm always ready for you, since you've given me the opportunity to do what I'm happiest doing, being naked regularly in front of people, especially admiring men."

"In that case, you wouldn't mind freshening up and waiting naked for one of my expensive sports cars to bring you here? I'm meeting with some special people tonight and it's going to be quite dull and boring for our subordinates. To counter this, they have asked me to bring my best girl to put on a show during the big talk. You're my best girl, Tania. I'll be paying you quadruple the normal rate for this one, since it's a major business deal, which means more wealth for me and higher rates for you, along with more opportunity to exhibit your amazing body and talent."

"Wow. I can freshen up pretty quick. How soon will the car be here?"

"Fifteen minutes."

"I'll be there, darling."

"I'm grateful, babe. How did I get so lucky?"

"Mmwah." They ended the call on both ends.

CHAPTER 5: The Warehouse

A dark blue Porsche came by the Daniels residence. Gerard looked out the window, saw the vehicle's interior light come on and recognized one of Payne's associates. He turned to Tania, so beautiful and radiant in her naked glory, her blonde hair done up nicely.

"Knock 'em dead, honey."

"I will and I'll be thinking of you." Tania kissed her husband goodbye, both of them assuming she would be coming back later that evening.

She was driven to a warehouse near the wharf. There were more than ten other cars parked in front with imposing figures standing around as if looking for oncoming trouble. She asked her driver, "Shouldn't we be at one of Chuck's clubs?"

He didn't answer right away, rather taking the time to unfasten his seat belt and open his door. "We go wherever Mr Payne wants us to go. He's the money after all."

"Well, I guess you're right."

The driver came around to her side and opened the door for her. She got out and he closed it after her. The air was chilly, especially with her wearing nothing but makeup. The pavement beneath her bare feet was hard and uncomfortable. I should have worn shoes, she thought. The grimace on her face said everything.

"It's a walk into the meeting area," said the driver, gesturing to the warehouse. "If you'll let me, I'll carry you."

"That is so sweet of you. Thank you, Mr Driver Sir."

He carried her inside the warehouse, which had full lighting and was stocked high on either side with large boxes of she-didn't-know-what. She saw Payne and some other men who seemed very respectable and business-like, yet there was something sticky about them she couldn't place a finger on. The presence of other naked beautiful females surprised her more than anything else. Even more than the sight of dangerous-looking men and women unmistakably carrying some heavy hardware - guns. Wasn't she supposed to be the only one with all eyes on her in the center of the ring just like a circus*? (*Britney Spears song quote adapted for this story. Thanks, Brit.)

"Tania," said Payne smiling happily, yet with that unmistakable air of a man under intense pressure. "Glad you could make it." He looked around at the other women and turned to her with an apologetic look on his face. "I didn't know these other guys would be bringing their play dolls along. But that's okay, isn't it? You'll have fun with the rest of them. It's a lot easier than singing and dancing around on stage. Just suck and fuck like everyone else. You've done it before, but this time, no audience pressure. Everyone's part of the show."

"You have disappointed me, Chuck. I thought this was a big night and I would be making a solo performance, not getting in a fuckfest with a horde of cocks and cunts."

"It is a big night, baby, but not just for you. For everyone! Enjoy the party while the alphas of the packs - this includes me - discuss business to make us all richer."

Tania thought of everything Payne had done for her, and even Gerard, who had been offered and was now working a high-paying job as a result of his association with Payne through Tania. Should she be making a big deal of this one incident after all the things she had been lavished with from her employer and benefactor? On top of all that, wasn't she being paid four times as much as her usual payment for one performance and also getting a raise in her rate? She would very soon be rich enough to move with Gerard to a beautiful, isolated, lowly-populated, Greek island and live the rest of her life in sunny bliss. Not that she would. An isolated island with a low population meant not enough different men to appreciate her exhibition and fuck her to multiple orgasms.

"I'm sorry, Chuck. You've done a lot more for me than anyone else has besides Gerard and my parents. I shouldn't let this one hiccup taint your record in my book. Your name stays clean. Tonight I'll suck and fuck more than all these other whores combined, but not because I'm a slut. I'm not a slut. I'm doing this out of love for you and appreciation of our warm friendship that will endure long after this night is over."

"That's the Tania I know and love. And for the record, I have never thought of you as a slut. Never!"

"Oh, I love you so much, Chuck. I'll be thinking about you and Gerard when all those cocks gang up on me."

"And I'll be thinking about you during this meeting. We're all going to be rich, my love. I can't tell you how, but you can believe me when I say it - rich. You, me, Gerard. Everyone. I love you, Tania."

He took her nude form in his arms and she moved into his embrace, kissing him hungrily for a full minute. It wasn't anything she wouldn't do in front of Gerard. Heck, there was a night in one of Payne's clubs with her husband present when she had given Payne and his associates a naked and extremely hot lap dance each. She had also sucked off his nephew's cock and swallowed the teenager's cum as an eighteenth birthday present from his uncle. She could do almost anything for Payne and she would do what he wished her to do tonight.

"Mm. Gotta go now, babe. Think about me. I love you."

"I love you too, Chuck. A whole lot." She let him go and watched him ascend a high staircase along with the other 'alphas' he had mentioned. There was an office on top, right next to the ceiling. Payne winked down at her before disappearing inside.

CHAPTER 6: Interrupted Fuckfest

Tania was further surprised to be led into a room located on the floor some distance away from the high office. She wasn't alone; the other naked women were being hustled there as well. Their escorts were the grunts with guns badly hidden in their nice suits. Tania didn't appreciate the fact that the one escorting her held onto her arm so tightly that it hurt and this grunt was a woman. How dare she treat a fellow lady like this! She must have been raised by wild animals, Tania thought.

"In here, all of you," said one of the toughies.

Tania was shoved hard inside and almost lost her footing. She turned to hiss at the woman who had led her there. "You uncivilized bitch-whore! I wasn't struggling at all. You didn't have to do that."

