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Lust and horny
Sometimes... you know, sometimes, I do, Nhu just wants to fuck. Don't get her wrong. She means it's true, she loves to suck and to stroke and to lick and to bite, gnaw, nibble, to grind, rub. But truly? Yes. In all honesty, sometimes she just wants to fuck. For now Nhu is a painted tiger, roaring fucking beast, tigress, striped and with her head, upper body, pressing deeply down into the dry earth and her haunches open and raw. Raw and naked and up and open. Feral. She spreads herself into her position and she waits. She waits for me to pounce on her. Nhu loves that moment. That moment when, with nothing but an acknowledged something, nod, touch, feeeeeeeeeeling, electric charge, it begins. Nhu is in bed. Calm. Asleep. But not.

She hears me breathing, gentle, behind her, and she feels her mood heighten and heat rising and wettness. She needs? Nothing. But to be fed. And so, she does. I'm asleep, or not, and her most definitely awake, she lies face down on our bed, pillow to one side, and she buries her face into the sheet. Flat down, from face to lower rib cage, she raises her ass into the air, and she waits. No breath. Take a hint. Here she is tiger-boy. Paint my wild man stripes on, and come dance with her. And that's it. That moment.
No words, I awake. Sleepy-boy. Awake. I roll on round, slowly, on me knees behind her. No words. No words. Hush. Kneel. Kneel down behind my Asian tiger-girrrl.

In the dark, instinct, I grab those hips of hers, getting her position just so. I slap her ass. Once. Sharp. Hard. Alive. Awake. Then I slide two fingers into her slippery-wet pussy, testing the waters. Nhu wants my hard long thick cock. Just do it. Nhu just do it, babe. She needs to be filled. She sticks her stripy haunches back a little to meet my touch. Pushing her face into the mattress, as she pushes my fingers into her. I slip and slide my fingers, in, out, making her purr. She purrs and pushes. No hissing, Oh no, even untamed, she does not bite the hand that feeds her. I line her up; her tight wet pussy directly in front of me. Grabbing her ass, I push in. Pause, leaning myself over her, grabbing her tits hard, I squeeze hearing her purr. I slam into her. She wants to be fucked rough and hard. My cock thrusting in and out of her tight feline pussy, slow at first, I'm leaning over her, thrusting slow like a piston building up speed. She grips the sheet in her fists anticipating the hard thrusts. Her pussy holding so hard and tight, onto me. Clamping down like a vise. She pushes back to meet my thrust. Feeling the side of her soft cheek rasp against the bed, her breasts, nipples, violently rubbing on the sheet as I slam my rhythm into her. As I slam relentlessly in and out untamed.

Then she raises up onto her straightened arms, hands splayed on either side of her. She is pushing back to meet my hard deep thrusts, stroke after stroke. I'm riding her like a bitch in heat, slamming into her, and she thinks? Nothing, not one thing. She feels, every deep stroke stretching her. Just then with renewed strength, she pushes back to meet my force, and looking down at where her breasts hang and bounce with my pounding. She watches them swaying, oh babe, she briefly smiles to herself, fucking happy so satisfied. My cock slamming into her hard and deep, feeling every beautiful stroke rubbing the tender walls in her tight tunnel, so fine, she feels her upper chest and face flush, and my swinging balls slapping her clit and lips. She is lost, enveloped, in the moment. Stopping her own thrusting, pausing, still, letting my rhythm be the rhythm of her, while her roaring raw pussy squeezes tighter around and onto me. She is purring as my last hard thrusts slam into her. She is now, slamming back and meeting my rhythm.

Then I slam all the way in holding still as I explode sending stream after stream of cum inside her, she feels my cock throbbing and jerking as she squeezes, milking me dry, as my cum fills her. She collapses down onto the bed, I'm laying on top of her back, and then I slide out of her. She is laying on the bed, I got up kissing her deeply while squeezing her tight ass. I'm standing in the bathroom when Nhu comes in, she grunts as I place her on the vanity spreading her legs and grind my cock into her pelvis. " Come on, stop playing around and fuck me, you bastard," she moans in my ear. " Hell no, I've got to taste that pussy first—I've been waiting much too long."

