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She could only FEEL him
The Leprechaun
This started as a posting in Personals and I began the story.
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Leprechaun : usually taking the form of an old man, clad in a red or green coat, who enjoys partaking in mischief. I would love to be your leprechaun and appear some time when you least expect it and then cause all sort of mischief, like appearing under the table in a restaurant and finger fucking you while you try to eat your meal. Nobody can see me only your pussy feels like there is a finger in it and when you look, nothing. Then I squeeze your tits and pinch nipple and all the time I am invisible. You get all turned on and even start to have orgasm and all the other people at the table are looking at you because your have this very strange look on face.
So you almost had an orgasm at the restaurant and you are just a little shaken. You see that necklace you bought at the little antique shop is not just any ordinary one. It belonged to me and I want it back and as long as you have it I can connect with you. I can appear visible and invisible but as I am a leprechaun (rather ugly old man) I choose to be invisible. I can appear in any human form I want and you will find out in the future. HHEHEE that is why the previous owner got rid of the necklace, she could not take the consequences.

MMMM you leave the restaurant alone and head home very unsettled
You take a cab home to your apartment and hehehehe I am right beside you. I put my hand on your leg and slowly move up under your skirt. You look down and see nothing, your skirt is still just above your knee but you can feel a hand on the inside of your thigh and squirm around on the seat. The cab driver looks back with a questioning look and shakes his head.
I have my hand on your thigh at the top of your thigh high stocking and I am tracing the top edge with a fingertip, back and forth back and forth. The expression on your face is priceless, you have closed your eyes and at one point you are enjoying the sensation of a hand on your inner thigh, BUT then your eyes fly open as you think about the feeling with nobody there and a strange shiver runs through your body.
I move my hand higher and now squeeze the inside of your thigh; you involuntarily spread your legs. You give a little moan as I massage your inner thigh right below your pussy.
Then I move my index finger up and very, very lightly rub across your panties. Oh my THEY ARE WET you naughty woman you.
You moan again as you feel the finger move up and down over your wet panties and a tingling sensation runs through your whole body. It has been some time since you felt or been felt like this. You involuntarily pull your skirt down but it was never up.
The rubbing continues and gets a little harder and you feel the finger push your panties between your wet loose lips. You clinch your butt cheeks as sensations not felt in a long time race through your body.
All of a sudden the cab stops as you are home. I follow you into your apartment and into your bedroom. I watch as you undress, oh what a beautiful site. You stand in front of mirror and as you take off you blouse you look at your body. You cup your tits and think, Hey I got a nice set of tits, then you take off bra and cup your breast and take the nipples between finger and roll and pull. MMM I can see you enjoy having attention paid to your breasts. As you move you’re hands down to your skirt I reach out and cup one breast and squeeze real hard. You jump back staring at the mirror in disbelief and look around the room but you are alone. HEHEHEH you think you are going crazy.
Then you continue to take off skirt and you consider your body, hey I still have good legs and a nice hips and ass why don’t I have a man. OH but you do lady you just can’t see me.
You then sit and pull off the stocking and well even a leprechaun can get turned on and my old cock gets hard watching you remove the stocking.
Then you touch our wet panties. You keep wondering just what happened to you at the restaurant and in the cap. You shake your head and then pull off panties. You head to the bathroom to shower and as you go past dresser you take off the necklace.
Once off your body my power is done, someone must be wearing it.
THE NECKLACE is my family treasure and it was stolen many years ago and I have been after it ever since. I can do whatever I want to the person wearing it and have that power until it is returned to the cave in Ireland that is my family home.

