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It's Friday and I just fucked our neighbors wife.
It's Friday and I just fucked our neighbor's wife. I don't know his real name. Everyone calls him Junior. His wife's name is Dolores. I'm guessing that they're in their early 30's. Maybe 33, which would make her about 12 years older than me and about the same number of years ounger than my parents.

My parents are visiting my sister for the weekend. I'm going to finish packing tomorrow and then head off to university for my senior year. I'll stop by my sister's house on the way. In the mean time I have the run of the house for a few days.

I was putting the lawn mower away when I saw Junior leave for work. He works the second shift at the tire plant on the other side of town. As I closed the garage door and was about to walk back into the house, I saw Dolores struggling with the ladder in her garage across the street. I walked over and asked if she needed a hand.

"I have a few boxes that I want to move into the crawl space upstairs. Can you lend a hand?" she asked in a warm voice.

I grabbed the ladder and walked towards the front door. She closed the garage door and ran around to open the door for me. She pointed me up the stairs to the landing on the second floor. At the top of the stairs I setup the ladder below the crawl space entrance in the ceiling.

"If you climb up to the crawl space, I can hand the boxes up to you."

After climbing the ladder and opening the crawl space entrace, I looked down as Dolores was bending over to pickup the first box. She was wearing a loose-fitting summer dress with a low cut front and no bra. The hem line stopped just above her knees. It was short, but it wasn't a
mini. As her dress sagged forward I had a perfect view of her tits. When my eyes shifted towards hers, I knew she had caught me looking down her dress. Maybe it was my imagination, but I swear I saw a whisper of a smile cross her lips.

There were four boxes and with each box she waited until I had placed the previous box in the crawl space before bending over to pick up the next, rewarding me with a quick exposure of her tits. By the fourth box, I could feel my cock getting mangled in my tight fitting jeans.

There was plenty of space behind the ladder, but as I climbed down Dolores stood to the side with her back to the wall. She was only inches away and it was my turn to catch her glancing at the bulge in my jeans. As I reached the floor, I noticed her face was a bit flush. It was at that
moment that I knew I was going to fuck her.

I grabbed the ladder and headed down the stairs. She guided me through a small pantry to the back entrance of the garage. I leaned the ladder against the wall and walked back into the pantry. The pantry wasn't wide enough for two people to walk shoulder to shoulder. Dolores
was standing with her back to a storage shelf. As I turned sideways to shuffle past her, she reach up and put her hand behind my neck and pulled my head towards her.

Our lips locked, then our mouths and finally I could feel her warm tongue sliding into my mouth. As the kiss deepened, she pressed into me. The heat from her body was a catalyst to my already hard cock.

She broke off the kiss, took my hand and led me to a small family room just beyond the stairs. As she walked over and drew the curtains to block the view from backyard, I reached into my jeans and straightened my cock. We stood in front of the love seat and after another deep kiss she stepped back and unbuttoned her dress. Her dress slid back over her shoulders and dropped to the floor. She stood in front of me in her cotton panties and nodded. There were no words. It was a motion for me to remove my shirt and I complied.

When she stepped forward and pressed her mouth and tongue into mine, I felt the heat of her tits against my chest. She guided me backwards until my knees buckled against the love seat. With my arms wrapped around her, I dropped onto the sofa pulling her on top of me. We laid there for several minutes engaged in long, passionate kisses.

She pushed her groin against me, then relaxed and then pushed her groin into me again. Instiinctively my hands slid down over her ass, squeezed and pulled her tight to me. I slid my hands under her panties and began squeezing and massaging her ass. As my right hand slid
across the crack of her ass, I had the first touch of her pussy. It was more than just a little moist. I stretched my arm letting my index finger slid across pussy to her clit and gently stroked. Her mouth was still locked on mine so the moan, although unmistakeable, was a bit muffled.

When my finger slid into her pussy for the first time, she broke the kiss. There was nothing muffled about the moan this time. It was a soft, clean, audible. "Ohhhh". I worked my finger in and out of her pussy until I was beyond the second knuckle. There was not much deeper I
could go so I rolled over and maneuvered her into a sitting position.

Kneeling in front of her, I let my tongue slide down across her chin and neck until I had the first taste of her tits. First her left tit, then her right. Licking, kissing, squeezing, sucking. With her nipple loosely between my teeth, my tongue played with her nipple until it was as firm as my
cock. Her hands slid through my hair and I started down across her stomach.

When I reach her panties, I let my tongue slide over the outside and press into her pussy. She was soaking wet now and I teased her pussy and clit through her panties. I grabbed her panties at the waistband. Her ass lifted from the sofa and with one motion I slid her panties to her
ankles and then onto the floor.

I only briefly kissed her inner thighs. The smell of her pussy was too overpowering. It was a magnet to my tongue. This time the moan was deep and I felt her twitch as my tongue slipped into her pussy. As I licked and sucked her pussy and clit, the moans varied from deep
pleasure moans of "oooh" to short, breathless moans of "ah", "ah", "ah".