And as if to prove her wild animal theory, the woman merely growled in some strange, horrible language and retreated with all the other grunts. Tania was locked in this room with the rest of these candidates for supermodel status. She felt sorry for them because they were clearly drugged to be compliant and horny. And they were younger than her. She was thirty, while the oldest of them looked not a day over twenty-five.

A voice spoke abruptly from behind her. "Finally, the pussy arrives." She was the last to realize that they had not been locked up by themselves. In this room was a second group consisting of eleven men and four women. Some of them dressed well, while others went by their own unique fashions. In spite of their differences, they all looked well-accomplished and smart. None of them was more than ten years older than she was. Most were in their late twenties and early to mid-thirties.

So these are the subordinates Chuck was talking about, Tania thought. They must be very important to deserve all this high-quality cunt while waiting for their bosses, but not important enough to be invited into that office upstairs. This is where the fuckfest takes place.

A Goth from the group of VIP subordinates huffed angrily and pointed to her left at the naked women. "Am I the only one who sees a clear example of gender inequality in the criminal underworld here?"

"What do you mean?" said a mustached Latino. "All I see is pretty white pussy."

"That's basically it. You've just proved my point. When do we get naked cowboys sent our way? Hm? Criminals, whether head honchos or no honchos, aren't always men. Look at me. I'm a girl and I'm a crook. This is my career. Very soon I'll be running my own operation and what do I get? A truckload of pussy!"

"I've got no problem with pussy," said a Japanese yakuza member. "I eat pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." She licked her lips and beckoned a naked, blue-eyed brunette forward. "You. Get your pretty ass over here. I want you to eat my pussy." She pulled up her short black skirt above her waist and sat on top of a table. No underwear. Her pussy had a nice, silky, black fuzz.

That's a well-kept, good-looking, hairy cunt, thought Tania in admiration.

The brunette went and did as she had been told. The Japanese woman sat back, reclining on the table, while the girl ate her out.

Tania told herself, I am not eating any woman's pussy! I only work with cock.

Her group was divided and its members subjected to all manner of sex by the special subordinates. She breathed a sigh of relief when a man about the same age as her asked her to suck his cock. Getting down on her knees before him, Tania sucked him off. He held her hair back in his fist, tightening his grip as she brought him closer to ejaculation. When his viscous fluid erupted from his tip, she took him deep so his cum splashed against her throat, rolling down into her stomach. He pulled back so he could deposit the rest of his load on her tongue, lips, and face. "Now you look really beautiful," he told her.

"Thanks for decorating me," she said. "I bet you want to fuck my pussy now."

"Not really. Sex is merely a physical release for me, and no more than that. I'm done. Now I've got to go strategize and come up with a solution to my boss's problem."

Tania was disappointed at that, but it didn't last long. Someone very strong grabbed her from behind and commanded her to go on all fours, which she did. She felt a cock enter her from behind and the sensation of balls slapping against her cunt. The grunting she heard and exclamations told her he was enjoying it. He swore and quickened his pace, fucking her intensely until she felt his warm cum spurting inside her.

There was only a three-second respite before a another male grabbed her ass and pushed his cock inside her pussy. "Fuck. This is very unhealthy, me fucking you like this, right after that other guy. I hope he doesn't have any STDs."

"That's something all of you should have checked prior to this."

"So you have a brain as well as a body. How come you're different from the other girls?" he asked, pumping her cunt.

"I'm not drugged. They are."

"Do you want a fix?"

"No, thank you."

The man clasped her shoulder and drove himself deep into her with his remaining thrusts. "Ohh... shit." He ejaculated in her vagina and pulled out to shoot the last of his load on her hairy cunt.

Tania didn't have time to see what was happening to the other women. She was soon flocked by a mass of eager cocks. Two got stuffed in her mouth, one in her ass, and two in her cunt. The cocks plowed into her orifices at whim and all she could do was maintain a sort of doggy position as they filled her entire body with sexual ecstasy. The guy below her was pounding his rod into her cunt very fast. The other one taking her cunt - cock moving forward - would plunge in extremely quick at intervals to avoid knocking the lower man down on an up-thrust. As they worked multiple cocks into her, she played her body against the male organs, gripping their cocks with her anal and vaginal muscles, and sucking hard on the two cocks in her mouth. Tania had all five men groaning in bliss as she pleasured their invading meat poles. This didn't stop them from cock-pummeling her to pain, pleasure, and back to pain again. They came at different times, each withdrawing his cock from her fully satisfied. She couldn't count the number of times she had came in the whole affair.

Tania was getting multiple cum shots on her face when there was gunfire outside. The criminals immediately forgot the sex and reached for their weapons. The door was kicked open and they fired at the person standing outside. He dropped dead but someone else threw a canister inside. Gas shot out and quickly filled the room. Tania's eyes burned and she cried. The other women screamed in panic. The Goth's voice rose above the clamor. "If you whores wanna live to suck more cocks, stay the fuck down!" She said something else but became unintelligible. She had been shot in the head and chest. Her body collapsed to the floor with a wet thud.

Amidst the other shouts and sounds of gunfire outside, she heard, "Let's get the fuck out of here!" That was Chuck. Tania recognized his voice too well.

"And the lady?"

"Forget her, let's go!"

Her heart broke on hearing this. She thought, I love you Chuck. I've given you the same kind of love I used to think only Gerard deserved. Why are you doing this to me? She needed to ask him why and hear him answer her face-to-face. All of a sudden, staying down, safe and alive wasn't that important. What was life without love? And what was love when it wasn't as real for that other person as it was for you? I need you, Chuck, she told herself. I need to talk to you so you can tell me why I fell in love with your kindness and ended up giving my heart, body, and soul to you as well.

Tania crawled low on the floor. She heard shoes rush past her through the teargas. There were shots fired in the room. More people got killed, not just the criminals. The brunette who had eaten out the yakuza fell dead and blood-spattered in front of her. Tania shut her eyes quickly from the painful teargas as well as her own remorse over the loss of this innocent life. She eventually crawled out of the room and looked around. There was chaos and smoke in the warehouse as these dwellers of the criminal underworld shot at each other. Car tires screeched as crooks made their getaways. She had no idea how the fight had been started, but all she wanted right now was to cry in Chuck's arms and tear his clothes apart in anger. It was still in her to forgive, but she needed him to explain himself.

