Sometimes it's better to take a pounding than get beaten up.
Lillian rubbed her milky white breasts as the warm liquid cascaded over her body. For the first time today it wasn't someone's spunk either. It had taken her four hours, three blowjobs and two fucks to hitch-hike her way home from the country tennis day she'd been abandoned at by her school bus. The gorgeous, blonde, sixteen year old had used her best and most practiced talents to get herself out of a problem yet again. The warm shower relaxed and cleansed her of the sweat and cum that had been making her skin sticky. The girl's back was a little sore as well. She'd straddled the last guy in the driver seat to fuck him, causing the steering wheel to dig into her spine when she ferociously rode him.

Despite various setbacks she'd eventually made it back home in the late afternoon, excuses prepared and ready, only to discover that nobody was around. No staff, no parents, no step-brother. A note left on the front bench of her mansion's foyer, written by her step-father, informed her that dinner was in the fridge as he and Lillian's mother had gone to some social event in the city, planning to make a night of it at a hotel, plus her step-brother was at a friend's place.

Paul the chauffeur would be engaged driving them around and the rest of the staff went home early Sunday so Lillian had the entire mansion to herself for a change. Although the missed opportunity to mess around with her surprisingly-well-endowed step-brother Rhys was unfortunate, it did mean she could relax a bit. The falling water massaged her face, her formerly pigtailed hair now streaming down her back, pink braces getting washed in the stream when she opened her mouth.

After 20 minutes the steam was making her too hot, bringing the extended shower to an end. Wrapping herself in a towel Lillian gave herself a perfunctory dry as she left her en suite bathroom. Her white tennis clothes, flung somewhere on the floor of her room, were stained with the same sweat and cum from the day's events. Finally getting access to a phone when she got home, Lillian had arranged for a friend from the sports bus to get her things back during a school day. Neither panties nor bra managed to make it all the way home with her however, so not everything would get back to her.

A few seconds of indecision led her to scrap the whole clothes idea and just go with the towel. It was too early for pajamas and she could dry off in front of the T.V. since no one was around. When Lillian moved down the long corridor to the lounge room she heard muffled sounds behind its doors. Bloody Rhys, she thought to herself, he's left the T.V. on like an idiot. Not the brightest that boy.

As she pushed open the door Lillian caught a brief glimpse of the T.V. being noticeably off before someone caught hold of her wrist and whirled her against the wall. The sudden violent movement knocked the wind out of her, but her free hand instinctively caught at her towel to keep it covering her modesty. The dizziness only lasted a second though, and Lillian soon got a look at her captor.

The face staring down at her was covered by a black balaclava, so only the mouth and eyes were visible. Despite the hot weather he was wearing black bulky clothes and gloves, covering a solid frame. A strong aftershave smell flooding her senses. Most interesting of all, his spare hand held a small revolver pistol. Lillian's heartbeat suddenly became a little faster. The man's eyes darted up and down her towel-covered body in a fashion she knew well.

This appraisal had only taken a second, but before Lillian could say anything the man yelled over his shoulder, calling out to someone.

'Hey guys! I've got someone! Get your asses back here!'

'Who ar-' she started before the man cut across her.

'Shhhhh...just sit tight girl we'll get to that.'

The strange man led her over to the long comfy couch and set her down, moving to stand in front of the T.V. looking down at her with his two friends that had just walked in. One was black and the other was white like the first guy. The black guy was tallest and fairly solid with muscles like the first guy, while the last one was a little smaller and thinner. All of them wore the same sort of bulky jackets and a balaclava, and all were armed. The three of them started talking amongst themselves, ignoring the girl as they spoke about her. Lillian decided it was best to stay quiet for now and find out what she could.

'Who the fuck is this?'

'I don't know, must be the guy's daughter? Jeez look at her. Lucky bastard. Did she just have a shower or something?'

'I told you that note out front was legit, the dude's not even here tonight.'

'Well if he's not here we have to do it to her right?'

'What? Could you do that to a girl?'

'I do what I'm paid to dumbass, so do you, and if he's not here it doesn't mean shit. The message has to be delivered one way or another.'

'Do we take her instead, I hear there's money in that.'

'We don't go beyond the boundaries of the job at had either numbskull.'

'You have a better idea?'

'Excuse me Misters, do you know my daddy?'

All three heads turned back to the young girl in surprise, as if they'd forgotten she was there. Lillian tilted her head at them, giving her best innocent look.

