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There was more than a sense of Groundhog Day about the way Tony woke the next morning as, like yesterday, he had an attractive woman lying naked beside him and could hear soft knocking on the bedroom door. He did a quick mental double-take and realized that positions had been reversed and Cyn was sleeping peacefully beside him, so it had to be Kat at the door. “Come on in.” He called out.

The door swung open and Kat smiled as she slipped in and sat on the bed beside him. She kissed him tenderly and gave him a wide smile. “Good Morning Tony. Did you sleep well?”

“I love the way you’re so full of energy in the morning.” He replied with a smile. “And yes thanks, I slept like a log. In fact I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow.”

Cyn was stirring and had managed to prop herself up on her elbows as Kat smiled her. “And how are YOU this morning Mom?” Kat enquired in a tone with more than a touch of innuendo.

Cyn slid her arms around Tony and gave him a long, loving hug. “If you’ll excuse the language honey, I’m fan-fucking-tastic!”

Her explicit response had them all laughing happily, and it was Kat who regained her composure first. “See Mom, I told you he was an amazing lover. You don’t owe me big, you owe me HUGE!”

Cyn stifled a giggle behind her hand. “I guess I do, don’t I?”

“Now hang on a minute you two.” Tony interjected, trying to sound stern and failing miserably. “Would you mind not talking about me as though I’m not in the room?”

Kat gave him one of her familiar disparaging looks. “You men, you’re always so sensitive about sex. The twins and I are making breakfast, so you’d better be downstairs soon because they’re really hungry and you might miss out.”

“Well you’d better get out of here then.” He laughed, giving her a playful swat on the butt.

She gave him a teasing smile and poked her firm butt out even further. “Ooooh Tony. Oooh that hurt’s so good! Wanna smack me again, plleeezzzz?”

“Katrina Weston!” Cyn half-shouted, just managing not to dissolve into fits of laughter.

“Oh shit.” Kat giggled to Tony. “I know I’m in trouble when she calls me Katrina. See ya!” She bolted for the door and just made it before two well-aimed pillows slammed it shut.

“I swear that girl does my head in sometimes.” Cyn laughed.

“I think we covered that last night when we said she was sixteen going on twenty six.” He agreed. “Do you want the shower first?”

“Yes please.” She replied as she headed for the bathroom. Tony was wishing his stitches could come out so they could shower together but that was going to have to wait a few more days.

The girls had cooked a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns, and Cyn and Tony ate hungrily before going back for seconds. As he sat back and sipped his coffee he realized how much he was enjoying having Cyn and her girls around, as laughter and conversation echoed naturally around the kitchen.

Tiff smiled at him over her orange juice. “Do you have anything planned for today Tony?” She asked sweetly.

He smiled back at her. “Actually, I do have something planned Tiff.” He replied. “It’s such a beautiful day, I thought we might pack a picnic lunch and head up to the lake for a swim. Anyone interested?” He wasn’t surprised to hear a chorus of agreement. “Ok girls, it’s a date. Now your Mom and I need to do a few things first, so can we leave you girls to clean up here and then pack your things?”

“You bet Tony.” Shannon replied enthusiastically.

Cyn and Tony headed over to her house to get her financial papers, and had a battle getting the front door open after he’d forced his way inside on Friday night. The Police had managed to get it closed when they left, but the door jamb was in a pretty sad state and he’d managed to bend all three hinges. “Looks like that’s my first job tomorrow.” He told her with a wry smile.

She moved around the house gathering her overdue bills and other paperwork, so he asked if he could have a look around. The inside of the house was neat and tidy, but in similar state to the outside with evidence of neglect everywhere he looked. Most of it was minor maintenance, with light bulbs out, a power socket that looked like it had shorted, a couple of dripping taps and a leaky toilet cistern in the girl’s bathroom. He pulled out his cell and started working through room by room, methodically entering a list of tasks and materials as he went.

By the time he finished he estimated there was a couple of days’ solid work, but it wasn’t as though he had more pressing things to do with his time. Cyn came in with a folder stuffed full of papers. “I’m sorry Tony, filing isn’t one of my strong points.” She apologized.

They went back to his house and dumped the folder on the dining table. “Kat, I think we might need your help here honey.” Tony called out as he went to get his laptop. When he came back he split the pile of paperwork in half and gave each of the girls a stack. “I want you to go through these and sort them out for me please. Kat, can you go through and find all the bank and credit card paperwork; Cyn, how many cards have you got?”

“Quite a few.” She admitted ruefully.

“Ok Kat, I want them separated for each card, and then sort each pile into date order so I’ve got the latest at the top and the oldest at the bottom, ok? Cyn, I’d like you to sort out the utilities, insurances, health fund and anything else.” Cyn seemed unsure, as though she wanted to say something. “Something on your mind?” He prompted.

“Ummm…’s just…..Bill and I haven’t really involved the girls in our……financial problems.” She stammered.

“I see.” Tony replied, as Kat sat quietly wondering whether she should leave or stay. “Look, I don’t want to create any problems here, but if you don’t want the girls to have financial problems when they leave home they need to know how finances work. I’m amazed that teaching kids how to check off a credit card statement and work out a household budget isn’t compulsory in school.”

Cyn looked thoughtful for a moment. “It’s impossible to argue with your logic Tony.” She agreed.

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Ok then, can I leave you to get started?”

While the girls started sorting the papers he ducked into the garage, rummaging around to find the picnic basket he hadn’t used since Julie died. When he finally found it he was thankful he’d wrapped it in a plastic bag the last time he put it away, and when he checked inside everything was there and as clean as a whistle. He packed a cooler with some wine and sodas, and then stuffed beach towels and sunscreen into a gym bag before changing into a decent pair of shorts and a casual shirt.

He found Shannon and Tiff watching TV in the den, and told them they’d be leaving soon so they needed to get ready. They both smiled and pointed to a bag in the corner. “We’re ready right now Tony.” Tiff assured him.

He went back to see how Cyn and Kat were going, and was amazed to see the mountain had gone and been replaced with a series of neat piles. Kat saw him coming and leaned back as she stretched. “I think we’re finished Tony, but I’ve got such a headache!”

He stood behind her and softly massaged her temples with his strong fingers, kissing the top of her head as he eased her headache away. “Thanks Kat, you’ve been a great help.” He said soothingly.

She leaned her head back against his chest and closed her eyes for a moment. “Ohhh….that feels so much better Tony, my headache is going already. Even when you touch me like this it feels good.”

Cyn smiled and stretched as well, but it was time to get ready to go. “The twins and I are ready.” He told them. “So if you want to go and pack your things I’ll start looking through these. When you’re ready we’ll get going.”

Tony sat down and opened a spread-sheet on his computer, scanning through each pile until he was sure he had the current balances, and carefully reviewing several letters of demand and final notices. He started entering the figures and made additional notes where needed, and by the time the girls came back he was roughly halfway through. Cyn walked behind him and put her arms around his chest as she kissed the back of his neck. “I’m almost afraid to ask, but how does it look?”

“I’m probably about halfway, so it’s too early to tell.” He explained. “At this point it’s not as bad as I expected, but I should be able to finish this off when we get back and then I’ll let you know.” He saved his spread-sheet and shutdown the computer, stowed the bags in the trunk and they headed for the lake. He stopped off at the local market and picked up a couple of barbecued chickens and some fresh salads and they were all set.

There are plenty of disadvantages in living in a smaller community, but a lot of positives as well. One of the positives was the local National Park and the lake surrounded by the rolling hills and pristine wilderness. There was no industry for miles so the water was sparking clean and so fresh you could drink it, and the town council had been careful with the modest development, doing just enough to make it great place for families and tourists to visit. They parked, grabbed their bags and headed over to the shore, until Kat suggested they walk up the shoreline to a quieter spot.

Tony was really enjoying soaking up the sun and the fresh natural scents that wafted across the water when Kat decided they’d gone far enough, so he opened up the picnic basket and started unpacking.

“So what’s first ladies, lunch or a swim?” He asked.

“Swim!” Tiff and Shannon shouted together, slipping their sundresses over their heads before they ran into the cool water.

“I guess that’s settled.” Cyn laughed, and Kat slipped her dress off and ran to join her sisters.

“Aren’t you going swimming?” Tony asked Cyn, as she seemed strangely hesitant. “I probably shouldn’t go in as I’m supposed to keep my bandage dry.”

“Umm….I’m having second thoughts.” She stammered. “Look…to be honest I got a little carried away shopping yesterday. And……Kat talked me into buying this tiny bikini, but… I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go swimming in it.”

She should have realized that admission would get his attention, so he set about convincing her to show him. “So you bought this bikini yesterday?” She nodded and gulped. “With my money?”

“No fair!” She protested, but she was smiling just the same. “You said no strings attached.”

“I lied.” He replied simply. “Now show me please, unless you want me to help you undress.”

“Ok, ok!” She conceded, slowly raising her arms to slide her dress over her head. As the hemline of dress rose he saw this tiny triangle of white material that barely covered her pussy, the folds of her labia as visible as a neon sign at night. As she went further her barely-covered breasts slid into view, her brown areolae and protruding nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and her bikini wasn’t even wet. Once she went in the water she may as well have been stark naked.

Tony couldn’t believe how sexy she looked standing there in her tiny bikini with her feminine treasures suggestively concealed but on tantalizing display at the same time. His body reacted immediately and he groaned and rolled over onto his stomach, painfully aware that his cock was growing to firm, full-length in record time as he desperately trying to conceal his plight from the girls frolicking in the cool water. “Oh Cyn.” He moaned. “You can’t wear that!”

She completely misunderstood his reaction, looking horrified and trying to slip her dress back on. “No….NO! You don’t understand.” He stammered, trying to reassure her. He rolled onto his side so his erection was only partially concealed. “Look!” He whispered, pointing down at his highly visible bulge.

She stopped trying to cover up and blushed when she saw the reason for his reaction. “Oh my God. At first I thought you didn’t like it!” She laughed.

“Does this look like I don’t like it?” He assured her. “You are so beautiful, and that bikini is the sexiest piece of swimwear I have ever seen in my life, but when the girls come back I have a serious problem!”

