Robert has a second time with Kate and Veronica
As Robert pulled up to the bus stop where he always meet Kate he knew that he was in for a good time that evening. Kate was stood waiting in a small blue skirt that just covered her ass it was so short. She had a white crop top on that was as short as the skirt. If she held her arms up he was sure the he would see her breasts under the bottom of the top. Her long dark hair hung loose down her back, showing her pretty face with her dark eyes and full lips. The flame red platform heels on her feet added to the shape of her legs and perfectly finishing off the look. A look that simply read, I‘m a sexy eighteen year old girl, do me, do me now and do me hard. Then Robert saw that his evening was going to be even better.

Veronica was sat on the bench in the bus shelter. She was removing a small check shirt to reveal that she only had a small bikini top on underneath. She was also wearing a tight pair of daisy duke shorts along with pale pink pumps and white ankle socks. Her black hair was done up into two upbraided pigtails. Like her sister she had dark big eyes and full perfect lips. All in all she looked as hot as her older sister, not bad for a sixteen year old girl.

Robert pulled up and climbed out to greet Kate. She planted her lips against his, kissing him hard and deep. Curling herself around him in a way showing his guess had been right. She was hot as hell and just as horny. Robert kissed her back, feeling the way her body pressed into his. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

“Hey you two get a room.” Veronica said from behind them. Kate broke from the kiss and turned to smile at her little sister.

“And I thought you wanted to come with us as well.” She said, Veronica glared at her.

“You know I do.”

“Well then you’d better come and show Robert how much you want to.” Veronica smiled and stood up, moving quickly towards Robert. She reached up to pull his head down to hers. Pressing her lips against his and kissing him with equal heat to Kate. Rubbing her small body against him in a way that sent heat through him. She kissed him hard and deep for a minute or so before pulling back.

“Umm, I can live with that greeting.” Robert told them, which made them both smile. “How the heck did you get out of your house dressed like you are?” He asked.

“Don’t you like how we’re dressed?” Kate said.

“Oh I love how you’re dressed, I’m just curious.” She laughed and pointed to a bag Robert had not noticed close to where Veronica had been sat.

“We had normal clothes on over the top and changed when we got here.” Kate explained, Robert nodded his understanding and appreciation of their cunning.

“Clever, but isn’t it a little cold for those sort of clothes.” England in late September was not the warmest of places.

“Yes it is.” Veronica said.

“But I’m sure you’ll be able to find ways to heat us up.” Kate added.

“Oh I’m thinking of ways right now. Shall we go?” Robert told her opening the passenger side doors on his car. Kate smiled as she climbed in the car. Veronica retrieved the bag and dumped in on the back seat next to her. Robert got in the drivers seat and began to short journey to his flat. As he drove he glanced back at Veronica.

“I was beginning to wonder if you hadn’t liked the last time. It’s been nearly six weeks since then?” He said, she smiled.

“I know, but I had to wait to be sure I was properly protected.” She replied.

“Protected?” Robert said.

“The pill.” Kate told him. “She complained how I got to fuck you naked and she’d had to have a condom. So we got her on the pill. As she really wants to feel you cumming inside her she’s had to wait till now for it to be definitely working fully.”

“How the hell did you manage to get her on the pill.” Robert said, certain that their parents would not have been ok with it.

“The same way I did when we first got together. It’s to help with her really bad periods.” Robert nodded, and shuddered at the same time. Kate smiled at his typical male reaction to the mention of women’s periods.

“Cool, I have to admit I’m happy to not have to use a condom. Much prefer bare backed.” Robert said to Veronica. She smiled and her eyes glinted with lust. Soon they were back at his flat. Once inside the two girls left him in no doubt as to what they wanted by dragging him straight to his bedroom. Kate kissing him hard on the mouth. Her tongue curled around his as she devoured him with her lips. Veronica was running her hands over him. Touching his chest, stomach, back, ass with her fingers. He felt her grabbing the hem of his T-shirt pulling it up. Kate broke from the kiss to help, the two girls pulling the T-shirt off him. Both of them began to run their hands over his naked torso. Veronica reached up to pull him down into a hard passionate kiss. He felt her open her lips to him and probed her mouth with his tongue.

As he and Veronica kissed Kate began to kiss his chest. Pressing her lips softly against his skin. The feel of her lips on him sent shivers of pleasure though his body. Veronica pressed herself against his side. Rubbing her slender leg up the back of his leg. Reaching down he cupped her ass. Squeezing her buttocks then pushing his fingers under to rub at her pussy through her shorts. Kate was now kissing along his stomach. Slowly moving lower down him. He felt her hands running down his thighs. She slide them down to his knees then ran them back up to the fastenings on his jeans. Her fingers quickly undid his jeans. As she moved down to kiss his stomach just above his jeans she began to pull them down, dragging his underwear with them.

