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after much work part three is done.
A warning to readers, this story features dark themes including murder, rape, and slavery if you don't like these stories leave now.

All sexually active characters are over 18 .

Galactic Vendetta Part 03

Part A, The seeds of discourse and the birth of Andrea.

Chancellor Alexander Bourgeois was incensed, by the insult someone had made upon him. His daughter's, ship had disappeared with no trace. To make matters worse, the little bitch was necessary for an important trade agreement but thanks to this it had fallen apart.

This could've only been the work, of someone in his own government and he was determined to find them and destroy them. After all who else, could have known.

Granted both, the Empire and Alliance didn't want this treaty to happen. It couldn't of been, either of them. They knew about the treaty negotiations. But they couldn't know that it hinged, on her marrying that clown.

They didn't have the time to find out, get a operation planned, and carried out. Even as big of a pain in the ass, as the S.O.C. was they weren't this good. That only left one option, it was a inside job.

On the other side of the Confederation, John Ericson was taking steps to ensure that it looked just like that. After he had first raped Cassandra, he reread the transport's log. Seeing an opportunity, a plan was formed.

While he paid his visit to the station's slave market, he accessed the central slave database. He then, began inputting false data. This would create the perception, that she had been sold into slavery on orders of one of her father's political rivals.

It was two days later, they found Ericson's red herring. The Chancellor was furious, when he found out. This definitely killed, the treaty and disgraced him. A message needed sent, to his rivals that they couldn't mistake.

Councilman Victor Barrett was lying in bed, thinking about recent events. He had found out that the chancellor's daughter, had been sold into slavery. What he didn't know, was all the evidence said it was on his orders.

He would've loved to have seen, the arrogant bastard's face when he found out. He also wished he could of been there, when they branded that little bitch. What he didn't realize, was he wasn't alone.

As he was thinking, about how to exploit it someone covered his mouth with a chemical soaked rag. Fear was written, on his face as the chemicals began working. However the look of fear, was soon replaced with extreme agony as his internal organs began dissolving.

The man holding the rag, let go of the councilman at this point. As his assassin backed into the shadows, the councilman could only thrash around as he was slowly eaten alive by the acidic compound.

As Victor Barrett was in his death throes, the assassin made a call. It was a short, message totaling only three words.

" Message sent chancellor."

With his task complete, the assassin left the dying councilman and disappeared into the night. The public would never know, who killed Victor Barrett. However those in the council, would know the truth.

Cassandra bourgeois had been in hell, since her enslavement. She had been subjected, to both physical and psychological torture. The physical, was bad enough but the psychological was starting to take it's toll.

It had started, the minute she was branded. At that moment, she knew her life as she knew it was over. Any hope of rescue, was gone. She was now, a slave.She could only cry, as that realization sunk in.

She would soon learn, that her torment was only beginning. She knew his plans, for her as he seamed to enjoy tormenting her with them. Every time he told her, she was horrified by the prospect.

The plans, were quite simple. He would use her till he tired of her, then he would sell her to a brothel. For someone of her position, this was worse then death.

In the beginning, she tried to resist him anyway she could. However he had taken steps, so this was short lived. The first thing he did, was give her a pain inducer implant.

She had seen them used, on slaves in the past and had seen there effectiveness. Now that she was on the receiving end, of one she didn't dare defy his orders.

Thinking of it, her finger began rubbing the patch of skin between her pussy and ass hole. She could feel, the cursed thing under the skin. She began crying, as she thought about it. Remembering how she screamed, as she felt the jolt of electricity shoot down her nerves.

The horror on her face l, as she watched him increase the charge. Her following screams, as he continued to raise it. Now the mere sight of it's controller, was enough to end any thoughts of resistance.

Then she had to earn, what little food he gave her. This did two things, it kept her week and it made her dependent on him for her survival. He even went as far, as to make her eat and drink out of bowls like some animal.

To make matters worse, her body had begun to betray her. She was starting, to have orgasms as he raped her. The worst was, when it happened as he took her in the ass. She didn't think, any woman could get pleasure from that but somehow she had.

She was even starting, enjoy swallowing his cum. God the humiliation, she felt the first time he made her suck his dick. The names, he called her as he forced it down her throat. Her gasping for breath, after each thrust. Then the revulsion, when she first tasted his seed.

For days her thoughts, centered on why was this happening to her. What had she done, to him to deserve this? She had never even, seen him before. Why would, he hate her like this?

It was at this point, she came to a realization. She was being punished, for her actions. She had done, worse things to others. Horrible things, that she had thought was fun.

