Contains: Lesbian, group sex, oral, anal, pissing, pee drinking, spanking, public, submission.
We didn't have many plans for the bachelorette's party of the wedding of our band members Nadia and Tiziana, other than to get drunk and (hopefully) naughty, but literally at the last minute, something sweet came up: The gay pastor that would conduct the ceremony had heard that we're an all-female band and she knew a club somewhere in town that was looking for a live act the night before the wedding, as the one they had booked had cancelled.

We spontaneously said yes and so we came to stand in a small basement somewhere in San Francisco later that day. It was dimly lit and smelled faintly of beer, but overall was cleaner than our usual venues. "Hi, I'm Tracy," said a slim, tanned california-blonde who greeted us. She wore the tight tank top and low-rise pants that so many women in the music business, who weren't actually musicians, were wearing and had that american professionality around her which made everything she said sound like it was an opening to a sales pitch.

Tracy was managing the club that night, and she showed us around a bit. There was a small stage with some instruments on it - the obligatory 200$ drum set that badly needed new skins, a stratocaster copy that was out of tune and a bass guitar which wasn't any better and an odd little electronic organ that looked like the last time it got played was in 1974. No strings for Stefania, and no accordion for Nadia, but we figured we would manage.

When Tracy left us to our own devices, we quickly agreed that she stood for everything we hated about the music business today - namely, the business attitude, the lack of passion and the desperate need for everyone involved to look cooler than everyone else. Bibi and myself were tuning our instruments as good as we could, which immediately busted one of the half-rusted strings, while Nadia played around with the organ. As she was already used to the keys on an accordeon, she figured it wouldn't be all too hard to play it. And Stefania, not wanting to just stand around useless, agreed to accompany me on vocals.

After a while the club began to fill with people. We were in a small, cramped backstage room, sipping on some drinks while we were getting ready for the show. Since it was Taz' and Nadia's bachelorette party, we were all dressed in our wedding getup - the two brides in their fluffy white wedding gowns and us three dyke bridesmaids in our colourful suits. The noises from the club got louder and finally, Tracy introduced us through the PA system. We walked out on stage.

I took a moment to scan the audience before I stepped up to the microphone. It was a lesbian club, and so most of what I could see were women's faces. There was not a huge crowd, but enough people to not be ashamed of it. Besides me, Bibi leaned over and yelled "fuck you, America!" into the microphone. We were met with silent stares. Maybe I should've told her before that americans were weirdly proud of their country, unlike where we came from, where a hearty "fuck you, Italy!" was usually met with cheer.

Taz interrupted the awkward moment with four raps of her drumsticks and we burst into our first song, a punk cover of "California Dreaming" where I changed the lyrics to something more of my liking and called it "California Creaming". When we had ended, I smiled out into the audience. They applauded. "We're the Pussy Lips," I spoke into the microphone, "and I guess this is the first stop of our american tour."

We went through a few more songs of our line-up: A cover of The Offspring's "Pretty Fly" that I had changed into "Pretty Gay (for a white girl)" and which accordingly told of the lesbian encounters of a girl who tries to be straight but keeps failing, because pussy is just too good. Stefania made some hilarious background vocals during that one. Then we played a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" where the chorus went something like "I dipped into her tight ring of desire" and talked about the pleasures of anal fingering.

The audience seemed to warm up on us, and so did the stage. Bibi threw her pink jacket off and unbuttoned her blouse until she showed more cleavage than was decent, sweating in the hot spotlights. I looked at her, then talked to the audience again: "If you're wondering about our getup, we aren't usually dressed like this, but Taziana," I was pointing to the drummer who waved her sticks at the audience, "and Nadia," pointing at the blonde busty girl at the organ, "are going to get married tomorrow."

Cheers from the audience again. They really loved that, and Nadia and Taz waved frantically back at them. When everything calmed down, I continued: "Well, this is their bachelorette party, since we're stuck with you and can't go to a strip club, why don't those of you who want to show them their appreciation just come on stage whenever you feel like it and take care of them. This might be the last time they can see some pussies other than each other's."

The next song was Amanda Palmer's "Map Of Tasmania" which was naughty enough to keep its lyrics the way they were, but just to emphasize what exactly the map of Tasmania was I would use an a-capella part of the song to flash my ginger bush to the audience. I was getting increasingly hot and aroused, and so did they, it seemed. During the applause after that song I saw many in the audience flashing their tits in return.

We continued playing a few slower numbers of our own, during which Stef began to fondle Nadia, stepping behind her and cupping her large D-cup breasts across her dress, while she was trying to play the organ. The audience watched them for a while, and then one of them climbed up on stage and began dancing seductively. She was a short, latino-looking woman with a nice figure and short black hair, and judging by her moves, this wasn't the first time she danced on a stage.

She moved towards the back and began circling Taziana, until she straddled her and gave her a lap dance. Bibi and me continued playing even without the drum beat, just to keep the show going. The audience stared, mesmerized, as the drummer fondled the dancer, unable to keep her hands off her. We segued right into the next song as I wanted to keep the action going and another girl made her way up on the stage, joining Stefania at caressing Nadia. She was tall and thin, with a hippie-like style, long flowing hair and a wide smile.