His cock sprang free, rock hard from having the two hot sisters all over him. Kate reached up to curl his hand around it. Robert groaned softly into the kiss with Veronica. He felt Kate running her hand up and down him. Then she slipped her lips over him. Robert gasped, as much in surprise as pleasure. Kate rarely sucked on him, she did not like it. Yet she was sucking on him now. Sliding her lips along him in long slow movements, sucking him firmly. He reached down to cup her head. Moaning softly into Veronica’s mouth at the feel of her older sister sucking on him. Veronica pulled out of the kiss and dropped to her knees. Looking down Robert watched with wide eyes as Kate released his cock. She lent over and kissed Veronica hard on the lips then moved up towards him. Now Veronica slid her mouth onto him. Sucking him deep into her mouth and licking her tongue over him.

Robert groaned deeply at the feel of her mouth wrapped around his cock. Kate reached up to grab his hair, pulling his down to her mouth. Kissing him hard and deeply. Veronica began to slide her mouth along him. Slowly at first, sucking him deep into her mouth. Each time lowering her lips further and further down him. Kate kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Her hands in his hair and running over his chest and back, seemingly everywhere at once. Robert cupped Veronica’s head with one hand. The other siding up Kate’s back under her top. He realised she was not wearing a bra. Reaching round he cupped one of her ample breasts. Feeling the firm flesh and round shape under his fingers. Kate kissed him even harder, pressing herself into him. Veronica sucked him right into her mouth. Sliding her lips down to curl them around the base of his cock. She held him in her mouth, sucking hard on him. He groaned at the sensation, curling his fingers tighter around Kate’s ample breast.

He felt Kate running her hand down to his ass. Rubbing her fingers over it. Reaching under to press just under his anus, rubbing at the sensitive spot between his balls and anus. Robert gasped, lifting his head back and breaking from the kiss. Kate pressed her lips against his neck. Then dropped to her knees in front of him. Robert looked down and groaned as she took over from Veronica. Sucking on him with quick movements. Sliding her lips rapidly along him.

“Oh fuck Kate.” Robert gasped, loving the feel of her mouth around him. Veronica reached under him to gently cup his balls. Softly playing with them with her fingers. Robert was at the mercy of the two girls, and he loved it. Sensations filled him, the feel of Kate’s mouth around him. Veronica’s fingers softly pressing against his balls. Both of them running their hands over his chest and legs. Kate released his cock and Veronica immediately took over. Sucking hard and fast on him. Sliding her mouth along him, taking his full length into her in rapid movements.

“Shit, fuck that’s so good.” Robert groaned at the feel of his cock been taken to the back of her small mouth. Her lips clamped tight around him as she sucked hard on him. Then he felt Kate’s mouth kissing and sucking on his balls. Looking down in shock he saw her leaning under his legs. He groaned deeply as the sensations they were causing him grew harder, deeper. He grabbed Veronica’s head with both hands, groaning as he felt himself rising towards his orgasm.

“God, gonna, fuck I’m gonna cum.” He gasped sharply as the feel of Veronica’s mouth wrapped tightly around him and Kate’s mouth and tongue sucking and licking his balls tipped him over the edge. He heard Veronica’s soft mew of pleasure as he began to cum. Looking down he saw her staring back up at him. Her eyes wide and glistening with pleasure as she held his cock in her mouth. Letting his cum pump into her. She held his gaze with her own, as he filled her mouth with his cum. Kate moved from under him to kneel next to her sister and watch. Veronica held him in her mouth until all his cum had pumped out into her mouth. She sucked her lips along him to clean him off. Then sank back onto her heels to look up at him. Slowly she opened her mouth, showing him his cum held in her mouth. Still looking him straight in the eyes she swallowed slowly and obviously. Robert groaned at the sight, it was one of the hottest things he had ever seen. Veronica turned to Kate with a smile.

“Told you I could hold all his cum in my mouth.” She said with a triumphant look.

“You were right sis.” Kate said, then shocked Robert by kissing her. Hard, deep, he could see their tongues curling around each others. Robert watched as the pair kissed for several seconds, then Kate pulled away. “And as we agreed you get first orgasm from him.” She said, Veronica smiled first at her then up at Robert.

“She does?” He said, the two girls nodded.

“I bet Kate that I could hold all your cum in my mouth. If I could then she agreed you would make me cum first.”

“But he fucks me first remember sis.” Veronica nodded quickly.

“Well in that case who am I to go against the winner.” Robert said reaching down to pull Veronica up to her feet. He led her towards his bed, running his hand along her spine as he did. At the bed he lent down to kiss her, softly at first but soon with deepening passion. Reaching up he undid the knot on the bikini top, letting the straps fall down her back. Slowly he slid his hands up her side to the top straps. With a small movement he pushed them off her shoulders. She gave a small shimmy and the top dropped to the floor. Reaching up he curled his hands around her breasts. Two small pert round mounds of flesh. They fitted perfectly into his hands, his finger curled around them. He moulded his hands to them, softly kneading the firm flesh. Feeling how smooth her skin was. Veronica murmured softly into the kiss. He began to knead harder at her breasts. Rubbing his fingers over them, rubbing against her small hard nipples. Veronica moaned softly, pushing her chest into his hands, curling both arms around his neck. He released her breasts, running his hands down to her waist and softly pushing her back onto the bed.

