Girl gets closer to her brother
I didn't write this but I thought it was so fucking hot

We've always been close, my brother and I. We've been inseparable for as long as I can remember. Most of that was down to the situation we grew up in. Perhaps I should go back a bit.

I'm Amy, my brother is Jack. We grew up in a small house with just us two and mom. I've never met my father and my brother was too young to remember him. See, he always had his "issues" and it put a lot of strain on my parent's marriage. When mom got pregnant with Jack, things got worse. Just months after my brother was born, mom was pregnant with me. It wasn't long until dad left. He just walked out, taking almost all of the money and leaving mom with a six month old and an unborn baby. I don't know what his "issues" were. Maybe he had drug problems, maybe he was cheating on mom, maybe he had something wrong mentally. Mom doesn't like to talk about it but I'm completely fine with that. If he'd do something like that to us then I don't want to know about him.

It left mom in the difficult situation of having to raise two children almost the same age whilst also working. Mom had to get a new job (which she hated) that included fairly long hours. She'd get home at 6pm and be in bed by 8pm. The hours were long but the pay was just enough to get a small place for us to live. Because of how small this place was, Jack and I shared a bedroom.

As we grew up, we grew closer. Even though there was just a year between us, I looked up to him a lot and he was very protective of me. We had the occasional argument or fight but that happens to all siblings. 99% of the time, we were the best of friends. Sharing a room didn't even prove to be much of a problem. Even when we were older. I always felt safe knowing my big brother was just a few feet away. We were so close that if you didn't know us, you'd think we were a couple. We'd hold hands, give each other quick kisses and other silly stuff like that. It's just how we were and our friends accepted it. Although, we knew to hold back during school. People there can be cruel.

Then changes occurred to our bodies. I went from flat-chested to a 32A which wasn't huge but at least I had tits. We saw each other naked a lot as you'd expect. It literally happened every day. However, because of how often it happened, we never really got embarrassed and eventually we just stopped caring. Every morning we'd be just feet away from each other as we took off our clothes to get dressed.

Then there was the issue of masturbation. I'd just turned sixteen when I discovered how good I could make myself feel. I preferred using my clit rather than fingering myself. Although, sometimes I was in a mood where I just needed something in me. I don't know when Jack first started but I caught him doing it a lot and he caught me a lot. Neither of us freaked out over it. If I walked in on him jacking it i'd just apologize and leave the room. He did the same if he walked in on me rubbing my clit. We understood each other. We knew we were both pretty horny teenagers who'd sometimes need to relieve themselves. We never went as far as to do it in front of each other. Although we were more comfortable with each other than most siblings, we knew there was a line somewhere.

Little did we know that the line would soon be crossed.

Mom had a week off work coming up and told us we'd be going to visit her sister Kate's family and stay with them for a few days. Jack and I weren't exactly thrilled, we'd much rather stay home or hang out with our friends but we didn't really have a choice. So we arrived at my
aunt's house which was average sized but seemed smaller now that it was holding two families. Then as we finished bringing our things in, Kate gave me the "bad news".

"So it seems we have a bit of a problem" She began. "Originally, the plan was for your mom to sleep on the couch, you to sleep next to the couch on the spare mattress and Jack to sleep in the spare room."

"So what's the problem?" I said, sounding concerned.

"We may have slightly over-estimated the....usability of the mattress." She stepped aside to reveal the mattress. Springs were poking out, there were stains that I don't even what to know about and the entire thing was covered in dust.

"So where the hell am I meant to sleep? The hard floor?" I said, obviously upset.

"We're so sorry. We really didn't know."

Mom stepped in. "Look, I know it's not ideal but I think the only real solution is for Amy to sleep in the spare room with Jack. It may be cramped but it's all we can do for now."

"You may be right but the spare room only has a single bed and isn't very big" said Kate.

"They share a room at home anyway and they get along great. Sharing a bed for a few days shouldn't be too much trouble." Mom knew Jack and I were close, she may have thought we were a little too close at times but she was just grateful we weren't constantly fighting. "You two will be fine sharing a bed, won't you?"

We both nodded. Even if we wanted to protest, we couldn't and neither of us really minded.

Later, I talked to Jack alone. "Look, i'm sorry that i'll be taking up your bed tonight but we really don't have a choice in this."

He chuckled. "Just make sure not to snore so loud tonight. It's like there's a chainsaw in the room."

