it's been a long time since I've written anything. I sat down tonight and pounded this out from an idea ruminating in my mind for a while. I didn't go back and re-read the story, so keep in mind that this is the first draft. if there's interest, i have some ideas for more..? Enjoy! --RR
“Tell me all about him,” the man said, pulling his girl in close and taking in a deep breath. He could feel his blood get hotter and his cock throbbed.

“He was so cute,” the girl said, pulling off her shirt. “He said his name was Jon, but I think he was lying.” She wasn’t wearing a bra – her breasts were small enough not to need one – and her tits were all red and puffy, obviously recently pawed and sucked on, which caused another throb of blood between the man’s legs. “He was just a little taller than me, but not quite as skinny, and he was kind of dark. Not black, but like he was Spanish or Italian or something.” She looked back at his face again and knew that the man wanted her to continue. “Well, he was standing there all alone and he looked at me and smiled, so I went over and talked to him. He was really nice and I liked him and his pants were bulging so much I knew he had a big one.”

. “Was it bigger than mine?” he asked.

She grinned and blushed a little as one of her hands reached down to cup the big bulge in the man’s jeans, “No Daddy, it was almost as long, but not nearly as fat.” The man moaned as she squeezed his package. “And he barely had any hair, just a little patch of pubes, but none on his balls or anything.” Then the girl moaned as one of the man’s hands moved up to cup one of her sensitive, little tits. Her nipples were still small, but bigger than they normally were.

“They’re almost raw,” he said, giving her nipple a pinch, “he spent a lot of time sucking them, huh?”

“Yes!” she cried out. Neither was sure if from the pain/pleasure of the pinch, or if she was responding to his question (or both). She took a couple deep breaths and went on, “He kept telling me how much he liked them and either his hands or his mouth were on them almost the whole time.”

The man’s other hand moved lower, pushing her skirt between her legs and feeling the shape of the liner-pad in her panties. His cock throbbed again. “Did he eat you out?”

Feeling his hand in her crotch, she moaned again, letting a soft, “Yeah,” come through. “But he wasn’t as good as you,” she said, clamping her legs on his hand, trying to grind herself on it. “He couldn’t make me come like you do, Daddy.”

The man had to put a bit of muscle behind getting his hand from between her legs, then both hands went to her skirt and started pushing it down. When it was puddled at her feet, he turned them around and pushed her back on the bed. She bounced and giggled, still squeezing her legs together. He looked down at her, knowing that she was self-conscious about her body and with only her panties on, her face and neck were turning pink. She looked up at him, knowing that he’d just stand there for a while, looking at her.

When he noticed that her lips were a bit puffy, he asked, “Did you suck his cock? Or was he just a rough kisser?”

“Both,” she responded. “But I guess I was kissing him pretty hard too.”

He chuckled, knowing full well how passionate her kisses could get. “Did he fuck your face?”

She felt herself blushing even more and nodded, not able to admit it out loud. Her legs squeezed even tighter together.

He watched the redness in her face intensify and watched it creep down from her long neck down to the upper part of her chest. “Did you take him deep?” She nodded again and he watched the redness get even deeper and traveled down to just above her tiny, roughed-up tits. However, he could tell that a simple nod didn’t tell the whole story and with a stern look, he let her know that he wanted the details.

“Well,” she said, looking from his face to his shirt and feeling the heat rise within her, “when I first took it out of his pants, and saw that it wasn’t as big as yours, I didn’t think I’d have any problem with it. And I did good at first. But then it started, like, poking at something in my throat that made me cough and gag. But I only sucked it for a little while, because he got close kind of quick and…” Again, his expression informed her to continue. He wanted to hear her say it. “…and I stopped sucking him and begged him to fuck me.”


“And I spread my legs and asked him if he wanted to eat me out, before he fucked me.” As she spoke, her legs clenched even tighter.

The man reached down and, taking one of her feet in each of his hands, he started to spread her legs. She resisted, even though she wanted him more than anything. However her resistance was minimal and the man was now staring down at her crotch, pantie-liner clearly outlined in the white cotton. He throbbed. “Did he eat you out for long?”

“Longer than I sucked him. But like I said, he wasn’t really good at it. So I told him to use his fingers too, and that was better.”