Leaning down he took one of her small firm breasts into his mouth. Sucking it deep into his mouth. Licking his tongue over it, flicking her nipple. Veronica groaned deep in her throat, one hand sliding into his hair holding him on her breasts. He sucked on it, taking all of it in his mouth and suck hard. Before sliding to just hold her nipple in his mouth. He sucked firmly on it, flicked his tongue over it. She gasped and groaned sharply.

Robert ran his hands down the side of her stomach. Reaching her small shorts he undid them with a confident movement. He sat back and hooked his hands under the shorts. Pulling slowly downwards, sliding them off her. She lifted her head to look down at him. Her eyes wide, dark with lust and desire. Slowly he slid the shorts off her, finding out as he did that she was not wearing any underwear. He smiled at her as she blushed slightly when she sensed his realisation of her actions.

“You naughty girl.” Robert told her in a low voice, making her blush deeper. “But I like it.” He added as he pulled the shorts off, dropping them to the floor with her bikini top. He softly removed her shoes, placing them with the rest of her clothes. He stood up, looking down at her naked body, apart from the small white socks. She was a smaller, younger image of her sister. Long sexy legs, leading to shapely hips and a perfect little pussy. A firm flat stomach, pert round pale breasts topped by a pair of small hard nipples. A slender neck, her straight face, dark eyes, full lips and long dark hair that lay in the two pigtails on the bed.

“Fuck me I did something right in pervious life.” Robert muttered before leaning forwards to take on of her breasts into his mouth. Sucking hard on it, softly sliding his teeth along it until they were pressed around her nipple. Veronica gasped as he held her nipple between his teeth and rapidly flicked his tongue over it. He felt her move under him, soft shifts as he sucked on her breast. Moving to the other breast he did the same to that one. As he did he reach down between her legs, feeling her opening them slightly. Running his fingers over her pussy he felt the heat coming from her. Sliding two fingers down to her entrance he pushed them into her. She gasped, then groaned softly as he slid his fingers as deep into her as he could. Fuck she was so wet already, her juices covered his fingers the moment he pushed into her. Sucking hard on her breasts he began to slide his fingers in and out of her. Moving them with slow, strong movements. Pushing them hard and deep into her tight pussy.

“Oh god.” She groaned as he sucked on her breasts and fucked her with his fingers. Her eyes were closed tight and she was gasping softly for breath. Robert released her breasts and dropped down between her legs. Pulling his fingers out of her he replaced them quickly with his tongue. Licking hard and fast at her pussy. “Oh fuck, Robert.” She gasped her body shifting on the bed sharply. He pressed his hand against her stomach to hold her still and licked hard at her. Drawing out her juices with his tongue. Licking deep inside her, running his tongue over the walls of her pussy. She groaned deeply, her could feel her shifting, her head arching on the bed. Pressing his mouth against her he probed as deep into her as he could with his tongue.

He felt the bed shift and glanced up. What he saw made his stop for a moment in shock. Kate was knelt on the bed next to Veronica. Kissing her hard, pushing her tongue into her little sisters mouth. At the same time her hand was kneading at Veronica’s breast. Squeezing it, rubbing over the hard nipple. The sight was freaky, and as hot as hell. Robert totally forgot he intention to bring Veronica slowly to her orgasm. He pressed his mouth to her clit and began to lick hard and fast at it. Her squeal of feeling at his actions was muffled by Kate’s lips firmly clamped around hers. Robert licked at her clit, flicking it hard, running his tongue over it, round it with merciless movements.

“Oh fuck, fuck.” He heard Veronica moaning into Kate’s mouth. Her sister broke from the kiss, watching her sisters face. Still playing with her breasts. Robert licked at Veronica, pressing his tongue against her clit and rubbing it hard. He pushed first two then three fingers into her pussy. Driving them hard in and out of her. Veronica gasped, mewed deep in her throat. Her head began to thrash from side to side as her cries grew deeper and harder.

“Let it go sis, cum baby, cum.” Kate said watching her as Robert licked hard at her. Veronica’s body shook with each touch of his tongue on her. He thrust his fingers in and out hard. Making her gasp and squeal. He felt her peaking, her body stiffening suddenly. With a hard, rapid movement he licking at her clit.

“YESSS!” She cried out as her body erupted into her orgasm. Shuddering hard under the waves of passion. Robert licked at her, pushing his fingers as deep as he could into her to add to her feelings. She cried out, her voice deep and hard. Wild sounds of pure passion as her orgasm flashed through her. He kept licking at her until he felt her body calming, the orgasm dying slowly. Lifting his head he looked down at her. She lay on the bed gasping for breath. The last vestiges of her orgasm rippling through her body. Her eyes were wide, darkened by her lust. One pigtail had come loose, her hair tangled from the way she had thrashed her head from side to side. Her chest rose and fell, tinged with the flush of passion.

Kate knelt on the bed looking down at her sister. Robert climbed onto the bed behind her. Sliding his arms around her naked mid-rift. He pressed his lips against her neck, kissing her softly. She shifted into him, lifting her head back to let him kiss her neck. He kissed the side of her neck, then lent forwards to kiss the base. She breathed in hard, almost a moan of pleasure. As he kissed her he moved his hands up her body. Sliding them along her stomach up, under her top to cup both breasts. Wrapping his hands around their ample shape. Softly kneading the firm flesh, running his fingers over them. Kate made a soft noise in her throat as he played with her breasts. He kneaded and rubbed her breasts for a minute whilst continuing to kiss her neck. Then he lifted his hands up, dragging her small top up with them. Kate lifted her arms and he removed the top, throwing it to the floor.

