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i had never been with a girl and niki wanted to show me how its done properly
Me and Niki met in 7th grade and became the best of friends by freshman year, we did everything together. Her family was well of and mine not so much, I quickly became a part of the family.

All of our friends would make fun of us that we were lesbians cause we were always together. I though it was wierd, to be frank I like dick. She would always giggle and joke back ny saying "what if?" or slapping my ass.

Both of us were very sexually active by freshman year. We went to alot of concerts and raves. We drank we did drugs we partied and we were a duo.

I new she wanted me. I would spend the night all the time, when we would go to bed she would get undressed in front of me and want to cuddle, "heather the only way I can fall asleep when someone is in bed with me is if we cuddle." she would say wrapping her body tight against mine.

She would intertwine her legs with mine, scooting my butt close up into the crevice of where her pussy was. She would wrap her arms around me, her breath on my neck and a hand on my hip bones, her fingers laying gently on my skin.

Sometimes right before I would fall asleep
I would feel her starting to grind her pussy against my ass.

One night we snuck back in really late it was middle of freshman year and we just went to a warehouse rave. We had taken a nice amount of mushrooms and smoked alot of pot. We were trying to be quite but her older brother caught us and started making fun of us that we were lesbians and what not. Niki of course said so what and then just leaned in and kissed me.

She slammed her body against mine pushing me against the wall, I herd her brother say something in the back ground and walk away laughing. I was lost.

Her tongue was mashing with mine and her hands were all over my body. I had to break away "Niki please this isn't right, you know how I feel" I couldn't look at her. She grabbed me by the hand and led me upstairs.

I wanted to, the drugs told me to, but mostly my body did, I could feel myself getting wet as we kissed. But I couldn't ruin things between us as friends.

She opened the door and I went to put my stuff down. I turned around, she was locking the door and putting a towel under it "are we going to smoke?" I asked her thinking we would just go to bed.
"no" she replied and went to her closet.
I new things would get weird.

She came out with three sets of handcuffs and was completely naked. "Niki.." she comes closer, her body is beautiful I have to admit. Her skin is a light creamy brown where mine is as porcelain as can be, she has a perfect hour glass frame where I'm alot more lanky and smaller. Her long dark brown hair is down and ends at the beginning of her butt. She has this look in her eyes I have never seen before, like she is about to gobble me up.

"please stop being such a pussy heather, I have wanted this for too long, and you want this also. Nothing will change. Now please get undressed, the more you resist the meaner I will get"

I'm so shocked I can't move, or maybe I was so horny I couldn't either way she shook her head and pushed me on the bed. She got on top of me and ripped my top of. "I have wanted to play with your tits for to long." she handcuffs my arms to the head board and starts to kiss my neck, rubbing her breasts against mine.
She's about a DD cup and I'm a C, there was so much boob and she was giving me goose bumps from her kissing and nibbling my neck.

She moved down lower, I have never had a girl even kiss me now one was sucking and biting my nipples. She started to kiss down my tummy to the top of my skirt, she started to peel my skirt off. "heather no panties?" I can only giggle.

She hand cuffed my legs to the bed so they were spread open. I was so nervous, I had been eaten out before but never by a girl. I wanted it at this point " please Niki stop teasing me, I want you, eat me, please." " hahaha mmh you have to wait though like you made me wait." she was kissing my legs and circling her tongue so close to my pussy and then going back to my thighs.

Finally her tongue hit my clit and I gasped in pure pleasure. "my god Niki more fuck me more" I couldn't stop repeating, I was getting so loud moaning and screaming for her.

Her tongue was magic against my clit, she slid two fingers in me and started to pump. I could feel myself cuming all over her and she just buried her face deeper in me lapping up my juices. I was getting so loud that she covered my mouth with one of her hands. I cam twice within minutes it felt like.

She got up and wiped her face on my tummy making my giggle. She went to her bedside table and got out her glass dildo, a ball gag and a paddle. "Niki please I can't handle anymore"" mmh that's why I got the gag for you baby" she started to undo the hand cuffs on my legs and hands. "flip over now heather on all fours"" please noo I can't handle anymore""do it or I will make you"

So I do the smart thing and flip over, were the same height pretty tall, but she's way stronger. I get on all fours she handcuffs my hands again together so they are resting on my elbows. My legs are handcuffed and my on my knees. She puts the ball gag on me tightly.

She's slapping ass hard with the paddle, I can feel it starting to sting on its own. She leans down to eat me out from behind, her tongue finding my butt, no one has ever done this to me, my god. She's eating me out and tweaking my nipples when I cum hard again. "oh baby you cum so much, its like your a perfect horny little slut" I'm moaning and gasping, but i can't scream because of the gag restricting me.

She all the sudden shoves the dildo in me and a finger in my butt and starts to laugh, I'm moaning and thrusting into her.
Hard and hard she push's in me and then the harder I cam. I could feel my cum dripping off the dildo as she pulled my head back by the gag and shoved it deep in me one more time "your such a good girl heather." and she took the gag off. I collapsed on the wet bed exhausted.

She rolls a joint and we smoke it also change the sheets which I thoroughly soiled when I cam everywhere.

We got back in the the freshly made bed naked and high. I got on top of her to cuddle"thank you Niki" "haha anytime any place just ask" I buried my face into her neck kissing her soft skin.

Her skin tasted like cherries somehow and before I new it I was kissing lower to her breasts. Her nipples where a perfect dark pink, I nibbled sucked and licked them till there was bruising. Her moans made me quiver and get goose bumps

"Niki?" "Heather go lower now, show me what your tongue can do." as she pushed me down to her golden pussy. She didn't have to tell me twice as I spread her wet lips apart exposing her small clit. I went it.

Oh my god, she tastes like heaven. The louder she moans thrusts her hips into my mouth the more I want her. My tongue is exploring every inch of her pussy, her clit has gotten so swollen and she has cum dripping out of her hole. She's pushing my head further into her as she cums screaming out my name.

All the sudden some one is clapping and Niki screams, I pick my head up from her delicious wet pussy to see her older brother Brian standing in the door way connecting there bathroom to each others room, he was smirking and clapping.

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