A growing wet patch was appearing on his shorts as pre cum oozed from his slit and there was nothing he could do to stop it; this was rapidly going from bad to worse.

She was still laughing which didn’t make him feel any better, finally managing to stifle her amusement. “We can’t have the twins see you like that, and if Kat noticed she’d whisk you off somewhere.” She glanced around quickly then held out her hand. “Which has me thinking…’d better come with me quickly.” She smirked lasciviously.

His cock was so hard it was painful to even stand but he got to his feet being careful to face away from the water, taking Cyn’s hand as she led him back under the trees. They found a grassy spot where they were effectively concealed from the girls in the water but could still keep an eye on them. Cyn still had laughter sparkling in her eyes as she knelt before him and slid his shorts down. She wrapped her slim hand around his shaft and stroked full length a couple of times before she looked up at him. “I’d love to take you in my mouth and suck you until you’re ready cum, then have you pull back and blow all over my face and my tits, but cleaning up the evidence could be a problem. So fuck my mouth honey, give it to me hard and deep and fill my throat with your hot cum. We have to get this big fella to behave for a couple of hours at least!”

She leant forward and engulfed his full length in one sexy, fluid movement, burying his cock in her throat until his balls were resting against her chin as she paused to allow her throat to stretch. He placed his hands behind her head as he waited, and when she moved he assumed control and started thrusting, her instructions to fuck her mouth ringing in his ears. He knew she could take him comfortably so his thrusts were deep and firm, and once again he felt the fabulous sensation of his cock stretching the opening to her throat every time he slid deep inside her moist mouth.

The prospect of discovery and the vision of this stunning woman on her knees lovingly servicing his cock made this as much of a mind-fuck as a physical one, and he was building toward a massive release when he glanced up to check on the girls. Tiff and Shannon were happily splashing around, but as he scanned the glistening water he couldn’t see Kat. He looked beyond the twins and then scanned left and right, but she wasn’t in the water anywhere he could see. He was desperate to cum but his concern for Kat was growing rapidly, and he was just about to interrupt Cyn’s loving attention when he sensed movement from the corner of his eye. Kat was standing ten yards away, and she put a finger over her lips as a sign for him to stay quiet. He guessed she must have seen them slipping away into the trees and followed to see what they were up to. Still thrusting hard past Cyn’s lips, he watched as Kat teasingly slid her bikini bottom down her slender legs and stepped free, her eyes never leaving his as they both became lustful voyeurs. She eased her breasts from her top and lifted them toward him, before she slid two fingers into her mouth, sucked them deeply, and then slid them into her glistening pussy.

It wasn’t until that moment he realized she had shaved her pussy as well, as the neatly trimmed patch of wispy blonde hair from Friday night was completely gone. Her eyes stayed locked on his as her fingers slid deep inside, and she pinched a nipple firmly with her other hand, stretching her breast away from her body. Tony had never been involved in such an erotic situation before, with Cyn’s loving mouth wrapped around his oozing cock and the pleasure of watching Kat masturbate giving him no chance at all.

“Get ready babe.” He gasped loudly so that Kat would hear him. “I’m going to give you everything I have!”

“Mmmmmffff!!!” She moaned from deep in her throat, folding her hands behind her back as a clear sign he was in complete control.

“Oh Fuck. Oh Jesus! I can’t tell you how good fucking your mouth is. I’m…..I’m cumming!” He was trying not to shout too loudly in case he attracted attention, and pumped his heavy load deep into Cyn’s heavenly throat. Just as he had last night, he just kept cumming and cumming, one spurt after another firing through his shaft and running into her stomach. As his flow finally slowed he heard a stifled squeal and looked over to see Kat spraying cum past her flying fingers and down her slender legs. He eased free of Cyn’s oral embrace and leant down, lifting her chin gently before kissing her full on the lips.

“Thank you.” He whispered. “You are such an unbelievably sexy, amazing woman. Bill is a complete fucking idiot not to treasure you, and I promise I will never make that mistake.”

He walked over to Kat, who was standing there with a dreamy expression on her face, and kissed her lips as well. “And thank you too Kat. Watching you cum was so erotic, just completely, incredibly hot!” He knelt down and slowly licked her juices from inner thighs, cleaning away every trace of her self-satisfying efforts. They made themselves decent and headed back to the shoreline, just making it back as the twins waded from the water.

The girls unpacked the picnic basket while Tony organized drinks, and Cyn took her glass and walked down to the water's edge, looking out over the sparkling lake. He walked up behind her and kissed her on the neck. "Everything ok?" He enquired.

She nodded and leaned back, gently resting against him. "I was just thinking what a weekend of contradictions this has been. Friday night was probably the lowest point of my life; I honestly can't remember another time when I felt that things were so completely hopeless. Less than forty-eight hours later I'm standing here after the best weekend the girls and I have enjoyed in ages....thanks to you."

"It’s hard to believe how much has happened in such a short time.” He agreed simply. “I don’t think I’d believe it myself if I hadn’t lived through it. Do you feel things are moving too fast? I know I do.”

She nodded in agreement. “Part of me feels my life has been turned upside-down, but another part is telling me that things are finally changing for the better.”

“I guess that’s pretty much how I feel too.” He assured her. “I think I’m still waiting to make sure the adrenaline from Friday has worn off, but this has been the best weekend I've had in years and it's not over yet." He agreed simply. "Now, can I offer your some lunch?"

"Yes please. I seem to have worked up quite an appetite." She replied.

"I don't know how." He teased. "You haven't even gone for a swim yet."

"Well, if you've forgotten already I won't waste my time doing THAT again!" She laughed, landing a playful punch on his shoulder.

He held up my hands in mock surrender. "I remember, I remember!" She shook her head as they both laughed at his instant memory recovery, and went back and enjoyed a leisurely lunch with the girls.

After lunch the twins produced a couple of Frisbees which had them all running around for a while before the girls pleaded for one final swim before leaving for home. Cyn finally plucked up the courage to get her tiny bikini wet, and gave Tony a grandstand view as she walked slowly back from the water. He couldn't resist walking down to meet her, kissing her deeply when he reached her. "It is completely unfair that you can be so beautiful and so sexy. How is any man supposed to resist you when you dress like that?"

She blushed a little and nodded toward an area just below his waist. "Everything ok down there?" She giggled.

"Only just! But I won't feel totally comfortable until you put your dress back on."

He helped her dry off and she slipped her dress over her head, and they packed their things for the trip home.


It was just on dusk when they made it back, and once they’d taken everything inside he turned to Cyn and the girls. “I hate to be a killjoy but it’s a school day tomorrow, so we need to go over and get your things so you’re all ready. Any homework or assignments that you have to hand in tomorrow?”

All three girls mumbled and complained which he took as covert agreement, so they all trooped over and Tony wrestled with the damaged door again until they managed to get inside. The girls got their school things and clothing together and they headed back, before he made coffee and he went back to entering the financial data, methodically working through the various piles on the table. He lost track of time until Cyn came in a put her hand on his shoulder. “The twins have finished their homework and are making hungry noises. Would you like me to start dinner now?”

“I’d like to keep going as I’m starting to see daylight. Why don’t you and the girls have dinner and I’ll fix something later, ok?”

“I’ll take care of the girls, but I’m not that hungry so I might wait and have dinner with you if that’s ok?”

“That would be great Cyn, I’d like that.” He smiled, and she headed off to the kitchen.

An hour or so later he was finally done, and leaned back on the chair to give his aching neck muscles a stretch as Cyn came in with the twins. Tiff and Shannon gave him hug and kisses and thanked him for a great day before heading for a shower and bed. On the other hand Cyn was looking extremely nervous. “So…. how bad does it look?”

He gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s not great but to be honest it’s not as bad as I expected.”

She gave him a tentative smile and breathed a small sigh of relief. “I guess that’s some good news. Do you want to take me through it now?”

“I may as well. Is Kat busy, I’d like her to sit in if that’s ok with you?” Tony replied, and she went to find Kat. When they came back he showed them his spread sheet and started to work through the details. Bringing the house payments and utilities back to current, and paying off all the credit cards came to just under twenty thousand. He explained to Cyn that she only had one credit card worth keeping as the others all had exorbitant interest rates, and suggested she cut the others up and close the accounts.

“I can’t use any of them as they’re all maxed-out so I may as well.” She agreed.

Their health insurance had lapsed a few months ago and their policy wasn’t a particularly good one, so he suggested they change to another company who gave far better benefits for a similar amount. The final question was their cell-phone and internet plans, as both had lapsed before the health cover. Tony gave Kat a rueful smile. “How hard has it been not having a cell or internet access honey?”

“It hasn’t been much fun, but there wasn’t a lot we could do about it.” She responded. He’d recently changed his ISP, moving to a full-service provider offering great rates if you bundled internet and cell together, and he suggested Cyn and the girls do the same.

She gave him a questioning look. “Tony, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this, but internet and cell phones are something we could probably live without.”

Kat looked momentarily disappointed, but to her credit she kept her reservations to herself. “I’m not sure I agree.” He responded. “If you were coming home from a late shift and had car trouble you’d have no way to contact me or the girls. And if they had a problem getting home from school they couldn’t contact us either so I think it’s a necessity rather than a luxury. If they haven’t got internet access they’re at a disadvantage with their schoolwork, so I’d like to tick this box and we’re done.”

Cyn gave him a look of mock exasperation. “I don’t think you’ve read the manual Tony. Women are supposed to win most of the arguments!”

Tony laughed. “I don’t think we’ve had one yet, and I’m sure you’ll win your fair share.”

In the meantime Kat had jumped up and did a serious fist-pump. “Cell and internet, YES!!!”

Cyn looked at him with misty eyes. “I…..don’t know what to say Tony. This is so…..overwhelming, I just can’t believe you’re prepared to help out like this, and I don’t know how we can ever repay you.”

With no idea how to respond an awkward pause followed before he gathered his thoughts. “Look Cyn, I’ve always believed in karma, you know, what goes around comes around? Maybe it’s nothing more than fate, but I’m in a position to help you so I don’t really see it as such a big deal. You and the girls have had a really shitty time over the past few months, and maybe this is how things balance out for you. Who knows, sometime in the future I may really need your help.”

