For my daughter's 13th birthday party she wanted to go to an amusement park with a few of her friends. Little did I know it would be just as exciting for me as it would be for her, and set in motion the beginnings of what would lead to the fulfillment of both of our secret desires
Holly is my lover. She is also my 13 year old daughter. She’s actually my step-daughter but I adopted her when her Mom and I got married 10 years ago. I am the only father she has ever known and after raising her and watching her grow over the years the business about semantics with “step-daughter” and “step-father” was never an issue and we have always simply been just a father and daughter.

She was a normal child and the prettiest little girl in town, maybe she isn’t that special but I guess I’m like every father who naturally believes his daughter is always the prettiest. We have been as close as normal and she has been one of the delights of my life and I always spent time with her or attended the outings and other functions that are typical with children. But there was a problem. That problem had started a couple of years ago and it began when she reached the age of puberty and started to shape and form.

I don’t know why it happened or when it began but I suddenly found myself attracted to Holly in a quite un-fatherly way. Sure, like any guy I appreciated the beauty and freshness of young girls but I had always considered myself fairly normal, never being overly attracted and certainly not sexually attracted to them.

All of a sudden, though, my little child was gone, and in her place was an up-and-coming young girl. Any remnants of her baby fat had disappeared and curves began to show where there were none before; her straight legs forming calves; her thighs started to become thicker and looked to be growing from a new set of swelling hips that formed a shapely firm looking butt; her waist was tapering and curving; and her chest had sprouted the tiny bumps that gradually grew into the cones of her developing breasts.

Over the months that followed when I hugged her I just couldn’t resist holding her a little tighter and closer to me so I could feel the firm knobs of her tiny tits pressing into me and at times would let my hand slip from her back to cup her ass, sometimes even giving it an unneeded extra pat or squeeze. And when I kissed her hello or goodbye or for whatever other reason instead of quick pecks on her cheeks I was more and more kissing her on the lips, and savoring their soft fullness and the taste of the shiny lips gloss she often wore.

But it was her 13th birthday party a few months ago that brought us to where we are today. She had asked my wife and me if it would be okay that rather than having a party at home we would take her and a few of her friends to Great America for the day. My wife and I talked about it and figured that the cost of taking her and a few of her friends to the amusement park wouldn’t be much more than if we hosted a party at home for a larger group, plus we would avoid the attendant headaches and mess of having a house full of preteen girls and boys running around, so we agreed.

That chosen Saturday morning arrived and we picked up 4 of her friends and headed out. It was hard for me, nor only in my will but in my pants, to avoid staring at these young nymphs when they each came trotting out to our van. Being a summer day they were dressed as could be expected of young girls; small loose legged shorts that revealed most of their legs and skimpy tops that exposed their tight tummies. I couldn’t help but marvel at the expanses of flawless flesh they seemed so eager to flaunt, nor could I ignore the little tittie cones hiding behind their tops that pushed the fabric out.

The girls were fired up and chatted endlessly and giggled as a bunch of 12–13 year old girls do when they are together. Giving an occasional glance over my shoulder when I answered a question Holly tossed at me it was hard to keep my eyes from drifting down to her chest to see if I could discern her tittie cones or focusing on the tender flesh of her inner thighs and letting them drift towards her crotch. I chastised myself for my lust but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.

When we got to Great America we tried to stay together as much as possible but the girls always seemed to be running ahead of us “old folks”, eager to get to as many attractions and rides as possible. Other than going on a few rides my wife and I hung back and let the girls go by themselves, not wanting to have them feel as if they were being chaperoned.

The girls’ were delighted at being given the chance to more or less run somewhat loose and I think I was just as delighted because it gave me the chance to ogle their tight little asses as they bounced and jiggled when the girls hurried to get in the lines. And there was the added thrill that when the girls returned to us after some of the more hair-raising rides some of them seemed to have become so excited their nipples were poking little points against their tops.

I tried not to stare or be obvious in ogling this young flesh but I think Holly caught me more than I knew. Once, for sure, was when my wife and I did go on a ride with them. I deliberately hung back a little to watch as one of Holly’s friends bent over to get into the car for the ride, the back of the leg of her shorts pulled up as she bent forward exposing her panties and the bottom of her ass. I was transfixed at the sight of this young girls butt and after being jostled forward by the push of the crowd saw Holly looking at me with a knowing expression when I diverted my eyes. She gave me a slight crooked smile.