“How many fingers did he get in you?”

She flushed again and, looking away from his face, she said, “Three in my pussy, then I asked him to put his pinky in my butt.”

“Did he do it?” he asked, even though he knew the answer.

She nodded and had to stop herself from reaching down and touching herself. “I didn’t even have to ask him again. It was already so wet down there from him eating and fingering me, so it slipped right in.”

He pushed her feet wider and started moving in, slowly, easing himself onto the bed, between her legs. He stopped when he got the first whiff of the college kid’s cum and paused a moment, spreading her legs more and sniffing deeper. “How did he put it in, slow and easy or did he just shove it up in you?”

Again the heat started radiation from her torso and head, and even though the man was already between them, she tried to close her legs. “I did what you said, Daddy, and once he got the tip in, I pulled him down and pushed myself up. It hurt a little, ‘cause his dick was dry, but I took it all.”

The man moved in closer and sniffed deeper. He closed his eyes and clenched the muscles between his hips, feeling like he could almost pop his load from just the scents marking his girl. “How hard did he fuck?”

“Really hard,” she said, and then her voice went softer, “the first time…”

If anything could have gotten the man to cream his jeans, that would have done it. “He gave you two loads?”

She giggled and said, “No, Daddy, three.”

He couldn’t take it a minute longer. He opened her legs as wide as he could and pushed his face at the apex. He could feel the wet heat emanating from her and the odor was incredible. He was very familiar with the smells of her sex, but the added scent of three loads of some college kid’s cum got his blood to boiling point. If he kept going like this, he knew he would come before he got undressed. He snorted in a few more breaths and drew back.

“Take them off, so I can see what that punk did to my fuckhole,” the man said, his voice sounding much more firm.

She knew by the tone of his voice that she didn’t dare resist, although she closed her legs as she reached down to do as told. She was careful to not let the pantie-shield fall out as she took them off and then she handed them to him. Both the shield and the panties were soaked. With the shield to his nose, he sniffed deeply. Then his tongue extended and he took a taste. His cock throbbed yet again.

She watched as he examined the panties and shield. The first time they fucked, he told her that his fantasy was to have some other guy’s sloppy-seconds. Still, she thought it was weird that he wanted her to get dressed and put the shield in her panties, as soon as she could after getting fucked. “Don’t wanna waste any of that punk kid’s cum now, do we?” he said before she left that evening. When she saw him licking and sucking at the panty-shield, her stomach clenched a bit, and she had to look away from him. So she was startled when her legs were forced apart and the man let out a groan.

“Oh fuck he did a number on you,” he said, his eyes zoomed on her used, swollen pussy. She jumped when his finger touched her enflamed outer lips. “Still oozing with that punk’s cum…” he said, slowly moving his finger around her slit and through her sparse, but crusted and matted patch of pubic-hair.

She let out a moan when she felt his finger push inside her.

“Oh hell yeah,” he grunted, shoving his finger as deep as he could, “I can feel all that spunk up there.”

She started grinding herself on his finger. It seemed that the man knew just how to make her feel good. There was another moan when she felt another of his fingers push in. He roughly shoved them around inside her and then pulled them out. She opened her eyes to see what he was doing, and closed them again when she saw he was licking his fingers clean.

The man savored the familiar taste of her pussy-juice as well as the tang of sperm. When he’d licked and sucked it all off his fingers, needing more, he dove in and started eating the girl out.

She squealed when the man buried his face in her crotch. She loved it when he ate her pussy, but after a few seconds, she realized that he’d never eaten her out like this before. He was attacking her gash with his mouth and tongue like a starving animal. Within a minute, she could feel her orgasm starting. A second after that, she felt his fingers dig back inside her, and he started scooping the fluid from inside her and lapping it up with his tongue.

He could feel her come around his fingers and abandoning his quest to lick as much punk-kid-cum out of her, he sealed his lips around her tiny clit and started sucking. Her legs wrapped around his head and her whole body began to convulse. With his hands on her hips, he kept his face planted to her pussy as best as he could, following her humping and pumping and thrashing as she came. He was flooded with juice, most of it hers, but he could still taste the punk’s seed.

