I raised catholic sex was taboo subject. I was a freak from birth with a cock of a normal man by the age of 6. I never knew it was weird till I was about 15. This is the story of my freak cock.
Hung like a Shetland pony and my cousins loved it.

I never understood what dad meant about me being a mutant. When I was a child mom use to take me to doctors all the time it seemed like. They were always looking at my penis, mom was worried that it was not going to stop growing. She would ask the doctors if there was something they could do to help me be normal. they had never seen a condition like mine before. It's was because at the age of 6 or 7 I had a penis that was normal for a grown male. It was 5-6” in length and maybe 1” diameter. As I grew up it grew also. By the time I was 11 it was 8” long and 2” diameter. By the time I was 15 it was 10 or 11” and 2 1/2” diameter.

I did not know that I was not normal as mom kept on telling me it was normal for a boy my age to have a penis like that. I never questioned it and had a normal child hood because no one knew it was so big. Mom would make me wear tight briefs and baggy pants to hide it. Of course I never had a real erection till I was about 15. When I was young I would wake up with it hard because I had to go pee. Until one day though when I was 15 a friend got a magazine from his dad and it had pictures of people having sex.

I saw the pictures and got turned on. Joey got his dick out and started to jack off. I was amazed how small his was. I started to get an erection and did not want him to see and make fun of me, So I left. For years I was careful not to be around other boys as I was afraid if they found out how big my dick was they would make fun of me. Girls scared me as I never was around them, mom kept me sheltered and told me. Girls would be mean to me if they saw my dick. I knew every time I looked at a girl I was getting hard. I really liked girls with big tits. Even though the only ones I had seen were in books. I always wished I could peek at the neighbor lady’s as she had huge tits.

I was going to grand dads to stay for the summer. I so would not have to worry about being around anyone to see what a freak cock I had.

When I arrived at grand dads everything was great for about a week. Then my cousins came to stay also. Dad’s brother uncle Don had 4 girls, Kim 18, the twins Diane and Dawn 17 and Debbie 16. I really liked my cousins they were all great to be around. We always got along great. I had not seen any of them for 3 years. Kim was about 5'3” 120# short brown hair, big tits like her mom. The twins were about 5’6” Diane was slender about 110# and just the hint of tits. Dawn was also about 5’5” and 130# like Kim had a good size pair of tits, both girls had longer blond hair. Debbie was about 4'10 maybe 100# and skinny as a rail almost no tit as I could tell, with short blond hair. I was 17 about 5'7” and around 130# also skinny as a rail too.

Grand dad got us all to together and had chores planned for all to do each day. I had to feed the livestock, Kim gathered eggs and fed the horses. The twins cleaned house and did the laundry. Debbie got the easy jobs she would help grand dad with his chores. When we got chores done we could go and do as we pleased.

We all loved to ride the horses, actually they were shetland ponies. Grand dad had been raising them to breed for years. He had about 10 females and 3 males. I liked a female named Sheila a blond. Kim like a male named Henry a dark gray. The twins liked the other two males Ben and Tom a gray and a silver, all were real genital horses. Debbie rode Betsey a golden and white, mare. Some times we would ride the horses to the pond on the back side of the farm and swim. We were all good swimmers and loved to play in the water. I like to dunk the girls and play water tag. I was always careful not to let them see my bulge in my swim trunks.

One day when I was going to finish my chores at the barn. I see Kim riding Henry toward the pond. I got my chores done quickly and decided to follow to harass her. I was riding up to the pond about ½ hr after I got finished. I see Kim standing beside Henry and kind of bent over to the rear of him. I wasn't sure what she was doing so I quietly crept up on her and watched from behind a tree.

I could see she was stroking what I thought was his belly. Then she moved and I could see she was holding his cock with 1 hand and rubbing her self with the other. I watched in shock and amazement as she slowly jacked Henry off, his cock got about 9” long and the head was maybe 2” in diameter. All the while she was rubbing her crotch. She stopped for a minute and looked around then got down on her knees and took both hands and started to jack him off. The she leaned forward and put Henry’s cock into her mouth. I was in total shocked and was frozen as I watched her.

Pretty soon Henry made a whinny and Kim pulled her mouth off and his cum ran out of her mouth. Then Henry shot a stream of cum all over her face and top. As I watched my cock began to get hard. I pulled my shorts down and began to play with my own cock. It was then I realized my cock was bigger than Henry's. My cock is about 2 “ longer and a ½ again thicker. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I watched her for a while longer, she began to work his cock again. This time when he was hard she removed her swim suit bottom and bent forward, took Henry's cock and backed up to it. She then attempted to get his cock in her pussy. She managed to get a little of it in, I think Henry was trying to push into her too. She could not get it in to her though.