Later on I decided to go on one of the faster roller coasters but Kathy, my wife, held back, she said it was just a bit too much for her. Neither the girls nor I could convince her otherwise so I went by myself with the girls. As the six of us were standing in line Holly stood next to me, slipped her hand into mine, stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you for all of this, Daddy. I’m having so much fun with my friends. It looks like you’re enjoying yourself too, aren’t you,” she grinned widely.

“You’re welcome, honey. I’m glad and, yes,” I grinned back, “I’m enjoying this too.”

We stood there holding hands and talked with her friends in front of us in the line while we waited for the next string of cars to arrive. Holly seemed to be holding my hand tighter than usual and had intertwined her fingers with mine and I didn’t know if it was my imagination or wishful thinking but I felt she was standing exceptionally close to me and rubbing her thigh against my own bare thigh.

“C’mon, Dad,” Holly tugged me towards one of the ride cars when they arrived, “I want you to ride with me.”

I followed along and when we sat in the car she turned around to wave at her friends a few cars back then swiveled back around, sitting close enough to me that our thighs were touching, then reached over to grasp my right hand in her left hand.

“I can’t wait to get going,” she said gleefully, “this ride is going to be so much fun.”

As we sat in the motionless car for a couple minutes while the last few riders were directed to the empty cars Holly was holding our clasped hands and tapping them on my thigh. I took a glance at her and could see an expression of excitement on her face and as I gazed down her torso saw she had her right hand in her lap, her fingertips resting near her crotch and ever so slightly rubbing her inner thigh.

The car took a sudden lurch and we started on our way. Holly squeezed my hand and turned as much as she could behind the restraining bar to wave to her friends again, and to my absolute delight when she turned her torso I could feel her hard little titties brushing my arm.

“Oh, Daddy,” she exclaimed “here we go!”

As the car climbed toward the top of the initial incline and she bounced with her excitement I also felt her rapidly tapping her hand on my thigh, and it seemed that with her tapping her hand was moving further up my thigh, bunching my shorts and exposing my bare thigh.

We crested the top and dropped and spun into a left hand twist with a “whoooshh” and squeals of excitement. The centrifugal force forced our bodies to squish against each others and I felt Holly’s left tit pressing against my upper arm. The twist was a downward spiraling 360° turn and as we circled Holly kept her mound pressed against me throughout. The track went into a short straight section and up a small incline after the turn but I could still feel her tittie on my arm.

When the car sped up over the top of the incline we had that very brief moment of weightlessness and I felt Holly’s release her hand from mine. I felt disappointed at the loss of the touch of my daughters’ hand but that was only momentary as she immediately placed it back on my leg, but she now had moved her hand somewhat higher up and with her palm resting on the top of my thigh her little finger was almost at the crease of my thigh and crotch – just a mere inch or so from my groin.

I was having some wicked thoughts over what was happening with Holly and her hand, hoping her actions were as intentional as I imagined. I was getting ready to grab the restraint bar with my free hand when we went into a series of corkscrews, and when we started into the first twist her grip tightened on my thigh as if she was using it as a hand hold. I knew this was not accidental and figured since she felt free enough to grasp and feel my thigh I could freely do the same to her. So I simply reached my right hand over, placed it on her left thigh and lightly gripped it; but I did it in a way she would have no question about my deliberate intent, resting my hand fully and directly on her flesh with my hand so far up and beneath the leg of her shorts that I could feel the edge of her panties leg opening against the side of my little finger.

It was the first time in quite a while I had touched Holly’s bare flesh so close to one of her personal places, not since she had been small and I had helped her in the bathtub, and the idea that my finger was grazing her panties and was so near her pussy was exciting me. I wasn’t sure how far Holly’s sudden display of her intimate contact was going to go or how far she would permit me to go but I was becoming aroused and wanted more, so I figured I’d go until she stopped me.