'Daddy's not home tonight but if I could let him know you stopped by if you like?'

The black guy responded to her condescendingly in his deep voice. 'It ain't that simple kid. Your dad owes our boss a shitload of money so this message isn't one you can pass along so easily if you follow me.'

'What my colleague here means Miss...' began the first guy.

'Lillian' she smiled back at him, braces shining.

'...Miss Lillian, is that we are here to threaten and/or severely injure your father and since he's...currently unavailable we're weighing our options. I'm afraid most of those don't look good for you either.' This man was smiling as he spoke, but it was the sort of smile a Chesire Cat might wear. Devious, cunning and, to Lillian's warped senses, a little darkly arousing. He seemed to be enjoying the implication of harming the girl and for reasons unknown to herself she found this exciting.

Already ideas were forming, but she had to play her part well. Neither the black guy or the small one seemed as keen on the idea of roughing her up so this could work. She pouted her pink lips at the three henchmen, slipping off the couch and getting on her knees to beg at their feet, kneeling on the hardwood floor. All three guys couldn't help but feel their crotch stir at the sight of the almost naked teen on her knees in front of them.

'Please don't hurt me or Daddy, I'm sure he'll pay your employer back, he's got lots of money.'

'Sorry girly, but orders are orders and since you're the only one here we might be forced into doing something drastic.'

As if suddenly happening upon an idea, Lillian changed her tone, still pleading but with a little more suggestion in it. 'Please don't hurt us Misters. I know you have to leave him a...strong message but if we do it in a way that no one gets hurt I'd be very...grateful.'

The eyes of the men looked to each other then back down to the girl as they caught her drift. The first guy, obviously their leader, pointed his gun at the kneeling beauty.

'Are you sure you know what you're getting at? We're pretty serious here.'

Lillian responded by putting her lips around the gun's short muzzle, keeping a straight face despite the horrible metal taste. She made sure they saw her soft tongue flick out to touch the hole.

'So am I.'

'Holy crap....' said the small guy.

Her tone became a little more suggestive. 'Maybe if instead of hurting Daddy with violence, you hurt him with a different sort of message. The message that his sixteen- year-old step-daughter got fucked airtight by three strangers working for your boss. Would that work Misters?' Here she lowered the towel, letting it slide until it only barely revealed the nipples of her fleshy breasts.

The trio were stunned silent for a few seconds before Black Guy responded, nudging his friend. 'Dude! Say yes!' This pleased Lillian no end. It wasn't as if she could stop them doing what they wanted, but now they were considering her idea like it was a deal to be made. The little one was nodding his head in agreement and the first guy's large smile came back again slowly.

'Sounds good to me boys. We have to deliver that message somehow after all.' He leaned down and pushed his hand over a soft breast, fingers moving under the towel to pinch a nipple. She let out a soft moan at the touch, instantly stiffening each of the men under their pants, which they began to remove. Little Guy hesitated for a moment.

'Are you guys sure this isn't weird?'

First Guy shrugged, pulling his round cock out unashamed, looking down at the gorgeous teen.

'Don't think you're getting out of this easy kid. You have to do what we say or else we'll have to go back to Plan A. So open your mouth like a good little girl and stick that tongue out.' Lillian nodded obediently and complied, tilting her head back and licking her chin with her tongue, waiting expectantly. First Guy began rubbing his cock head against the wet tongue, groaning at the smooth touch. Seconds later Lillian's hands were both taken to wrap around more cocks, encouraged to start jerking them. On her left Black Guy's was long and thick, not quite a monster but well on its way. Little Guy's was about the same as First Guy's, round and pleasant. When instructed to suck on the cock resting in her mouth Lillian complied again, enclosing the tip and enjoying it like a lolly. Hands now occupied, the girl was unable to hold the towel and it dropped around her legs, hiding the cleft nestled between her thighs but fully exposing her milky white breasts. Her nipples were suffused with blood, unconsciously hardening to signal her arousal.

After a couple of minutes Black Guy jerked her head from the cock she was attached to.

'Don't be selfish girl, you have other guests to take care of too. Don't you know little girls get punished for being rude to guests?'

The blonde girl let out squeaks as Black Guy's cock slapped against her face, whacking her cheeks with the solid meat. This continued until her skin took on a rosy hue from the slaps, then the cock was inserted into her mouth a quarter way deep. Being slightly larger than the last one in her mouth it was harder to take in but not a challenge for the teenage slut. She wasn't ready to show them just quite how good she was at cock sucking yet, it would happen soon enough though. For the next ten minutes she was passed from man to man, sucking each in turn and jerking off those she wasn't currently bobbing her face on. Little Guy panted in amazement.