I could not take any more, I pulled my shorts up and crept up on her. I was about 5 feet from her when she managed to get about 3” into her. At the same time she caught sight of me too. She jumped off Henry’s cock. She freaked and started to plead with me not to tell grand dad.

I asked, “How can you do that?” Kim says, “I need something, I haven't gotten fucked in over a month. My fingers just were not doing the job. The other day I watched Henry mount one of the mares seeing his cock and knew he couldn't tell any one. So I decided to see what it would be like to fuck him. But his cock is huge bigger than any thing I've seen before. I had to see if it would fit in me and if I could get it in my mouth.

“I saw”, I said. She was shaking and pleading with me not to tell. “I will suck your cock if you keep quite.” She said. I said, “I don't know what if grand dad finds out?” She says, “Who's going to tell him not me.” I said I’d have to think about it.

Although I already made my mind up watching her suck Henry. I told her to take her top off and let me see her tits. She immediately did so. My first real live tits and they were huge. At least I thought so. She let me feel them and pinch the nipples.

I said, “OK. You can suck me but not now. We can do it later. We can find a place to hide and do it then.” “OK.” she says, “Whenever you want.” Then I went into the water to hide my hardening cock. Kim went in to clean off. I watched as she washes the cum from Henry off her tits, face and belly.

I followed her out of the water watching her sweet ass. I wanted to have her suck me then but decided to wait till later. We rode back to the house and nothing was said about it.

After supper I said I needed to go feed the pigs. Grand dad said it should have been done before I went swimming. I said I forgot and would do it immediately. Kim said she would help.
I led her to the barn and we went up into the hayloft. I found a horse blanket and laid it on the floor. Kim said, “Do you want me to do it now?” “Yea.” I said and told her to take all her clothes off. “To suck your cock?” She said. “I want to play with your tits and pussy.” I said.

“OK.” Then starts to remove her clothes. I watched as she stripped down. I was mesmerized by her big tits. When she was nude she lay down on the blanket. “I'm ready.” She says.

I tell her, “Close your eyes. I don't want you to see me till I'm ready.” She shuts her eyes and rolled onto her side. I took off my shorts and T-shirt, shoes and socks. I was partly hard just looking at her lying there nude. I knelt besides her saying, “OK, You can look now.”

When she looked up and saw my cock. She said, “OH My, You’re bigger than dad, hell you’re bigger than Henry. You have the biggest dick I've ever seen. Can I touch it?” I laugh saying, “Touch it, you’re going to suck it.” She reached out and wrapped her hand around it. “I don't know if I can get it in my mouth.” She says. She starts to run her hand up and down the length of it. “I can't believe you have been able to hide this for so long.”

“Mom made me think I was normal size until I saw my friend Joey, dads and grand dads. Then I knew it was not normal and was afraid people would make fun of it. Kim said "It may not be normal but no one will make fun of it.”
“Make fun if it! Hell I know girls who would kill for one this size.” “Really.” I said. “Yea. I know there are girls it would scare to death if they though you were going to stick that in their pussy’s. I know a lot of others that would give anything for guy with a dick like yours. I can’t even get my hand all the way around it.”

She continued to stroke it and then leaned forward and lick the tip. I jumped from the touch of her tongue. Then she opened wide and began to put it into her mouth. She was only able to get the head into her mouth. But God it felt great. I had seen pictures of girls doing this to guys but never imagined it would happen to me.

I had never felt anything like it in my life. Hell had I never had a girl touch it before. Then before I could say anything I shot a load of cum into her mouth. She did not even gag she swallowed each load I spurt out. She sucked the head till I had no more to give. “That was quick.” She says, I told her I had never been sucked before or anything. She looks at me and says really. I said, “Really that was the first time I have ever been sucked or touched by a girl.” “Wow I’m privileged.” She says

She told me she had her first fuck when she was 16. Her dad (uncle Don) was her first. He wanted to make sure she knew what boys wanted. For the last 2 years he had been fucking her at least 2 times a month.