“Well if that ever happens, you know we’ll all stand by you!” She replied emphatically. “Now Kat, I’m going to start dinner, so would you like to take Tony upstairs and give him a relaxing bath?”

Kat smiled and took him by the hand. “Mom, that would be my pleasure.” She whispered, and led him away.

When they got the bathroom Tony knew he had been set up, as the bath was already half full and flickering candlelight bathed the room in a soft glow. He looked down at Kat as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders. “I suspect you and your Mom have been conspiring again Kat.” He said softly.

She ran her hands over his chest before sliding his shorts down. “It’s what we girls do, silly; and don’t we make a great team?” She replied as she slipped out of her dress and slid slowly into the water. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to join me?”

He stepped into the bath and lay back against her chest, feeling the warm water soothe away the tension that had built up in his body from hours hunched over a computer screen. She held him gently against her, and he felt her nipples gradually harden against his back as her fingers traced lazy circles over his chest. She rubbed his temples as he had done for her earlier, and he realized he had half a headache from concentrating on figures so intently, before it slowly faded away. She reached for a wash cloth and the soap and slowly washed his chest, shoulders and neck, pausing every now and then to brush her lips against his wet skin in a series of feather-soft kisses.

He marveled at her maturity and sensuality, as he was sure her only previous experience had been at the hands of her brutal father, and he would have used her for his own pleasure with little concern for her feelings or enjoyment. Yet when she was with him she somehow knew that it was best when things happened in a slow, loving manner. She was one of those rare, natural creatures who instinctively knew how to give and receive sensual pleasure, and he was a fortunate man to have the chance to be with her.

Tony turned around and took her face in his hands, before their lips met in a kiss that slowly grew in passion and intensity. When they broke for breath he gazed into her sparkling eyes. “I just want you know that there is nothing I would rather do than be with you like this.” He whispered as she held his gaze. “You are such an amazing woman, and any man would be lucky to spend time with you.”

She returned his kiss. “I don’t really understand why, but when I’m with you it just seems so natural and…..just perfect.” She whispered softly.

He started gently washing her firm young body. “I couldn’t describe it any better, it is absolutely perfect.” He agreed.

They had just finished washing each other when there was a soft knock at the door. Cyn stepped in, looking absolutely amazing. She was wearing the same cocktail dress she had worn to dinner last night, and had done her hair and makeup as well. Tony whistled in amazement. “No way; how on earth did you manage to get changed and do your hair and makeup that fast? It’s simply not possible!”

She did a slow pirouette and smiled. “Do I look ok?”

“I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t matter what you two wear, you always look sensational. But that dress is quickly becoming a personal favorite.”

She smiled at his compliment. “Kat honey.” She purred. “I’ll take over now so you can get ready for dinner.”

Kat stepped from the bath giving Tony a front row view of her long, slender legs and cute butt while she quickly toweled dry and headed off to get dressed. “Ok Tony, it’s time to get you out of there.” Cyn said as she offered him her hand. He stepped out and she toweled him off before he reached for his clothes, but she stopped him with a sensual smile. “Not just yet Mister, you’re coming with me.”

She led him into the bedroom, and the candle fairies had been busy there as well as the room was bathed in gentle, flickering light. Soft music was playing on the stereo, adding to the sensuous mood as Cyn spread a towel on the bed and led him over. She had him lay face down and he sensed her moving around the room, before he felt her small hands gently spreading massage oil over his back. Starting with his neck and shoulders she slowly worked her way down his body, finding every tight muscle and working over it until it loosened to state of total relaxation. “I think I’ve underestimated your talents honey, you have amazing hands.” He groaned.

“Don’t go to sleep on me Tony.” She laughed as she worked down his calves, until she finished at his ankles and rolled him over to start working from his shoulders down. She carefully peeled the dressing off his chest and paused to inspect his stitches. “It seems to be healing nicely, when did the doctor say you could get the stitches out?”

“Hopefully by the end of the week.” He replied. “If it looks ok let’s leave the bandage off tonight and we can put a new one on tomorrow. It feels so good to let my skin breathe.”

She was just working down toward his ankles when Kat knocked and came in, and like her mother she was wearing her dinner dress from last night, and had also managed to do her hair and makeup. “My God, you are so beautiful Kat.” He said in amazement at her quick transformation. “You are simply stunning, I’m feeling a little under-dressed.”

Kat smiled at him and purred. “I don’t think you’re under-dressed at all. In fact that’s just the way I like you.”

His cock gave a sudden twitch which had his sexy companions giggling like school girls. “I think this is all you’ll need Tony.” Cyn said as she handed him a robe with a twinkle in her eye, before Kat took his hand and led him down to dinner.

Cyn had prepared a great meal, telling Tony later she’d searched through his freezer until she found a roast and some mint peas, worked out where he kept the potatoes, and prepared a sumptuous baked dinner. The table was perfectly set and she sat him at the head with Kat on one side and herself on the other. A bottle of wine was sitting in an ice bucket and she poured three glasses, before standing behind her chair.

“I would like to propose a toast.” She announced, smiling happily as she raised her glass. “To an amazing friend who also happens to be an incredible lover; and to a brighter future with whatever that may bring.”

“I’ll drink to that!” Kat announced, before both girls gave him simultaneous kisses on each cheek.

He had no idea how to respond to the unexpected toast, and the heat radiating from his face suggested he was blushing like a stop light. “Thanks ladies.” He replied lamely. “Now can you please stop embarrassing me and serve dinner, because something smells so good I’ve just realized I am incredibly hungry.”

Dinner was simply superb, and he acknowledged how long it had been since he’d enjoyed a home-cooked meal anywhere near as good. By the time they’d finished desert they were halfway through a second bottle of wine and he was feeling more relaxed than he could recall being for some time. He was sure Cyn and Kat were in a similar state, and hoped they wouldn’t be nursing hangovers tomorrow.

Kat surprised him by pushing her chair back and spreading her legs, graphically revealing she hadn’t bothered wearing panties. She slid a long, slender finger into her mouth before she started slowly stroking her pussy. “I’m sorry you guys but I think I’m a little drunk, and I know I’m so fucking horny.” She said simply, before looking at Cyn. “Mom, watching you take Tony in your mouth at the lake was just so incredibly hot!”

Cyn gave her daughter a smile and a hesitant laugh. “To be honest Kat I have no idea what came over me. That’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that outdoors.” She looked at him as she followed her daughter’s lead, using her mouth to lubricate a finger before sliding it over her identically naked pussy.

With both women pleasuring themselves in front of him, Tony thought “What the fuck!” and slid his robe off before taking a hold of his cock and jacking it slowly. He was wondering which of these wanton, sexy women he should take first when Kat took things in an unexpected direction.

“Mom. At the lake when you took Tony in your mouth, how did you manage to take all of him?” She asked in a surprisingly frank manner.

Cyn gave her a quizzical look. “Ummm…..apart from saying you’ve picked a strange time for some girl talk honey…..I’m not sure I follow you.”

“Well….Tony’s cock isn’t small, in fact I think it’s the perfect size.” She hurriedly reassured him. “But I want to know how you can take it all in your mouth. Whenever Dad forced me to have oral sex I could only take about half of him, and then I thought I was going to be sick. His cock is smaller than Tony’s, but I would cough and I felt like he was choking me.”

Despite the unusual topic they were all still masturbating leisurely as Cyn smiled at her inquisitive daughter. “Ok, now I understand. What you experienced is called a gag-reflex. When you have something in your mouth and it goes into your throat your body wants to move it away so it doesn’t cut off your airway, it’s basically a defense mechanism.”

“Ok, I can understand that.” Kat replied. “So how come you don’t have a gag-reflex? Tony’s cock must have been well into your throat.”

Cyn smiled at that memory. “It sure was honey, and it was simply fantastic! Look, half of this is physical and the other half is psychological. The physical side is nothing more than practice; training your body to allow something to slide into your throat, and knowing that you aren’t going to suffocate or have trouble breathing. The psychological part depends on the person you are with and how much you trust them. If you were on your knees and a man has his hands on the back of your head, and he is literally fucking your mouth the way your father did, then you have no control and no trust, so it’s not going to be pleasant for you. On the other hand, if your partner is loving and considerate and he lets you control things, then you’re relaxed and comfortable and you get to enjoy yourself too. Does that make sense honey?”

Kat was frowning as she considered the information. “Ummm….sort of….but I’m not really sure?”

Cyn looked at Tony with a slightly exasperated expression. “I’m sorry Tony, but I’m going to ask you to go along with me on this if that’s ok?”

He had no idea what she had in mind but nodded, having nothing but respect for her honesty and patience as she tried to satisfy Kat’s questions. There was no reason to rush so he figured he could learn some parenting skills at the same time, as he was thankful Cyn was fielding her question and he wasn’t grappling with it.

Cyn came over and knelt in front of him. “Kat, come over here with me please.” Kat came over and knelt beside her mother, who looked up at him. “Tony, I want you to put your hands behind my head fuck my mouth really hard for a few seconds or so, ok?”

“To be honest I’m not comfortable with this Cyn, regardless of the reason.” He replied.

She smiled at Kat. “Remember what I told you honey, about a man who’s loving and considerate?” Kat nodded before Cyn spoke to him. “It’s ok Tony, honestly, I like it hard and deep when I’m hot and ready for sex, and I’m probably a little drunk so I’m in the mood. I just want Kat to understand the difference between rough and gentle oral sex, and I know this is a bit weird for you but it’s probably the only way to teach her.”

She knelt calmly before him and opened her mouth, waiting for him take her. He slid in until he was nudging her throat and paused, as he was going to give her time to get ready regardless of what she’d told him. When she nodded slightly he put his hands behind her head and thrust his cock hard into her mouth, his cock-head forcing her throat open until his balls were nudging her chin. He rammed in and out for ten seconds or so, actually pushing her head back despite his grip, before sliding free and stroking her face to let her know the demonstration was over.

As he slipped from her mouth she turned to Kat. “Did you see how my throat was stretching when Tony pushed in honey?”

Kat nodded and bit her lip. “It looked pretty intense Mom. I could actually see the bulge in your throat as Tony slid inside!”

She smiled and looked up at him again. “Ok Tony. This time just rest your hands on my head and let me control how deep I take you, ok?”