I punched him lightly in the arm. "Coming from you! Sometimes you snore so loud that you wake yourself up."

"How would I even hear my own snoring over Little Miss Chainsaw?"

We continued our banter for a bit then we hugged and shared one of our quick kisses before rejoining the others. The rest of the day went fairly normally. Typical family stuff. We went out to dinner, watched a movie, blah blah blah. Soon it was late and mom and Kate began dropping hints to get us to go to bed.

"It's getting pretty late. We're out early tomorrow morning. Getting some sleep would be a good idea."

It wasn't too long until we got the idea and went upstairs and into the spare room. Soon,Jack and I were standing over the bed. Just as I would any other night, I got changed into my sleeping gear. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it before pulling off my shorts. I then reached behind me and unhooked my bra so I was standing there in just a pair of white cotton panties. I then took a large t-shirt out of my case (one of Jack's old shirts) and put it on, the bottom of the shirt falling just past my ass. Whilst I did this, Jack had removed his shirt and jeans. His body was quite good for a 17 year old. He wasn't bulging with muscles but you could see some abs on him with v-lines that disappeared into his boxers.

Jack climbed into bed first and moved right up to the wall so I could get in. Kate wasn't lying, it was definitely cramped. We moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable until I ended up on my side, facing away from the wall. I was pretty comfy but Jack was yet to find a good position. One thing I should mention about Jack is that he prefers to sleep naked. He did it all the time at home and was probably planning to do it here but once he found out i'd be in the bed too, he must have realized he should probably wear boxers. I guessed that was his issue and I was right as he moved his hand to his boxers several times to adjust them, lightly brushing my ass each time.

Eventually, he ended up on his side, facing the same way as me. He then positioned his arms so he was now pretty much spooning me. "Do you mind?" He asked. "It's just more comfy like this."

"Yeah it's no problem." And it wasn't. I actually like the idea of falling asleep in my big brother's arms. I felt safe.

Soon enough, he drifted to sleep and I was halfway there. I positioned myself slightly differently and felt something hard poke me in the butt. I reached my hand back to investigate and made contact with the tent in Jack's boxers. He had a boner. I knew that guys get them randomly so it might be that causing it or maybe being so close to a girl naturally aroused him. I wasn't freaked out by the fact he had a boner. I was freaked out by the fact it was pressing into me. My moving around caused it to move from pointing outwards to pointing up towards his belly button. I eased back into him and found that instead of poking me, his erection was now positioned between my buttcheeks.

I can't really explain what happened next. I'd felt his erection like this a few times before. When i'd sit on his lap he'd sometimes get hard and I could feel it. I'd move around on it and maybe bounce a little bit but i'd never realize what I was doing. It was like, I knew what was happening but it never registered. I was too busy moving around on my brother's erection to realize that I was moving around on my brothers erection.

Now it was happening again but i'd never felt it so much. I pulled my shirt up to uncover my panties so I could feel it more. Just his boxers and my panties separated his dick from my ass, It felt so good. I pressed my ass right up to it and began to slowly move up and down his shaft, wanting to feel every inch between my asscheeks. I don't know why it turned me on so much but it did. I continued for a minute before I picked up the pace a little bit. When I did , Jack made a noise and I crashed back to reality. I don't know if I caused the noise but everything suddenly hit me. I was just grinding on my brother's dick. What if he woke up? What if he was awake the whole time? The thought scared me so I pulled away from him a bit and lowered my shirt. Eventually, his erection went down but I couldn't get it out of my head. I had to have it again.

I woke up the next morning to find that Jack had already woken up and gotten dressed. Immediately, my mind went back to last night and how his dick made me feel. I even felt a little disappointed that I missed getting the chance to feel his morning wood against me. Jack made no mention of what happened so I guess he was asleep through the whole thing. However, I noticed he was more moody than usual, not just with me, with everyone. He was constantly getting annoyed by the smallest things. Come to think of it, I was getting pretty frustrated myself. Then it hit me. Remember how I said we masturbated quite often? It was several times a week. Jack did it nearly every day but because we'd been busy packing and doing other stuff for two days before arriving at Kate's, neither of us had got a chance recently. There was always a queue for the bathroom in the morning so taking care of things in the shower wasn't an option and we couldn't exactly slide away to touch ourselves in the middle of family activities. Conversation with Jack was normal. We talked about how we slept and he made no mention of being grinded.