All of my thoughts and our mutual intimate touching had happened in mere seconds and when we started looping through the corkscrew any reservations I had were totally eliminated. As we spun through the loops Holly’s grip on my thigh became more firm and she had no objection whatever as I gently squeezed and massaged her inner thigh. As we sped down another straight stretch and then into a right hand twist I let myself press against her, to bring my arm in contact with her tittie, as I massaged her thigh and let my hand creep further under her shorts until my little finger was in the crease of her thigh and the side of my hand was pressed against the front of her panties.

When we exited the corkscrew we sped down into a small dip, gaining speed to carry us up another incline. As we slowed and rose up the incline I took a looked down at Holly’s hand resting near my bulge, my hand in the leg of her shorts near her crotch and then up at her face, finding her taking the same looks.

“This is just as much fun as I wanted this to be, Daddy,” she said with a smile.

“It sure is,” I returned her smile and gave her thigh a squeeze.

“And I know it’s going to be more fun before the ride is over,” she grinned at me, pursed her lips and blew me a kiss.

I was becoming beside myself with lust for my little newly-turned-teen daughter who, I suddenly realized, was actually seducing me. If we had been anywhere else and all alone I had no doubt that I would have pulled her to me to kiss her and explore her tender young body with my hands. I was a bit unsure how far to go on this public ride but Holly didn’t hesitate how far she wanted to go; she pulled her hand from my lap, grasped my wrist to pull my hand from the leg of her shorts and shoved it down inside the front as she spread her thighs. Still holding my wrist she moved it up and down so my hand rubbed over her pussy mound then released my wrist and stuck her hand back in my lap and slipped it beneath my waistband and started massaging my dick through my BVD’s.

“Okay, Daddy, now weeeeee…” she couldn’t finish as we crested the top and whizzed down the other side in a series of twists, turns and loops.

Our hands never left each others shorts after that as we rode the ride. Even though her panties kept me from feeling her bare pussy and my BVD’s kept me from enjoying the feel of her hand on my bare cock I was satisfied for then just feeling her up and at having her playing with me. I rubbed her pussy through her panties a few times then cupped my hand over her mound and started stoking my two middle fingers up and down along her slit. She was busy with her own hand, wrapping her fingers around my cock shaft as much as she could and alternating between gentle squeezes and strokes. The ride was over too soon and we had to remove our hands from each others shorts as the car slowed and we rounded the last gentle turn to glide in to starting platform. But that was probably just as well because if Holly had kept playing with my cock for much longer I knew I would have had an orgasm, then I would have had to worry about a wet spot on my shorts instead of just my bulge.

“Ohhh…” Holly complained as the ride was ending, “why does it have to end so soon. I was just starting to have fun and wanted to have a few more thrills.”

I couldn’t have agreed more but at the same time couldn’t understand less just what was going on. What had been going though Holly’s mind that she had pulled my hand to her pussy and grabbed my cock? As we sat waiting for the attendant to come and release the restraint bar so we could get out I was concerned what to do about my bulge; I couldn’t very well return to Kathy with a raging hard on, I mean, how do you explain to your wife that you’ve got an erection after just getting off of a ride with your daughter.

“Me too, honey,” I replied to her earlier statement, “I really liked it too.”

“Yeah, I can see,” she giggled and nodded down at my bulge.

“So will Mom,” I said with concern. “But you’ve got me pretty confused here. What’s this all about?

“Don’t worry about it, Dad,” she placed a finger to my lips, “you’re part of my birthday party and I’m having you as one of my presents.”


“I said don’t worry about it, just enjoy yourself while I play with my…” she paused, glanced around then reached over and gave me dick a quick squeeze, “…present.”

“Uhhh…well, regardless, I still gotta do something about this,” I rubbed my hand over my prick.

“Daaaddd…” she breathed out a sigh of exasperation, “I told you, not to worry about it.”

I adjusted my shaft to point straight up and when I got out of the car pulled my shirttail down to try to hide as much of my bulge as possible as Holly’s friends came scampering toward us. I turned around to hide my condition and let myself be propelled forward by the exiting crowd as the girls followed behind me and jibber-jabbered all at once about how neat the ride was. When we were outside and gathered together I was somewhat relieved when Holly stood in front of me enough to block their view of my erection.