CHAPTER 7: The Death of Tania Daniels

"Stop that bitch!"

Tania ran as fast as she could, but tripped over an automatic rifle. She fell and bruised her knees and an elbow. A hand grabbed her hair and yanked her up to her feet. She was brought to stand before one of the crime bosses who had been in the meeting upstairs.

"You're Payne's girl, aren't you?"

A voice inside her begged her to say no. Chuck had deserted her. But another voice told her she didn't have the complete picture yet. Until Chuck was proven guilty of whatever crime, she was still his girl and loyal friend. She answered, "Yes, I am."

"Do you have any idea what your boss just tried to do to me?"

"He tried to kill you?"

"No, that's what I was trying to do to him a minute ago. What he did to me just before that was try to sell me forty-three boxes of shitty electronics that aren't any use to me. All of this in exchange for two hundred million euros. A whole lot of my money for this junk!"

"I'm just his girl. I don't know anything about his business other than that he owns clubs and hires me to perform on stage."

"Well, tonight will be your last performance. It's called 'Burn, Baby, Burn'."

Using chains, they bound Tania to one of the metal posts supporting the staircase leading up to the high office. There was no way she could break free. The crime boss oversaw the execution of the other bosses he had captured in the fray. He promised to find Payne, the last one, and make him pay for trying to cheat him. His final command as he made his way outside was for his men to burn the warehouse. Tania would be trapped in it, unable to go anywhere.

She screamed for them to stop. The henchmen placed duct tape on her mouth to silence her and set about pouring gasoline on everything. There were a lot of wooden objects to burn in this warehouse. They left Tania bound standing against the post. One of them struck a match and dropped it on the gasoline-splashed floor as they exited the warehouse. A line of fire traced its way back rapidly into the building. There was a WHOOMP and an accompanying blast of heat that sent the henchmen backing away into their cars. They drove away from the burning warehouse.

Tania died from inhaling smoke, just like most victims of a house fire. Before she died, she made a promise to find Chuck and have that talk with him. Finally she spoke her love for Gerard and was inhibited from saying anything more by the toxic, radioactive fumes filling her lungs.

The fumes came from burning boxes that contained experimental sex-enhancing drugs in plastic bottles. These were leftovers from another underworld deal gone wrong. No one had bothered to claim them and now they were all literally disappearing into smoke by heat and rapid evaporation. The vapors combined to become a poisonous, flammable smoke that filled the warehouse and combusted, scorching to a crisp Tania's dead body. They also had a rather phenomenal reaction to the dead cells of her corpse.

CHAPTER 8: Return from the Rubble

Four teenagers, finished from school, came by the charred ruins. They had grown up riding by the warehouse on their bikes or walking past, but now it looked nothing like what it used to be in their memories. The warehouse had become a pile of rubble in one night, and for two weeks, no one had come to clean up the mess or build another structure or facility in its place. Actually someone had come. That was why it was a pile of rubble, because a bulldozer had shoved all the outlying debris back onto the concrete area where the building used to stand. It was neat in some ways, but it was still a pile of rubble.

A dark blue Porsche came to a silent stop behind them and a handsome, yet severe-looking man stepped forth from it. It was the man who had driven Tania there two weeks ago.

"What business do you children have here?"

"We live around here," said a boy defensively.

"I don't see any houses nearby, so why don't you all just scram. I've got some work to do here and can't have little punks interfering."

They ignored him, resuming their survey of the black heap that used to be a warehouse.

"Fine," he said with a shrug. Reaching into his jacket, he pulled out a Beretta semi-automatic and shot the defensive boy in the back of the knee. The teenager collapsed onto the pavement, screaming in agony, and his three pals screamed their heads off too.

Still pointing the gun, the man yelled at them like a maniac. "Run, the rest of you, run!! You don't wanna get shot - run!!"

As the three able-bodied teens sprinted away in sheer fright, leaving their friend behind, the man shouted the Jaws theme after them. "Tah dah tah dah tah dah!"

He had a laugh watching those young punks run faster than they had ever run before in their lives. When he ceased laughing, he went to stand over the crippled teenager still screaming in pain. "Oh, my. What should we do with you?"

The teenager let out a hopeless cry. "Somebody help me!!"

The man shook his head. "No, kid. No one-"

A sound came from the charred heap. He looked and saw movement. Timber and metal roofing were pushed up and outward from deep within the pile of debris. A hand, arms, head, torso.... a whole body freed itself from the burnt remains of the warehouse.

"Shit, fuck me," said the man, his arms limp by his sides. The wounded teenager had also forgotten his torment at the sight of this extraordinary appearance. They both stared in horror and amazement at the human-like thing that descended the black, burnt rubble pile. As it came closer, they saw that it was female - breasts and curvature of hips and the rest of its general outline testified to that - but it was also blackened as the debris. Cracked, pealing, crusted skin; grisly pink, white, and red jagged openings of flesh with oily clear ooze and blood mixture flowing down the body.

The impossible woman came within two meter's distance of them and said in a low tone, "Driver."

"Oh, hail Mary and Joseph! It's you. Let me put you out of your misery." He brought his gun up, aimed and fired. BLAM! The woman who fell from that shot wasn't the blackened monstrosity from the ruins. It was Tania Daniels made whole again! Flawless skin, naked, sexy, and with longer flowing blonde hair that could rest on the hills of her buttocks. Without really thinking about it, she levitated her body from the pavement and set herself on her feet. Standing before the two males, she looked like a new, hot, thirty-something version of Barbie with a hairy cunt.

"Thank you for the wake up shot, driver," she said.

He tried for another shot, but she was upon him fast, pushing him back onto the hood of the Porsche. Unintentionally using hypersex energy telekinesis, she knocked the gun out of his hand onto the pavement. By the same unseen force, she ripped off all his lower clothing and mounted herself on his cock. She rode him hard with a perfect stride, squeezing him inside her until he cried out in pain and ecstasy.