“But his dick is only about ½ the size of yours. My boy friends all are about ½ the size of you. I don't know if I can even get you into my pussy, but I want to try.” “I don't know.’ I say, “Mom says it's a sin to have sex with anyone but your wife.” She laughed and said the Catholic’s are telling you that to keep you from having sex. “Personally I can't get enough of it and dad says it's OK as long as you love the one you do it with. You’re my cousin and I sure love you.” she says.

With that she started to suck the head again. I could not resist her. It felt too good to be bad. When I was hard. She says. “I want to try to get it in me. Lay down.” I lay on the blanket, my cock sticking straight up.

She climbs on top of me, reaches between her legs and lines my cock up to her pussy. She rubs the tip of my cock against the opening. I can feel the slick wetness and heat from her as she rubs my cock on her cunt. Then she pushes down and I feel resistance as the tip of my cock enters her hot wet super tight pussy. She grunts a little then smiles at me a huge smile. I’m mesmerized watching her sit on my cock. God it feels like nothing I’ve felt before. I have no description of how great it feels. Oh god I want so badly to shove the whole thing into her.

I say, ‘Are you OK? I'm in heaven.” She says. Then lowers her hips and slips 2-3 inches into her. I still cannot believe how great this feels. I start to push up to get more in her. But Kim moved with me and says, “Not so fast. I have to get use to the size of it first.”

I had a very hard time not moving but she slowly worked about ½ in when, I could feel my cock hit bottom. When it did so she gave out a loud grunt and a kind of squeal. I could see about 4 inches still not it. I started to shove it in the rest of the way but Kim said no I can’t take any more. “If you do you’ll hurt me.” She says. I sure don’t want to hurt her, but god I wanted to shove it all in.

Her eyes were big as saucers and she was breathing heavy. She says “Let me get use to it first.” Then after a couple of minutes she started to move her hips sliding up and down on it. Slowly she worked up and down for a bit then faster and faster. Her pussy felt like it was a hand gripping me all slippery with a hand lotion like I used to jack off with.

Very shortly I could feel my cock get harder and my balls start to tense up. I knew I was going to cum. I told Kim “I'm going to cum.”

She pulls her pussy off me and slides down. Then begins to suck me again. I shot my load in to her mouth and it ran out the sides and dripped on to my stomach. She sucks and swallowed till I had nothing left to give. Then she licked up the drippings that landed on my belly.

She says, “Wow what a load you have. I have never had trouble swallowing a guys loads before. You have not only got the biggest cock but the biggest load of cum I have ever swallowed too. I would love to have you shoot off in me but I might get pregnant and that would not be good. I do wish I could have gotten it all in my cunt. It will take time to stretch me out till I can get it all in. My god it's huge I’m still amazed at the size of that thing.”

“I can't wait to tell Dawn and Diane about it.” I look at her in horror and say, “You can't tell anyone.” “Don't worry dad's been fucking the twins for almost a year now. I can't hide this from them.’

I say, “If you do I'll tell them what I saw today with Henry.” She says, “Go ahead, they have done the same with Ben & Tom.” “You’re kidding.” I say, “No, We were watching the ponies mate the other day and Dawn said She wonder what it would be like to fuck a horse? Their dick is so big Dawn said I’d bet it would almost split me open. Still I would like to try she said and I said me too.”

“The next day we all rode up to the pond, Dawn and Diane. Took off their swimsuits and began to play with the pony's dicks. When they got them hard Dawn tried to get one into her pussy but she couldn't get it in. Diane decided to try to suck it first. She sucked the head for about 5 minutes then Tom cum in her mouth. She gagged from all cum and spit it out.”

“Dawn and I laughed our asses off. Diane then said she could do it and not gag, So she worked on Tom again and sucked him again till he cum. This time she swallowed almost all of it. See I told you I could. Diane said, I'll bet neither either of you can do it.”

“Not to be beat Dawn and I both worked on our pony's till they were hard. Dawn had a hard time even getting Ben's into her mouth. I sucked Henry off for the first time and swallowed almost all of it. Dawn got cum all over her and couldn't swallow it at all. It tastes too salty she said and spit it out.”

The next day after chores Kim told Grand dad we were all going swimming. Debbie wanted to go to and grand dad made us take her with us. Kim said “Crap she a tattletale and she would tell anything we did to grand dad.’ Kim said, “But don't worry I'll take care of her.”

When we got to the pond, Kim, Diane, Dawn all said it's skinny dipping time. Debbie looked at them and said, “I 'm big enough to do what ever you all do.” Kim looks at me saying. “How about it? We are not going skinny dipping unless you do.” “KO, I guess.” I say. The girls proceeded to take off their swimsuits. I could not help but watch as each got nude. I could feel my cock getting hard. “Last one in is a rotten egg.” Says Kim.