It was the strongest and longest orgasm she’d ever had. It took her breath away and she thought it would never end. The way he was sucking on her, digging his fingers around inside her, it was like she was falling off a cliff, and falling, and falling….

If he’d waited a moment longer, surely he’d have popped in his pants. Grabbing her legs from around his head, he pulled back and spread them wide, putting himself between them so they couldn’t close. Not bothering to undress, he popped the button and unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard, dripping cock.

Her orgasm kept going, even after the man stopped eating her and pulled his fingers out. She lay there quivering, wanting to close her legs to put pressure on her sex-organs, but he was still between them. Her eyes were clenched shut and her hips were bouncing on the bed. She felt his big, strong hands grab her hips, but wasn’t expecting his big cock to slam into her pussy.

He howled and she shrieked as he forced himself inside her, bottoming out with the first thrust. He was dry, but she was so wet that there wasn’t too much trouble getting all the way inside. He held himself deep a moment, feeling the walls of her pussy spasming in orgasm and from the sudden invasion. Then he started to fuck her hard and fast and deep and within a few minutes, he had to back off in order to last a little longer.

She felt like she would never stop coming. It started when Daddy was eating her out, and kept on going as he slammed inside and started to fuck her harder than she’d ever been fucked. Just when she thought she was going to pass out, he slowed down.

While she came down, he slowly fucked her with long strokes. “Tell me about the fuck,” he said in her ear, once she’d caught her breath some.

“Once it was all the way in,” she said, softly, feeling the residual contractions squeezing his cock, “he started to fuck like a rabbit. Like that cute boy with long blond hair in that video we watched.” The man knew exactly who she was referring to. “And like I said, he only lasted a minute or two and he started huffing and puffing and pushing in really deep and I think I could feel it squirting inside me. It felt good, but not as good as you, Daddy,” and she squeezed her pussy, knowing that he liked when she did that. “I didn’t let him take it out and,” she squeezed her pussy some more, “I did like you taught me and tightened up on his dick. It worked and a minute later he started to fuck me again.”

He slowly pulled out and when he could just see the ridge of his cockhead, he shoved himself deep with all he had.

She screamed when he rammed in, more out of shock than pain, although when Daddy bottomed out in her like that, there always a little pain. Yet it felt so good!

With his cock still buried balls-deep, he grunted, “How long did he last the second time?”

“Longer,” she huffed, “maybe five minutes, no more than ten,”

“Did he fuck you deep,” he pulled out, almost all the way again, then jammed his cock back inside, “like this?”

She was expecting it this time and instead of a scream, she let out an almost soundless ‘whoosh’ of breath. “He tried, Daddy, but he couldn’t get as deep as you.”

“Did he kiss you when he was fucking you?” he asked, giving her another out and in, not as strong but he went just as deep.

“A little, but mostly he sucked my tits. He went slower this time and I almost got off too, but then he started to rabbit-fuck me again and he came again.”

The man took one hand and, spreading his thumb and pinky wide was able to cover both her nipples. At the same time he rammed in deep again. She whined at the sensations. He silenced her by pushing his mouth to hers and invading her mouth with his tongue.

He gave her a good dozen hard, long strokes, then buried himself deep again and twitched his cock around inside her. “And the third time?” he asked.

“It was maybe,” she paused when he bottomed out, “fifteen minutes later,” another pause, “I did like you said and,” pause, “kept my pussy tight and tilted up after,” pause, “I played with his dick,” pause, “and sucked it a little more,” pause, “and when it got hard,” pause “I asked him to fuck me again.”

He pushed in as far as he could, feeling his cockhead rubbing against the back wall of her canal, “Did he get you this deep?” and for emphasis, he pushed in just a bit deeper.

“No, Daddy,” she grunted. “He wanted me to sit on it, but I remembered what you said, that all his cum would drip out. So I got on my hands and knees and tilted up, like you showed me, and told him to take me from behind.”

He held still, the image of her on her knees, bent over with her head and chest on the bed, begging the cute college stud to fuck her again. He felt his cock jerk inside her and knew, if he’d started to pump again, he’d be spewing his spunk in a minute. Instead, he kept himself buried deep and easily lifted her and settled her in his lap, maneuvering his legs around so that his feet were on the floor.