"You actually weren't too bad last night....for a chainsaw."

"Oh shut up, you're the one who likes to cuddle. My big brother the cuddler." I guess he didn't know.

After another day with Kate's family, it was soon time for bed again. All day i'd been thinking about his erection. I knew it was wrong but it made me feel good so I didn't care. I stripped out of my clothes again and into my sleeping t-shirt only this time, I took my panties off too. Jack saw this and looked at me. He didn't seem to have any issue with it but I felt the need to justify it.

"It was just so hot last night, it was a little difficult trying to sleep. The t-shirt covers me up anyway. I hope you don't mind."

Jack shrugged. "Yeah, it was pretty hot, wasn't it? That's fine, why would I mind?" I wasn't really lying. It actually was really hot but the real reason was just so I could feel him against me better.

So we got into bed and began trying to sleep. I got myself into the same position as last night and began hoping that Jack would do the same thing. He kept tossing and turning, clearly uncomfortable due to being restricted by his boxers so after a few minutes of this, I decided to take a chance.

"You can take them off...if you want."


"Your boxers. You can take them off. I know you don't normally wear them to sleep, so if you're uncomfortable you can take them off."

"Um...are you sure about that?"

"It's fine, I don't mind." I didn't mind. I wanted it.


He wasted no time as he quickly took off his boxers, leaving him completely naked and me with just a t-shirt. Jack seemed more comfortable and soon enough he ended up on his side, facing my back. I waited a few minutes before I started whispering to ensure he was asleep.

"Jack? Jack?"

No answer.

With that, I moved my butt into him and could feel his dick already semi hard through the fabric of my shirt, I felt it reach it's full potential as it moved my cheeks apart before nestling between them. I began to grind slowly against him as I had before. I don't know what came over me but I had to have more. I stopped and moved away to pull my t-shirt up before I moved back into him. There were no more restrictions. No clothes between us. It was skin against skin. No longer was this a little bit of grinding. I was fully giving my brother an assjob.

I was so turned on, it was too much. I reached down to my vagina and began to rub my clit. I couldn't stop myself from moving up and down his shaft faster as my fingers made a circular motion on my clitoris. I was so wet and out of control, all I wanted was to stay like that forever. Much like the previous night, Jack made a noise in his sleep. My grinding came to a halt as I listened intently but I noticed that he was still moving his hips into me. Maybe he was awake, maybe it was just a natural reaction in his sleep. I wasn't sure but in that moment all I cared about was my own orgasm. I grinded against him once more as my fingers resumed working my clit. I was getting close, I could feel it. Then I had the realization that Jack could be close. I started to move my ass away to prevent something bad from happening but I felt Jack's arms wrapped around me and pulling me back. I was too focused on cumming to fight it as my pace increased. I was seconds away from my climax when I felt several spurts of warm shoot up my back. He came.

"Oh shit, oh shit" I thought, panicking at what I just did. Surely, that woke him up. If my grinding didn't then his cumming definitely did. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for something, anything to tell me if he was awake. All that happened was he pulled me closer to him to cuddle and after a few minutes, I got up to go into the bathroom. When I left the room, I swear I heard him whisper "Amy."

I got to the bathroom terrified of what I just did but at the same time, still turned on. I managed to wipe the cum off my back and shirt. I needed to finish myself. Knowing I could be fairly loud, I positioned myself on the toilet with one hand on the flush handle and the other between my legs. I picked up where I left off as I went to town on my clit, getting faster and faster as I panted, moving my hips to push myself into my hand. Enough was enough, I needed something in me. I put 2 fingers in my wet hole, keeping my thumb on my hood. Thoughts of my big brothers cock entered my mind. Thoughts of it between my cheeks, in my hole, his warm cum shooting all over me. I couldn't take it anymore and quickly flushed the toilet as I reached my climax, the flushing doing well covering up my moans as I had the best orgasm i'd ever had at that point. I remained sat on the toilet for a few minutes as I thought about what had just happened. Eventually, I washed my hands and rejoined my brother in bed. He'd moved to a different position but I was fine with that. I already got what I wanted.

I struggled to look him in the eye the next day. The reality of what i'd done didn't really set in until I went downstairs for breakfast and saw him. We talked a bit but he didn't mention anything about last night. I guess he slept through it. Either that or he's just choosing not to bring it up.