He nodded emphatically. “That’s something I’m far more comfortable with.”

He rested his hands on her head and waited for her to start. She opened her mouth and slid down the length of his shaft, easily taking him into her throat. Her tongue moved around him, flicking over the head as she moved back and bathed his shaft with saliva as she took him deep inside. She built up to a steady rocking motion and he was quickly getting aroused, before she slowed and slid back, giving his glans a soft, final kiss as she pulled free.

She turned to Kat. “See the difference? Tony was allowing me to control things so I could decide how far I wanted to take him. I still had him deep in my throat, but he wasn’t forcing me to take him any further than I wanted.”

Kat had been watching closely, her sweet face a study of intense concentration. “Yes Mom, I can see the difference. Can I try now?”

Cyn moved aside and Kat took her place on her knees in front of him. She opened her mouth and for the first time his cock slid past her lips. “Start out slow honey.” Cyn whispered. “Remember how you told me Tony had started slow and easy when he went down on you, and kissed and licked your pussy? Try and do it just like that. Just take as much as you feel comfortable with, and you can slide your tongue over the head and around the shaft.”

Tony felt her tongue flick tentatively across the head, and then slide around him as she followed her mother’s instructions. He started softly stroking her face, and a groan of encouragement slipped from his throat as he started to enjoy her experimentation. He looked down to see she taken a little over half his length when he felt his cock-head just brush against the entrance to her throat. “If you want to try taking him in your throat, just take a nice deep breath and relax first.” Cyn whispered again. “Tony won’t force you, so you can control how much and how far.”

He felt her inch back and breathe before moving forward until his cock-head was nudging her throat once again. She slid further and the head popped inside, immediately triggering her gag-reflex as she started coughing violently. She pulled free, a string of saliva hanging from her lip. “It’s ok honey.” Cyn soothed. “It takes a little time to get the hang of it so just take it slow.”

She nodded and took a moment to compose herself and tried again. The sensations from her warm, moist mouth wrapped around his shaft were causing him some serious control problems, as the last thing he wanted was to pump an unexpected torrent of cum into her mouth. She took him slowly until his cock-head was resting against her throat, and pushed a little further which triggered her reflex again. A third attempt had the same result and she slid away, a defeated look on her face. “It’s no good, I just can’t do it!” She wailed.

Cyn tried to reassure her. “Kat it’s ok, really! It just takes a little time and practice.”

Kat looked up at him. “I’m sorry Tony. I’m just hopeless at sucking cock, it’s a wonder you haven’t gone soft.”

“Kat listen to me.” Tony said quietly. “Just having you take me in your mouth was amazing. I was trying really hard to hold back as you nearly made me cum!”

She wasn’t having any of it. “Yeah…right!” She said sarcastically. “You’re just patronizing me and trying to make me feel better.”

“Is that so? You think I’m just patronizing you?” He snapped back, gripping his shaft firmly as he started stroking hard. Three or four strong rapid strokes was all it took and cum was flying from his cock. “Oh….FUCK!” He shouted as he came, still stroking and pumping jets of thick cream all over the floor. “Oh…..Jesus!” He groaned again as he slumped back onto a chair just before his trembling legs gave out.

Kat had a look of pure amazement on her face while Cyn was smiling broadly. Tony was a little surprised at the intensity of his release, and when he started to get his breathing under control he looked over at Kat. “Come here young lady.” He said firmly. She slowly moved over, wondering from his tone how much trouble she was in. He took her face in his heads, realizing too late than he had just smeared cum on her cheek and hoping she would be ok with it. “You and I need to have an understanding Kat. I would NEVER patronize you or treat you like a silly little kid, because you are a sexy, sensual young woman. When it comes to sex I believe in total honesty, and whatever happens is fine as long as the people involved are comfortable with it. If you did something and it didn’t work for me I’d tell you, and if I did something that you weren’t comfortable with I’d be disappointed if you didn’t tell me. When you took me in your mouth it was fantastic, and if I was half-soft because I wasn’t enjoying it there’s no way I could have cum so fast is there?”

She bit her lip and looked at him. “I’m sorry Tony that was unfair of me, but I was just disappointed I couldn’t take you in my throat like Mom can.”

“Do you like the way I kiss and lick your pussy?” He asked her.

A dreamy expressing flickered across her face as she smiled. “Oh yes!” She whispered. “I have never felt anything like that before.”

“Ok, do you think I just woke up one morning and discovered I’d magically become pretty good at oral sex?”

“Ummm……I guess not.” She replied.

“More like…of course not.” Tony replied with a smile. “I was just lucky I had a great teacher. Julie and I experimented with lots of things when our relationship started getting serious. She taught me how to pleasure a woman with my mouth, how to explore a pussy, and to start off slow and gentle. She would tell me when I did something she liked….and when I did something that wasn’t so good. I gradually built up my confidence and…I guess you could say I refined my technique…..until it just felt totally natural and I could really give her pleasure.”

Her confident smile was making a comeback. “When you explain it like that it makes perfect sense.” She responded happily. “So, will you teach me how to be a five star cock-sucker?”

He smiled at them both. “It looks like we’ll both teach you Kat, because your Mom is very good at it. Even if you find you just can’t take me into your throat then that’s ok, as I hoped I’ve just proved to you.”

“That sure was one amazing cum, I couldn’t believe how much there was.” She giggled.

Cyn was standing by Tony and took his hand. “I need Tony for a just a second Kat, we’ll be right back.” She said to her daughter as she led him into the den. When they were out of earshot she turned to him, her eyes glistening. “You just keep on racking up points with me babe, how on earth did you do that?” She said in amazement. He wasn’t sure what she meant and his face must have registered that he was a little perplexed. “That was the situation every parent dreads. A child whose confidence is shattered and it could affect the rest of their lives if you don’t handle it just right. You’ve never had kids but you just did everything perfectly, I can’t believe what a natural you are!”

He knew what had happened was important, but didn’t think it was such a big deal. He guessed he had a lot to learn. “Well I’m glad you’re happy Cyn.” He told her. “But I just told her the truth. She was expecting to master something difficult straight away, and I just wanted to reassure her there was plenty of time.”

“Don’t sell yourself short Tony.” She smiled. “Most fathers who raised daughters since birth would have dropped dead on the spot in that situation. I can’t believe how well you handled that. That deserves a reward honey, is there something special I can do for you?”

He shook his head. “It’s fine, honestly.” He assured her, but she wasn’t letting go.

“Why don’t you loosen up and have some fun?” She replied. “Think of it as a little quid-pro-quo and give me something I can do for you.”

“Ok, ok.” He laughed, telling her the first thing that came into his mind. “You can make me breakfast in a little French maid costume one day when the girls aren’t around. I’d love to see those sexy legs in tiny black skirt and fishnets.”

“Ooooo! So you like your women in costumes and lingerie do you?” She teased.

“The man who doesn’t, no longer has a pulse.” He laughed in reply, and they headed back to join Kat.

Kat was a picture of relaxation, casually lying back in her chair with her wine glass in one hand while the other slowly stroked her glistening pussy. “You two were gone for so long I decided to start without you.” She teased.

Tony moved behind her and slipped her dress straps from her shoulders, then eased it down until her pert breasts were on open display. Her nipples were standing firmly to attention and he reached down and took each one between his thumbs and forefingers. He gave each nipple a tiny squeeze and she gasped and leant her head back, looking up at him. “I noticed at the lake today that you were squeezing your nipples while you played with yourself.” He commented. “Are your nipples really sensitive when you’re aroused?” He asked as he squeezed them a little harder.

She gasped again. “Oh yes. When I’m horny my nipples get so hard, and sometimes when I squeeze them I think I’m going to cum!”

He squeezed a little harder and used his grip to stretch her breasts away from her chest. “Do you do this as well, does this feel hot? Does your pussy get really wet when you play with your nipples?”

He knew the answer before he asked, as he could hear soft liquid sounds coming from her pussy as her fingers slid easily inside. He looked at Cyn and was delighted to see she was following her daughter’s actions, her dress around her waist as she played with her pussy and nipples. This was getting seriously hot and he wasn’t surprised that his cock was starting to harden again, despite how hard he had cum earlier.

“Oh God yes.” Kat hissed. “It gets so wet, it just runs. Sometimes I can get three fingers in my pussy!!”

Julie and Tony had enjoyed hot talk during sex as it always enhanced the erotic stimulation, so he kept going with his lewd discussion. “Are you really wet now? Can you show me how many fingers you can slide into that hot little pussy?”

They both looked down and watched as she slid a third finger inside, her labia coated with her juices and stretching as she thrust in and out. “Oh God, that looks so hot Kat!” Tony hissed. “Do you think you can slip another finger in there?”

She groaned. “Oh God, I don’t know. Would you like me to try?”

“Yes! See if you can get four fingers in your tight little cunt!” Tony encouraged as his own lust started to get the better of him. In the meantime Cyn stifled a scream and they looked over to see her thighs saturated with glistening trails of cum, with more oozing past her stretched labia as they watched her indulgent self-pleasure.

They were all getting caught up in their hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, each feeding off the others’ actions until Kat had succeeded in sliding a fourth finger deep inside. “Look Tony, I can do it; I’ve got four fingers in my cunt! Oh FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM!!!” She shrieked.

Tony could feel pre-cum oozing from his slit and running slowly down his shaft; this was just so intense! He kept hold of one nipple and moved quickly around, dipping his head and taking her other nipple in his mouth. His lips held the base of her nipple as his tongue flicked all around the hard, pointed tip. Her breathing was ragged, almost sobbing, and she held his head with her free hand and literally mashed his face against her breast.

“Oh God, oh Fuck! Oh please, don’t stop! I’m….I’m CUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!” She screamed.

As he heard her cum spraying from her pussy he bit her nipple firmly and she screamed again as she came and came, a small river of cum pumping past her fingers and down her thighs. When he stopped for breath he realized Cyn was beside him, and was surprised when she pushed him firmly out of the way!