Any hope, of mercy evaporated as this realization hit. This sparked, a new question. Something, she never asked herself before. With everything she had done, did she even deserve mercy?

Admiral Stillwell, was following a different dilemma at the moment. There were strange reports, coming out of the Confederation. The reports were of infighting, between the chancellor and several councilmen. Culminating, in the murder of one councilman.

There was also a report, of the disappearance of Cassandra bourgeois and her transport. This one made him remember, another report out the same section of space. This one was about the destruction, of Confederation destroyer and a munitions freighter.

This one said crewmen, on the freighter tried to mutiny. A destroyer, then attempted to board and retake the freighter. In response, the mutineers blew up both ships.

Survivors of the freighter, said they were stunned and placed into lifeboats. They regained consciousness, just in time to see the destroyer docking with the freighter. The next thing they saw, was the freighter exploding and taking the destroyer with her.

Another report soon followed, about a trade agreement falling apart between the Confederation and one of their allies. To a outside observer, all of these incidents would seem unconnected.

However, he had a sneaking suspicion they were the exact opposite. The more he thought about, it one name kept coming up John Ericson. What was, that man up to? He asked himself.

John Ericson was wondering, about the change in his slave. She had been acting, differently the last few days. The first thing he saw, was that her facial expression of defiance and hatred had been replaced with a zoned out look.

He had made her, refer to herself in the third person as a means of humiliating her. While before, she just said this slave. But now it was, this pathetic slave or this worthless slave. Then today, she called herself a subhuman piece of garbage.

Sadly, he didn't notice till she made that statement. Once he spotted that change, he noticed others as well. Most of them, he couldn't describe in words.

One he could came during sex, she was actually begging him to use her. She even performed, with a type of eagerness as he did. She was even, thanking him for using her body.

The things he had to do to her, when he first forced her to mastubate for him. Now she, was begging to do it. She even begged him, to fuck her ass after.

Now that was a sight, her on her back. Her legs widely spread. Her fingers, holding open her pussy lips as she rubbed her clit. Watching her began to finger herself, as she began moaning.

He remembered seeing, her free hand move to her clit. Watching her rubbing her nub, while fingering herself as hard as she could. Her chest was heaving, as sweat was starting to bead up on her skin.

Another first soon followed, as she looked at him with a lust filled expression and begged to be allowed to cum. This surprised him, as he had never made her do this.

In fact he enjoyed, the feeling of shame she'd shown after every orgasm. So making her have permission, to have one wasn't even on his agenda.

Granted part of him didn't like that, she was getting any enjoyment out of her situation. That part wanted her suffering, wanted her humiliation, and wanted to see her an sobbing wreck. This part of him immediately, told her no she couldn't.

She began pleading at this point. " Please master let this pathetic slave cum for you. Please master let your slave cum."

Over and over she begged and pleaded, till he finally gave her what she wanted. Almost as soon as he said yes, her back arched and she cried out as she sprayed cum all over the place.

This sight ahad him so aroused, that that there was no way she wasn't getting fucked. As he stared at her, trying to catch her breath. He was trying to decide, the best way to take her.

He didn't know l, that she would make the decision for him. As she regained the ability to think straight, she rolled over onto her hands and knees. As she pointed her ass at him, she began begging again.

"Please master, fuck this whore slave's ass. Master please take, this worthless slave's ass and use it as your cum receptacle."

This was all the encouragement, he needed as he pulled his cock out. As he lined his hard shaft up with her tight anal star, her began rubbing her leftover fluids on his shaft and in her opening.

As he inserted his dick in her ass, she drove her hips back fully impaling herself. He grabbed her hips, as he began to fuck her. This was different, from the earlier times he took her. Before it was more animalistic, as her fucked her as hard as he could.

Now he just went at, a more leisurely pace with her driving back to meet his thrusts. She wanted something else, as once again she was begging him.

"Master please fuck, this slave like the bitch she is. Please use, this slave's ass master."

This ended the leisurely fucking, she was receiving. Thus began another hard pounding, as she had become accustomed to. Only this time she was a willing, participant.

Cassandra was thoroughly, enjoying herself as her master fucked her. As the sensations overloaded her mind, something in her spirit gave out. This coupled with a massive orgasm, caused her to pass out.

As her orgasm hit, her ass clamped down on his cock. This was the final push needed, for Ericsson to fill her bowels with his cum. They both collapsed, into a heap of exhausted flesh.

Days later he was, leading her through the streets of an Alliance Colony world. He had stopped here. to get a few things before heading home. He could see that she was embarrassed, to be seen like this but she would need to get used to this eventually.