Quickly he returned his hands to her breasts and his lips to her neck. She turned her head and he took her offered mouth with his. Kissing her hard, deeply. Probing her mouth with his tongue and crushing his lips to hers. She curled one arm up round his neck holding him against her mouth as they kissed. His hands kneaded at her breasts. Pushing into them, rubbing over them. He flicked his thumbs over her hard nipples. She made more soft noises of pleasure as he pawed at her breasts. He felt her large nipples tighten under his touch and rubbed against them. She mewed softly into his mouth, shifting herself against him.

He moved one hand down her body, keeping the other curled tightly around her breast. Sliding the hand down under her tiny skirt to push between her legs. Unlike Veronica, Kate was wearing underwear. However the tiny piece of fabric his fingers encountered seemed like a waste of time. He quickly pushed it aside and ran his fingers along her pussy. He felt the heat of her desire, her juices wetting his fingers. He pushed two fingers into her, sliding them deep into her body. Kate moaned and he felt her press down on his hand. The feel of her tight, wet pussy clamped around his fingers was too much. He wanted more of her now.

Pulling his fingers away from her he twisted her round onto her back. Reaching down he pushed her skirt up. She was wearing a tiny pink thong. He growled lustfully at the sight. Before grabbing it and yanking it down. Kate matched his need, lifting herself up, kicking her legs to help remove the thong. It pulled down over one leg, then caught around the ankle of her other. Robert left it, too desperate in his desire to care. Plunging forwards he buried his face between her thighs. Pressing his mouth against her pussy, licking hard at her.

“Oh yes babe.” Kate moaned deeply as he licked at her. Pushing his tongue into her pussy. “Fuck babe, yes, lick my pussy please.” She gasped as he licked deep in her. Pushing his tongue into her, tasting her on his tongue. Reaching up he clawed at both breasts. Digging his fingers into them, pawing at her nipples. All the time licking hard and deep at her. Kate moaned deeply, covering his hands with hers. Robert forgot everything else, forgot Veronica, he almost forgot to breath. So focused was he on Kate’s pussy and her pleasure.

Moving his tongue up her pussy he circled her clit once. Kate cried out sharply. He dropped back to lick inside her for several seconds. Then ran his tongue up to flick it over her clit for a couple of times, before again focusing on her pussy. Kate rocked under him, lifting her hips, pushing herself into his face. Smiling to himself, knowing what she wanted he ran his tongue up to curl it around her clit. Licking over it for a number of times, then again dropping down to lick inside her. Drawing out her taste on his tongue.

“Rob, please babe please.” Kate groaned, begged in a breathless voice. Robert gave her what she wanted. Pressing his tongue against her clit and licking hard at it. “Oh, oh fuck Rob. Oh so good.” She moaned loudly, pushing herself into his face. He lapped at her clit hard, running his tongue over it repeatedly. Before curling around it with rapid circles. Her moans grew deeper, louder as he licked at her. Her breathing coming in sharp gasps. Her body writhing on the bed. Glancing up he saw he clawing at her long hair with one hand. The other sliding over her stomach, fingers digging into her flesh. Sensing how near she was he licked hard and fast at her clit. Rapid flicks of his tongue over it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, FUCK!” Kate cried out as he brought her to the edge of her orgasm, then sent her tipping over into it. She cried out, shrill squeals of passion. Robert licked at her clit a few more times. Before pushing himself up, climbing over her. Her eyes flicked wide as she felt him pressing his cock against her pussy. She opened her mouth to speak. Before she could he plunged himself deep into her.

“Fuck! You bastard!” Kate grunted as he slammed into her. Pulling out he drove in again, then again. Pushing himself into her with deep, fast thrusts. Plunging as far into her tight teenage pussy as he could. “Fuck, oh god babe, oh, oh fuck.” Kate groaned between his thrusts. Her fingers dug into his chest. Her eyes closed tight, gasping with each hard thrust. He felt her stiffen under him, her eyes flashed open burning with lust. With a wild scream she came again. Her body shattering under him.

Lowering himself down around her, he hooked his hands over her shoulders and began to ram in harder. Kate screamed in passion, clawing at him with her hands. Her legs wrapped tight around him. He drove in and out, ramming himself into her body. This was where he belonged. Yes fucking Veronica was fun, but Kate was where he belonged. She fitted him, her body matched his perfectly. He felt he pushing up at him in prefect unison with his thrusts. Her pussy tight around him, moulding to his cock. He could feel her tightening her muscles around him. Gripping him tight with her pussy. He groaned and rammed in harder, faster. Kate cried out, arching her head back at the feel of him ramming into her.