"Aw, come on, you're stronger than that, aren't you, driver?" She increased her pressure on him, fucking his cock further beyond all known sensation. The Porsche rocked to the rhythm of their coitus.

"Oh my gosh, please, you're killing me!"

"How could I be killing you? You're a big strong man. I'm just a woman. This is supposed to be fun for you."

"It is, but it's just not..."

"Not normal?"

He nodded terrified.

"Maybe it's because I'm not normal."

Painfully limping but determined and furious, the teenager came beside them and held the dropped gun against the driver's head. "Get away, lady! I'm gonna blow his fucking head off!"

Not pausing in her cowgirl riding, Tania gave him a sympathetic smile. "Aw, just look at you, kiddo. This bad man shot you, didn't he?"

The boy nodded.

"Well, let me take care of him for you. Trust me, he will suffer worse under me than you. Please, put the gun down on the ground." He did so. "Now come here and give me a kiss. It's a little something for your knee." The boy came up and she brought her head down to plant a kiss on his lips. When they parted, he looked at his leg in surprise.

"It's fixed! I don't feel pain anymore and I can walk!"

"Only temporary. Go to a hospital as quickly as you can and get a more permanent treatment. Run along now."

"Thanks, lady." And he was off.

Turning her gaze on the driver, she said, "It's just you and me." She tightened her vagina muscles on his cock and he cried out in pain. "Tell me where I can find Chuck."

He told her a location and said, "Are you going to let me go now?"

"I think not."

"Please, don't kill me! I have a wife and three kids."

"Sounds like the strapping of a respectable man. But what you did - abandoning me in a warehouse during a shoot-out - was not so respectable. Very un-gentleman-like. For that, you deserve to be punished severely before allowing you the sweet release of death!"

He looked more afraid. "You're not going to torture and mutilate me, are you? Oh my gosh no!"

"Even worse. I'm going to ride your cock extremely hard until you die of sex overload!"

No one was there to stop Tania from taking her revenge on the driver for his part in her temporary demise. She fucked herself on him, bringing him to ejaculation four times before he lost consciousness from intense pain and pleasure. Then she revived him to make him endure another round of sexual punishment. On the third stretch, she caused him to ejaculate ten times by controlling his body functions. It was more painful than most people would think, forcing a body to go beyond its limits. Tania finally crushed his cock between her inner cunt muscles, ending his final ordeal on a more painful note. She left him splayed out on the hood of the Porsche, naked below the waist, his pelvis and destroyed private parts wet with their mingled juices and blood.

CHAPTER 9: Loss and Discovery

Before seeking out Chuck, Tania used hypersex energy to levitate herself again and fly home. On reaching her residence, she generated a psychic-sensory field around her that masked her true form. To anyone watching her, she was an extremely unremarkable plain Jane dressed in casual, non-descriptive clothing - not a sexy, naked Tania Daniels. If she wasn't so anxious to see her husband again, she would have been thrilled with her new sex-based powers. But for now, they were simply a means to an end. Must see Gerard.

The number of cars parked outside her home didn't bode well for her. It clicked. She thought, they think I'm dead. I must have been out for quite a while. She decided to keep her masking field up just so she could gather more information. She stepped into her house and saw all her friends and relatives dressed in black and looking downright gloomy. She looked around for Gerard. Not in the living room. She checked the kitchen. Not there. Two bathrooms and the other rooms of the house. No Gerard.

The gloominess was getting to her now. As she came up the basement stairs, she saw her mother mourning over her and Gerard's wedding photo. "Why did you have to run away, Tania, why? I loved Gerard as my own son and now he's gone forever!"

What the heck is going on? she wondered.

"Excuse me," she said to her sister-in-law Bethany, who was in the kitchen, gossiping with two of her friends. "My name is Gertrude. I'm new in the neighborhood and was wondering what the story is here."

"Hi, Gertrude. I'm Bethany." She introduced the other two. "My brother, who owns this - sorry, owned this house-" She paused, overwhelmed and tearing up. "Sorry again. He, uh... hung himself several days ago when he found out that his no-good wife had run off to Spain with a wealthy secret admirer of hers. No announcement, no notice whatsoever. She just disappeared on him and it was her employer who informed him about his loss. I guess he couldn't handle it and decided to-" She broke into a sob, "-go for a swing on the tree in the backyard." Her two friends closed in to hold her.

"I'm truly sorry," said Tania. She had tears flowing freely down her face, but those were covered by the HSE masking field. Gertrude had no tears, just politeness, solemnity, and an aura of the newbie everyone would forget after the first day if she never returned. She went into the living room and saw her parents together. She saw Gerard's parents too. It finally hit her - the emotion of fully realizing her husband's suicide and the fact that he was never going to be there for her again.

There was a mirror on the wall that reflected the opposing corridor. She stood in front of it and looked at her reflection. She was crying naked and heaving with sobs, tears dripping down from her chin to her lovely breasts. But Gertrude in the mirror was moderately dressed, looking in a different direction, being politely observant, unremarkable, and quiet. Tania screamed at the top of her lungs, "GERARD!!" Gertrude merely combed back a loose strand of black hair behind her ear. Nobody noticed.

Descending to the basement, she entered Gerard's den. She went through all his stuff: desk drawers, closets, boxes. She found some of his old porn magazines in a large old chest. She remembered how he used to like her doing up her hair like those classical bathing suit pin-up models. They used to fuck like rabbits, and in the process, would talk to each other in accents taken from 1940s and 50s films. Tania smiled at those memories.

Then she found something else under all those old porn mags - a brown envelope. It wasn't sealed. She tipped the contents into her hand and gasped as they fell to the floor face up. A collection of photographs, all featuring the same girl, nude in most instances. So many of them! Her face flushed as she gathered them back into a stack.


Tania looked up and saw her nephew Wallace step into the den. "Hi," she replied.

"What are you doing?"