'Fuckin' hell. She's good at this for a young one!' Lillian let go of his cock with a wet suck, the hard member wobbling around in front of her.

'Thanks Mister, I've never done this before. I'd do anything to help my Daddy though.'

First Guy latched on to this idea quickly. 'Anything you say? Well if you want us to leave this place anytime soon you're going to have to open those legs for us.' His hand none-too-gently forced her face down onto the couch, her bare ass pointing towards the T.V. after the towel slid off. From her awkward position Lillian couldn't tell what was happening behind her. Even her hearing was blocked somewhat from the comfy chair wrapping around her face slightly.

Shivers uncontrollably shot through her body as someone took hold of her hips, firmly taking control of the young girl. This was reinforced suddenly by the quick entrance of something long and familiar into her pussy. The noises she made in response were muffled into the pillows but the men could see from her body arching that she was definitely feeling the intrusion. The object inside her began to massage her cunt as one of the guys didn't waste any time in getting to it. One of her hands was again captured to start stroking an absurdly solid cock that Lillian could just see out of the corner of her eye was dark skinned.

Before long, Lillian felt her hair being pulled, not for the first time that day, as she was lifted up to make room for someone to sit down. First Guy was the culprit, making eye contact with his would-be victim through his black mask while he held her face against his thigh, the rough material of his pants rubbing against her skin uncomfortably. The blonde moaned, open-mouthed, as her face was used to brush the underside of the man's cock and balls.

Lillian really couldn't help herself. Here she was two steps away from being in mortal danger and she was hornier than any point during the entire sex-filled day. First Guy's eyes stared directly into her own, stirring something hot in her belly even more than the cock buried in her cunt. The look in his eyes showed not just lust but something more, something darker that matched Lillian's own desires. The man wanted to cause her some pain, and the girl wanted to let him. That brilliant night with Charles, such a tormented dark soul, had awoken in Lillian a need to push even her own boundaries when it came to sex.

Even without getting prompted the young slut took First Guy's cock into her mouth. She wanted to please him, to have him inside her in any way possible. Her lips engulfed fully half of the man's cock swiftly, sucking hard and using her tongue to encourage him inside. The actions involved in catering to the other two men happened without much thought, her natural talents easily multi-tasking as needed. Her hips swayed and hand stroked to a tune they knew by heart. All her thoughts were on the dick in her mouth, her eyes never breaking contact with First Guy for a second.

After touching her throat just once with his cock First Guy immediately claimed the girl's head with both hands to force her deep back down. Dimpled cheeks bulged as she deepthroated First Guy down to his balls, his cock head choking her as she fought to control her gag reflex. A large quantity of spit oozed out of her mouth and over the man's crotch as it found its way between their joined flesh. His hands were ready to hold her steady if she resisted but no resistance was yet forthcoming. Twenty, then thirty seconds passed and still the girl held him inside her throat. This made it abundantly obvious to First Guy that this wasn't the teenager's first time doing such a thing, yet she still managed to look so innocent while doing so.

At forty seconds the urge to breathe started to surface, but neither person was willing to give up yet. Lillian's throat burned as the stiff ramrod transfixed her skull, head not moving but for small vibrations from the pressure and results of another person steadily fucking her. Their constant eye contact was broken only by her eyes started to roll into the back of her head as the lack of oxygen began to tell. Every second now counted as she moved closer to blacking out. Pure self-control kept her from rolling her lips back to bite down with her teeth. From First Guy's expression she knew that if that happened she wasn't likely to live through the night.

One full minute of the man's cock buried to the hilt in her throat passed before Lillian's head was let up to breathe. Spit dripped over the man's shaft and balls, splashing onto the teen's heaving breasts and the floor as she coughed and spluttered for air. Her face was lined with tears from the effort of keeping that obstruction in her throat. Lillian lamented the fact that she hadn't put makeup on, guys loved to see her mascara run when they fucked her mouth. The man's gritted teeth grinned at her through the mask as he enjoyed her discomfort. Black Guy's rich baritone spoke over her wheezing.

'How could you not cum during that man? No wonder the ladies gave you such a reputation. Shuck over now though. Time for me to take this filly for a spin. Someone else's turn to sit out now.'