That day went by very slowly. We didn't go out or do anything interesting so it was fairly boring. And when i'm bored, my mind tends to go crazy. Given what had happened the previous night, this was not a good time for that to happen. However, I did notice that Jack seemed considerably less stressed that day, as was i. It turns out I was right about not getting off causing us problems. Night came again and it was time for bed. I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I got ready for bed and this time I didn't even bother with the t-shirt, I was fully naked. Jack was already naked and in bed but he didn't seem to have any problem with me also being naked. I had no intention of grinding him again but I worried that the moment I felt him against me, i'd change my mind.

I slept on my side again because it's how I usually sleep and Jack went to the same position relatively quickly. He held me like usual as we spooned but I attempted to keep some space between his crotch and my ass, worried about what might come over me. I tried to sleep but kept thinking about last night. I thought about how great it felt with no barriers. How I could feel every inch, every tiny little detail of his cock between my cheeks. My hand drifted between my legs as I reminisced and before I knew it, i'd begun imitating it and was once again grinding on my brother's dick. I managed to gain some control as I pulled away but I felt myself get pulled back. Jack pulled me back to him, he grabbed me by the hips and his dick was wedged between my asscheeks more than ever before. Then he started moving his hips.

Now Jack was pumping his shaft up and down my crack whilst I was still. "What's going on?" I thought. " he awake? Does he know?" I wondered if I should say something or stop him but the urge overcame me. I moved my hips in time with him and began to touch myself again. Knowing he was awake and doing this on his own turned me on even more in a way.

We were both actively grinding against each others naked bodies even though we were brother and sister. I felt so dirty, I loved it. His dick between my cheeks, my fingers on my clit, it wasn't enough. I needed more. Then I took a huge risk. Jack's hands were on my hips, I put my hands on his and moved one up to my breasts and the other down to my vagina. He hesitated slightly, but I squeezed his hand with mine causing him to be grabbing my boob. I took his forefinger and guided it onto my clit and moved it in a circular motion. I let go and he continued on his own. The sensation was great. My big brother was rubbing my clit whilst he pumped his cock up and down my buttcrack. My breathing quickened as I could feel myself getting close. I picked up the pace with my ass and Jack rubbed my clit quicker. My climax came and it was powerful. The force made me clench my asscheeks together around Jack's cock. That must have been the last push for him as he immediately covered my back with his warm liquid.

We laid there for a while breathing heavily before Jack softly kissed my neck and went to sleep. I went to the bathroom to get the cum off my back as I thought about the line we'd just crossed.

The next day I realized there was no going back now. Not only did last night happen but we were both awake and fully in control of our actions. How were we going to address this? This answer is we didn't. Not one word was said throughout the day about the encounter. I don't think we even talked at all the entire day in fact. We couldn't even look at each other out of a combination of shame, embarrassment and fear. Our eyes met a few times for a second before one of us quickly looked away. Had we ruined our relationship? Would we ever go back to how things were? More importantly, what would happen tonight?

After another day of family activities, it was time for bed. We both got naked and climbed into bed as I wondered if there was even the slightest chance of us repeating our actions from the previous night. I turned to my side to begin drifting to sleep. Then he pulled me closer.

"We'd been in bed for 30 seconds, there's no way that was in his sleep" I thought. "Maybe...he wants this?" I slowly moved my ass towards his crotch, stopping when they were barely touching. Jack then moved closer to me, put his hand on my ass and moved my cheeks to allow his hard dick to slot between them. He did want it. Him wanting it made me realize that despite the embarrassment, shame and fear I felt, I still wanted it too. I didn't just want to get off using Jack. I wanted Jack. We began to move our hips in rhythm and I stopped thinking of Jack as just a dick I was using to pleasure myself and started thinking of him as my big brother. My big brother who I loved and wanted to make feel good. I wasn't just doing this for me anymore, I was doing this for him. I wanted to give myself to him, to make him feel good but to do that, I had to get a little selfish first.

As his forefinger circled my clit, I moved his hand over my vagina's entrance and pushed 2 of his fingers inside. He took the hint as he steadily began to work his fingers in and out of my wet hole. Not wanting to leave my clit out, I rubbed it myself as I was determined to reach orgasm first. What a feeling it was. Every time I moved my hips I pressed my ass into his dick and caused his fingers to penetrate my pussy further. My big brother Jack was finger fucking me whilst I gave him an assjob. I felt myself nearing an intense orgasm so I took my fingers off my clit and put them in my mouth to muffle the sounds I was about to make. I could taste my own juices on my fingers. Sometimes I liked to suck on my fingers after they've been in me, depending if I was in the mood for it.