Stef took over Nadia's part on the organ, as the bride to be couldn't concentrate any longer, the hands of the stranger running lightly across her cleavage and down her stomach. I sang my way through "House Of The Rising Sun", which I had rewritten to tell a story about the pleasures of whoring, when I noticed the woman crawling under the organ and slipping underneath Nadia's short, ruffled wedding dress. My friend had spread her legs and sat with her eyes closed, while a stranger was eating her out.

It seemed the audience was now drunk enough to lose their inhibitions and when I looked down into the room, I could see a lot of topless women now, getting into the mood, some of them even kissing, fondling, making out with one another. We moved on to some harder songs again, and at one point I even tried my luck at Rockbitch's "Fist Fuck", which I'm sure I messed up, but still gave Taziana, who loved everything loud and hard, the right ideas. She leaned forward across her drumset, her tits hanging out the top of her dress, and held up her ruffled skirt while the latin girl stood behind her, apparently fucking her with some, or all, or her fingers.

Taz yelled, screaming for lust, while her bride Nadia finally kissed the woman that was eating her out and stepped up to the front of the stage, next to me, waving into the audience ecstatically and then began to strip out of her dress. The sight of her full, firm, large breasts was met with cheers and when she stepped out of the heap of cloth that dropped to her ankles, wearing nothing underneath and revealing her smooth, shaved pussy, people screamed.

I began playing "Celia Pisses On Me", which was one of Nadia's favourites, a shameless cover of Brotherhood Of Man's "Save Your Kisses For Me", during which she began masturbating, standing in front of the audience with her legs spread and frantically rubbing her clit hard. The hippie girl that had licked her before was kneeling down behind her, slurping on her ass devotedly.

Nadia began to pee, in accordance with the song, squeezing a tit with one hand while spreading her labia with another, letting a sparkling stream run down between her legs. Bibi came walking over towards her, kneeling down, bass guitar in hand and caught some of it in her mouth. We had just broken the kink barrier and were now in the realm of hardcore fetish play.

To my surprise, the audience didn't seem to mind and even cheered her on. When Barbara got up again, her blouse was drenched and she suddenly kissed me by surprise, sharing some of Nadia's pee with me. Taziana, still getting fisted, was yelling from behind and Nadia pushed her hips up, drenching her bladder as she sprayed the rest of her pee across the women at the front of the stage.

At this point I cursed being a singer, as I couldn't leave my place by the microphone and join in with the fun. At least, during a break between two songs, I got out of my clothes, strapping the guitar to my naked body and continued. If I wasn't getting any pussy, I could at least let them see what they were missing out on. As Stef, Bibi and me continued playing, Taz came to the front of the stage as well, kissing and rubbing her fiancee as they both still got licked by the girls from the audience.

Finally, I started our cover of "Tainted Love", called "Painful Lust", which was Stefania's favourite. She squealed excited and came rushing towards the microphone. I took a step back and let Bibi just continue the bass line while I pulled Stef's pants down, slapping her wide, white ass hard with my hand as she moaned into the microphone. I noticed she was plugged, again, a big black rubber plug sticking in her asshole.

Knowing Stef's kinky side, I forgot all about the song and just slapped her hard all over her butt, until it began to glow red. I took the strap of the guitar and began to whip her with it, leaving red streaks across her broad, fat ass, while she still groaned into the microphone. Bibi finished the bass line and turned some of the spots off, drenching the stage into dim, reddish lighting as we stopped caring about the music.

I bound Stef's wrists onto the microphone stand with the leather strap and let Bibi take over as I went to the back to get Taz' drum sticks. Hot and aroused, I immediately began to fuck myself with them, pushing them both into my sopping cunt as I leaned back against the drum set. I didn't care anymore who was watching me and just wanted to get fucked.

In the dim light, I could see shades approaching me from all sides, caressing my skin, my tits, my arms, sides, neck and face while someone took the sticks from me and continued fucking me, while a tongue ran across my pubes and clit, nibbling as it sucked on it. I let go. I let them lick me, clean the salty sweat off my skin, suck the fragrance out of the hair on my pussy and under my arms and pleasure me with their fingers.

I sensed the fingers of several different women enter my ass while another shoved her hand up my cunt, fucking me as hard and deep as I deserved. It didn't take long until I came, but they wouldn't let on, penetrating me over and over while I heard the moans of my bandmates, Stefania still groaning into the microphone and somewhere Bibi's raunchy voice as she finally found somebody to fuck her hard and mean.

I felt free, uninhibited and in love, and at the same time depraved, perverted and sooo horny. When they finally let retreated out of my holes, I rewarded them with a strong, wide spray of piss, trying to cover as many of them as I could in the dim half-light.

Much of what went on afterwards is lost in a haze of passion, lust and writhing bodies, and when we woke up the next day, we were still on that stage, surrounded by women in varying stages of undress. I never found out what happened to the drum sticks, though.

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