First Guy shook his head, that evil smile unwavering.

'Actually I have a better idea. Why have anyone sitting out at all? This girl said she'd do anything for daddy. She wants to save him, or herself for that matter, from a little bloodshed, then she'll get good and airtight for him. Won't she?' the last sentence he emphasised by pushing the gun against her face, dimpling her cheek with its barrel. The young girl nodded her compliance.

'Anything for my Daddy. How do I get "airtight" though Misters? What do I need to do?' In her mind Lillian hoped her bloody Daddy would appreciate what she was doing for him here. Lillian might be one to suck and fuck given any excuse but that didn't mean she had to solve the man's problems for him.

Black Guy moved First Guy out of the way so he could relax lengthways across the large couch, placing the girl's abandoned towel underneath. His large black manhood stood at attention, pointing at the ceiling. Very white teeth smiled at Lillian as he beckoned her over.

'First step: You come here and start dancing on this here pole.' Before she could even move herself Lillian was picked up by her arms by the two standing men who placed her straddling the supine Black Guy. Although he didn't penetrate her upon landing, her nether lips hugged the shaft as she sank into his lap, slicking its sides with her wetness. Black Guy encircled her round, warm buttocks in his hands, squeezing and opening her cute cheeks while grinding his cock against the outside of her pussy. Controlling the girl in his hands until he was pointing directly towards her entrace, the black henchman lowered her swiftly onto his cock. Lillian moaned deeply as her tight cunt accommodated the large dick. With two thirds inside her they began to start swaying against each other, starting the natural rhythm. Little Guy then stepped up to the pair, standing alongside the blonde teenager.

'Second step: We gag that mouth.' Once again a person took control of her head and moved it onto a cock, inviting her to deepthroat it, which she did. Now she was leaning across Black Guy, fucking him with her pussy while sucking on Little Guy. She sensed more than saw First Guy kneel on the couch behind her. The sudden touch of his wet fingers in her sensitive asshole caused her to jump, giving the two cocks inside her a pleasant jolt.

'Final Step:' said First Guy, placing the tip of his cock ever so slightly in her ass. 'We plug the last hole with a nice, deep, dicking.' Little Guy almost came instantly as the teen screamed around his cock at the exquisite mix of pleasure and pain that hit her senses when First Guy rammed himself home, far quicker than anything had ever entered her there before. She had already been taken there today so luckily things were a little smoother than they might have been.

Lillian Bell was now officially airtight, at least in the sexual sense. This wasn't like a threesome, where a see saw motion could even things out either. All three men went at their own pace, fucking their respective orifices as they liked it. Little Guy had picked things up to a machine gun pace, tapping his cock in and out of the blonde's throat as fast as possible. More spit dripped onto the hardwood floor and the teenager's tits as she glugged repeatedly, her favourite way to take cock making her even wetter for the cocks she was riding. Black Guy was holding the girl's sides, thumbs under her breasts, using her continuous movements to jostle her further down those final inches of his cock while thrusting up into her.

The small wall of flesh that separated the long shafts inside her ass and cunt ached with pleasure. It felt as if the cocks were trying to meet each other, each forcing their way through her body. Two forcing their way up, one forcing its way down and all of them doing their best to fill the young girl as much as possible. Three sets of hands held her, moving her in the direction and way that they desired. Lillian hadn't felt this used since her day at the gloryhole, but even that allowed for her to have an element of control. Right now she was simply the fuck toy for these guys to get their ends into. This idea only made the girl gyrate her body harder to accommodate the men fucking her various holes. Her high-pitched and muffled moans squealed out of her as the pace of each man hit the area that could be classified as "ravaging." The machine-gun like sounds of wet slapping filled the room, the breakneck speed at which the girl was getting fucked hurting but pleasing the teenager.

Such an intense level of fucking was taking its toll on the men. Black Guy groaned, his thrusts becoming slower and more penetrative until his long python cock unleashed its load inside the teen's cunt, heating her belly and pussy to tropical temperatures. Before she had time to thank the gods that she was on the pill Little Guy also erupted. Warm goo flooded her cute mouth and poured into her throat, the extra filling choking her as it competed for space with the spit and cock already blocking things. Little Guy, completely spent, took his dick from her mouth and sat on the floor heavily.