While we stood around and the girl’s talked about where they wanted to go next Holly reached back to grab on to one of my hands and then pulled it to tug me forward, at the same time backing up a little to bring her ass in contact with my dick. She shifted back and forth on her feet in what would seem to be a pattern of eagerness or anxiety but was more like a lap dance in a strip club as she rotated and ground her ass against my hard cock shaft.

The girls were tossing around their ideas when one of them mentioned she wanted to go on the water ride, not so much for the thrills but to just get cooled off with a nice spray of water. The others quickly agreed and we were off toward the water ride. Holly still had hold of my hand and I let her tug me behind her to mask my erection. We were close to the ride when we passed a restroom and Holly said she needed to go before getting on the ride. She gave my hand a squeeze and headed inside.

Well, as is normal, whenever they are in a crowd a girl simply can’t go the restroom alone and I found myself standing outside with no one around and a bulging boner in my shorts. Seeing a bulletin board with a map of the park I wandered over and stood in front of it until I heard the giggling of the girls emerging from the restroom. To my relief they had been gone long enough for my erection to soften so I could turn around to face them, call out to let them know where I was and then casually walk over to join them. When she heard my voice Holly came prancing up to me, stretched up on her tiptoes to give me a pecking kiss on the cheek and grabbed my right wrist with her left hand.

“Here, Daddy,” she said in a stage whisper as I felt her bring her right hand to mine and press something soft into it, “take care of these for me.”

Looking down I saw it was her panties.

“Holly?” I was surprised to say the least and stuffed her panties in my pocket.

“Uh huh,” she smiled and winked at me. “Did you go, Dad? Maybe you better go to the bathroom too to get ready like I did so we can enjoy the ride more.”

“Uh…yeah,” I stammered a bit before reading into what she was apparently trying to tell me, then trotted to the Men’s side, went in to a stall to take off my BVD’s and rejoined Holly and the girls.

“All better now and ready for the ride?” she gripped my fingers in her hand.

“Yup,” I merely stated.

“Good,” she stole a look at my crotch, “I’m getting really hot and want to get wet.”

I was certain she meant that to be taken by her friends as a simple comment about being splashed by the water on the ride, and was just as certain she meant it in a sexual way for me. I had a quick mental picture of her lying back naked, her pussy becoming wet as she spread it open and waited for me to crawl on top of her and slide my cock inside, and felt my dick stir.

“I’m pretty hot and can use some relief myself,” I replied in the same tone while staring into her eyes. “Let’s get going, girls.”

We were lucky when we got to the ride, it was just starting off so we were first in line for the next ride and we would be sure to get the front seats so we could get nice and wet when we splashed through the water parts of the ride. Holly was standing directly in front of me as waited in line and was again being restless and shifting her weight and pressing her butt against my crotch. As had become almost common by now Holly was holding my hand as we stood in line and feeling sure of myself I pulled her arm back so that it was bent behind her and our clasped hands were between us, then slipped my hand away and pressed her hand on my cock.
She almost immediately cupped her hand and began playing with my growing shaft, bringing me to a full erection. I kept my own hand between us so I could cup and mold her ass cheeks.

We were fondling each other as the next empty car arrived and the attendant opened the gate to allow us to get in. Holly grabbed my hand and tugged me along to the front car so we had the first seats. When we got into the car I noticed her gripping the legs of her shorts and tugging them part way down so the waistband was partly down just above the top of where I thought her pussy slit was.

“Do the same thing, Dad,” she bent her head towards me and said quietly, “we can get our hands inside better this way.”

Who was I to argue? I nodded and tugged on my shorts so the top of my pubic hair was almost exposed. She had been watching and nodded her approval. After the attendant made his final check and was headed back past us she reached over, slid her hand into my shorts and grasped my dick.

“Oh yeahhh,” she lightly hissed, “this is what I’ve wanted to feel, my Daddy’s hard bare cock.”

“Holly, be careful,” I warned, “someone might see.”

“Nobody’s looking,” she sounded frustrated. “C’mon, play with my pussy,” she grabbed my right hand with her free one and pulled it to her lap.