It was a couple of days before you wore the necklace again but you had been troubled about your feelings ever since.
You got up in the morning as always and dressed for work. It was summer and so you wore a full length dress, one that fit your nice body tightly. You wore you’re usual bra and panties and a pair of medium heels but no stocking. As an accountant you usually sit at a desk most of the day but today you have to go and meet a client.
The necklace is gold with green stones set in it. Actually the green stones are emeralds. You put the necklace on as it complements the dress and I am back.
MMM you look so beautiful and oh my, so sexy as the dress really clings to your shape and oh what a shape, if only I was a real man I would ….. well I am not so I take the pleasure I can and get back to the business of getting the necklace returned.
As you look in the mirror admiring the necklace and your looks I slowly pull aside you auburn hair and kiss your neck at the shoulder.
You jerk around and look but nobody is there. You look back in mirror and I kiss your ear. You jerk again.
You are shaking as you look in the mirror and then close eyes, thinking you wish it would go away.
I am not going as long as you wear the necklace. I reach out and lightly touch you with my open hands on your bare shoulders and then let my hands move down your arms. You have closed your eyes and just decided to enjoy the feeling. I kiss the back of neck again and this time you just give a soft sigh. MMM this is getting better.
As my hands reach your hands I move in and put arms around you and now hold you close and tight.
The feel of a body against your back and arms holding you tight is something you have longed for and so you just figure it is your crazy imagination and keep eyes closed.
I kiss neck again and then a little bite to the shoulder and I release you. Stepping back I watch your expression. You open your eyes and look in mirror. “ Oh why can’t it be real why is it just my crazy mind?”
Well now she is talking to herself. I reach out and touch the necklace and give it a pull causing it to chock her but it has not moved. She is shaking her head and looking at the necklace wondering what is going on.

I follow her to work in a small office building where we take the elevator up. I have touched her body all over and she no long reacts like she is crazy but she just enjoys it for the most part.
At her desk I have come up and kissed her several times and she is getting us to it, strange.
I am behind her and reach down slipping a hand into her dress and into her bra, the push up kind, and then squeeze the very nice round firm flesh. I can feel the nipple harden and poke against my palm. I squeeze again.
MMM she jerked at first but then relaxed her shoulders and actually made it easier to access her breast.
She has her head back and eyes closed as I continue to squeeze her breast. I bend in and kiss her lips softly and then she responds like I was really there and she pushes her tongue out.
She comes around when someone calls out her name and asks why she was sticking her tongue out.
Embarrassed she gets up and goes to the restroom.
She looks in the mirror and shakes her head thinking she is really going crazy. No matter she is going shopping.
She is at the clothing store and has a couple of outfits to try on. In the dressing room she takes of the dress and before she can put on the skirt she is trying I reach out and caress her flat tight belly and she stops. I then let my hand move down over belly down over panties down the top of thigh down to her feet. I trace the toes with my finger and then move up leg. I let my index and middle fingers move up up then inside of thigh. She spread her legs and I move up to the crotch of panties.
I then caress the panties, boy cut, and as I have powers I can now rub the soft wet skin of her pussy lips. I have other hand on butt check and I can feel her reaction. I feel her body tense and I heard a moan as I push two fingers into her. Her legs are shaky and she sits in the chair spreading her legs wide. I push my fingers into her tight wet pussy and then begin to finger fuck her wet pussy with vigor. She has hands on inner thighs spreading her legs wider. Then as I put a 3rd finger into her she grabs her breast with one hand. I see her squeeze and then tease the nipple. She is moaning out loud and her hips are bucking as I continue to push my finger in and out. Then I use my thumb to rub her clit and I rub hard and fast as she moans louder.
I feel her body dense and she bucks her hips up from the chair as the orgasm races through her body.
The attendant knocks on the door asking if she is okay. I pull hand out and back off.
She gets up tells attendant all is fine and then looking in the mirror shakes her head. “Damn what is going on. “ She is looking at the necklace and I reach out and pull on it chocking her again. She looks but can not understand. “What the hell is it with this necklace. I have got to do something.”
After work she stopped at a jewelry store to have someone look at the necklace and got a real surprise. They explained that the stones were genuine emeralds and of great value. She does not understand as the antique store said they were just green glass, and they were then. HEHEHEH we leprechauns are just full of magic tricks. The necklace was always real but only to certain people at certain times and now even I am a little mystified as they should be glass not real. MMMM something is going on.
The jeweler says the necklace is very old and the gold is pure but he has no idea who or where it was made but it had to be a long time ago from the stone cutting and gold work. He was very curious as to where she got it and if she would sell it.
She told him about him about the antique store, and no she is not selling. He told her about a museum that might pay a lot for it if she wanted to.