“I’m sorry Tony but I can’t help myself, I’m just so hot I have to do this!” She hissed with a look of pure lust on her face. She got down on her hands and knees in front of Kat’s chair and started lapping up her daughter’s fresh cum, her tongue working furiously over her daughter’s wet skin. In seconds she had cleaned up Kat’s thighs and starting licking her sweet teen pussy, while Tony simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Cyn paused for just a second and looked back at him with Kat’s cream smeared all over her face. “I need you Tony, NOW!” She moaned urgently. “You’ve fucked my mouth and my cunt; but there’s one place you haven’t been yet. You can tell me later that you think I’m perverted or disgusting, but I need your cock in my ass. PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO FUCK MY ASS!!!”

Her expression was pleading, begging, anxiously waiting for his response and praying it would be positive. He gave her a reassuring smile and saw her relax, as she went back to enjoying the taste of her daughter’s oozing pussy. Anal sex had long been a personal favorite, and something he and Julie had enjoyed immensely since they tried it when they were hot to fuck but she had her period. There would be ample time later to reassure Cyn he didn’t think any less of her after this request.

She was in the perfect position for anal sex, on her hands and knees with her pink rosebud begging for attention. He scooped some of her juices from her slick pussy and starting gently working it around her tight sphincter. His dribbling cock slid easily into her wet cunt to coat it with juice, while his finger slipped past her tight muscle and worked inside. Her hips were gyrating sensuously, letting him know she needed him as soon as he was ready.

If they weren’t so hot and caught up in lust he would have worked on her for a while, gradually stretching and relaxing her until he could easily slide a finger or two inside. But he knew he couldn’t hold back and doubted she would want him to, so he slid his throbbing cock out of her pussy, took a firm hold of his slick shaft, and eased his cock-head past her clenching muscle.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmffff!!!” She groaned into Kat’s pussy as he slid in a little further until half his shaft was buried in her incredibly tight ass. The pressure was amazing, intense, gripping him like a slick rubber glove as it molded to every bump and ridge on his cock. He watched her back rise and fall as she breathed steadily through her nose and her ass slowly relaxed around him. Sweating as though it was high summer, trails of perspiration ran down his chest despite the pleasantly cool evening. His cock was oozing so much pre cum he could actually feel it running from his slit, and he started thrusting slowly, going a little deeper with each stroke until his balls slapped softly against her labia.

Cyn moved back from Kat’s pussy and looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes blazing with wanton desire. “Oh Yes, FUCK! YES!!! That’s what I need Tony, fuck my ass! PUMP ME HARD AND FILL MY ASS WITH CUM!!!” She pleaded.

He was getting closer by the second, and Kat was watching spellbound as Tony took her mother’s ass for the first time. He was fucking her so hard he was actually pushing her against Kat’s thighs every time he thrust in. “Get ready Cyn. I’m going to blow the top of your head off!” He shouted.

“Do it.” She pleaded. “Pump me hard and deep until your cum is running out of my mouth!”

He groaned deeply; an almost animalistic expression of lust as his cum pulsed up his shaft and sprayed from his cock, coating the walls of her clenching ass with thick, hot cream in seconds. He kept thrusting and cumming, even as their combined juices oozed past her stretched sphincter and dribbled slowly down over his balls. Cyn was trembling and shaking beneath him, unable to hold still as she felt his juices fill her, until he simply had to stop and rest on her back, his breathless body heaving.

Her arms and legs started to shake from trying to support his weight, and he reluctantly slid free and fell slowly to floor. She crawled across slowly and lay across his chest. “I can’t begin to tell how much I needed that, or how good it was!” She murmured.

He smiled and ran his fingers through her hair. “Do you remember the last thing you said to me last night?” He asked.

He sensed her trying to recall. “I don’t think so. What did I say?” She replied.

“Ditto!” He responded, and they both laughed.

Kat came over and sat on the floor beside them. “Wow you guys, that was really something!”

“You think?” Cyn murmured. “I’m absolutely and completely fucked and need to go to bed. Tony, would you mind terribly if I don’t clean up till tomorrow?”

“After that I couldn’t care less.” He reassured her. “The only place I want you two hot ladies is beside me in bed.”


A bank of thick clouds had rolled in overnight and Monday dawned with a heavy overcast and drizzling rain. Tony shook the sleep from his eyes and looked around, surprised and a little disappointed to find he was alone. He hadn’t replaced his bandage so he headed for the shower, enjoying the hot spray for quite a while until he dried off and headed downstairs.

The girls were dressed for school and just finishing breakfast when he walked in, and Cyn came over and gave him a warm good morning kiss. “I was just going to send Tiff up to see if you were awake. I’m going to drive the girls to school otherwise they’ll be soaked through by the time they get there. We’ve saved you some breakfast and I’ll be back soon, ok?”

“That’s fine Cyn.” He replied with a smile. “I’ve got a lot to do today so I should probably get started.”

Tiff and Shannon said their goodbyes and headed out to the car, while Kat waited until they left the room before she came over to him. Like the twins, she was wearing a white blouse with her uniform skirt and had her hair in a pony-tail, and even dressed as she was she exuded a subtle air of sexuality.

“I’m going to have to be careful Kat. I think I’m developing an interest in sexy young girls in school uniform.” He laughed.

“Now isn’t that strange.” She replied, smiling broadly. “I’m developing an interest in hot middle-aged men, or should I say one particular hot, middle-aged man!” She backed up against him and reached up to bring his face down to hers. “I’m going to miss you today, school is so boring by comparison to the things we’ve been doing over the weekend.”

“I’ll miss you too.” Tony assured her.

“Well, here’s one thing you can think about while I’m gone today.” She whispered, slowly grinding her butt against his cock as she spoke. “Tonight I want you to fuck me in the ass the way you did with Mom last night, ok? You can think of it as….and important part of my education.”

Her movement against his cock was already creating signs of interest, but her lewd suggestion really got his attention. “I would love to, but you really are a teasing little bitch. Now I’ll be walking around with a hard-on all day!”

She gave him a sweet smile and kissed him goodbye before she headed for the door, pausing briefly to leave a final parting thought. “And you don’t think my panties will be soaked by the time I get to school? See you tonight stud.”

He brewed a coffee and smiled at Kat’s suggestion for the coming night, and the way she instinctively knew exactly how to get him aroused. He was still shaking his head as he started his computer and got to work. His first call was to the bank manager who held the mortgage on Cyn’s house, and thankfully he had an account with the same bank for his day to day expenses. He asked for the manager and gave the receptionist his name. “Hi Terry, its Tony Allen, how are you?” He greeted the manager when he came on the line.

“Great thanks Tony.” He replied. “How can I help you today? Have you decided to make my day and invest your portfolio with us?”

Tony laughed at that suggestion, knowing he was a long way from serious. “Not at the miserable interest rates you bandits offer.” He replied, hearing Terry sigh into the phone.

“I figured it was worth a try. So, what can I do for you?”

Tony told him about Cyn’s problems, and that he wanted to pay the arrears and set up a direct payment for the monthly mortgage payments. Terry whistled. “That’s very generous Tony. I knew Bill had lost his job and they were in pretty deep; to be honest I think we’ve already started foreclosure proceedings so I’ll ensure we stop those now and get things back on track. I’ll need you to sign some papers for the ongoing payments but that won’t hold things up. Can I email the documents to you and get you to drop them in next time you’re in town?”

“Sure thing Terry. Send them through and I’ll get them back to you this week.”

With their house secured he worked through the rest of the list, waving to Cyn when she arrived back. Dealing with the credit cards took some time, as they were all happy the arrears were being paid but wanted to negotiate about closing the accounts. Tony knew they were people merely trying to do their jobs, but he got pretty short with the last two on his list. He was thinking about taking a break but only had the cell and internet plan to organize, and knew the girls had been very understanding about losing them but would probably do hand-stands when they got them back. He picked up the phone and thankfully got put through to a very helpful operator.

After giving Mandy a brief outline he asked if there was any way she could have them connected today. “Oh my goodness.” She said in surprise. “If you have three teenage girls with no cell phones or internet I’d call that a critical priority! If my girls lost either my life wouldn’t be worth living. I’ll make sure they’re back online by six pm today, and if you have a pen handy I’ll give my direct number just in case.”

He thanked her sincerely for her help, shutdown the computer and went to see what Cyn was up to. He found her in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and walked up behind her, sliding his hands around her waist before kissing her softly on the neck. “I missed you this morning.” He whispered.

“If we keep having weekends like this I’m going to hate Monday mornings Tony.” She laughed in agreement. “I think you should really have a talk with the neighbors though.” She said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I’m not sure I follow you.” He said, with no idea what she was talking about.

“Well they did a thorough job of trashing your place last night. I’ve only just finished clearing up!” She laughed.

Tony smiled at her sense of humor. “I’ll get right on it, just leave it to me.” He assured her.

“Can I make you a coffee?” She asked.

“I would love a coffee thanks, are you still starting work at two?” She nodded. “I might follow you into town and pick up some hardware. I want to fix that door today so you can get into your own house.”

“So, my daughter and I give you a weekend of amazing sex and now you’re kicking us out?” She replied, smiling to let him know her comment was a frivolous one.

“Ouch!” He said, laughing in reply. “I think that was a little harsh, but the sex was amazing wasn’t it? Is this the point where everyone gets embarrassed and tries to work out where we go from here?”

“I think so Tony.” She laughed. “Thank God we’re not bumbling, insecure teenagers anymore.”

“Amen to that.” He replied. “So, ladies first and please be honest, you have the girls to consider as well as yourself.”

She took a deep breath as they sat down at the table. “Ok, here goes nothing. I’ve think I’ve experienced every possible emotion since Friday night, and while everyone likes to think they’re in control and they know where they’re going, I’m really struggling to get my head around Bill, you, the girls, and everything that has happened. I was serious when I said I’m going to divorce Bill because I will never accept what he did to the girls and I, and there is no place in our lives for him anymore even if he isn’t sent to prison. Apart from anything else, I could never put the girls at risk knowing what he has done to them so that chapter of our lives is over.”