"Looking through the deceased's belongings. Is that alright?"

"I don't.... I, uh.... Nothing. Carry on." He left the room, barely remembering that brief encounter. Gertrude was a nothing. It was common sense not to even think about her. That was the effectiveness of Tania's psycho-sensory masking, a product of her HSE.

Sitting in Gerard's recliner, Tania went through all the photos, starting from the bottom of the stack, by which she pieced this little secret together in chronological order. There was a typed message on the back of each picture, giving a brief description of the image. These photos were printed using photo paper she remembered purchasing from a stationery store. It hadn't been just her doing the purchasing. Both she and Gerard took a lot of pictures, most of them of herself in the nude in many different locations, indoors and outdoors. This was why they went through photo paper so quickly and always bought it in bulk. Tania was jealous discovering this hidden aspect of Gerard's life in which he utilized paper she thought had been primarily dedicated to her exhibitionism. However, she couldn't hold it against him because, in all fairness, she had always been the star of his life, even if he had had a little bit of young spice on the side in secret. Gerard had always been so supportive of her and never denied her anything. But still! She shook her head in mock disapproval and smiled with a little chuckle escaping her lips. Gerard my love.

He must have been receiving the digital copies through email. Tania was able to form the idea that these were acquired through an extended period of correspondence by the dates printed with the descriptions on the backs. The girl in the photos went by the name of Haley. Whether that was her real name or not didn't matter to Tania, but it seemed the teenager had nothing to hide so that probably was her real name. She was an above average-looking brunette, now twenty-one years of age, but the relationship had began when the girl was eighteen. She was from Iceland. She and Gerard had met on an adults-only social site. Tania knew this because of a photo of Haley sitting in front of her computer in pajamas with no top and the message on the back stating: My computer that I use to log on to XNXX and communicate with interesting men like you.

There were other pictures (non-nude) of Haley in her younger years: walking to school, throwing snowballs, making a snowman, in the city with her family and friends (their faces blurred), her birthday parties.... Tania couldn't help sighing at the sweetness of it all. Gerard had been like a father and a romantic acquaintance to this young woman. There was a photo of her naked and curled up on her bed, reading a text book titled Applied Concepts of Thermodynamics. The message on the back said: Thank you very much, daddy love. With the money you sent me, I was able to buy that book I needed for this semester. One day I'll graduate from the university and maybe find a job in England, where you are, and we can be together. Love you, Haley..... Sniff. Tania cried a fresh stream of tears, but not just for Gerard. It was also for this girl Haley and the ending of the love she had shared with her husband. Looking through more photos, she learned that Gerard had even taken to paying a substantial amount of her tuition fees and not just text books.

The magnitude of Gerard's love for Haley awakened Tania to Chuck's abandonment of her in her dire hour when bullets were flying all over in that warehouse. Gerard would have saved me because he really loved me. Chuck was a crime boss who only cared about himself. He had also lied to Gerard that she had run off to Spain with someone else and this had caused Gerard to commit suicide. I'm going to find you, Chuck. And then I'll be taking all my love back!

She went to Gerard's desk and sat down, booting up his computer. She went online and tried to open Gerard's email account but couldn't because she didn't know the password. Tania looked over the desk and saw a copy of their bride and groom wedding photo. There were several other photos on the surface, but they were all of her in the nude, happy as can be. She tried keying "gerardandtania". Wrong password. She tried "tania". Wrong password. She tried "ilovetania". It worked. Third time's the charm, she thought with a smile.

In Gerard's inbox, she saw a correspondence between him and another man and clicked to view their dialog. She discovered that Gerard had been sending this other man photos of her and this other man had been sending him cumtributes. Tania got wet seeing her photos with cum all over them from a strange man who lived halfway around the world. One particular email in this correspondence caught her attention. It had an image attached to it and it read: I showed one of your wife's photos to a friend of mine. He's an artist and he did a quick computer sketch of what she would look like as one of his unpublished superhero characters.

The sketch was a brilliantly-drawn and -colored digital resemblance of her with a pink visor covering her eyes from the right temple to the left (like the X-Men's Cyclops), a gem-studded golden belt around her waist, and pink knee-high boots. The computer-sketched figure was wearing nothing else - she was practically naked. Tania loved it.

CHAPTER 10: Under Attack

The two guards stood at the mansion gates, looking at the street and the surrounding buildings. A figure descended from the night sky. It was a naked woman wearing a visor, a belt, boots and nothing else. They didn't know what to make of this. Tania said hello and ripped open the first guard's trousers. His cock stood erect. She took him between her lips and sucked him hard and fast. His body shook as if he had been electrocuted. He fell dead and his partner reached for his sidearm, but Tania was on him too. She grabbed his head and forced him face-first between her magnificent breasts. Holding his head between her breasts, she abruptly twisted herself at the waist, breaking his neck.

The guard patrolling the mansion lawn didn't hear her sneak up behind him. A cold shiver ran down his spine and he turned around. He gasped to see a woman floating right in front of him like a ghost. She opened her legs in mid-air, hovered forward to take him between her thighs, and wrapped her legs around his head. "Eat me," she commanded. He did, immediately lapping at her vagina, but three seconds later, he felt immense pressure, and the next second, his head was crushed between her super-strong thighs and delicious hairy cunt.

Tania unlocked the mansion front door with a minor pulse of HSE. When she opened it, three baddies in suits fired a hail of bullets from their machine guns. The bullets fell straight down as soon as they touched her invisible HSE shield. She grabbed her wonderful breasts and squeezed in the direction of the henchmen. Squipsh, squipsh, squipsh! Powerful jets of MILF milk hit all three baddies, sending one over a couch, slamming the other against a wall, and knocking one off his feet and onto a table.

More thugs rushed into the main room from the kitchen, hallway, and upstairs. They open fired on Tania. Making her body the central point, she emitted from her breasts and cunt a small but potent shock wave of HSE in all directions. As the shock wave hit the thugs, their strength was knocked out and they were instantly weakened. All the baddies collapsed as if swooning. Attending to each and every one of them, she sucked and fucked them to death.