She went home and hehehe I was waiting when she walked in. I watched as she took off her dress and then circled her from behind and kissed her bare shoulder. I then kissed the back of her neck and down her spine. All she wore was the bra and panties and that was no barrier to me. I kissed down the spine as she seemed to just give in. I watched her look in mirror and then just close eyes and roll head back.
My lips move down the spine with the tip of tongue feeling each vertebrae. As my lips reach the butt I see her pull the panties down like I was really there and needed them removed. I kissed each cheek and then let my tongue slip up and down her butt crack and then up the spine. She took off bra and now was totally naked. I kissed the shoulder and bite each at the neck then I move to front and kiss each breast and my tongue traces around each nipple hearing her moan. I see her hands move like she could feel my head but there is nothing for her to touch. I tease each nipple with my tongue until they are hard as rocks then I suck on each. She is getting shaky and so backs up to sit on bed. I then suck the breasts again and cup with hands and massage them. She lies back on bed and I move down over her belly kissing licking and sucking. I tongue tease the naval and then move down. MMMM she is shaved clean no pubic hair at all, nice. I kiss the pubic mound and then press on it with heel of hand. I listen to her moan and beg “Oh god for a real man someone to be there something to give these crazy feelings a body.” I then kiss and suck on her wet pussy lips and she moans as her body shakes with pleasure. I then suck on her clit and stab between her lips with my tongue.
I whip my tongue up and down over her pussy, up down stab up down stab until I feel her hips buck up and hear her beg for a fucking. I see she is squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples.
Well I may not be visible to her now and real but I can fuck her with a big cock. I get between her legs and then rub her wet wanting pussy with the head of my organ. It is 10 inches long and a good 1 ½ inches in diameter at least today but I can make it bigger, hell I am a leprechaun I do magic.
I rub the head of the cock up and down and realize she thinks she is dreaming and I then push in slow. Spreading the lips apart I see her eyes flash open, she did not expect this. So I just quickly drive my cock into the wet channel filling her completely. I feel the head spreading her wider as it moves deeper and deeper. Then I feel it hit her cervix and I am not full into her. I pull back and I see her legs move like she was trying to wrap them around someone. But nobody is there and she just spreads her legs wide and continues to squeeze her tits and nipples.
Now my rhythm is getting faster and I am pushing deeper and harder. I hit her cervix with every thrust and she moans each time.
I feel her body tense and then she bucks her hips up as I drive down.
I then pump a massive load of cum into her. Now it is magic cum as there is really nothing there but the sensation.
She twists shakes and moans as the orgasm races through her body.
I bend in and kiss her on the lips and she involuntarily tries to wrap her arms around me, but there is no body. The kiss is long sweet and with passion.
She lays on the bed for some time before getting up to shower. As she walked to the dresser I grab the necklace and pull chocking her briefly. She stagers a little and then takes of the necklace. Staring at it she thinks, I have to go to the museum and talk to some one.

It is several days later that she puts on the necklace again. She looked at it every day and wondered about all the feeling and the fact she no longer had them. Now as the necklace fell around her neck and against her body I was able to again kiss her. I held her waist with both hands and kissed the back of her neck in the way only a lover would. I moved to the front and saw she had closed her eyes and there was a very peaceful smile on her face. I kissed each eye then each check and then the tip of her nose. The smile intensified and I kiss her on the lips. Parting her lips with my tongue I sought out her tongue and they danced. She had given in she no longer fought the feeling she only wanted more.

She opened her eyes and staggered back. “oh man I have to go. “ Grabbing her books and purse she quickly ran form the apartment and went to work.
Later she had appointment with curator of antiquity at the local museum.
It was along for the ride and I caressed her body in a most passionate way.
The curator looked at the necklace and first said there was nothing special about it but then after I had touched it I pushed her toward him again and she extended her hand.
This time his eyes opened wide as the stones had turned to emeralds and the metal real gold.
As he looked at it he apologized for his mistake as it was a most impressive piece of jewelry.
She noticed a major change in is disposition as he handled the piece. Then looking at her with a softer expression and warmer smile he asked if she believed in things like fairies and such.
She smiled and chuckled and said NO.
He looked at her with squinted eyes and told her she might reconsider her thoughts. Holding the necklace up he explained that there was no way to date the work and the stone cutting was done with a sophistication that surpasses the current level.
Then he asked her if she had experienced anything different in her life since she had gotten the piece.
Now she was worried and shook her head no but she knew better. Thanking the man she put the necklace back on and left. All the way home she simply put the necklace on and then took it off. She was actually a little afraid to wear it now.
She could not get the thought that all the feeling and happenings had all started when she got the necklace and then it dawned on her that it only happened when she wore it and she took it off and put it in her purse.
At home she stared at the necklace lying on her dresser debating whether or not to put it on again. She decided to try it as it have never really hurt her and had actually caused her to have an orgasm. She was ready for bed and so had on her sleeping outfit which was a very large T shirt and some old panties.
Throwing all doubt to the wind she put the necklace back on.
I’m back. Wow nice outfit woman not much to look at but easy to remove. Then she spoke, “okay whoever you are if this necklace is enchanted or what ever I figured out that it only works if I wear it so if you are not nice I take it off. Oh hell here I am talking to myself this is crazy.” She then turned around the room like she was looking for someone.
I was right in front of her and reached out and touched her cheek softly.
She froze in place head moving and eyes searching.
I moved in and kissed her cheek. She moved her hand up to touch me but could not find anyone. I then kissed her on the lips and she did not move. I pushed my tongue between her lips and she responded. Our tongues danced and I held the back of her head and pull her to me kissing hard and deep. I then let one hand move down her back along the spine until I was cupping a butt cheek. She spun away and looking at the ceiling said, “okay okay there is someone or something here and oh god can you kiss and oh you bastard you did all that other stuff too. You fucking raped me you bastard.” She stopped and then thought. “Okay maybe rape is a little strong but how can you do what you do? Oh I am going crazy, here I am talking to myself and getting all turned on by someone in my imagination.”