I slid my hand beneath her waistband and, as I had thought, right away felt her pussy slit under my fingers. Her pussy was so soft and puffy and I thought I could distinguish the feeling of a few hairs under my fingertips. As my hand slipped further down Holly parted her thighs to allow me unrestricted access to her mound and I felt she was already damp.

By now the ride had started and Holly had her hand wrapped around my cock and was slowly jacking me up and down while I massaged her. With her hand and wrist inside my shorts I could feel the wind that was streaming past the car circling around and blowing into the opening between my waist and the waistband. It was a delightful combination.

While she jacked me I spread my hand wide so I could reach my finger towards her asshole as my thumb stuck upwards toward the top of her slit then bent my finger, dragging it over her anus and upward to slip between her pussy lips. Her inner pussy was wet as I flicked my finger along the inside of her slit and when my fingertip grazed over the depression of her pussy hole I left it lodged there and wiggled it just the tiniest bit. She was tight and her opening didn’t yield at all to allow my finger to just slip in so I started applying a little pressure.

With my fingertip at her hole I started rotating and rubbing my thumb along and around the top of her pussy until I felt it slide across the knob of clitoris, then gently rubbed back and forth across it as I wiggled my finger and applied enough pressure for it to slide inside her pussy hole. At the intrusion of my finger and my thumb play on her clit I felt her tighten her grip on my cock, and when I turned to look at her saw her stiffen in her seat.

She must have felt me watching her and lolled her head to look at me. I saw her lips moving but couldn’t hear her over the noise of the ride and the crowd so I said “What?” in a loud voice and bent my head toward her as much as possible.

“In me!” she said in a louder but raspy voice. “Stick your finger in my pussy!”

I pulled my finger all the way out then slid it in until it met the barrier of her hymen and started finger fucking her, being careful not to break through the membrane – I wanted to save that pleasure for the head of my dick. She still had her head lolled in my direction but I saw her eyes weren’t looking at me but down at my lap, the top of my cock as well as her jacking hand were visible and I imagined she wanted to see my meat.

I turned my head to her and raised my voice, “Stroke me, Holly. Jack your Daddy’s dick and make me cum.”

She raised her eyes from my cock to look at me, nodded her head then returned her eyes to my crotch. She had been lightly squeezing and releasing my shaft as her hand rubbed up and down when I suddenly felt her release me and push my shorts down and out of the away from my dick. My cock was now totally exposed and sticking straight up for any one to see as she again wrapped her fingers around my shaft, and with it being unrestrained she was stroking her hand up and down it’s entire length.

I had a minor concern that we might run out of time before we had a chance to bring each other to climax but just the thought of the situation, even without the excitement of the last ½ hour or so, was a wet dream in and of itself. But it wasn’t a dream it was reality, I was on public ride with my dick out and being masturbated by my 13year old daughter as I had my hand in her pants and was finger fucking her, so I wasn’t sure I would need that much more time anyway.

I could feel Holly squirming on the seat as I fingered her and her pussy was seeping its’ juices so my finger was now easily sliding in and out. Although I hadn’t been paying attention I figured the ride had to be ending soon so I increased the speed and force of my finger as I swirled her clittie under my thumb. She then started bucking her pelvis up and down as much as possible in the confines of the car, apparently approaching orgasm from my increased ministrations.

The thought of me giving my daughter an orgasm heightened my own aroused state and I felt myself on the verge on my own climax. I started doing the same as Holly, bucking my hips up and down to fuck my dick through her clasping fist.

I think we both knew the other was ready to cum and almost simultaneously turned our faces to look at each other. We gave each other a weak smile as we masturbated each other with an intensity guaranteed to bring about our orgasm. I felt her force herself down on my finger and release her cum at about the same time I felt my dick throb beneath her fingers and begin spurting my own cum. The first shot went straight up and landed on my chest but she capped her hand over my dick head so the next 2-3 spurts shot into and splashed off of her palm.

She reached her hand back to my dick to stroke me some more but I knew we had to stop and get ourselves in order. I pulled my hand from her shorts and made sure she saw me give my finger a quick sniff and lick, then pulled her hand off of my cock and placed it her own lap. Seeming not wanting to be outdone she raised her palm to her face and licked at my cum that was dribbling off.