When I started concentrating my tongue on her clit, I slid the my right index finger into her pussy. I only fingered fucked her for a few seconds when her pussy became so loose that I had no choice but to add my middle finger as well. With her clit between my lips, I gently sucked and
then licked until she arched towards me. She was at her first organasm. Her arms wrapped around my head. Her body jerked forward and her ass backward tearing her pussy from my mouth.

As she convulsed in organism, I unbutton my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. I slid my arms under her legs, grabbed her ass and pulled her forward so that she was sitting on the edge of the sofa. With my cock in my right hand, I ran the head of my cock across her pussy
letting it dip in just enough to collect some of the moisture. Then I ran the shaft of my cock across per pussy, letting it slide up and down across her clit.

It was more stimulation that she could bear. In a gasping voice I heard her beg. "Oh Chist, fuck me".

I let my cock slide into her pussy. First an inch, then another, then another. By the fourth stroke, I knew her pussy could easily handle me so I plunged all the way in. "Ah" she gasped. My hands grabbed her under the knees. I rolled her backwarks and spread her legs wide open.

There is nothing I enjoy more than fucking a women that enjoys being fucked. Dolores is a woman that enjoys being fucked.

I was driving my cock into her. On each stroke she gasped. "Ah", "Ah" a steady mantra uncontrollably escaping from her mouth. Her right hand drifted down between her legs. As she massaged her clit, her moans became muffled. I could see her biting her lower lip. I lean forward
and whispered in her ear.

"Go ahead. You're a women being fucked by a hard cock. You have a right to scream."

And scream she did. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming" she blurted out between gasps of breath. Her body started shaking again. I slid my cock all the way in and held it there while her body rattled through its orgasm. Gasping for breath, she looked up at me. I said nothing. There was nothing
I wanted to say. I just slid my cock out of her pussy.

She looked a little surpised as I reached over with my right hand and rolled her over onto her knees. It didn't take her long to get the point. I was going to fuck her again, and there was no objection. I had her doggle style on the sofa now. With my cock in hand, I came up behind her
and slid back in. I'd given her pussy a fairly good fucking while she was balled up on the edge of sofa. Now I was determined to pound her until her brains splattered all over the wall.

I grabbed her hips and settled into a steady pace. At first she was on her hands and knees and there wasn't much noise. But after a few minutes I could hear the shortness of breath returning. Then the soft moaning started. Finally she dropped her head down onto the sofa and
steadied herself on one elbow. The other arm reached back down under her stomach to her clit again. Occaisionally, she'd let her hand slide past her pussy and give my balls a tickle. It was a nice touch.

I quickened the past. Looking down, I could see a ripple run through her ass everytime I slammed into her. As I doggy fucked her pussy, the thumb of my right hand slid over her asshole. I began to massage. I knew from the "ahhhh" moan that she would probaby enjoy having a little
something in her ass. I looked around hoping to spot a bottle of body or hand lotion. Something to lubricate her ass. Nothing. Fucking her ass was out of the quesiton.

As her moans deepened and her breathe shortened, I knew her third climax was near.I was pounding her pussy as hard as I could now. I let my thumb breach her asshole to the first knuckle. While her body trembled in orgasm, I leaned over, wrapping my body around her. My hands
drifted upwards to massage her tits as I once again held my cock deep inside her waiting for her to finish.

I withdrew my cock and sat on the sofa. Now I've had my cock sucked by a co-ed or two. But mostly they just jerked my cock off while they licked or sucked (more like kissed) the head of my cock. But Dolores, now this was a women that knew how to suck a cock. This was a

She dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. By the third stroke she was down on my entire cock. Any deeper and she'd have my balls in there too. With her head bobbing up and down, I could hear her slurping as she sucked me deep and hard. I arched forward, aching to squirt a load of hot cum deep into her mouth, but she was well ahead of me. She slid her mouth off my cock. Grabbing it wth her left hand, she squeezed. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock and finished with a little ball licking. Then it was back to sucking my cock again.

She repeated this twice more. Each time bringing me to the edge of orgasm, then backing off as she licked my shaft and balls while squeezing the head of my cock. Now it was my turn to moan. "Ah", "ah", "ah". I couldn't take a fourth cycle. With my cock deep in her mouth, I lurched forward grabbing her head between my hands. A week's worth of cum was spewing out of me into the back of her throat. I released her and sunk back into the sofa. Slowly she withdrew from my cock, tenderly collecting each drop of cum as she did.

She kneeled on floor with elbows drapped over my knees and her head resting on my stomach. "I have to pick up my son at daycare in a few minutes." She paused then looked my in the eyes. "I put him to bed around 8:30. He's usually asleep by 9:00. Junior doesn't get off work until 11:00."

It's Friday and I'm going to rest up for a few hours. Then I going next door to fuck our neighbors wife. Like I said, she's a women that enjoys being fucked.


2006-03-20 11:59:13
Another great story from you alan, you do have a lot of talent. Think of writing a book, you will do great.


2006-03-15 08:17:55
Awesome pussy lick. I bet it was good. Tell us more about Dolores.


2006-03-07 21:24:26
buang ka

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