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I met Gina at one of those leftist, women-and-gay-friendly bookstores that
you can find in just about any large city. She was a breathtakingly cute young 20-year-old with very short black hair, captivating black eyes, high but soft cheekbones, full lips, and tiny ears. She was short -- around 5’4” -- with full hips, a rounded belly and thighs, and small pointed breasts.

She was working behind the counter when I approached to ask if the store had any Nancy Friday books. I was so stunned by her beauty (and her obvious lack of a brassiere) that I paused for a moment before blurting out my question.

Gina not only took me over to the Nancy Friday shelf, she also explained that she loved Friday's books, especially the ones about women's fantasies, and had done a lot of the things that Friday wrote about. I interpreted this as a direct invitation, so I kept her engaged in conversation until I could ask her out without seeming predatory or pushy. She said yes.

At the end of our first date, I felt comfortable enough to ask her if I could kiss her goodnight. She said "of course," and that goodnight kiss turned out to be a very heavy make-out session in the front seat of my car. After about 15 minutes of her squeezing my cock through my jeans and me stroking her breasts underneath her shirt, I decided to ask Gina if she wanted to go back to my place. Right then, she asked me if I wanted to spend the night with her. Of course I agreed.

We had a very long night of fantastic, no-holds-barred sex, and then we lay in bed drinking hot chocolate and talking until dawn. Gina basically told me about her entire sex life, from age 5 when she played with her brother's penis to last week, when she had drunkenly made out with a female co-worker after a party. Her claim to have acted out most of the stories from Nancy Friday's various fantasy books was essentially true. I won't bore you with the details, but she'd pretty much done everything I could think of.

When I told her about my experiences with glory holes (I'm bisexual), she got really excited. She sat up in bed and her voice went up about an octave as she grilled me about glory holes. Her bottomless black eyes were shining as I filled her in on all the details, and she wouldn't leave me alone about it until I promised to take her to a glory hole.

It took a few months, but finally we made a glory hole date at a peak Time
when we could both get off work. We drove out to the Sycamore Adult Video Store, parked in back and went inside.

We bought twenty dollars' worth of quarters and went back to the booth I
usually sit in, all the way at the end of the row. I closed and locked the door, then started dropping in quarters.

Gina sat there silently until I had put in all eighty quarters, then whispered: "What now?"

I whispered back, "We wait until someone goes into the next booth."

Gina sat forward and pushed the video select button until she found something she liked. We didn't have long to wait until someone entered the booth next to ours and pushed his semi-erect cock through the hole.

I winked at Gina, then got on my knees in front of the glory hole and took that cock in my mouth. I heard Gina gasp, then giggle as I sucked that delicious, warm, throbbing cock.

I pulled out my own cock and jacked off while I sucked. When the guy on the other side started bucking his hips, I knew he was about to cum, so I pulled away and started jacking him off. Soon he was ejaculating -- at first on the concrete floor, but then Gina stuck her hand in front of his cock so she could catch the rest of his sperm in her palm. When he was done, he pulled his cock back through the hole and exited the booth.

Gina stared at the cum in her palm. “That was cool," she whispered. "Can I do the next one?"

I nodded as I stood up. My hard cock was still sticking out of my pants, and Gina took that as an invitation to suck. She seized my shaft with her hand, which was still sticky with cum from the last guy, and jacked me into her mouth.

While she sucked me, I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it down so I could see her sexy, tiny breasts with their fat, hard nipples. I caressed and tweaked her nipples while she sucked my cock and toyed with my balls.

When another man entered the booth next to ours, I pulled away from Gina
and looked over at the hole. A man's eye was visible on the other side, peering at us, checking out our scene. Then it disappeared, only to be replaced by his cock.

Gina knelt in front of the wall and took his cock between her lips. She put her arms down and backs so I could ease her shirt off completely. Now this petite little woman was nude from the waist up, kneeling on the cold concrete floor, sucking a stranger's cock in a seedy porno store. It was a very erotic sight.

"When he starts to thrust, or when his cock starts twitching, he's going to cum," I whispered in her ear. She made a "mmm hmmm" noise that probably meant, "yes, I've sucked many cocks and I'm aware of the signs of imminent ejaculation."

Eventually the guy did start thrusting his cock in and out of Gina's mouth. She kept sucking but increased her speed, also reaching up to play with his shaft. A few minutes later she squeaked a sort of "Mmmmf!" and popped his cock out of her mouth. I saw her swallow his first spurt, then I saw the remaining squirts go all over Gina's chin and breasts. She was smiling and breathing heavily the whole time.