We grinned at each other then turned our attention to what was left of the ride, which wasn’t much. There were a few more twists and turns before we splashed through the water pool near the end of the ride and then slowed to a crawl into the loading platform.

When the attendant released the restraint bar we pulled up our shorts before raising ourselves from the seats. After I got out I grasped Holly by the hand, kissed her forehead and told her to follow me, then I led her over to a relatively uncrowded area near a corner so we could speak alone for a moment.

“So how do you like your birthday present?” I gave her a little leer while raising and lowering my eyebrows.

“It’s just what I wanted,” she grinned. “I liked it even more without the wrapping that was hiding it earlier.”

I drifted my eyes up and down her body and my desire for her grew even more. I was standing in front of her with my back to the crowd and after taking a look around to be sure no one was watching or might be able to see I reached my hand up under her top to fondle her little titties. It was only a brief squeeze but it was enough to satisfy me for the moment. Holly was caught off guard by my quick feel but didn’t seem surprised.

“Holly,” I added a tone of seriousness to my voice, “the first chance we have I’m going to fuck you.”

“I know,” she nodded her head, “that’s what I really want.”

“Soon, little girl, very soon,” I gripped her chin in my right hand, looked her in the eyes and kissed her on the mouth, letting my tongue lick over her soft lips. “But right now we better get back with your friends.”

We met up with her friends as we were leaving and walked out together then went back to where we had left Kathy sitting by herself. We had probably been gone a little longer than either of us had anticipated when I first walked off with the girls but she didn’t seem to be put off in the least.

“Well, birthday girl,” she turned toward Holly as she stood up, “how’s it going? Having as much fun as you wanted?”

“”Oh, yeah, Mom,” she grinned widely, “it’s great. It’s exactly what I was hoping for.” She stole a quick look at me.

It was a well past noon by now so we went to have a quick lunch, if you can call amusement park food anything remotely resembling a lunch. Kathy and I sat together as the girls went off to sit by themselves, and as we ate we decided to let the girls go off on their own so we could just wander around and do as we wished.

When we finished eating we called the girls over and told them what we planned. We agreed to meet at the main gate at 4:00 so we could head home, and if need be we could contact each other by using our cell phones before then. The girls were thrilled at being ‘let off the leash’ so to speak and skittered away amidst a chatter of where to go and what to do.

Kathy and I spent the next few hours wandering around, going on some rides and just generally enjoying ourselves. Kathy and I love each other very much and our marriage is sound and solid, but as much as I enjoyed being with her my thoughts frequently returned to Holly and our sexual play. There was no doubt that I was going to live out my fantasy and fuck her, the only question was how soon and how to go about it. But I was certain that with both of us being eager and wanting it we would soon find a way.

The girls were waiting for us at the gate as planned. As we left the park and walked toward the van Holly thanked us and told us of how much fun she had with her friends. I exchanged a smile with Kathy and mentioned it seemed the day had been a success; thinking to myself if for no other reason than satisfying some of my lustful cravings for Holly.

When we got to the van Kathy opened her door and the passenger door on that side as I walked around to the driver’s side with Holly and another girl. As I opened the back door on my side Holly stood next to me to let her fiend get in first, and while the girls back was towards us reached over and gave me cock a squeeze.

“Tonight, Daddy?” it was an eager sounding question. “Fuck me tonight?”

“If we can, Honey,” I said quietly, “if we can. Now get in.” I turned her to the door and gave her butt a light tap as she crawled in the van.

The ride home stared out a bit noisy but soon quieted down, we had about an hour’s drive ahead of us and the girls, including Kathy, relaxed and rested after the tiring day. And all the way home I kept thinking of how I was going to get some time alone with Holly so I could fuck her.

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I don't understand why some readers are offended by this story. At the very beginning the author says the girl in the story is 13. If you are offended by sex stories about teens, then simply avoid reading any further than the first few sentences. The author also tagged the story as containing incest, even though sex between non blood relatives is technically not incest.

I believe the site's underage prohibition may have been rescinded. The warning about it that was recently on the site's home page has been removed. The site description at the very top of the home page states "Taboo sex stories and texts."

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You do realize this site has an age limit of 16 right?

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You do realize this site has an age limit of 16 right?

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