This time, I was definitely in the mood. Tasting my own juices was the final push as I reached my climax, moaning into my hand. I felt my body trembling. I rolled onto my front, cutting off the assjob before Jack had cum. It might seem like I was being mean but I had other plans for Jack.

Jack made a confused/disappointed sounding noise as I rolled away from him. It seemed as though he was contemplating saying something but I cut him off by wrapping my hand around his dick. I pushed his shoulder so he was on his back and I moved my head down to wear I held his penis. Even though I had already cum, I was still so horny. I wanted more. I wanted Jack. I wanted to make him feel good. So I took him in my mouth.

I'd never really gotten an extended look at his dick until this point. I'm not going to lie and say he was a 9 inched god. He was 17 years old so at the time, he must have been about 6.5 inches which is about average for that age. It wasn't until his dick was in my mouth that I remembered i'd never given a blowjob before. All of this i'd been doing with Jack was my only sexual experience with a guy. I was pretty sure Jack didn't have any experience either as if he did, i'd know about it one way or another. Remembering that he was also inexperienced helped my confidence as I worked my lips down his shaft, right to the base, feeling his tip touch the back of my throat. Thank god for no gag reflex. A blowjob seemed simple enough, just pretend your mouth is a vagina and move up and down his dick. I picked up the speed, pausing occasionally for air, as I sucked his cock. Using my tongue to aid me each time. I took it out of my mouth to inspect all 6.5 inches of it. I put my tongue and the base and licked all the way to the top as Jack moaned with pleasure. Then I put just the head back in my mouth and rapidly swirled my tongue all around it as I sucked. I was just trying out techniques, seeing what worked. According to Jack's reactions, everything was working. He started breathing heavier and I took that as my cue. I went all the way to the base of his cock again as I increased my speed.

Jack tried to move me off him. "I'm gonna....i'm gonna..."

I resisted, determined to finish the job. I wasn't worried about the cum. I wanted the cum. That moment, I wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum. Jack grunted several times as I got my wish. He shot his creamy load in my mouth, sending several spurts down my throat. It was an odd taste, difficult to describe but in my state of mind, it was the best tasting thing ever. I released his dick from my mouth as I crawled closer to his face and made sure he was looking at me as I swallowed every last drop of his cum. I'd accomplished my goal. I was ready to sleep happily but I didn't expect what happened next.

Jack sat up, flipped me onto my back and spread my legs. I knew what he had in mind. He used his fingers to explore my still wet pussy before diving in, tongue first. I'll be honest, it wasn't that great. Not that I don't like being eaten out, it's just that the first time he was a 17 year old eating out a pussy for the first time and it was dark. His tongue rarely made contact with my clit as he seemed focused on lapping up my juices and tongue fucking my hole. A little bit later, I had him use his hands to help, keeping one finger on my clit at all times so he knew where it was. Things were a lot better from there as I eventually reached orgasm for the 2nd time that night and drenched his face.

We both snuck to the bathroom to get ourselves cleaned up. I helped get the remaining cum off his now flaccid dick as he helped to stop the flood of juices flowing from my vagina. We also washed out our mouths to get the taste of each other out. Not a single word was said during this exchange. Just as we went to leave the bathroom, I gave him a kiss. However, this kiss wasn't like our normal kisses. This one was passionate as I worked my tongue into his mouth and he reciprocated. I wasn't kissing him like a brother. I was kissing him like a lover. Then after what seemed like an eternity, we broke the kiss and headed back to bed. This time we were actually going to sleep.

That 5th day, things actually went back to normal between us. They even seemed better somehow. What we shared had brought us closer in a new way. I wasn't thinking of it as getting off using my brother, I was thinking of it as a new way for us to express our love. We still didn't talk about it though. I guess I had it in my mind that the moment we talked about it, it became a real situation with very real consequences. I didn't want that. I just wanted to be with my big brother. If I had to choose a moment where I feel I begun to fall for Jack it would have to be then. Even though I didn't know it at the time.

We had our usual family commitments and then at night, we went straight to it. We even went up to bed earlier because we couldn't wait. I'll skip over that night as it was literally the same thing as the previous night. We did our usual routine, ending with him eating me out once again. I never asked him to, he just did it himself which I found kind of nice. He was much better the 2nd time. I guided him, telling him what to do with his tongue and where to do it. It wasn't long before he had me covering his lips with my juices.