I look at her and wish there was some other way to communicate but feelings, sensations are all I can give. Reaching out I stroke her cheek and gently rub what looks like a tear from her eye. She reaches for the hand that is not there and more tears. Reaching out I wrap my arms around her and pull her to me holding her tight. She does not resist only accepts the feeling of , mmm love? This is not the way to get the necklace back. Concentrate you idiot you have to make her take it back.

Backing away, “oh okay I will play along I think. There are spirits or whatever and it has to do with this necklace, right?”
It hits me that now I can communicate with her and I tap her on the shoulder, once.
“Oh wow, okay so a tap on shoulder is a yes.”
I tap again.
“Okay and two taps is no”.
I tap again.
“So you are a fairy?”
I tap twice as I am a LEPCHRAUN not a fairy.
“I take that as no but then what are you. Oh that is not a yes or no question but mmmm given what you had done to me and are able to do you are something special ,mmm very special.” She is thinking about the sexual feelings she has experienced and then the other feelings she felt from the tender touches now. “Okay this all has to do with the necklace?”
I tap once and reach out and touch the necklace and then her cheek.
She is thinking and thinking and then,” okay you’re a spirit and you are connected to the necklace. You have some powers but are not visible. MMM I bet you have been after the necklace for a long time as the curator said it was very old, time before time maybe, and I bet you have to get the necklace back.”

I caress your beautiful face and tap once.

“Okay I have to help you return the necklace, but where?”
I tap once then take you in my arms and kiss you gently at first and then something comes over me and I kiss you with all the passion the ages have taught me. You do not resist in any way and in fact you open your mouth and our tongue dance like never before. You reach out and hold something that is not there but you do not seem to care as you are lost in the kiss. Then we part.
“Oh my, you sure can kiss. I sure wish you were real visible, something I could touch. MMMM the way you have touched me I would like to respond in kind. Well that only a dream and now we need to figure out what or where I am to take the necklace.”

Going to her computer she googled spirits she came across all sorts of things and when she came to a picture of a leprechaun she felt the tap.
“So you are a leprechaun.” TAP
“Ah and leprechauns come from Ireland.” TAP
“The necklace has to be taken to Ireland?” TAP
“Well I guess I will have to make some traveling plans but for now I need to relax and digest all this.” Shutting off the computer she went to the kitchen to make some tea. As she stood at the counter I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her pressing by body against her back. I could feel, as she could, the contour of her body. Her round firm butt cheeks were press against my hips and my crotch. I had a good hard on and she could feel it in her butt crack.
My hands started out on her belly but then moved up and cupped each breast gently squeezing. Her head move back as she looked at the ceiling and then closed her eyes so all she had to do was enjoy the feelings. I then slipped my hands under the shirt and now cupped her very round firm breast in my bare hands. The feeling of flesh on flesh made my cock pulse and I could feel her nipple harden against the palm of my hand. Taking the nipples between thumb and finger I rolled, pulled and pinched.