Still impaled on Daddy’s cock, sitting up and looking at his big, hairy chest, the girl felt the tingling start in her belly. She knew what was coming (pun intended…) and she knew what to do. Latching onto one of his nipples with her mouth, taking the other in a hand, she sucked and pinched.

He grabbed her around the waist and, with an upward thrust, he pulled her down on him. Knowing that only an hour before, some lucky college kid was filling the same hole with three loads of cum, was making him feel hotter than he had in months, if not years. He was sure that he could feel some punk-cum still dripping down his shaft, to his pubes and down his hairy balls, as he bottomed out inside her.

She sucked on one of his nipples and pinched the other as he started to pound her. She felt helpless, completely enveloped within his body, her front pulled tight to his hairy belly and chest, his big arms wrapped tightly around her back. And of course, his cock as deep as it could be inside her. He lifted her up a few inches and she could feel his cock withdrawing. She prepared herself for what was next.

When he slammed his girl back down, his hips thrust up to meet her. If she hadn’t been sucking on his nipple, her shriek would have echoed through the room. He held them together for a moment, before lifting her up again. “Ready, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she mumbled through his chest-hairs.

He slammed her down again, and again thrusting his hips to meet her. Only this time, as soon as he bottomed out, he lifted her up and slammed her down again. And again. And again… He grunted and groaned, fucking his girl hard and deep. He could still taste the kid’s cum that he ate out of her cunt. The kid’s cum that he was fucking in right now. Surely his cock was smeared with the stuff. Lift, slam! Lift, Slam!

He was grunting and groaning; she was wailing and whining, although still muffled by his peck. She went over the edge first, despite the pain of being rammed deep and hard by Daddy’s big cock, her body seized and even his chest couldn’t mute her cry as the first wave of pleasure crashed over her. When her body went tight, her sloppy pussy squeezed his cock to the point where it impeded movement. He slammed her down again and felt her go tight again. And every time that pussy clenched around his cock, he was one second closer to blowing his load.

It didn’t take long. With her cunt crushing his cock every few seconds, he started to growl. He fucked her harder and faster, using everything he had to slam her down on him, while ramming his hips up to get as deep as he could. At last, he let out a howl and ramming as hard as possible, getting as deep as possible, he held her tight against him as he started to shoot his wad.

Again, she wasn’t sure if she was coming again, or having one big, long orgasm. As Daddy held her tight, feeling his big cock get bigger and jerking inside her, she would swear she could feel his hot cum filling her. And it was that thought, as well as the big cock up her twat and his pubic bone smashed against her clit, that got her off again (or still…).

If he’d ever come strong or so much, he couldn’t remember when. At that moment, all that mattered was depositing his seed in the tight, wet pussy. The pussy of a slut, his slut, who had just been fucked by some punk college kid. “Next boy you pick up, you’re bringing him home, so I can watch,” he grunted, spurting wad after wad deep inside his girl.

She peaked again, still feeling him filling her, thinking about Daddy watching her have sex with another guy. And when her body – and her pussy – went tight again, his dwindling jets revived and he squirted out a huge wad. “Yes, Daddy,” she cried, lost in the intense sensations coursing through her.

He collapsed on his back, keeping her on top of him, his cock still inside her, but slowly deflating. He loved feeling his own cum drip out of a freshly fucked pussy, but he wondered if any of the kid’s was still in there. The thought made his cock throb, but not enough to make it any more rigid. He reached down to where they were connected, feeling the mess and, as his fingers encountered his slimy cock, he thought that maybe he could go again.

“Daddy,” she said softly, feeling his fingers roaming between them, “I have a secret surprise to tell you.”

His cock throbbed, wondering what his girl had in mind.

She felt him throb and, even though her pussy was sore from two guys fucking her within an hour of each other, she wanted more. And she knew how to get it. “What I didn’t tell you was that when I got on my knees and pushed myself back at him, he thought I wanted him to fuck me in the butt. It hurt at first, but not as bad as when you did it. And then it felt really good and, well, his third load is still in there waiting for you.”

As his fingers went around to her behind and found the evidence that she was telling the truth, his cock became rock hard again.

the end?

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thank you, 07:27:56!
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thank you, 07:27:56!
it makes a world of difference knowing that my work is being enjoyed.

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