Thing is, that was our final night there. The next day, we packed our things, said our goodbyes and headed home. That's when I started to panic again. Even though Jack and I were so close, I couldn't read his mind. All of that only happened because of the situation we were in. What if it was just a one time thing? What if we get home and I try something but he doesn't want to keep it going? What if this ruins our relationship? When we were younger, we used to say how we'd marry each other and now, for the first time since my childhood, I was actually thinking about a future with Jack. What if we can't have that? I almost had an anxiety attack right there in the car next to him but I managed to keep it all in.

When we got home, it didn't take mom long to go to bed. She'd been driving all day and had to go back to work the next day. Jack and I stayed up on our laptops for a while. Although, I was thinking more than using the laptop.

Eventually, Jack walked over.

"Look. We need to talk....about....what happened."

It was over. The tone he spoke in, the way he stuttered, his struggle to look at me when he said it. Not only had I ruined this new relationship with my brother but i'd potentially sabotaged our existing one. I felt crushed. I didn't want to hear anymore.

" We don't. I....i get it. Can you just....just leave me al-" He interrupted me with a kiss.

I guess I was wrong. He felt the same way. We stood there, making out and began to undress each other. I undid his belt as he unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled off his shirt as he slid down my shorts. He unhooked my bra as I freed his cock. Soon enough, we were both naked as our tongues continued to battle. I pushed him onto my bed and followed him on. He turned on his side, as if he was expecting an assjob but I had different plans. I had him roll onto his back as I climbed on top of him. I kissed him again as I took his cock in my hand to get it as hard and long as I could. Once I was satisfied with it, I broke the kiss and sat up. I positioned my vagina above his dick and slowly sunk down so the head barely entered me.

"Amy...are...are you sure? You know we don't have to? We don't have to do this."

I silenced him with a kiss and as I kissed him, I moved down his shaft until he was fully inside me. Sex was a new sensation for me. Jack was my first experience for everything and now I had him inside me. My big brother's cock stretching my tight little pussy as I bounced up and down on him. I felt my hymen break as I sank all the way to the base of his cock. It was painful but I didn't care. I was enjoying it too much. I stayed on top of him for a while and climaxed once before he took control.

He moved me off of him and onto my back as he positioned himself over me and pointed his cock at my hole. One thrust and he was in again and fucking me. "Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me" I said as he continued to slam into me, bringing me to my 2nd orgasm. I was breathing quickly, I was trembling but I still wanted more. I wrapped my legs around his waist giving him no choice but to fuck me deep. He grabbed my hips as he pumped into me as fast as he could. He brought me to my 3rd and biggest orgasm as my pussy tightened around him and squeezed every last drop of cum from his dick.

He collapsed on top of me and we rolled to our sides as we held each other, his dick beginning to soften inside me. I could feel his warm cum deep inside me whilst also dripping out. We both knew I was on the pill. I'd been on it for over a year as a precaution. So after laying there for a while. we realized we couldn't stay like that as mom had a habit of checking on us in the morning. We got up and kissed one more time. When we broke the kiss, I looked deep into his eyes.

"I love you, Jack."

"I love you too, Amy."

As I headed to the bathroom to sort myself out, I thought about all the wonderful possibilities after what had just happened but despite all my fears, it wasn't the end of our adventure.

It was the beginning.

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I fucked my cousin while we were sharing a tent. She was hot and slept on top of her sleeping bag in a tiny pair of panties. By the end of the camping trip, we had fucked over twenty times. She was twelve and I was fourteen.


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To the brother and sister with havin' fucked 8500 times. Congrats. My brother an I cum in a close second at 7900. That's only figuring in once a day for 22 years. Now that's a lot of fuckin' believe me. But if I could figure out the times were we fuck at least 3 times in one day and figured that in to the total, we'd be screamin' close to your score. I've never regretted one single day of it. Our parents weren't happy when they first found out that we were living together under the same roof. They didn't speak to us for almost two years. We don't have any children, don't want any. We love fucking way to much. We have a total nude policy at our home. Once we get home from work, all the clothing comes off for the rest of the day. My brother's been known to come up behind me while I fixin' dinner and slip his dick in me from behind. He loves fuckin' me while I'm trying to type in the comments section here. If you only knew how many times I have to back space to correct my errors.

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