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young prostitute
It was the end of summer, Septmber 24th 1985. I was driving down Hemphill after leaving work, looking for my favorite filling station, to get gas before continuing on my trip back home.
For ten years I had done this same routine, always stopping at the Conoco to fill up to make it
55 miles home on a Friday night. As I pulled up to the pump and inserted my Conoco card, an older Oldsmobile pulled up beside me and the young lady asked me if I was interested in a date. I was no stranger to the prostitution that had overtaken the streets of this once exclusive neighborhood.
She was young, 19, she said, I was betting younger. Point blank she said, I will fuck you for twenty dollars, or for ten if you will buy me a Coke and put ten dollars worth of gas in my car.

Having seen many a john approached by vice, I simply told her I was not interested. She motioned me over to her car, and as I approached, she reached under her denim skirt and rolled her panties off of her ass, revealing her muff covered slit. Mr., I will do anything you want to do,
I have a place to take you, and you can do anything you want with me or to me. Brazenly, she started fingering her open twat for me to see. I motioned for her to drive up to the pump and pumped ten dollars worth of gas into her car. She slowly drove up to the parking area and waited as I did the same. I had really expected her to drive off, but she didn't, and waited as I went inside and got both of us a Coke. She told me to get in and she slowly drove to an innocent looking frame house just off of Hemphill on St. Louis St. Taking my hand, we walked around the back to a small cabin type garage. I must have looked puzzled because she said, Oh, This is my grandma's
house and she lets me stay in the garage on Friday and Saturday nights because both of my parents work evenings at the hospital.

I still wasn't sure about the whole scenario, but felt better when she produced a key that unlocked the garage door. she quickly entered and led me into a cute little 1 bedroom arrangement.
She turned on ZOO98 FM, picked up the phone and made a call. Grannie, i have a friend helping me with my Algebra, we will be done shortly, don't worry about fixing me supper, love you, bye.

She stuck her hand out and said, "Ten Dollars, Please," in a cute provocative way. I handed her a ten, just as she allowed her denim skirt to drop to the floor. Leading me over to her day bed, she gently pushed me onto it, reached down and began unzipping my jeans. My half hard cock was just beginning to bring moisture to its uncircumsized head, whe she bent over and began inserting it into her warm mouth. slowing, she work its length deep between her lips. straining, I removed my shoes and slid my pants off as she positioned her self atop my chest, her ass in my face and her lithe body covering my abdomen. Without hesitation, I began licking her asshole and fingering her wettened twat. She was a genuine beauty, long dark hair, brown eyes, and the perfect shape for her small frame. By now she had already spurted her first release of love juice from her wettened womb. She then mounted my rigid pole and easily sat down upon its length, in two more up and down strokes, I could hear the gentle farting of her second orgasmic release, and then felt the growing wetness trickle down onto my pubic area, onto my balls, and then into the bedspread. I am not excessively endowed, but I was amazed at having the ability to not ejaculate too soon. Her small womb was tight, even though the wetness was steadily expanding. Suddenly, she stopped her quivering, rolled off of me, and onto her back. She grabbed both of her ankles and held them apart, and said, "Let me wrap my legs around you." I rolled on top of her welcoming body, easily inserted my throbbing tool into her welcoming marsh, then place each leg on my shoulder.. Now buried as deeply as possible into her snatch, I began the deep thrusts into her passion pit. As she gasped a few times, I heard the gentle farting of her spasmodic joy juice as it spurted from around my encased cock. My balls gathered moisture from off her wet ass as I plunged my length each time into her warm wetness. Suddenly, she arched violently and gasped with delight as her fourth and final eruption met my climatic juices head on. We both collapsed in
drained eroticism. As my shrinking cock began to unplug her wettened womb, a slurry of post orgasmic fluids spewed forth, dampening her lsender ass and increasing the wet spot on her bed
My name is Abbey, she said as we both sought to gain our breaths, and thanks for helping me out. So ends the story that actually happened to me and will always be my favorite story, mainly, because she was the first girl/woman who had the ability to spew so much love juice . Most of my sexual contacts to that point in my life, were not multi-orgasmic, and certainly didn'y bring forth the climatic wetness that Abbey did.

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2011-11-06 14:50:41
Help her with her algebra? She was about 17. I believe it totally. 17 yos do crazy silly things. Good times.


2007-03-25 22:28:17
Man, if this is real, you are doomed for AIDS!
How the fuck do you think anyone can believe you fuck a prostitute with no condom?!?
First of All - SHE wouldn't have accepted!
So, be wise and admit it's only fiction!


2006-03-15 10:20:07
Great story.....more about Abbey.


2006-02-20 07:07:40
Another great Fuck Story about Abbey, the Prostitute and you..It was so neat how she approached you directly..So marevlous how she kept cumming and wanting more. I loved how you took her tight pussy. Look forward to more true stories.
One Hot Stud


2006-01-13 16:30:52
lol boring

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