“Yes babe, fuck me hard please.” She cried out in a shrill voice. Robert was doing just that. Driving in and out with sharp, hard thrusts. Slamming into her deeply, pushing as far into her as he could. Her body rocked with each thrust, she cried out each time he rammed into her. He grunted hard with his thrusts, dragging air in through clenched teeth. Her movements under him were becoming harder, wilder. Matching his own, telling him she was close to another orgasm. He was close to his, fighting to hold it off just long enough for her.

“Baby, cum for me baby.” He gasped desperately as his control all but broke. Under him Kate gasped at the extra force of his thrusts as he drove rapidly towards his release. She pushed up against him so he was rammed as far in her as he could. He groaned, on the edge, unable to hold it off much…

“FUCKKKK!” Kate squealed under him and broke into her orgasm. Her body shuddering, rocking with the power of her release. Robert grunted, groaned and plunged hard into her to find his own release. Gasping her name he emptied himself into her. Pumping his cum inside her. Kate moaned loudly, shrill sounds as she felt him cumming. Her body tightening around his cock, as if to drain the cum out of him. He stayed buried inside her until he had emptied every last drop of cum in her. The release of his orgasm holding him hard against her. She clung to him as her own orgasm faded and died. Slowly releasing him, Robert pulled back out of her with deep reluctance. Resting himself on her and holding her tight as they both sucked ait in with deep gasps.

“Shit, watching you two fuck is so hot.” Veronica said from beside them. Robert jolted his head round, he had totally forgotten she was there. She sat, cross legged on the bed looking at them. Her breathing was fast, and the look in her eyes was one of pure heat.

“I’m glad our efforts are making you hot.” Robert told her rolling onto his back.

“Oh they are.” She told him.

“That’s good, but if you want to do something about that you’re going to have to do the work.” He told her, she gave him a blank look. “You’re going to have to ride me girl if you want to fuck me. I’m too exhausted from your sister to be able to do you like that.”

“Ride you, but I…” Veronica said, her eyes going wide as she glanced down at Robert’s cock which was reacting to the conversation by growing hard again.

“It’s easy sis.” Kate said, half lifting her head off the bed. Her eyes showed she had not fully recovered from Roberts efforts. “Plus you’re in control which makes it good.” Veronica glanced at her sister and nodded slowly. “Good girl, now you need to climb over him.” Kate told her, Veronica moved to straddle Robert. Kneeling over his groin looking down at him with an unsure look in her eyes.

“You need to guide me into you.” Robert told her, she nodded and licked her lips in a quick nervous motion. She reached down and he felt her fingers curl around him. Robert hissed softly at the feel of her fingers wrapped around him. She lifted herself up, looking down to see what she was doing she positioned him against her entrance. Then lowered herself down on him. Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth in a silent O as she sank onto him.

“You don’t need to take him all the way into you at first.” Kate said, lifting herself up to rest her head on her hand. “Take what feels ok at first, then move up and down slowly.” Veronica nodded as she sank down onto Robert. He felt her holding him, just over halfway in. Slowly she moved up and sank down. Robert sucked in a breath as he felt her pussy sliding along him. She looked down at him, her eyes big with the sensation. “Take your time sis, find your rhythm and balance before you speed up.” Veronica did as she was told. Moving up and down on him slowly, unsure of herself at first. Soon, however, her movements began to grow more certain. She sank lower onto him, moving with a steady rhythm.

Reaching down to rest her fingers on his chest she sank down on him. Taking all of him inside her with a sharp gasp. Robert matched her gasp with his own as he felt her wet pussy sliding right over him. God she was tight around him, felt so good. She moved up and down on him. Taking her time over each movement. Sliding along him slowly, at first. Soon he felt her movements increasing, speeding up. Her eyes closed slightly, still looking down at his face. She gasped softly with each movement. Sinking down on him with growing speed and sureness. Robert groaned softly at the way her pussy felt as it slid down on him. Warm, wet, tight, wrapped around him.

He ran his hands up her legs, feeling the play of her muscles as she rose and fell on him. She gasped harder and her movements increased. Sliding rapidly along him, dropping down to take him fully inside her. Robert sucked in air as he felt her body dropping up and down on him. She was so tight, so wet. Her body looked sexy as hell riding him. Her small breasts rocking as she moved. He reached up to cup them. Pawing at them with his fingers. Digging them into the firm flesh of her breasts. Her gasps grew in power sharply at the feel of his hands on her breasts.

“That’s it sis, ride him good.” Kate said from beside them. Veronica flashed a quick smile to her sister, before gasping again she dropped down on Robert.

“Fuck me Veronica you feel so good.” Robert gasped to her.

“Am I doing it right?” She said in a breathless whisper.

“Yes, you’re doing it right.” He replied, then she increased the speed of her movements sharply. “Fuck, so right.” He groaned, digging his fingers into her breasts. Her pussy slid along him hard, fast. It felt like she was sucking him into her body. He felt each impact deep in his stomach. Veronica’s gasps were now moans, soft, full of feeling. Robert groaned deeply with each time she sank onto him. Running his hands down he curled his fingers around her hips. Reaching down he pressed one thumb against her clit. Rubbing it softly with the pad of his thumb.