Like the true cock-sucking slut she was, Lillian swallowed all she was given, only slight drops escaping to dribble down her chin. These were quickly licked up in any event. First Guy was still going at her ass, and with her mouth now free of blockage the blonde was able to tilt her head back and let out screaming "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"'s while she used the last of Black Guy's softening cock to bring herself to orgasm, riding it like an overexcited cowgirl. Now there was only one man standing, so to speak. She couldn't believe he hadn't cum yet.

Both Black and Little Guy were done. Lillian had fucked them to a standstill, or at least made it easy for them to wear themselves out on her body. Black Guy eased himself out from under the sweat and spit covered girl to sit on the couch's armrest. Reaching down to the ground, he pulled his phone from his abandoned pants to check it for messages. Now on all fours on the couch, Lillian dropped her head between his legs to clean his shrunken but still lengthy manhood of their shared cum. Through groggy eyes the deep-voiced thug looked over his messages until he suddenly spoke up to First Guy.

'Uh dude, message from the Boss. Other things to do, we've gotta go now.'

'You guys go on ahead and I'll catch up. I have to...finish up.'

'Fine, fine I owe you after that thing the other day anyway. Just make sure...if you don't HAVE to go overboard like last time then don't, aight? And you Girl, you did just fine tonight. Uh...good luck.'

Lillian flashed her pink braces at the man with a smile around his dick. She could've sworn she heard a click from the phone as it pointed at her. Before she could close in on that thought Little Guy came up and tweaked her nipple, now in pants and ready to go. These guys must really fear their boss.

'Thanks for the fun doll, we've gotta split. See you soon.' The last part he nodded to his friend still embedded in the girl. The idea of getting left alone with First Guy was both exciting and terrifying. She knew from the looks they'd shared he wasn't as easygoing as his leaving friends. The pair on the couch watched the two others sidle out and close the door. First Guy slid his hands smoothly along Lillian's body to cup her breasts and pull her back to lean against his chest. The heavy jacket he wore was itchy but the changing angle of his cock in her nether region made her moan.

'Now it's just you and me bitch. We've got a little privacy to finish things off.' His current rhythm was to pull out slowly and then jam himself back in quickly. Each time he did Lillian felt the impact inside her core, causing more involuntary moans. Still massaging her tits, his voice burned scratchily into her ear. 'You really enjoyed that didn't you? Answer me truthfully now, you liked having three men making you airtight. Didn't you?!'

Head resting on his shoulder, half-dry hair cascading down the man's chest, Lillian pouted up at him, panting a breathy response. 'Mmmm yes Mister I did.'

'You've sucked cock before haven't you? Been fucked and taken like a streetwalking whore.'

'Yes Mister....I have.'

'And you liked having a cock choking you hard in your throat didn't you?'

'Yes Mister I did.'

'You like toying with men, getting them to play your little slut games.' They weren't really questions anymore but Lillian answered him anyway.

'Oh yes Mister I do.'

'Does your Daddy know what a whore his teenage daughter is?'

'No Mister, Daddy doesn't know I'm a slut.'

'Hmm. Well Daddy's going to find out soon isn't he? That was the deal wasn't it? We fuck you airtight for our Boss instead of hurting your Daddy. The real question is, how does he find out? Some pictures? Or your body lying here on the floor? Decisions, decisions.' A hand snaked up to her white neck, encircling it without squeezing. Despite herself Lillian's pussy quivered at the touch. She knew she was in danger but she couldn't help it.

'But Mister, your friend said not to go overboard didn't he? Like last time? What happened?'

First Guy let out a laugh. 'This isn't the first time we've done this either. We had to pick up a sweet thing not much older than you. But when her own Daddy didn't pay up, I just assumed her didn't want her. The Boss said I could do anything I wanted to her, how was I supposed to know choking her to death on my cock wasn't part of 'anything'?'

'Oh please Mister don't kill me. I don't want to die. Haven't I been so nice to you? Aren't you enjoying me so much?' She took the hand not around her neck and pulled it to her cunt, once again sopping wet and alive with heat. Unable to stop herself imagining the same thing happening to her, it all seemed so sexy in her head. First Guy laughed again.

'Tell you what, let's make another deal. You like playing slut games so lets do one now.' He gave her throat a quick squeeze, and she gagged slightly at the touch. He pussy also clamped on his fingers as well. 'I'm going to make you "airtight" again. I'm going to keep doing it to you 'til I cum, then I'll stop. Understand? No more gentle stuff.'

