Maybe Rory isn't the perfect child.
“Man, I’m horny!” thought Dean. He was walking back home from work on a cool night in Stars Hollow. As he was walking he bumped into his girlfriend Rory.

“Hi!” she said and gave him a kiss.

“Hi,” he responded.

“We still on for tomorrow night?” He nodded.

“Great, I’ll see you then!” As she was leaving Dean gave her a nice long kiss to try and get rid of his sexual energy. It didn’t work. She stopped and they made out for several minutes until Rory broke away and said she had to leave. After she left Dean was left with a raging hard-on that he could do nothing about. He was going to go home and jack off, but he thought better of it, knowing that he would probably get laid tomorrow.

The next day Dean dressed up in a nice suit. He was taking Rory to a nice restaurant and he wanted to look good. He drove over to Rory’s house to pick her up. When he got there he went up to the door and right as he was about to knock Rory came out. She was dressed in her Chilton uniform, a naughty looking skirt with vest on top. “Sorry I didn’t have time to change.” Dean didn’t mind, he thought the uniform gave her a naughty schoolgirl look, and only glancing at her gave him a hard-on. In his suit he felt like the teacher to Rory’s student. He leaned down to kiss her and he couldn’t pull away. Her pushed his tongue into her mouth and they were soon tongue wrestling.

Rory was the first to pull away. “Wow you’re excited tonight!” she said.

“Yes I am,” he responded, and proceeded to kiss her again. As they were kissing his hands roamed down to her tight ass and started moving allover it. She moaned in his mouth which only made him want to do it more. Rory could feel his hard cock so she began to stroke it from outside his pants. Dean was now so horny he didn’t care what happened, he wanted to have her now! He pulled away and asked, “Where’s your mom?”

“She had to work late at the inn.” Hearing this he pushed her inside.

“Okay, little student you have been very naughty today, so you are staying after with the teacher okay. Rory only nodded the anticipation of what was going to happen that night shone in her eyes. “You need to learn a lesson, come here little girl.” She walked over to him seductively and kissed him. He kissed back and they moved backward into her room

They fell onto the bed and kept on kissing. Dean started to reach down into her short skirt, and to his amazement he found that she was not wearing any panties! He started to finger her tight clit that was already running with juices. “This is how you induce pleasure,” Dean said. She started to grind against his fingers in response. She was so wet that his fingers were moving in and out of there like there was no tomorrow. He started with his middle finger moving it up and down and occasionally stopping to lick it dry. He then inserted two more fingers and went off like a jackhammer.

“Oh, yeah you naughty little schoolgirl, you like to have your pussy fingered don’t you?” Dean asked.

“Yes, yes teacher, finger me with all your might!” she moaned.

Rory was moaning with all her force and it wasn’t long before she came with the force of a nuclear bomb exploding. He pulled out his fingers and stuck them up to her face so she could lick them dry. “Lick them dry, my student.” She completely dried them and then pushed him back. She quickly stripped so that her bountiful breasts were released. Dean then pulled down her skirt so she was lying naked before him.

“You look hot tonight!” he hissed, “I want your body, I want it so bad.” He leaned down and started playing with her tits. They were so round and perfect, he just wanted to get lost in them. He started by licking one of them and groping the other. “Oh yeah teacher, suck my tits, teach me a lesson,” she said. This only egged Dean on more. He then switched, he groped the one he had been licking and licked the one he had been groping. Finally he had enough. He stood up and quickly stripped. His eight-inch cock popped out, ready for attention.

“You ready for your next lesson, student?” Dean asked.

Rory instantly fell on his cock. She tried to deepthroat it all, but she couldn’t, all she got in was six inches. She began to bob up and down on it. Dean groaned and put his hand behind her head to give her a little help. Right before he was about to blow his load, they heard the front door open. “Oh no, it’s my mom,” she gasped. They tried to cover themselves up when suddenly someone burst into the room. It wasn’t Rory’s mom, it was Jess! He was wearing his usual white T-shirt, jeans and leather jacket.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?” Dean yelled.

“I should be asking you that!” Jess responded, looking at Deans hastily zipped up pants and Rory’s messy hair.