“Oooohhhh Robert you’re unnn.” She moaned and her movements increased sharply. Now she was slamming down on him, gasping and moaning as she did. Robert groaned at the feel of her riding him. Each impact pushed his cock deep into her young body. He kept up rubbing at her clit, pressing his thumb firmly against it. Veronica moaned deeply, her fingers pressed hard into his chest. She hung her head back, her hair dropping behind her. Robert reached up with his free hand to grab her breast. Pawing at it, tweaking her nipple between his thumb and finger. She gasped, then mewed loudly. Her movements growing stronger, wilder.

Robert wrapped his arms around her and pulled himself up. Wrapping his mouth around her breast he sucked hard on it. Taking it totally into his mouth, sucking on the firm mound. Veronica’s mews grew shrill, hard. She dug her nails into his shoulders as she rode him for all she was worth. Sliding rapidly along him, dropping down to take him fully inside her.

“Oh god, fuck, god.” She cried out, her voice full of passion.

“Cum Veronica, cum for me.” Robert urged, then sucked hard on her nipple. Moving between her breasts to suck and lick on each of them. He felt her tightening around him. She sucked in a massive breath of air, then it exploded out of her in a long squeal as she came. Robert rolled her onto her back with one swift movement. Then rammed into her hard and fast. She squealed loudly, her head thrashing wildly as he fucked her hard. Her body shuddered with her orgasm. One hand clawing at the bed, the other tightly clamped around her one breast. Robert rammed in and out with all his strength. Driving himself into her as deep as he could.

“Give it too her Robert, fill her babe.” Kate said, leaning over to run her hands along his back. Kissing his neck and shoulders. He felt her cupping his ass, then sliding her hand under to press right against that so sensitive spot under his balls. With a loud groan Robert drove himself as hard into Veronica as he could. Then came, emptying himself into her with long groans of pleasure.

“Unn fuck!” Veronica gasped as she felt him pumping his cum into her. Robert groaned as his orgasm stretched on and on. Pumping again and again as he filled her little pussy with his hot cum. “Yes, oh god yes.” She said in a soft hiss as he emptied his cum into her. Finally his orgasm ended, the last of his cum pumping into her. He sank down on her with a sharp moan, feeling her gasping under him. Pulling out he rolled onto his back, sucking air in to lungs desperate for it. Kate lent down to kiss him hard. Then lent over to stroke her sisters face.

“Wasn’t that as good as I said it would be.” She said.

“It was better, so much better.” Veronica said, drawing out each word. Robert found that so funny and he began to giggle. “You laughing at me.” Veronica said, Robert shook his head unable to answer through his giggles.

“I think our lover is a bit light headed from having fucked the both of us.” Kate said, Robert managed to nod. He gasped for breath between his giggles. Holding his side at the pain. The two girls watch as he fought to gain his composure. After a couple of minutes of painful laughter he managed to gain control and stop laughing. Sinking back onto the bed he sucked in air, half closing his eyes as he tried to recover from having fucked both sisters and his laughter. He felt the girls climb off the bed. One of them headed into the bathroom, returning soon after. Robert lay still finally able to slow his breathing down to normal.

For about half a minute all was quiet. Then he heard a soft hiss of breath from one of the girls. Lifting his head up he looked at them. What he saw had him sat up in an instant. Kate and Veronica were stood at the foot of the bed, kissing. Full on, hard, passionate kissing. Their lips pressed against each others, tongues twisting and curling against the others. Their hands moved slowly over each others body. Touching their breasts, back, buttocks and pussy. Robert watched in total amazement as they continued to kiss. The sight was hot as hell and just as freaky. The two sisters kissing and touching each other. Robert felt his cock harden at the sight. Then the two broke apart and looked over at him.

“See I told you that would get him up.” Kate said to her sister.

“You were so right.” Veronica replied.

“You just did that to wake me up?” Robert asked.

“Not just to wake you up.” Kate said, rubbing her hand between Veronica’s thighs, making her sister groan softly. “It’s also fun.” Kate added, “but it was mainly to wake you up.” She removed her hand from between Veronica’s thighs. The younger sister turned towards Robert. She lent forwards and kissed him softly on the lip. As she did she pressed something small and hard into his hand. As she pulled back he glanced down at his hand. Sat in it was a small tube of lube. He looked up at her and saw the heat in her eyes.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass again?” He said, she nodded and slowly licked her lips.

“I want you to do me hard like you did Kate.” Robert looked at her, seriously unsure that was a good idea.

“Sis, not wise, not until you are fully used to him in your ass.” Kate said.

“I don’t want to do it on my side like last time, please I want it hard.” Veronica said, looking between them.

“I’m not doing you bent over the bed like Kate does it.” Robert said, “all that’ll do is hurt you.” She pouted and looked hurt and upset.

“He’s right, if you do that it won’t be good. Not for just your second time. If you want to try it harder then lay on your front. Robert can go hard, but you still have some give from the mattress. Also that’s easier to finger yourself if you need to than being pinned over the bed.” Kate said, Robert thought about it for a moment and nodded in his agreement. Veronica looked over at Kate for a few seconds then she nodded.

“Ok I’ll do that, but I do want you to do me on my knees over the bed. I’m sure I could take it as well as Kate does.” Robert shook his head softly.