She paused and took another breath before continuing. “You have been incredibly generous and supportive, but there are no ties between us and I’m not suggesting there should be either. I’d like to give it time and see how we really feel about being together once the initial attraction wears off. At the moment I feel like a horny schoolgirl who just wants to rip your clothes off and fuck you every chance I get, but things will settle down and then we’ll really know if we have a chance, and that’s provided you want to go down this path. I need to try and find a good job that will support my family, because I can’t afford to rely on you and that wouldn’t be fair to either of us right now.” She glanced at him uncertainly, looking for a reaction, so he nodded and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“As for us, my God, could it get any more complicated?” She moaned. “Am I in love you? I have no idea, but given time I could be. Am I in lust with you? Absolutely, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered. I shared your bed for the first time two nights ago, and you made me feel so special and treasured I don’t know if anyone else could ever make me feel like that. Bill knew every one of my likes and dislikes and he never came close. And then I’m willingly allowing my teenage daughter to sleep with you, so does that me a bad mother? I have no idea what I’ll say to twins when they realize you’re making love to me, and to Kat, so how on earth will I deal with that? I know that day will come and I probably should be rational and stop all of this now, but I can’t, I don’t want to, and I won’t.”

She paused again, perhaps to check that Tony wasn’t running for the door, and he really felt for her as the situation was so complicated that a rational person probably would walk away. “I agree with everything you’ve said Cyn so please keep going.”

She gave him a hesitant smile, took a shallow breath, and went on. “On top of all that I can’t help but wonder about you. You’ve been so good to us when all you had to do was look the other way and say “not my problem”. But you lost your wife, the love of your life, in horrible, tragic circumstances. Maybe you’re not ready for another relationship, particularly when it involves another man’s children that are not your responsibility. If it was just the two of us that would be completely different, but I can assure you they have their moods and moments just as I do. When Shannon get’s her period she’s pretty close to impossible, and there are times I just want to lock her in her room and tell her not to come out until she’s finished.” She looked at him, pleading, as her eyes misted over. “Oh God! Have I just totally fucked any chance we might have?”

She dissolved in tears, sobs racking her slender body as she concealed her face in her hands. Tony flew around the table and held her close against his chest, tears streaming down his cheeks as well.

“Cyn! Honey, hush.” He soothed, trying to reassure her everything was ok. “Please babe, come on! Nothing you’ve said has upset me or given me any reason to think we shouldn’t keep seeing each other.”

“R…Really?” She sobbed. “You’re…not…just…saying that….to make me feel better?”

“I had this discussion with your daughter last night.” He half-laughed, hoping he could lighten her mood just a little. “Are you going to make me go through it with you as well?”

She gave a little half-laugh of her own, and finally looked up at him. “I…I guess not. You certainly put her in her place. Can I have a tissue please, and then you can tell me your side?”

He gave her a tissue and took one himself. “I don’t normally drink at this time of day, but I desperately need a bourbon, would you like one?”

“Yes please.” She replied. “If I didn’t have to go to work I’d suggest you just bring the bottle.”

He poured two stiff drinks and took a long sip. “The first thing I should say is that I agree completely with everything you said, in fact I’m feeling a lot better now that I know how you feel. We’ve had an unbelievable weekend, but we spent at least half of it running on adrenaline and the other half on hormones. We’re not kids, and we both know that it’s not until the initial gloss wears off that you really know if you have a worthwhile relationship. I’d like to think we do, but we simply don’t know do we?”

She shook her head as she sipped her drink, so he kept going. “I understand and respect that you want to get a full-time job, and I will support you in any way I can. I just want you to know that there is no pressure coming from me, and I’m happy to help with your finances for as long as it takes. I’ve told you about my position and I have the resources to look after you and the girls for a very long time, but the last thing I want is for you to feel that you’re some kind of kept woman, ok?”

Now Tony was trying to gauge her reaction, and beginning to appreciate how difficult it had been for her a few moments ago. She smiled and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze so he continued.

“And what you said about me and whether I’m ready for a new relationship was right on the money as well. Three days ago I was a virtual recluse and I’ve been living that way for a long time. I kept thinking when the time was right I’d snap out of it, but I’ve been like this for TWO FUCKING YEARS! I think what happened on Friday night was my chance to start living again…..I… you know what I’ve enjoyed more than anything the last few days?”

She shook her head. “If I had to guess I’d say it had something to do with a pleasant period of time spent with either Kat or me, but that’s just a guess.”

“I can understand why you’d think that, but you couldn’t be more wrong!” He replied emphatically, which earned him a highly curious look. “Believe it or not it’s been sitting down to dinner with you and the girls, and listening to you talking and laughing. It just feels….so natural….and right….and I’ve enjoyed that more than I can tell you.”

He paused for a moment, feeling emotionally drained, and she looked at him earnestly. “You really are a very special man.” She whispered. “Keep going please.”

“From my perspective I’d like to take it slow and see how things go between us. As you said, I’ve never had kids so I know I’ve got a lot to learn about being with your girls, especially with Tiff and Shannon as my relationship with Kat is somewhat different. They need to get used to me as well, and may not be happy that I’m around all the time. The last thing I want is to rush things; I’d rather allow them to develop naturally and hopefully we’re smart enough to deal with any problems as we go. How does that sound to you?”

He didn’t realize she must have been holding her breath for quite a while, as a long sigh slipped from her lips. “That sounds absolutely perfect; and I really think we’re on the same page here.”

They exchanged huge smiles of relief, grinning at each other like a pair of lunatics. “Thank God that’s over.” He laughed. “I think I’d rather give birth than go through that again!”

She gave him a VERY knowing smile. “Trust me Tony; you wouldn’t.” That had him laughing so hard his stitches started to hurt. “So my sweet lover.” She continued. “That leaves us with one last thing to discuss for now…..the sleeping arrangements. Kat whispered about you teaching her something tonight? You know I’m fine with that, but I can’t come over here and leave the girls alone in the house, so do you have any ideas how we get around that little problem?”

He had given this a little thought, but it was still a work in progress so he was thinking as he spoke. “Sort of, how about this? On Friday nights you and girls come over and spend the weekend here with me. I’ve got the pool so the girls would enjoy that while it’s warm. During the week if you and I want to be together I could come over and stay with you, so that you’re there if the girls need you. The only question would be how the twins feel as they’ll work it out in five minutes flat, and that’s if they haven’t already. Kat would really need to come over here because her room is next door to the twins, plus she’s only got a single bed. If you’re ok with that I could make sure she’s up early the next day and back home in time for breakfast? I know it’s kind of complicated, but I can’t see any other options.”

Cyn was looking thoughtful. “It is a little complicated…..but I can’t think of a better way for now either….so let’s give it a try? I’ll have to think about what we tell the twins but you’re right, they’re smart girls and they’ll work it out pretty fast.”

There was one more thing Tony wanted to take care of before they left for town, so he told her how he wanted to surprise the girls tonight to let them know their cell phones were working again. She smiled at that suggestion, but if the plan was going to work they would need to have them charged and ready, and he was sure they were probably sitting in drawers somewhere with dead-flat batteries.

She was smiling broadly. “The girls will love this Tony. When Bill and I told them we couldn’t afford it any more they were so upset. I’m pretty sure I know where the twins keep their phones, but I haven’t got a clue about Kat’s. Do you want to come over and we’ll see if we can find them?”

They went over and battled with the door once again, his frustration levels increasing as it resisted his efforts. “I swear I’m going to fix this thing….TODAY!!!” He grumbled.

Cyn was looking bemused. “You could always kick it in honey. That seemed to work on Friday night.”

“Believe me, I’m tempted!” He muttered as it finally swung open.

They went up to the twins’ bedroom and found their cells after a few minutes of searching. Tiff’s charger was with her phone, and Shannon’s was in a drawer in her bedside chest so that was two down and one to go. Locating Kat’s cell proved more of a challenge, until Cyn finally found it stuffed under some clothing in the back of a drawer. Locating the charger was even more difficult and they searched everywhere without success. In desperation Tony crawled halfway under her bed and finally found it tucked in small box with a couple of other power packs.

“Hallelujah!” He called out, holding up the elusive plastic box.

“Thank God for that.” She sighed. “I was just thinking we’d have to call off the search or I’ll be late for work.”

He started charging the phones in the garage where the girls wouldn’t find them when they got home, and Cyn quickly got changed. “I have to go, but my shift finishes at six so I should be home around six thirty or so. Will you come over and have dinner with us?”

“I’ll probably still be here fixing the door.” He said ruefully. “So dinner would be great thanks. Umm….I’m going to need a key please.”

She slid her key off the ring and handed it over with a twinkle in her eye. “If you’re going to the hardware store you might want to get a duplicate cut. I’m sure you’re going to need it.” She said as she kissed him goodbye.

He followed her into town and spent an hour in the hardware store picking up all the items needed for the various jobs around the house. Once he was sure he had everything he drove back, thankful that a breeze had sprung up and the clouds were clearing. A quick bite to eat and a couple trips ferrying tools across and he was ready to start. The door jamb was a write-off which was understandable considering the force he’d used, so he took the door off completely and set about replacing the shattered frame. He had most of the new timber fitted up when the girls came up the path.

“Hi Tony.” They greeted him with happy smiles. “Looks like it could be kind of drafty tonight.” Shannon teased.

“You’ll be fine Shannon.” He assured her. “I’ll have this done well before dinner.”

When the frame was finally finished he carefully cut a slot for the striker plate, and then replaced the twisted hinges on the door. Thankfully the girls were there to help hold the door in place as he drilled new holes for the hinges, and he breathed a sigh of relief when the door opened and closed like new.

It was getting late, but he figured there was just enough time to put a coat of primer on the new timber and he could finish off with a coat of paint tomorrow. Kat came out with two coffee mugs and a sensual smile. “Did Mom talk to you? Is it ok if I come over later?” She asked expectantly.

“Yes and yes.” Tony assured her, and then told her that he and Cyn had discussed the sleeping arrangements. “There’s just one thing Kat. Your Mom and I have to figure out how we tell the twins about the two of us, but you and I are a different situation. We’re going to have to be discreet, and while I don’t like the idea of sneaking around it will have to remain between you, me and your Mom until we work something out. Is that ok? Do you understand where I’m coming from?”

Thankfully her smile put him at ease. “I was thinking the same thing at school today so I’m cool with it. I think Tiff and Shannon will be fine with you and Mom sleeping together, even if it is kind of sudden. But if they knew both of us were making love to you….they’d probably think that was a little weird.”

