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hard core, blowjobs.. this is my third story. don’t really have much of an introductory, enjoy the story, nonetheless.
I’ve been with my girlfriend Sarah for over two years. We met in university. She’s about 5’5 and skinny, with dyed red hair. I’m 6’ medium build with black hair. It was a Friday night, Sarah had organized an after party for a school run event that I was working on. I got to the party late, around midnight after finishing up my work on the event. I was leaving for a weeklong trip to Vegas for a conference the next morning so I didn’t want to stay too long. Sarah was wearing a tight green dress that showed off her perfect little body. “Wow, I really like this dress.” I told her. “I know, but you just like it ‘cause it’s tight.” She was right. We drank a bit, she doesn’t really know her limits but I do. We left the party with some friends and the two of us started walking towards my place which wasn’t that far away. After parting ways with our friends it was hard for me to keep my hands off of her. She had sobered up a bit by the time we got home. I was crazy horny, but I knew she was pretty tired so I wasn’t going to try anything. Sarah grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me in to her, pressing her soft lips against mine. She started grabbing at my cock through the fabric of my jeans. “Actually do you want to shower first?” I asked. “Um, you know what yeah. Can we?” We took off our clothes. I was already semi-hard, but seeing Sar’s bare body got me all the way there. Her breasts were small but perky. Her tiny pink nipples were erect against the cold air in the washroom. She had a tight stomach and a waxed pussy with a little strip running vertically. We were barely in the shower for two seconds before she had my cock in a vicegrip with her left hand and my balls in her left. She pressed her wet naked body against me, and I went up against a wall (and out of the hot water!) with Sarah passionately kissing my neck. She started to work her way down my body with her mouth, her head running under the water. She started licking my cock up and down, paying special attention to the area just below the head. She started lightly kissing the head sending shivers down my spine. “You little tease.” I groaned. Then she gave me this seductive look with her eyes. As if to say “yeah, what are you gonna do about it?” Without breaking that eye contact she started to take my cock in her sexy little mouth. My whole body shuttered. She kept looking right into my eyes. Her mascara was running. She started humming and “mmmhmph”-ing, making her mouth vibrate around my cock. “Fuck Sarah that feels so fucking good” I moaned. I grabbed a fistful of her wet hair and was guiding her motions, controlling the rhythm of her strokes. At one point I pushed her too far down and she gagged on my cock a little. I let her pull away and after a moment she started licking my shaft up and down again, rapidly jerking me off as she did so. One last long slow lick from the tip to the base of my cock and she sucked one of my balls into her mouth and started playing with it. “hmmmm Andrew I love having your balls in my mouth.” She said. “I want you to talk dirty to me” she demanded. “Fuck Sarah you’re so good at this.” “You’re such a good little slut.” “Yeah, you like sucking my cock?” I asked. “I love being your good little slut Andy, I love having your hard cock in my mouth!” she said. That sent me over the edge. “Fuck, babe I’m gonna cum!” “Yeah cum for me baby!” she put her lips on the head of my cock and sucked and licked it harder than she’s ever done before. I blew my load into her mouth. She didn’t stop sucking and swirling her lounge around. Finally it got too intense and I had to pull her off as my knees started to buckle from the pleasure. We washed up and toweled off grabbing and groping at each other the entire time. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my torso. Her pussy, wet with her own juices was rubbing up against my cock. I walked her back to my bedroom. I laid her down on the bed. “Sarah that was the best head you’ve ever given me!” “Good. I want you to be thinking about this the whole time you’re away.” She said as she scrambled to get under the warm covers. “I mean that thing at the end was so intense” I started to ramble, still feeling…I don’t know, a ghost orgasm? Is that a thing? “Get under the covers!” she pleaded in her cute, high pitched voice. I climbed under the covers, my dick still at half-mast. I started grabbing her breasts and kissing her softly. She let out a heavy breath. I moved my left hand down her body, lightly caressing her curves as I went. Eventually my fingers found her wet pussy. Back in the bathroom I thought some of it was the shower but now, under the bed, I could feel that it was all her. I started to rub up and down her pussy lips with my index and middle fingers. I shifted my fingers, holding her lips between my index and thumb I started slowly jerking off her clit. Sarah was the first girl I had done this with. One night she asked me to do it and I obliged. It really seems to get her off. I can apply pressure to her clit using her pussy lips for cushioning so it’s not too rough. Sarah started to whimper and moan. After a while I started to slowly finger her. She grabbed my shoulder and dug her fingernails into my flesh. I started kissing, biting, and licking her ear, which I know drives her wild. I started to work my way down her neck to her breasts. Kissing, Licking, and gently biting her perfect pink little nipples. Sarah’s nipples usually aren’t very sensitive to stimulation but tonight she was moaning and pushing my head into them. I left her breasts and moved further down her body. At this point I was rubbing my finger back and forth across her G-spot. I slowly stopped fingering her as my mouth got right near her dripping wet lips. I started with the most gentle licks I could give, up and down her pussy. I tried penetrating her with my tongue before starting to seriously eat her out. I love the way my girlfriend tastes and I love eating her pussy. Sarah started to buck and writhe. She grabbed one of my hands and shoved it towards her crotch so that I would start fingering her while eating her out. I started finger fucking her and she said in a soft, near whisper, “Andrew I’m getting close”. I just went wild, rubbing my tongue across her clit, sticking two fingers into her trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. Her thighs squeezed my head, one hand grabbed the back of my head, pushing me further into her, the other squeezing her tits. She buried her face into a pillow and started to scream my name! I could still make out the words, “Andrew! Andrew I’m coming! Your little slut is coming so hard!” She continued to grind her wet pussy against my face for a couple of seconds before I had the idea.
I don’t know what came over me at this point, I’ve played with Sarah’s ass before, a finger here and there, even tried anal sex a few times but it’s always seemed uncomfortable for her so I could never really get into it. But there I was, eating her out and all I could think of was that I really wanted to try something new. Give her something to remember about me while I was away. So I stopped and said “I want to try something new, turn over and get on all fours.” “Umm…okay” she said nervously. I never took my hand off of her pussy as she changed position. Still fingering her (although I switched back to one finger). I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and started kissing the base of her pussy. “What are you doing back there?” she asked. I didn’t answer her. Instead I slowly, firmly licked up from her pussy, across her taint, to her asshole. It didn’t smell and was totally clean after that shower. I felt her whole body tense up through my tongue. I took some fingers and slowly pushed two inside her pussy. “What does it feel like?” I asked, giving a couple of strong licks. “It’s weird…but it’s really good” So I kept going. I started to get more vigorous even penetrating her asshole with my tongue a few times. “Babe, I’m gonna come again” She was making so many sexy little moans and whimpers I was getting rock hard again. Her ass started to push against my tongue making me penetrate her deeper. “Andrew I’m coming!” she moaned. I stopped moving around and just held my position. Two fingers deep in her pussy and my tongue licking around her ass pucker. Her whole body was shaking and she just collapsed on to her side, pulling me out of her as she went. I laid down behind her and hugged her while she was recovering. We stayed there for a while, a lot of “I didn’t think I would enjoy that, but wow” was repeated a lot. “What made you want to try that?” she asked me, holding my arm tightly to her chest. “I don’t know, I just really wanted to try it all of a sudden. You sure you liked it?” “Yeah I was just really nervous at first.” “Cool, cause I really liked doing it. “We’re not done yet you know” she says, her free hand reaching around for my cock. Grabbing it and rubbing it against her still soaked pussy. She turned her head to face me as much as she could and we started making out slowly. Sarah grabbed me and was trying to reposition my body over hers “I really need you to be on top to start” she said between kisses. I put my legs between hers and she guided my cock to her pussy. That first push in was amazing. I stopped kissing her just to watch her face. Her eyes were gently closed and her mouth was in a big open mouthed smile. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper inside with each thrust. She grabbed one of my ass cheeks and moaned deeply. As I sped up my thrusts she said “let me go on top.” I hopped off of her and she straddled me and put my cock inside of her. She leaned back, giving me the best view of my cock going in and out of her pussy as she grinded her hips forwards and back. “You like that?” she asked. “Yeah Sarah I love it, I love watching my cock go in and out of you.” I replied, totally in her power. “Good because I want you to remember tonight for the rest of your life.” I put my thumb over her clit and started playing with it as I reached another hand around and with my middle and index finger rubbed the spot where the base of her pussy and the bottom side of my cock met. I knew Sarah loved that, she started moaning louder and louder as I pushed harder and harder.
I was starting to get close, and I could tell Sarah was too. “Andrew I’m gonna come!” she moaned as she bent over forwards and started kissing and tounging my ear “come with me baby pleeeaase” she begged. That sent me over the edge. I started pounding her hard and moved a hand to her asshole. My finger was wet with her juices so it slipped right in, about two knuckles deep. “I’m Coming! Holy shit I’m Coming! Andrew I’m coming so hard for you!” she cried out.
“Fuck Sare I’m coming too!” I came deep inside her, slowing my strokes until I stopped completely. I pulled out of her and laid down beside her. She wrapped her body around mine, still shaking a bit. She stayed the night and said goodbye to me as I got into the cab on the way to the airport.