“Please guys, don’t fight,” pleaded Rory. However, that looked exactly like what they were going to do. Dean was about to throw a punch when Rory screamed, “I invited Jess over! It’s always been a fantasy of mine to have two guys fuck me at once.” Dean stopped in his tracks. “Please guys, just let me have this one fantasy.” She seductively stripped down until she was naked again. She walked over to Jess and kissed him deeply.

“I’m in,” Jess quickly responded as he started massaging her breast.

“Come on Dean, can’t you just do this one thing for me?” Rory asked between her moans.

Dean didn’t know what to do. On one hand, it would sexy to see his girlfriend fuck another guy. On the other hand, it would be that asshole Jess. He didn’t want to think about it. He was so horny. He cock was rock-hard and straining for action. “Alright,” he finally said.

“Oh, goodie,” Rory yelped because at that moment Jess had pulled down his pants, unleashing his incredibly long, nine inches, but also very skinny dick. She lay down on the bed and beckoned Jess over to her. He walked over and stuck his cock into her mouth. He crooned and started pumping in and out of her mouth. Not to be outdone Dean stripped down and maneuvered his cock right next to her pussy.

“You ready babe?” he asked. Rory could barely gasp out a yes before Dean thrust into her; all in one fell swoop. He began pistoning in and out her, only adding to her moans. She started to rub herself, all over she went, moaning like there was no tomorrow.

Jess joined in, “Oh, yeah, suck that cock whore, suck it, suck it.” He started bucking his hips in motion to her sucking. She pulled out quickly for air and to mutter, “Oh, yeah Jess your dick is like a lollipop to me!” She then took his huge balls into her mouth, sucking one, then the other. When she finally took his shaft into her mouth again she also reached back and stuck one of her fingers into Jess’ asshole. Instantly, and with a gasp, Jess came right into Rory’s mouth. She sputtered at first but took most of his cum down.

While all this was going on Dean had been fucking the shit out of Rory’s pussy. Involuntarily her hips had started to meet his thrusts. His hair was flinging all over the place due to his violent motions. Right as Jess came, she came also. Her pussy clenched onto Dean’s dick causing Dean to unload his sperm into his snatch. He stopped thrusting and allowed his juice to spurt deep into her. Dean pulled out allowing some of his sperm to leak out. Rory took her finger swiped up the extra and sucked it off.

Rory was instantly ready for more action, so she crawled over and started sucking on Dean’s dick. He gasped at first, but then began moaning. Seeing all this Jess got hard again and walked behind Rory. Without any warning he stuck his cock into her pussy from behind. She gasped, but soon was back onto Dean’s dick. Jess was pounding her from behind. His balls would hit her pussy, only adding to her pleasure. She began moving her tight ass from side to side and up and down. Seeing her ass bob around like that drove Jess crazy. He took the back of his hand and slapped it across her cheeks.

Dean was about to protest when Rory stopped him, “No, I like it, let him slap my ass!”

Jess was only happy to oblige and slapped her ass again. She groaned encouragingly. “Oh yeah slut, you like the pain, don’t you,” Jess muttered. She groaned again in acceptance.

“Wow, you really are a slut, aren’t you?” Dean asked.

“Yep!” Rory replied cheerfully before going back down onto his cock.

“Fine slut, suck that cock harder!” With that he put his hand behind her head and started to push down. It caused her to gag at first but she loved it. Jess slapped her ass again and again and each time Rory moaned in pleasure. Her moans drove Dean over the top. Her pushed her head down and held it there so she had to swallow all his cum. She trued to resist, but he only said, “No slut, you are going to take my cum down.” He spurted seven times into her throat and she swallowed it all.

Dean’s orgasm combined with Jess’ slaps threw Rory over the edge. She climaxed violently, her pussy spasmed and she jerked involuntarily. This in turn pushed Jess over the edge, who stopped pumping and just held his cock in her pussy as he came like he had never came before.

They were all still for a moment until Jess pulled out of Rory’s pussy and lay down. Dean followed suit, and Rory got down between them. Jess grabbed one of Rory’s breasts and Dean grabbed the other. They fell asleep like that, in perfect pleasure.

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