When he pulled his cock away and left the other booth, Gina looked up at me. She grinned hugely, her face and tits glistening and sticky with cum.

"That was awesome!" she announced. The tip of her little tongue stole out and licked at the mess on her chin. Then she reached up and rubbed the cum into her breasts.

"You look great," I said, jacking off next to her.

"Want me to finish you?" she asked.

"Can I fuck you while you suck the next guy?"

"Yeah." Gina stood up, unbuttoned her skirt and set it on the chair next to her shirt. Of course, she wore no underwear, so her neatly trimmed and shaved pussy was revealed. We embraced and kissed passionately for a few minutes until we heard the door slam in the booth next to us.

I pulled the chair over and sat on it with my cock poking into the air. As the other guy's erection slid through the hole, Gina lowered her cunt onto my cock, then leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth.

We developed a rhythm, with Gina gently bumping back and forth on my
lap while sucking hard on the new guy's cock. I loved stroking her little naked body while we fucked -- running my fingers down her ribs, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her belly, reaching down and tweaking her clit while my cock pulsed in and out of her tight little cunt.

I heard her moan sharply once, and then twice, before she sat upright and allowed the guy to finish ejaculating onto her stomach and thighs. When he withdrew, we both stood up, then she sat down in the chair and sucked me. As she did with the last guy, she let me shoot twice down her throat before pulling away and directing the last sticky spurts across her breasts and belly.

"Are we done? Are we going to leave now?" she asked.

I smiled and licked some of my cum off her right nipple. "Only if you want to," I said. "I want to suck some more cock. Don't you?"

We ended up staying until the video machine used up our twenty dollars. We sucked another five cocks, splitting the cum between us. I don't know if you've ever been in a heavily cruised video booth before, but there are guys knocking at the door all the time to see if you want company.

At the end, we finally let one guy in. He turned out to be this rather ugly middle-aged man who looked surprised to find a naked woman and half-naked man crowded into one booth. I think he was looking for some young cock to suck, so he split. The next guy that we let in was a plain-looking, shy-acting younger guy who closed the door behind him and didn't even look at us or say anything. I opened his pants and asked him if he'd rather fuck Gina, or me and when he nodded at Gina she bent over the chair. I pulled a condom over his hard, huge cock and he fucked her while I ran my hands over both of their bodies. The sex seemed to transform him into someone confident and powerful, because as his orgasm approached he pulled out of her cunt, yanked the condom off and ordered us both to suck him, which we happily did. He ended up Cumming into Gina's mouth, though, so I was a bit disappointed, even though she turned to me and kissed me deeply so I could taste it too. Then his self-confidence seemed to wither, and he averted his eyes while he zipped up his pants and quickly exited the booth.

I dared Gina to walk to the car without putting her clothes on and she agreed, except she asked to wear my sunglasses. So we left the adult bookstore with Gina wearing nothing but my sunglasses, her sneakers, and about a gallon of cum smeared and dried all over her torso. There were about six guys out front looking at magazines, and they all turned to stare. One guy said "Holy SHIT!" out loud and another guy yelled "How much?" The guy behind the counter smiled and nodded at first, but he said. "You need to leave now and don't be doing that any more in here." as we walked to the exit. Outside we passed an old man who was on his way in, and for some strange reason the old guy didn't even look twice at Gina. Once in the car, we laughed and laughed not just at her exhibitionist daring, but also at our wonderful shared experience with the glory hole.

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2014-07-26 21:31:23
Loved this story. Wish my girlfriend would be willing to go into an arcade with me. I would sUK cocktail in front of her. She dosn't know I like cum shooting in my mouth too.

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2012-09-16 22:24:22

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2009-06-19 11:23:59
A. calling others homos usually means you yourself are a closet gay B. exp isn't even a correct shortening of the word except.


2006-12-15 00:24:43
that was hot. i love being drunk and walking into a xxx-video booth with gloryholes, and getting naked and sitting in puddles of cum with my mouth close to the hole as a long thick cock pokes thru and slides into my mouth and after i suck and stroke him a minute the cock thrusts deep and blasts load after load of this stranger's cum into my mouth. and sometimes i stay for many


2006-10-16 15:45:42
worst story i have read in my life it was good exp for the gay shit


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