“If I was an outsider and found out what was going I’d probably think it was a bit weird too!” Tony laughed.

Just then his cell rang, and he checked the screen but it merely showed unknown number. He thought about rejecting the call but decided to answer it anyway.

“Hi, Tony? This is Mandy from American Telco. You rang me this morning about the girl’s cell phones and internet?”

It was good to hear from her but the timing could have been better. “Hi Mandy. I’m just sitting down having a coffee with one of the girls now.” He replied, hoping she’d pick up on the hint that Kat was there and he couldn’t speak freely.

“I understand. I’ll talk and you just listen, ok? I just wanted to let you know the phones and internet connection are back on-line now, so everything is set and they’re good to go.”

“That’s great news Mandy. Thanks so much for letting me know.” He said, quietly relieved she had understood his problem. “There is one more thing you can do for me though. Could you send me an SMS with your manager’s email address?”

“Sure Tony. Ummm….did I do anything wrong? Is there something I missed that I can attend to now?” She asked, her tone conveying an air of concern.

“Nothing of the sort Mandy, in fact it’s the exact opposite.” He reassured her. “Your service has been first class and I’d like to email your manager and tell him what a great asset you are.”

“Really? These days someone only asks for that information when they want to complain. Look, I do appreciate that but it really isn’t necessary.”

“Maybe not, but I’d like to do it anyway.” He replied.

“That’s so sweet; I’ll send it through now.”

“You have a great evening Mandy, and I’ll tell your manager you deserve a raise.” He said as he concluded the call.

Darkness was falling fast so Kat helped pack his tools and take them inside when Cyn pulled up. She had a couple of carry bags so he helped her with those while Kat made her a coffee. “Sorry I’m a little late; it was so busy I thought I’d never get away. So, it looks like we can get in the front door again?”

“Sure can, it’s as good as new.” He responded. “I’ve just put a coat of primer on it so I should be able to paint it tomorrow.”

“It’s so good to have a man around the house who can actually fix things.” She said thankfully.

“Is that the only thing I’m good for?” He teased, smiling so she’d know he was kidding.

“Oh no!” She laughed, giving him hug. “That’s nothing more than a nice side benefit.”

She started dinner and Tony poured her a glass of wine, offering one to Kat who shook her head and whispered. “Maybe later.”

The twins were sitting around talking about school and what their friends had done over the weekend. In the meantime he’d moved their phones into the den and decided to put his plan into action before they went in to watch TV and found them first. He had their numbers from the bills and had programmed all of them into his speed-dial settings, so he discreetly slid a hand into his pocket and pressed Shannon’s number. A Rihanna song started playing in the den, the volume gradually increasing.

Shannon looked up with a start as though she’d heard a gunshot. “That sounds like my cell, but….it can’t be. Did someone leave the stereo on?” A series of head-shakes answered that question.

“Well, that’s your ringtone.” Tiff chimed in….and then the penny dropped.

“Oh my God!” Shannon squealed. “That is MY CELL! Oh my God, where is it? WHERE IS IT?” She screamed as she ran around, trying to locate where the sound was coming from. She flew into the den and picked it up, so Tony slid his cell from his pocket. “Hello? Hello?” She said breathlessly into her cell.

“Hi honey, it’s just me, Tony.” He said into the cell, smiling as she looked across at him. “I’m sorry your first call isn’t from one of your friends, but I wanted to let you know that your cells are all working now.”

“Mine too?” Tiff asked, looking as though she was feeling a little left out. “Yours, Kat’s and your Mom’s. They’re all in the den, go get ‘em.”

Tiff jumped up and clapped her hands together, almost setting fire to the carpet as she flew into the den. Cyn and Tony followed and watched their excitement as though it was Christmas morning. Tiff was actually talking to her cell; not into it, but to it. “I’ve missed you so much!” She told the small piece of plastic. “Oh my God, I’ll have a million Facebook updates! Mom! Mom! We’ve got our cells back!!!!”

She smiled at her excited girls. “Nothing to do with me honey.” She said, with the slightest nod in Tony’s direction.

“TOONNYYY!!!” Both the twins screamed and rushed over. They hit him so hard he felt like a running-back on the wrong end of gang-tackle, knocking him backwards as they wrapped their arms around him.

Shannon looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “I love you Tony. You are just so incredibly cool!”

Tiff was just as excited. “You are just the best Tony. Oh my God. I can’t believe you got our cells back for us.”

They finally detached themselves and huddled together at the table, checking their Facebook pages and whatever else teenage girls do on their phones. Surprisingly, Kat hadn’t gone rushing for hers, but was standing quietly with Cyn and Tony.

“Not as big a deal for you as it for your sisters Kat?” He asked when curiosity got the better of him.

She stood on tip toe to kiss him on the cheek. “It’s a very big deal for all of us, thank you. But…..I haven’t had my cell for months so one more day doesn’t matter that much. I missed not being with you today, and I’d rather spend time with you than on my cell, I can do that anytime. I do have a question though?”

“Ask away honey.” He replied.

“How does a man who’s never had kids, especially girls, know how important our cell phones are to us?” She asked with an earnest expression. “We nearly died when Mom and Dad said we couldn’t afford them anymore, so I’m curious, how could you possibly know that?”

He didn’t need to think about his reply. “Well, there are two reasons. The first is that every time I go into town a teenage girl either bumps into me or I just manage to avoid her, because she’s walking along with her head down doing something on her cell and not looking where she’s going. This happens way too often to be a simple coincidence. The other reason was your reaction when I suggested I put you on a new plan and your Mom said it wasn’t really necessary.”

Kat gave him a quizzical look. “But I didn’t say anything.”

“No, you didn’t, and that tells me how mature you are.” He agreed. “But I was watching your reactions. When I suggested I take care of your cells and internet your face lit up like someone who just got front row tickets to see their favorite band, and when your Mom suggested it wasn’t necessary you looked as though you’d just lost your best friend.”

“I can’t argue with you because that was exactly how I felt. I guess I don’t have much of a poker face.”

He laughed heartily at her honest self-assessment. “And I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He reassured her.

While the meal Cyn had prepared was a simple one, it was a great dinner as the twins were so excited it was infectious. Laughter seemed to punctuate each mouthful, and Tony was wondering if Kat would be able to sneak over later as he figured the twins would still be bouncing around well after midnight. He helped clear the table and do the dishes and then said goodnight to Cyn and the girls. The twins hugged him so hard he couldn’t breathe, still thanking him profusely for getting their cells back. In terms of return on investment he was sure it was the best money he’d spent in a long time. Kat gave him a hug and chaste kiss on the cheek, whispering she would see him later.

Cyn walked him to the door and he asked if she had a shift tomorrow. “I’m afraid so, but I need the money so I’ll take every shift I can get.” She replied. “I’m working from ten to six, what have you got planned for tomorrow?”

He smiled at her. “I have this hot neighbor who needs some work done around her place. So I’m going over to see how much I can get through.”

She laughed. “Well I hope this hot neighbor shows her appreciation.”

“She’s taken very good care of me so far.” He replied with a gleam in his eye.


When he got home Tony took a long, hot shower, chastising himself for lacking the motivation to put a fresh bandage over his stitches, but his wound seemed to be healing well. He shaved and slipped a robe on and made some preparations for Kat’s visit. When everything was ready he realized he was as nervous as a school kid on prom night, pacing around and checking the time every few minutes. He switched on the TV and flicked around the channels, but couldn’t find anything that held his interest so he poured a drink, put a CD in the stereo and tried to relax.

It was nearly ten when the doorbell finally rang, and his heart was pounding as he opened the door. She was standing on the porch smiling, and he actually stopped breathing when he saw her. She looked stunning, beautiful, a picture of feminine perfection. She had put her hair up again and her makeup was smoldering, heavy mascara highlighting her eyes and cherry rid lip gloss dragging his gaze to her sensual mouth. She was dressed totally in white, with a sheer blouse casually knotted just below her breasts that allowed a tantalizing glimpse of her nipples as they strained against the sheer fabric. A very brief mini skirt with a gold front zipper led his gaze down to a pair of white stay-up stockings that started a few inches down from her hemline. A pair of ankle-high boots completed her outfit, and it wasn’t until he reached this point that he realized he needed some oxygen.

He took her face in his hands and softly kissed her lips. “There are no words that adequately describe how incredibly beautiful you are Kat. No words at all.” He whispered.

A tinge of crimson blush crept across her cheeks. “I really wanted to please you Tony.” She said softly. “It took me an hour just to pick out what to wear.”

“And it’s absolutely perfect.” He breathed. “I wouldn’t change a single thing.”

He took her hand and led her into the den and she smiled when she saw that, just as she and Cyn had done for him, flickering candles provided the sensual light in the room and soft music played in the background. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you’re trying to seduce me.” She said with a soft laugh.

He looked at her sparking eyes. “I’m not sure who is seducing who, but the thought definitely crossed my mind. Can I pour you a glass of champagne?”

“Yes please.” She whispered. “I’ve never had champagne before.”

Tony popped the cork and carefully poured two glasses, handing one to Kat before they clinked glasses and took a sip. “That tastes fantastic.” She smiled. “Are we celebrating something?”

“Absolutely.” He said as he kissed her cheek. “I’m celebrating the opportunity to spend time alone with you.”

She laughed, but it wasn’t a childish giggle, it was a sensual woman’s laugh. “Tony, you may been out of circulation for a while, but there is nothing wrong with the way you talk to a girl.”

He appreciated the compliment but didn’t know how to respond to it. “Would you mind if I take a picture of you?” He asked breathlessly.

“No, that’s fine.” She replied, looking a little bemused. “But can I ask why you want to?”

He picked up his cell and selected the camera setting. “Because you look so beautiful, I want this picture on my cell every time you call or text me.”

She sat on the couch with her legs crossed, holding her glass with her lips slightly apart; an artist’s study of subtle sensuality. He took some quick pictures until he was sure he had captured the moment, and then sat beside her and slid his arm around her shoulder.

She slowly eased her hand in between the folds of his robe and started stroking his thigh. “So, would you like to me call you and message you often?” She whispered.