She moaned and arched her back. I move one hand to her belly. And then lower and lower until it rested on her pubic mound and I pulled back applying pressure to the mound and causing her butt to press against my cock harder. This caused her to moan and utter “oh god I want you now, I want you in the worst way, oh just fuck me ahhhhhhhh.”
As she had changed into her most casual attire, Large T shirt and panties, I was inside her panties and moved lower. I touched the top of her very wet slit and then ran my finger up and down the wet lips of her most inviting pussy.
I felt her body quiver as I bent her over the counter and pulled her panties down to the floor. I then kissed each butt cheek and suck on each. There would be a love bite on each cheek in the morning.
I then parted her butt and let my now very hard cock slide up and down the crack. I guided the head down the butt crack over her anus and then across the wet pussy lips. My other hand parted the lips as I slipped the mushroom head of my engorged cock between them and pushed slowly deeper and deeper into the wet tunnel of her pussy. I could feel her shaking with pleasure as my cock went deeper and my hand was teasing her clit. My other hand was squeezing her tit and pinching the nipple and then as I was ready to ram deep I grabbed her hair and pulled back. I rammed my cock deeper and felt the head hit her cervix causing her to arch her back and moan loudly.
“Oh fuck me hard fuck me harder oh god fuck me ahhhh.”
I rammed in and out to the maximum depth hitting her cervix several times as she begged for more.
As a leprechaun I have many powers and so I could control my cuming to match her’s and as she started to orgasm I pumped a massive load into her bring her over the edge. It was only feelings and no real cum filled her pussy but the sensation was enough for her.
Her body quivered and I could feel her pussy muscle tighten. “Oh god I love it I needed that oh it was so wonderful.”
I had pulled out and backed away. She stood straight and pulled up her panties. “MMM have to take a shower and get some sleep. Hehehe, but it will be the best sleep I have had in a long time.”
I followed her as she went to the bathroom, stripped and got into the shower. I could not resist the beautiful naked woman and so I joined her in the shower. I could not use the soap but I could make her feel like I had. She had put a lather all over and so I just rubber her body.
“Oh my you joined me, oh yes that feels so good. Been a long time since a man has been in the shower with me. You have such a wonderful touch.”
It was not a sexual arousing shower as I only gently washed her body but I did wash ALL parts and I think she was a little aroused when I washed her crotch and breasts. Still she needed to sleep as the next days would be taxing.

She had gotten to Ireland and found a car with little trouble. Using her finger and a map I was able to lead her to the location. I directed her to the rock outcropping that guarded the cave.
“Okay I see it and here we go, well at least I do as I have no idea where you are.”
I tapped her and she moved into the cave and down the dark passage. The vent hole allowed a minimal light in. There was a carved rock with strange symbols on it. “Where do I put it? Oh only yes and no questions. Do I put it on the rock ? TAP
“Oh if I put it there then you can not touch me any more right?” TAP
“Oh I am going to miss you. You have, oh well, do so much for no to me and oh well. Say isn’t there something about leprechauns and a pot of gold? So where is the gold?” There is no pot of gold woman that is all fiction but mmmm wishes can be grated.
“Well how about one last kiss?” She closed her eyes and I move to her and kissed her with all the passion possible. Out tongues danced like we would never meet again. The one last kiss of parting lovers.
She took the necklace off and put it on the rock. The rock glowed and then it and the necklace disappeared.
As she left the cave she was thinking ‘well it was nice, just wish he could have been real, I WISH I could meet a man that would make me feel like that for evey.
She was about a mile from the car when a man on horse back appeared.
“Hello, and what is a beautiful lass like yourself doing alone out here.” He was a tall dark and handsome man.
She could not believe how he look so so sexy so beautiful so. “Oh I was just exploring and had been looking at the cave over there.” She turned and pointed to where the rock outcropping should have been but it was gone. “Oh but it was just over there.”

“Ah I think the lass has been in the sun to long as there has never been any rocks there.”
“Oh well no matter I am going back to my car and heading home.”
“Well, let me be a gentle man and offer the lass a hand.”
He reached out his hand and she accepted without thought. He pulled her up like she was weightless and put her in front of him on the horse. Then he headed out to the road.
“You are trespassing you know. All this land belongs to my father and he is not very understanding about trespassing.”
“Well I just had and to do something.”
One way or another he got her to tell him about the leprechaun and the necklass, but of course she did not mention the sex.
When they got to the car he invited her to have dinner with him at his home as he was alone.
She accepted little knowing that dinner would be served the great dining room of a castle.
HEHEHEHE you see he was the son of one of the richest men in the world and he was taken by this very beautiful strange woman. THE END.

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