Rising from the last corpse she made, Tania heard a voice upstairs. "Come on, boss. We gotta go!"

Payne's voice cried angrily, "Who's got the balls to come after me?"

"Not balls!" said Tania. She was about to head up when she heard screams in the basement. The cries of helpless women. She dashed to the basement stairs and glided quickly down over the stairs.

"Sorry, this is nothing personal, ladies." A baddie was taking aim with a submachine gun, just about to execute a group of twenty young women in a caged partition of the basement. Tania was horrified by the sight, but didn't let that stop her from using hypersex energy from her cunt to telekinetically dismantle the bad guy's weapon before he could shoot. She paralyzed him with a pulse of HSE and threw herself on top of him. Cradling his head, she pulled it up against her cunt and thrust repeatedly at his face, making it wet with her juices. Then she came and kept squirting until he had drowned in her juice.

Tania freed the captives and asked them how they had gotten there. They told her they all used to work for Chuck Payne as call girls in his brothels, but he deceived them and was planning on selling them separately to sex slave buyers in Third World countries.

Tania checked all the rooms on the ground floor before running upstairs. She found a naked teenage girl in the master bedroom. The girl was crying and there were bills of money scattered on the floor before her. "Five hundred dollars. That's all I get for a whole month of giving him all the blowjobs and fucking he ever wanted. Five hundred dollars and he just leaves me like this. Fucking bastard!" Tania knew she was talking about Chuck. She asked the girl where he might have gone. "I don't know. After you charging in like that and making him scared enough to run away, he could be in a lot of places. But not any places the coppers or anyone else other than his closest friends would know."

Tania found some white paint and turned it pink. Levitating the fluid in the form of a rippling ball, she wrote the legend "Supercunt was here" on the wall and ceiling of the master bedroom as well as the main room downstairs. Then she made sure the girl and the young women were safe until the police arrived before flying away.

CHAPTER 11: Crime Scene

"I'm sorry to wake you up at this late hour, Commissioner, but you said for us to request your presence if any major incident concerning Phallusk arose. This looks quite major to me." The detective inspector pointed at all the bodies strewn around the main room of Payne's mansion, their dead cocks limp but still wet from Tania's attack. He showed the commissioner the teenage girl and the could-have-been sex slaves. And then he let the commissioner see for himself the large writings in pink paint.

"Vigilante?" said the police commissioner after a while.

"Could be. Or maybe this is simply someone within Phallusk trying to intimidate his cohorts so he can have more power. It could also be someone from outside Phallusk."

Phallusk was a criminal organization that made its money and functioned through illegal sex business: underage pornography, sex slavery, snuff films, etc. Chuck Payne was strongly suspected to be the head of this group, but as with any well-run crime ring, there was a huge lack of evidence to support any theories the police might have.

"Get a specialist in here right away to analyze the writing," the police commissioner said.

The specialist arrived and did her thing. Finished, she turned to the commissioner and DI. "Sirs, this graffiti was done by a woman. And that's all I can say with a hundred percent certainty."

"What else can you say with less certainty?" said the commissioner, liking the fact that this analyst left enough buttons undone on her shirt to show the top half of her breasts.

She appreciated the ogling and smiled saying, "This woman is quite brave and confident. The way she wrote in thick bold strokes tells me that. She could also be enjoying this or she could be very angry."

"Or both?" said the DI. The analyst nodded.

The commissioner asked for the analyst's phone number before sending her away. He looked tired as he massaged the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. "So we have a female vigilante on our hands."

"And so does Phallusk, it seems," said the DI with a smile on his face.

"Don't expect our jobs to get any easier. More of this chaos means more paper work for all of us."

"So what do you suggest we do?"

"With all this madness happening in the city, it's only logical to counter it with our own brand of madness. Send in the action hero."

CHAPTER 12: The Deal

Six days later.

The writing analyst had left her front door unlocked. The hooded figure came in and went straight to her bedroom. He knew where it was because of the instructions texted to him on his phone. He knew what he would find. She was sitting on her bed, naked, blind-folded, and hands tied together with a white cloth. It was a minute past the first hour of the morning and yet she was very much awake with all her senses on high alert. The hooded figure pulled out a blade and carefully traced its tip down her pretty face, neck, and breasts. He made her feel like he was cutting her nipples off. She gasped and uttered, "No, please!" He shushed her and traced the blade's tip down her stomach to her pussy. She parted her legs, trusting him to do the right thing. Being extremely careful, he spread apart her labia with his left index finger and the broad side of the blade so she could feel its coldness on that very sensitive flesh of hers. She shivered. He liked that.

He used two fingers of his left hand to keep her pussy spread apart and pressed the blade slightly deeper against her soft flesh, moving it in a slicing motion. To her, it felt like he was cutting extra slits into her pussy. She moaned in panic but stayed very still. She knew he wasn't really cutting her, but it was scary having a sharp object moving in that away against her. Also quite sexy. She sensed the blade being put away and a man's lips against her pussy. His tongue licked her parted labia, savoring their juiciness while also managing to pull at the tender folds of skin. She sighed in delight and he laid her back.

His cloak came off, so did his jacket and shirt. Moving onto the bed, he kissed her pussy again and resumed working on it with his tongue and mouth. The analyst made happy sounds as he explored her womanhood and tasted her with every flick of his tongue. He penetrated her like a shovel digging diagonally, then he curled his tongue back, flicking that clit of hers in just the right way. He repeated that action over again and again. He had her wild and writhing.

The figure stripped off his lower clothing and positioned himself, pulling her against him. Holding her legs apart, he thrust himself back and forth into her body, groaning softly and getting louder as his pleasure increased. She also became more vocal, muttering encouragement and delightful nonsense. His thrusts became longer and slower as he neared his point of release. She felt her climax approaching too but didn't want him to erupt before she did so she rubbed herself down there quickly. Merging himself harder and longer against her, he buried his face in her neck and hair, kissing and grunting from exertion. His cock went rigid and she let loose with a cry. They both ground their pelvises madly into each other, squishing their flesh and spurting juices together, and also grappling with their upper bodies.