I pull her hips to the edge of the vanity sliding my hands up until they are cupping her ass cheeks. Her pussy—with the same jasmine aroma mixed with the scent of sex from our previous fucking is right in front of my tongue. I slowly lick her pussy lips then my tongue dives in, her bare ass is rubbing the counter top. I lap up her juices sliding in and out of her cunt, and she shoves her hips back in my face. I slide my middle finger back down the crack of her ass until it got to her tight asshole, I use the copious juices flowing out of her cunt to lube my finger then shoving it into her tight ass all the way past the second knuckle. " Unnnhh, O God. Fuck yes keep fucking my ass with your finger baby...I'm gonna cum all over your face you bastard, don't you dare stop licking my cunt."

" Fuck...fuck...FUCK!!!" Her legs wrapping around my head as she came and I tasted her cum on my tongue. It took her a few minutes for her to calm down, when she did she is as horny as before. " Give me that big cock, let me suck you dry..." She pushes me away as she slides off the vanity. I stand with my legs apart as she kneels in front of me, I shove my hard cock down her throat, balls-deep. Damn, this bitch can suck cock, I thought as I start to fuck her face. My balls are full of cum and I had to empty them in her mouth. She slurps me into her mouth as she sucks hard. I feel her middle finger at my tight anal ring as she slowly slides it into my ass. Just as her finger begins to massage my prostate, I erupt. She swallows every last drop as I grunt my climax. She licks her way back up my chest and gives me a cum-filled kiss as she said, " When you recover, you can have my ass too." She turns leaving the bathroom.

Later, " Mmph.. fuck, where is it," I hear Nhu say under her breath. Her back arched more as she tries to get her arm further under the bed, oblivious to me approaching her from behind, oblivious that I had quietly closed the door behind me. It is when I drop down to my knees, my legs on on either side of hers and her ass just inches from my crotch, that she feels my hands on her ass cheeks realizing I'm there. She tries to back out from under the bed, grinding her butt straight back into my cock. I know she can feel how hard it is, pressing against the mound of her pussy, through those tight panties of hers. I know she feels my hands as they grip and squeeze her ass. " What the FUCK?" Her voice is high pitched and distressed. Her hands went into little balls and she tries to punch back at me, but the angle is all wrong with her head and shoulders under the frame of the bed. She barely reaches me, and my grip on her hips keeps her from turning sideways enough to get out. Definitely not the scenario she wanted, but I can't stop myself.

Holding her still with one hand, I grab my belt with the other. I easily and quickly unbuckle and unzip with one hand dropping my pants to the floor. My cock head instinctively presses straight against her pussy, before sliding up and resting between the cheeks of her ass. I'm mesmerized by the sight as I watch all 9 inches sliding back and forth in the crack of her ass, straining against her panties. " John, what the fuck, get the fuck off me, let me go, what the fuck are you doing," Nhu is frantic and more out of breath than when she had been rummaging under the bed. Her fists are swinging wildly, sometimes connecting with my thighs or my knees, she didn't have the leverage to do anything significant. I rub my thumb against her pussy lips, the down her clit, stroking slowly through her sheer panties. I know even if she didn't want it, I can get her body burning. I'm getting her wet for me. It isn't long before her body responds, a direct conflict against the anger in her voice as she yells at me; my thumb is getting more and more moist with her pussy juices leaking through her panties. Her back arches as she tries to pull away; my cock is throbbing.

I can't stand waiting anymore. I peel her panties off her ass and down her thighs. Her ass is so hot naked than it is clothed - so tight, so smooth, I give it another squeeze before I jam my cock back into her now-naked crack. She is all the angrier as I grind into her naked ass, humping against her. " John, stop, my ass is virgin and I have never allowed any man to touch my ass." I chuckle a little at the mouth on her, but it won't go unpunished. I lift my hand slapping her ass as hard as I can, leaving a red hand print. She yelps and would have squirmed away if not for me holding her still. Nhu screams, " FUCK YOU!" I spank her again, just as hard. " FUCK!" Slap. " YOU!" Slap. " Fuck..." Smack. "... you..." Smack. Exhausted and out of breath from the pain, she lays there, panting and squirming in every direction with the little energy she has left. She isn't going anywhere. I admired her back, still arched, her dark hair in a mess all around it, her panties down to her knees.. her ass pushed up and lewdly displaying her perfect pussy, almost dripping wet. It feels so warm.