Part of him wondered, what embarrassed her more. Being led around on the leash, or the fact she was only wearing a loin cloth and sandals. When he first took her, he'd planned on selling her here but now he had other plans.

The slave he was with, was different then the woman he had put the collar on. That person he could've sold, with no regrets. The one he was with with, he wanted to keep with him, to hold her, and to protect her.

Part of him wondered, if he was in love with her. That part had to ask, if he deserved to be loved by her? He had, raped and enslaved this woman after all. Then there was, what else he had done to her. He'd, tortured and humiliated her every chance he got.

Even now he was humiliating her, as paraded her around almost naked. His treatment of her was brought into focus, as they passed a pet shop and he felt her stop. He turned to see her staring, at the animals in the window like a child.

He made the snap decision, to do something nice for her as he lead her into the shop. He had smile, as she checked out everything cute and furry in the shop. She seemed very fond of one kitten in particular. The site of her cuddling with it, made him wish he could free her.

He was only, going to let her look at the animals but seeing her with the kitten he made him decide to buy it for her. The way she acted when he told her made him feel better, than he had in a very long time.

He had no idea, this was a turning point in both of their lives. As he lifted off from the colony he felt alive for the first time since the war. The thought of her in his quarters, playing with that little kitten had given him so much joy.

When he saw that, he came to a decision regarding her. After making love to her,he told her that he was changing her name. She would, no longer be Cassandra but now she would be Andrea.

Part B.

Braking in a partner.

Commander James Anderson had just landed the flyer, on the pad built onto the bridge of the sunken freighter. As he waited, for Admiral Stillwell to exit the flyer. He wondered who in their right mind, would want to live in a sunken ship in the middle of a lake.

He wasn't overly happy, with this assignment. He mostly didn't like the idea, of having to take orders from a mercenary that he knew very little about.

Admiral Stillwell, had other things on his mind. When Ericson got back yesterday, he had sent his activity report in. This had confirmed, the admiral's suspicions about the recent reports.

The part that disturbed, him was what happened with Cassandra bourgeois's transport. Even with the included video, of the crew murdering the slave Ericson's actions were extreme.

His superiors on the other hand, loved how a asset had thrown such a monkey wrench, into the Confederation's plans. Their only order regarding the incident, was to destroy Ericson's report.

He on the other hand had decided, to take steps to prevent it from ever happening again. He didn't know that because of a woman, that was once an enemy it wouldn't.

As they entered the ship they looked, around the bridge. What they saw was, Ericson had turned it into a comfortable home. All of the consoles and displays, had been removed. This created, an open floor design with a lot of space.

He had then added a few partitions, around what was his bedroom and his bathroom was the only true room in the thing. The kitchen was just, off of the living room that was framed by the large bridge windows.

They were surprised, by the naked slave playing with the kitten. What surprised the admiral more, though was the smile on Ericson's face as he watched her.

The admiral had met Cassandra bourgeois, once before. He had found her very, unpleasant at best and a bitch at worst. Strangely from what he'd heard, of her that was almost everyone's opinion.

The woman he met today, was different. She was pleasant, to be around and seemed genuinely happy.
He liked this slave, and understood the change he began to see in Ericson.

They left Andrea, with her kitten and went downstairs to discuss business. This was a interesting development, to Anderson as he hadn't thought the rest of the ship useable. But here they were, in the lift going down.

When they got out they traveled past, several sets of quarters including a fully stocked medical bay. They finally reached Ericson's office. As the admiral entered, he got down to business. He told how Anderson, would be working with him from now on.

Ericson, wasn't anymore happy about this than Anderson was. However, the admiral gave nether of them a choice. Anderson, didn't like the way Ericson argued with the admiral about it though.

When the argument finally ended, they began going over several councilman's sectors that seemed ideal for raiding shipping. Ericson ruled out several, wanting to focus on some of the nastier ones.

He finally decided, on hitting one that had been at odds with the chancellor in hopes of enlarging the rift between them. He began to see what the admiral meant, when he said Ericson hated the Confederation.

The admiral saw that even, with Andrea's influence the anger was still there and that worried him. He hoped, Anderson could keep Ericson in check.

Ericson on the other hand, didn't like having to look out for someone else. Granted, he had Andrea now but to have someone in a combat situation was different. Thankfully, this guy did have training but still he was green. He could tell, he'd never been in combat and that could get both of them killed.

Before Andrea, he didn't really care if he died. Now he worried, what would happen to her if he did. He put these thoughts aside, as he focused on different matters for now.