“Every five minutes or so would be just fine, we don’t want to overdo it.” He assured her, and they laughed at his adolescent-like enthusiasm.

He turned to her and slowly undid the knot in her blouse until her perfect breasts were exposed to his gaze. Her nipples were standing proudly, and he dipped his head and took one in his mouth, holding it with his lips as he grazed his tongue over the tip.

“Do you like my breasts Tony?” She breathed softly.

“I love your breasts Kat, they’re absolutely perfect.” He whispered back.

“Take my skirt off please.” She moaned. “Take my skirt off and play with my nipples until I cum.”

Her wish was his command, and she stood as he eased her zipper down until her skirt slid down her legs and she stepped free. She sat back down and he went back to kissing and sucking her nipples, alternating from one side to the other. He paused for a second to slide a finger into her mouth, allowing her to moisten it before he stroked up and down her pussy. He needn’t have bothered as she was already warm and wet, her body sending clear signals she was ready for what was to come. Her breathing deepened and little gasps slipped past her lips as he slowly picked up the pace.

“If you keep that up I’m going to cum.” She groaned. “Is that what you want? Are you trying to make me cum over your fingers?”

He paused for a second. “Yes.” He hissed. “Pump your first load of sweet cum all over my hand!”

He resumed his efforts, feeling the heat radiating from her pussy as his probing fingers slipped inside and started exploring her feminine treasures. Her breath was coming in gasps, and he gently nipped her rigid nipple between his teeth, totally unprepared for what happened next. She groaned in his ear, grasping his head firmly in her small hands and pulling him against her breast with every ounce of her strength. Her cum cascaded from her pussy, drenching his hand and half his arm in her sweet juice. He nipped her again and she pumped a second gush of cum from her dripping cunt, her inner muscles squeezing his fingers tightly as she shuddered through an indulgent orgasm. Her body was shaking as though she had a fever, and her grip on his head didn’t relax for an instant as he struggled to breathe. He had never been with a woman who came so hard, and gently kissed her nipple and bathed her breast with his tongue as he tried to ease her back down as gently as he could. It felt like an age before her grip finally relaxed and her chest stopped heaving beneath him.

She opened her eyes a fraction, a dreamy smile on her face. “I….that…..I had….no idea…..I could cum like that. That was……I don’t know what that was. I’ve never experienced feelings like that before.”

He held her face gently in his hands and smiled at her. “I’ve never seen anything like that either honey.” He assured her. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.”

She was finally regaining her composure, and took a steadying sip from her champagne glass. “Really? You’ve never been with a woman that came like that before?”

Tony shook his head emphatically. “Never. That was mind-blowing!”

She reached up and kissed him hungrily. “I’m not sure if I can walk Tony, but I think you’d better take me to bed, NOW PLEASE!”

He smiled at her eagerness. “Sit tight, I’ll be back for you in just a second.”

She looked curious until she saw him grab their glasses and the bottle and run upstairs. When he made it to the bedroom he quickly lit the candles he’d placed around the bedroom and ran back down. He scooped her up in his arms, loving the way she nestled against his chest with her arms around his neck, as he carried her around the room blowing out the candles and took her to bed.

He lay her down gently and smiled, retrieving a silk scarf he had hidden earlier. “Do you trust me Kat?”

Her gaze smoldered at him. “With my life.” She replied simply.

“I’d like to blindfold you.” He said, holding up the scarf. “I want to take away your sense of sight so that everything you experience will be focused through your other senses.”

She didn’t bother replying; she merely raised her chin and closed her eyes. Tony slid the scarf over her eyes and knotted it behind her head, before he slipped her blouse from her shoulders so that all she was wearing were her stay-up stockings and boots. He briefly considered removing those but she looked so erotic he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He moved her until she was lying face down on the bed, and poured some massage oil into his palm. His first touch was on her shoulders, and she groaned softly into the pillow as she felt his strong hands go to work. He took his time as Cyn had the night before, moving slowly down her body, finding any muscle tension and easing it away before moving on. He deftly skirted her butt and massaged her upper thighs before moving back up, working her firm butt cheeks as he slid ever closer to her puckered rosebud.

He poured some oil into the cleft between her cheeks and pulled them apart slightly as it ran slowly down, coating her tight sphincter. Applying gentle pressure with one finger he slid it around to spread the lubricant before gently probing her opening. The tip of his finger slipped inside and he heard her gasp as she felt him enter her. “My God, she’s tight.” He thought to himself; her muscle gripping him like a vice. He slid one hand beneath her, lifting her easily onto her hands and knees as he moved behind her. His firm cock slid easily into her steaming pussy, sliding all the way inside as her juices eased his path. His finger slipped back past her sphincter and she groaned again, as he smeared the oil inside her tight hole. With his cock rocking easily into her clenching cunt, he poured another trail of oil between her butt cheeks to ease what was coming.

“Are you ready for me Kat?” He whispered. “Do you still want to do this?”

“Oh God yes.” She whispered in reply. “After watching you and Mom I want to experience what she did. Please slide your cock deep in my ass!”

When he sensed she was ready he eased free from her slick, clenching pussy, her labia stretching as though trying to hold him inside. He gripped his slick shaft and rocked gently forward, the head of his cock easing past her clenching muscle as she moaned deeply, her eyes closed and her knuckles white as she gripped the sheet tightly. The pressure was intense, squeezing him so hard he couldn’t move forward or back for a moment.

“Easy babe.” Tony whispered. “I’m not going anywhere. Just breathe slow and deep and focus on relaxing for me. Come on, I know you can do it.”

She took a deep breath and slowly let it out, and then another; and he started to feel her involuntary resistance fading. He slid in another inch, and then back a little, setting up an steady rocking action as she relaxed a little more. “I’m going to take it slow, there’s no need to rush and I don’t want to anyway. Are you ok?”

“This feels amazing.” She whispered hoarsely. “I’ve never felt so full…so completely stuffed. Will you….can you tell me when you’re all the way inside?”

“Sure thing.” He assured her, easing another couple of inches into her gripping ass. His slow movements and her concentration were starting to work, as she relaxed and gradually opened for him. Every thrust saw a little more cock slide past her gripping rosebud, and the resistance to his movement faded away until his balls brushed her pussy and he was buried deep in her ass.

“Can you feel that honey?” He whispered. “Can you feel my balls rubbing against your cunt?”

“Oh Yes, YES!!!” She whispered back. “Oh God, your cock is all the way inside my ass!”

“Does it feel good?” He soothed. “I can’t believe how tight you are.”

“It feels fucking amazing.” She murmured. “Come on Tony, fuck me. I know what you want, so FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE ASS!!!”

Her heat and clenching hold made it impossible to hold back, so he pulled back and thrust firmly back inside, quickly building to a rhythm that drew a soft sigh from her lips every time he pushed firmly inside her. Beads of sweat were popping out across her back as he gripped her waist firmly to hold her in place.


His balls felt as though they were on fire and his cock was sliding in hard, deep and as fast as he could move. Finally, he overcame her clenching hold and cum shot through his shaft like a bullet from a gun barrel. He wanted to warn her but couldn’t breathe, so all he could do was groan “CUMMIIINNGG!” as his cock painted her virginal opening with spurt after spurt of thick, hot cream.

“YYEEESSSS!!!” She squealed as she felt him spraying inside her. “Pump me HARD! Fill me lover; fill my ass with cum!!!”

Her cum exploded from her pussy and saturated his slapping balls and thighs with rivers of juice that ran down his legs. Overcome with hedonistic pleasure he was still pumping, his tight balls refusing to stop until every last drop had been sucked out. They were both trembling and shaking as he finally ran dry, and his arm slid around her waist and pulled her against him as he collapsed sideways onto the bed, his trembling legs unable to support his weight for another second. Panting like a pair of dogs that had just finished a two mile run they gulped air into their lungs as they waited for their heartbeats to back away from the red zone.

As they finally regained some control he slid the scarf from her head and kissed her neck as they spooned together. “My God.” He whispered. “My fucking God! I think that was the most incredible cum I’ve ever had!”

“I’m still having little cums.” She murmured. “I think I’ll still be cumming tomorrow.”

“Good!” He replied as emphatically as he could. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get hard for a week.”

She laughed softly. “No way I’m waiting that long to fuck you again.”

He eased free and staggered around the room on trembling legs, blowing out the candles until darkness took control. He fumbled his way back to the bed and embraced her, feeling her body mould against his before sliding a lazy arm around her waist. He had the energy for one more kiss on her neck. “Sleep tight, my amazing lover.” He whispered.

“I’ll be right here in the morning.” She whispered dreamily.

“There’s nothing I want more.” Was the last thing he remembered saying before drifting off to sleep.

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2015-02-04 01:15:59
I fucking hate the moderator. He is ruining probably one of the most sensible and real person series (Man of The House is another, probably got deleted to, fucking moderator) but it is now being deleted and rules are changing because of AGE?!? I mean, the other stories have fucking murder rape cannibalism snuff and necrophilia (NECROPHILIA?!?! REALLY MODERATOR?!?) and other illegal things ( I don't care about the incest part) and compared to that other illegal shit, youth is like a fucking stubbed toe. This is one of the greatest things on this entire fucking site (overall, it beats the videos) and it's being deleted because of a little young sex. And now the ages are being higher like the moderator is against this dude. I really wish the current moderator of this story WILL EAT SHIT AND DRINK BLEACH AND SAW HIS OWN FUCKING HEAD OFF and let the site get a new moderator. EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS COMMENT SECTION DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?!?!? STAND UP!!!

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2014-10-26 01:40:52
MODERATOR: You are ruining this site with you silly censorship. :(

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2014-08-16 19:19:12
Lovee it, going to read 3 tommorow.

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2014-08-13 02:14:32
Sexy woman for woman

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2014-08-10 20:40:22
To the anonymous reader: biologically, a girl (or boy) who has reached puberty, is NOT a child, though emotionally they might not yet be an adult. They are in an in-between stage of life. The twins have been raped by their father, and he deserves the severest consequences. They know what Cyn and Kat are doing with Tony, though associating it with love and pleasure might not be possible for them at this stage. I just got onto this series, and look forward to seeing how it will play out. A truly great moral tale, so far.

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