When they had been silently still for a minute, a switch was flicked, the ceiling light came on, and Tania Daniels stood in the doorway as Supercunt.

The analyst bolted up and said, "Oh" in surprise. The police commissioner went for his gun, but he was thrown back on the bed, weakened by an invisible bolt of HSE from Tania. She surveyed the fifty-year-old man in bed and naked with a twenty-three-year-old woman.

"Lovely what you two are doing here. Police Commissioner... and I don't really know you-" looking at the analyst "but you must be a police officer too."

"I'm a specialist in text and handwriting forensics," said the woman, now covering herself with a bedsheet.

"I see. Thank you for telling me." Tania looked at the police commissioner. "I'm here to make a deal with you, Commissioner."

"Can't hurt me to hear it," he said and thanked his lover when she placed a pillow over his manhood.

"Don't investigate me. Stay out of my way. In exchange, I will bring down Phallusk."

"How much do you know about Phallusk?"

"As much as your man told me an hour ago."

"My man?"

"The one you call 'action hero'."

The commissioner laughed. "He found you rather quickly. Or did you find him?"

"He saw me first, then I saw him, then we clashed, and then I realized that he and I went to the same school together. We reconnected tonight and I have you to thank for that."

"You're welcome. I hope you're not related to anyone in the SWAT team I'll be sending after you next. By the way, where's Falkner now?"

"Your action hero is nursing several injuries at my place. He will be spending the rest of the early morning there. Don't expect him to report back to you before noon. And you don't want to send a SWAT team after me. Joe Falkner is better than two SWAT teams and I bested him easily."

The police commissioner rubbed his forehead. "Alright. I'll keep the police force out of your way. But I want a report from you at least once a week, do you understand?"

"I don't work for you, Commissioner. I want you to know that. But I will report to you for this one case."

"Fine," he said wearily. "I don't like it, but fine."

"Very good. I'll leave you two here. Enjoy yourselves for the rest of the night." She switched off the light and left.

CHAPTER 13: Action Hero and Superheroine

The cold water hitting his body woke him up fully. Joe Falkner almost always took cold showers. It reminded him that life could hit you like a cold shower at any moment, so you better be ready. He even grew to enjoy cold showers, but this was one of those rare ones that he didn't enjoy. He was bruised on his forehead, shoulder, and hip - a result of the previous nights run-in with Supercunt.

"Make room," she said.

"Can't a man have some privacy when he's taking a shower?"

"Not in my loft." Supercunt - no, Tania Daniels, because she wasn't wearing her superheroine gear - pushed aside the shower curtain and stepped in, gloriously completely naked.

Joe stepped aside so she could have the water. He watched it cascade over her lovely figure. He wanted her at that moment, but noticed the ring on her finger. He turned to get out of the shower, but she stopped him. "Where are you going?"

"I'm done."

"No, you're not. You just got in. I saw you." She put him in front of the water again and picked up a soap bar. She lathered his entire body and rubbed extra soap against his balls and cock, looking at it and back up at him. She liked its girth and length. It was massive and looked so fulfilling. His balls seemed capable of efficient sperm production. She wanted his sex organ inside her, manufacturing and delivering its product into her hungry cunt. Yes, she'd had a lot of sex lately, but that was non-consensual with Payne's goons and some Phallusk men. She ached for a willing man to pump her full of cock and cum.

Tania pushed him back into the water to rinse. She picked up the soap to lather herself, but he took it from her and returned the favor. She knotted her fingers in his black hair as he went down to lather her lower body. As he came to her hairy cunt, he pushed the soap bar slightly into her labia.

"Watch out. The soap might get lost in there. I am so deep," she said.


"You ought to find out for yourself." She put her legs slightly apart and he pushed the soap all the way up. It slid in upwards quite nicely and she held it there in her vagina with her internal muscles. Joe clasped her buttocks and kissed her all over the region below her navel. He brought his lips down to her hairy cunt, brushing them against the wet soggy moss, kissing affectionately. He slid his tongue up into her cunt lips and tongue-fucked her, feeling the end of the soap with the tip of his tongue. She held the soap inside her despite all the pleasure he was giving. Tania fondly stroked her fingers through his hair, moaning in pleasure while he manipulated her labia with his tongue and mouth.

"Release," he said. She released the soap bar and it slid from her vaginal grasp, through her cunt, and into his waiting hand. He kissed her pelvic junction for a job well done. Joe once more sent his tongue into her cunt, going deeper and flicking inside with wild abandon. He liked the soapy taste and said so. Tania leaned herself against the wall, eyes closed in ecstasy. Then she felt him push the soap bar back up into her cunt. She grasped it with her muscles and held it. He smiled up at her and she winked at him. Once again, he passionately kissed her lower abdomen and pubic mound. He licked her cunt hungrily and parted her lip to see its soft inner glory. She widened her stance, still maintaining hold of the soap bar. He spread her soft intimate flesh obscenely wide outward and strained his eyes against the spray coming from the shower head. With a final adjustment of his fingers he pulled aside more of her tenderest flesh to reveal the white soap bar that she was holding in her beautiful vagina. "Impressive. Wonderful. Brilliant," he told her. He licked the soap bar and licked and kissed the flesh around it while holding all the labia flesh apart. "Release, Tania." She moaned and let the soap bar slip out of her to be caught in his hand.

Joe rose from his kneeling position to embrace Tania. Then they kissed in the shower, water falling on them and cascading down their bodies. Tania brought her leg up his side and hooked it around and over his buttocks. He reached down and aligned himself, pushing in to penetrate her. A moan escaped her lips as she willingly and happily got fucked by a man after a long series of non-consensual encounters. Joe banged her against the shower wall and got in close to her face for a deep kiss. Then she boosted herself up to wrap both legs around his waist. He held her back to the shower wall and stroked himself against her body, his balls slapping wetly against her ass.