'Yes Mister, I can do it.' The young girl came to her own decision in her head. As ever, the hedonist within her won. She put her gorgeous lips right to where his ear would be under the balaclava and whispered fiercly. 'I want to do it. Choke me Mister. Choke me 'til you cum in my ass. If I can't make you can fucking kill me.'

That was all the invitation the evil man needed. Fingers clamped around her neck tightly, cutting off her air. He held her pressed against his body by her throat and cunt. His pelvis began grinding against her ass as the teen gyrated back. She was making gargling sounds not dissimilar to when a cock was stuffed in her mouth and it was just as pleasurable but in a different way. Like the ass fucking it hurt but the pain was so good. Her pussy continued to pulse around the man's fingers uncontrollably. If she could've yelped in pleasure she would've but being strangled impeded her ability to squeal like a slut. His hand, although large around her neck, wasn't enough to fully stop her air however. She could still get some words out.

''! Fuck!!...harder!'

First Guy laughed and pushed her down into the couch, smothering her face into the material. This gave her more air than before, the soft couch too malleable to smother her completely. She could feel him moving around as he ploughed her ass, doing something else as well. However, now the teen temptress was free to yell to her heart's content, screaming in her high girlish voice.

'Yes! Yes! That's it! Fuck me Mister! Cum in my ass! Do it Mister! Ah! Ah! Fuck me! Can't even choke me properly? C'mon, fuck me!'

Lillian's tirade was cut short as he pulled out briefly to flip her around on her back. In the man's hands was his belt, retrieved from his pants. He snapped it together in his hands with an evil grin. Rather than the fear he expected, Lillian started to rub her clit, biting her lip at how much pressure there was building up to an orgasm. Her bright blue eyes begged up at him "do it!", so he did.

None too gently he pushed her lustrous blonde hair out of the way so it splayed back against the couch and looped the belt around her neck. In the same moment he pulled it tight he re-entered her ass again, pressing in and leaving it there as he ground his hips against hers. Lillian's throat and cunt were burning. Already most of her air was gone and the ass fucking drove the rest out. Quickly the girl realised this wasn't like having a cock in her throat. The belt around her neck was cutting off oxygen and she would pass out soon. If that happened she was done for.

She furiously rubbed her clit and fucked herself, mouth hanging open as she struggled for breath. She was in pain and it felt so damn good. Rarely had Lillian felt such excitement and ecstasy than at this moment. She'd loved getting skull fucked pretty early on in her sex life, and now she knew the rush from oxygen loss was why. First Guy's gritted teeth and dark eyes leered down at her, his body shaking from pleasure and holding the belt tight. The girl's face was red, her pink lips also darkened from the pressure, tongue jerking around in her open mouth.

Lillian realised that he'd grown inside her. His dick had been hard before but now it was rock solid and flying into her at speed. She might just win this. If he stuck to his promise...

Even with the beginnings of darkness starting to cloud her vision thoughts of death vanished from the girl's mind as her orgasm began to reach its full strength. Her hips started to buck into her own hands as well as the man jack-hammering her ass. First Guy half-moaned half-snarled as he finally ejaculated copiously into Lillian, just as she blanked out.

The girl woke up coughing, her lungs swelling with air. Blood was once again flowing normally and she'd never felt as good in her life. Her neck and ass ached but the high was dulling the pain. Danger having passed she relaxed completely and slumped back down on the couch, an arm and leg hanging lazily off the couch. First Guy was now fully clothed, belt back in its proper place. His eyes still blazed but she could tell he was finally worn out, his breathing was as haggard as her own.

'You, Girl, are something else. I don't...I...fuck it. I'm done, your Daddy will hear from us soon.' He stood up drunkenly and turned to the door. Turning back for a second her delivered a slap across the naked teen's face. Her response was to giggle, smiling her braces up at him. First Guy shook his head in bewilderment. 'Crazy slut.' He walked out the door and was gone.

Despite the sore throat Lillian started a giggle that turned into hysterical laughter and ending with a satisfied sigh. What a rush. What a day! She'd been fucked repeatedly and topped it off at the end with something brand new and intensely arousing. More things to explore for the future. For now though, cum was leaking out of her in various places and she was covered in sweat, both hers and others'. Time for another shower.


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Well the "90% of the time" guy was essentially right as far as I've noticed working in publications for several years now. The " is used more in America but I'd still say the majority of fiction work around the world goes with the apostrophes. Thanks for the feedback though.

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