“Next time if you can take this I’ll do you on your hands and knees. Then, maybe, I might agree to doing you like that.” The young girl nodded then climbed onto the bed. Robert turned and pulled himself up to kneel by her. He opened the lube and squirted some onto two fingers. “Open your legs a little sweetie.” He said, Veronica did so and he rubbed his fingers against her anus. Then pushed the fingers into her. She gasped, sucking in air with long slow breaths. Her ass felt as tight as last time, Robert found himself getting rock hard at the thought of fucking her tight young ass. He pushed his fingers in and out of her ass a few times, spreading the lube as deep in her as he could. Then he spread some on his cock and moved to lay over her. His elbows resting almost on either side of her head. It reminded him how young she was. He really could not believe that he was about to fuck the sixteen year old sister of his girlfriend in the ass, for the second time.

Pressing himself against her ass hole he pushed forwards slowly. She was so tight he sensed that he needed to push harder. So he did, sliding his cock into her sexy young ass. She gasped hard as he entered her, he felt her body jerk softly under him. She dug her fingers into the pillow under her head. Robert pushed in until he was buried in her ass, feeling how tight she was wrapped around him. He held himself still inside her, letting her body get used to the feel of him.

“You ok?” He said softly in her ear.

“Yes, god this feels strange, but good.” She replied, twisting to look back at him. “Do me, do me hard Robert.” He nodded and pulled back, then thrust in deep and hard. “Fuck!” She gasped and her body bucked under her. He thrust in again, then again. Long, deep, hard thrusts that pushed his cock fully into her ass. “Oh fuck unn yes Robert.” Veronica gasped as he thrust in and out of her. She kept her face turned, looking up at him. Her eyes wide, chewing on her bottom lip softly. Robert increased the power of his thrusts. Sliding faster, harder into her. Feeling her tight ass stretching around him as he thrust into her.

He slid his hands up to curl his fingers around hers and drove in harder. Fucking her young ass with fast, strong thrusts. She clamped her eyes shut, gasping and crying out with each thrust. Her body rocking under him, bucking softly each time he entered her. As his thrusts grew harder she let go of one hand. He saw her pushing it under herself. Felt her rubbing at herself, pushing her hips up to give her access. Which pushed her ass up into his thrusts. She gasped softly, then squealed as he increased the power once again. Driving in and out hard, deep, burying his cock to the hilt in her ass.

“Oh god, Robert unn fuck.” She grunted under him. He lent down to kiss her neck and shoulder. Gasping as he continued to drive in and out of her. “God so hard, oh so hard.” She groaned, shuddering with each thrust. “More, do me harder please.” She said, looking back up at him.

“You sure?” He replied, she nodded.

“I can take it.” She said, he drove into her as hard and fast as he could. Suddenly ramming himself in and out. Thrusting into her ass with all his strength. She squealed sharply, her head arching back, her fingers turning to claws in the pillow. He rammed in and out, harder, faster. Slamming himself into her as hard as he could. Pummelling her ass with his thrusts. Veronica squealed, cried out in shrill screams with each thrust. He felt her pushing up at him, amazed that she was urging him on. Hooking his hands under her shoulders he rammed in. Driving himself up into her ass. Fucking her hard, with massive powerful thrusts that drove him totally into her body. It seemed that she was able to take him, her cries were shrill but were not ones of agony. More sounds of pure feeling, as if she was overwhelmed by the sensation of he fucking her ass that hard. Soon however her cries took on a hint of desperation.

“Oh god, please Robert please.” She groaned as he continued to ram in and out of her. “Please god cum in me.” He heard the desperation in her voice as she was being pushed to her limit.

“He can stop if it’s too much.” Kate said, Robert grunted in agreement. Veronica shook her head hard in denial.

“NO, no don’t stop. Fuck me till you cum, but please cum soon.” She groaned under him.

“I’m close sweetie.” He told her, which was true, However he knew he was not that close. “Just a bit longer, sorry.” He told her continuing to ram into her ass hard. She nodded and buried her face in the pillow to stifle her cries. Robert rammed in hard, as hard as he could. Trying to use her body to make himself cum. She screamed under him, her voice muffled by the pillow but still loud enough to know she on the edge of her ability to handle. Still he drove in to her, she wanted him too, unless she told him to stop he was going to keep going. His thrusts drove himself into her hard, fast. He reached up to grab her hair, curling his fingers into the long dark strands and pulling her head back. Ramming in to her hard, fast. She screamed loudly, her head arching back against his chest.

“Oh fuck, so close, so close.” Robert groaned as he felt himself rising towards his orgasm.

“Robert, cum, god cum.” She screamed in reply, pushing her ass up against him. Finding somewhere in her the reserves to respond. He felt her clench her buttocks around him, making her ass even tighter. That was it, his orgasm rose to it’s peak in a heartbeat.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” Veronica screamed as he rammed in, once, twice, on the third thrust he buried himself hard in her and came. Pumping his cum deep in her ass, pushing himself into her hard. He felt her one hand clawing along his leg as he emptied himself in her. She groaned hard, long filled with desperate release. Robert grunted with each blast of his orgasm, pumping himself into her. Filling her ass with his cum, until he had emptied himself in her. As he felt his orgasm ending he pulled back, sliding himself out of her. She gasped, and collapsed onto the bed breathing hard. Robert sank down next to her, stroking her face.