2014-07-25 20:18:03
you want to see positive votes and not critics, then you should pay attention to what some are telling you instead of disabling comments.
just guessing english isn't your first language, but you could still download and use a spell checking program, it would help.
The spacing issues are pure formatting, if you put one big wall of text, most will either skip the story, or they'll scroll down to leave comments and vote negative. Fix that first and you'll get better votes.

just trying to help. I've clicked a couple of your other stories, but won't read them with no spacing, it's just too rough on the eyes.

take some advice, don't disable comments, get a bit more thick skinned and take to heart the suggestions some put. Some of us really would just offer some help, but you have to be willing to try to improve. by disabling comments, most will find you arrogant, lazy and/or ignorant and will just vote negatives on you.

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2014-07-21 03:52:50
Again we find the terrible "white wall of text". No vertical spacing to aid in reading this.
I really hate to see a "wannabe" writer beg for compliments. I feel that my comments fairly represent the writer's ability. If your writing is not good enough to warrant a positive vote, I will not award you one.
This story is NOT of the quality that I award positive comments to.
You have misspelled words, improper punctuation and improper vertical spacing. I feel that the 92.3 rating that you have now is extremely generous. I would rate this story at no more than 75.



2014-07-21 02:39:44
Your writing style is abysmal. You need to learn how to separate your story into paragraphs. You had my interest when I saw the title but when I opened the story and saw one GIGANTIC paragraph I didn't even bother to read it - it would be too difficult and aggravating.

One basic tip - I won't bother going into the many I could give you - when using dialog it should be separate from the story narration as well as each person's should be separate.

You seriously need to peruse some writing tips available either here or on the web.


2014-07-21 02:16:03
This is my third story. Unlike the other two that I wrote I received quite a number of insults from anonymous readers. I would have deactivate the replying channel. Bu I have hopes of receiving positive comments someday.


2014-07-21 02:14:02
I hope to see positive votes and not critics, please.

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