I lift myself up to get better leverage, taking hold of my cock pressing the head against her pussy. Feeling the reality of her situation again, her strength came back and she fights back... but in her struggle to back out from the bed, she ends up impaling herself on my cock. Half of it slides in because of what she did, so I take advantage of my higher position to shove in the rest. I hear the wind get knocked out of her as my pelvis slams into her butt. " My Asian Tigeress, your pussy's so tight." It grips my cock like a vise tightening down on it . I grab her ass with both hands and, without giving her a second to adjust, slamming all nine inches into her. The sound of my hips slamming into her ass sounds as loud as thunder, and my cock growing harder with every thrust. " Fuck you, I'm not your Asian Tigeress!" Her body is betraying her, and she is whimpering with defeat. As much as she hates it, her pussy loves it. Her hips are slowly rotating back into my thrusts, trying to keep all of my cock inside of her. I'm fucking her like a wild animal, it feels so good to be balls deep in this Asian model's pussy again.

I know by now she is too exhausted to go anywhere. Without removing my cock from her, I back up pulling her with me, dumping her on top of the bed face down, flat on her belly. She struggles, but her failing energy can't overpower my hold on her. With a hand on her back, I got " back in the saddle," so to speak. I straddle her hips finally reaching both arms around her, hands under her top. I squeeze each of her tits in my palms, I roll her nipples between my fingertips, but I never stop fucking her as hard and deep as I can. " You can't..." She grunted. " No..." Whimper. " Please stop..." Moan. Her moan came with the wettest orgasm I've felt from a woman. Her pussy squeezing me harder than before, so much so that I'm afraid I was going to cum. At the same time, I feel and hear the liquid squirting from her pussy, her own juices flooding out around my cock and onto the sheets. Her hips stopped moving, she is spent and humiliated. But I'm not done. Our earlier fuck session was foreplay, I pull my cock out of her, literally dripping with her juices. I know where I want to cum. That beautiful ass had been the first thing I saw when I came in and that is what I'm going to have this time. She can't form words to object as I push the head into her asshole, only whimper and try to squirm away.

At this point I didn't hear her. I'm focused on coming in her tight ass. Getting my grip back on her tits, I hold her firmly in my arms shoving my entire cock into her tight virgin ass. With as much of her juices that had splashed onto her ass and as much as is on my cock, it didn't take much. Her asshole stretching around me is even better than her pussy. So so tight. I'm practically laying on top of her, her ass nestled up into my crotch, my entire cock up her ass. I lick and bit her ear, breathing hard. " You like my dick in your ass, baby? Still want to fight?" I can't tell if she is crying, but she whimpers and tries to pull away. That is enough for me to start slamming her ass with the same treatment I gave her pussy. " Stop... it hurts,your to big, John." her little fists clutching the sheets so hard her knuckles are white. I fucked her harder. I pull all the way out with just the head lodged in her ass, then plunging all the way in for the satisfying " smack " of skin against skin. Just like before, it wasn't long until she is pushing back.

" I'm going to fill your slutty little tight ass with so much cum," I growl into her ear. I slam her hard as I mau her tits in my hands, bruising her ass with my hips... until finally I groan, and coming harder than I'd cum before. I'm seeing stars from how satisfying it is, churning up from my balls and what seems like gallons streaming into her ass. Every time I thought I was spent, another jolt of pleasure shoots through me, and I shoot a more into her. I collapse on top of her when all done, breathing like I'd just run a marathon. Feeling a little guilty, I look down at Nhu, turning her face towards me. She has completely passed out, somehow still looks as hot as ever. Thinking back to a thought I had when I entered, I got off of her pulling her to the edge of the bed. I see my cum dripping out of her ass and smile. I easy my semi-hard cock back into her wet pussy, I thrust three or four times then slide out.

" Thanks, Nhu." I pull my jeans back up tucking my cock in, tried to sort myself out as best I can before I sneak out of her room and into the hall. As exhausted as I'm, I leave.
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