I quickly drop my shorts and run to the water. We start playing water tag. I am it and I catch Kim, I run my hands across her ass and up to her tits. I give them a squeeze. “Your it”, She then catches Dawn, “Your it.” Dawn comes after me I let her catch me. She grabs me and pulls me to her. I feel her roaming hands feeling my cock. “Oh My!” she says “Your it.” And smiles. My cock is half-hard from her touch. I swim to Debbie and grab her. Her I begin to tickle her. “Your it.” I say and my half-erect cock rubs her side. She grabs my cock and has a slight freaked out look. She then says, Your it.” Then lets go of my dick.

I swim to Diane and dive down and come up behind her. I grab her from behind, one hand on her ass and the other on her tit. My semi erect cock land right between the crack of her ass. She squeals and laughs. Then I feel her hand on my cock. “Oh!” she says, at the same time I pinch her tits and run my finger across her crotch.

“Time out!” She yells. We all stop for a minute. Diane then goes under water and turns to me. Taking my cock in hand and sticks it into her mouth. I almost jump out of the water. She licks the head and sucks for as long as she can.

Coming up she says, “Time in, Your it.” I hold her tight and we go under water. I run my hand between her legs and between the lips of her pussy. I slide a finger in she's very tight. We emerge and she says again, “Your it.” I swim to Kim dive under and come up between her legs. I feel her pussy right in my face. I come up right in front of her. Her tits rubbing my chest.

My cock is hard now and it lands between her legs. She reaches down spreads her legs and slips the head into her. I pretend to dunk her. We go under for a minute. While under water I manage to get five or six inches into her. We surface and thrash about playing like were are fighting. All the time she's trying to get more of my cock into her. ‘Your it.” I say and we pull apart.

She then swims to Dawn and tags her. She swims after me and I let her catch me farther across the pond. She catches me and grabs me by the leg. I let her pull me back. Her hands working up my body till they get to my cock. With both hands she begins to stroke me. I let her pull me under and press her tits into my face.

My hand slides between her legs. I run a finger along her cunt and slip it in. She's as tight as Diane is. I finger her for a short time while she strokes my cock. I surface, she says, Your it.” Then swims away. Debbie is closest to me so I dive under water and my head hits her right in the pussy. I slide my hands up her body and she twists in my grasp.

As she does, I run my hand across her young tits. Barely anything but puffy nipples. I slide my hand down her and between her legs. Her hairless pussy is right on my middle finger. I grab her and my finger slides across her little clit and slips the tip into her cunt.

She stops fighting and lets me hold her right there. She looks at me and smiles, then closes her legs and clamps my hand on her clit and finger in her pussy. I stay still for a minute then say, “Your it.” And pull away. She comes after me and catches me by the cock. She says, “Your it.” Holding my cock with both hands.

We continue for about an hour. As we get out I see all the girls watching me as I leave the water. My cock is hard and sticking out I see Diane say something to Dawn. She in turn says something to Kim. Kim says, Yea. Like a horse.” Then winks at me. Debbie's is the one I was worried about but she stared at my hard on. Very intensely to see all she could.

We rode home and ate supper not a word about what happened. Just the girls telling grand dad how good the water felt.

Later that night after granddad was asleep Kim, Diane and Dawn sneak into my room. They take me to the barn. There Kim showed Diane and Dawn just how big I really was. She fucked me for about ½ hr. I nearly cum in her once. “Come on!” Diane said, “It's my turn.” Diane climbed on me. When she started to put me in it almost hurt trying to get it into her. All she could get was about half in and she almost passed out when I tried to get it in further. Still she worked on me for a long time. After Diane was done Dawn sat on me and worked almost all but an inch or so in. She grinned and said, “Ha! I can get more in than either of you.”

She rode me till I cum pulling out just in time. All three then worked on cleaning me up licking and sucking the head. I was sore and worn out by the time they were through. But I was the most content boy there could be, having just fucked my three cousins.

Kim said, Tomorrow we get to go as long as we want. You'll just have to fuck us one a night.” I said, “I bet I could keep up with all three of you any day or night.” “We'll see about that.” They say, ‘We will just see. Tomorrow’s another day.” They all take turns kissing me and giving my cock a quick suck. Then kissing me again. “We better get back to the house for now.” Kim says

Next story; Hung like a shetland pony Part 2

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