After a climax each, they settled down with Joe seated on the shower floor and Tania seated on him, facing him, impaled on his cock. She played her part and bounced herself up and down until she came again and felt his sperm load filling her vagina. They showered some more, dried themselves off, and snuggled together in bed.

On waking, Joe whispered into Tania's ear. Her eyes were still closed. She really was asleep, but she laughed at the joke he made. Then he kissed her softly on the cheek and the top of her head, stroking her blonde hair and marveling at the incredible woman he had reconnected with after so long and had made love to for the first time. He wrote on a piece of paper where he thought Chuck Payne might be that day. He knew he wouldn't be able to make it there, but she might with her special abilities. He had faith in her. And yes, he loved her. At the very bottom he left his phone number, primary email and address. Joe folded the note and caressed her inner thigh and pelvis. He whispered, "Open your thighs just a bit for three seconds, Tania." She did and he slipped the note into her hairy cunt before she resumed her sleeping position. With that, he kissed her buttock and left her bed.

When Tania awoke, she found the note Joe had left inside her. She smiled and said, "Thank you, Joe my love." Chuck Payne was definitely going to feel some pain before this day was over.

CHAPTER 14: Head Off

Using HSE flight and target sensing, Supercunt was able to follow Joe's coordinates and locate the container ship Baroq in the North Atlantic. She boarded it and was given hostile welcome from everyone on board. She dispatched all opponents - fucking, sucking, and breast-fucking her way through the entire crew. By forty-five minutes, she had fatally sexed-out all enemies, except for two people: Payne and his bodyguard. She went to face them on the top deck......

Supercunt floated up to the bridge where Payne was panicking and reloading the M16. She was hovering a meter's distance from the tower structure. "It's useless, Chuck. You can't kill me and you can't stop me from hurting you."

Payne reloaded anyway and fired a burst of rounds at her.

"That gunfire at close range is quite irritating." Using HSE telekinesis, she cut the machine gun in half. "That's better."

He went looking for other weapons. She levitated them all out of his reach and dropped them onto the top deck. Chuck ran for the bridge door, but she sealed it shut with telekinesis.

Turning to her, he yelled, "I'm not afraid of you, you fucking whore!"

She smiled and folded her arms. "Then prove it. Meet me head-on."

He screamed and ran at her, hurling himself out of the bridge on a mid-air collision course with the superheroine. Supercunt opened her legs and wrapped her thighs quickly around his head as his face slammed into her cunt. Sensing that there was nothing beneath him, Payne yelled and panicked. Supercunt laughed and flew him away from the Baroq, his head clasped-squeezed between her awesome thighs, his face pressed firmly against her cunt, and his legs kicking at the air in sheer terrror.

"Tell me everything you know about Phallusk, Payne. Who are the bosses and all the other important information. Don't forget a single fact or detail. Also tell me what the whole deal with the warehouse was. Quickly. I don't have the patience to hold a squealing pig like you out here for long."

He told her everything about Phallusk, not knowing that she was going to relay all of this to the police commissioner, who would destroy the sex crime organization with the information. Payne really was the boss, but there were three other less powerful bosses who reported to and coordinated with him to run the illegal business. Their identities were given. And he explained the warehouse incident as a multiple double cross. He was trying to make some more money apart from Phallusk, but people in his own organization switched the goods he was supposed to sell, and before he could apologize to his buyers, everything went to shit. "Now could you please put me down back on the ship?"

"No, Chuck. This is the end for you. Just as there was an end to Gerard's life and many other innocent people you dealt with, your life must have an end too. I am glad to be a part of that end." She spun in mid-air with his head as an axis, gaining speed, more speed, faster, even faster until she was a blur. Payne's body couldn't keep up as well. It got twisted out of proportion at the neck, broke off, and fell down to the ocean. She stopped spinning and noticed she was now clinging to a head without a body. Uncrossing her legs, she watched the head of Chuck Payne drop down to join its body in the cold North Atlantic.

CHAPTER 15: Supercunt!

A year later.

The police commissioner waved as he stood atop the London Metropolitan Police Department float with the other top brass in the police force. The detective inspector next to him looked up at the large inflatable figure hovering above them. It was a larger-than-life cartoon caricature of Supercunt. The DI waved at the crowd and said, "I've heard we're finally done with the Phallusk case. They've all been caught and put away."

"Yes, indeed. I couldn't be happier."

"Supercunt helped us out a lot in that."

"I won't say she didn't help."

"Are we paying her under the table when she does our work for us?"

The commissioner cast him an angry look. "Of course not."

"Just curious. It would be okay if we were paying her. After all, she did save us from an invading alien race last month. And she successfully negotiated peace with that sentient swarm of microbes from the Earth's core in the month before that."

"No matter what, we're not paying her. The debt is too high to ever repay so it's best not to pay anything other than utmost gratitude and respect."

"Like the inflatable we have over our heads?"

"Yep and here she comes." The police commissioner pointed upwards for everyone to see, alerting them to the superheroine's descent.

People whistled, took pictures, videos, cried, got naked, had sex, whatever to celebrate the presence of the real Supercunt. She flew down from the sky to join the annual city parade, even giving her inflatable version a kiss on the lips and everyone laughed at that. Supercunt waved and threw pink and white flowers at the crowd. Finally she joined the police top brass on their float as they had agreed she would. The police commissioner put a special medal around her neck and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Wow, I got a medal from the police! Yay!" she yelled at the crowd. They screamed back words of love and cheer to her. Joe Falkner rode his motorcycle alongside the police department's float. He was dressed in black and red and his bike was painted likewise. Supercunt shouted at him, "Hey, darling, I got myself a medal." She held it out for him to see. He dug in his jacket and showed her his, given a few years back. She squealed in delight. "You've got one too! I love you, Joe!" Smiling, he saluted her and rode up ahead.

A girl watching with her mother in the crowd wrinkled her brow and asked, "Why is that lady not covering her private parts?"

The mother replied, "She's a superheroine. Superheroes are allowed to show as much skin as they want."

"Then why does her pussy have hair?"

"Because she has to stay warm down there."


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