“I’m so sorry sweetie.” He said to her, she turned her face and smiled at him.

“It’s ok, I wanted that. Just glad you came when you did.” She replied, leaning forwards to kiss his on the lips. Robert looked at her in surprise, her eyes were open, he could see the honesty in them. She had actually liked him doing her like that. He turned to look over at Kate. She shrugged obviously as amazed as him at her sisters capability to withstand him in her ass.

“You sure you’re ok sis?” She said, Veronica lifted her head to look at Kate.

“I’m fine, that was so intense but I loved it.” Kate shrugged again in response then turned to looked at Robert.

“I hope you haven’t tired yourself out.” She said to him.

“Oh and why is that?” Robert replied, Kate climbed onto the bed reaching down to curl her hand around his cock.

“Because I want you to fuck me in the ass now.” She said in a low whisper, rubbing her hand over his cock. It hardened under her fingers and Robert smiled at her.

“I think I’m up for that.” She smiled back then kissed him hard. Robert broke away from the kiss to move round behind her. Kate positioned herself on her hands and knees, her ass in line with the edge of his bed. Moving up to stand right behind her Robert ran his hands over her sexy, firm ass. Sliding them down her thighs, then back up. Veronica rolled onto her front watching them as he pressed his cock against Kate’s ass. Sliding it down between her buttocks until it was pushing against her anus. With a deep, hard thrust he entered her. Pushing his cock fully into her tight sexy ass. Kate gasped softly, a small sound filled with pleasure. Robert held himself in her to feel her tight ass around him. Then he began to move. Thrusting in and out of her with hard movements. Piercing her ass as deep as he could go.

“Rob, babe, oh fuck my ass babe.” Kate moaned, turning her head to look back at him. Her eyes dark with desire. Robert thrust in and out, hard and deep. Driving himself into her ass repeatedly. She groaned deeply, pushing her ass back against him. His thrusts grew faster and harder as the feel of her opening around him sent ripples of pleasure through him. Kate gasped with each thrust, moaning in pleasure as he drove deep inside her. Suddenly she reached up to grab Veronica’s leg. Pulling her sister towards her quickly.

“Come here you.” She muttered before dropping her head down between Veronica’s leg. Pressing her face to her sisters pussy and starting to lick at her. Robert stared in amazed shock at the sight of his girlfriend licking her sister out while he fucked her ass. Veronica was as surprised, her initial reaction being a startled gasp. That quickly turned into a low moan of pleasure as Kate licked at her. Again Robert found the sight strangely arousing. Watching Kate lick at Veronica, seeing the reaction of the younger sister was so hot. It soon seemed that Kate knew what she was doing as Veronica began to mew softly, arching her body at the feel of her sisters tongue on her. The hot sight flashed straight to Roberts cock. He began to ram in hard, fast. Driving himself into Kate with all the power he could manage.

“Fuck, ROB!” Kate cried out, lifting her head for a moment. Before returning to licking at her sisters pussy. Robert drove into Kate hard, reaching down to push her head into Veronica.

“Lick hard babe, make your sister cum.” He said, ramming in and out of Kate’s ass. From the reaction of Veronica Kate was doing her level best to do just that. The young girl moaned deeply, arching and writhing on the bed. Gasping Kate’s name through clenched teeth. Robert watched, all but enraptured by the sight. Driving in to Kate again and again. Slamming himself into her fully, hard. Her could hear Kate gasps as he took her. Her body shuddering with each hard impact. Veronica moaning deeply as her sister continued to lick at her. Kate was mewing deep in her throat as she licked at Veronica. Robert groaned repeatedly as he rammed in and out. Driven on by the sight of the two sisters in front of him. It was only time before one of them broke. Veronica was the first to give.

“Kate, oh god cumming, fuck cumming.” She groaned her body lifting of the bed as she gasped and moaned wildly. The sight of her cumming with Kate’s mouth on her pussy was too much for Robert. With a hard thrust, and a deep groan of pleasure he rammed into Kate and came. Emptying his cum into her ass. As if that had been the sign she was waiting for Kate broke. Crying out in deep, loud moans as her orgasm erupted inside her. The three of them rode their respective orgasms. Veronica rocking from side to side on the bed. Robert with his cock buried deep inside Kate, emptying himself into her. Kate in the middle, her head arched back crying out her passion.

Finally the orgasms ended, Robert pulled out of Kate who collapsed onto Veronica hugging her tight. Robert clambered onto the bed to envelop both girls. The three lay in each others arms recovering from their orgasms.

“That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” Robert said after a minute, Kate giggled.

“I could tell, you got seriously hard there.” She said to him.

“Can you blame me.” She shook her head, then turned back to Veronica kissing her softly.

“Little sis I think we should give our lover a show next time.”

“Oh why?” Veronica said.

“Because afterwards I think he’d want to do us so hard we’d be cumming till we’re screaming.” Veronica looked over at Robert and smiled.

“Now that sounds like fun.”
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