He walked the two of them out, as he began making preparations for the next mission. He also needed to review, Anderson's file to see what he was stuck with.

The next day Anderson was back, only now he was here to stay. He wasn't happy about living, in the lower decks or as Ericson called it the basement. He also didn't like, the Independence when he saw her.

This was do to the fake rust, that coated her as camouflage. He also displayed an arrogant streak, to Ericson when it came to checking him out on the controls.

This changed, when Anderson saw inside the ship. He saw the ship, was equipped with more modern controls and systems. He understood, it was necessary.

They also got in an argument, about the difference between a cockpit and a bridge. Anderson argued, that it was always a bridge. After the old ocean vessels, that naval traditions were founded on only had bridges.

While Ericson's was, if it was a smaller ship then it was a cockpit. After all airplanes, had cockpits and they were also called ships by their crews. Even the old space shuttles, on earth while considered a spaceship they had a cockpit not a bridge.

In the end, Erickson pulled rank. It was, his ship after all and if he wanted to call it a cockpit he would. Anderson, could call it whatever he wanted, when he had his own ship.

Anderson saw something else, about the ship during maintenance. Several systems on the ship, were more advanced then anything he'd seen before. The admiral told him, the ship had been built with salvaged components. What he saw, didn't fit that story.

Where did this mercenary, get his hands on this kind of technology. What the engines alone, could do was beyond anything the Alliance had. He cursed, the admiral's order not to pry into his past.

A week later, Anderson lifted the Independence out of her landing bay. As he headed out of the atmosphere, he marveled at how she handled. His opinion had changed, about the ship since he first saw her.

Ericson had also, answered his questions about the technology in her. He been told that it had come from, a Heliopolis research project during the war. What he hadn't been told, is the research project was on an extinct race of aliens they had discovered.

As soon as they made the jump to hyperspace, Ericson left Anderson to fly the ship. Anderson wanted, the time alone anyway. Ericson had a horny slave, in his quarters that wanted fucked.

When he entered his quarters, he found Andrea on his bed with her legs spread fingering her pussy. He had take a moment, to enjoy the sight. She on the other hand, wanted something else.

When she saw him enter, she begged him to fuck her but she got something entirely different. As she watched, he began taking off his clothes. Once he was naked, he hung his weapons belt on the headboard and climbed into bed with her.

As he reached her, he began kissing her. As their tongues danced, his hands began exploring her body. At the same time, her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to her.

A moan of disappointment, escaped her lips as he broke the kiss. This was short lived though as he began kissing down her neck. These kisses continued, as he worked his way down her body till he reached her breasts.

He laid kisses, along each breast till he got to her nipples. These he played, his tongue before finally sucking on them. She was being overwhelmed, by the sensations she was feeling, as he sucked on her nipples his fingers were fondling her pussy.

This was brought into sharp focus, when she felt two of his fingers enter her pussy. The onslaught continued, when his thumb began playing with her clit. She could feel the orgasm building, as he continued his assault on her body's most sensitive areas.

She was fighting to contain herself, as he started laying kisses down her abdomen, as he made his way down to her mound. When he reached her pubic hair, he began pulsing his lips around her well trimmed hair line.

The teasing finally sent her over the edge, as she cried out. He could feel her fluids, escaping around his fingers as he withdrew them. As she was trying to catch her breath, he began to eat her out.

She was given no chance, to come down from her first orgasm as his tongue begin working on her pussy. As he sucked her clit, into his mouth her second orgasm hit. He didn't slow his assault, as he lapped up her juices.

She was struggling, to stay conscious as he continued eating her. She could feel darkness forming, on the edges of her vision as another orgasm built within her body. She felt her body began to tense as she lost the battle, with the encroaching darkness. As she cried out one last time, she went limp.

When she came to, he was kissing along her neck again. This stopped, when he saw she had came to. However, this was only so they could began kissing again. She could taste herself, on his lips as their tongues embraced once again.

Braking the kiss, they looked into each other's eyes as she felt his hard member enter her. She could feel herself expanding to accommodate him, as he slipped deeper into her tight pussy. As their pubic bones meshed, she wrapped her legs around his hips, forcing he deeper into her.

When her ankles locked together, he finally began thrusting in and out of her. Her moaning increased, as she felt his cock working it's magic on her. Whenever he made love to her, like this she felt complete.

She didn't know why, but when they were joined like this she felt like she had found something missing within herself. The Sensations pulsing through her body, put these thoughts aside as one final orgasm was forced from her.

He could feel her pussy pulsating, around his cock as she had the orgasm. It was when the muscles of her pussy, finally locked down on his cock that he had enough and filled her with his cum. As his seed filled her, she had one last micro orgasm as she passed out again.

As he pulled his softening member from her, he kissed her forehead. He smiled at her sleeping form, as he went to take a shower. He had just stepped into to spray, when she joined him in the water.

They took turns, washing each other. Only when her turn came, she finished by giving him a blow job. He had just turned the water off, when she fell to her knees. All of the body contact, with each other had gotten him hard again. Seeing this, she knew that she had to take care of it.

He let out a grunt, as her lips surrounded his cock. As he slipped deeper, her tongue began working the underside of his shaft. When he entered her throat, he saw her looking up at him.

His smile was all the encouragement she needed, as she began bobbing her head up and down his dick. She was intent now, on giving him the pleasure he had given her, as she began to caress his balls. It didn't take much of this, before he warned her of his impending climax.

She felt his seed, traveling through his shaft as she took him down her throat one last time. He let out more grunts, as she swallowed his cum. As his orgasm concluded, she pulled her mouth from his cock allowing the last of his cum to pool on her tongue.

After she showed him this, she proceeded to swallow it. With this complete, she gave the tip of his cock a kiss. He bent down and gave her forehead another kiss as he left to get dressed.

As he left the quarters, she was sitting on her pad on the floor brushing her hair. When he got to the cockpit, he sent Anderson to take a brake. As sat behind the controls, he thought about the changes in his life.

Ericson was moving, through the freighter as quickly as her could. He stunned, anyone he saw as he made his way to the bridge. When he got there, he dove through the hatch. As the bridge crew began to react, he took aim.

The first man he dropped, was the communications officer. As he fell, Ericson fired on the captain. He had, to roll out of the way of a bast from the first officer.

Before he could be shot at again, he stunned the first officer and the helmsman. Turning around quickly, he put down the navigator as he was bringing a weapon to bear on him.

With the bridge secure, Ericson went to work. First thing, he used an inducer on the crew to keep them out. . Next he disabled, the communication systems. Finally, he installed a remote interface to the helm controls.

With that complete, he dragged the crew off the bridge and sealed off access to it. With the bridge taken care of, Erickson headed towards engineering to check on Anderson's progress.

When they boarded the ship, he had sent Anderson to take engineering. While he, handled the bridge. He did this, to test Anderson more then anything. As he moved to rendezvous, with him he wondered how he was making out.

Anderson had gotten off, to a rough start. As he went around the first corner, a crewman emerged from a cabin and started firing on him. He lost precious time, as he dealt with the man.

Unfortunately, the crewman sounded an alarm which meant he had to fight, his way to engineering. Thankfully, they weren't able to mount much of a defense but he still had some close calls.

When Ericson got to engineering, he found Anderson behind a console trying to stun the last engineer. The engineer had taken shelter, behind some machinery as he fired a blaster on Anderson.

Anderson couldn't get a clear shot, at the man as he took fire. Moving to help him, Ericson opened fire from his position. As the man moved, to return fire on Ericson he exposed himself to Anderson.

As the man dropped to the deck, Anderson rushed in with the inducer. Once he was sure, the crew was out he turned to Ericson wondering how he could do this alone . Ericson had started, dragging men from the compartment when he was asked.

"How the hell, can you do this all by yourself?"

Anderson was pissed, when he was told about the stun cannons on the independence. He did all, that work and they could of stunned the entire crew before they boarded the ship. Ericson could only laugh, as he told him at least he lost his cherry now.

Anderson was still angry, as they hooked the interface up to the main controls, shut off the transponder, and sealed off engineering. Ericson, told him to calm down. There may, still be crew and they need to clear the rest of the ship.

This time they worked together, as they went compartment to compartment stunning anyone they found. Finally they stood in the owner's cabin, looking at his unconscious body.

With him out, they started the hard part of of moving the crew to the lifeboats. After doing a final count, they kicked them free.they then moved the freighter, out of the area.

Once they were clear, they started a search of the ship. First thing they checked, was the cargo manifest. They were surprised, to see a cargo of prototype railguns and antimatter projectiles.

This complicated things, as this ship had to be taken back to Hendricks and not one of the fences. Ericson decided they, could hide the ship for now and take a few more before heading home. Anderson on the other hand, wanted to head home.

As they searched, the rest of the ship. Ericson decided, on what their next move would be. He finally decided on, heading back. Figuring, it was better to play it safe.

As they entered, orbit around Hendricks Erickson called the admiral and reported the cargo. As they waited, Ericson removed the remote interfaces from the freighter. After, the admiral's crew took the ship they headed home.


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